Exodus To Genesis
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Historical, MaleDom, Harem, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Din was a man from a distinguished starfaring empire, who finds himself having to begin life anew on a world where the inhabitants have reverted back to a primitive level, their galactic roots diminished to myth. Even with the few bits of modern tech he managed to sneak down with him, what kind of future will he have when each day is a fight for his very survival?

I sat still in my hiding spot, silently waiting with practiced patience. The awkward position I was forced to assume to remain hidden left my muscles screaming for relief. I refused to allow my focus to shift from observing the group I now had in sight. I swore to myself never to let myself get stuck hiding in a tree again.

The group's eight members were mostly men, but there were a couple of women as well. They all wore clothes that had been made from leather. Their moccasins had been made from dried leather. Considering the brisk air early this morning, it was amazing that they were able to keep enough body heat from such shoddy tunics to be comfortable. The tools were just as primitive, mostly fashioned of stone tied to sticks.

That said, at least their skills had moved beyond the crude levels I had feared I would see. The leather was actually relatively well processed, so they must have discovered a method to treat it. The clothes weren't exactly high fashion, but they were sturdy, and looked relatively warm and comfortable. The weapons were harder to judge at a distance, but considering the accuracy with which they had been thrown they were likely of very good craftsmanship.

The group was efficiently processing the kill they had made earlier. Most of the men were quickly slicing the animal into chunks which the women were packaging in parcels that they could carry with them. The packs they were using were made of some variation of dried leather as well. It was obviously a very messy and bloody process but they did it quickly and without any fuss.

One of the men from the hunting party was keeping close watch on the area. I knew why. I had learned from recent, painful, experience. Several of the carnivores were extremely aggressive, not to mention dangerous. The lion analogs were particularly vicious. I had been forced to kill several after they started stalking me.

As the hunting group finished processing their prize, they walked down to a stream a short distance away to clean the worst of the blood and guts off of themselves. The stream was one of the major water sources in the area, and it was how the hunters had found their prey — and how I had found my targets.

All the work had been done with very little conversation, which indicated that this group had worked together often. I remained close, to record everything they said. Even so, I didn't think that I had recorded enough to break their language, yet.

As they started away, I maneuvered myself out of my hiding place. I suppressed a groan of relief from my cramped muscles. It took a few stretches, before my muscles were willing to cooperate with me.

Though I'd had extensive training from the beginning of my military days, it had been too long ago. I hadn't paid much mind to the ground portion of that training, anyway. Without tracking and sneaking skills, I could neither safely approach other humans, nor effectively hunt.

Eating regularly was important to my happiness, so one of my first tasks was to rectify my lack in those skills. I had spent several weeks retraining myself. Using those newly relearned skills, I silently tracked the group while making sure that I didn't expose myself to discovery. While I eventually intended to introduce myself, I wasn't nearly ready to take that step, yet.

The forested area was extremely advantageous for my attempts to keep myself concealed. Between the trees, brush, and my camouflage, I was confident in my ability not to be seen casually. The trick was to not be heard either, and to not do anything stupid enough to give myself away.

The hunters were now talking and joking amongst themselves, now that they were done with the hunt. I stalked the group from a distance, and methodically recorded everything that they said. Hopefully, it wouldn't take much more before I would be able to understand their language. The recordings, however important, were less important than remaining undetected, though. I remained extremely careful; especially since the hunting group always kept close watch of their surroundings, to prevent any predators from sneaking close enough to ambush them.

After they had gone several miles at a brisk pace, I put my recording device away so that I could concentrate on stalking the group. Though I had followed several such groups, I had been unable to follow any of them far enough to see them enter their camp. I quietly disengaged, and then quickly moved ahead of the group.

The camp was in a clearing, which made getting close enough to observe very difficult. The first time I had come upon the camp, I had been fortunate enough to spot one of the sentries in a hut on the outer edge of the camp. I didn't dare get to get too close to the camp. I had seen glimpses their defenses, and was wary of placing myself close enough to be discovered. I had decided that the best way to observe them without getting too close was to watch the hunting group as they returned.

Having snuck so I was within sight of both the hunting group and the camp, I quickly found a spot where I could observe without being seen. I slid my utility scope out of my bag. I strapped the scope to my head in a practiced motion and turned it on. It only took me a few seconds to adjust the zoom, to get a clear picture of what was going on at the camp.

As the hunting group came within sight of the camp, one of the sentries at the outer edge quickly walked towards the inside of the camp. By the time the group had made it most of the way to the camp, the sentinel was back with several other men and women. Quickly, a small crowd formed to greet the hunting group. They seemed to be very happy that the group was back, and more importantly, that they'd had had a successful hunt.

Even as everyone had come to greet the returning heroes, I had been careful to spot where the sentries around the camp had come from. Now that I knew where those guards were, I could sneak closer to the camp without being observed. Hopefully, I could get a better idea of what kind of people made up this tribe.

It wasn't until I heard the growl from behind me that I recalled my dangerous surroundings.

My hand went for my weapon as I spun around. I pulled the gun in a quick draw, and pointed it in front of me, even as I finished my spin.

I was almost fast enough. Almost.

I slowly regained my senses. As I registered the aching pain spread throughout my body, I opened my eyes. I was trying to figure out where I was and what had happened. I found myself in a bed of animal skins, inside a tent. I heard voices talking outside the tent, but I couldn't make them out.

It took me several minutes before I could remember what had happened. The realization the I should be dead right now sent chills down my back, as did the realization that the people from the camp must have found me and brought me here. Though I had observed several of their hunting groups, I knew almost nothing about the tribe or its people. For all I knew, they could be cannibals; I had certainly seen that happen before.

The tribe had apparently stripped me all of all my clothes; and more importantly, of my equipment. There wasn't much I could do about the situation but pray that the people of this tribe were friendly and somewhat civilized. My helplessness frustrated me, but I had simply made too many mistakes. I would have to roll with the consequences.

The first thing I had to do, though, was to access my PAD and see if it had broken the language barrier. Without that, I would be in severely deep shit. I willed the Personal Access Device to activate. I felt a tingle in my right temple as the miniature microchip activated, and then a GUI lit up on my retina. Using distinct eye and facial muscle movements, I quickly navigated the system. It confirmed that the last series of recordings had allowed the PAD to put together the basics of the language. I entered the language in the queue to be learned.

Having done that, I attempted to sit up. I stifled a scream as my body protested violently. I fell back, suddenly sweating. I forced myself to shunt aside the pain. The talking outside got louder, and I heard movement towards the tent. I needed to gauge how injured I was, preferably before I had company. I pulled aside the animal skins and looked down.

My entire chest was a study of the different pigmentations of purple. It was all there. The light purple bruising and the dark purple that looked like the bruises had been bruised. There was even some green and orange mixed in for good measure, but they weren't nearly as flashy as the purples.

Fortunately, there were no chunks of flesh ripped out. I knew that there would have been, without the armored shirt I had been wearing. Even so, the sight was enough to send a wave of nausea through me. I felt a wave of sharp relief sweep through me, which probably meant an anesthetic had been administered to keep me stable.

I brought up my PAD interface again and accessed the menu for my nanobots. As I expected, particularly since I was so hungry, the nanos had been working hard on my injuries. Apparently, they had been very serious injuries.

As with all personal nano systems, in the case of serious injury, they acted to stabilize the victim, then bring him back to consciousness. Without my authorization, however, they wouldn't be able do anything further.

I brought up the specifics, and looked in horror at the report. I had several ribs cracked or broken, which accounted for much of the pain and bruising. Beyond that, many of my internal organs had been injured. The nano system had been forced to make extensive repairs to most of those organs, just to stabilize me.

The repairs to my injuries would take several days, particularly to fully set and mend the broken ribs. During that time, I would be nearly senseless from the pain, medication, and anesthetics that would prevent further damage by inhibiting my movements.

I didn't dare authorize the nanos to fully activate. Once I did that, I literally would be helpless to take care of myself. For several days, I would be cared for by a primitive group of strangers. I didn't know the least bit about their moral and ethical standards. If I activated the nanos, I very well might never wake up again.

Unfortunately, that meant that there were very few options, until I could communicate with them. Pulling my PAD up once more, I activated a learning and sleep cycle. I immediately felt the sedatives take effect, and let myself drift to sleep.

I awoke suddenly. Through a wave of disorientation, the knowledge I had absorbed while sleeping slammed into my conscious mind. After I recovered, I spent a few minutes mentally cataloguing what I had learned. I was pleased with the result. It was by no means comprehensive, but it was thorough enough that I would be able to communicate. It would be a few days before I was completely comfortable with the language. I didn't have a few days to prepare myself, unfortunately.

"Hello," a female voice said hesitantly.

I looked up and saw a pretty girl sitting on the ground a few feet away. She was watching me cautiously. I could see the uncertainty written on her face. I guessed that she had been tasked to take care of me, but was clearly worried about how safe I was. Despite that caution, I could clearly see compassion and concern in her eyes. No matter how genesis societies evolved, emotions were always the same. The fact that she felt compassion for me, gave a good indication that these people were friendly.

She was tall compared to the average woman I was used to. The slightly lower gravity would account for that. The bronzed skin that seemed to be the norm in this environment was caused by the thinner atmosphere. It was easy to focus on her green eyes as the most striking feature of a beautiful face. Shoulder-length, light brown hair accentuated that face. The rest of her body was well muscled. Her athletic body showed the distinctly pleasant curves, and her features were soft and feminine. Despite the rough lifestyle she undoubtedly lived, her attractiveness shone through.

"Hello," I repeated, deciding to let her take the lead.

I didn't want to cause offense by tripping over some social nicety that I wasn't aware of. The fact that I felt another dose of anesthetics having their way with me didn't help.

"You have been hurt very badly," she said. "We found you outside our camp."

"I figured out about the hurt when I tried to sit up," I said lightly.

I could feel the side-effects of the anesthetic, as my thoughts became fuzzier and less focused.

"I don't really remember much about what happened," I admitted.

"You killed a great cat without a spear," she said, with a touch of awe in her voice.

They had obviously not figured out what the gun was. Since there was no obvious weapon, they must have assumed that I had killed the lion with my bare hands. It was little wonder that she was afraid to get too close to me. I decided that modesty was the tact to take, here.

"When you are fighting for your life, you can do amazing things," I finally said. "It is a good thing that your people were nearby to save my life after my foolishness."

I could hear my words getting slurred, as the anesthetic continued to take its toll on me.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm called Din," I said. Though that was just the shortened form of my nickname, I decided that it was the best name to use. "Can I ask what yours is?"

"Enyi," she said. "You must be hungry; I will go get you something to eat."

She stood up to leave.

"Thank you," I said.

Enyi spun and looked at me for several moments, with a curious expression on her face. She shook her head, then left without another word.

I pulled up the PAD's GUI and accessed the nanos menu again. The injuries were too extensive to leave unattended. I had to pray that I could continue to trust these people. I was going to be essentially helpless while I was recovering. It wasn't a situation that I wanted, but there was little help for it.

I sent the command to authorize the nanos to fully activate and restore me. I felt the medicines and the more powerful anesthetics hit my bloodstream immediately. Everything suddenly became a blur.

I woke up in a sitting position, and was in incredible pain in spite of the nearly toxic amount of anesthetics in my blood. Enyi was feeding me some sort of stew. I could barely swallow, which was causing Enyi no end of problems in trying to force food down my throat.

I woke up in a feverish sweat. I was talking, but not even I could make sense of what I was saying. Enyi was bent over me, wiping the sweat away and whispering gently into my ear.

I coughed violently as a trickle of water dripped into my lungs. I looked up to see Enyi pour one of her small, cupped handfuls of water into my parched mouth. I gratefully forced myself to swallow.

Several voices talking gradually woke me from my sleep. There were three men talking with Enyi. She was raising her voice against one of them. A couple of them kept throwing unhappy looks my way.

I was suddenly fully awake. I remembered dozens of blurry moments coming in and out of consciousness, but they were hard to put into any kind of perspective. My PAD's GUI was active. It was flashing a notice that the nanos were deactivating. I skimmed through the report that followed, which explained the extent of my healing. Though I was still very sore, my bones were mended. My organs had been fully repaired. The internal tearing and bruising had been healed.

The medications were being flushed out of my system. The report noted that the next few times I urinated, the urine would contain some unusual colors.

I slowly sat up, testing my muscles for pain and sensitivity. I felt weak. That was likely a result of some of the muscle matter being used by the nanos, as material to make necessary repairs to my body. As I recovered and ate, I would recover most of that muscle mass.

Satisfied that I was okay, I took a look around. I was sitting on a pile of animal furs. They gave off a horrible odor of sweat and urine. I saw Enyi a few feet away. Her back was against a tree log that had apparently been put there as a piece of primitive furniture. I could tell from her breathing patterns that she was asleep. I guessed that she had dozed off, while watching me.

Seeing that there was nothing else of note in the tent, I coughed loudly several times. Enyi woke with a start, looking around the room groggily trying to figure out what had woken her. When she saw my eyes were on her, she jumped to a crouching position.

"Hello," I managed with a friendly smile, while being careful to keep my teeth covered. Bare teeth were a sign of hostility from predatory animals, and that tended to be the case in low-tech society as a result.

Her mouth opened and closed several times before she could say anything.

"You're awake," she managed to accuse after a few moments.

"I'm awake," I confirmed, using my smile to indicate how happy I was that was true. "Thank you for making sure that happened. I owe you my life."

Her look changed from surprise to confusion at this.

"I need to tell Hegen that you are awake," she said, finally.

"Where are the things I was wearing?" I asked.

I was feeling uncomfortable with my enforced nudity. The only things covering me were animal skins.

"The hunters have them," she said. "They want to find out what tribe you are from."

They undoubtedly just didn't want me leaving until they knew whether or not I was an enemy. Trying to sneak out in this weather, without clothes, would be a death sentence.

"I will be glad to speak with the hunters," I said. "I am not an enemy of your people."

That was apparently the right thing to say. I saw her visually relax a bit. The confusion was still there, though. She obviously didn't know what to make of me.

She made her way out of the tent while I watched. Satisfied that there was nothing important I could do until she got back, I accessed my PAD again. I methodically integrated the conversation into my language pack, and added the updated version to my learning queue. Though it wasn't much, every little detail helped, particularly with a totally new language. There were many nuances, both verbal and in body language.

Once I had resolved that, I started stretching my upper body. I didn't get up, because I was unsure of how quickly my hosts would be back. Most genesis societies, particularly those that developed in a colder environment, placed social restrictions of one variety or another on nudity. Since they had literally saved my life and nursed me back to health, I didn't want to do anything that might offend them.

I had only gone through a few minutes of stretching before I heard people approaching the tent. I kept stretching, ignoring the coming confrontation. While I wanted to continue with my modesty in conversation, I figured hard examples of action to impress them would leave me in a better position. 'Walk softly and carry a big stick, ' and all of that. Seeing me stretch with a free range of motion (particularly after having seen injuries that would have killed most of them, rapidly healed over the past few days), should give them something to think about.

I finished the stretches I am with an overly dramatic grunt of satisfaction, and turned to look at my hosts. Considering the looks on their faces, I decided I might have overdone things. You live, you learn.

Enyi was back, but she was behind several others, definitely in a subservient position. All of them were even taller than he had expected for the gravity of this world. While Enyi was probably in her mid-teens, however, I guessed that the men with her were in their mid-twenties. In a genesis society, at this stage of advancement, that was normal. Someone reaching their mid-thirties would probably be considered ancient.

The man on the left I recognized from one of the hunting parties. He had black hair that came past his broad shoulders. He was well-built, and probably pretty strong. But I recognized that his true asset was how quick and graceful he was. He could be dangerous in a fight. I guessed that he was the youngest of the three. I had noticed that this one had taken the lead during most of the hunt. I guessed that he was one of the senior hunters. The hunters, being the ones providing most of the food to a tribe like this, tended to be major political forces in these societies. Most leaders had been among the best hunters.

The man on the right was almost undoubtedly the oldest of the three. Where most of the people I had seen wore simple clothes, this man's belongings were elaborately designed and decorated. He was skinny and gangly, without much muscle mass. He looked to be the type that had never done much physical work in his life. Various paraphernalia convinced me that he must be some variation of shaman. I mentally noted that I would have to be careful around this man. I took comfort in the fact that he looked at me curiously. Considering the things they had probably found, a jealous and unreasonable shaman would probably meet me with blatant hostility.

The man in the middle was obviously in charge. He was wearing a necklace made out of bear teeth. The difficulty (and casualties) that would be involved in killing a bear with crude spears spoke of his status. His clothes were also adorned with various accoutrements to draw attention to him.

He needed none of these, however. He had an aura of self-assurance about him, that let anyone who met him know that he was a leader. Despite the man's shorter height, he looked to be the strongest of them physically. The innate intelligence that was in his eyes was what caught my attention, though. Whatever his hunting skills were, it was his mind that had gotten him where he was.

As I studied my hosts, they were obviously studying me. I could see by the looks in their eyes that they weren't exactly prepared to welcome a stranger in their midst. Particularly the hunter, whose expression was quite hostile.

"Who are you?" Hunter asked in a cold voice. I could already tell that we were going to have issues between us. I had to suppress a sigh.

"I am called Din," I answered.

"What were you doing outside our camp?" he demanded.

"Watching you," I said. I was determined to be as straightforward as possible, despite the attitude confronting me. "I have made my home in a cave nearby," I explained. "I was trying to determine whether you would be friendly or not. I mean you and your people no harm. Particularly, since you have saved my life."

"Which tribe are you from?" Shaman asked, cutting off what looked to be a particularly venomous remark from Hunter.

"None that you would recognize," I answered. "The tribe I am from is far, far away. I am alone, now."

"Why did your people cast you out?" Hunter asked in a sneering tone of voice.

"The Leader's son was killed while hunting with me," I said in as calm a voice as I could, forcing myself not to wrap myself up in what was done. "Someone who feared my influence used what had happened against me, and I couldn't defend myself."

"Enough, Roud," Leader interjected, before Hunter could open his mouth again.

Roud tried to say something, but was stared down by Leader. It was clear from that scene exactly who was in charge. I couldn't help but notice the smirk on Enyi's face as she discretely remained behind them all. Leader turned back towards me, after spending several moments satisfying himself that he had put Roud in his place.

"What intentions do you have towards my people?" Leader asked.

The look he was giving me was appraising, betraying neither hostility nor friendliness.

"I would like friendship with your people," I said, bluntly. "I am alone, and desire contact with others. Maybe trade, if we can trust each other. At the very least, I would like peace between us."

"So you wish to join our tribe?" he asked.

I could tell that was a loaded question, so I took the time to compose my reply properly.

"My people, and their customs, are very different from yours," I said carefully. "I mean no offense, but I think there are too many differences for me to become a member of your tribe at this time. If we become friends and both of us find that the differences between us are small enough, maybe that answer could change, later."

"Perhaps we can come to an understanding," Leader said, his face and voice suddenly much friendlier.

The other two, particularly Roud, seemed to relax, as well. For some reason, the three of them had obviously not liked the idea of me becoming a member of their tribe. I caught a glimpse of what I thought was disappointment from Enyi, however. Whatever the expression was, it was gone too quickly for me to be certain.

"I am glad," I said. "I owe you a great debt for your generosity while I was injured."

"Roud, go get his possessions," Leader said, leaving no room in his voice for argument.

"Yes, Hegen," Roud said, with only a bit of unhappiness in his voice.

"When you are dressed, Enyi will bring you to us," Hegen said. "We will eat well, in honor of the new friendship between us."

He and Shaman walked out, leaving me alone with Enyi. I gave her a friendly smile, which she returned. At least I had one person that was truly friendly. I watched as she sat down. Her back was against the rounded tree log.

"I owe you the greatest debt," I told her. "You showed me great kindness and care. I suspect that it was you who convinced the others to let me stay until I had healed, as well."

Her face flushed, confirming to me that was what had happened.

"Thank you," I continued. "If there is anything that I can do for you, let me know. It will be yours, if it is in my power."

That curious look was back on her face. I decided that I had stumbled across a few cultural lines, and she was confused.

Before anything else could be said, a young teenager came into the tent. He carried a large bundle, which he gave to me. He walked out as quickly and silently as he had entered. After a quick inventory, all of my clothes and equipment seemed to be present.

I gave Enyi a sharp look. She didn't seem to think that she should leave while I dressed. It didn't bother me. I shrugged it off, and stood up. Considering how closely she was watching, I figured that she must have been burning the mental image of my body into her mind.

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