Devlin Manor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Belle has just inherited a beautiful old mansion, but she will soon find out that Devlin Manor has a long history and some very naughty ghosts.

A few lines printed under the photo of Devlin Manor in the book "Great Mansions of Australia" Devlin Manor Home to several generations of 4 families, said to be haunted by the ghost of Lord Rockley, his son and a young maid who had died tragically in a fire over a century ago.

Belle followed the circular driveway around to the large brown front door before slowing her 1979 Holden Gemini to a stop. For a long time she sat perfectly still, just looking out the window. Why had Aunt Mary left her this house? True they had been each others last living relative, but Mary had never had much time for her niece while she grew up, and they hadn't spoken nearly at all during the last few years.

The house was just as Belle remembered it from the brief stays she had been allowed on occasion when she'd begged and cried to her Aunt to let her come home. After her parents died, Mary, being Belle's only living relative had become her guardian. Belle had been sent to an expensive boarding school, which was really a highly paid orphanage for the children of parent's who couldn't be bothered to care for their dependants.

But what did all that matter now? Her aunt had passed on and was well out of reach of Belle's resentment, and Aunt Mary had left her this huge beautiful mansion and more money then she knew what to do with. Belle ran her fingers through her short black hair as she said a silent thank you to her Aunt and an apology for being such a spoilt brat.

Her Aunt's lawyer had told her that the House Keeper Libby and the Gardener Greg would be here to meet her, but she didn't see them anywhere. Using the key he had given her she let herself in the front door.

The foyer was just as she'd remembered it, polished black tiles covering the floor, spotless white walls and two black columns holding up the very high ceiling. As always she was unable to hold back the pleasured gasp, this house truly was beautiful.

Belle's stomach rumbled grumpily, it had been a long drive from Brisbane, five hours to be exact and she hadn't stopped for lunch. As she made her way to the kitchen she wondered if the housekeeper had thought to stock the fridge; she hoped so.

As she approached the swinging kitchen door she heard the distinct sound of voices, Must be Libby and Greg she thought smiling at the little picture she had in her minds eye of the two sitting at a table loaded with food waiting for her to join them. She had to laugh a little at that, she really was hungry.

But the closer she stepped to the door the less the sounds resembled friendly conversation. She could only hear the occasional muttered word but mainly the sounds were animalistic, grunts, moans... Her face suddenly turned a bright red as she realized what she was hearing.

Belle thought about turning around and leaving, maybe taking a trip to that little takeaway store she'd seen about half an hour back down the road, but the voyeuristic part of her mind had other ideas. Before she could stop herself she'd pushed open the door, just a crack and was peaking through. Her heart beat sped up and her mouth went dry as she watched the two in the kitchen.

The woman could only have been the house keeper Libby, as she was wearing a black work dress with what looked like a white apron. She was perched on the edge of the kitchen bench her dress pushed up around her hips and her long white legs bent on either side of the man's hips.

Belle was relatively sure that the man was the gardener Greg because of the dirty blue jeans and those dirt covered shoes. They had obviously just moved the parts of the clothes that were in the way before engaging in the erotic show, meaning that this had been a spare of the moment decision, possibly while they were waiting for her to arrive. She found that thought even more exciting.

She couldn't pull her eyes away as the tall muscular man took the housekeeper with long slow strokes drawing out all the pleasure he could from her panting purring body. It had been a long time since Belle had been involved in anything this erotic, and she felt her breath come faster and her lower muscles clench and react to every thrust of the man into the woman on the kitchen bench.

For a time her eyes were glued to Libby with her shoulder length curly blond hair and her fire engine red lips open wide to take in more breath. But before long they moved to Greg with his broad shoulders and back, hidden under that dirty green singlet, his large hands gripped Libby's hips, holding her in place for his long hard thrusts, and he was talking, whispering something into the woman's ear. Belle couldn't quiet hear the words, but she could imagine, an did.

Quietly Belle drew back and allowed the door to silently close biting her lip to hold back the giggle that seemed to be bubbling up. Well, she thought looks like they're morning my Aunt in the appropriate manner. Smiling all the way she made her way up the stairs to find her room.

She took her time, stopping occasionally to look at a deep landscape or an eye-catching portrait. One in particular caught her attention; it showed two tall dashing men. The older was also taller with shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes, and a slightly angry expression on his ruggedly hansom face. The younger was what she could only describe as cute, her heart gave a skip as she gazed at his short blond curly hair and hansom almost beautiful face. He looked around her age as well. She sighed as she looked away and continued down the hall. Why can't I meet a cute guy like that? She thought as she opened the door to the bedroom.

Belle had to shake her head to clear her vision as she looked into the room, before her eyes something seemed to be changing, materializing. As her disbelieving eyes looked on two figures became more and more clear.

A pretty young woman leaned against the far wall giggling as the younger man from the portrait whispered something in her ear. The way his hands rested on her slim hips and the closeness of his mouth to her ear lead Belle to believe that they were much more then friends. She watched as they exchanged kisses and whispers for a few moments, and once again had to blink and shake her head as the couple began to fade and finally disappeared like they were never there at all.

"O — K", she spoke out loud "I think it's time for some food".

Just as she reached the bottom of the stairs the housekeeper Libby came out of the kitchen, looking flushed but happy. Belle grinned widely as she took the last step, and held out her hand to greet the pretty blond.

"Hello I'm Belle, Mary's niece, you must be Libby", she took Libby's hand and held it for a moment, smiling into her large green eyes.

"Yes, I — um, I've been expecting you", she looked around a little nervously towards the kitchen then said, "How long have you been here"

Belle's smile widened for a moment and she had to hold back a wink, "Not long I just went for a bit of a look around", her stomach rumbled impatiently reminding her of why she had come back down. "I'm so hungry, is there any food here?"

"Yes of course!" Libby laughed, sounding bright and rather relieved, "Come on through I stocked the fridge with goodies this morning".

A big lunch of cold meats, salad, and fruit satisfied her successfully and Libby proved to be very pleasant company. But Belle soon excused herself and retreated to her room in need of a rest and some time to think. She laid on the huge bed, so tired after the strange day, but was unable to sleep. Her mind drifted over the softness of the bed, that lovely clean, slightly lemon smell of the sheets, she honestly couldn't remember a time when she'd felt more comfortable. As she came in, she half expected to see the ghostly couple again, but they hadn't appeared. Belle had to admit that she was disappointed, they'd looked so happy and in love. She wondered if she really had seen them or if it had just been a hallucination brought on by hunger and a little sexual frustration. Belle had never seen a ghost before... Her mind wandered further over the issue of ghosts and paintings then suddenly turned to Libby and Greg and what she'd seen in the kitchen.

She smiled as she played the scene over again in her head. It had been one of the hottest things she'd ever seen, worthy of any dirty film, and Greg! He was niiiccce, she dearly wished that she had gotten to meet him today, but he had all but disapeared. She wondered if he and Libby were actually together or just got down every now and then.

Her fingertips gently caressed her neck, moving downwards between her full breasts to stoke the soft underside of one then the other. As her mind drifted seeing the scene in the kitchen again, imagining herself on that bench. Her hand caressed lower over her flat stomach.

Her knees gripped Greg's hips...

Belle's hand moved lower down to her tingling mound

He looked deeply into her eyes, a wicked grin spreading as he pulled down the fly of his pants freeing a big 8 inch cock

Gently her fingers opened the tender lips of her pussy, mewing softly at the sweet sensation of the cool air touching the hot inner sanctum.

He grips her slim hips and pushes his very hard cock against her soft tight opening, moaning and closing his dark eyes as the head penetrates her tightness.

She stoked the side of her singing clit trembling with the shots of pleasure this gave her. Holding her pussy lips apart with her thumb and forefinger she began a sweet steady rhythm with her longest center finger, stoking her clit firmly, her mouth opening wider to bring the extra air she needed to deal with the intense sensations.

She could feel his cock stretching her as he pushed slowly deeper — deeper — deeper. All the way to the hilt, and pulled her hard against him to get even deeper and as he began to thrust back and forth in long deep and powerful thrusts.

Her breath came faster and her head tilted back as her hand moved faster.

As he gripped her and thrust his cock within her his mouth took hers in a long hot kiss before moving to her ear and whispering filthy nothings.

Her hand moved faster and she began to gasp for breath as she drew close to her completion. Her eyes flickered open for a moment and a gasped as she saw two dark eyes above her. A single cry left her lips as her body was overtaken by orgasmic shudders and the delicious waves of ecstasy coursed through her body, intensified by the shock of finding that she wasn't alone, but it was too late to stop. Heat spread from where her fingers stroked so vigorously and all through her trembling body, spread wide for the dark watcher's pleasure.

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