Veronica Coleman

This is the second story in the George Douglas series. This time the main Character is Veronica Coleman. The first chapters will focus on events in the past, allowing readers to know Veronica and her background, it is hoped that it will also help to 'fix' the universe in which The Organisation and The Association dwell.

The opening chapter takes place during chapter 9 of George Douglas. As a brief re-cap: George's daughter Cathy had been kidnapped along with a girl called Sharon. Thanks to the quick thinking of Cathy a message had been passed to the police giving them details of the kidnappers and a brief idea of where they were being held.

Following a raid by the police in which one of the kidnappers, Frank, managed to protect the girls by killing Pete, another kidnapper. The girls were rescued unharmed and returned to their parents.

While George and Sandra Henderson, a woman who Cathy had brought together with her father, were recovering from the shock of the events it was discovered that not only was Sandra's estranged mother still alive, but was actively involved in the running of George's employers.

A phone call brought together the mother and daughter for the first time in 13 years.

In the meantime the Association brought its guns into play, releasing the news of the kidnapping to the press, causing problems for the three families involved; to combat this Sir Timothy brought them to a house in London, known as Alpha 3.

During this time it has been revealed that Cathy is wanted by both the Association and the Organisation because of a prophecy regarding her linage. After causing setbacks for the Association she becomes a target for them and so they create a weapon to capture her, Sandra's son, Christopher.

I must apologise to my many readers who have been pestering me to post this story, I have had personal problems, which I won't speak of here, and this has made me wary of posting stories, I will also say that although there will be suggestions of sexual abuse at the present time I will not be going into graphic details — For those who like such things I again apologise, but only very briefly ;-)

Wandering Lanes

29th August 2006

I've now done something I thought I'd never do — Go back over a story, tidy it up, get rid of some errors and then repost it. I hope this makes it easier to read.

Wandering Lanes

26th October 2007

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