Ursa's Downward Spiral
Chapter 1: Alone

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Superhero, Violent,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Alone - Ursa may have been a superwoman from Krypton, but when it comes to love she was her own worst enemy. Mind the codes!

Ursa flew in disconsolate circles through the night sky over Metropolis. For a superwoman from Krypton she was a depressing sight to behold.

At five-feet-ten she should have cut an imposing figure. With her striking face, athletic figure, and dressed head-to-toe in her preferred black, the expectation would be that she would intimidate even the most secure man. And that's before you considered her formidable superpowers.

The red Kryptonian light that had robbed her — along with her criminal companions General Zod and the silent brutish Non — of their superpowers had proven no more permanent on her than on Kal-El. It had, however, lasted plenty long enough for Zod and Non to be placed back into the Phantom Zone where they would never bother anyone else again. A fitting and well-deserved end to both of them.

Seen as little more than Zod's pawn, which was essentially true, Kal-El didn't have the heart to punish her similarly for perpetuity, and let her go with a stern warning that he wouldn't be so softhearted about any future transgressions on her part. And given how this had been her second strike, the first having landed her in The Phantom Zone to start with, Ursa was willing to take his admonition to heart. She was basically on probation for life, and lucky to have gotten off so easily.

Perhaps Kal-El really believed she'd reformed, which she mostly had since she didn't have that much reforming to do to start with. Or maybe he didn't realize that her powers would return so quickly and fully. Or perhaps he didn't worry about it since he knew how to defeat her easily if the necessity ever arose again.

Whatever the case, he'd left her alone afterwards to find her own way. Unfortunately, finding her own way was a talent Ursa had almost nothing of.

Ursa felt her loneliness deeply. Her entire home world was destroyed, although she didn't miss it that much. That's because her family had been destroyed well before that. She'd been vulnerable, despite her impressive stature and good looks even for a Kyrptonian, and easily seduced into Zod's evil plans when he needed someone like her to play a particular role in his schemes.

Although Zod had been her lover — her only lover — for Zod it had been about power over her more than intimacy, or even sexual pleasure. The only pleasure Zod seemed to feel was in crushing his opponents, which he'd been quite good at until they'd all been captured.

Her time with them in The Phantom Zone, a place that turned wide-awake reality into conscious unreality had only reinforced her own isolation. She'd followed Zod mostly because of not having anyone else to follow, and no plan of her own.

Zod and Non's stunning defeat at their moment of their perceived victory had simply ripped her second family, dysfunctional as it was, away from her. After their re-imprisonment she realized there remained only one male equal to her left on the planet — and he was already taken!

Ursa wanted what any person craves: love, affection, security, and support. And the twenty-six year old superwoman also acknowledged her needs for intimacy, companionship, and respect. She spent her nights looking for all of these. If Kal-El had been able to find happiness here with an un-powered native, she should be able to as well.

Sometimes she just wanted to be held so badly she cried for hours over the emptiness inside her. And if sex would be the fastest route to all that she yearned for, then so be it!

Now a shot in the dimly lit shadows below her, loud enough that one didn't even need her super-hearing to be startled by it, followed by shouts, running footsteps, and labored breathing caught her attention. Ursa broke out of her pattern and spiraled down to investigate.

Ursa had found other lovers in the night, which was the only time she dared go out flying. Men she'd approached discreetly, and flown to her private nest for a night — or week — of lovemaking when they'd accepted her advances before knowing her for what she is. She'd let them go again when they demanded to leave, as each had done so far, using her super-hypnosis to blur their minds to her face and location, but never the pleasure she'd given them. Her search continued.

Unknowingly, all the men she'd been attracted so far had proven to be a mix of Zod's cruel arrogance, and Non's hidden soft side. For yes, despite his brutish manner, intimidating size, and strength even by Kryptonian standards — and even more intimidating silence — Non had shown her a quiet kindness. One she would have liked to explore further, were it not for both their fears of Zod's wrath should he ever find out.

Both of these men in her life had been troubled, although she was too weak and self-conflicted to truly recognize that fact — or recognize that it meant doom for any of her own long-term hopes in the three-way relationship they'd shared. And now, even though she was physically strong and free of them forever, Ursa still searched for the only thing she understood — more troubled men.

The echoes of the shot still bounced confusingly off of the big flat warehouse walls of these otherwise deserted blocks, but Ursa arrowed down unerringly to its source. The night didn't block her own enhanced vision.

One man was down on his knees clutching his shoulder, while two others who seemed to combine the worst aspects of Zod and Non stood near him laughing.

"Did you really think we were going to deal with you," one sneered, while the other nonchalantly held the black automatic pistol that had fired one shot already, and was ready to fire sixteen more the moment the taunting ended.

"Terrell," the large man in dark clothes continued, "Don't you realize that nobody will deal with you now? We're actually doing you a favor by putting you out of our misery."

The wounded man tried to speak. Tried to plead, or deal, or bribe his way out of this situation, but he couldn't get the words out. He was already winded by his long, futile attempt at escape. There seemed nothing left in him to use for a final, desperation, Hail Mary pass.

Ursa, now a black shadow in a black sky, silently hovered a mere thirty feet above taking this all in. It was easy to understand what was happening here.

A man, more than handsome enough to her telescopic vision, had made the wrong kind of enemy. A type of enemy she knew more than well enough from her own sordid past. One that couldn't even deliver a clean kill, but instead got its pleasure out of tormenting its adversaries.

While Ursa could hardly claim the moral high ground any longer in any encounter, she knew scum when she saw it. But that handed her a dilemma.

She'd promised Kal-El both not to tamper further in this world, and to stay discrete at all times. Only that way was she allowed to remain. While it would have been satisfying to burn both thugs to a cinder before they ever knew what hit them, that was neither discrete, nor not tampering. Even to be seen and reported afterwards could become a major problem. So what to do?

Kal-El tampers, she thought to herself. He tampers every day when he takes one side against another in disputes on this world. And he's a hero!

What would he do here?

What can I do here?

Can I take that chance?

The drama below was almost played out. The last curtain about to fall. Their victim too weak to respond to their taunts any longer. That left only the coup de grace, before they moved on to torment some other unlucky soul. It was either act now, or don't act at all.

After a moment of painful consideration, Ursa started flying in tight circles as rapidly as she could. The funnel from the whirlwind she created quickly dropped down, picking up all the trash and other debris in these dirty streets and flinging it at the two attackers, who suddenly became much more concerned with protecting their faces than finishing off their victim.

Ursa dropped down the middle of her carefully aimed mini-tornado, scooped up the man, spiriting him off before the thugs could get the grit out of their eyes to see what had just happened.

As she flew away into the darkness with the moaning man cradled in her arms, she could hear the thugs shouting to each other as they tried to find their victim again. She smiled at their frustrations.

Serves them right!

Ursa's hideaway was an aerie atop a virtually un-climbable rock a few miles outside the city. While there's no such thing as un-climbable to a dedicated rock climber, Ursa had so disrupted the stone surfaces soon after she'd settled in that it was like trying to drive pitons into decomposed granite. Even dedicated climbers aren't that stupid.

Her comfortable house was quite attractive. Low wooden beam ceilings, stone fireplace and floors built with huge boulders, large windows composed of fused diamond panes, and cantilevered balconies overlooking hundreds of feet of sheer drop with no safety railings. None, of course, were needed.

Nestled under tall trees, it was almost impossible to spot from the ground, or the air. Ursa had built it herself, after spying on a famous architect who'd shelved this particular design when the client claimed it was too expensive. He never knew it had actually been built after all.

Ursa gently set the barely conscious man onto her bed. He'd lost so much blood that he was delirious during the times he wasn't just passed out.

She'd first intended to take him to a hospital, but realized not only would he have to explain the gunshot wound and how he'd been rescued, but she would have lost contact entirely with him in the process. But now she had to do something soon, or she'd lose him anyway.

The bullet had to come out.

While no surgeon herself, Ursa had an advantage over any human doctor. X-Ray vision let her see the problem in perfect detail.

While her surgical tools were less than optimal, she didn't feel she had time to go out looking for better. A glance at a pan of water had it boiling in moments, and she sterilized what she had.

Working at super-speed, she was able to use some chopsticks to pluck the bullet out, which fortunately hadn't fragmented or mushroomed sufficiently to become an even worse problem. She deftly avoided major blood vessels and tendons in the process.

A flash of her heat-vision sealed and cauterized the wound in one quick step, followed by a quick blast of freezing super-breath from her pursed lips before the man could react to the intense heat.

Even so, he fainted from the procedure.

Ursa carefully inspected her work, determining that no further damage remained, and then carefully removed his dirty, bloodstained clothing, while arranging his body more comfortably on her big, lonely bed. He remained covered only by a silken sheet now.

It was over an hour later that he finally awoke, calling faintly for help. Ursa was there in a flash with a cup of warm, nourishing soup.

Three times she refilled his cup, while soothing the man and assuring him that everything was all right and he was safe now.

Finally he pushed the soup away. But instead of just falling back to sleep, he pawed at her body. Although he was as weak as a kitten, Ursa realized he was trying to push her jacket off to get at her underneath.

He wants me!

Even this tired and hurt, he wants me!

While sex seemed hardly possible even under normal conditions — as Ursa knew too well — these weren't even normal conditions.

For a long time she just held him as he feebly flailed at her body. A body that many had told her was too long and too lean to ever be attractive.

He wants me! Even like this he wants me!

The fact that the man — Terrell, the others had called him — could even think about sex seemed an excellent sign. It wouldn't be good to refuse him now, she told herself, even if it didn't seem possible that he could actually consummate his desire with her.

After a moment of hesitation, Ursa gently pushed Terrell back down onto the bed.

When he resisted being pushed away she softly sought to ease his mind telling him, "You can't take me until I prepare myself for you."

Mollified, he released his grip on her. Not that he had any chance of actually holding on to her if she'd wanted to leave.

Standing up beside the bed a instant of true anguish flashed over Ursa's face. This had always been so hard for her. Ever since she'd been unmercifully teased by the other girls for her tall, spare figure.

After the struggle she always went through on the first time with any new lover (which is one reason she kept existing lovers far beyond their Best Used By dates), Ursa efficiently peeled off her flight-resistant clothing. As any super-powered person knows, you can't wear just anything when you may find yourself traveling at supersonic speeds through the atmosphere. Wear the wrong outfit and you'll quickly find yourself wearing nothing at all.

Naked and vulnerable now, Ursa looked for the signs of rejection she'd seen, or imagined, too often before. Even with all she has to offer, the road to love for a superwoman is filled with craters.

She bit her lip anxiously awaiting his judgment of all she has to offer. When he reached towards her again, she quickly moved to lie down next to him and await his intentions.

As far as the sex went, it was pretty much a bust. Terrell pawed at her body ineffectively, and was too weak to penetrate her even after she opened her long pale legs as invitingly as she could. He kept struggling to take her, but only managed to frustrate both of them. He was simply too weak and low on blood at the moment to carry through on his desires.

It should be noted that even a human in the prime of health and strength would be unable to take Ursa without her consent. Just determinedly closing her legs would stop any but another super-being. In various ways she has always had to assist her far weaker lovers on the planet in ravishing her proffered charms.

In her frustration now she made a rash decision. One she'd promised herself before that she'd never do again.

Looking down to her (in her opinion) undersized breasts, almost without conscious volition she brought her left hand up to her left breast until it found the nub of her barely aroused nipple.

Squeezing and tugging on it with more strength than a casual observer might realize, Ursa coaxed this piece of herself to a reluctant hardness. Not willing to stop there, she massaged her boob hard, squeezing it towards her nipple, before going back to the nub itself.

Normally such direct attention by her super-strong fingers would eventually send a few electrifying shivers straight down to her clit. Tonight her frustration blocked that feeling, but this bit of pleasure was not her intent.

Expertly working her nipple now in the way only the person wearing it and feeling the sensations directly from it can, Ursa coaxed out a thin trickle of milk. A sad display of what such a breast should be capable of providing.

Once she got that far, Ursa used her other hand to guide Terrell's random attentions to it.

Terrell, not realizing what she had in mind, initially fought her. When she easily overpowered him to put his mouth on her there, he responded by biting her as hard as he could in retaliation.

While this would have punished a normal woman severely, even the most sensitive parts of Ursa's tough skin can easily stand up to this. It actually felt good right where she most wanted it to feel good, and Terrell was rewarded by a small squirt of her milk directly into his mouth. Although he started to spit it out in disgust, it felt so warm and thick that he ended up swallowing it instead.

He was still struggling to pull away when her offering hit his stomach and went off like a bomb of liquid sunshine, whose warmth started to spread out through his system.

After a quick reconsideration he gave the proffered nipple another nip, getting another tiny squirt in return. When it went off like the first one, strength now spreading through his weakened body like manna from heaven, chasing the fatigue and pain away in the process, Terrell greedily attached Ursa's nipple, sucking in strength and life from her Kryptonian milk.

Although he soon sucked dry the little her breast had to offer him, by now the warmth had spread throughout his body, driving the aches and pains — especially his injured shoulder — away as nothing ever had before. And these good feelings gave him an erection unlike any he'd ever experienced before.

Realizing that an available woman still lay below him, Terrell attacked her supine body again with renewed vigor. He easily penetrated her now on his first attempt. It's good that his previous ineffective efforts there, along with his increasingly strong assaults on her nipple, had at least qualified as sufficient foreplay to get her lubrication going, since he would have taken her dry otherwise. Terrell was simply not to be denied any woman he wanted regardless of how ready she was for him, or not.

As this new strength roared through him he focused it and used it to pound her body with increasingly stronger thrusts, until he would have likely split a normal woman in half.

Ursa, however, could take it. Take all he had to give, and want even more. The strength she felt in each deep thrust into her was exactly what she craved. And the stronger she felt him become with her, the less she worried she was that the thunderous climax building inside of her would harm him. So often she'd had to hold herself back, but not now.

When they climaxed, they both climaxed together. While Terrell had never experienced anything this intense, Ursa had on a few past occasions, and had missed it greatly until now.

One orgasm, however powerful it might be, wasn't enough for Terrell tonight. Feeling like he was, it seemed only the beginning of what he was capable of now. With hardly a pause he went back at her again without even asking. Fortunately, Ursa could take this as well.

Another, another, and one more, until both of them finally blacked out from the exertions involved, collapsing into each other's arms in complete exhaustion.

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