Hero Boy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Safe Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - ups and down of married life

I was born in Canada and have dual citizenship with the United States. Both my parents are citizens of the U.S. My name is Jon Fuller and I spent half my life in each country so far. In 1981 my father got transferred to Buffalo N.Y. from Montreal Canada for the second time because he got promoted. At the time he was working for a large airline which is no longer in business.

It was the summer of 1981 and I had one year of college in from Canada. I was now starting my sophomore year of school at Buffalo U. My twin sister June was a senior in high school and my brother Bob was a junior in the same high school.

We had a large house with four bedrooms and all of us had our own room. We even had a pool at the house. I lived at home and drove back and forth to school. We had a large game room in the house and there was always a huge gang of kids at our house all the time.

Mom had to regulate when the kids could come over. June and her friends where looking for older boys and Bob and his friends where looking for any girl that they could score with. June would bitch anytime Bob and his friends would interfere with her and her friends so that's when mom would step in.

Me, I was a college guy so I got along with both groups. June's friends thought I could lead them to some rich college guy who would come over to the house and I always got along with my brother Bob. Plus, I would always smooth things out with our sister when Bob got in trouble with her. June and I where twins but I jumped ahead in school as I always studied hard and enjoyed it. She had brains but just got by, and that was enough for her. I had a chance to jump a few grades and I took it.

Our parents where strict Catholic's. We went to church every Sunday. They kind of ruled us with an iron fist. The kids that came over knew this so there was no hanky panky going on at our house. All the parents felt safe when there kids where at our house. If the parents knew how horny me and my brother was they wouldn't sent their daughters over.

My father would let me have three beers once I turned eighteen for special events like supper bowl or other big games like World Series. They would never put up with smoking at all.

Our parents had a monthly meeting with us kids. We would talk about everything under the sun. They where strict on us about sex. When we where twelve they explained sex to us. The emphasized to us that they didn't want any of us boys to get any girls pregnant and didn't want their daughter pregnant until marriage.

When us kids got older we had long talks about sex and they told us all about sex. They talked about all of it, oral, regular and anal sex. They explained that people did it all different ways and there was no right or wrong way. It would just depend how the two of you felt about each other. They explained that different people had different sex drives. Some people want it all the time and others do it just to satisfy the spouse. Mom and dad said they were lucky as they both had the same sex drive and they still do it twice a week. Mom even had some 16-mm film that showed us different position and explained sex.

When sex was not the topic of conversation at our meeting, it was what was new in the headlines of the local paper or on television. Some times some kids got killed driving drunk so dad and mom would go off on a tantrum of what went wrong and how it would screw a kid up for life. They would tell us what a waste of human life for just a few minutes of stupid fun. They would go on how he or she had their whole life ahead of them. Its not something a parent can put together, it will haunt you for life. I know the talks had me driving slower behind the wheel. They wanted us all to have a good education and good jobs to support a family just like our dad is doing with us and to become good Catholics.

I chased girls in college but never felt comfortable with any of them. Brother Bob gave me some leads on the high school girls that came over to our house to visit June. One of the girls was Sara a cheerleader but she had a bad habit of smoking but that didn't bother me if she would just put out for me I would be happy.

Bob told me her old boy friend Ralph screwed her and video taped it and showed it to all his friends and she didn't even know about the tape. He had the cam in a closet and had the door ajar. Bob never saw it and said the guy got rid of it when his father heard about it.

Her ex boyfriend Ralph went off to Syracuse to go to college. Bob heard he got a scholarship for football or lacrosse. Ralph told her to wait for him but he left in June and it's now almost September and she hasn't heard from him. She was all broken up for a few months, but now she knows it's part of life, and life goes on. I guess they went with each other for four or five years. Well, she was a cute girl and well built. I always had a lot of fun with her when she came over and she seemed like a nice girl except for the smoking bit. I figured, well why not give her a shot, as I already know she puts out. She has to be lonely about now. It's been a few months since her boyfriend left her. She sure should be ripe for the picking about now.

From time to time I gave some of the girls a ride home if it was raining hard outside or some other inclement weather. One time I did this I made sure Sara was the last one I dropped off and we talked for an hour. She was friendly and very funny.

She was telling me how my brother Bob was always sniffing around her and how he is so cute, but too young for her. We laughed about it and then she asked why I don't pay attention to her. I told her I was shy and we talked some more. We made a date to go out that Saturday night. She was a bright girl and was fun to be with, but I still had my main goal of getting in her pants, even though she was not the one I would marry.

I soon found out that Sara never went any place without her girlfriend Alice. So whenever we went out it was Sara, me and Alice and Frank. Frank was working as a carpenter with his father as he graduated in June. Talking to Frank I found out that before me it was the three of them and Ralph, her ex, all the time.

Frank told me that they would have sex in the car when they went to a drive in together or at a house baby-sitting but never in the same room or together. Frank never saw Sara naked but did catch a glimpse of her tits now and then from the back seat. He could tell they were having sex or Ralph was getting a blowjob from the action going on in the front seat. Frank told me about the video that Ralph made and how his father heard about it and made him get rid of it before they got sued by her family.

We dated for two weeks, going out for burgers or a movie at a theater. The sixth date we went to a drive in. At the drive in I got to feel her up and do some heavy necking. I had my hands on her breast and almost in her pants. Well, after that night we always did heavy necking leading to her giving me a hand job when I took her home. From then on I started to have sex with her and got some nice blowjobs. Of course, I always used rubbers as she was not on the pill, so there was no chance of her getting pregnant.

She seemed to have a strong sex drive, it was about equal to mine if not more. We had sex from then on twice a week, sometimes up to five times a week. Damn, life was good. I was doing well in school, and at my part time job and my sex life was right up there on top.

All of the others smoked and drank whenever we went out. When I would come home after our dates I must have reeked of smoke and my parents were on me for smoking until I told them it wasn't me, it was Sara who smoked. If I did drink it was only one or two beers. I guess I was afraid of getting caught driving drunk, plus I wanted to be in control of my self. Sara would always be horny after two beers so sex with her after drinking was routine.

Sara showed me a couple letters she had just got from Ralph after three months of being away from her. He wanted her and Alice and Frank to come to Syracuse for a football game and he would supply the tickets. What he really wanted was for her to come there so he could fuck her for the weekend. He never wrote to her except for the latest letter and now he wanted her to jump in his bed. She was pissed at this. She told me she never answered any of his letters. However I would check her purse from time to time and she carried his letters around with her. She had five of his letters that were tied with a ribbon. She must have folded them so neat and put them back in the envelope each time because every time I checked, they would be in a different order, but very neat.

I had strong feelings for her I guess in a way but she was not the one I planned on marrying. I think we both knew this as we never actually came out and said we loved each other. We had a lot of fun together, a lot more than I ever had with anyone else. My spare time after work and studying was spent with her. She would spend all her time over at our house with me or with June. My parents got to like her a lot and she was invited to supper and to things going on at church, so she was in solid with my parents.

I wasn't so sure I liked it when she got close with my parents, when I wanted to drop her I didn't want to have any complications. When the time came, I just wanted to drop her, move on with my life and not look back. I guess things don't ever work that way you want them to. Oh well, I thought could always get a room at school and not have to put up with her at the house but that was when I was ready to dump her, not just yet. You see, I figured I would end up marrying some girl I went to school with. That way we both would end up with a good education and good jobs. Sara didn't seem to fit into that mold.

There was one night in early November that we had gone out with Frank and Alice. We had been drinking and Sara was in one of her horny moods that she would get into after a few drinks. After dropping them off we were on our way to her house and she let me know that her parents were out for the evening and weren't planning on getting home early. We had the whole house to ourselves and planned on making good use of the time.

As soon as we got through the door Sara was all over me, as I was all over her too. We had barely taken off our jackets and she was pulling me to the couch in the living room. We fell onto it never breaking our embrace. Our kisses were hot and intense as we struggled to get each others clothes off. I pulled her sweater over her head and broke our kisses long enough to get a good look at her in her bra. It wasn't very fancy but in those days a young girl would only buy practical underwear. None the less, for me it was a very intoxicating sight. Her full firm tits pushing at the full white cups of her bra were in stark contrast to the flushed color of her chest. Again we kissed deeply and my hands searched for the clasp on her back finding it, I fumbled trying to free her of the garment and sensing my trouble she reached behind her self and easily popped it letting the bins spring to her front. I slipped the shoulder straps down and felt the bra fall in our laps. She was then pulling at my shirt in an effort to get me as naked as she was and I again broke our kiss to give room to accommodate her and to look at her unfettered breasts.

This was all quite out of the ordinary for us as every other time we managed to have sex it was in my car or hurried in a dark corner with the threat of being caught. This time we could get naked and do it right, enjoy the feeling of nakedness together, to see each other nude.

I took in the sight of her young tits and marveled at their firm jiggle, the crimson hue that betrayed her excitement. Her nipples were so hard and standing out pleading to be touched, suckled. After taking my shirt off we embraced again this time skin to skin. I thought I could feel her nipples pressing into me. I trailed my kisses to her neck trying to make my way to her breasts. She moaned in approval of my actions and pulled my head with both hands to her tits. I devoured her tits for some time, relishing in the fact that I had time to enjoy them. I planted light bites all over her breasts and nipples getting approving moans and spasms from her. My hands found their way to her jeans and belt as I kept my lips attached to her breast like a starving child. I easily opened her buckle and pants and gently tugged on them waiting for her to help with their removal. She lifted her weight and I slipped her jeans together with her panties to her ankles. She fidgeted kicking her legs to rid them of the clothes binding her ankles and lofted them to lay in a nearby pile. Once she had rid herself of her pants, mine were the next task. As soon as I felt her delicate hands at my belt, I wasted no time in helping her remove them, tossing them in a heap not far from where her clothes had lay.

Finally, we were naked together. I left her tits to feel her whole body against mine and brought her to me in a heated embrace. The feel of her tits flattened on my chest, her nipples pushing into me, my hard cock throbbing into her taught stomach, and the heat of her moist pussy radiating against me. It was heaven. I leaned back so that I was just about lying down on the couch and pulled Sara on top of me, I pulled her petite body up just a little too far for kissing but perfect for lining up my cock with her pussy. As we started to close the gap between us she remembered that I had not put on a rubber yet.

"Please Jon, hurry, get a rubber on, I don't want to wait." What was I thinking? How could I have gotten that carried away? It's a good thing Sara remembered, I thought to myself. I quickly scooted out from under her and leaped to my abandoned pants frantically searching the pockets for my wallet and the rubber inside it. Once I found it I tore the package apart and rolled it down my throbbing shaft. With my hard dick leading the way I returned to the couch.

As I had approached her she leaned back spreading her legs giving me a beautiful sight and beckoning me into her. I slid into her easily and looked into her eyes when I was in completely, I started to wonder just what my feelings for her really were. She had always just been a good time and a great outlet for sex, but now I think I really started to have a love developing for her.

She locked her ankles around my lower back and held me tightly. I gave her an opened mouth kiss as I began to withdraw and she loosened her grip on my back to allow the start of our love making.

With the time we had I thought I would have had a nice slow fuck and enjoy a relaxed slow build into a mutual orgasm but we were both too hot for that. Besides after I fuck her hard I could probably have enough time for another romp.

I started to plunge back inside her and as soon as I hit bottom I immediately began my backstroke. I increased my pace with every thrust and Sara met my every move with a building intensity of her own. Our energies fueled each other till we were reaching a fevered pace that had lost all characteristics of making love, we were fucking. Sara was scratching my back with her nails pulling me to her with every stroke, our groins made a thudding sound when they collided and there was a faint wet slapping sound of my balls making contact with her ass. We came together like that in a whirlwind of motion and groans. When the spasms started to diminish we just laid there trying to catch our breath and regain composure.

I was quite proud of my self, not only had I had a great fuck with Sara in her house but I think she probably thinks I am a real stud. After some time, just when I was thinking about maybe going for round two, Sara started to get up. She probably wants to go to the bathroom I thought and gave her room. As she lifted me off of her, I saw her eyes scan down my body and her face went pale and a look of shock came over her.

"What a fuck is this?" she said. I looked at her and there was cum running down her leg. I quickly shifted my gaze to my cock and found just the ring of the rubber at the base and a few torn shards latex hanging from it.

"Shit the rubber broke I guess." I look at the couch and there were two wet spots on the couch.

I said, "I think when I was pulling out and slamming it into you it hit the couch and ripped open."

"You dumb fuck! You couldn't tell you poked it into the fucking couch?"

"Look I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose. What the fuck, you think I want to knock you up." The intensity of the moment must have gotten to me and I laughed like hell, thinking what a fucked up marriage it would be - her and me. I couldn't control my self it was so fucking funny. The more I though about it the funnier it was and I would laugh harder. Well she didn't appreciate it and went off at me.

"Well, who the fuck you think you are, some fucking gift to women? Ralph never came in me and never broke a rubber. He is not that fucking stupid. Get the cleaning stuff in the kitchen and clean the couch and then get the fuck out of the house I'm taking a fucking shower and wash you out of me, I hope."

With that she headed up the stairs naked and bitching to her self as she held her clothes she had picked up off the floor. I found some cleaning stuff and I did a fast job on the couch because I wanted to get out of there as bad as she wanted to get rid of me. While I drove home I was thinking what a fucked up night this was. Damn, the sex was the best we had yet! That is till the end of it, and then I laughed like hell to my self again.

Well, Sara ignored me for over two weeks before she finally talked to me. Then we got back together again, so I figured I better start shopping for a Christmas gift for her. Maybe the bitch is just after the gift and then she will dump me. She was going to do some internship at a bank her second half of the semester so I bought her a business suit with the help of June.

So, Christmas I gave her the suit and I got a watch from her. She also gave me another little present.

"I think I am pregnant."

Well I was lost for words. I might be dying because my short life was flashing by in front of me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I could see my self telling my father I was going to get married because I knocked her up. I thought about calling him from a roadside phone as I was heading out of town not knowing where I was going, just that I wouldn't be able to face my parents again. Oh what the fuck did I do?

"Are you sure? My sister is late sometimes."

"I'm a week late and I'm never late. You could set the world clock by me. There is a doctor I know who will tell me and keep it quiet and I'm going to see him as soon as I can."

A few days later it was confirmed she was pregnant and I was going to be a daddy.

"Well I'm pregnant so what do you plan on doing? I plan on keeping the baby."

"Well I guess we get married then, if you want to. Either way I will help support the baby."

"When are we going to tell our parents? I think the sooner the better. Where the hell will we live? Can you support the baby and me? You will need a good job and will have to quit school, you know that don't you?

"Yes, I know all that stuff. Don't worry, we will get by. I want to talk to my parents first and then we will talk to your parents afterwards."

"Your parents will hate me."

"No they won't, you know better than that. I'm just worried about your family."

Mom and dad went shopping and I talked to my brother and sister about Sara. What a mess it was.

June said, "how many times have mom and dad told you to use rubbers?"

"It broke June. I didn't know it and continued to have sex and shot a load in her."

"They can break. My god it could happen to me. Damn I'm getting on pills right away I don't want any kids right now," said June.

"You're having sex June?" said Bob.

"It's none of your business dumb shit."

"Wow, this next family meeting is going to be something," said Bob.

"Wish we could have it with out me being there," I said.

"Wow Jon, will you have to quit school and get a job?"

"What you think mom and dad will say?"

"I think they will help you but I think they will tell you plenty before they do anything for you. I'm sure glad it's not me."

I moped around the house until our January meeting. Mom and dad came in the den and sat down putting their coffee cups on the coffee table. Us kids all had a drink and waited for the meeting to start. Bob and June had their eyes glued on me. Dad started it and asked, "If anyone has something to say," I raised my hand.

"Go ahead Jon this should be good, you never go first," dad said. He didn't know how true it was.

"Well I have a big problem and it will take the family to support me and to help me. I got Sara pregnant and the baby is due in August. I know we did wrong but it was a accident, and the protection broke and now I will have to marry her and drop out of school to support her and the baby."

Mom got up and went to the kitchen and got her and dad a beer. They just both looked at each other while the kids looked at me.

"Yes Jon, you will have to marry her. Yes, you will have to drop school and that is my big worry. I can't support my family and your family while you go to school. You will have to find a good paying job to support Sara and the baby and that will be hard without any background in the work force to draw from. Then you will have to go to school at night and get your education. It will be a long haul but we know you can do it." I looked at him but I could not determine how upset he really was.

"Yes, that is what I had planned."

"Sara should finish high school and get her diploma. I hope she plans on doing that. I might be able to let you finish out this semester and then after that you are on your own. I have two other kids I want to send to school and that will take all my support. If you two need a place to stay for a while I don't see why you can't live here with us for a while. But we will talk it over with all of us and all put in our two cents worth."

The meeting lasted three hours and everyone had something to say. Both Bob and June had jobs and said they would give me money to live on if I needed it. They also said they had some saved in a bank account that I could have. Mom and dad took it a little better than I figured but then I knew I had to talk with dad alone and that is when he would lay into me more about it.

I went over to Sara's house as it was still early and we told her parents. Well, they didn't take it as good but not much they could do as she was over eighteen. They called me a few choice names but after an hour they settled down and we discussed it more rationally. When I left I felt a little better about the whole thing.

The next thirty days we met with her reverend and my priest and talked it all over. We were going to be married in my church but had meetings to attend for married couples before we could get married. The priest handled it and talked with us for about forty hours. He asked a lot about our sex life and I think he was seeing how he could help other young couples in the future.

We got married the end of February and had a party with friends at our house. The women cried a lot while the adult men drank and thanked god it wasn't their kid getting married. We got about eight hundred dollars from friends and saved it to pay for the baby. There was no insurance for the baby so we would have to pay. We never went on a honeymoon and our new home was my old bedroom and sharing the house with the rest of my family. It was very hard to have sex with your mother, father, sister, and brother in the house. Now I knew how mom and dad felt trying to have sex with a full house.

We still went out and did things like the drive in and on other dates. Only now we did them together and not with her girl friend and Frank. With just the both of us I got to know her better and I actually felt better about the whole thing once I got to know her better. We still had fun and plenty of sex. Well, most of the good sex was in the car as in the bedroom we make too much noise and it upset me knowing I could be heard by the family members.

Sara continued with her smoking and light drinking in front of my parents but she did the smoking outside the house. They didn't like it but they figure she was old enough to know better, so they let her alone.

In May I passed my schoolwork with good grades and then started to look for a full time job. The job I got was a good job and paid well. My father knew the guy and that helped and he said, if I worked out he would keep me full time. It was doing roofs for commercial business and the work was hard and backbreaking. You walked in tar all day and it got all over you. It was hard to clean off and you could smell the shit all the time. I would be dead tired at the end of the day.

In June Sara, Alice and my sister June both graduated and got their diplomas. Sara was now seven months pregnant and she showed it so much. Their where hushes when she went to pick up her diploma. We had a party at the house for both of them afterwards. She was proud to get the diploma and she got a bunch of other awards for doing good work and high scores. It was a shame she could not go to college. June was going to Buffalo in the fall.

July and August were hotter than hell for Sara carrying the baby. She was uncomfortable all the time. So for me there was not much sex. It was hotter than hell doing the roofing job but the money was good. In fact I was doing so well by late August the boss would leave me in charge when he left the job to check other jobs he had going. I felt good about that. He told me I had the full time job and he increased my pay. I knew one thing, I wanted an education and I sure didn't want to be a roofer the rest of my life.

Late August Sara delivered us a beautiful baby boy, seven pounds six ounces. We named him after my father Luke; can you believe Sara wanted to name him Ralph? I'll give her Ralph right up her ass. Boy did that piss me off. I was so happy about the baby and then she comes up with the Ralph shit. Did she think I forgot about Ralph in a few short months?

We took the baby home a few days later and settled in taking care of the new baby. It took me about two weeks before I completely forgot about the Ralph episode. Things got back to normal and Sara fell right into motherhood. We had all kinds of help, as everyone wanted to hold and feed the baby.

The roofing work was getting to me as it was very hard work and now I was in charge of some men and had to keep them moving to get the job done on time. Plus going to school two nights a week and trying to study was keeping me busy. Sara complained that I wasn't spending much time with her. We talked about it and she saw my point of view on my studying. Now she was helping me with my studies and this gave us more time together.

Winter in Buffalo was always brutal. We would work all year around but had smaller crews in the wintertime. Plus we did other things like removal of snow and ice. Some winters we would get over two hundred inches of snow a year and some times four or five feet of snow at a time. It was brutal work, but he was paying me good for it. At Christmas time he gave me a bonus of three thousand dollars.

For the next two and a half years thing went good for us. Sara had another baby, this time it was a girl. We named her after her mom Cindy. Things were going good and we moved out and got our own place to live. It was a half-hour from our family but closer to school for me. It was a nice small ranch that we bought. I still wasn't fully into doing my job and school but I was doing it. Sara was a big help, helping me and asking question from the books to help me with my studies. One good thing she learned at our house was she was doing her smoking outside the house or in the garage.

Frank and Alice also got married and had a big church wedding. They also have two kids now a boy and a girl. We still see them a lot, as Sara and Alice are still thick. Frank is laid off in the winter as he does roofing on regular houses. He makes good money when he works and his father has under the table jobs for him in the winter, so they get by.

I really have a good time with them, but Ralph's name comes up to much for me in their conversation, which I don't like but will have to learn to get by it. Didn't hear much about what he is doing, I guess he is still in school in Syracuse but I don't know for sure. I did check him out in the paper and his name was in there for football. He is no star, he is just on the team and may get in for a few plays each game, but that is it.

Now that I get along with Frank he filled me about Ralph and my wife before I met her. It seemed the guys; especially Ralph wanted them to switch partners but the girls where never for it. Ralph also wanted the girls to do it together and they would not go for that either. Guess Ralph asked her to do his other buddy once and she was mad at him for a month and cut him off.

Ralph's family moved to Syracuse when he went to school so he hasn't been back in Buffalo and, as far as I know, no one has heard from him. I don't know if anyone writes to him or not, but no one is telling me anything. As far as Frank knew, no one had contacted Ralph or his family, at least not that Alice has spoken of. Now Alice and Sara could be doing something, but if so, he knew nothing about it and I believe Frank.

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