Adverse Conditioning
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Harem, Lactation, Pregnancy, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In the future we finally have complete control over our own bodies, even to the point of using them as collateral for loans. So what happens when some rich bitch can't pay what she owes? She gets seize and sold to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for her that bidder is someone with a score to settle

It wasn't like any courtroom that Lisa had ever seen before, not that she had ever been in a real courtroom, but she had seen many on the holo and this just wasn't like that at all. No high bench for the Judge, no jury chairs, no banister separating the audience from the participants, in fact no seating for an audience at all, for that at least she could be grateful. Just another rather non-descript room with beige carpeting and off-white walls and a long conference table with chairs scattered around it with a few more set back against the wall. The only thing that could be viewed as even remotely court-like were the four uniformed bailiffs casually posted next to the room entryways.

Three men were already seated at the table as she walked through the door she had been led to by her courthouse guide. She recognized only one of them, her court appointed attorney. He at least stood when she entered and pulled back a chair for her next to where he was sitting. Taking her seat she looked over at the others who were regarding her with what could only be considered coolly professional detachment.

"Gentlemen," her own attorney said to the others, "Mrs. Johnson is here I believe we may proceed."

"Yes," the man sitting at the head of the table began, "it all seems to be fairly straight forward, this shouldn't take very long." Focusing on Lisa he continued, "Mrs. Johnston we have a few formalities to take care before we can get down to the meat of the matter."

"You are Mrs. Lisa Johnson?"

"Yes I am."

"Your husband was the late Jeffory Johnson, past president of J&J Enterprises?"

"Ah, yes, Jeff was my husband."

"You have been made aware of the, shall we say, difficult, situation his estate is in since his passing?"

Difficult situation? Total freaking disaster is what he really meant! The numbness that had enveloped her mind since being informed of her husband's suicide five months previous intensified, giving a fuzzy, unreal feeling to the world around her.

Jeffory Johnson, President and CEO of J&J Enterprises had been a real high flyer. He was hot property in the universe of commercial real estate and development; a real doer so they said. For the twenty-two years they had been married they had lived not only the good life but also the high life. The money seemed endless. The parties and clothes, vacations on the French Riviera, cars and town homes, nothing was too good or too expensive. Jeff always said you couldn't scrimp on the flash; you had to look good to be good. Nobody would do business with someone who looked second rate. And she had done her part, oh yes!

She was the epitome of the corporate wife, the classic arm fob. Endless hours in the various spas and even more hours with personnel trainers, cosmetic surgeons and orthodontists, nothing was too small a detail to be overlooked. At forty she could have passed for a mid twenties starlet, right down to the stylishly short blond hair, large firm breasts, narrow waist and perfect ass tapering down her long elegant legs to her dainty, pedicured feet. Nobody would really know how many of Jeffory's deals had been sealed because some high roller had wanted to get into her panties, but it was more that just a few. Of course a few of them were known since she had gone to bed with them. Strictly on Jeff's orders naturally, anything to get the deal done! It's not like she really cared, sex with some old man, sex with Jeff, no real difference. At least a few of them had bigger dicks than dear old Jeffory's little five inches. Not that it mattered; she didn't get off by having some sweating brute crushing her while banging his cock in her. She got off on the lifestyle; sex was just exercise, and not a very strenuous one at that.

It wouldn't be that big a stretch to say she was a corporate whore, but she didn't care about that either. What the hell, she'd caught Jeff by getting pregnant her freshman year in college. Nine months gestating her lifestyle is how she looked at it. After that it was nannies and boarding schools for darling little Bradley, she hardly had to spend anytime with him for the past twenty years. A real bargain since children can crimp your style something fierce if you let them.

That was all before the phone call. The call informing her that Jeff had been found in his office with the barrel of a pistol in his mouth and his brains splattered over the wall behind him.

The cowardly shit! What he couldn't face was the inevitable result of living on borrowed time and money. Just as the house of cards was about to crash down around them he cashed in his chips and took a dive. The business was not only worthless but in substantial debt, well beyond any reasonable means of paying it off.

"You realize that you were a full partner in J&J Enterprises? That you are obligated for the full and complete restitution of its debt?"

"I, I guess so," she stammered. "I never was really involved in any of the business dealings. Jeff took care of all that. I just signed papers when he told me to."

"You did indeed sign papers Mrs. Johnson," the other man seated at the table finally spoke up. "If fact you co-signed all these debt instruments and collateral agreements. Are these your signature and thumbprint?" He showed her a large stack of papers with her very obvious signature on them. Not that it could be seriously questioned, the practice of affixing thumbprints to legal documents had long ago eliminated any plausible deniability.

"I suppose there isn't any doubt about that is there?" she sighed.

"No there isn't," he stated flatly. "The debt incurred by J&J Enterprises is well into the tens of millions and thankfully since the elimination of that silly bankruptcy law after the last economic crash, we, the consortium I represent, intend to collateralize the entire estate for compensation. That means we intend to take everything Mrs. Johnson, the house, the cars, even your clothes."

"Oh yes," he smiled for the first time, "even you."

"What? What do you mean me?"

""Why this Mrs. Johnson," he said pushing another paper across the table toward her. "The two of you not only put up everything you owned as collateral, you also used yourself to guarantee the loans. In fact your son was also listed but since he turned twenty-one this year that became null and void."

"If it was ever valid," piped in the administrative judge. "I'm not happy about finding that let me tell you. That comes very close to crossing the line from involuntary servitude to outright slavery. I can't believe your principals signed that agreement!"

"Yes, well your Honor it's really a moot point, but I agree it wasn't well done by either side. In fact it would be best if we could get this whole matter concluded as quickly and quietly as possible." Turning back to Lisa he continued, "The fact is Mrs. Johnson, you and your husband used yourselves as collateral and although we were able to harvest a few organs from his body the only thing left is you!"

"But you can't mean that!" she stammered. "You can't tell me I don't even own me!"

"That is exactly what we mean," the judge said placidly not even looking up as he signed a document in front of him. "In fact this court order I have just executed confirms your status as Indentured Servant until such time as your service pays all outstanding debts of the estate. Of course the annual interest alone on the unpaid amount far exceeds the mandatory service pay of any IS. This being the case your status has been classified as permanent." Speaking to the room in general he said, "I assume the state brothels have placed a bid, they usually do in the case of a decent looking one. If they have, I suppose you are going to accept it, if for no other reason than to get this over with."

"Yes they have," answered the consortiums representative, "and yes we will."

Lisa's head was pounding, the room swimming before her eyes. She was being sold to a whorehouse right in front her!

"Pardon my interruption but there was another bid." It was her attorney; turning towards him Lisa had the faintest flash of hope.

"Here it is," he continued pushing another paper towards the judge. "As you can see it outbids the state and the monies have already been placed in escrow. If you would take a look at the bidder please, I might recommend that you accept it. To open the bid for counter offers might be, well let's just say it might bring out into the open things that are better left out of view of the public."

"Yes," the judge responded slowly, "I can see where that might be for the best. Do you agree?" He pushed the paper to the representative. Although couched as a question it was clear from his tone the matter had already been settled.

"Ah, yes I see your point your Honor," the rep replied. "Well I don't see how we can argue, it's not much more but every little bit helps." Quickly he signed the bid form signifying acceptance and handed it back to the judge.

"Well, lets finish this up." Looking directly at Lisa he began speaking, "Mrs. Lisa Bennet Johnson, having found you unable to satisfy the agreed terms of these debt instruments and having placed your person in the position of collateral for these loans I find you in default. As such your status as citizen is hereby revoked and you are declared in a state of Perpetual Involuntary Servitude in accordance with the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 2022 and subject to all laws and regulations implied by that categorization until such time as the aforementioned debts have been satisfied, including any interest and penalties associated with them. Henceforth your legal designation is LISA-ISP-0375-22-2044. Bailiff, take this ISP down to receiving and have her processing started, the note here says her new patron will pick her up this afternoon."

"But you can't just..." However before she could protest further two of the guards grabbed her by the arms and yanked her upright. She felt the cold metal of a stun rod shoved against her back and just that quickly any further resistance stopped. She had seen Jeff use just such a weapon on their own IS's and the screams of pain and pure terror were even now burned into her memory. The three men didn't even glance in her direction as they returned to their paperwork.

Instead of leaving by the door she entered they hauled her through a smaller more nondescript one at the rear of the room. Arms still firmly in their grasp they moved quickly through a maze of smaller hallways and finally into an elevator where one of the guards punched a number near the bottom of the panel.

"Where are you taking me?" she finally gasped, her body shaking as her body as reaction to her new status finally started to sink in.

"Shut up bitch," one guard said amiably. Then looking over to his fellow he said, "Maybe we can have some fun with this one before we turn her over, she's a looker."

"Nah," his buddy replied, "if she was heading for one of the state houses we could probably get away with it, the state don't really give a shit, but you heard up there same as me, this ones private property now. I don't know who it is but if he's got enough pull to buy a contract out from under the state I don't want to take a chance he might get upset with being delivered damaged goods. Besides I'll bet this is one fridge bitch, might as well be jacking off from all the action you'd get from her."

"I don't need no action from her, all I want is a warm pussy. I guess you're right though, best not piss off some fat cat, there's plenty more downstairs if I really get hard up."

"Better watch it Ben," the other chuckled, "you might be showing some smarts there, Sergeant hears that he may put you on patrol, maybe even put you in for Corporal."

"God forbid!"

Their conversation barely made it through Lisa's shock induced stupor. Somehow she did realize they had been casually discussing raping her without any concern of her hearing them! They were treating her like she was some kind of animal! Fury began to build inside her, pushing away the fuzz of shock. Finally the elevator door opened into a brightly lit and sterile hallway.

"Let's go meat," the one called Ben said as they pushed her out. It was a short walk to a small vestibule where a female guard was sitting behind a desk.

"Hi Gracie, got one here for ya. Standard processing, owner will be picking it up sometime this afternoon."

"Fine, gime her disk." Ben handed Gracie a small plastic disk which she took and placed in a reader on the top of her desk. "LISA-ISP-0375-22-2044?"

"Ya that sounds right."

"Alright, ok meat forearm in the reader."

"What?" Lisa had barely been paying attention.

"I said forearm in the reader bitch! This is your one and only warning, do what you're told when you're told or you get zapped." She pointed to a hole in the wall next to the desk. Tentatively Lisa stuck her left arm in the hole until it couldn't go in any farther. Feeling a slight tingle in her arm she understood that the machine was reading the chip that was inserted in every citizen, not only being read but reprogrammed with her new ID number. From now on anyone reading her ID chip would instantly know her new status as property.

"Alright meat let's go, through that door."

"Hey Gracie you need help with this one?"

"Get real boys," she rolled her eyes at the two guards. "Get your cheap thrills somewhere else."

"Ah come on Gracie, what's a guy to do?"

"Well you could buy a girl a drink for a start, and then maybe see what happens."

"Ok, well how about tonight after work?"

"Call me later, we'll see. Now shoo, go away."

The two men grinned and left. Gracie pointed with her stun rod toward an open door. Through the door was a large room with tables; open boxes were on the tables.

"Ok Meat, strip and place everything in one of the boxes."

"I..." The stun rod flicked out and barely touched the bare skin of her arm. Pain such as she had never imagined dropped Lisa to the floor where she began to sob uncontrollably.

"That was the low setting meat. I'm resetting it for medium rare now. When I want you to talk I'll ask you a question. This is not a question. Strip and put everything in the box."

Still sobbing Lisa slowly stood up and began to remove her clothing. Every item was inventoried and placed in the box, blouse, skirt, and shoes, even her pantyhose. Next came the incredibly expensive watch Jeff had given her for clinching one of their bigger deals. She was really sorry to see that go, he had been a fat ugly bastard who hadn't washed, and he wanted her to suck him off but had settled for fucking her doggy style. She had really earned that watch. Then her earrings and wedding bands went into the box until at last she stood completely naked in the middle of the room.

"Alright meat, into the chute." Gracie the guard pointed to what looked like a cargo container up against the wall some twenty feet in length. One end was open and was obviously where she was intended to go. Looking back at the guard she quickly moved toward the 'chute' when the rod started towards her.

"Good meat, you learn quick. That will make life easier for you." Then she laughed in a kind of barking yip, "or at least as easy as you're ever going to have."

Once in the chute as plastic door closed behind her and a mechanical voice came out of speakers in the ceiling.

"Keep moving forward, do not stop." It kept repeating itself over and over. She moved.

As she slowly walked through the apparatus she was sprayed with warm soapy water, brushes extended to scrub her down and at the end high velocity air blew her dry, it was very much like an old fashion car wash. When she exited Gracie pointed to another door with the rod. Quickly Lisa moved as ordered.

In the next room were another two guards, one male one female. In the center was a table with foot stirrups and off to the side a small desk.

"On the table meat, feet in the stirrups."

"Why..." This time the pain from the touch of the rod not only knocked her to the floor but left her body shaking and convulsing, it felt like someone had jabbed a knife in her back and twisted it a couple of times.

"Here I though you were a quick learner, meat. Guess it takes longer with some than others. Sal, why don't you help the pretty lady onto the table, strap her down."

Grinning the man bent over the shaking woman and roughly grabbed her arms. Lifting her up he frog walked her to the table where he slammed her down. While he forced her arm in one cuff attached to the side of the table the other guard did the same on the other side. Next he lifted her still shaking leg up and clamped it into one of the stirrups while his partner mirrored his actions with the other leg. As she returned to consciousness Lisa found herself flat on her back, pelvis slightly elevated with her legs spread wide apart, her vagina gapping open and in full view.

"Now usually I don't answer questions from meat, but since I'm sure you're going to love this part I think I'll let you in on what we do now. This is where we do the body cavity search. Wouldn't want you to smuggling any contraband in that high priced cunt of yours, or that tight little ass for that matter. Just wouldn't do." Turning to the female guard she said, "Bev, you got the scope?"

"Sure Gracie," Bev held up a two-foot long tube about an inch in diameter, one end had a clear rounded lens, the other an eyepiece. "You want to do it or you want me to."

"You go ahead, I just want to get done soonest, it's almost time for lunch." Turning back to Lisa she grinned and said, "Now listen meat, I'd recommend you relax and let the ol' tube in just like it was your long lost lover because it's going in no matter what, easy or hard, and if its hard it's going to hurt, real bad. Start with her cunt Bev."

Lisa felt a presence between her legs and shortly thereafter she felt something cold and hard touching the entrance of her vagina. Involuntarily she gasped as the intruder forced it's way into her genital canal. It was uncomfortable but not really painful, the total humiliation of being treated like a, well, like a piece of 'meat, ' stung much worse than the probe. Finally after bumping against her cervix the probe began to withdraw.

"Hey, meat," it was Gracie again, "you take your boyfriends up your shitter much?" When Lisa shook her head no Gracie began to make a small tisking sound. "Too bad meat, if you ain't used to it then this is going to hurt. Well quicker done quicker over. Go on Bev."

Suddenly she felt the probe pushing at the entrance of her anus. Although she tried not to she clenched, resisting the cold, hard, invader. It was futile, the cold metal pressed up against her until finally it popped through her abused sphincter. Lisa felt like she was being torn apart, the pain was incredible!

"Scream if you want to, meat," said Gracie, "it might help a little and nobody can hear you down here anyway." Scream she did, thrashing her head back and forth, tears streaming down her face. Ever inward the invader plunged until she was sure it was going to come out of her mouth. After what seemed an eternity the vile thing stopped and withdrew, leaving her bowels with a soft plop.

"Well I won't say you're the bravest thing we ever had but it's over now. Bev, Sal, sit her up and let's get the collar on her."

The two guards quickly released the crying woman and hauled her up to sit on the edge of the table. Gracie moved over to the desk and picked up a smallish box. Opening the top she pulled out a gold colored metallic band about one inch wide and about ten inches long. It shimmered in the light; golden in hue there were highlights of reds, blues, greens and violets dancing over it as Gracie brought it over to the dazed woman.

"Well meat, your new owner, I'm sorry, your new patron, sure seems to do things right. This is one of new models. Beautiful little thing ain't it? Slimmer and lighter than the older ones, or them cheap ones the state uses. You should feel darned proud to wear it. I don't own anything this pretty. Must be he's going to want to show you off, now ain't that special."

Without saying anything else Gracie moved behind Lisa and wrapped the band around her neck, she did something and it tightened to fit snuggly against her throat. It reminded her of one of the chokers she used to wear. Lisa always thought a choker accentuated her slim neck and made her look somewhat exotic and sexy. Even given the circumstances she secretly wondered how that beautiful band looked around her neck. Her hand went up to feel its smooth coolness. In front, on the bottom was a small ring dangling down from the band about a half-inch, it didn't feel particularly large or sturdy, she wondered what its purpose was.

"There you go meat, tagged, bagged and ready to go. Now we're going to put you in the holding pen until your owner comes to pick you up. On the holo will be the introduction to the features of your new toy. State thinks it's a good idea for you ISP's to know just what can happen with your control band. Might save some problems in the future."

"Now I'm supposed to brief you on your rights as an ISP. You know, how much they can work you, how often they have to feed you, all that shit. Well here's your rights briefing, you ain't got any. None. No matter what it says in the law it don't mean a thing. There hasn't been a prosecution for abuse of and ISP for the past thirty years. Even that crazy bastard they found cooking his and eating them. All's he got was a stiffly worded letter. The fact is your new owner, yeh we're supposed to call them patrons but no two ways about it meat, he owns your ass and everything else that goes with it. If he took you outside the door here and cut your throat he might get a ticket for littering but that would be about it. My advice to you meat is you do your best to make your new owner as happy as possible because your life depends on it. End of speech. Any questions meat?"

"What about my clothes?"

"Meat, everything you owned went to pay off your debts. If you're lucky your owner will bring you something, otherwise you walk out of here naked. Any more questions? No? Good. Stick her in the pen and let's get some lunch."

The 'pen' was a small room with hard plastic benches in place of chairs. In one corner a holo was running demonstrating the various features of the control band Lisa was now wearing. Guard Gracie was right; it was top of the line. Not only was it a locater, with one call she could be found anywhere in the world within seconds, it also acted as a stun rod permanently affixed to her body. It could be set to a multitude of levels from mild discomfort to instantly lethal. It could be activated by her patron's voice command, remote activator or automatically, such as if she left her owner's property without permission. Add to that it was practically indestructible; there were no clasps or binders, the metal welded together upon installation. It was somewhat flexible but the briefing recommended against any large weight gain as expensive factory adjustment would be required. And above all that it could be set to administer a lethal charge if connected to a medical monitor and the owner dies. So the wearer better not kill their owner and they better hope to god he or she doesn't get killed in an aircar accident away from them!

All in all it was an incredibly sophisticated and deadly little device designed to ensure the complete obedience of the collared IS. Many times Lisa gasped and reached up to touch her beautiful piece of jewelry, understanding now why there had never been a successful IS uprising. Her thoughts kept coming back to this mysterious person who 'saved' her from the bordello and just what he was going to demand from her in return. She may have been vain and cold hearted at times but she wasn't stupid, she already knew she was going to give him whatever he wanted, she simply had no other choice.

"LISA-ISP-0375-22-2044," a guard, one she wasn't familiar with entered the room and read her name off a flimsie. It seemed kind of silly since she was the only one in the room but procedure is procedure. Without looking up he continued, "Follow me, your patron is here to pick you up." Turning around he walked back out the door. With one arm trying to cover her bobbing breasts and the other covering her crotch Lisa followed.

It was a short walk to another room where a number of men were standing around. Most looked at her appraisingly. Even with her hair blown up in a wild configuration, no makeup and hunched over trying to cover herself she was still worth the look. Although she was being studied very carefully none had yet approached her. In the corner of the room she noticed a younger man talking with one of the guards, his back to her. He was of medium height, not slim but not notably overweight, although it was difficult to tell as he was wearing a full-length leather coat that covered him to the knees. His hair was neither very short nor very long but style perfectly in the day's fashion. She couldn't see his face but he seemed to be a fairly attractive young man. The guard was handing him something, not very big, maybe a small key fob. As he did the guard looked over at Lisa, pointed to her and the young man turned around.

"Hello mother, it's good to see you."

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