The Perils of Pauline Temple
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, BDSM,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A twist in the tail

The rose tinted designer sunglasses slipped down the cute little button nose; Miss Pauline Temple stretched her long superbly shaped limbs, first one long leg then the other, wiggling her toes as she did; then she slid her hands up her body, brushing the long hard rose coloured nipples before sliding around her neck and ramming her manicured finger ends in to her long think blond hair.

Her back arched off the sun-lounger, her full round breasts pointed up towards the cloudless Caribbean blue, sun drenched sky. The catamaran lay still, not a ripple on the water to move it, all she could hear was the slight movement of her partner as he tried to busy himself, the occasional swear word as he caught his right hand, now useless and broken after a stupid encounter with a rope ratchet handle that had snapped back.

Pauline's crystal clear blue eyes peered over the slipped glasses at her perfect body, the only clothes a small G-string bikini bottom, she smiled as she thought it was no bigger than an gold eye patch, but so far out from the beach, no one could see her. She lifted her long legs and swivelled her arse around, a little push from her left arm and she stood, a light breeze swirled her hair around her face making her bring both hands up and push the blond mane back, her breasts jutted big and round towards the shore line.

"Don't see no silicone there pa" the tall muscle bound half wit giggled from behind a pair of high powered binoculars, his right elbow flicked out nudging the fat, ugly, balding 50 year old man beside him.

A low gravelled voice grunted, "Sure would like to massage them beauties, tell you now if I got my hands on them, I'd squeeze them, work on them, tie them real tight until they were double that size, now wouldn't that be something else? She's been walking around, showin everything she got since Wednesday, I think they got engine trouble but I bet she ain't, don't look nothin wrong with her motor."

Pauline was oblivious to the two perverted admires taking in her every movement, she cocked her head as she heard the dingy motor start, she lent over the rail, her large breasts swung as her firm round pert arse gave the two men something else to dribble over, "What's going on?"

Mike Stoll looked up from the dingy, "Can't stay around here any longer, first I got to get this hand sorted besides you say you got to see Sidney so I take it we got to make Oz, or, anyway I'm going to find some one who will help crew this thing, we can always fly him back if he don't get passage, see you later."

She waved down at him, "Don't wear yourself out, that's my job," she shook her shoulders making her breasts sway, he smiled and blew her a kiss then waved as he turned the throttle on the little outboard and spun the dingy away from the boat.

"She's waving at him, god don't them tits swing, I could suck on them for days."

"He's comin ashore, reckon he's after someone to fix his big fancy boat of his, stop staring at her tits and keep an eye on him."

The fat slob pushed himself off the bench and turned back in to the bar, his face smiled, his mouth open to show what was left of his teeth black and rotting from to much home made rum, he stuffed his hand in his pocket.

The bar man had seen him come in, he didn't like the loathsome troublemaker, him and his son picking fights, police had already warned him if he didn't keep the place under control they would shut it down.

He stood there waiting for the man to speak, a wad of bills came from his pocket, the bar man had always wondered where they got their money from, what ever it was it wasn't legal.

"There will be a blond haired fancy beach boy comin in here soon, he'll want help for his boat, if me and my boy get the job you get this," he waved the cash in front of the barman's face, "Understand?"

As the barman felt sick from the stale cigar smell of his breath but he nodded, he thought this could be a way of getting rid of this pair and the money would make up for trade that had stayed away because of them besides, who gives a shit about another fancy rich blond daddies boy anyway, he nodded.

Both men lent against the small wall that surrounded the bar, their binoculars trained on the boat. Pauline had some music on, she swayed around the deck, in her hand a fruit cocktail, the ice clinked against the glass as she bumped and ground her hips to the music.

"Look at that slut move, I tell you son she a natural, showing her tits and ass off like that everyday, I'd bang her sweet cunt raw if a managed to get hold of her."

"Sure Pa, like to smell her cunt, what you reckon her cunt tastes like, all hot and juicy, eh Pa."

The scruffy man laughed, "Reckon a slut like that would be dripping the second she saw my cock--"

"Excuse me gentlemen, I'm told your looking for a bit of work and your good with boats," the old man slowly turned and looked at the fresh faced young man, "I'm good with a lot of things what you have in mind?"

"Well, my name is Mike Stoll and I'm the captain, I've broken my hand and me and my partner have to leave for Sidney so we need a crew, what do you think?"

The old man winked at his son, "That catamaran yours?"

Mike smiled, "Well kind of, my partners rich uncle said she could use it, so we are just going anywhere we please but she did say she had to stop off in Sidney, so?"

"Oh so the blond bit with the thatch and the big tits goes with the captain of the boat does she?"

"It's the Blue Star and we are going to Sidney that all you need to know, now do you want a job or not?"

"Twenty dollars a day plus fags and booze."

"Sorry no smoking or drinking allowed."

"Then no deal, go find some one else if you can."

Mike knew he was right, "Okay but you buy the fags and drink and only on deck."

The fat man grinned, "You got a deal, we will be over in two hours and we set sail tonight."

Mike slowly climbed back on board, "Pauline, Pauline, where are you I've got news," he moved to the stairs and went down, a cold salad with wine sat on the table, he moved towards there sleeping quarters, opening the door he peered in.

On the bed stretched out, lay Pauline, her naked tanned body glistened in sweet smelling lotion, her huge breasts rose and fell to her deep breaths, his eyes travelled down to her slim waist and on to her shaven cunt lips now wet with anticipation.

Her blond hair tussled over the pillow, her eyes closed, her full pouting mouth parted allowing her pink pointed tongue to run over her cherry red lips, "Hello big boy, see anything you like?"

Even with a broken hand Mike soon had his clothes off and was between her open, spread thighs, his mouth clamped over the throbbing hot cunt, his tongue tickling franticly on the hard clit, working on her, making her writhe on the bed pushing her hips up to accommodate his greedy mouth.

Soon his eight-inch cock was ramming in to Pauline as she bucked and squealed on the bed. She had been playing with herself, waiting for him, she was horny and she was wet. She enjoyed fucking, she always had since she orgasmed on her first time, spurting her juice everywhere now she loved to cum, in the past rich men had soon paid a small fortune to be seen with her, money was her god.

Mike shot a load up in to her and rolled off, Pauline was soon down by his hips, her long slender fingers stroking the wet, very slippery cock, "So what's the news?"

Mike swallowed, it was hard to talk while Pauline handled his cock, "Well er, yes we have a crew, father and son, from, oh, er yes Panama I think."

She was kissing his cock, forcing it to stir, "So aren't you going to be fucking me on deck now, have I got to wait until you condescend to come or is it cum down here?"

"Oh god, er look their a bit rough but its been to long, I must get this hand sorted, meeting you was a wonderful thing and then, aahhh, don't nibble, and then this trip and you, you are an incredible girl but you want to get to Sidney, so we, ee, eaahh have to oh, yes, get your arse on top."

Pauline was soon bouncing up and down his hard shaft, she squealed her delight as she came again and again, the inside of her thighs ran with her juice. Mike tried to hold on but gave up as another load pumped out the end in to what she called her cock cage.

He went to get up but she held him, "Come just one more, I need you to fuck me again," but he pulled away, "Look they will be here in an hour so lets get ready, the quicker we go the better."

The little wooden dingy banged in to the side of the posh hull, Mike grabbed the rope and tied off, five cases of beer were thrown on the deck, then a bag, cigarettes and cigars tumbled out then another bag only this one the old man held firmly on to, Mike went to take it but it was snatched back. The old man looked at him then his eyes fell on Pauline, she looked fantastic, a bikini bra just covered her large breasts and you could see the skimpy bottom part through the chiffon skirt, her blue eyes covered by those rose coloured glass's, he put his hand out, "My are you a sight for sore eyes," she didn't touch him, Mike moved to take the bag, "Oh no captain, these are a few thing that people who now what can happen on these type of trips need to keep with them, there a kind of insurance as we like to call it."

Pauline grabbed at Mike, "A word please," Mike looked at her, "In private Mike, in private."

She dragged him below, "Look Mike I don't like the look of them, get rid of them now before well you know."

Mike shook his head, "No I don't know, look they are a bit rough but that's all we got, look if it will make you feel any better we will try it for a couple of days, if it don't work out then we come back and pay them off, okay?"

Pauline reluctantly nodded but what they didn't know was that their unwelcome guest had over heard all their conversation.

Mike went back up top as Pauline mused around her cabin, making the big ornate double bed that sat in the middle of their stateroom. She sat for a while checking her nails, brushing her hair before venturing back on deck.

As she stepped on deck the first word from her full pouting mouth was, "Shit," the two new crew were sat watching Mike as he pulled on ropes, they were drinking, the old one had a cigar in his hand, they turned and looked at her, wide grins creased their faces as they drank in the beautiful sight of her tanned body.

Pauline stormed towards them, "Hey you two there's work to be done, we don't pay you to sit around drinking and sunbathing," the old man just stared at her, chewing on his cigar he grunted, "What kind of work did you have in mind honey?"

Pauline snapped back, "How about getting off your drunken ass and getting supper ready," she turned and stormed off, muttering, "Knew we shouldn't have set sail with those rats."

The two men admired the swaying ass as it move towards the stairs, the old man giggled, "I'm getting hungry for something myself, something mighty tasty at that."

In the galley there was only one big table, Pauline and Mike sat at one end, the other two at the other. Pauline looked fabulous in a light top tied just under her well-filled bra and short wrap around skirt, she talked sweet talk to Mike trying to ignore the beach trash and the other end.

The son druelled over the sight, father knew it and whispered, "Look at her trying to turn you on, showing off them big titties of hers," he turned to Pauline, "Hey booby, showing your nips off, they look good so how about you hike your skirt up and show us your tasty fun slot?"

Pauline swung on him, "Keep your filthy talk out of it, you disgust me."

The old man laughed, "Oh come on booby how about a hand job or maybe a bottle fuck up your wet horny cunt?"

In fury Pauline turned and went down the stairs, Mike tried to stop her with a, "Honey wait," the old man carried on laughing, "Ya big tits, hang around, something big might come up, and I reckon I know just where to put it."

Mike rushed after her but didn't catch up until the stateroom, she stared at him, "I told you they were bad news now I want them off."

Mike cuddled her, "Yes your right, tomorrow we will shift them off tomorrow, we--," he stopped as he felt her hand squeeze his cock, she lay back on the bed, he knelt after her, with in seconds his zip was down and his eight inch cock was sliding back and forth between her rich pink lips.

For the next hour they went at each other, she orgasmed two, three times to his once, she squealed as his cock continued to pump in to her tight pink slit, when he stopped her hands fondled him until he could take her again.

She had just cum for the seventh time when their love making was shattered by banging on the door, it was him, the old man yelled, "Keep the fucking noise down we are trying to sleep," the sudden memory of them being on the boat cooled them and they stopped. In fury she cursed them but Mike promised they were just ignorant sailors with silly macho talk and he would get rid of them in the morning, she kissed him before cuddling in to a deep sleep.

In the morning her and Mike were trying to set sail, pulling as hard on the ropes anything to get on the move, father and son just watched, sniggering at the efforts. As she pulled down on the rope the bottom of her breasts were clearly visible, the old man wet his lips and called up, "Fancy a shag, you sure did last night you were squealing like a pig with its throat cut or maybe you fancy a big cock between them big booby's of yours?"

The son joined in, "Ya lets have them booby's out for an airing."

Pauline put her hands to her face, "Gets some work done, is that all you think about, well with me forget it and get to work."

Father never moved, "You come over here and sit that wet juicy cunt down on something big and I'll show you what getting done is all about."

Mike snapped, "Now cut it out, I want you off this boat you bag of useless garbage, I'll," but before he could finish the sentence a beer bottle smashed in to his broken hand, he screamed in pain.

Pauline screamed, "Mike," and rushed forward straight in to a hard right hook to her stomach, as the words, "Going somewhere big tits," filled her ears, she double in pain.

She writhed on the floor fighting for breath when she heard, "Tie big tits real tight, I've got plans for her, we're gona have some real fun with what she's got, for the rest of this voyage she's gona be all ours, and are we gona play with her, that's just as soon as beach boy's out the way."

Her arms were dragged behind her, ropes wound around and around her wrists then in between fastening her tight, she squealed cursing them, screaming, "Take your hands off me you sons of bitches," he words straggled in her throat as rope bit in to her neck and an evil voice growled, "Where we come from our bitch's wear collars," she was dragged to her feet.

With all her strength she was no match for the son as he tossed her in to the front rigging, she sprawled between the two hulls unable to get her balance, he grinned down and the writhing blond beauty now bouncing on the rigging.

He spat at her, "You stay there bitch I'm gona check your boyfriend out," she watched helplessly as he turned to the other two sprawling bodies. Mike didn't see him coming, already handicapped by his hand the sudden smack on the head from behind sent him sprawling to the floor and swift kick in the ribs kept him there.

The father looked at him chocking on the deck, "Garbage are we right, tie him and lock him in the garbage hold, that will keep him quiet while we attend to business," his son looked at him and chuckled, "Aye, aye captain," roars of laughter shattered the silent sea.

The lid of the garbage hatch clanged shut, from inside Mike heard the sons evil voice, "You stay right there pretty boy, it will keep you out of the way while we spend hours shagging your big titted whore," then footsteps faded away leaving him in darkness.

As the boy reached his father he was just in time to see him with the rope in his hand pulling hard, on the other end was a struggling Pauline fighting to stay upright on the rigging, she was screaming at him as he pulled her forward, "You keep away from me, your going to be in big trouble."

The old man jerked her towards him, "Frisky piece of ass ain't ya, will we are going to give you something to be frisky about," he hauled her to the side of the deck, "Come on miss Temple lets go down stairs, for your throats sake I'd do as your told," he pulled her on to the deck.

She was dragged down the stairs, her bra just holding her large breasts secure, her skirt gone the little G-string the only thing covering her from their lecheries stares. She stood in the middle of the galley; the neck rope looped and fastened to the ceiling rail, she stood on tiptoes, the only way to stop straggling herself. Not three meters away the father sat in front of her picking filth from his nails with the tip of a knife, the son sat at her side running the blade of his knife over the delicate skin of her tanned naked thigh.

Pushing the knife between his teeth he licked off the muck, then he turned his gaze to Pauline, "Well miss Temple, seems I'm in charge of the Blue Star now, which means as captain I'm in charge of everything, that means your big tits and those two delightful holes between your legs are included, how do you feel about that?"

As Pauline boiled in fury, the son giggled, "I can sniff her pa, all hot and juicy, her cunt smells like you said it would, can I cut her pa, ah can I cut her?"

"No son, lets teach her the meaning of, in our hands," her fury boiled over, "You'll never get away with this, your pirates they will hunt you down, you'll go to prison."

Father giggled, "Pirates, psychopaths, we are all the same, nasty pieces of work, not like you honey pot a little cockteaser, cut her bra off son."

One flick of the knife and her huge breasts sprang free, another slice and the G-string flipped to the floor, the son screamed like a lunatic, "Sniff, sniff, smell the cunt juice pa, she's shaven, she's a dirty whore, she's a--oommmppphhh."

Pauline brought her right leg up hard between his legs, he double back, she screamed back at him, "Go fuck yourself jerk."

Still she was in no position to fight, she almost chocked as he stood, his eyes said he was hell bent on hurting her until father stepped in, "Cool down boy soon it will be our turn, our turn to teach her some manners."

The boy bent, grabbing his belt out of the loops as he did, his thick arm easily gripped Pauline's legs pinning them together as he looped the belt around her thighs twice before buckling it off tight, father stood in front of her, "As I said, I'm captain now and what I say goes and I nominate you, miss Temple ship sex slave, we're gona find a job for them big round titties and that wet slippery cunt."

Pauline's temper new no bounds, "Go stick your cocks up each others arses you drunken scum," the father grabbed a small apple, "Don't you go insulting us, its time booby here got put in her place."

He grabbed her nipple and squeezed, Pauline opened her mouth to scream, the apple slammed in to her mouth, the boy immediately wrapped cloth around her head keeping the apple firmly in place, "And your place is on your back."

The boy giggled down her ear, "And your gona stay gagged until you learn some respect, and when we take it off you say yes senor, no senor, please senor," he licked her ear, "And fuck me senor."

He giggled at his father, "You smell her juice pa, you smell her cunt juice?"

Father was staring Pauline in the face, "Ya she's a cockteaser all right, but from now on she a cock minder, I'm captain, so I just promoted her," his foul breath invaded her nose, "So you better listen big tits from now on when my son wants to sniff your cunt you spread your legs and show it to him, and if he says fuck me or suck my cock or lick my ass hole out, you do it and you do it with a sexy look on your pretty face."

With an evil grin he unbuckled his trousers and let them fall, Pauline looked down, one of the fattest, longest filthiest cocks reared up at her, she felt sick, he grinned as he could see the look in her face, "And now booby you take a look at a real cock, you been making us horny for days with your prancing around, so now here's what you been asking for," she jumped as she felt the boys hand on her ass, the old man took his knife out, as he cut the rope from the rail he laughed, "Oh yes he's got one just as big," he almost sang, "And its for you, too."

With his stupid evil grin he took the end of the rope and tugged her, she squealed, it was a muffled, hopeless sound as she struggled to walk behind him; with her thighs held tight by the belt she could only waddle, she pulled back trying to keep her balance until a hand squeezed her arse, forcing her to shuffle quickly, both men propelling her towards the stateroom door.

With a thunderess kick the door flew open, Pauline saw the big ornate bed she had made not hours ago, she didn't have time to think as she was dragged through the door, the sweaty man, dressed in just a filthy tee shirt gloated at it and then at her.

She heard the son behind her, "Can I sniff her pa, bet she smells all juicy," as his disgusting words filled her ears so did the sound of his zip and then clothes falling to the floor, she moaned as the belt was roughly undone, she shook her head s she felt hands on the back of her thighs, his grin got wider, "Well booby looks like its just the three of us and nowhere to go, you gona spend some time in here all alone with us, and that fancy bed looks just the place, ah son?"

He handed the rope to the boy; with out warning Pauline was jerked back and around, he fell on the bed dragging her back with him, he grunted and squirmed over the satin sheets pulling himself back and then Pauline.

He sat his filthy arse on the pillows before he rested his back on the gold headboard, Pauline's head rested on his crotch, his filthy long cock slapped against her ear, he held her neck rope to keep her in a helpless position as his father climbed on to the bottom of the bed.

She heard him giggle at his father, "Ah pa, she can smell my cock, bet she gagging to suck it, bet she can't wait to have it in her mouth," his father still grinned, "Bet that's gona be some sight, uh, her pretty lips wrapped around your cock while you fuck her face."

He looked down, she was helpless and he knew it, his grubby hands reached out and clamped on her knees, they looked disgusting, his oily filthy hair covered hands on her tanned delicate skin. Pauline moaned as she felt his strength as he pushed her legs apart.

Now with her legs wide open Pauline realized how hopeless her situation was, she was alone in the middle of the ocean, she couldn't fight them, she was bound and gagged, alone with these two evil men, they had her all to themselves, her whole body totally available to them and they were going to rape her, not once, they had made it quiet clear, there was going to be no way of escaping them, they were going to fuck her over and over again, she shuddered as she watched his face descend down between her legs.

He grunted like the animal he was, "Get that smell son, goes to your head faster than bay rum, this bitch is a hot slut, she's all wet and dripping," his mouth open, Pauline closed her eyes as she felt his bristle cover chin ram in to her crotch, he rubbed it hard between her legs before his tongue started slaving all over her cunt, her body immediately started to lubricate and she hated herself for it.

A last defiant, "NNNNNUUUGGG," as he started to lick and suck at her clit, her hair held tight the rope around her neck pulled sharply up, she could do nothing, she lay there, her legs wide open as the men started to enjoy her, knowing they could do what they liked to their helpless captive.

She lay there for what seemed ages, her eyes closed, wet tears filled the corners as she listened to the fat dirty slob make a silly grunting, mmmm, sound as his tongue licked at her hole, giggling as he kissed all over it, they stubble on his chin scrapping her inner thighs before he shoved his tongue up in to her.

Suddenly she felt his teeth, biting all over her inner thighs then her cunt lips, she daren't move as he sank his teeth all over her, she groaned as he nipped her clit again, then he looked up, "Bet you never had your pussy chewed so well, eh big boobs, well I all ways like to use my teeth."

He reared up, "And I'll be using them again on those two big beauties, but for now my balls are aching, and you look like you want a good old fashioned cunt fuck, what say I give you one?"

The boy held her tight as the man grabbed his fat cock and rammed it at Pauline's abuse cunt, with a almighty shove he ploughed it up her, "Take that you dirty slut, you love it hard don't you, you're the type that puts big vibes up your cunt," and he started to ram himself in and out of the defenceless beauties body.

His hands grabbed at her breast's, needing them, squeezing them, gripping hard around them forcing the nipple up as his mouth latched on to them, biting at the tender flesh like a dog with a bone, all the time his cock pummelled at her cunt, thumping as hard as he could in to her. Pauline tried to turn her face away but all she did was turn and stare at the huge cock by her face, she knew there would be no mercy and that it to would soon be raping her cunt.

The old man grunted as his body worked like a pile driver, banging his cock in and out, deep inside, its width and girth filled the beauties slit but worst of all for Pauline its friction started to effect her, she couldn't help it she was getting wet and forcibly aroused.

The boy grabbed his cock and slapped it at her face Pauline moaned as she turned back, "That's it miss big tits watch my pa while he fucks you, we gona fuck her good pa?"

The old man continued his assault, "We gona fuck her many times tonight and then many times tomorrow and the next day and for as long as we like, she ours to do what we like with, a sex slave is one thing I've always wanted son, but one this beautiful with tits this size, Christ are we gona fuck her."

She could feel him hitting her harder, his face contorted with ecstasy, "Christ I'm gona fill this bitch," Pauline was wet she would have cum but he hurt, she squealed, he let out a roar, "Here that son, she's screaming for more, she likes her cock-burgers, the wet slut," suddenly she felt his warm wet cum start to pump in to her, he just kept thrusting, "Have a cunt full of dirty slobs juice booby, it's the first of many."

He squeezed her tits hard making her moan, he looked at the boy, "Your turn son, don't kill her, the only way this bitch is gona die is by us fucking her to death so remember we don't want to spoil our fun, do we?"

Her head feel back as the boy moved, "No, I won't kill her, not till you tell me to pa." He was much rougher, he knelt between her legs and kneed her thighs wide again, his hands grabbed her around her buttocks, pulling her up his thighs so he could bury his cock deep in to her, holding her arse tight he humped her on to him.

Pauline was banged hard up and down, her breath grunting through the gag as he hammered in to her, the old man sniggered as he watched his half-wit son raping the helpless beauty, "Go on son, bang her hard, sluts like her like it hard, if it ain't hard they don't feel it, she will be feeling it a lot now."

He looked at the pained face being thrown about, Pauline's breasts swayed and bounced, "Hey booby you got what you wanted with your boob show, bet you didn't expect audience participation though, did you?"

Her whole body shook as the son banged in and out of her, the old man stared down at her, "Enjoying your fucking cock-tease, I hope so cause your gona get fucked for days, we're both gona fuck that cunt of yours raw then we will start on some-where else," he let a huge dollop of spit fall from his mouth, it splat on to the edge of the apple trapped in Pauline's mouth, she could do nothing as it slid around in to her mouth.

"How's it going son, you enjoying fuckin our sex slave's hot cunt?"

Pauline squealed as the fingers gripping her cheeks squeezed tight, "I'm hurtin her pa," the old man laughed, "You keep banging her son, makes them big tits of her shake around like a pair of huge round jellyfish, I tell you now son, she's been showin them off for days so we're gona have a lot of fun playin with them later."

His words made Pauline shudder, "Ya pa were gona play with this bitch a lot, can I do what I like to her?"

The answer struck fear in to her, "This bitch is all ours, son, we can do what we like with her, we will fuck her until we've had enough then you can play with her and if she don't want to fuck and play no more then we'll feed her to the sharks."

The son shot his load up in to her, he groped her tits as he emptied himself then he slid off, Pauline drew her leg up and moved to cross it, the father slapped it back, "Open, you keep your legs open, get used to this position, on your back, legs open and getting fucked, like you are going to be again."

She saw he was hard again, he slammed in to her, fucking her just as hard but for longer, then the son got on top; they changed positions for hours, fucking her continually long in to the night.

As the night wore on the father got slower, laughing at her as he worked on her cunt, his fingers tickling her forced her to cum, "You like that better booby, a slow fuck relaxing right up your blond cunt, holding it in there, makes you cum does it?"

He came as he said, "We own you bitch we can do what we like to you when we like, and we like fucking you," she groaned as he got off, the son stood there, his cock rigid in his hand, "And I like fucking you right now."

She couldn't help it, they had forced her to cum so many times, she was exhausted, she dropped in to a comatosed sleep.

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