The Goddess Ramona
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Incest, Orgy, Interracial, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, BBW,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She was a siren of the hamburger stand-- voluptuous, dark-eyed, a little sad. Maybe I could think of a way to bring joy into her life by showing her how some guys love a big curvy girl.

I noticed her large shape from behind when I walked into the hot dog stand, but I paid little enough attention at first. A broad butt in a pair of jeans is hardly an unusual sight, and often heralds a middle-aged owner of little appeal even to one who knows the fun of rolling around in bed with a big girl, the skin-to-skin delights of a female who bounces and jiggles in all directions at once, the different sexual dynamic that takes place when the woman not only outweighs the man-- but can wrestle and pin him to the floor with her bountiful naked self. I studied the board, and it wasn't until she asked me "Can I take your order?" that I saw the olive skin, the dark eyes and hair, the shy, introverted expression of the round-faced 20-year-old in front of me.

The eyes caught me-- fetching but sad, I suspected, laughed at for her size and vaguely aware that working in a greasepit like this one wasn't exactly going to help matters. Now I looked her up and down, and melted. A perfectly firm, perfectly round, plump little morsel of overfed young femininity. Everything filled out, nothing sagging-- not the round globes under her apron, a little smaller than bowling balls, knocking about just as heavily; not the rolls of fat which spilled in T-shirt cotton over the jeans; not the trunk-like thighs. Oh, if only it were summer instead of winter, and those thighs were in shorts, while the breasts jiggled more loosely and I could sneak a glimpse of the spongy flesh around them up an armpit hole in the T-shirt when she passed a basket to a customer.

I ordered quickly, and stood there, nothing else to do, watching her as she dropped a basket of fries, then handled the hot dog I ordered, spreading the bun with her plump short fingers, slipping it in and slathering a stripe of juicy wet mustard up its side-- no, better not watch that quite so closely. I glanced at a newspaper headline as she finished, but smiled as pleasantly as I could when I took my food from her. She looked slightly perturbed-- how sad, if my appreciativeness struck her as odd, even unsettling. If it was so unfamiliar to her.

I told myself when I went back the next day that it was just for convenience, the place was close to the house, but I wasn't sorry when she was there again. I spoke to her this time, for a brief moment, though she was still shy.

This went on for a few weeks, and slowly I learned a little about her and she smiled a little more each time I came in. Her name was Ramona, she lived with an older sister, she'd gone to the high school near here... and no, she didn't have a boyfriend, she replied, as if it were a stupid question. I wanted to demonstrate why I didn't think so then and there, but I continued to hold off, and simply fantasized about holding her, rolling around with her, burying myself in the rolls of her flesh.

It was a night around Christmas that I struck up a conversation with her near closing time. It was already dark by the time they closed at seven, and since she'd already mentioned the street she lived on, I offered her a ride. She accepted casually, as if there couldn't be any ulterior motive. Along the way I suggested a local pub, and she agreed instantly-- now I began to think that she knew what I wanted, and might be willing.

We talked some more over a beer, and then I offered again to take her home, or... Ramona agreed that she should be getting home, and we got in my car, parked on a side street. She looked at me, I looked at her-- now or never. I leaned forward to kiss her and she grabbed my head, hungrily, our tongues sliding around each other, nuzzling her soft chubby double chin. Okay, so she'd figured out what I had in mind after all, and despite the no-boyfriend talk, she'd obviously done this before with somebody.

I reached around her for the first feel of that large tummy and backside, snuggling my front against those soft, squeezable melons. No protest, in fact a moan of delight, so I slipped a hand in under her sweatshirt and felt her sticky flesh for the first time. I ran a hand up to her bra, investigate what kind it was and how easily it would come off-- and then suddenly I was startled by something. A hand was grabbing my cock under my jeans, squeezing it, hunting for the zipper. Before I could say anything she zipped my zipper down, reached in and wrenched it out of its tight confinement-- then her head dropped down and her warm mouth slipped over the bulb, sucking my swollen cock for all it was worth.

I let her go for a minute-- my god, I wasn't going to stop this!-- and grabbed at whatever I could feel, one of those heavy melons straining at its bra. But this was going to be over too fast, and it wasn't what I wanted-- well, not in this order, anyway. Reluctantly, I stopped her.

"What?" Ramona asked. "I'm not doing it right?"

Well, you've clearly had practice somewhere, I wanted to say. "No, God, it's wonderful," I said, "but a little ahead-- um, I don't want to, you know, yet."

"What do you want to do?" she said, suddenly suspicious again.

"I don't just want to come real quick in my car. I want to make love to you, you know, everything," I said. To demonstrate what I meant, I kissed her again, slowly, while rubbing one of her mighty tits in a gentle circle.

"Usually guys just want to get off, and then they don't wanna be seen with me," she said. "Well, most guys are idiots," I said.

"I think you're incredibly sexy, Ramona, I've thought so the first time you looked at me in the hot dog place."

"Yeah, I could tell you were kinda starin' at me," she said.

"That isn't all I've been doing," I said, and pulled her toward me again.

We decided we could go back to her place-- her sister had had enough boyfriends, she said, she was entitled to one. If it made her happy to show me off, too, I was happy to oblige. Fortunately her sister wasn't there at the time, so the instant we were inside the door she was on me again, sucking my tongue and undoing my pants.

We went into her bedroom. Now she was smiling, sweetly and mysteriously, and it blew me away. She pulled up her sweatshirt, revealing that vast expanse of belly and the balloons fighting to escape from her bra. I took off my shirt and felt her belly surround mine, then grabbed her heavy tits under the fabric and moved them around. She moaned and I undid the bra, which practically fired off of her straining chest like a rubber band. As soon as it was out of the way I buried my face between her bulging breasts, squeezing those heavy balloons around my face, then slathering each cork-sized nipple with a generous slurp of my tongue. Her head jerked back in delight—they might have been felt up before, but I was sure no one had ever worshiped those bouncing jelly-mounds the way I was.

Next I pressed my face into her soft belly, rooting downward to the snap of her jeans. I reached to unsnap them and she practically tore them off. Grabbing a full handful of her round rump in each hand, I nuzzled the scratchy hair under her panties, then slipped them off as I got a musky whiff of the hot, wet place inside them. She stood only in her white cotton socks, a fetching sight, such a bountiful display of womanhood in such a little tomboyish article of clothing. But I couldn't leave them on-- not when there were little piggy-toes to kiss at the end of her thick trunk legs.

She lay down at last on the futon cushion, only inches off the floor. Her legs spread slightly to reveal a thin stripe of slick pink in between, and I quickly yanked off my clothes, then started at the bottom-- kissing and licking the toes, then running my cheek along sturdy calves big enough to reach both hands around. Her legs were freshly shaved-- had she had a premonition to keep them that way for me? Then I licked up the thighs, their softly undulating flab, and as I did I saw her finger creep toward her clit, revealing itself in pink in its garden of black grass. Allow me, I thought, and I flicked my tongue along the very edge of her lip-folds.

For a moment I thought her sister had walked in or something-- the shriek she let out was more than I expected to induce. But I knew I was on the right track because a moment later I felt her grab the back of my head and my nose was smashed into the slimy, steaming flesh in front of me. I wriggled loose enough to get air and began a series of long slow licks from the place where her ass cheeks squeezed together (plenty of time for that later) to the glowing pink bud at eye level. As I picked up the pace, smearing my face with her fishy ooze, she moaned and wriggled, finally letting out a series of fire alarm squeals and clamping those vast thighs around my head, tongue locked in place-- for what she might well decide should be forever, I thought.

But after a few moments of shuddering and sighing, she relaxed, thighs spread open and dripping. I scooped up a handful of her wetness and spread it on one of the massive tits that rested at the side like a just-broken egg. She grabbed the fingers and hungrily sucked them into her mouth as I licked her taste off of her breast. Secretly, I was thrilled that she had no objection to the taste of a woman's juices; that boded well for the things I had in mind.

As I leaned over her, licking that tit, my cock seemed to be about to seek out and plunge into its own comfortable spot for the afternoon, so I started to reach for the condoms in my pants pocket. When she saw what I had in my hand, though, she made a sort of piggy grunting sound of displeasure. What, I thought, after having my cock in your mouth and after that (if I do say so myself) yeoman job of cunnilingus, you don't want a fuck? I was surprised and not entirely pleased. Before I could voice the thought, however, her ass rose up from the futon and her sopping, red-hot pussy seemed to open up and grab my cock and engulf it, condomless.

"I want you all the way inside me," she said. I tried to hold off getting into the action, not easy with the massive expanse of female flesh that was now bucking beneath me, eyes rolling and teeth gnashing.

"I don't want to get you in any trouble--"

"I'm taking the pills," she said.

That took me aback. "How long-- long have you known I-- I wanted you," I gasped, in between thrusts that seem to toss me into the air and then land me flat against her belly and thighs like a wrestler hitting the mat.

"I didn't-- ayyyyowwweeh-- know until tonight," she said. "But I've been thinking about it for weee-- eeeyeeeh!-- weeks."

I plowed my crotch into her spongy pubes, grabbed onto her huge tits for traction and sucked her tongue deep into mine as my cock exploded. To think of all the time we'd been wasting!

Over the next few weeks Ramona and I did everything-- she finished that blowjob, greedily sucking ropes of cum from my cock and letting them run down her chin and puddle on her round Buddha belly; I ate her out after sex and smeared our mingled goos across our faces together; we spent hours in the shower together, soaping her huge tits and belly up, rubbing my cock in the crack of her ass; and when it was time to leave she would push me down and jack me off one last time, then smear the little she could get out of me across those round bouncing tits. When I'd see her at the hot dog place, she'd get a sudden wanton look in her eye, and forget the orders she'd just taken as she made lascivious faces at me, licking imaginary bits of cum out of the corner of her mouth and rubbing her thighs together as she stood there. It got to be obvious enough that I took to meeting her there only at the end of her shift.

One morning before her shift, however, I came over to her place and she was crying. I immediately went to console her, sitting on the bed next to her and hugging her, feeling her braless tits bouncing under the cotton shirt. "What's wrong," I asked, as she absent-mindedly turned and immediately sucked my tongue about half out of its root.

"My sister-- that bitch!" she said, as her T-shirt went flying over her head.

"Whaffshedoof," I mumbled as my face buried itself in those spongy globes. I had an idea what she was going to say; I had gotten the impression that her sister, Alicia, didn't like me and disapproved of the hours we spent in Ramona's bedroom, groaning and screaming and filling the air with the smell of sex.

"She says I'm just your whore, and a normal sized guy will only fuck a fat girl because I'm easy," Ramona replied as she yanked my pants off in one mighty jerk, and her warm lips went hungrily around the head of my cock.

"That's ridiculous," I said as I turned to unbuckle her pants and started chewing my way down through her lush black triangle. "Can't she tell that I'm just YOUR whore?" I said as I jerked her legs open and stuck my tongue straight into her slit, dry for a second, but quickly flooding with juices, my saliva and her sweet musk.

"I'm serious," she said, pausing to taker her lips off my cock. I took the opportunity to dig my way down deeper and split her ass-cheeks open, then sent my tongue rooting in the tight wrinkles of her hole-- the first time I'd plunged that far. "Oh my God, what are you doing?" she said.

"I'm licking your asshole, obviously," I said, and began tickling the tight wet hole with my finger as I talked. "If that isn't proof that I worship you and you're so much more than just a fabulous fuck-- though you are that too." Bloink! I slipped a finger past the tight ring, and she moaned incoherently, gripping my leg as her massive ass nearly slammed shut on my face. "She's just jealous because of the incredible 4th of July fireworks she hears in her every day. She wishes a bony-ass dry-pussy little bitch like her--"

"Shuddup and lick my ass," Ramona moaned, and as I put my tongue back to work on her spicy bunghole I suddenly felt my own legs being split wide open and her face wiggling between them. Her tongue went to work on my hole for a moment, and then suddenly my ass was on fire as what had to be two, Jesus, maybe three of her chubby little fingers split me wide open. "Oh shit," I cried.

"What, stop?"

"No, shit, you already did it-- just-- oh, what the fuuuu-uuuu-uuuuuck," I said as she continued tearing me a new asshole, I continued licking her brown hole, and my cock, rubbing against the tits that slapped against my hips with every thrust, splattered all over her stomach like a watermelon hitting the sidewalk.

After laying on top of her, twitching, for a few moments, I unscrewed my ass from her hand and turned myself around, nuzzling her as I rubbed the pool of cum on her broad tummy. "Anyway, if you're going to be my whore, you might as well get some of the traditional benefits of the job out of it," I said.

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