Paying The Price
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Steve hires a hot girl at his store, but she won't date him. Then some cash turns up missing and the tables turn.

When Julie Roberts showed up at his door Steve should have know that she was going to be trouble. His mother had asked him to interview him for a position he had open in his electronics store as a cashier. Julie was apparently the granddaughter of one of his mother's friends. His mother had been a little unclear about her past, just saying she had been in some trouble when she was younger and was just looking for someplace to get a good start in her life.

She was a small girl, maybe just over 5 feet tall, dark brunette hair, a pretty face with bright brown eyes. She was slim, maybe 105 pounds, with nice sized tits, like twin grapefruits on her chest. He could see the faint outline of both her nipples as she sat before him waiting for him to finish reading her application. She must be a little cold in the chill air conditioned air of Steve's office. She was wearing a button to the neck white blouse and short tight black skirt that showed off her shapely legs to perfect effect. Steve figured that her pretty provocative dress was what passed for her thought of conservative clothing.

"So you didn't finish High School?" Steve asked her. She waited a second like she was gathering her thoughts. Usually that was a bad sign, in Steve's experience people only had to think about things they were going to lie about.

She answered him after just a few seconds, "I had a hard time in High School. I got in with some friends that I should not have. I dropped out for a while, and then I went back and got my GED from an alternative school."

Steve tried to play it cool, as he answered, "Yeah it's not like you learn too much in High School anyway. It was mostly just bullshit." He realized that she was more attractive than any woman he had been around in a while. Truth was that Steve was a big fucking nerd and he knew it. He was 29 years old, unmarried, a little soft around the middle from spending too much time in front of a computer screen. He had started the store while he was in college and it had grown into a local resource for all the nerds. He sold all of the components that any could ever want to repair, or build your own computer. In addition he carried a large selection of high-end audio equipment that catered to the truly crazy audio nuts. He was well off, not rich, but well off, but he was also lacking a woman.

He asked her a few more questions and enjoyed watching her eyes as she answered him. He tried not to stare at her tits as he knew what that would get him. Women were quick to dismiss a man that looked at the very part of their body that they went out of the way to advertise. He had already decided to hire her so the rest of the interview was just perfunctory. He had already decided that he would like looking at her and his mind was already concocting some fantasies about her.

"So when can you start?" he finished up the interview with.

She rewarded him with a big smile and said, "As soon as you want me to."

"Come in tomorrow at nine and we can start your training," he answered back to her trying to look at her eyes and not her tits. He shook her hand and she turned and left his office. He noticed on the way out that her ass was perfect, firm and well shaped. It made his cock start to swell just thinking about her perfect ass.

The next morning she showed up right on time. She was dressed in a tight black tank top that showed off way to much of her big, firm tits. Steve's eyes were drawn to her cleavage like a moth to a flame. She was also wearing some tight black jeans and black pumps. The jeans showed off her perfect ass and they looked like they were painted on her. The pumps gave her a little more height and made her ass sway sexily as she walked in front of him.

He took her out front and introduced her to Rob, the other cashier on day shift. Rob was a total nerd whose only real goal in life was to master whatever on-line combat game was the flavor of the day. He took a look up and down Julie his eyes focusing on her large well displayed tits and then said, "Hey pleased to meet you. You can come into my bomb shelter any day."

Steve was not sure what in the hell Rob meant by that and he did not really care. He said, "Just show her the ropes please. Leave whatever comments you have like that in whatever fucked up corner of the world your brain inhabits."

Then Steve said to Julie, "He's harmless. Just ignore him, or slap him whichever you prefer."

Julie laughed and said, "I have dealt with much worse than him. I will have him under control in no time." Then she said to Rob, "Ok show me what to do. I am going to take your job so you better get started."

That broke Rob out of whatever daydream he was engaged in and he looked over to Steve.

Steve smiled and said, "Sweet Jesus Rob are you that dumb. You know that have been short a person. Just show her what to do and both of you get to work."

Then Steve headed back to his office and tried to get some work done. He found that his mind kept drifting back to Julie though and he was having trouble concentrating. He flipped to the security cameras that he kept watch on the store with. He had over a dozen cameras sited to make sure he could see every square inch of his store. He did not want any shoplifting or any other funny business in his store.

He switched through some of the cameras until he came to the one that was over the register that Julie was running. The camera was sited right above the cash drawer so Steve would have a precise accounting of every transaction. He wanted to make sure he could catch him employees stealing and at the same time make sure that any mistakes were caught.

The camera focused in Julie perfectly. Steve realized that he could see right down her shirt and he used his remote focus to zoom in even closer on her tits. Suddenly he realized that his cock was throbbing in his pants, and he unzipped and reached down to grasp his hard rod as he starred at her perfect tits. He started to jack off as he noticed that she was wearing a black lacy bra that looked to be designed to push her already ample, firm tits up for full viewing. He wondered what her nipples looked like. He figured they were a light pink in color as her skin was pale and her hair black. He could just imagine how nice it would be to slide his cock between her big tits and then fuck them until he was ready to blow his load. He could just imagine how good it would be to spray his jizz load all over her firm tits and erect pink nipples.

Rob had been beating his meat while he stared at her tits ands and daydreamed about tit fucking her. He started to cum quickly and he ejaculated a big cum load into the garbage can under the desk. His cock was rock hard as he thought about his sexy new cashier. As soon as he finished cumming he realized that he had not locked the door.

Luckily no one had come in while his was beating his meat over his new sexy cashier and he quickly zipped up and moved the security camera away from Julie's tits. He felt guilty about spying on her like that, but she would never have to know. It was almost lunch time so he headed down to the store front and went up to Julie and said, "So would you like to get some lunch and celebrate your first day?"

She answered him, "Oh, I'm sorry I brought my lunch today."

Steve felt rebuffed although he was not sure why as her answer was a reasonable one. He said back to her, "Well maybe another day."

When he got back from lunch Julie was still at the register. "Didn't you take your lunch break?" he asked her.

"Yeah, but it only takes me a few minutes. I might as well spend the time working I figure."

Steve could not argue with his answer and he went back to his office and finished out the day. Julie was already gone when he came downstairs to lock up and cash out the tills. Rob was completing the cash out and he said, "Good day boss, we did a lot of sales and you got me some eye candy to stare at too. How would you like to fuck her ass man? I bet she is one sweet ride."

Rob talking about Julie that way annoyed Steve for some reason. He was thinking the same things as Rob was, but he did not want to join in friendly banter about it. He wanted to do it with her. Rob on the other hand knew he had no chance so he could publicly discuss his lust for her. Rob caught on that Steve did not want to talk about Julie and they quickly finished up their end of day work.

The next morning he was already in and upstairs when she came in. He flipped through his cameras and saw that she was wearing a tight red sweater, from the way her tits hung nice and low and her nipples stuck out, it appeared that she had left her bra home today. She was wearing the same short, tight, black skirt that she had worn to the interview and Steve could feel his cock harden as he focused in on her nice firm tits. He could see the outline of her nipples easily through the red sweater top she was wearing. 'Fuck, she is hot, ' Steve thought to himself.

He didn't jack off again looking at her picture in the camera, he still felt somehow guilty about doing that while spying on her yesterday. He wondered how he should approach her. Her rejection of him at lunch yesterday left him feeling a little cold. He had been rejected by woman his whole life so Steve knew when a girl was going to blow him off. He decided to go for a big score all at one time. He had tickets to one of the hottest clubs in town, a club where you had to know someone to get in. Steve had personally hooked up the owner of the club, a guy named Jake Clinton, had hooked him up with some tickets in thanks for a job well done. The fact that the guy had dropped over $100k on his home stereo and theater system was thanks enough but Steve had taken the tickets anyway. He figured even if Julie didn't find him all that attractive she would still go for it just because everyone tried to get into the Spider Club, and very few did.

He waited until just before the end of the day and headed down to check on Rob and Julie. It was a slow Thursday afternoon so they were just standing around talking and didn't stop when Steve walked up. It was not like he was a hard ass boss. Steve heard Rob say, "Yeah I'm going to go check out the new Battle Field Assault 3 game this weekend. There is a huge tournament on line and when I win they will all be calling me master.

Rob obviously expected Julie to give a crap about that, which she clearly did not. She actually looked glad that Steve had showed up which was a good sign as far as Steve was concerned. "Hey, what are you going to do this weekend?" she asked.

"Well one of my customers gave me passes to get into his club. I hear it is a pretty good one, it's called the Spider Club, I think." Steve knew for certain that any woman in the city who was not a totally boring drone would want to go to this club. She should want to go if a 500 lbs gay guy asked her. Steve finished with, "Hey you want to go with me? We could catch some dinner and then head over to the club."

Steve thought for sure she would say yes, even if she didn't really want to hang out with him. He was wrong though as she said, "Well, I have to go visit my grandmother, maybe another time." Then she grabbed her purse and split on the two guys.

Behind him Steve could hear Rob snickering and making the sounds of a plane getting shot down. Steve was pissed but he just growled at Rob, "Lock the fuck up," and then headed out into the parking lot. Julie's beat up car was gone; it was a 1990 something Honda accord. It had more rust on it than paint. What the fuck was she being so picky about who she dated. Not like he was expecting her to sleep with him or anything. He was hoping she would, but not expecting it.

Steve kept wondering and decided to confront her on it as he did not think he was that bad of a guy, at least for some dinner and a movie kind of deal. He went downstairs on Monday when Rob was in the back checking on some stock items. He found Julie at the register. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt and pants that looked like they were painted on her tight ass. He was nervous as hell so he tried to focus on her face and not her body as he said, "Hey, I was wondering something."

She was polite, but he could see she was bracing for him to ask her out again. He just jumped to his question without any further introduction, "So I was wondering if there was any way I could ask you that would get you to say yes to going out with me."

She turned red and spun away from him. He must have embarrassed her, or even worse maybe pissed her off. Steve just waited for a moment until she said, "Look, you are a really nice guy, but we are really different people. I just don't like to date guys that are a lot older than me."

"Jesus, Steve said back to her. How the fuck old do you think I am?"

She said, "Umm, I don't know maybe 35 or so?"

"Great I am only 29; man I must really look bad."

She reached out and touched his arm, sending shockwaves through his body as she said, "Look I don't want to make a big deal out of this. I really like my job and don't want to lose it, but I just don't see it between us. Is that OK?"

Steve could read the writing on the wall and said, "Yeah that's cool. This has nothing to do with work. I won't ask you again." Then he walked off back to his office, a black mood enveloping his mind. He knew there was no way he would ever be able to get a sexy babe like Julie. He was doomed to jacking off to internet porn the rest of his life.

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