Big Sky
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Squirting, School,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A beautiful girl moves from Montana to California. She has affairs with two women and eventually marries. After six years she returns to Montana and falls in love.

Herb Wilson sat in front of the television really getting into the Montana-Montana State football game. He was imbibing a cold beer. He was an alumni at Montana in Missoula. The score was close even though his alma mater was the better team.

Being for state bragging rights, the opponent was playing well. Just as his team was in the red zone, the phone rang.

"SHIT!" he exploded in rage as he got up to get the phone in the kitchen.

"Hello!" he answered curtly, still angry. From his point of view, he couldn't see what was happening with the game. He had spent the whole year looking forward to this game and now this jerk has to call at a critical point.

"Will you accept a collect call from a Nancy Kine?" a female voice asked in a business like manner.

Nancy Kine, the most beautiful girl in their high school. Homecoming queen, most popular person in his graduating class and his prom date. He felt like his heart was in throat. Was she still the gorgeous green-eyed blonde she once was five years ago?

Why is she calling me? He was only a substitute for the prom date when her boyfriend Dave Rutter, star quarterback in football and all-state guard in basketball. He had led Rutlege High to its one and only state basketball championship had come down with mono soon just before the dance and couldn't take her to the prom. She had called him at the last minute to take her. He had a wonderful time but she said she had to be home right after the dance. Her parents were strict and even on that night. Her curfew was midnight which was generous for their only child.

"Yes... yes... I'll accept the charges," he stuttered.

"Thank you," the operator said and completed the connection.

"Hi Herb, thank you for taking my call." Nancy sounded dejected.

"Hi Nancy, how's it going?"

"Shitty!" she exclaimed. "I've really fucked up my life down here."

"Where you at?" He gasped, never once hearing a word of profanity come out of her mouth. She was always so religious.


"What happened?"

"I can tell you later. Can you put me up for a few weeks? I want to get back for a while.

I need a long rest and I have to have a place to crash. My parents live in Florida now but I don't want to let them know I've screwed up. By the way, are you married?"

"Uh... no, I never got married." He quickly thought bitterly of Julie Simms whom he proposed to six months ago then she humiliated him by laughing in his face. She mocked him saying she'd rather fuck her horse than be married to him. Herb never forgave her even though she still resided only two miles from him. If he ever sat on the porch, she waved deriddingly at him as she drove by. Why did she ever agree to date him for six months in the first place? It befuddled him. He was still hurt by the way she had treated him. All she had to do was say "no" to him but she belittled him to the point that he now almost hated her.

"Will I be in your way?" Nancy asked.

"No... no... not at all," Herb's mind returned to concentrate on Nancy.

"I'll be there in a few days, thanks for being a friend in time of need, Herb."

"You won't be any bother," he promised.

"I've got a bus to catch, I'll see you on Tuesday. Goodbye, Herb. Can you pick me up in Missoula?"

"Yeah, sure. Missoula on Tuesday.

"You're a sweetheart. Always have been, I've got to go now. Bye!"

"Bye Nancy," he heard the line at the other end go dead.

Nancy lit up her last cigarette as she waited to be called to her bus which was scheduled to leave within the next half hour. This was her last smoke. She decided to quit and had gradually cut back. This was her last nicotine fix. She knew that Herb didn't smoke. At least she thought so when they last parted company five years ago.

'Nothing like stopping now, ' she thought stubbing it out in an outside container of sand with dozens of butts sitting there.

She returned indoors where the air-conditioning comforted her in the blazing heat from the central California sun. It was record heat for midNovember. She took a seat and picked up an abandoned paper. She looked at the print and didn't read it. In her mind she mentally counted her money in her little strap purse on her shoulder. One hundred and ten dollars, she came to the conclusion that kept her from starvation except for the inheritance she was given by a man. It was a little over seventy thousand dollars sitting in a San Jose bank CD.

So she was not really starving. She had eggs, hashbrowns and toast early that morning with a glass of milk. She wasn't a coffee drinker. That set her back almost five dollars. She had a few changes of clothes and a big pillow with her. That was all she had left to call her own at this time. Finally the call for the bus being ready was announced. Nancy sighed, getting up to board it. She found a window seat in the second row near the driver. She didn't want to be hassled and the black bus driver was huge in height and in bulk. She felt safe. She put the pillow to the window and closed her eyes. She was in no mood to chat with anyone.

Herb's interest in the football game was gone. He stared at the screen seeing the action going on the field but his mind was on Nancy. Why had she chosen him to call? Yes, they were friends but not close ones. Most of the kids in his graduating class had left for parts unknown. There were a few around like Julie Simms, Josh Howard (who liked the gay bars in Missoula), Sophie Myers who was now married to Sam Hutter, Dave's brother.

Dave got a scholarship for football at South Dakota State. He set school passing records there and now rumored to be playing in the Canadian Football League and doing quite well.

He recalled his one and only date with Nancy. The prom. He felt awkward in the tux he rented while she was so beautiful. That white gown that fit her curves still awed him to this day. She removed her bra in the car so her lush breasts were freed with her nipples poking through the silky material. She had no pantie lines so he felt she didn't wear any either.

She hung on his arm when they entered the American Legion Hall for a catered dinner and how proud he felt. She commented on his tuxedo saying he looked very nice. Then the dance.

She was constantly being asked by other guys who had attended stag but she turned them all down saying she was Herb's date and she intended to dance with him. She kissed him lightly on the lips during the last dance and nuzzled her head to his shoulder. She obviously felt his erection since he couldn't control it and it pressed just above her pubic bone.

"Thank you for taking me," she said at the door. "It was very kind of you." She stood on her tip toes and kissed him passionately with a lot of tongue. She broke just before she could bring him to an orgasm, she smiled and said goodnight, going into her home which her family sold to the McCrackens when she left for Stanford seeking a degree in law.

Herb felt his erection as he recalled that night. He rubbed it then returned to his beer that was now warm. The game was over but he didn't care. He wondered if she were as beautiful as she was on prom night. He felt he was the luckiest guy in the world back then. Now she was on her way here to stay with him. His own parents were killed being stuck for a day in a blizzard. They died of carbon monoxide poisoning from the car fumes trying to keep warm.

The loss of both staggered him for two years. He had work the small ranch alone since that terrible night.

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