The Tolarie Prophecy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Interracial,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An alien race who has a prophecy that a woman will become all powerful. This woman will experience many difficult challenges before she becomes all powerful and realizes it herself.

A Prophecy has been foretold, a prophecy that could bring upon the universe's total annihilation or its salvation. The fate of the universe will lay in the hands of one person, one woman. This woman will gain all the power in and of the universe with the birth of a child, a single child, the Tolarie'. This child will fuse her with power, a power that is more precious to the universe than anything ever known. This woman will chose to use her powers for good or evil, but which ever way she chooses she will change the universe for all time, sealing its fate!

This is the story of Kess Cortezz; Kess is part of a newly discovered species, found in the Beta quadrant, called Sapacians. Sapacians have two tails, silver skin, pointed ears and a very unusual abnormality to them. This abnormality is that when a Sapacian is cut, stabbed or scratched, {when the spilling of blood is evolved} by another species, the features of that species and abilities are copied and added to the Sapacian. The Sapacian will have that species in them for as long as they live. The person that the features and abilities were copied from will be just fine and feel like nothing has happened. Another Sapacian trait is that they are always born with a twin, there has been no exception to this since history has been recorded.

Kess Cortezz was born on Earth date, October 31, 2477. Kess entered the ESSA (Earth Space Ship Academy), despite her family's wishes; she completed ESSA training and was at the top of her class. She moved quickly up in rank to captain and received her first mission when she was 27, the youngest person to ever receive captain. The ship she was given to command was the starship Valkerie.

The Valkerie was a prototype, and an enormous ship. This prototype had three solar flare generators. The ship also had a green tube, almost identical to the Solar flares, but this one was different, this tube was a galactic portal creator. The galactic portal was created to move ships from one galaxy to another in very short amount of time.

Kess was in the neutral zone enjoying two weeks of vacation, she was on a space station playing Craps (one of her favorite games). Kess loved the neutral zone, no one there worried about what race she was, or what she could do, no one there worried about her using telekinesis for they knew not of it. Kess kept winning more and more money when two admirals straight from ESA headquarters came looking for her. By the time they arrived a crowd had gathered around Kess and was cheering her on, the admirals went to see what was going on. When they saw Kess, Admiral Jacobs said in a stern, commanding voice, "COMMANDER CORTEZZ WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING???" Everyone froze as Jacobs screamed. "Admiral Jacobs, I was just enjoying my vacation." "Commander, will you please come with us." expressed Admiral Kolof in a more serene tone. "Of course," Kess piled her money into a bag and followed obediently to outside of Oshanties (the Gambling pub).

"Excuse me sirs, but what is going on?" she questioned. "First commander we would like you to have this," Admiral Kolof tossed her a small, black, velvet box. She opened it and was shocked to find the insignia for captain lying inside. She expressed her gratitude, "thank very, very much sirs." "Your welcome, you have been raised in rank to captain because of you glorious efforts of helping the UAN learn about the Bragottie's destructive plan. You have also been given a ship and a mission." Jacobs said. "What ship is it sir? The Alaska? The Morganana?" "No it's actually the Starship Valkerie." "The Valkerie sir?" "Yes it is a prototype and you are going to test it." "A prototype of what sir?" she questioned curiously. "It is a prototype of a possible new line of ships. It has been fitted with a galactic portal generator. It is completely operational and capable of caring 10,000 + people." Admiral Kolof answered openly. "Ten- thousand people!! Why in the world would I need a ship that big sir?" "That is your mission. You are to go to the Andromeda galaxy and pick up two of every species willing to send them with you on your mission. You should only reveal your mission and where you're from to the least amount of people necessary." "How many people do I have as a crew sir?" "One-hundred and fifty." "You have really put a lot of faith in these people and the ship sir." "Yes, well you and your crew have proven yourselves numerous amounts of times." "When do we leave sir?" "In two days, make sure your ready Captain!" "Yes sirs" then the admirals started walking away, but then Admiral Jacobs turned around and called, "Oh and Kess you will be accompanied by two Ambassadors." "Yes sir" she called back much less enthusiastically.

Kess headed back into Oshanties, She went over to the bar counter and said, "Barion, here I want you to have my winnings. I'm going on a mission and probably won't need this money." "Thank you Ms. Cortezz, your welcome back here anytime, free of charge." Kess then headed off towards her room to get everything ready, she opened the door and headed in. Kess was infected with by a Jazad (a telepathic race) at the ESSA and now has telepathic abilities. After she entered a big creature came up to her, it was her pet Rou. Rou was a tiger, white Siberian tiger with pale orange stripes, to be more precise. He asked her, "Kess what's going on?" "Well Rou we are going on a mission to another galaxy! You can come or you can stay it is your choice." "You shouldn't have to ask that, of course I'm coming with you" "and so am I," said Sharak, Sharak was a brown eagle Kess had had for many, many years. "I'm glad you two will be coming with me. We had better get ready." Being a telepath Kess was able to speak at will to animals and they were able to speak to her as well. Around two hours later Kess, Rou and Sharak had finished getting ready and were about to teleport on to the Valkerie, Kess teleported up first without her pets, so not to freak any one out. When she arrived Admiral Jacobs greeted her, "Ah, Captain Cortezz, I've been waiting for you." "Admiral." She answered. Before they headed off Kess questioned, "Sir, you wouldn't mind if I brought my pet cat and bird aboard for the trip, would you?" "No, go ahead." Kess turned to the ensign at the teleporter controls, "Ensign, teleport my pets and bags to my quarters. Please." "Yes ma'am." He replied obediently. Then the admiral and Captain Cortezz were off. "Sir, is my senior staff on board?" "Almost we are still waiting for your pilot and chief engineer." "May I ask who they are?" Admiral Jacobs answered, "Your pilot is Lieutenant Maximus Cortss and your chief engineer is Lieutenant Tranceya Montaya." She nodded in recognition. The admiral took Kess to the bridge and said, "Well captain this is your ship now. Take good care of her." "I'll do my best, sir." The admiral then tapped his com device and he was teleported back to his ship. There was still fourteen hours till the crew had to be on board so Kess decided to go and read up on some of her crew. Kess was going to go to Tamas to do this, so she took an ISD (Information Storage Device) with the information on it and headed for the mess hall. She walked in and found a window sill to sit and read. Not too much longer after she began a Betreathian came over. "Hello my name is Tamas I'm the cook on this ship. May I get you anything?" "A cup of coffee' please, with two sugars." "Coming right up." Kess went back to her reading but before she could hardly get started Tamas came back holding a cup of coffee. "Here you go miss." he handed her, her coffee and looked at what she was reading, "so, what do you do on this ship. No wait let me guess, um... communications officer?" "No" teleporter chief?" "No." "Doctor?" "No, would you like me to tell you?" "Alright." "I'm the captain of ship." "You're Captain Kess Cortezz?!" "In the flesh." "No offence ma'am but you don't look or act like any captain I've ever met. "I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing." She responded calmly. "I believe that it is a good thing, Ma'am, for you will be a friend to the crew yet strong enough that they will follow you to the Center and back." "Thank you Tamas, that is very kind of you." Tamas bowed, said your welcome, and went back to his job without another sound made. "Let's see here," Kess thought and she began to do an overview of her crew.

Commander Rick Quel: Human, birth place unknown; green eyes, Brown straight hair, six feet two inches. Joined the ESSA when he was 17. First Officer.

Commander Maximus Cortss: Sapacian Brown hair, Yellow/ gold eyes, five foot nine inches. Came to Earth when he was 16 and joined the ESSA. Pilot.

Commander Tranceya Montaya: Sapacian. Red hair and brown eyes, five foot eight inches. Chief of Engineering.

Lieutenant Commander Jack Killikan: Human/Kisreain half breed. Long braided black hair, Blue eyes and six foot three inches. Security Chief

Dr. Joe Talliboth: Bartarian. Bleach blond hair and brown eyes and five foot six inches. Chief Medical Officer

Ensign Kareon De'Mot: Drakanian proven her loyalty to the ESSA twenty times over, no threat to the ESSA. Black hair, brown eyes, and five foot seven inches.

Lieutenant Jacque Munques: Betreathian. Highly decorated by the Betreathian high council and by UAN. Black hair, green eyes, and six foot eight inches tall. Proven his loyalty to the UAN time and time again. Chief Communications officer

Lieutenant Jacqueline Rimato. Human; five foot three inches, hazel eyes and red hair. Aroponnicts chief

Commander Sabrina Helton. Human. Blue eyes and short black hair, five foot five inches. Astrometricts Chief

Dianna Muniskie: Jazad. Councilor

Tamas: Betreathian. Dark Green skin, no hair and five foot seven inches. Cook.

Kess looked it over very carefully and thought to herself, "Well, I have a very interesting crew."

Thirty minutes later Kess was summoned to the teleporter room to greet the accompanying Ambassadors. She entered the room and gave Ensign Johnson the cue to teleport the Ambassadors to the ship. Ten seconds later and a blue shimmer later Kess greeted the ambassadors, "Welcome to the Starship Valkerie, Ambassadors I am Captain Cortezz." "Hello captain, I'm Ambassador Rison. And this is Ambassador Thompson." "Well gentlemen it is a pleasure to have you aboard. If you will follow me I will show you to your quarters." They nodded and followed her. (Ambassador Rison was a Jazad. Ambassador Thompson was a Clmosiaseou.) "Captain Cortezz when do you intend to depart?" "We were just waiting for you so in about fifteen minutes." Kess escorted them to there quarter and then told them to meet her on the bridge in ten minutes if they would like to see the galactic portal in action.

Kess headed off toward the bridge. Right before launch there was a hail. "Captain, ESSA command is hailing us." "On screen Lieutenant, Admiral Kolof what can I do for you." "Just making sure the ambassadors made it on board and to wish you good luck on you mission." "Thank you sir," she stood up straighter and said, "Permission to depart?" "Permission Granted, see you in a few years captain." He had emphasized the captain. She nodded at Lieutenant Jacque Munques and he cut the transmission. She then walked over up behind the Pilot Maximus Cortss and said, "Alright Lieutenant Cortss take her out. Plot a course to the nearest uninhabited solar system." "With pleasure ma'am." He answered with a big smile on his face.

Kess went and sat down in her chair; she thought for a moment then pressed a few buttons on the consol next to her chair, which put her on ship wide communication. "All hands, this is Captain Cortezz. First I want to say what an honor it is to be working with such a fine and noble crew. Second I want to tell you how much I appreciate that you all gave-up your lives on Earth and at ESSA to do this mission. I know you all have lives and I appreciate you all giving them up. Thank you again." She then shut the com link off and strode over to Pilot Cortss' station. "Lieutenant how long till we reach the solar system?" "Just around eight days, ma'am." "Thank you Lieutenant." He nodded and she went and sat back down.

Half an hour later Kess decide to go have some dinner since she hadn't had time to eat for two days. She headed towards Tamas'. She entered the Mess hall and was greeted by Tamas. "Ah, Captain Cortezz what may I get you?" "Why don't you surprise me and a cup of coffee' black with sugar. If you would please." "Coming right up." Kess saw an empty table and deicide that she would dine there. Before Tamas got back she heard something in her head, "Kess, you know, we need to eat to! May we come and join you?" she responded, "I am so sorry I forgot about you. Of course you can Sharak but be careful not to scare anyone on your way please." "Thank you Kess," Sharak said, "yes thank you Kess" finished Rou. "Your welcome."

She had just finished talking to Rou and Sharak, when Tamas returned with a platter containing on it a pitcher of coffee, a container of cream, and a container of sugar. "Thank you Tamas" "your welcome and your dinner will be ready in a few minutes." Not to long after Tamas left Sabrina Helton came in and asked Kess if she could join the captain for dinner, Kess, of course, answered yes. Sabrina sat down across from Kess and said, "What are you having for dinner?" "I'm not sure; Tamas is going to surprise me. What about you?" "I believe I am going to have spaghetti" "Sounds good." And at that moment Tamas came back with a plate with a towel over it concealing what it actually was. "Here you go captain," and he took of the towel exposing the dinner, "Its crown roast of lamb." "Thank you" he nodded and looked at Sabrina and asked, "What can I get you this fine evening Commander?" "Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread sticks, please." "Coming right up," and he was gone again.

Kess took three sugar cubes and placed them in her coffee and put one in her mouth. Then took a few sips and set her cup down. Right after she set her cup back down the doors to the mess hall opened and here came Rou and Sharak. "Rou. Sharak. I am glad you could make it. I hope my crew didn't give you any trouble on the way here, did they?" "No they didn't. They pretty much just stared at us in shock." "Well come sit here on the bench and I'll have Tamas get you both something good to eat, just as soon as he returns." Rou and Sharak sat down on the bench next to Kess. "Commander I would like you to meet my pets, Rou and Sharak." "They won't hurt anyone, will they?" Commander Helton stuttered. "Of course not their as gentle as lambs." "May I pet them?" Sabrina asked politely. "I don't see why not." And at that Sabrina reached over and patted Rou on the head. Kess and Sabrina spoke for a while and then not to long after, Tamas came out careening Sabrina's dinner. He didn't see Rou and Sharak, at first, he sat the dinner down then said, "May I get you two ladies anything else?" "You could get Sharak a fresh fish and Rou a raw steak and please don't cook the meat." As Kess said this she pointed at them. After she finished Tamas looked over the table and jumped back a few feet. "s-s-sure r-r-right a-a-away ma-ma-am." He stuttered and backed away slowly. He disappeared into the kitchen and came back much quicker with the animals food than he had been with Kess' and Sabrina's

Kess and Sabrina ate and spoke to each other for about forty-five minutes. After they finished Kess, Sharak, and Rou headed for the Simulator. Kess had just finished putting on the final touches on her new program. "Kess what does this program have in it? Is it exotic? Will it be fun?" questioned Rou. "You will just have to wait and find out Rou, but trust me you'll love It." they entered the Simulator. They had to go through a thick mass of fog before they got to the main part of the Simulator. When the main part of the program came into view Rou and Sharak were in awe.

There were hills of green, soft grass, Fields of flowers, thin thickets of Aspen tree woods. There was a stream running through a soft patch of grass. Beyond the stream there was a beautiful waterfall which filled a pond at the bottom. The pond had a gorgeous island in the middle of it. There were fish in the streams, fish like trout, salmon, king fish, and cat fish. Plus many others that aren't of Earth origin. In the sky different exotic birds from all types of planets roamed. The ground was full of mythical, extinct and beautiful animals. There were no insects, no bugs, and no pain could ruin the beauty of this place.

"Kess this place is amazing; I've never seen so many different creatures coexisting, even in a simulator. Kess it's beautiful. May we go and play?" "Of course Rou, you may stay here as long as you like. You can hunt and live and play around with other animals of the same species as yourselves." Then they ran off having the time of their lives. Meanwhile Kess decide to go sit under a weeping willow tree and write up some more creatures for her program. She took out her pad and started to draw up some new creatures.

First she drew an animal with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, when she looked up this creature in the database she found it was called a Griffin. Next she drew what was called a Centaur. The centaur has the body and legs of a horse and the head and middle part of a human. Next there was a miniature dragon. She made them in six different colors, gold always being the queen the other colors were green, blue, purple, bronze, and silver being the rarest. Kess programmed the silver dragon to only a special person. She told no one who this person was or why he/she was special, not even Val knew. "Val, would you please create these four creatures and add them to my program, please." asked Kess very courteously. "Right away captain." The ship answered.

Already in the program were: Unicorns, Monkeys, Elephants, Lions, Gorillas, Panthers, Tigers, Gazelles, Zebra, Pegasus, Pandas, Eagles, owl, Baboon, Ferrets, Trolls, Gray Wolves, bears, Cheetah, fox's, Sea otters. Moose, Bison, Rhinoceros, Koloa, Chimpanzee, Baboon, and Horses.

Kess waited as Val began to upload the creatures. It took Val about two minutes to complete the task. "Captain the animals are finished and uploaded, would you like me to activate them?" "Yes, but first I want you to put the dragons and miniature dragons in eggs and have them hatch. Put them at ten months and a little while before they hatch." "Yes ma'am." Val did what she was asked; she put the creatures in the way Kess asked. Meanwhile Kess had asked a nearby Pegasus if he would take her to the new dragon clutch. The Pegasus agreed whole heartedly. She jumped on and they flew off towards the nearest dragon clutch.

Meanwhile Commander Rick Quel was looking for her. "Val, please locate Captain Cortezz." "She is in simulator 5." "Thank you Valkerie." And he headed off towards simulator five. When he arrived he found the door unlocked so he entered. Rick passed through the thick mass of fog and entered a land of beauty. He came up on to the hill that over looked the entire land, when a Pegasus came up to him and asked, "Excuse me sir, are you looking for Kess Cortezz?" "Yes, I am, but how did you know that?" Rick answered politely; Rick was also infected with a Jazad and had the telepathic ability. "Because any and all two legged's always come looking for Kess. Get on my back and I will take you to her." He complied and they lifted off. On the way Rick enjoyed the landscape immensely, he was very impressed with Kess artistic abilities. When they landed the Pegasus told him where to find Kess and he took off. Rick headed off toward a humongous cave where the Pegasus said the hatching grounds were located.

He entered with caution, the cave was brightly lit. He called out to Kess and she came running toward him. When she got to him she said in a whisper, "SHHHH-you must be quiet the clutch is about to hatch." "Clutch? What clutch?" "Come on I'll show you." Rick followed her deep into the cave. As he was looking at it, he guessed the cave to be three hundred and fifty feet up and eight hundred feet wide. He decided he would ask Kess about it when they stopped. They came up to a track and a cart, like the ones for ancient Earth railroad. She told him to get in and he did. After he was in she got in, and they were headed off toward the hatching grounds. Around two minutes and a lot of super fast curves later, they ended up near the hatching grounds.

They got out and Kess led him towards the edge of the grounds where thirty seven humongous colored eggs were. She started to explain things to him. "Commander I have created a world based around dragons. I am here to observe the hatching and see if one will accept me. They are about to hatch." Then the eggs started to crack. First was a gold one.

Kess watched as the little gold came towards her, everyone in the simulator knew Kess had been accepted by a queen!! How fitting is it that a Captain is to impress a Queen dragon. Next a bronze had come out and Rick was accepted by the bronze! The other dragons hatched soon after and Kess decide to let them live free in the simulator because only one dragon will accept you and you will have a connection with it for both your lives. Rick was the first to speak. "Kess he says his name is Hagarth." "Her name is Faith." And they walked out of the cave hand in had with their young dragons at their sides. Kess had al transfer a few sheep over too where the four of them were so the dragons could eat.

They spent around four hours in the simulator playing, teaching and speaking to their new dragons. After awhile Kess remembered that there was a clutch of miniature dragons not far from there that were about to hatch. "Rick, there's another clutch about to hatch around two miles from here we should go and watch." "Alright that sounds like fun, the last hatching was exhilarating, and this one should be too." They called for the Pegasus' to take them because Hagarth and Faith were too young and small to ride.

When they landed the clutch was shaking and the miniature dragons were coming out. "Kess what are these? Don't tell me that their immature dragons." "Oh no the dragons and these little creatures are very different. You must try and accept the lizards just like the dragons." He nodded and bent down with some raw meat that Kess handed him, Kess also did this. Rick was accepted by four minis and Kess was accepted by six. When they got back Kess, Rick, Faith, Hagarth, and the new minis headed down to a nice soft large patch of grass. While the two of them spoke the minis slept away in peace. Rick and Kess began to tell each other what their minis names were. Kess began, "the two gold ones are Menolly and Brekke. The Bronze's are Merrick and Horus. The Brown is Jewely. The Blue is Moon. Finally the Green is Night." Then Rick started, "The gold one is Sara. The Bronzes are Risa and Rigle. And the Brown is Lasia." They sat down there for about two hours, discussing the mission and what they might encounter.

After talking for around two hours Kess decided that she was going to go for a nice long swim with Faith. She asked Rick if he and Hagarth wanted to join them, but they declined. She headed down toward the beach where she then asked Val to give her a bathing suit, which she changed into. Next she was in the water swimming around with Faith.

Meanwhile back on land Rick was talking with Hagarth. "Can we please go swimming!? Please." "Oh all right, but I'm not getting in." "Yeah" And Hagarth was up in the air faster then you could say swimming. But he didn't head for the beach; he headed down towards Rick from behind and picked him up with his front claws. Rick wasn't too thrilled about the aspect of flying but he made no mention of it, until he realized that he and Hagarth were right above the water and he saw the smirk in Hagarth's whirling eyes, and then Hagarth let go allowing Rick fall right in to the water forcing Rick to swim with him. Finally Hagarth dived into the water with Rick, Kess, and Faith. They spent about an hour in the water swimming until Kess and Rick felt the thought of hunger in their dragons minds. So they headed back to the patch of grass where the sleeping minis were rousing.

Kess figured that she and Rick had about twenty minutes until the minis were awake and demanding food. So Kess went to the sea and decide to try and catch some fish while Rick and the dragons headed to get a sheep. They both got back about ten minutes later. They dragons stayed with the sheep to eat; next they started to cut up the meat for the minis hungry bellies, they got done just in time.

At that moment the Ambassadors were looking for Kess and Rick for they were having a meeting and needed the opinions from them. Both the ambassadors headed into the fog of the Simulator. From in the shadows a strong sound voice asked them, "Are you looking for Kess and Rick?" "Yes. Who are you?" "Someone who can take you to them. Please stay calm I will not hurt you." The ambassadors headed into the light and they saw a centaur. They weren't quite sure what he was at first but he lead them to Kess and Rick very willingly. "No offence but what are you. I've never seen anything like you in my entire life." "I sir am a centaur. Half horse half man." Said the centaur with pride. The ambassador nodded in recognition.

The centaur lead them for about quarter of a mile then when they were on top of a hill were they saw a small valley patched with grass. Within the valley were a number of small creatures of different colors plus two larger ones and two humanoids. The centaur lead the way down to the people, charging a head of the ambassadors telling them of the 'guests'. "Ms. Cortezz there are two men looking for you. Creatures of the same race as Mr. Quel." "Thank you for the notice." Answered Kess politely and off went the centaur. "Captain Cortezz you and Commander Quel were supposed to report to the conference room twenty minutes ago. We have some very important information to discuss with you."

"I am sorry sir, I guess we just lost track of time. We will be up in a few moments." "No need," he said, "we have already told the rest of the crew. We will just tell you now, since time has no meaning to you. We will reach the uninhabited solar system in two days. Lieutenant Montaya has rerouted power so that both warp cores work together and give us twice as much power." "That's wonderful. Then we are a head of schedule and should be prepared for the jump. Correct?" "Yes we will need you on the bridge the day after tomorrow for the jump. Until then you should be free to do what ever. You wont be disturbed until then," he looked around for a second and asked, "Where's the exit?" Kess and Rick chuckled and Rick asked, "Hagarth will you please escort our guests to the exit. I fear they will get lost otherwise." "Of course Rick." "Ambassador Hagarth has agreed to take you to the exit." The ambassador was not too excited at the idea of a dragon taking him somewhere but he trusted Rick so he followed the dragon. When they left Hagarth went back to his patch of grass and fell asleep.

Maximus Cortss had proceeded to a Simulator after the meeting. He had just made a new program called Sherlock Holmes. Maximus loved mysteries, but this time he had a guest to help him solve the mystery. His friend was Jacque Munques, the Betreathian on board. Jacque was to play Watson while Maximus took the roll of Sherlock Holmes. They mystery was of the murder of women with the birth day October 15. Their objectives: 1) To figure out why he was only killing women with the birth day of October 15. 2) Find out who the killer was. 3) Use the clues to catch him.

Jacque had never been on a human mystery simulation. But he thought it would be interesting to find out what it was like. They proceeded in and were prepared for the mystery. Their first task was to check out the crime scene and look for clues. They headed for the latest murder. It was a girl about the age of fifteen. Maximus (Sherlock Holmes) was carrying a bag of detective supplies which included: a magnifying glass, gloves, tweezers, bags for evidence and other important miscellaneous items.

"Commander wha..." and that was as far as Maximus let him get when he said, "Call me Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, my dear Watson." Jacque groaned a small grown and started over again, "Holmes, what are we doing here? What kind of program is this? Why do 'we' have to search for the killer of women?" "Calm down Watson, everything will reveal it self in do time. Just be patient, you wanted to see what a human mystery is like well here you have it, and don't worry you will get in some action soon enough." Jacque rolled his eyes and continued without anymore complaining. They reached the latest murder sight about twenty minutes later. They entered and a police officer was waiting. He tipped his hat and said, "Mr. Holmes, Mr. Watson, we are so glad you could make it. No one has touched anything but the removing of the body. She was taken to the city morgue about fifteen minutes ago." "Thank you, you've been very helpful. But if you'll excuse us we must start our investigation." "Of course." And at that the police officer left them to their work.

"You see Watson clues are just the first step. Tracking down and catching the murder is the second step, and from what I can tell the part you will most enjoy." "Yes I truly hope so." Holmes/Maximus took out his magnifying glass and started looking for clues. Watson was asked to go check out all the doors, hatches, vents, and doors and make careful observations. Holmes/Maximus found a piece of clothing and some short strands of white hair plus some broken glass shoved under the rug. Watson/Jacque made some observations but all he concluded was that the murderer was let in through the front door because everything was locked from the inside and for there was no vents so the murderer must have left very quickly after he killed. Jacque/Watson went to tell Maximus/Holmes what he found.

"Comma, I mean Holmes none of the windows were open, everything was locked form the inside and there are no vents." "Just as I suspected, the murdered snuck out before the police got here and made sure everything was cleaned up to leave no tracks. But he made the mistake of hair, cloth and broken glass under the rug. Come Watson we must go to the morgue and investigate the body." Jacque/Watson groaned but followed obediently for he knew he got himself into this and he was just going to have to live with it.

When they reached the morgue the officer in charge was very corporative. He allowed them to see the body and examine it. He left them after he was called to the front by someone willing to confirm another victim. They pulled the sheet and started to examine the body. They found very few distinguishing marks. They did find a birth mark in the shape of a Jewish star. It was rather unusual, it could have been a tattoo but they didn't have tattoos in the early 1800's. They also found a necklace it had a rare diamond, a rare red ruby cut into the shape of a heart. They confiscated the necklace as evidence and asked to see the other girls. All the girls had three things in common, birth date, a Jewish star birthmark and a ruby necklace around each of the girl's necks.

Watson drew a picture of the birth mark and followed Holmes as they walked to the police office to take some interviews and see what type of evidence that they found. As they tromped up the steps to the station they realized that there was no one on duty outside the station. They proceeded with a huge amount of caution. When they entered they smelled something atrocious, they covered their mouth and nose and proceeded even more cautiously for Holmes suspected that there was a conspiracy within the police. They started to investigate, they found every police man unconscious lying on the ground almost dead. Watson/Jacque kept asking if they should proceeded without putting on the safety protocols, but Holmes/Maximus kept saying no and moved further into the building.

They heard someone in the file room so they decide to examine the noise. When they entered they found that the police officer from crime scene was searching through the files on births. Holmes/Maximus proceeded towards the man, with Watson/Jacque right behind him. Holmes/Maximus was the first to speak, "don't run we can do this the easy way you don't have to run." "Yes I do, everyone runs." Then the man pulled a gun from his side and shot Holmes/Maximus in the leg, shoved Watson/Jacque into the file cabinets and ran. "Watson go after him catch him make sure you stop him. But DON'T KILL HIM." "Alright" and Watson/Jacque were off. Holmes/Maximus made his way off the ground and was following Watson/Jacque in a much slower pace but to his good fortune Watson/Jacque had captured the man and tied his hands and legs together so he couldn't move. "Ha-Ha so tell me Jacque was this up to your specifications?" "Yes sir this was exhilarating. I'll be sure not make any more remarks about human simulator programming from now on." And they shared a long laugh and headed for sick bay. They had both inhaled a good amount of the toxin and Maximus needed to get the bullet out of his leg.

When they reached sickbay Dr. Joe Talliboth was working on some medicine for Sapacians, for he hardly had any experience in Sapacian physiology. "Uh Doc, we need your medical technique." The doctor turned around and groaned, "nice going Maximus, what was it this time Nazi's, Japanese, the Bragottie? Hmm, so which was it?" "None I was shot by a police office in a Sherlock Holmes mystery." "On the bio bed, you know Maximus you should really consider doing something less dangerous. Don't move!" "But Doc, if I do things with less danger where would the fun be?!" the doc, rolled his eyes and tore Maximus' pants to get to the bullet. He didn't use any anesthetic because Maximus had been shot in the leg so many times that Dr. Talliboth was surprised that he still had feeling in it. He pulled the bullet out and Maximus winced about the pain, finally the doc, cured the poison in their system and they were free to go. Maximus would have a limp for a few days but it would heal.

Dianna Muniskie had unpacked her uniforms and other small necessities, but hadn't redecorated yet. She had Sythized some of her favorite bubble bath and had started up her tub and was about to get in it when someone came to her door. She threw a towel on and walked over to find out who wanted it was. She opened the door and it was poor limping Maximus back from the doctor all better except for his limping she let him in and asked him to sit down while she put some clothes on. She threw on a dress that was fairly comfortable and went to the couch opposite of Maximus. "So Maximus what can I do for you?" "I was wondering if you could help me do something." "Sure. What is it that you want to do?" "Well I to do some research on the crew but I can't seem to gain access." Dianna went over to the computer on the desk and then asked him, "Who do you want to know about?" "Let's start with Rick Quel." As he spoke he came over and up behind Dianna. It took her a few moments to hack into the computers database without being caught by Ensign De'Mot.

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