Passing Glances
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, White Couple, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He helps her during a shocking tragedy, but are their feelings true or not? Gabe learns to not judge a book by its cover, or in this case... a woman.

Gabe stared at the young woman behind the counter. Her blouse stretched over her ample bosom; the gap between the buttons gave a hint of a pink bra. His cock jerked slightly and he coughed, hoping to cover the involuntary groan that was pulled from him.

"Stare at them long enough and they may grow," a voice behind him whispered.

He turned and shot a glance at the woman with the voice. He said nothing, took in her appearance, and then dismissed her without sparing another look.

"Thank you, Miss," he said to the beauty behind the counter, accepted his change and then winked.

Sarah watched the man walk away; she rolled her eyes at the blushing blonde that was grinning from ear to ear. She paid for her purchase, a small box of maxi pads, and headed out the door toward the parking lot. She quickened her steps, noting the time on her watch and cursing the fact her father hadn't told her the maxi pad machine at work was empty.

The sound of tires screeching was her warning that she was about to be run over. She jumped back and watched the man who had ogled the blonde drive a few feet past her, stop, look back through the rearview mirror, and then leave. For a split second she'd met his gaze and the look he gave her was one of annoyance. She felt her lips curl in fury, but said nothing as she resumed her walk to her car.

Gabe couldn't believe he'd almost hit the woman. He'd been concentrating on the chest of the retail girl, his cock growing a little with every imaginary button he was popping until he'd saw something out of the corner of his eye. He rolled his eyes at the stranger and drove away; now though he thought of the look of shock on her face and felt bad for almost running her down. Gabe sighed and pulled into the bank parking lot, got out and completed another of his morning errands. When he left, he headed across the street to the NAPA store.

His thoughts remained on the girl, until he saw a woman walk into the shop, her arm hooked on that of her boyfriend's. Her shorts were denim and rode high on her round ass, her narrow waist, Gabe swore he could span with his large hands. The side view of her chest, promised the front view would be just as tantalizing; when he wove his way through the isles, hoping to catch a glimpse of her, he was proved right in his assessment.

"Jesus Christ, don't you ever stop," a voice muttered under clenched teeth.

Gabe stopped his appraisal of the woman, pressed against her boyfriend, and turned to face the voice he'd heard just thirty minutes ago. "Excuse me?" he asked; one brow shot up as he stared into a pair of hazel eyes and checked the name tag of the girl from the discount store's isle. "Sarah."

"Nothing," Sarah answered back. Inwardly, she chastised herself, not quite believing she'd said the words out loud. She turned to leave, but was stopped when a firm grip on her arm pulled her back. She cursed silently.

"No; you said something and though I know what you said, I'd like to have you repeat it." Gabe stared her down, noting for the first time how small she was compared to him. He gauged her to be five foot and that was with the tennis shoes she wore adding a half inch or inch to her small frame. Her hair was tied back in a braid, and her face held a sprinkling of freckles, probably brought on because of her fair complexion and her auburn hair.

He waited for her to speak, his grip held firm and his stubborn expression told her, he hoped, that he wasn't about to let her offhanded comment slide by this time.

Sarah swallowed the cutting remarks that boiled under the surface. If she'd been in some other store she would tell the man to get a life. But she was in her father's store and a customer was a customer. She took a deep breath and sighed. "Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said it and I know you know what I said, so repeating it really isn't necessary; is it?"

She saw it was no use and he wasn't letting up on the hold he had on her. Her shoulders fell and she muttered, "Jesus Christ, don't you ever stop."

Gabe smirked and released her arm. "Thanks, and no I don't. Why should I? The female body is a beautiful thing. Why shouldn't one admire it?" he asked and then boldly swept his gaze down her form. The NAPA shirt that he'd dismissed at the discount store fit her trim figure perfectly. It didn't hug her breasts, but the material lay smoothly over them as if it were made to move with her. It was definitely made for comfort, not appeal. Her slacks, black and cut with pleated fronts didn't add to what he was beginning to see as a package with potential. Her ankles were trim and the sneakers she wore were clean, but showed a few scuffs.

Sarah stood there, watching him take stock of her. She blushed under the scrutiny. She wasn't sure if it was anger or if it was pleasure, she opted to go with anger. When his gaze reached back to her face and their eyes met again, she glared back at him; her lips lifted in a snarl. His smile made her grow more irritated and she crossed her arms in front of her chest. "Finished?" she asked.

"Yeah; now I'll go on to more pleasing things. Where are the fan belts?" he asked.

He watched her eyes grow wide and her jaw drop in shock at the slam to her and her appearance. She saw the humor in his eyes and clamped her mouth shut. She took a couple deep breaths and then turned. "This way," she hissed and headed toward the west wall. Sarah felt his eyes watching her hips as she walked and she fought the urge to sway them. Instead, she walked stiffly toward the wall, passing her father and giving him a customary nod.

"What kind of car?" she asked.

Gabe wanted to drag her across his knee and spank the attitude out of her, but instead he allowed his thoughts to focus on the memory of her round ass and how the back view of her black uniform slacks had worked to her advantage by outlining the firm globes. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the woman and her boyfriend leaving; he admired the denim clad ass as it disappeared from the store. "Nice," he whispered and then heard a cough. He smirked and turned back. "Ahh yes; sorry, I forgot you were there."

Sarah felt the knee gut jerk a woman gets for being dismissed in light of a tastier meal. Mentally she kicked herself for caring, but knew her face was losing the forced polite expression and was on the edge of self pity. "What kind of car do you need the belt for? The one you were driving sounded fine."

Gabe's brows shot up at her comment. "Yes, that one is fine. It's for my father's '53 Chevy Pick-up." He gave her the details of the truck and she grabbed the hook from the wall.

She felt him watching her. Later, she chided herself for caring what he was thinking and for purposely stretching more than she needed in order to force the shirt to stretch across her breasts. When she brought the belt down and handed to him, she was blushing from the display she'd tried to provoke.

Gabe smirked and thanked her. He nodded his head and headed to the counter, this time he felt a pair of hazel eyes on his ass and he grinned. He set the belt down and waited for the older man to ring him up. Behind him he could hear the sound of the woman, Sarah, talking with another customer.

The older man, nodded his head and said, "Be with you in a minute."

Gabe patiently waited and then watched in shock as the man grabbed his left arm and started to fall. Gabe leapt over the counter and caught the older gentleman before his head hit the hard concrete floor.

Sarah saw the movement out of the corner of her eye. She'd been watching the cocky fellow and was tempted to wait on him, but now she was shocked to see him jumping in the air and disappearing behind the counter. She hurried over to the swinging half door. "Pop?" she screamed and rushed to her father's side. "What the fuck happened?" she cursed.

"I don't know; call an ambulance," Gabe ordered.

Sarah's fingers shook as she pulled her cell phone from the small clip on her belt. She had to punch in the numbers twice, because she was so upset, but eventually she had the 911 Operator on the line and was relaying information to her.

"Pop," Sarah whispered to him, her fingers smoothing his gray hair down, "help is coming okay."

"Aye, little one," Paul grimaced.

Sarah held his hand and continued to speak quietly to him. She was vaguely aware of the gentleman finishing up the sale and walking the customers out the door, then closing the shop. When the ambulance arrived, Sarah mumbled a quiet, and hurried thank you and then disappeared into the back of the ambulance with her father.

Gabe watched the vehicle drive away, lights blaring and sirens screaming. He spoke with an officer that had responded and together they locked up the store; Gabe left reassured that the officer was going to drive by the shop, off and on during his shift, as well as have others do so, since neither he nor Gabe set the alarm.

Gabe returned home and tried to concentrate on repairing his father's truck. His thoughts kept returning to the look of disbelief and horror that filled the young woman's features. Her eyes had grown wide and her jaw slack, tears hadn't fallen, but they were on the edge. He wondered how the old man was doing and felt the need to check up on her overtake him.

He walked into his father's home and called out. Mitch yelled back and Gabe followed his voice down to the basement.

"Hey Dad," Gabe said as he made his way through several odds and ends.

"Gabe," Mitch answered back. "How's it going?"

"Not bad, hard to concentrate though. I keep thinking about this morning." Gabe sat down on a bench and watched his father work on the small rocking chair he was building. His hands were rough, just like Gabe's, but they were also gnarled from age, unlike Gabe's. He studied his father for several minutes, before getting up and walking around the work table. "I love ya, Dad," Gabe answered and pulled the man into a hug.

Mitch smiled, and hugged his son back. He thought of the last time Gabe had expressed this particular type of emotion. He knew his son loved him, but the physical contact was something Gabe rarely invoked toward another man, even if that man was his Father. "I love you, son."

"I just thought it was really important that you know that," Gabe said and then released his dad. He leaned against the table and sighed. "I wasn't really nice to that girl today," he said.

"The girl at the shop?" Mitch asked.

"Yeah. I was giving her a hard time and then her Pop goes and drops on her," he muttered, pushing his fingers through his thick brown curls. "I'm an ass sometimes."

Mitch laughed. "Aren't we all?" he asked. "Why not go down there; maybe she'll be there making sure it got locked up right."

"Yeah, that's a good idea. I can offer my apologies for being a dick and find out if her father is okay." Gabe squeezed his father's shoulder and headed back up the stairs to the basement. He paused half way. "I'll be back tomorrow to finish up the truck." "Sounds fine son; see you then," Mitch answered back and watched his only son disappear up the basement steps. He worked for several hours, before calling it quits and heading up the steps to grab a bite to eat. He noted the time and wondered how the day had slipped by so fast.

Gabe sat outside the NAPA shop, staring at the windows. He'd seen the woman moving around inside, the door however still showed the closed sign, so he knew it was still locked. Just before he'd gotten to the shop he'd grabbed himself a bite to eat at one of the local fast food joints; then waited for some type of sign that someone was inside the shop. He'd dozed off and on several times. Each time he woke up he asked himself why he was still there. The same answer came back to him in the form of Sarah's lost and hurt expression that he'd seen when he had dismissed her that final time, followed by the shock and fear that etched her face when her father collapsed.

Sarah worked in silence emptying the cash register and readying the shop to be opened the next morning with all the paperwork from the weekends sales recorded. She left a note for Brian and Delilah, two employees that would be opening for the next two weeks, on how to properly record gains and losses for the day. She left the passwords to the accounts that were on the computer and then took a look around at her father's small office before shutting off the last light in the shop. The security lights flickered on and she set the alarm.

When she walked out the back door and then walked around the front, she stopped and stared at the car that had almost run her down. She took a deep breath and began to walk over to its occupant, only to watch him open the door and proceed to head in her direction. She stopped and waited till he was standing in front of her.

"Thank you," she told him. Her gaze shifted from his shoes, to the front of his shirt, and then to the space behind his shoulder. "I appreciate you locking up for me earlier this morning, especially after... "

Gabe noted her puffy eyes and red nose. He felt he knew the answer to the question he had to ask, but heard himself asking anyway, "How is he?"

Sarah swallowed and took a deep breath. "He didn't make it." Her fingers curled into fists at her side and she bit her lower lip, stifling the fresh river of tears and sobs that threatened to fall from her lids.

"Ahh hell," Gabe muttered. "I'm sorry Sarah girl." He pulled her into his arms and held her tight. His fingers smoothed her braid, now loose from the day's activities.

She didn't want to be in his arms, but she did nothing to stop him as she clung to his shirt and wept fresh tears and felt her body wrack with grief.

Gabe held her for several minutes, taking the assault of anguished salt water filling the cotton of his shirt and soaking into his skin. He heard her sniffles and slowly began to halfway carry and walk her toward his car. Once there, he leaned against it and kept her tucked into him. He ran his hands down her back and then up again, offering words of comfort and trying to help her through the pain of losing her father and the embarrassment of being held by a stranger. "Jesus Christ, I'm sorry," Sarah whispered against his shirt and slipped free of his arms. She crossed her's in front of her chest and swallowed the lump in her throat. "Thanks," she muttered and wiped at the tears.

"It's okay, it's the least I could do. After all, I was an asshole this morning and should be apologizing for that too," Gabe told her.

Sarah shrugged her shoulders and sighed. "Nah, you weren't. I was. I shouldn't have ragged on you." She chuckled and then rolled her eyes.

"What?" Gabe asked, wanting to keep her chuckling as long as he could.

"I'm on the rag is all, that's why I was raggin' on you. I'm a bitch." She smirked and shuffled her feet. "Anyway, thanks for well... for locking up and for letting me cry on your shoulder. I appreciate it."

"Not a problem. I am sorry you lost him," Gabe answered. "Does your mom know?" he asked.

"Mom passed a couple of years ago, from cancer. I think Dad was just hanging on because of me. Guess he figured I was ready," she said quietly and sniffled.

"Do you have anyone that can help you out?" he asked.

"I've got some folks coming in to work mine and Pop's shift all this week and into next. I'll be okay and I've got the numbers to the church and the funeral home from when Momma passed so I'll be fine there too. Thanks though." Sarah turned to go and felt the man's grip on her shoulder.

"I mean, do you have anyone at home that can help? A brother, sister, boyfriend, husband? Anyone?" Gabe waited for her to answer, but saw it written in her eyes. She was alone, he could tell, by the sudden squaring of her shoulders and the steel in her eyes that appeared.

"I called my brother, he can't be bothered, and my sister told me that if I really needed her help than to call her back, but otherwise she'd be at the funeral and the reading of the Will, but I could handle everything else. I'll give Pop's friends a call tomorrow, but I don't have a husband or a boyfriend and my friends are twenty-three hours away in another state."

Gabe tried to not be insulted by the venom in her voice. He knew it wasn't because of him, but from the obvious need to show she could make it on her own. He stepped back and nodded his head. "Well, I've been down this road too. My Mom passed away a few years ago." He pulled his wallet from his back pocket and smirked at her raised hand.

"I don't need any mon..." Sarah stopped when she saw a slim white business card pressed into her palm.

"Not money, just a number," Gabe said. He watched her glance at the name and saw the look of recognition on it. "Yeah, he's my Dad." "Oh, you guys have awesome furniture," Sarah said. She put the card in her pocket and smiled up at him. "Thanks Gabe," she said and turned away, then stopped and looked back at him. "I do appreciate what you did this morning and I am sorry I was a bitch."

"No worries, Sarah," he told her. He watched her walk away and get into her Taurus. He walked around and took his place behind the wheel of the Cadillac he'd purchased a few years ago and left the parking lot. His mind focused on the young woman and her hazel eyes. He wondered how long it would be before he found himself in front of the NAPA store again, checking up on her.

Sarah drove home. She concentrated on nothing but the road and the gentleman from that morning, swearing off focusing on her father until she was safely parked in the driveway of her small ranch style home. Once there she slumped against the wheel and let the flood gates open. She cried for the loss of her parent, the realization that her brother and sister were not going to lend a helping hand, and the fact that she was alone. She recalled the last time she'd seen her siblings. The day their mother's Will was read, Trevor and Denise had both taken the cashier checks, waded through their mother's belongings and then left. They had barely spoken to Sarah or Paul.

She forced herself from the car and walked up the sidewalk to the front porch. She turned the key and walked in. Her hands, still shaky from the cry, flicked on the switch in the kitchen. She dropped her keys on the table and then walked quietly into her living room. Another light flickered to life and Sarah stared at the empty wall that had held her newest purchase. Her jaw dropped and her shoulders sagged. She glanced around the room and noted the new stereo and speakers she'd purchased were gone as well as the silver tea set she'd inherited from her mother.

Silently she walked through every room in her home and felt hot, angry tears slide down her cheeks. By the time she reached her bedroom, she was numb. She crawled onto the bed and slipped under the covers. Her head hurt. Her eyes stung and she just couldn't think anymore.

The following morning Gabe awoke with the sun and stood under the hot spray of shower water, as he thought of how to find out more about Sarah, the NAPA girl. Last night he found himself thinking of her more and more. By the time morning came around he'd crawled out of bed with a raging hard on and a need to have it satisfied.

He washed off the evidence of his release and left the shower, grabbed a robe and flicked on the morning radio and scanner that he kept in the kitchen. He'd purchased the scanner years ago, after realizing that he missed the constant noise of police speaking in the background that he'd grown up with during his youth. His father had kept one in his living room by his easy chair, all through Gabe's college days. Now, he found himself enjoying knowing what was happening in the town of his youth.

Gabe scrambled a couple eggs, toasted some white bread and then added some milk to his coffee. The sound of Sarah Granger, 1367 East Bella Drive reached his ears and he stopped for a moment. He thought about his Sarah and hoped it wasn't the same woman. Something in the pit of his stomach told him it was though. He shut the stove off and dumped his eggs, curiosity winning over commonsense.

Once Gabe got dressed, he called his dad and told him he'd be a few minutes late. He headed toward East Bella Drive and parked a couple blocks away. He got out, locking his car behind him and made his way to the house opposite of 1367. He took in the sight of flashing red and blue lights, noting several officers walking around the yard. Gabe knew he'd been spotted by a couple of officers and would be ticketed for loitering if he stayed around. He was about to leave when out of the corner of his eye he saw Sarah, the NAPA girl. "Aww, hell," he muttered.

She was walking around the corner of the house, having come from the backyard. Her hands were wrapped around her and her face pale and ashen. Gabe quickened his step, having changed direction from leaving to coming and hurried to her side. "Sarah. What happened? Are you okay?" he asked.

Sarah's gaze held the man's for a moment and then her shoulders shook, in faux humor. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I was passing by and saw the lights," he lied, not wanting to tell the truth about the scanner with the officer standing beside Sarah. "What happened?" he asked again.

Sarah said goodbye to the officer after reassuring him that Gabe was a friend and she'd be okay. "I was robbed last night, but... after everything, I just couldn't mess with calling the cops when I got home."

"Damn, baby," he said and pulled her back to where she'd been last night. He hugged her tight, but felt her stiffen. He released her. "Sorry, I just..."

"It's okay. I'm trying very hard not to think about it," she said and shrugged her shoulders. "I didn't know you lived around here," she told him.

"Well, in truth I don't." He nodded toward the officer's squad car. "I have a scanner and heard the name Sarah and thought I'd check in and see if the Sarah on the scanner was my Sarah from NAPA."

Sarah smiled, the "my Sarah" not lost on her. She felt a warm blush flood her cheeks and another settle in her stomach. "Thanks for coming by. As you can see, it is I."

"Yeah, that sucks," Gabe answered. "How much did you lose? And any idea who it was?" he asked.

"I lost a lot, but it was my own fault. I'm not a social butterfly and my neighbors didn't feel it was their place to question the 'moving company' that showed up sometime around 10:30 in the morning to move me out of house and home."

"You're shittin' me. They watched your place be robbed and did nothing?" Gabe asked looking around the quiet neighborhood.

"Yeah, but like I said. I didn't associate with them. I simply lived here. Come inside. I do have furniture, just can't entertain you with my loud music." She walked into the house and set the paperwork the officer had given her down on the table. She opened the cabinet and produced a mug. A heavy sigh caught Gabe's attention and he saw her pick up another mug and hold it as if it were the finest pottery known to man.

"You know they may have stripped you of the expensive stuff, but they left you the important things... or didn't they," he quickly added when he saw her shoulders slump. "Aww fuck, I'm sorry, they took more than electronics, huh?" he asked.

"Yeah," Sarah whispered and set the mug down. "I'm really tired of crying though," she whispered and felt a new river of tears threatening to fall.

Gabe walked up behind her and pulled her toward his chest. His hands wrapped around her and he placed his chin on her head. "I'm sorry, hon." He wasn't sure why he was suddenly in this woman's life, but he was. He'd been rude to her, she too toward him. Now he was in her home, and trying to comfort her from the loss of everything she held dear to her heart. He remembered she'd mentioned a brother and a sister; the feeling they would be any help to her died on his lips, when he recalled her words.

"Jesus, this is weird," she said and turned into his embrace, burying her head in his chest and once more crying as she sobbed over the silver, the ivory figurines, the jewelry she'd gotten from her mother's passing, family heirlooms she'd found precious for their sentimental attachment, not their value on the auction plate.

He smoothed her hair down and kissed her scalp. "I know. I was thinking the same thing. Fate?" he asked and stepped back when he felt her calm.

She giggled. "Fate? Nah, just an oddity or something."

Gabe chuckled and took a seat at the table after she pointed him toward it. He watched her walk around the kitchen readying him a cup of coffee. He didn't believe in fate either, but he couldn't deny he was curious as to why he was suddenly interested in the young woman before him.

"How old are you Sarah?" he asked.

She placed his coffee on the table and sat down next to him. "Did your mom teach you not to ask a woman her age?" she asked and winked. "I'm twenty-six. You?"

"Thirty-two." He took a deep drink and grinned. "Very good."

"Thanks. I've been fixing it for several years," she answered. She poured herself a cup and added some sugar. "My brother called and he's relented about coming to the funeral. It'll be tomorrow, so he and sis are flying out sometime late tonight."

"You made the arrangements already?" Gabe asked.

"Yeah, I did all that before dealing with the cops. I just woke up, shrugged my shoulders and told myself to get things moving before I brought more chaos into my world." Sarah sighed and rolled her neck.

"I'm glad your brother relented. That'll be nice, won't it. You won't be alone." Gabe took another swig of coffee.

"Nice? Nah, it'll be tolerable. I'll sit here and listen to them whine and complain about how mom and dad were never here for them, but they were for me and how easy I had it. They'll pick through Pop's things and take what they want, listen to the Will, bitch and moan some more and then leave with their precious cashier checks."

Gabe grimaced. "Sorry to hear. How old are they? They sound very young and fool heartily."

Sarah sighed. "Trevor is forty and Denise is thirty-nine." She noticed Gabe's surprised look and chuckled. "Mom married Pop when she was sixteen, and had Trevor then Denise. She was seventeen with Trevor, eighteen with Denise and with me... " Sarah winked, "she was thirty-one."

"Wow, quite the age difference between you and your siblings," Gabe noted, trying to understand the math. "So how old were your parents?" he asked.

"Mom was fifty-five when she passed two years ago. Pop just turned sixty-one a few weeks ago." Sarah finished her drink and poured them both another cup. "Anyway... when I came along. Trevor was fourteen and Denise thirteen. They didn't have much use for me."

"Too bad," Gabe said and reached out for her hand. He squeezed it and smiled gently up at her. "Do you need anything Sarah? I know we just met, but I feel like I should help you. I mean... "

"I know what you mean. But really, I'll be okay. The funeral will be hard, but small and private, so that'll help. Do you want anything to eat?" Sarah got up and moved to the refrigerator. "I've not had anything since yesterday morning and... " Her words died when Gabe jumped up and moved to her side.

"Sit down and I'll make you something." He pulled the chair out and then eased her into it. "How do you like your eggs?"

Sarah sighed and rested her elbow on the table and her chin in her palm. "I don't ever remember how they are called. I like the yoke, but want all the white stuff cooked."

"Over easy?" he asked as he pulled a carton of eggs and a small package of bacon from the fridge.

"Yeah, that's it," she answered.

"Have you had a chance to shower this morning?" Gabe asked as he began opening cabinets, eventually finding a skillet, with Sarah's directions.

"Are you saying I stink?" Sarah asked. Her grin was genuine as was her teasing look.

Gabe rolled his eyes. "I figured since you've not eaten, you may not have showered either. I'm very sure that lovely ensemble your wearing is the same uniform you had on yesterday."

"And we remember how flattering that is, don't we," she muttered and stood up. She completed two full steps before she was pulled against Gabe's chest and was forced to look up at him.

"Yesterday we were both a bit rude and callus. I've apologized and so did you. We don't need to bring it back up right now, do we?" His eyes bore into hers and he watched the flush of embarrassment flow over her pale skin. He studied her face and felt his heart quicken. He released her and stepped back. "I won't apologize though for appreciating the female body. I looked yesterday, Sarah. I didn't touch... but I'm single, so if I had wanted to I could have."

"Well, you could have the blonde bimbo at the counter, but not the chick at the shop." Sarah winked and pushed her chair in. "I'm going to take a shower and expect my breakfast on the table when I get out."

Gabe chuckled and watched her walk away, once again having a chance to admire the view the black slacks accentuated. "Stop that " He heard her say as she walked off. Gabe laughed and turned back to the stove and the skillet he'd sat down.

Sarah headed to the shower, her face burning bright as she felt the warmth in her stomach spreading out. She'd felt his eyes on her ass and her pulse raced with the knowledge he was taking in her figure as he had the women from yesterday. As she showered, she thought about the past twenty-four hours and where she'd been.

First, there was a morning coffee with her dad in his office, the quick trip to Wal-Mart and back, then to the hospital, back to the shop, then home to find herself relieved of several of her worldly goods and sentimental belongings. Now she was in the shower while a man, a stranger really, cooked her breakfast just a few walls away.

When she walked out of the bathroom, leaving the scent of jasmine behind her, she took a deep breath and inhaled the aroma of fresh coffee, eggs and bacon. Her stomach pitched forward as if it were going to race her feet to the kitchen table. She adjusted the sash on her robe and made sure it was snug. Her hair hung loose and damp. Curls of auburn lay against a thick towel she'd draped over her neck.

"Smells divine," she said and slipped back into her seat. She was more self-conscious now that she had showered and taken a moment to reassess the situation. Her eyes followed Gabe as he poured her juice in the glass near her coffee mug. He then filled her plate with breakfast.

He sat down across from her with his own full plate, topped off their coffee and said, "I hope it's up to par."

Sarah smiled. "I'm sure it's perfect." Her moan told Gabe it was and he grinned. She let the warm food slide down her throat and settle, before she realized she'd closed her eyes on the pleasure. "Wow," she mumbled and took another bite, then opened the hazel orbs. "This is amazing."

Gabe grinned and began his meal. "Thanks, I like to toy with herbs and other things."

"This is great. Damn, you can make me breakfast any day," she told him. Her face grew warm at the implication and she chewed silently for several minutes.

Gabe watched her as she ate. His brown eyes moved over her freshly scrubbed skin that wasn't covered by the thick terry cloth robe. He took in the wet curls and noted the occasional drip of water that slipped from a ringlet of auburn hair and traveled down her chest and between her cleavage to disappear. Gabe shifted in his seat, chiding himself for being a pervert, but eventually accepting it and locking in the erotic image of where the bead of water was traveling. When he heard a cough, he looked up into a pair of hazel eyes that were filled with humor.

"You really have a boob issue, don't you?" Sarah asked. Her lips rose to one side in a smirk and she giggled when Gabe simply shrugged his shoulders.

They continued breakfast and then Gabe rose and began cleaning away the plates. "Stop Gabe. You really don't need to do all this. I've got a few phone calls to make and don't you have a truck to fix?" Sarah asked and stood up to help clean off the table.

"I called Dad and told him I'd be by later. He's in no hurry. He's working on a set of rockers for the store," Gabe said and rinsed off the plates, before handing them back to her to place in the dishwasher.

"I've been in your store before. The Shahanna name is known around here for fine detail and quality work. I bought my dad a small table with Eagle talons as feet and he just loved it," Sarah told the cofounder of Shahanna Custom Furniture. "How do you keep up with the demand?"

Gabe shrugged his shoulders. "We stock other pieces besides our own. The table you mentioned is one my father made. Our clients know that we work best if not pushed. The main funds for the business come from ready-made pieces we buy from other local artist that work out of their home. We have some select furnishings from larger stores, but not many. Dad likes keeping it small and loves using the local artist as his means to expand his talents."

"Oh?" Sarah asked before starting the dishwasher. "Yeah, he likes to study how they do something and usually teaches himself and gives a special spin to it to make it his own when he incorporates it into his work," Gabe leaned against the kitchen counter. He didn't have a reason to stay. She was fed and had taken a shower, so he really could leave, yet he didn't want to. He wanted to find another reason to stay with her. "Do you need anything?" he asked.

Sarah's head tilted and she smiled softly. "Gabe, you've been a big help, a godsend really. I've got it all taken care of though. Trevor and Denise will be here, maybe I'll be lucky and it won't go like before."

Gabe sighed. He'd been dismissed. He knew he had. He shouldn't have been surprised. "I guess my work here is done then," he told her and moved to offer a handshake.

"Like I said, you've been a big help, don't underestimate yourself." Sarah took his hand and felt a spark of electricity coarse through her. She looked into his eyes. Her lips parted slightly and her tongue slipped out to moisten the pink petals. A quiet groan punctuated the air and Sarah wondered who had made the hungry noise.

Gabe pulled her toward him and embraced her, his mouth came down to capture hers and his tongue swept into the warm haven. He tasted coffee and their morning breakfast as he danced with the clever muscle. His hands pressed against her terry cloth back and he felt the rippling of pleasure move through her. His fingers slid down to cup the round ass cheeks he'd admired and he gripped them firmly in his palms.

Sarah whimpered against his mouth and her fingers curled into his shirt. She clung to him. Her lips parting further to take more of his tongue and her head angled to increase the depth and tempo of the kiss. When they parted, she gasped and pressed her head into his chest. "Ummm, wow."

Gabe chuckled and kissed the top of her head. "Can I call you?" he asked.

He didn't realize he was holding his breath until he heard her whispered, "I'd like that."

He kissed her again, this time slowly taking his time to stir more passion into her small frame. When he pulled away, it was with great reluctance. "I'll call you tomorrow night okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, that'll be good. I'll need a shoulder or two tomorrow." She opened the door and held it for him.

"Sarah, if you want, I'll come to the funeral and help you deal with your family as well as the legal things with the Will." Gabe held the door frame, not quite ready to leave her presence. "And... are you sure you're safe here?"

Sarah smiled. "Gabe. They took everything. They'll not be back. I'm safe. As far as tomorrow goes, I'll call you when it's over. Trevor and Denise... well you may run away if you meet the worst of the Granger clan."

Gabe reached out and tucked a damp lock of auburn hair behind a slim curved ear. "I don't think I'll be running far," he told her, "and not alone."

Sarah blushed and watched him leave. She followed his walk and then giggled when she realized he'd parked several blocks away to keep from being a loiterer.

Gabe returned to his car, a smile on his face that lasted through the Spanish Inquisition his father gave him concerning his wide grin. By the time he started on his father's truck, he knew he'd be calling on Sarah that night, either by phone or dropping by her house. Hours later, he pulled the truck back into the drive and shut off the engine, after using it for errands that afternoon.

"Test drive's all done, Dad," he called out as he walked into the house. Silence greeted him and he felt his heart catch in his throat. A sound disturbed the silence and he breathed a sigh of relief. He knew he had thought of Sarah and her situation too much that morning and that was what had brought the initial gut reaction to the silence he'd been greeted with.

"Hey," he said, rapping on the door of his Dad's bedroom.

A groan came through the wood and Gabe's brows shot up. He blanched at the sound he'd heard coming from behind the hinged plank of wood. Suddenly, a very feminine shout poured through the house and Gabe's eyes grew wide. "Fuck," he muttered and shook his head in surprised humor.

He quietly left the living room and scratched out a note to his Dad that the truck was finished. He then quickly glanced around the kitchen, wondering if his Dad's houseguest left anything pertaining to her identity laying around. His eyes fell on a lacy pink bra and he grimaced.

"Damn," he said with a smirk. He wondered who the woman was as the shock wore off and was replaced with a sense of pleasure. He was glad his Dad had moved on; he did wonder though why he'd not said anything to him.

Gabe left the house and quickly made his way back to his home. Thoughts of Sarah beat at his subconscious. By the time he'd reached his driveway his hand was running up and down the length of his cock. He pulled several napkins from the glove box of the car and released the swollen member that had been throbbing off and on all morning.

He closed his eyes, thinking of Sarah and her bright hazel eyes, her long auburn hair and her smile as it moved down his chest and over his cock. He continued to see her. He saw her mouth open wide and her white teeth take a tender nip of his swollen dick, before guiding it down her throat.

"Oh fuck," he muttered, the air his only audience. As he increased the rhythm of his self-fucking, he further enhanced his fantasy. He saw Sarah straddle his face, his fingers grabbing at her swollen nipples and her face a glow in the aftermath of several climaxes. He continued to eat her out, lapping at her swollen pussy. When he came, it was hard. Gabe held the napkins over his cock head and shuddered violently as several shots of white dew erupted from him. When he opened his eyes, slivers of white light floated on a sea of blurred images. He took several deep breaths and rolled the napkins into a handful, and then deposited them in an old fast food bag.

Gabe tossed the bag into his burning barrel in his back yard and quickly headed to the house to shower and give Sarah a call.

"Hello?" a deep male voice came across the line into Gabe's ear.

"Trevor?" Gabe asked.

"Yeah, whose this?" Trevor asked back.

"Sorry, I'm Gabe, a friend of Sarah's. Is she around?" He waited patiently for Trevor to answer and when he did he felt his stomach roll and pitch as he waited for Sarah to come to the phone.

"Hey Gabe," Sarah's said.

Gabe smiled and answered back, then asked how everything was. He could almost feel the tension in her body and he wanted to reach out and hug her. "Not good, huh?" he asked, not really needed her to answer. "I'm sorry."

"Yeah, but it can't be helped."

Gabe heard her voice and knew she was on the verge of either crying or screaming. She'd done enough of one and he had a feeling her brother and sister had helped her with the other. "Have you eaten since breakfast?"

Her laughter was light so again he knew the answer. "How about I swing by and we have dinner at Bistromi's?"

Again he felt her weighing the decision and smiled when he heard her whisper, "Get over here now " He laughed and told her he'd see her in a bit. After he hung up, he quickly threw on a splash of cologne and darted out to the car. His cell phone buzzed and he answered it, while backing out of his drive.

"Hey Dad, truck running okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, what are you doing for supper tonight?" Mitch asked.

"I'm taking the NAPA girl out," he answered and then turned onto the road. "What's up?" "I wanted you to meet someone, but we can do it another night," Mitch told him.

Gabe chuckled. "Yeah, I'd like to meet the owner of that lacy pink bra... " He let his words hang in the air and then laughed when his father chuckled over the phone. The two men agreed to meet another night and Gabe shut off his phone.

He reached Sarah's and was surprised to see her sitting on her porch steps, purse in one hand, sandals hung from the fingers of her other. He was glad to see her face full of peace.

"Hey," he said and walked toward her, leaving the car running. "I see you saved me from having to honk the horn and wait on you."

Sarah giggled. "I bet you're one of those men that would come to the door and meet my Pop." Her smile fell a little, but she shook it back in place.

"Yeah, I would have. I also would have brought your mom flowers and your dad a bottle of beer, but... since I was in a hurry to get you away from Trevor and Denise I decided to skip the beer and posies." He swept his hand around her waist and led her toward his car.

"Well, next time, bring me the beer and the posy," Sarah said, adding a smile and a nudge against his ribs.

"Deal," Gabe answered, too excited that she'd agreed to a next time, before they'd even gotten into the car.

Gabe opened the door for her and settled her into the big Cadillac. His eyes roamed up her legs and he noticed she still hadn't slipped her sandals on. "May I?" he asked. His fingers took the straps from her hand and squatted down.

Sarah watched his fingers wrap around her right ankle and slowly slip the sandal under the arch. She moved to grab the strap and assist him, but was stopped by his quiet, "Let me."

She swallowed as he fit her toes into the buckles and then wrapped the thin ribbon around her ankle bone. She whimpered softly as his fingers grazed her skin while he tied the thin strips into a bow. He looked up at her, and locked her gaze with his. Sarah's tongue snaked out, moistening both petals. Her gaze was dragged back to her left foot, which was being cradled protectively in Gabe's large palm.

"I'm sorry," he told her and saw her confusion. "I never should have dismissed you that first day." He slipped her foot in and tied the ribbon and then ran his fingers up her leg, massaging circles along the calf muscle until he reached her knee. "I was an idiot."

"Yeah, but I was on the rag," she muttered, lost in his gaze. She realized what she said and felt her cheeks grow hotter.

"Yeah, I remember and damn I'm bummed about that," Gabe answered. He kissed her right thigh and stood up. "Another time," he told her.

Sarah said nothing, but inside her heart was pounding. "Holy fuck," she whispered under her breath as she watched Gabe come around the car. She felt her sex growing moist and chuckled as she thought of how wet her panties would have been if it hadn't been for the pad.

Gabe slid in and pulled out of the drive. "Do you want to talk about your family and tomorrow or are those subjects off limit tonight?"

Sarah smiled and reached over to squeeze his arm. "We'll play it by ear. They are here until tomorrow afternoon. Both have planes scheduled to leave within an hour of each other. The funeral is at 10:00, the Will should be read around 11:00, and they'll be on planes at 1:00 and 2:00."

"Wow, everything is precise, isn't it?" Gabe asked and reached for the hand that had squeezed his arm. He held it securely in his fingers and brought their joined hands up to his lips. He kissed the soft knuckles and gazed over to her, before returning his attention to the road.

Sarah shivered and softly smiled. "Yeah, precise."

They continued to converse back and forth, touching on the arrangements for Paul's funeral and then moving back to Gabe's Father's furniture business. When they reached the restaurant, both were pleased to be in the other's company.

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