Pay It Forward
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, White Couple, Anal Sex, Body Modification,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Guy receives the lay of his life and a cryptic message

Enjoy the story, and all that Copyright stuff?? The story is mine, if you reproduce it somewhere, please let me know...

'Ripe' was the only word for this woman. It was 1am, the lights were really low, the people around me were mostly drunk, and I was bored so I was checking out the other people in the bar.

I was sitting at the corner table of a night spot in the Montrose district with a bunch of friends of mine. As the token 'breeder' of the group, I was closed in by all of my gay male and female fag hags(women who hang out with mostly gay men), mostly for my own protection. There were plenty of men wanting to dance with me, but I was there for one purpose. To get drunk and forget about Angela.

Angela was my ex-girlfriend and had literally moved out on me while I was at work. A short note saying "Moving Home, sorry. Angie" was all I got. It had been heading that way for a while now. I was upset because Angie was the first woman who was into different kinds of sex. I quickly realized more about fetishes and sex of different sorts with her. She enjoyed opening my eyes to things. Convinced that I was a closet gay man, she marvelled at the things she could strap on and shove in my butt, and me enjoy it. I think there might have been a bit of jealousy after all considering I could take a bigger cock that she could.

The difference between a gay man and me was, I was not into men. I had a really sensitive ass, and I liked to play with it, but the notion of having a guy behind me probing me balls deep was a total turn off. I think it was the combination of soft feminine woman and ass play that turned me on the most. I also knew I wasn't into trannies because most of the ones that I had met, (and believe me, in the crowd I hung out with, it was a LOT), I had yet to meet one that didn't have huge hands to go along with their huge adams apple.

So, there I was, seriously drunk, hemmed in by gay men who wanted me, and women who didn't, when I saw her.

Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm not talking about pleasantly plump, rubinesque, or even chunky. I'm talking 'Ripe' as in rounded where a woman is supposed to be. She didn't have a surgical look to her, but I marveled at how her pants and shirt clung to her almost too perfect hourglass figure. Long red hair was tied back in a ponytail that was almost down to her waist. She 'moved' rather than walked around behind the bar, mixing and serving drinks. I must have been staring for too long because she came to the end of the bar to get something, and looked at me. She stared for a second or two and winked at me.

"What are you staring at?" a voice breathed in my ear. I loved it when Janet did that. The one friend that I would ever consider sleeping with, she had sworn off dick when she was 11 realizing she was a lesbian. "Lipstick" as I liked to call her, Janet played cello in the Houston Symphony Orchestra and was dropdead gorgeous.

I simply nodded at her and starting making a shooing motion at her. After the three people one side got out, I stood up. Reeling momentarily, I realized I was seriously hammered. Clutching the booth, I stood and breathed for several seconds, getting my balance. I slowly made my way to the bathroom, where I hung onto the wall for dear life, peeing about 3 gallons. After tapping off, and putting it away, I washed my hands and went out of the bathroom. As I opened the door, 'Red' walked by me down the hallway, winking at me as she walked by. She had an unlit cigarette in her mouth and turned at the backdoor to light it. Her lighter must have been broken because she kept trying. I went down towards her, holding out my own lit lighter for her to use.

"Here" I said. She took a long drag on her cigarette and exhaled saying, "Thanks Cutie" and before I knew it, kissed me on the lips with a pair of the softest lips I had ever felt. She smiled and pushed the bar of the door with her butt and went outside, winking at me again.

I stood there watching the door close for several seconds before my body moved and walked outside. I saw her standing against the building in the alley, her left arm hugging herself, making her already large breasts stand up even more. She smiled, exhaling smoke. My breath was coming out steamy as well, due to the 3 inches of snow on the ground. I didn't really feel it considering the amount of alcohol in my system.

"Penny for your thoughts Duncan." she drawled in a low sexy southern voice.

I managed to slur out "Feeling outnumbered in there, bigtime" as I reached into my pocket and lit a cigarette of my own. She smiled, her mouth full of brilliant white teeth. They were almost too perfect, as was the rest of her. "Outnumbered eh? Why, because you think you're the only one who wants to fuck me?" Her large breasts shook as she chuckled at me, my lungs burning from the coughing fit I was currently engaged in. Leaning against the wall, I managed to get my breath back and chuckled a bit myself.

"Yeah, I guess I was pretty obvious, sorry about that." I closed my eyes for a minute, but opened them quickly. The alley was spinning way too much. I turned to say something witty, but she wasn't standing next to me. I turned around in a complete circle not seeing her until I heard her say "Ca mere".

She was standing in space between the two buildings that was accessible behind the door. It didn't go up all the way to the tops of the building but I could probably walk back a bit before it stopped. It was a tight fit at around 6 feet deep, 4 feet wide, and about a foot over my 6 foot frame. I heard her moving around in the dark. Moving slowly I saw her hand reach out and grab my sweatshirt. She pulled me to her easily, her free hand guiding my head down to hers where she planted another wet, amazing kiss. After several seconds of tongue wrestling, she pulled back and reached for my belt.

"Please tell me you're hard." "Shit yes" I responded, reaching up for where I figured her breasts would be. I got two handfuls of firm breast for my trouble and she had my dick out of my pants in no time flat. She jerked me several times, moaning into my mouth, her tongue going wild. I could swear she had the longest tongue I had ever played with.

"Oh it IS you!" she whispered cryptically. She grabbed my head, pulling me down to her where she spent several seconds smelling my neck.

"What is?" I asked, groping at her big tits.

"It's you that's going to fuck me right now god damn it." she said forcefully, practically throwing me around so I was pinned against the wall. Her strength was amazing. I felt my pants drop and heard a sudden tearing and a breeze as she ripped something. "Pick me up" she demanded in a low, almost meanacing tone. I reached around and grabbed two bare ass cheeks in my hand and lifted her up. "Where are your pants" I started to ask.

"Shut up and turn me around, put me against the wall" again, in that demanding tone. It was a serious turn on let me tell you. I could smell her all around me, perfume and musk mingling, it was totally erotic. The effect was heady and almost hypnotic. I felt light headed as I turned and pushed her back into the corner, her legs wrapping around my hips. I could feel the almost scalding heat of her cunt as it trapped the end of my shaft. Pushing in slowly, I felt her heels cross over and lock behind my back, pinning my body into her as I slipped slowly into her. Her breath was hot on my neck as she grunted and moaned every inch into her.

"Oh are you going to be amazing..." she breathed. "Fuck me Duncan. Fuck me like your life depends on it, because it does" she breathed as her hips began a dance that to this day I could never describe and do it justice. With every single long stroke that I took, her pussy practially danced around in a circle. I kept my strokes long and slow at first, and she ran up and down the length, twisting her hips to opposite sides, driving me wild. Luckily I was pretty drunk so I wasn't going to cum quickly.

Wait, I thought to myself. "I'm not drunk anymore". I quickly realized that I was light headed, but not drunk. Her moans had grown louder and more urgent at this point. "Deeper, now faster, oh goddess yes, please Duncan, fuck me. Oh I am so glad it's you... Faster Faster! We must... oh god, cum together... ungh! Tell me when you're going to cum."

I started grunting and moaning quite loudly myself at this point. "Oh I'm so close... I'm so fucking close... I've never been inside a pussy this hot. I'm gonna cum for the first time without something in my butt." I was practically shouting at this point, but I was so beyond caring. Her pussy encased my cock so perfectly, I wasn't going to stop.

"Are you..." she panted. "So close... I'm almost there." "Can't wait" she moaned as I felt something snake around my leg and shove straight up my ass. I exploded all over the inside of her. At the moment of my orgasm, I felt energy explode out of my pores, almost like sweat or I was having a whole body orgasm. She shoved herself down hard onto me, locking our hips together, our pubic hair mingling. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my neck as she bit down on me, screaming into the meat of my shoulder. It hurt like I couldn't believe for a moment until my body reacted throwing her further up the wall. Amazingly, I felt my balls contract and a load the size of a milk pail shot out of my scrotum and drowned the inside of her. My hips continued to thrust for several seconds until I felt like I was going to fall over. I leaned back from the wall and put her down, leaning both hands on the wall, breathing deeply.

"I've never come like that before" "This is just the beginning my friend." she said cryptically. I was so lightheaded I couldn't even turn to face her. "What did you do to me? What was that you put in my ass? Why did you bite me?" I tried to ask coherently.

"Duncan" she said gently, pulling one hand off the wall and putting it on her shoulder. "Let me see your neck." I lowered it down to her. She held my head gently as she licked around where she had bitten me. Pain began to come back but after several licks, it went away again. She turned me and leaned me against the wall.

"Get a cab home, don't go back inside, and come back on Tuesday night. I'll be here again. I'll be ready for you again." "Ready for me? why, did I tire you out?" I tried to sound witty, but I just sounded exhausted. "Yes, ready for you. But not in the sense you think. I have your essence now, blood and semen. I have to charge it and give it back to you so you can change." I shook my head to clear it because she wasn't making sense. A strong wind kicked up, blowing into the embrasure. I knew without feeling around that she was gone. I slowly reached down and pulled up my pants, buckling them up. I looked out into the alley and saw Jessie, the head bartender. She jumped when I walked out of the alley, burning her hand on the cigarette she was lighting from the one she had just finished.

"How long have you been out here Jess" I mumbled. "This is my second, why? Jesus Duncan, you're white as a ghost. You okay?" she said concerned.

"Yeah, just puked back there, gonna get a cab home." "Good idea" "Thanks Jess." I mumbled. Just as I reached the end of the alley, I stopped and turned back to her. "Jess?" "Yeah?" "Is there a red-head that works here now, was just here?" "No, it's just me tonight, why?" "Nothing. Night Jess" I said as I raised a hand and a cab stopped to pick me up.

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