A Changing Script
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lone widower's adult daughters come home to share his roof - and his bed. When they post their story on the internet, they become role models for other father-daughter and grandfather-granddaughter matches.

I lay in bed trying to turn my mind off so I could get to sleep, but not being successful. If I could have written life's script, this is not how it would go.

Here I was, a 51 year old man, finally having sold my self-made machine shop and its two patents for enough money to retire at an early age... and no wife to share my retirement with. Melissa, my college sweetheart and wife of fifteen years, had died of cancer when our daughters were 13 and 7 and I had raised them with the help of my mother, my two sisters, and some helpful neighbors.

Oh, I got lucky every once in a while, just long enough to empty my blue balls into some nice woman and repress my primal urges for another spell. But even though some of those matches repeated themselves from time to time with the same person, I never felt comfortable enough with any of the women to feel like replacing my wife. Somehow it just seemed like I was betraying her memory every time I bedded someone else. The result was that I was miserable whether I found someone to have sex with or not. So most of the time I went to bed with Mother Thumb and her four daughters, just getting past the most pressing need, and pushed back into the depths of my mind my interest in suckling a woman's soft breast or pressing myself into the smooth curves of a well-rounded ass or smelling the uniquely sweet scent of a woman's hair. There were so many things associated with being intimate with a woman... and I just couldn't bring myself to pursue another woman in search of those, at least not on a lasting basis like I would have written into my script for Melissa and me.

Now I lay her worried that our oldest daughter Faith was experiencing a similar kind of meltdown that I had. She had married during her last year of college, just as Melissa and I had, and had a seemingly loving marriage but then her husband Bradley had gotten into drugs and became abusive, refusing to accept any kind of treatment and Faith had finally packed her bags and moved back home with me yesterday. She had no job, didn't know what she could do, and didn't have any idea where to start.

Nor did I know how to help her, really. I knew I would be supportive and told her that she could have her old bedroom back for as long as she needed it. After all she was my flesh and blood. However with Hope, our youngest daughter, finishing her senior year at the university and contemplating marketing jobs in either Chicago or New York, I prayed that Faith would find something close to home. I wanted her to be independent but I also wanted the comfort of one or both of my children within easy visiting distance in my later years. It might even be nice to be a grandparent some day.

All these thoughts and others were churning through my mind and I found myself listing to the grandfather clock in the hall bonging twelve times and then later it emitted the half-hour sound and finally I heard the one o'clock chime. I was thinking about getting up and going down for a cup of coffee or something when I heard a rustle of cloth in the dark. My ears perked up and I listened to see if it came again. Instead I was startled when the bed shook slightly and Faith's whispered voice asked "Daddy? Are you awake?"

"Yes," I replied. "I haven't been able to get to sleep."

"Me neither," she said softly. I felt the bed jiggle as she pulled the sheet up and slid under it. "I need a hug, daddy."

Before she could slide closer to me, I rolled to face her so the sheet would fall between us. I wasn't really anxious for her to learn that I was sleeping in the nude. However she came closer and her arms closed around my neck, pulling us close together.

I wrapped my arms around my little girl... and immediately thought that she was my little girl no longer. She was almost a mirror image of her mother, a big beautiful woman in her own right. Both mother and daughter carried a "few" extra pounds, both had developed large pendulous breasts, and both had broad round bottoms. I suddenly had to choke back a surge of emotion as Faith made me think of Melissa in so many ways.

I started to release her but she hung on and, if I could just keep my sexual urges repressed, I would admit that some of the world's cares seemed so much smaller when someone, anyone, cared enough to hug me. A hug gives the feeling that someone else cares about you, that they know what you are going though, that they are there to support you. Slowly, ever so slowly, tension fades from one's body and mind.

Except that, in my case, I was unsuccessful in repressing my sexual urges and, to my utter horror, I developed a raging hard-on that insistently pushed its way up between us and made itself known to my daughter. Even trying unobtrusively to move my bottom backward to keep it from being so obvious did not work. Instead Faith giggled and asked "Are you glad to see me, daddy?" as she moved toward me to keep our bodies tightly together.

"Sugar, are you sure you want to do this? Have you thought about what it means?"

"No," she replied. "What does it mean?"

"It would mean that we have committed incest. Sex between a father and daughter is frowned upon in society."

Again she giggled. "Yeah, I know, daddy. But who is going to tell anyone? I'm not. I'm so horny I could fuck the bedpost and I can't think of anyone who would be better to me than my daddy. You will be nice to me, wont you?" she asked with double meaning dripping from the question.

I struggled with a reply but her hand found my turgid member and stroked from the tip until her palm covered my balls. She squeezed them gently and then her hand traveled up my length until it covered the sensitive head of my dick, spreading my slick pre-cum all over the head. Again she asked "You will be nice to me, wont you, daddy?"

I lost my inner battle. Leaning forward my mouth closed over hers in a long sensuous kiss and when I drew back to take a breath, I whispered "Yes, baby, I will be very nice to my sweet baby."

I began to stroke her body lightly with my fingertips, wanting to explore her the way I used to explore Melissa's body, but Faith was too much in need to want foreplay. Pulling on my spear, she said "Please, daddy, do me now! I need you so bad! Please! Please!!"

I climbed over her and settled between her legs. She guided me into her hot steamy slit, gathering her own moisture on the head before pushing it down to her entrance. As I eased forward, she pulled her short see-through pajama top over her head and tossed it aside.

I sensed, rather than saw, the shape of her boobs, big globes that filled her chest and were so heavy they could not help but spread out, yet still formed two minor mountains on her chest... Using the little rays of light that penetrated the room, I spotted her left nipple and my right thumb began to caress it while my lips sought and found her right orb and sucked it into my mouth. I eased my bottom forward, feeling my spear penetrate her target but it took several attempts to lubricate my whole shaft so that our curly hair intermingled.

Her hands clasped the back of my head and held me tightly to her breast as she whispered, "Yessss, daddy, suck me hard. Oh, yesssssss, daddy. That feels so goooood!"

I started moving my bottom back and forth, feeling a few inches of my member exploring the velvety depths of her fertile valley. She pulled her legs up until her heels were pressed into my buttocks and every time I pushed forward, her knees flexed, yanking me into her with force. I wanted to take it slow and let us both enjoy the experience, especially since it might be a one-time occurrence. But it was not to be, for both of us felt an urgent need and speed and force were the only way to minister to those needs.

I broke away from her wonderfully delicious breast in search of her lips. No sooner did our mouths touch than her tongue was frantically search the depths of my mouth, and I replied in kind. We both were on fire with lust, striving for every last ounce of liquid pleasure or the faintest erotic feeling we could derive from the other. My brain seemed to turn into a flaming sunset, consumed with the greedy desire of one too long without the pleasures of the flesh. Our bodies slammed together hard time after time, with the obscene slurping of two bodies wet with their own juices simply adding fuel to our fires.

Then Faith threw her head backward and screamed "Oh, yessss, daddy, I'm cummmiiiinnnnnng! I'm cummmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!!!"

Her legs locked together around me, yanking me hard into her hot pussy and I felt the flow of her juices as they dripped down onto my scrotum.

As soon as she relaxed, I resumed my pace, slamming into her several more times before my balls contracted as if in a vacuum and then quickly commenced shooting my hot lava into her depths.

When the last drops had oozed out of my tool, I started to roll off her but Faith's legs remained tightly around my bottom. She eased a hand between us and gently fondled my balls and after a few minutes my dick began to respond, never quite slipping out of her slick channel. Shortly afterward, the burning sensation of adrenaline began to dissipate from my muscles. I started with a little rocking motion that elicited soft moans of approval from Faith.

This time I was able to settle into a much slower pace than before, since the animalistic urgency was now gone. Our mouths met in a lover's kiss, long and soft and sensual.

Each time we broke away, the look on her face told me that she was still happy with the direction of our coupling and as time passed, she became ecstatic, hissing "Yes, daddy, fuck me, daddy. I'm gonna' cum, daddy!" Then she lifted her bottom off the mattress, jerked her head backward and screamed "I'm cccccuuuuummmmmiiiinnnnnggg!!!"

I held on and watched her face, delighted that I could see her achieve such a release.

When she relaxed, I resumed my unhurried pace, slowly plowing her fertile valley while our tongues dueled in her mouth. Occasionally I made a foray down to one or the other of her heavy boobs to trace watery circles around the globe and nibble on her erect nipple before returning to her sweet mouth. All too soon I felt the unmistakable sensation in my testicles that signals the coming of my orgasm. I worked on teasing her little clitty for the next few seconds and was rewarded when her climax started just after my balls spit out the first shot of fresh cum.

After savoring the ultimate sexual feeling for a few minutes, I rolled to the side. I assumed Faith would go back to her room but she turned on her left side and spooned with my body. I put my left arm under her head, my hand holding her right tit, while my right arm lay over her, my hand cupping her left tit. I heard her sigh contentedly and we were both soon asleep.

In the morning, I found Faith in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on a great breakfast, humming a peppy tune, and sporting a fabulous smile. If I had thought she might be second guessing our actions of the night before, those concerns were quickly dispelled as she greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

After breakfast Faith asked if I would help her find a lawyer and file for divorce. A quick call to the attorney who handled the sale of my business put us in touch with a member of his firm that handled divorce cases and we set up an appointment for later that week. Faith said that Bradley had spent all the savings they had accumulated for drugs and hookers and even hocked most of their household goods so she wasn't expecting any monetary settlement but just wanted to sever the ties as quickly as she could.

With that plan in place, she began to search for some kind of job she could fill. Although she had worked as a research assistant at the university, she'd had to quit when she moved home and the odds of finding a similar job in our area were very slim. I suggested she start with the want ads in the local newspaper and then go from there.

When nothing was said about our encounter that day or the next, I thought that maybe it would be a one-time only occurrence. However when I went to bed the second night and Faith soon padded into my room and climbed into my bed, I have to admit that I was delighted. She was naked and her hands quickly settled on my cock and balls while her mouth sought mine.

With our first coupling just two nights past, we were both a little more controlled than that first time. Faith kissed her way down my body and gave me a fantastic blow job while her fingers gently massaged my testicles. After she had swallowed my cum and straightened up in the bed, I returned the favor, dawdling at her breasts to lick and kiss and nip at them before moving down to the warmer area between her legs. It took me a little longer to get her to a climax than for me to cum but we both seemed to enjoy the "getting there" almost as much as the end result... well, not quite!

After Faith had a little time to savor her "jump off the mountaintop," I slid up her body between her legs and guided my turgid member into her slick vagina. With neither of us in a hurry to end the activities, we took time to appreciate the pleasure each bestowed on the other. To keep the sensations changing, we moved from one position to another every few minutes, reveling in how our nerves picked up completely different feelings based on the angle and depth of my penetration into her body.

Her soft words of "oh, yes, daddy, that feels so good" and "yes, daddy, fuck me" made sure I kept going.

At last I felt her approaching an orgasm and concentrated on getting myself off so that we both climaxed within seconds of each other.

Once again when I rolled off of Faith, she snuggled back into my body and I wrapped my arms around her, cupping a heavy breasts in each hand, and we drifted off to sleep. Unlike the first night, Faith was still laying beside me when I awoke in the morning. My cock, feeling the soft flesh of her bottom, searched for her warm haven.

Faith giggled and jumped out of bed to make a dash into the bathroom, telling me to wait for her. Even hearing the sound of her peeing seemed somehow erotic and I wondered if I was totally depraved. Yet when she came hurrying back and climbed into bed with me, I was so glad that her hands stroked my shaft and even more happy when she sat on top of me and guided my cock into her warm pussy.

She sat for a long time, letting me flex my shaft inside her. She leaned forward, letting her big hanging hooters hover over my face while I sucked and nipped on each nipple in turn. Then she began to rock her ass from side to side and around in little swirls and we must have been making the right contact because she started moaning and telling me that she felt so good that she was going to cum soon. I exchanged handfuls of breasts with handfuls of ass, helping her slide up and down my shaft. She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming as she reached the peak of pleasure and stopped moving... until she eased down on my chest, spent. I pulled her up and down my member for another couple of minutes until my balls sent a fresh explosion of seed into her reproductive system.

After that we didn't bother with the pretense of separate rooms. Each night when I went to bed, Faith went with me. We settled into a routine of fucking every other night. Sometimes she would give me a blow job to start and almost every time I would eat her wonderful pussy, then we would indulge in a nice long slow fuck until we both were sated. The morning bouts were less frequent but still happened occasionally.

Days passed into weeks and I thought Faith would again be back out on her own, leaving me again in my state of being alone. However she found a job running the office for a modest construction company, proceeded with the divorce filing, and generally settled down to life under my roof.

I know that a parent's job is to prepare his offspring for the world and then push them out of the nest. Actually I had done that... once with each daughter... but now that one had come back home, the rules for life seemed to have changed. And I liked the changing script!

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