The Strange Adventures Of Cinnamon
Chapter 1: Strange Disappearance

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Paranormal, Vampires, Were animal, Group Sex, Interracial, First, Masturbation, Lactation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Strange Disappearance - A young woman gets sucked through a magic portal and finds her self involved in the search for a stolen holy item. Strangeness and intrigue ensues. Will she get home again? Will she want to? Thank you's to JFK and Marc for correcting my mistakes.

I'd like to give a big thank you to John for all of his help editing my story. His input and editing really improved my story a lot. Thank you John! : ) If you spot any mistakes please don't blame him because they're my fault.

It was a seemingly normal morning that Cinnamon woke up to. The sun was just rising in the sky and the birds were beginning to chirp in the trees. Cinnamon liked the early mornings. She felt they were so peaceful. Not that she saw them through the heavy drapes covering her bedroom window, but she knew they were there.

She stretched her hands out to her sides and then brought them together and over her head in a big stretch, her back arching, her breasts pressing against the fabric of her nightshirt, and gave a big yawn. Then she settled back into bed and closed her eyes to sleep some more. She'd just started to drift off when someone began pounding on her door.

"Cinnamon! It's time for breakfast!" her mother yelled.

"Ugh!" Cinnamon groaned. As much as she loved mornings she hated breakfast. It wasn't so much the food, although she was rarely hungry first thing in the morning. It was that she hated the company. Her mother and stepbrother would be there as well as her new stepfather. She didn't have a good relationship with any of them. She'd never had a good relationship with her mother and it had started sliding even further down hill after her father died. Once her mother remarried their relationship stopped its downward slide completely. It fell off the cliff. And it was still falling, straight down.

While her relationship with her mother was bad and getting worse she had no real relationship with her stepfather. She thought he was ok but she didn't really know him. She didn't see him much; he was a bit too involved with his work. Even when he was at home he seemed glued to his newspaper, cellphone, or laptop. She thought that maybe if he wasn't so involved in his work things might be better, since the few times he had gotten involved it had been on her side. As it was, he didn't see her unless something blew up under his newspaper. And by that time it was usually too late for her.

And then there was her stepbrother. He was the same sort who made her life miserable at school. The kind that picked on her, called her names, played pranks on her and stole her things. And that's when they were being kind. Home had been her refuge. But now that her mother had remarried, her misery had no end. He continued, at home, what the others started at school. What made it even worse was that when no one was watching he gave her a look that gave her the creeps. She'd even caught him in her underwear drawer. They'd had a big fight over that and her mother supported him by saying she'd told him to put her things away. Cinnamon couldn't believe it and was outraged. He'd allegedly been sent in with t-shirts to put away for her. However she hadn't put any laundry out to be washed and even if she had, her t-shirts belonged in the second drawer, not in with her underwear.

They'd had an even bigger fight a week later when she'd used most of the money she'd saved up to have a dead bolt installed in her door and locks put on her windows. Her mother insisted they be removed. Cinnamon finally won by saying the next time she caught him in her room she was calling the police. Her mother gave her one of those "if looks could kill" looks and told her that she'd pay for it. She happily told her she already had and held up her receipt. Her mother slapped her and ordered her to her room without dinner. Cinnamon ended up testing her new lock on her mother, after slamming the door as hard as she could.

Even though it had caused another fight Cinnamon was glad she'd done it. She felt safer behind the locked door. She was even more glad she'd started keeping her money and diary behind the heating duct under her bed. Before then her money kept disappearing and everyone knew the contents of her diary. Even so the lock and its installation had used up nearly all that was left of her meager savings. Not that she minded in the least. She hardly even minded the extra chores her mother made her do. The past week she'd slept better than she had since her father had passed.

Her mother pounded on the door again and yelled "Breakfast! Now!"

Cinnamon sighed as her good mood left her. As if things weren't bad enough, the rest of her family hated mornings. Even when they didn't fight she still left for school feeling ruffled and raw. Cinnamon sighed again and then turned onto her side, swung her long legs out of the bed while pushing herself up with her arm. She sat there looking at the clock trying to focus on the numbers until her mother pounded on the door again.

Cinnamon groaned and called out "I'm coming!"

"Hurry it up! And don't use all the hot water either!" her mother snapped.

Cinnamon groaned again. That meant her stepbrother was still here. He usually left early for practice and was showered and gone or on his way out the door by the time she got up. That meant she was up even earlier than normal. It also meant that she'd not only have to face her leering but that she also had to take extra precartions to ensure her privacy. It also meant that she had to have a quick shower and not the long ones she favored since her mother only warned her about the hot water if someone else still needed to shower. Of course no one bothered to ever save her any hot water. It was usually only lukewarm at best by the time it was her turn to shower. She sighed again as her depression deepened. She slowly stood up and gathered the clothes she'd planned to wear today from her chair. She paused to consider putting her clothes on first but she didn't have the energy to dress now, just to undress again down the hall.

She carefully unlocked the door and opened it just enough to stick her head out. She looked up and down the hall for any sign of her stepbrother. Then she listened carefully for him. Not seeing any sign of him didn't mean he wasn't lurking somewhere. She smiled and some of the tension left her as she heard his voice coming from the kitchen. What she heard made her bristle with anger. He was hitting his father up for money again. And she knew he'd get some of what he wanted.

It wasn't fair! He was given money almost every time he asked but when she asked, she was told they didn't have any money in the budget and that if she wanted it, she'd have to pay for it herself. Fortunately she loved her part time job in the library. Still, it wasn't fair. If she had to earn her money so should he!

Cinnamon gave a silent "Humph!" and then stepped out into the hall. She quietly closed her door and locked it before slipping silently down the hall to the bathroom, taking the key with her. Once the bathroom door was shut she leaned against it and let out a sigh of relief. No problems, so far. Now she just had to lock the door without getting caught. Unfortunately the lock on the bathroom door didn't work, so she had to rely on other means to secure her privacy.

With an effort, she pushed herself off the bathroom door and placed her clothes on the counter as far from the door as possible. They were as close to the edge as possible without falling into the waste bin or toilet. Then she went and turned the shower on, carefully avoiding the clothes hamper and her stepbrother's nasty underwear draped over the top.

With the noise of the shower to cover her actions she carefully took the door handle off the inside shower door and then walked back to the bathroom sink. Taking the shower door handle off wasn't hard as it just popped on and off. Then she carefully opened the vanity cabinet doors and placed the door handle between them and smiled. Now she could shower in peace. If anyone tried to open the bathroom door it would bang into the cabinet door, and the shower door handle would keep the cabinet door from slamming shut, thus keeping the bathroom door from being opened.

Now that she was safe she could take care of some other business while the water warmed up. She grabbed some tissue and lowered the toilet seat and then wiped it down. Then after throwing the tissue in the toilet she turned, lifted her nightshirt, which was just an over sized t-shirt, to her waist, lowered her panties, and sat down. That's when her life changed forever.

She'd just sat down when it felt like the toilet had suddenly dropped out from under her. She cried out, her arms and legs flailing, the back of her head bumping the wall over the toilet tank, just missing the towel rack. When she came to rest her feet were against the wall opposite her. Her right hand clutched the front edge of the counter, her forearm resting on the clothes she'd placed there when she first entered. Her left hand was clutching the outer shower door handle, which was still attached to its door. She sat there panting with fright before slowly starting to relax. 'It was just an earth quake.' she thought. A pounding on the door startled her again.

"What's going on in there? I told you to hurry and not use all the hot water!" Her mother yelled angrily over the noise of the shower.

Cinnamon yelled back "Didn't you just feel the earthquake?"

"Earthquake? What are you talking about?" came the reply.

"You didn't feel it?" Cinnamon asked, surprised. Normally her mother felt even the tiniest of quakes.

Her mother's reply was lost when she cried out, feeling like she was dropping again.

She heard her mother yell "What's wrong?" then the bathroom door banged against her make-shift lock. "What the... ? Cinnamon, open this door at once!"

Cinnamon smiled. She knew her make-shift lock would work. Her smile disappeared however as she felt the toilet drop again. Only this time it felt more like a tug or a pull. Then it happened again, stronger. She tried to stand up only she was stuck like the time she'd sat down half asleep with the toilet seat raised. Only she didn't feel water against her bare bottom but a strange tingling sensation.

Earthquakes are scary enough but this was getting too weird for her. She was scared! "Mom, what's happening?" she cried out.

"Cinnamon! Open this door at once! At once! Do you hear me?!" came the angry reply.

She felt the tug again and screamed with fright as she sank down into the toilet, her toes coming away from the wall and the shower door handle coming off in her hand with a loud bang.

"Cinnamon! Open the door right now!" her mother yelled frantically. Then she heard her mother yell for her stepfather.

She felt like she was impossibly deep in the toilet now, her thighs were pressing against her breasts. She turned frantically to grab the counter with both hands, the shower door handle flying loose to land in what was left of her lap. She was tugged again. She screamed.

She heard her stepfather call out her name and then something heavy hit the door making the walls shake. Again the bathroom walls shook, louder. Then she was tugged again, and again she screamed.

Her step father yelled "Hang on Cinnamon! We're coming! Put your shoulder into it son! On three! One! Two! Three!" The bathroom door shook again. The shower door handle bent and snapped under the stress. The vanity door closest to the bathroom door was torn from its hinges. The bathroom door crashed open under the combined weight of Cinnamon's stepfather and stepbrother. They both stumbled into the small room, Cinnamon's mother following right behind them calling out her name. Only Cinnamon wasn't there.

The only sign she'd even been in the room, apart from the running shower water and missing door handles, was her panties dangling from the towel cabinet door handle above the still flushing toilet.

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