Eggs And Ketchup
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Can a woman with a brilliant career in Las Vegas ever go home? Maybe if an old friend and neighbor prods her enough...

I finally got seated and stretched my legs out as far as I could to take the kinks out. One of the rewards of First Class is that you can actually do that. I have short legs, so I can anyway (some think they're long, but at 5'5" they can't be very). It's a 5-hour flight to Maui from San Francisco (not including the hop from Vegas). I've tried the direct Aloha flight from Vegas, but the little 737 planes that they use are small, crowded and the ride can be bumpy.

Now before you call me a First Class snob, keep this in mind, Hawaiian Airlines knows me by sight. They have a single mother with twin 4 year old boys tucked away in back. If I should take coach, then they seat me next to the twins. Anyway, I'm tired, stressed, and need to wind down before I get home. First Class is the only way to go.

Maybe the breakup had something to do with it. It's not that I've never had a breakup, I've certainly had my share. The one with Brian before I left was no worse than any other. It's the breakups in general I guess. Odd thing is, I've only been on the doing end. I gave Brian the story that he is a great guy (he is) and a fantastic lover (bland at very best), but the kids and picket fence thing wasn't for me and he should do some nice girl a favor. He should find her and marry her. The nice thing is that he didn't cry or beg much.

See, I'm just over 30 now and I'm feeling the ticking of the clock. I just can't find the guy that I want to hold hands with forever and lay in labor for 16 hours having his kids. I think I still look okay, I mean, even in Las Vegas, I still get the looks. I eat right, run when I can, try to stay under 120 pounds. I have brown eyes and a sort of auburn hair that works the sun pretty good and gives me natural blond streaks. I can go sans bra without shame and the large B or small C cup breasts can still hold some eyes. It would certainly seem that the proverbial "Mr. Right" should pop up somewhere.

Looking out of the window, I see the skyway being drawn back and the thump and bumps that go with a plane getting ready. A voice to my side says. "Aloha Aunty Shauna. Going to stay awhile this time? You've cut your hair."

I turn to look at the flight attendant. "Hi Niki. About 2 weeks I guess and yes I did. It was too much trouble to take care of." For those that don't know, there is an undefined point in a woman's life that people in Hawai'i begin to call anybody Aunty that is not their mother, grandmother, or sister. It starts with younger people calling you Aunty and gets worse as you grow older. It isn't new to me, but Niki is only about 25. I'm supposed to wear it as a badge of honor (I really don't mind, but it gives me things to think about).

Niki is the calendar picture of a young Hawai'ian girl. She's the one that guys look at and give Hawai'i the title "Paradise." She isn't all native, but has that mix that creates a certain beauty not found anywhere else. She gave me that big sweet grin and said. "2 weeks is a long time. I'll have your wine for you as soon as we get into the air. You should let your beautiful hair grow out again Aunty."

My hair used to be nearly to my waist, but I had to cut it. Just past my shoulders isn't all that short really. "Thank you Niki. I will one day when I come home for good."

A glass of wine, a good book and no twins. Except for the movie, it was a nice flight. We got into Kahului around 4:00PM. It was a little cloudy and the trades were starting to die for the day, but overall a very nice evening. I collected my stuff from the baggage area and let the cap roll it outside for me. He was tickled to stand guard over my bags while I went to find the car. It was where the storage guys said it would be and it was clean and full of gas. My parent's little Ford Freestyle wagon is no Mercedes, but a nice little car for around the island. I paid the parking, picked up my stuff, slipped the smiling cap 20 bucks and headed for home.

The folks are on another cruise and I knew that there would be no food in the house, so I stopped at a Star Market to get enough to tide me over for a day or so. You don't want to be in a hurry to get through the check stand at Star Market. The checker always wants to stop and "talk story" with each and every person going through. My turn finally arrived. "Aloha Shauna. Going to stay with us long this time? You've cut your beautiful hair."

Eventually I finished my chat session and was on my way. Just before turning the corner at the street leading up the hill to home, I picked up a cop on my tail. I wound my way up and into the driveway of the 2 story house and got out as the cop was pulling in behind me. "Hi Uncle Eddie." I said as he rolled down his window.

"Aloha sweet Shauna. Going to be with us long this time? Darned if you didn't cut your beautiful hair. Can I help you with your stuff?"

As Eddie got out, I put my hands on the big Hawai'ian and kissed his round cheek. "I'll be here about 2 weeks Uncle Eddie. You don't know how much I was hoping for a big strong man to come and help a poor girl with her stuff." It would be a personal affront to refuse help from a local.

When we walked back out to his patrol car, Eddie reached in and grabbed a little plastic box. "Aunty Nona talked to your mom on the phone. Nona told me to give you this." It was a lei that was handmade by Eddie's wife. She is the best. Plumeria and woven palm fronds. Eddie took me in his big arms and mushed me tight. "Aunty and I miss you so much. Everybody misses you and you need to come home for good, baby. For goodness sakes let your hair grow out, Aunty is going to have a fit."

"I will for both things one day Eddie. I promise."

That night went really fast. I had a quick salad and a cup of fresh coffee. I was afraid the coffee would keep me awake, but no chance. I didn't even take a bath. I just stripped, put on one of Dad's old tee shirts, settled in bed to read awhile and conked out.

The next morning was gorgeous. I put on a bikini, sprayed some sun block all over me and organized the lounge in the backyard. Maybe 10 minutes had gone by when I heard a familiar wolf whistle from next door. Without looking up, I put my hand in the air and waved.

"What a thing to wake up to on a Saturday morning!", said the voice from next door. "You hungry? Wanna have some breakfast with me?"

Okay, I was starving. I gathered my boobs back into the bra, tied the string and sat up. "What are you going to feed a hungry girl, Len?"


"Not good enough."

"My world famous omelets then?"

"Deal. Give me 20 minutes to shower and change and I'll be over."

"Wash your back?"

"You won't live long enough." That's what I thought.

For sure I needed the shower. So I did. I even shaved my legs. Did the rapid wash thing with my hair and climbed out. After a half hearted job of toweling my hair and body, running a comb through my tangled hair, I thought, 'What to wear? Well, it's only Lenny.' I put on some pale yellow satin panties, a denim skirt, and (deciding against a bra) a yellow tank top, then went out the backdoor and over to Len's house. I could see him busy beating the omelet goodies in a big bowl. I thought then, 'He turned out to be a good looking guy.' I've known him since I was 4 years old. He was 12 then and I used to tag after him everywhere he'd let me. Actually that was nearly everywhere.

I knocked on the door. "When did you start knocking on my door?"

"It's the polite thing to do isn't it?"

"You never did before. Anyway, come in and sit. I'll start the eggs." As I pulled up a chair to the table, "How is it that you get more beautiful all the time?"

"I don't. I just have a neighbor that's kind enough to say so." He had on tight jeans and a blue sleeveless tee shirt. 'God, he really looks good.' This line of thinking from an extremely horny girl with lots of rest.

"You cut your hair. I like it."

"Thanks, you're the only one so far." He put the plates with our omelets down and served us some Pog (Pog = passion-orange-guava) in cold wine glasses. "Nice touch Len."

"Special lady, special juice glasses."

Len sat down and immediately started pouring ketchup all over his eggs. "You ruin a perfectly good omelet that way. It's disgusting."

"Tough shit. You've seen it before. Don't watch."

That's my Len.

We chatted during breakfast about not much. I told him about Brian and he told me about a couple of his failures. When we were finished, he said. "I thought you and Brian were going to be a number. You went with him for over a year."

"He forgot the rules and started talking kids and a big house for us."

"He was a lousy fuck huh?"

"Pretty much." I laughed. Len reached over and held my wrist. "You know, the guy put down a towel before we had sex? Heaven help it if we got cum on the sheets, he'd want to change them. I finally told him that there'd be no sex if he insisted."

"I think the guy is a raving fool ... You're still wearing that heritage bracelet that I gave you."

"It's the only one that I've ever seen that Ku'uipo has the akina between the u's. I only take it off to clean it."

"If it's for my sweetheart, it has to be authentic. I had it engraved Shauna."

I was beginning to wiggle in my seat a little bit by now. "I didn't know that you did that. I didn't realize you thought of me as a real sweetheart and not more like a sister."

"What I was thinking would be incest if you were my sister. I have a memory that sticks out in my mind most."

"You don't have a sister, but tell me."

"You followed me around for years and suddenly I started following you."

"I was maybe about 12."

"Yes and your butt was starting to look very good."

"You see nothing perverse in a 20 year old ogling a 12 year old's butt?"

"It wasn't just any 12 year old butt, it was your 12 year old butt. I never touched it anyway. Not in a sexual way anyhow. That isn't all either."


"At night I'd leave a slit in my blinds because there was this gorgeous thing that had a bedroom almost right across from mine. If I was very lucky, she'd forget to close her blinds before she undressed. When she got to her panties and bra, I'd pray that she'd turn around before she put on her pj top and close the blind."

"Did she ever?"

"Once in awhile she'd leave it unbuttoned. I was really in heaven then. I couldn't see much really, but it gave me good masturbating fodder."

"It must have been an accident. I mean what nice girl would put on a show like that for the pervert next door? I thought awhile and said, "One day when I was about 14, I was in the kitchen setting a table with food and you were behind me. The grownups were outside."

"I remember. I remember what I was thinking too." Len answered.

"I remember what I was thinking. I could feel your eyes on me. I wanted you right then. I lay in bed thinking about it that night." I glanced down at his lap and followed, "Why Leonard, I believe that you are showing signs of an erection." It couldn't have been fully hard even and was still creating a nice thick outline in the front of those jeans. Now I was really stirring.

"Jeez, I hadn't noticed. Do you suppose it's because I'm sitting across from a beautiful girl that didn't dry very well this morning and I can see her nipples popping through her shirt? Maybe it's because there's an occasional glance of her thin yellow panties that looks like maybe she didn't dry there very well too. Maybe she did dry down there just fine and it's something else."

Looking down, I could see what he meant. There was nothing hidden in the least. I almost looked like a wet tee shirt contestant. I stood in front of him and pulled my top over my head. "Maybe this will give you the view that you wanted from the window. At least you won't have to guess what it would be like without the top."

Len's eyes got big and his mouth was agape. He stood and pulled off his shirt. He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them, with his boxers, to the floor. He sat back down and said. "Now your skirt. I've shown you mine and now show me yours." Then he smiled and said. "I've always wanted to say that."

It was my turn to be awed. "Damn Len, I had no idea. You should have girls lined up at the door." It wasn't like huge or anything, but just nice. It just seemed the right length and very thick. It stood up so nice with a slight curve at the tip to get to 'those places'. There was clear precum forming in the tiny slit on top. Then I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Before I could slide my panties off, he reached around me and grabbed my butt in his hands to pull me closer.

"Hold the panties, those are mine," He said, and pulled my tummy to his face. His tongue went right into my indented navel and then down to the panty covered patch of fur just below. I could feel his hot breath as he tongued the front of my panties and as far as he could go with me standing. He took the thin bands at the sides of the panties and pulled them down to my feet. When I stepped out of them, Len put his face in my mound and breathed deeply. He put his hands between my thighs and found the wet opening with his finger. Len pulled me over his lap and whispered, "Sit on it."

I took the base of his cock in my fingers and Len guided me down and over his swollen cock. I felt it start to penetrate but stopped and used the tip to masturbate my clit and labia. When he was as wet as I was, I eased down over it and let it tunnel its way in. Len was anxious to bury it and I felt him raise his hips to thrust it deep. I uttered a heavy "Oh" as the cock found its way to the hilt. When my butt was firmly nestled in Len's lap, his hands reached for a tit. His face was all contorted and he was starting to breathe heavily against me. His mouth found a nipple and began to suckle it hard. My hips were grinding against him. It probably could go no deeper even if it was longer and it felt better and tighter inside than any cock I'd ever fucked. "God Len it fits nice."

"It was made just for you I think. I never guessed this would ever happen."

"Fuck me."

"Oh yes."

My arms were around his neck and my head was in his hair. He thrusting in and out of me and I was grinding against the thrusts. We soon fell into a steady rhythm of hard fucking as if we'd been together for years. Len gave up on trying to milk my tit and leaned back so that he could get leverage to push his shaft up and into the wet hole. I felt him shudder just as my orgasm had built to a place where I had to release. He throbbed and moaned as his sperm spurted into me. I groaned and suppressed something louder as we came together. I collapsed against him and he put his arms around me to press me even tighter. When I got my breath back, I said, "Damn that was something. I came so damn hard I thought I was going to pass out."

"I knew it Shauna."

"You knew what stud?"

"I always knew that we should be together."

There was cum running out of me and down my thighs. I knew that I had to be dripping on him. "Together for a little while anyway. Let's enjoy what we have." I cautioned. I looked down in his face and asked, "Did you not cum enough?"

"I came plenty, why?"

"You aren't soft."

"Well, I was thinking of something."

"What were you thinking of?"

"I was thinking of standing you up next to the table and getting behind you."

"Do I have to put shorts and a top on?"

"Another time. Let's do it naked this time."

"I'm going to drip cum all over your floor."

"Fine, maybe I'll leave it and sleep in it tonight."

"I'm going to put the skirt and top on anyway." I said.

"A little role-play? How come we never did this before?"

I slipped on my skirt and zipped it. "Because you never seemed interested." I put the top on and smoothed my hair over my shoulders.

"There were lots of girls to fuck and thinking of you with my hand was even better than most of those. I didn't want to lose a friend."

He snuggled against my back and I could feel that there was going to be no problem with Len and quick seconds. He put his arms around me and put his nose in my hair. His hands found my tummy under my top. He squeezed a little bit and even that felt nice. His fingers were under the top exploring my skin. He saved my breasts for last and cupped them in his hand.

"They are beautiful. So full and so heavy. Not too big, just perfect. Hell they were perfect when you were 12 too."

I was getting throaty then. "They were A cups at best dummy." His hands were massaging my breasts and he was using his thumbs to caress my nipples.

"Like I said; Perfect."

"God, Len." He pulled the top over my head again, pulled my skirt up to my stomach and put his hand between my thighs from the back. His fingers felt nice there too. I felt like I was on fire again and when one of his fingers penetrated me, a wave went through my body. He knew just where to touch and how hard to touch it. Len put one hand on my tummy and one on my back to urge me down to the table, then parted my cheeks and was quiet for a minute. "What are you doing back there?"

"Looking at your cunt. It's sorta red in there. I can see way in into it."

"You're playing doctor now? You've made it red in there with that cock of yours." Then he wiggled the tip of his soaking finger into my butt a little. "Damn Len. Stop that."

"The other one looked pretty sore, so I thought what the heck."

"It takes more preparation than a little cum to fuck that. Put your cock where it belongs."

Laying over the table with my ass hanging out, my head laying on my folded arms and my left tit in his plate of leftover eggs and ketchup didn't seem so romantic to me. My toes barely touched the floor. Him holding my butt cheek open and his cock nudging its way into my vagina made up for any lack of romance. Len started pushing his way in a little at a time and I could feel each bit of it. It was plenty wet enough for him to just ram it in, but I think he was afraid of hurting me. With the force of each push, I let out a little "ummmph".

"You like that don't you Ipo?"

"Yes. Ummmph."

"You like the way I fuck you huh?"

"Yes. Ummmph"

"Say it. Say you like it."

"I love the way you fuck me. Ummmph."

"I'm going to fuck you hard."

"Fuck me hard." He was. It was steady, but hard. Easing it out almost all the way and then ramming it into me. Each time dragging my tit across the plate and lifting my toes off of the floor. "I can't remember."


"I can't remember being fucked like this. Ummmph."

"I never fucked anybody like this. Never even wanted to before."

His hands were on my sides now and he was pulling me to him as he drove his cock into me. I began to feel the ache building and the chattering of my cervix screaming for his semen. Len had to feel my orgasm building because his fingers where digging into me. I lifted my head and held on to the other side of the kitchen table. I came. I came so hard that I couldn't see. I hardly noticed his body stiffen and his strokes get faster and shorter. We were making sexy wet noises and then I did feel his cum stream into my cunt. He grunted and made some indistinguishable noises as the last throb of his cock emptied his balls into me.

He was laying over the top of me when I felt his cock shrink and leave its warm wet home. We lay like that for a minute and I said "Get off me lug, you're smashing my tit into the damn ketchup." Of course Len thought that was pretty funny.

"Eggs and ketchup isn't so bad of a combination huh?

"Easy for you to say, you aren't the one laying with your tit in it."

Then he pulled me up and said. "Let's get you and me another shower. I lived through that so this time I get to wash your back."

"It's my front that needs washing. Between my legs might not hurt any." I picked up my panties and used them to clean up some, grabbed my skirt and top, and followed him to his room upstairs. "With your folks gone, how come you don't move your bedroom downstairs?"

"You never know when that beautiful girl next door might show up and let me see her in her bra and panties." I threw my clothes on his bed when we got to his room. "Start the shower Sweetie, I'll be in just a second." So I went in, started the water and waited until I thought it was just right. I led him into the shower and he started to wash me. He certainly was fussy about me being clean, because it was taking him ever so long. His fingers found the crack of my butt and the little hole that he wanted to maul with his cock. "You ever been fucked there?"

"What a thing to ask Len!" I gurgled through a mouthful of water. That's none of you business."

"I take that as a yes ... I'm a virgin."

"A virgin? Oh." I thought for a moment. "So I'm supposed to feel sorry for the poor little virgin boy and let him fuck my ass?"

"Of course."

"You are something else Len," I said. Deciding that he would never finish washing me; I took the washcloth away and started to do him. After I'd worked my way over his handsome back, arms and legs, I reached his happy shrunken cock. "I have ideas for him," I muttered.

"So far I like your ideas. What are you thinking now?"

"Thinking I'd like to suck it." As I fondled it and his balls.

"You won't make it now. If I get hard again, my balls will implode."

"Yeah, sure."

"Trust me, you've exhausted them for awhile."

We got out of the shower and dried each other and Len took a very long time dryng. "Don't rub all of my skin off." And I went out to dress. I had no intention of putting them back on, but my panties were missing. "Where the heck did my panties go?" Slipping on my skirt and then my top. No answer from Leonard.

"Leonard? Where are my panties?"

"Ummm dunno."

"Do too. Where are they?"

"You'll be sooo pissed."

"I'll bet. Now show me." He opened the closet and dragged out a small box that looked like a treasure chest. "Open it Leonard," I said not being really sure that I wanted him to.

"Just some keepsakes," he said as he opened the top. This morning's panties were thrown in on top. When he took those out, I could see maybe 50 pairs of panties all folded neatly under them. My panties. They were all my panties. Len was red in the face. He looked like a little kid that got caught stealing cookies.

I sat on the bed and sort of thumbed through the neat little piles. They were in rows with 8 pair or so stacked on top of each other. "Some of these must be at least 20 years old and they are all mine. How did you ever collect them?"

"The oldest ones are about 16 years old. There are little date tags pinned to each pair. And the other answer is very carefully. Most are clean though. Your mother even caught me once.

"I would wait for you in the laundry room so I didn't have to take off my shoes. When nobody was looking, I would take a special pair every once in awhile. Once your mother came in and I didn't get them stuffed down in my pocket enough and she saw them. She told me not to let you catch me or you'd have a kitten."

"She knew you were taking them. Damn her. She told me that dryers just eat things like panties and socks now and then." Then it all struck me funny and I laughed. "You really are one perverted soul Leonard."

"I know. I be bad. Wanna spank me?"

"No I don't want to spank you, but you can't have the satin ones. They're almost 15 bucks a pair."

"I'll buy you a panty store."

"There's no such thing as a panty store."

"There should be."

"My dad would agree with you I'm sure. Okay keep the panties, but I get something in return."


"We'll see about that."

Len put his jeans back on, but changed shirts. I was still pawing through some of my old panties and wondering what memory a particular one might hold for Len. "Look Sweets, I have an appointment to meet some guy in about an hour. I wish I could spend the day with you, but he's leaving the island tomorrow."

"That's okay, I have stuff to do too. There're some people I need to see or they'll get their nose bent." I replied holding up a pair of white cotton string bikini with a bear on the top front. The tag said that it was August 5, 1993 when he stole them.

"I know what! They've just remodeled one of the restaurants at the Grand Wailea. A friend of mine is the maitre d' there. Bet he'd get us a good table if I told him I was bringing you."

I folded the panties and put them neatly back. "You couldn't mean like a date or anything could you?"

"A date. Yes, a real honest to God date. How about it Sweets, wanna be seen in public with a poor old haole like me."

"I would be proud to be on the arm of a tall and handsome man like you." And I thought, 'Oh boy a real date!' then, "Get a hold of yourself Aunty Shauna, you aren't in high school'. But I felt suddenly like I was.

Len followed me downstairs and I headed for the front door. "Didn't you come in the backdoor?"


"Aren't your slippers back there (sandals)?"


"Neighbors will see you and talk."

"Good." And I opened the door to a beautiful warm morning with a very wonderful, if perverted, old friend just behind me. "People always look, never gossip Len. You know that."

"You don't know how proud and happy you make me by leaving through the front door."

I skipped down the stairs and made the porch of my house in two leaps and turned. A few faces down the block were looking and I waved. They waved back. I waved at Len pulling out of the driveway and Len waved back. I turned to open my front door. 'That butthead never even kissed me! Not so much as the usual hello or goodbye kiss'.

Just then Len pulled up into my driveway and rolled down his window and yelled, "Go see Kawelo today if you get the chance. He called and heard you were coming and needs to see you."

"Does everybody know I was coming home?"

"Maybe everybody but the last person on the flight that just unloaded."

I started to yell "Where's my kiss fuckhead." but he was gone.

Okay, no kiss, but I have a real date. I needed to do a far better job of washing my hair and I believe that I was actually dancing to my bedroom to get the shampoo when the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and sighed. "Hello Brian, what do you want?"

"We need to talk."

"We did talk and we're through talking."

"I didn't understand, but I finally got it. It was the sex wasn't it? I wasn't giving you enough sex."

"Okay Brian. I have gone a very long time with mediocre sex and I seem to have survived. What I don't like mostly is that a guy doesn't love me enough to listen to what I'm trying to tell him."

"First you cut your beloved hair, you suddenly dump me, and then you take off without a word and without signing that new production contract with the Grand. It is all too weird."

"I'm not certain that I want that contract. I'm tired and need some rest."

"I've got tickets and I'm coming over so we can talk. I will learn and listen, I promise."

"Maui is still part of the United States, at least for now, and it still is a free country. But I promise you this Brian; if I so much as see your face, I'm calling Uncle Eddie and he'll give you your very own four police car escort to the airport..."

"You can't do that. He can't do that."

"But Brian, you know that we can and will."

"Then it is finished."

"Must have been free minutes today Brian or you wouldn't have wasted the money to call me. I left you on a good note. You'll want to keep it that way." Click. 'There's a mood killer. No it's not! Uh uh, not today'.

So, I forgot that and washed my hair. While it was drying, I went to Mom and Dad's room to see if she had a decent dress to wear. I remembered a certain black one. Sure enough, way in back and in a plastic dress bag, was the black dress. I was in panties and bra already so I put it on and checked me out. 'Smells musty.' I looked pretty good and it showed my shape very nicely. Just above my knees, low cut and thick enough straps to hide a bra (I have little luck with strapless bras). Oh yes, a very thin black, lacey bra will be just right. I put it in a clean bag that didn't smell and took it downstairs. The heels on Mom's shoes were too high for me, so I would go to Macy's at the mall and get the rest.

I put on a cum free skirt and another top and jumped in the little station wagon with the dress. I stopped at the cleaners and walked in. "Aloha Missy Shauna. How long you stay? Hair pletty short now Missy Shauna."

"Hi Lu, about 2 weeks and I'm going to let it grow out I think. Lu, I need a big old favor from my very favorite dry cleaner. I need this dress freshened, no perfume, and wikiwiki (hurry hurry)."

The Chinese are special when they blush and they can do that a lot without much coaxing. "Yes, yes. Smell bad and I fix in big hurry for you pletty one. Never perfume you Missy. You smell good."

I leaned over the counter and kissed his cheek just to see him blush again and was off to the mall. On the way out I stopped and said. "You're getting old Lu; you sometimes forget your accent." Lu just blushed again, laughed and gave me a 'get out' sign with his hand.

Next stop Kahului and the mall. Life seems to be rush-rush no matter where I am. I come home to relax and am on the move the next day. It was no problem finding some shoes (I'm not too fussy about shoes), I found some sandals with a nice wide black strap and about 2" heels. The bra and panties would be a different matter. No stockings. If he wants me in stockings (and maybe a garter belt) then it will be another time and place. I think that Macy's has the second best bra and panty section in the world. It took about 30 seconds before I had a salesperson to help me.

"Something special?" She asked.

I held up a sexy pair of black strings and put them in front of me. "Something like this I think."

"I can assure you that I'd love to see you in those," She responded with a smile.

"I don't walk that path, but I'm sure you could if I did."

"You should give it a try. You might find you're missing something."

I said, "I've visited on occasion and it doesn't replace a nice, firm, permanently attached dick. I have a special date tonight and I want him to never forget it."

She went to another display against the wall and found a very small pair of sheer black lace string bikinis. "I'm no pro with guys, but a lot of them buy something like this for their wives or girlfriends. I assume wives or girlfriends anyway. I don't like the matching bra, but there is another that matches." Then she laid the panties and bra on the table for me to see.

"You are pretty good, the panties are perfect and the bra looks like it is a perfect fit."

"Try it on and let me check the fit. You could try the panties on too, I won't tell." Smiling even broader.

"Just the bra today." I went into the changing room, stripped my top and bra, and put the black bra on. The girl came in and checked the fit. She did a good job of checking too because my nipples were starting to show very nicely through the lace.

"It looks very good on you. It's a small C and pushes those pretty breasts up just enough to give you more than ample cleavage. I have lunch in twenty minutes, are you sure you won't join me?"

She acted like she was about ready to cream her panties and I didn't want to be mean, so I said. "You'd better excuse me while I change back. You may start ringing it all up if you like."

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