Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Masturbation, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a love story between a young woman and an older man. Several of the incidents in the story are true. I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out which ones. This is not a stroke story although there is some sex at the end. I appreciate the suggestions and editing help provided by Naked Sailor. The story is much more readable after his fine work.

I was mowing my grass in the front yard of my home, a typical Florida panhandle subdivision when I heard a screech from across the cul-de-sac. Looking up with my sweat filled eyes I could see smoke coming from the garage across the street. Ignoring my weary 57 year-old body's fatigue I ran towards the smoke, coming from a car in that garage. I knew that smoke and cars and garages were not safe combinations but other than that had no idea of what was happening.

When I got to the garage I saw a petite woman, 20-ish, attractive with a slight athletic build struggling in the driver's seat. Smoke was issuing forth from the dash in front of her, the key was in the ignition, and she was stuck in her seat. Her dress was caught in her seat belt locking mechanism, jamming it shut. She was in a panic and instead of trying to force the button on the seat belt was yanking on the strap.

The driver's door was open and I had better access to the buckle mechanism so I told her to stop and used my thumb to force the latch. Using all of my leverage it popped and then I managed to force the latch apart. As soon as the belt was free she jumped out of the truck. As she was jumping the airbag deployed catapulting her into my arms with enough force to knock me to the cement floor. As my head banged the cement floor it was lights out.

Everything was blurry and a mass of light as my mind struggled to come to grips with reality. It seemed as if everyone was spinning and the bile in my stomach was rising as my head felt lighter and lighter. Snippets of conversation joined together to make no sense in my head. It was like I was in the middle of a group of women in a department store during a 50% off sale, total bedlam. Closing my eyes tightly I tried to refocus, first on the voices, and then squinting on the faces.

The first thing I noticed clearly was that I had something on my face. I later found out it was an oxygen mask. At the time it seemed like it was keeping me from breathing and I struggled to remove it. As I did I noticed that my hands were as woozy as my head felt and my hands moved but not up to the mask on my face, rather they seemed to wave around in the air.

The next thing that came into focus was a face that I didn't recognize at all. It was a black face with aviator sunglasses. The eyes were intently staring at my face, to the point that they made me extremely self-conscious. At this point I didn't have the wherewithal to determine that it was a paramedic trying to stabilize me for transport to the hospital. The first distinct words I made out were his when he said, "He's coming around. Back up and give us room."

Looking beyond him I could see a crowd of people. There were far more people than those few that I knew from my street. They were all staring at me and I was confused as to why. It seemed important at the time, something that I should remember but I couldn't. I couldn't remember anything, nothing. In fact, saying that there were more people than I could remember from my street was a misstatement because at that moment I recognized no one.

I panicked. Not knowing why I was strapped down, not knowing who these people were, not knowing who I was bothered me. I don't know why it bothered me, but it did. At that moment I think I would have been better off being picked up by aliens and put onboard a spacecraft than I was onboard that gurney surrounded by people I didn't know or, more accurately, remember and not knowing who I was. I freaked. I started struggling violently against the straps as if I was having a seizure of some type. I was shouting through my mask at the top of my lungs, "Leave me alone!! Let me up!! Let me go!!" over and over.

'The paramedic, I later found out his name was Alex, decided to medicate me to prevent me from hurting myself but had to get help to restrain me until the medicine took effect. My struggle ended as I blacked out again.

The next time I awoke I was in the hospital. I opened my eyes and it was dark. I could tell it was during the night, but had no idea what time it was. Again my mind was foggy but this time it may have had to do with the relaxing atmosphere of the hospital because I knew who I was. I also remembered what had happened and had a good idea as to why I was here. It was at this point that I started to put all of what had happened together in my mind. I was still somewhat confused, still had some questions, but at least I had a general picture of all that had happened so far.

As I woke up I also realized three things. One was that I was in some pain. The back of my head was bandaged and I could feel a low level background headache. Beyond that there was something restraining my chest, feet and arms to the bed. Finally I noticed that there was someone in the room but I couldn't turn my head because of the headache and bandage to see who it was. As I thought it might be a nurse so I tried to say, 'Hello.' That was when I realized that my throat was dried out to the point that I couldn't speak. Swallowing several times to moisten my throat, I tried again, "Hello." This time I heard the words and there was some response.

The response was from a petite, blue-eyed young woman who gracefully moved into my view. She wasn't smiling, rather wore a look of genuine concern on her face. She looked at me as if she knew me but I was sure that we had never met. As my gaze traveled up from her eyes to her hair, I realized that this was my neighbor that I had pulled from the car. Her two-toned hair, dark auburn with heavy blonde highlights across both sides of the front was uncommon enough to make me sure of her identity. Her left arm was in a sling, letting me know that she had not come away from the incident unscathed.

I tried to speak again but the dryness had returned to my voice and I found I could say nothing. I felt embarrassed by this lack of being able to communicate and I tried to say 'water, ' mouthing the word several times with only a rough sandpaper-like whisper issuing forth. Understanding the pleading in my eyes she suddenly left the room. At that moment I was sure that she had left for good and felt bad that my scratchy voice had scared her off.

My torment was short-lived as she returned after only a few moments with a Styrofoam cup, containing chipped ice, water and a bent straw. She was nervous about what to do with the cup, as I was laying almost flat, so I made an extraordinary effort and turned my head as far to the side as I could. Seeing this she moved the cup and held the straw so I could take a sip. The water was cold and felt good on my parched throat. For the next few moments all I concentrated on was her fingers, holding the cup and straw, and sipping the fluid that seemed to be so refreshing.

As soon as I released the straw with my lips, she moved the cup away and said the first words since her frantic pleas from the front seat of her car. I could hear the smile in the one word question "Better?" even though I was still staring at her fingers. She put the cup down, reinserted her arm into the sling, moved a folding chair next to the bed and sat down before she spoke again. The next thing she said was "I thought that it would be better if I sat down here so you wouldn't have to keep moving your head."

I tried to nod my head in response but realized that it didn't move easily. I tried again and said "Thank you for being here when I woke up," this time having no difficulty getting my words out.

She laughed and then said, "I'm sorry. The thought of you thanking me, after everything you did for me and then getting hurt like you did, that was too funny." Her laugh was like her hair, unusual. I felt that I had another way I could pick her out of a crowd if need be. Describing her laugh is not easy. It was melodious, sounding alto but then seeming to almost ascend to a low soprano as if each note of her laughter issued forth. It seemed natural from her, but for someone trying to imitate it, it would take a lot of practice. It made me smile to hear it.

After smiling, I replied something to the effect that it was my pleasure, then laughed myself at how stupid that sounded. After thinking about it I said, "Given the chance, I would do it all over again. Of course if I did it over again, I hope I wouldn't be so clumsy that I end up in the hospital again."

"You weren't clumsy at all. The paramedic told me if you hadn't been pulling me away when the bag went off, I would probably have had my neck broken. He said he has seen and read about the airbag breaking the neck of short petite women because we sit so close to the steering wheel. He said that most likely, I owe you my life. So, you see, I owe you my thanks, not the other way around."

"I'm glad I was there. It was obviously worth whatever lump I got. I was so disoriented afterwards. I think I remember being a very bad patient. My only excuse was that I woke up, didn't even know where I was, who I was with and why I couldn't move. I panicked. I was much more scared then than before."

She replied, "The paramedic said he had seen that reaction before with head injuries. He said that it was good that you had enough mobility to be able to swing wildly like that. He also said that in many cases the memory temporarily shuts down and that people have told him later that it is the scariest feeling one can imagine."

"Thank you for being here when I woke up. It was nice being able to understand all of what happened. In case you haven't found out I'm Jim Sanborne, your neighbor from across the street. I didn't have a chance to get your name the last time we met. We were both too busy for introductions."

"It was the least I could do after you saved my life and got hurt doing it. My name is Millie, Millie Wicker. I am so glad you happened to be out cutting your grass. My boyfriend put your mower away and closed up your house. He would be here to thank you himself, but he had a flight scheduled this afternoon. He's a flight instructor at the Naval Air Station and if I had been the one lying in the bed, he would probably still have made his flight." The last bit was said with a touch of bitterness.

"I was in Naval Aviation for 22 years, so I know all about that 'can-do attitude.' The training command, especially, is full of it. You need to understand that the difference between a top-5 fitrep (fitness report) and being an also ran, may be whether or not he makes all of his flights. Being in the training command for a tour makes it hard enough for him to get promoted, so he can't afford to be in the training command and be anything less than top tier."

I felt suddenly tired, as if the flow of words had taken all of my energy. "I'm not trying to make excuses for your boyfriend, just telling you that his actions are what you would normally see from someone in his position." I smiled weakly. "What time is it anyway?"

"It's 8:40. I probably would have gone home, but my car is really broken now. Ken told me to wait here and he would pick me up after his flight at 10. I felt I needed to say something to you, after all you did, so I decided to wait in your room, in the hope that you would wake up. I hope you don't mind."

Before I could answer, the door opened and a nurse came pushing some piece of electronic technology on wheels. She asked Millie to step out for a moment. Then she said, "Mr. Sanborne, I'm glad you're finally awake. I wasn't here when you were brought in but I have to admit that your chart is unusual. Normally we don't have a patient restrained, at least not on this floor. I was told as long as you awoke lucid and understood who you are that I could remove your restraints. I stood outside the door long enough to believe that to be the case. There is also the need to complete your paperwork but that can wait 'til in the morning." After saying all of this she began to loosen buckles and remove restraints.

As she worked she told me that my chart said that they would release me in the morning if all my signs were normal, which they were at that moment. After taking my blood pressure, pulse, temperature and blood oxygen. She asked me if I needed to go to the rest room, which I did. She helped me sit up on the bed and waited until I went to the restroom and then made sure I was in bed. I found out her name was Nora from her name tag, and she was very professional. She told me that my daughter could stay until 10 PM, the end of family visiting hours and I didn't tell her that Millie wasn't my daughter.

As soon as she left Millie came back in and sat down. She noticed the smiling look that I was giving her and guessed the reason without me saying anything. She said, "Well, they weren't going to let me come in here. Told me that regular visiting hours were over at six and that only immediate family members were allowed on the floor after that. I explained that I was your daughter and that I had come all the way from Crestview. Anyway, here I am. Sorry."

I laughed and said, "Nothing to be sorry for daughter. You're a little to old for me to turn you over my knee and give you a spanking for that fib, besides, I really am glad that you are here. I'm just glad that my real daughter didn't show up. She would have really been surprised."

After that Millie wanted to know if she should call her and let her know in case she tried to reach me or something and I explained that she lived in Oregon now and only called on the weekend unless there was an emergency, which I was convinced this wasn't. We chatted about things, found out that we had a lot in common. It was a pleasant evening and soon it was 10 and she left when her boyfriend arrived to pick her up. I went to sleep and was awakened every hour, when Nora and her replacement came to take my vital signs, every hour, all night. You certainly would never go to the hospital to rest, that is for sure. Tired and cranky, I went home the next morning and resumed my normal life.

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