Golden Guard
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Historical, Humor, Sadistic, Torture,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The adventures of a brave young Amazon in a bygone era. A story of sword and sorcery, but no sandals, as our heroine is always barefoot - and bare pretty well everything else.


Roberta had wanted to become a Golden Guard from as far back as she could remember. Her parents had given her up to be trained at the age of twelve when it had already become obvious that the blonde girl had great potential.

At eighteen she had first been fully enrolled into the elite unit that guarded the King with their naked bodies, their skill as archers and their prowess with the sword. She had served for one year as one of the reserves, spending much time on patrol in the troubled hills to the North and earning high praise for hardihood, skill and courage. She had been wounded twice and bore her scars proudly. At nineteen she was a fully trained member of the Inner Golden Guard, skilled in swordfighting and a deadly archer. Like all other members of the Golden Guard, she was tall, strong and, apart from her sword belt, bow and quiver, totally naked.

Roberta had worn no clothes now for seven years and would never wear them again as long as she was one of the King's Protectresses. If she lived long enough, she would retire at thirty five. But few indeed of the Golden Guard lived that long, and hardly any of the elite Inner Guard that Roberta had now joined. It was a rarity for one of this
group to see her twenty fifth birthday. These were dangerous times and a Golden Guard would far sooner die than see harm come to her beloved King. Many did perish, throwing themselves upon the swords of those who attacked the royal progress around the troubled kingdom. But no attack upon the monarch had ever succeeded in harming his person - not in all the thirty years of the Golden Guard's existence.

When Roberta had been put forward by her proud parents, she had been one of twelve from her village and the only one to succeed. She had not seen or heard from her family since leaving them and she never would. The Guards were all the family she had or needed these days.

Each day the one hundred members of the Inner Guard were inspected at first light. The Commander would walk down the three rows of tall and sturdy women and inspect them closely. Each sword belt must be immaculately polished and the brasswork shining. The buckle must exactly be one inch above the navel and precisely vertically above it. Even the merest fraction out and the defaulting Guard would be punished at dusk. The bow must be slung over the right shoulder and at an angle of forty five degrees to the line of the body, passing exactly halfway between the breasts. The slightest error would be punished. The quiver must also be worn with total correctness, the top coming one inch over the left shoulder. All items must be spotlessly clean, as must the naked bodies of the Guards themselves. A speck of dirt on any bare foot would mean big trouble for the careless girl in question. Hair was worn long and straight, and must be spotless and perfectly brushed.

Roberta had endured one hundred inspections by this time and had never been found to be at fault. This was lucky, for all faults were punished and there was only one way to punish a defaulting Guard for any offence, no matter how trivial. The whip! Each evening, except when in action, the day's defaulters were lined up and flogged one by one. A dirty sword would get twelve lashes, a dirty belt, ten, a wrongly worn bow, quiver or belt thirty. Dirty feet were punished with ten lashes and untidy hair by twenty. To be picked up on all these would not get one hundred and twelve lashes! For such gross inattention to detail, the penalty was doubled. But this had never been known to happen. The girls were far too proud of their tradition ever to fail on so many points - even the sloppiest of them - such as Bertha!

Last night, Roberta's closest friend - and lover - Bertha had been whipped for having her bow at the wrong angle. Roberta had listened to and watched the heavy whip fall thirty times on that strong back. It was hardly a novel experience for Bertha! A thirty year old veteran had given Bertha her lashes. This woman was incredibly strong and had arms the thickness of Bertha's thighs - and Bertha was a strong woman, like all the Guards. Bertha had cried out near the end of her whipping and received all thirty again for cowardice. Bertha stood next to Roberta this morning, her back was raw and she was in agony as the bow and quiver rested on her torn flesh. But Bertha stood straight and motionless as the merciless and all seeing eyes eyes of the Commandant bored into her. Roberta knew that any fault found today would be punished. Even if Bertha were whipped every day for a month she would never find mercy here! But Bertha had been very careful not to err again!

Roberta stood as the Commandant eyed her up and down. As ever, her heart was racing and her stomach contracted with fear. As yet, she had never been whipped but she knew that some time, maybe soon, she was going to go through what she had seen happen to so many others many times before!

The time for her first whipping was obviously not today! Once again the Commandant passed down the line. Roberta allowed herself a congratulatory sigh of relief! Then the Commandant stopped behind her.

"Your sword belt is twisted, Guard Roberta! I am surprised at you! Report for punishment at dusk. You will be our sole entertainment today! The turn out is very good this morning."

"So they finally got you for something, Bobby!" said Bertha as the two reported for duty. They were to be on guard outside the Royal apartments.

"I can't think how I was so careless, Bertha! I go over every little thing a dozen times before morning parade. But she was right enough! My belt was twisted and now I'm going to get thirty, just like you did last night! At least I won't be just about the only one with a smooth back after today! Let's face it! It had to happen some time! I suppose it won't be that bad. I mean to say, I've been badly wounded before now!"

"It's not the same, Bobby. In the heat of battle it's one thing. Tied up and helpless it's another! You'll see! And feel! How you will feel!"

Being on guard meant standing utterly motionless for eight hours with one hour long break, followed by six more hours of standing like a statue. Then Roberta reported to the camp prison for punishment. Her heart was pounding with excitement and fear. She had always known this moment would come and was pleased in a sense that she was finally about to be initiated!

"Remove your equipment, Guard Roberta! I suppose you know what I am about to say?"

Roberta slipped off her sword and belt and the quiver and bow. She laid them on the table in front of the Commandant and stood at attention and totally naked. She replied to the Commandant's question.

"I am to be well whipped, Madam Commandant!"

"Yes. You wore your sword belt incorrectly on parade. I was very disappointed in you! I expect nothing but perfection from you, Guardswoman Roberta! And I will have perfection in future! Do you understand?"

"Yes, Madam Commandant!"

"And you were seen to move today when on Palace Guard." Roberta had expected this. Someone would have noticed. Someone always did!

" What have you to say to that?" asked the Commandant.

"I did move, Madam Commandant! I flinched like a baby after being stung by a wasp and I am deeply ashamed!"

"In a few minutes, you will be stung by more than a mere wasp! Very badly stung indeed!"

"Yes, Madam Commandant!"

Roberta felt totally wretched. She had disgraced herself twice in one day. She swore to herself that if she survived the impending marathon whipping she would never again let the Golden Guards down in such a woeful fashion. Flinching from a wasp sting! How utterly, but utterly, pathetic! And she had been badly wounded twice and kept fighting until loss of blood made her faint! She'd be shedding more blood soon, and deservedly so! She was nineteen now - not a nine year old!

"I award one hundred lashes for your lapse on duty and a further seventy for the belt. I know thirty is the normal tariff for the belt but you should know better, Guard Roberta. I expect so much more from you than from the others and I will make your punishments far more severe than theirs when you fall so badly by the wayside. Put up your hair so that your bare back may escape not an iota of the pain that it so richly deserves! Then report to Senior Guardswoman Felicity!"

Senior Guardswoman Felicity was the strongest of the Golden Guard. She was a giant of a woman and stronger even than the Amazon who had made Bertha cry out the day before. Roberta was to be punished with all the severity the Guards could bring to bear upon her, so deep was her disgrace. A hundred and seventy! That was something of a record for a first offence! In fact it was a record for any punishment since Roberta had been a member of the Guards. Only three Guards had ever been punished so severely and one of those had died under the lash, long before her punishment was complete.

Walking behind the massive Felicity, Roberta reflected that she was maybe half an inch taller than the woman who was about to more than half kill her. And she had easily as much muscle as her Punisher. If she lived long enough then she herself would one day be wielding a whip on future generations of raw recruits. But Roberta knew she had much to learn before she rose high enough to be giving rather than receiving lashes!

"Can I trust you not to move?" asked Punisher Felicity "I mean - do I have to secure you or will you take your lashes bravely?"

"I-I'll try to be brave, Madam Punisher!" Roberta would sooner die than not be brave!

"Good girl! My! But you're a strong one! I've never seen you this close before, Golden Guard Roberta! We must have a test of strength - you and I - when you have recovered! Don't worry! You will walk away from this flogging with your head high and proud. And I will not humiliate you by securing you!"

Roberta stepped to the whipping post, raised both arms as high as they would go and placed her feet wide apart. She nodded and said "yes" in a clear and confident voice when asked if she were ready.

"ONE" Called out the Commandant.

The whip hissed through the air and the watching Guards saw that smooth and powerful back being flayed for the first time. Roberta almost bit her tongue to stop herself crying. Bertha had been so right! This was nothing like being wounded in battle! This was sheer hellish agony made even worse by the knowledge that she was abysmally disgraced and justly condemned. And she had one hundred and sixty nine more lashes to take before she could lower her arms and walk away.


If Roberta had found the first lash hellish, then this second one was double hell! She pressed her hands against the post and gripped hard to stop herself lowering them and trying to escape this torment. She had promised to be brave and brave she must be!


Could it really only be three? Did she really have virtually all of her ordeal still ahead of her? She would never make it! But still her arms were raised and her hands clutched the post. Still her feet were apart and still she moved not a muscle as the whip came down a fourth, fifth six, seventh and eighth time on that already bloody back.

Bertha, who had received sixty the previous night stood with all the other woman as the Golden Guard's most highly decorated heroine was punished. Bertha had helped Roberta put her belt on that morning. Bertha had made sure it was twisted! But Bertha had not reckoned on that wasp! As the Commandant's voice signalled the thirtieth lash and the flesh of her dearest friend was torn into yet again, she felt the tears pricking her eyes and she swallowed hard. It was unheard of for a Golden Guard to show emotion as she watched a sister Guard being punished. At this rate she would be getting another whipping tomorrow. She forced herself to look straight ahead.


By this time Roberta was convinced that she had been very wrong not to have her arms secured. The effort of will required to keep them above her head was becoming far more than she could have ever imagined.

"What if she moves?" whispered Bertha to Rosemary who stood next to her.

"They tie her up and finish the one hundred and seventy and then give her them all over again. She's going to move soon! Poor kid!"


The one hundredth lash descended on to the soggy back. Roberta had never been whipped before and she was suffering far more than a more hardened Golden Guard would have been. But she had kept her position and not moved once. The watching women all admired her. This was courage of the highest order!

"SECURE THE PRISONER!" shouted the Commandant.

So Roberta's arms were to be tied and she was to receive the rest of her lashes unable to move even if she had wished to. Why had they been so merciful to her? She could scarcely believe her good fortune. But she knew what she must do!

"Permission for the prisoner to speak under punishment, Madam Commandant!" Roberta called out.

"What is it, Guardswoman?"

"I can take the rest of my lashes without moving, Madam Commandant!"

"Very well! Order to secure is withdrawn!"


The final lash fell, as heavily laid on as the first. Not once had Felicity eased up on the errant Golden Guard. Roberta was ordered to return to her barracks. She would receive no treatment for her horribly injured back and would be on duty again next morning, expected to do a full day's Palace Guard duty. And if she moved again, it would be one hundred more lashes on a torn back.

"I am so sorry, Roberta!" sobbed Bertha. "I was so angry at you for always being Miss Goody Two Shoes that I twisted your belt. I thought you'd only get thirty, Roberta. I had no idea a wasp would sting you!"

"Forget it, Bertha! I ought to have dressed myself! If they had known you had helped me I dread to think what would have happened! You did well to get me whipped! It was high time for me to feel the lash on my back. And I'd have got it for the wasp in any case! As you see, I'm fine! In a week I'll have healed. You spoke the truth about the pain, mind you! It was like nothing I've ever experienced or imagined before! But I'm still here, although I think I'll sleep on my stomach for a few nights!"

And Roberta lay face down on the cold stone slab which was all any of the Inner Guard slept on for their entire service, no matter how high they might rise. Even the Commandant slept thus!


Paula had lived in the same village for nineteen years and now she had come to the capital city to live with her aunt and uncle for a short time. She was due to become a servant at the Royal Palace. But first she was to see the sights of the big town and take a trip to the coast. It would be the first time Paula had seen the sea. She was immensely excited! All Paula's family had been servants at one time or another. Her father had recently retired as a head footman and her mother had been a cook. Paula was to be a chamber maid.

Her Uncle drove the wagon and Paula and her Aunt sat and admired the view as the sea came in sight. It was blue in the Spring sunshine and the Winter cold was already tinged with a bit of warmth. Although Paula still wore her winter clothes and was glad of them.

"I feel so sorry for the King's Golden Guards in this weather!" said Paula. "How can they stand being bare in this cold, I wonder!"

"They have been bare since childhood, Paula! By the time they enter the King's service they are well used to it!"

"I bet they still feel cold! Poor girls! So awfully young and likely to die at any time! They say that eight out of fifteen were killed in the last attempt on the King! They are so brave, and to think they are all women like me!"

"Even as a servant, you will be safe, Paula! The Guards protect all in the Palace - not only the King. Although it is their prime duty to shield His Majesty!"

They moved into the seaside cottage where her uncle had been born and Paula slept. In the morning they all walked up to the top of the hill overlooking the village.

"What is that out there?" asked Paula, pointing at an island several miles out to sea. It rose straight out of the sea and was surrounded by rocks. A castle like building dominated the highest point.

"It is the place they take bad women. Several miles further out, where it can only be seen on really clear days, is a bigger fortress where they imprison male criminals. No one taken to those two islands ever comes back. They are for the very worst offenders."

Paula looked fascinated at the distant and grim island prison.

"Do people not sometimes escape?"

"Never. It is surrounded by rocks and can only be approached through one gap which is guarded night and day by the best archers in the King's Army. A boat goes once a month to take provisions and carry new prisoners over there. The currents are far too strong even for the best swimmers. Once a woman is sent there she never comes back."

Paula shivered. Suddenly it seemed less mild and more wintry and she was glad of her warm furs. She couldn't bear to think of all those poor women trapped in that ghastly place, probably in some horrible dungeon, for the rest of their lives, while she was free to breathe the fresh air, just a few miles away from such misery. She was curious, though, to know more of how the prisoners spent their time.

On the way back to the cottage Paula pointed to the road. In the distance was a cloud of dust as though many travellers were approaching.

"What is that, Uncle?"

"It's the King's carriage, Paula! We shall see him pass soon. And you will see the Golden Guard, surrounding him and keeping him safe from harm."

Soon the carriage was in sight. It was pulled by a team of six white horses and Paula had never seen such fine beasts. In front, running to keep ahead of the horses, were three naked women. Six more of the golden haired Amazons ran on each side of the carriage and three ran behind. All were tall and fair haired. All wore swords and had bows across their shoulders. Paula had never seen so beautiful a sight as these tall and powerfully built women, none older than twenty four and all long of limb and barefoot, running easily and perfectly in step over the stony highway. As the procession drew level, Paula felt herself watched by eighteen pairs of cold, blue eyes as the vigilant Guards kept her under constant scrutiny until they were past, still running mile after mile over a surface which must be incredibly punishing for those bare feet.

"What amazing and beautiful women they all are!" said Paula. "And so tall and strong! But could they really fight off an attack of bandits?"

"No robbers or assassins have broken through their ranks yet, Paula! They are brave as lions and can fight like tigers. Few men have the strength to bend those mighty bows and fewer can do such damage with the sword! No King need fear when he is protected by the Golden Guard."

"And they are always in danger, Uncle. Always liable to be called upon to give their lives. Is it worth it, just for the honour of being part of the Golden Guard?"

"Many women plead to be allowed to join, Paula. Every year they turn away many volunteers. There will never be a shortage of brave girls who will gladly die for their King and who prefer death in battle to dishonour."

"It makes me feel very small!" said Paula regretfully. She was dark haired in any case, and would never be able to join. And she was small and dainty where those wonderful tireless women had all been big boned and strong.

"The tallest and strongest of them seemed to have a very sore back. In fact a few of them did. Maybe they have already been in battle!"

"They are whipped for the slightest offence, Paula. When I worked at the Palace, I heard one or more of them being flogged every night in the yard. I saw quite a few punishments in my time. And never did one of them cry out. Maybe the odd squeal or grunt, but I never heard one scream, even though they must have been suffering the pains of Hell!"

"How horrible to punish such brave women! Women who may be dead soon, fighting to save their King's life."

"That's how it is, Paula. In the villages where they recruit them they all know what to expect. They are not afraid of pain, Paula. They are afraid of nothing and nobody."


Roberta saw the trio standing by the roadside. A middle aged man and woman and a small and delicate girl. She had quickly satisfied herself that these three meant no harm and had been amused at the obvious adoration on the girl's face as she saw the eighteen splendid women run by. That girl would be dreaming of the Golden Guard tonight! It was three days since her first whipping and she still felt the effects. The escort had been keeping up with the horses for twelve miles now and there were still three more miles before they reached the hunting lodge where the King was to spend a few days.

Roberta would be glad when she could rest. Her torn feet throbbed and every step was almost unendurably painful as her sword belt, bow and quiver rubbed against her raw and bleeding back. The others were having no easier a time of it than Roberta, for the pace was punishing in the extreme. At the lodge would be a relief detail of twelve women who would partially replace Roberta's detachment. Roberta was not to be one of the replaced women, though. She was to stay with the King and return in three days time. She and six others were to accompany His Majesty wherever he went. If any of them did anything to earn their sovereign's disfavour, then woe betide that most wretched girl! A whipping to end all whippings would be her reward!

At last the lodge was in sight. Roberta had been here once before, a few months ago when there had been snow inches deep and she had possessed no feeling in her frozen bare feet when she arrived. There were times when the rigid no-clothes rule for the Golden Guard horrified many and the loss of one woman's toes from frostbite on that occasion had made even Roberta wonder if the rule might be impairing the Guard's fighting effectiveness. But the other seventeen members of that detachment had been unscathed, although thawing out had been agony for them all!

The King's grandfather had set up the Guard. He had loved tall, strong, golden haired (and naked) women and desired to be surrounded and protected by them. Such had been the success of that first guard that the tradition had survived both his and his son's deaths. The Golden Guard was a fixture these days.

All new entrants were told the story of how only three of that original hundred strong Guard had survived the first year, as a wave of attempts on the King's life had taken place. And at the end all plotters were either dead or on a distant island prison safely out of harm's way. And now Roberta was a fiercely proud part of this great tradition. She knew how slim were her chances of seeing another birthday. Later in the year the King was to tour the most troubled parts of the realm, taking all one hundred of the Inner Guard and three hundred of the reserve with him. Roberta was to be near His Majesty at all times and so in constant danger. She knew she would almost certainly not return alive, but so long as the King was safe, she was happy to die protecting him.

Nothing happened during the King's few days' hunting, except that Roberta had little chance to get her feet healed up before the return trip to the Palace! But her back was coming on nicely the whole time. She was near His Majesty all day and every day, keeping up with him and keeping at a safe distance so as not to spoil his sport. Two times she warned him to duck below a rock as she investigated a suspicious sign. But each time it was a false alarm.

"I beg Your Majesty's pardon for spoiling your sport!" she said as the party prepared to return.

"Not at all, my dear! Your eyes are so much sharper that any of my other Guards! I want you near me at all times in future! Choose one other whom you trust and together one or other of you will be awake and close to me at all times. I leave it to you to make the choice. How is it that you have been flogged so horribly?"

"I moved on duty after being stung by a wasp and earlier that same day my sword belt was incorrectly put on. I was awarded one hundred and seventy lashes and they were given to me by the strongest of the Guards!"

"How could that be? You are the strongest Guard! I know them all well and none is stronger than you!"

"It was Senior Guardswoman Felicity who whipped me."

"Then she is always to whip you in future - if it becomes necessary! I hope it will not."

"I hope not, Your Majesty, but if I ever fail you, my back will have richly earned its flogging!"

"It will indeed! Report to my Chamberlain the morning after we return and bring your chosen one with you!"

All the long weary way back to the Palace Roberta had eyes and ears only for the road, the rocks along the way which might hide attackers and the passers by, all of whom she scrutinised with those piercing blue eyes - eyes that never missed a thing! What an honour had befallen her! And she had a choice to make. The choice must wait until the return. Roberta knew any inattention on the way back could be fatal.

In the morning, just before the Parade, she drew Bertha aside.

"I am to be the King's special guard, Bertha. he has told me to pick one other and together we will be his closest protectors. I cannot choose you! You know why! It would be unfair on you. So this is goodbye, Bertha. I sleep outside the Royal chamber every night from now onwards. I shall miss you!"

She kissed Bertha a fond farewell, for the two would never be together again. They would be on duty together, but when on duty no Golden Guard had ears or eyes for anything except her solemn and sacred task. Their mouths would never again meet and dissolve into the warmest and tenderest of kisses! No more would tongue meet tongue and no more would bodies writhe and clitorises be licked and sucked! Roberta decided that she would still be true to Bertha, though. If she could not have the one she loved, she would have nobody!

Roberta decided on Anna. Anna was a year older than she and had not been punished for months, being impeccable at all times. Anna would be the one to share the task of being closer to the King than any other Golden Guard.

But first there was the Morning Inspection. It was to be Roberta's last. In future there would be a separate inspection for her and Anna - and a far more rigorous one! Roberta knew she was about to be whipped again! Her feet had become caked with filth on the journey to the hunting lodge, during the three days scrambling after the King and on the journey back. She had spent all night scrubbing them until they were raw, and still there were signs of dirt!

The Commandant stopped and looked down at Roberta's bare feet.

"Dirty feet! We won't wait until evening to punish you! One hundred lashes! Find Senior Guardswoman Felicity!"

Even among the hardened women of the Golden Guard there was visible shock at this savage award. Ten lashes were the award for a dirty foot, twenty for both feet being dirty. Roberta was always to receive double punishments, but this still should have meant her getting no more than forty or fifty! Roberta too felt surprise, but she did not question the Commandant's right to make the award and stepped forward to be led to the whipping post.

Roberta received thirty lashes on a back which had only partly healed after the hundred and seventy of just over a week ago. Then the flogging stopped.

"Step down, Guardswoman Roberta!" said the Commandant. "Report to the Chamberlain and take Anna with you! His Majesty has ordered your punishment to cease!"

Roberta stepped down from the whipping post and she and Anna reported to the Chamberlain. Soon they were being ushered into the Royal parlour.

"I thank your Majesty for stopping my punishment." said Roberta. "But I am strong enough to complete receiving it and still do my duty. I shall lose face with my sister guards unless I am allowed to receive the seventy remaining lashes. If your Majesty will forgive me!"

"Very well! Return and receive the rest. You comrade will be my closest guard for the next twelve hours. Rest after your punishment and be back in twelve hours! And wash those dirty feet! They will become clean if you persist with them!"

Only about twenty of Roberta's comrades saw her receive the seventy remaining lashes. Felicity tore into the still unhealed back and made the blood run down in rivulets so that a red pool had formed at her errant feet long before the punishment - a punishment that Roberta had demanded she receive in full - was over. Then she walked back to the Palace and her new and very Spartan accommodation, where she spent all day getting every last trace of grime from her feet.

The King looked at her freshly torn back when she reported for duty.

"Guardswoman Felicity did well! I hope she will not be needed again to punish you. Stand behind that partition, my dear! And stay alert! I trust nobody, except my faithful Golden Guards!"

Roberta stood for seven hours while the King received a succession of visitors. She had never before realised what a boring job the poor man had! But she kept alert and wakeful, her hand on her sword and ready to draw it at any time should any visitor appear about to threaten her royal master's life.

Finally she was dismissed duty for the day. For four hours she was trained on the square, being tested in swordsmanship and unarmed fighting. Then eight hours sleep, still lying on her front because of a back which seemed always to be sore these days! Her last waking thought was a fear that the whip would always be falling on her, never allowing her tortured and abused flesh time to heal again.


Rowena arrived in the capital a few days after Paula's visit to the seaside and at the same time that Roberta, bravest and best of the Golden Guard, was getting her second massive flogging in just over a week. If she had known about Roberta's misfortunes she would have been delighted. That young Amazon's eagle eye had been the cause of two recent attempts on the King's life having to be aborted and the Republican Revolutionary Army was not happy about it!

Furthermore, the same brave girl had killed seven of Rowena's comrades a year ago when still a mere reserve. Of all the Golden Guard, Roberta was already the most feared and the most hated among the King's enemies. Rowena had something very special lined up for Roberta!

In a week, Rowena was due to begin working as a junior parlour maid in the Queen's Household. It was when the King came to spend an evening with his wife at the end of a long day that she was to let seven well armed confederates in through an unlocked passageway. Seven should be few enough to get in undetected and easily enough to overpower the only two Golden Guards in the actual living quarters. By the time help had arrived the King and Queen would be dead and a revolution well under way!

But Rowena still had a week to wait before the Great Assembly when new servants were enrolled. And the Golden Guard would be in evidence at the Great Assembly!

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