The Hazing
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, BiSexual, BDSM, DomSub, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pam joins a strange sorority.

They had worked for three hours and still couldn't get Pam's car to start. It was a matter of honor to her to not ask a guy for any help, although many of them had stopped and offered it. Pam was determined to fix her own car by herself to prove to the world that she could do it and that she was not totally dependent on guys to take car of the mechanical things. Besides, her father had shown her just what to do when it wouldn't start like this, but she couldn't remember exactly what it was he did to get it running.

Pam finally sighed in exasperation and dropped the wrench in the shoebox.

"Fuck it," she cursed. "To hell with this fucking machine."

She wiped her forehead with her arm, trying not to smear more grease on her skin. The air was temperature was over eighty degrees and the sun was unrelenting. Pam was dripping with sweat. Her bikini top was soaked and her shorts clung to her skin with terrible discomfort. She had pulled her hair back in a ponytail, but it, too, was matted with sweat. She had tried to avoid it, but she still managed to cover most of her skin with ugly, black, greasy smears.

"You can't damn the thing now," Donna said. She was dripping with sweat as well. "We need it to get to that concert tomorrow night."

"Fuck the concert," Pam said. "If this is the only way we're going to get there, then fuck it." She picked up her old t-shirt and wiped her face, but when she looked at it she realized she had forgot that her hands and face were covered with grease and the shirt was ruined. "Shit," she said. She threw the shirt down and put her hands on her hips.

"We could ask Al and George for a ride."

"Then they'd want us to fuck them."

"So we screw them. What's the big deal?"

"The big deal is I can't fix my car."

"I can't fix your car either. What the hell difference does it make?"

Pam shook her head. "I don't know. If I had a gun I'd shoot the car and put it out of my misery."

As Donna stood up from leaning on the fender of the car it rocked on its old springs. The heavy hood popped off its spindly support pole and slammed shut, almost catching Pam's fingers, but she yanked them out just in time.

Pam's anger suddenly swelled and burst.

"You mother fucking son of a bitch!" she screamed, kicking the side panels of the car as hard as she could. Donna stood back, frightened more by Pam's ferocious anger than by the hood slamming shut.

One of Pam's kicks inadvertently hit the ancient, worn tire and it gave out under the annoying strain with a terrifying explosion like a shotgun blast. Donna jumped with a start and Pam leaped back with a shriek of fright as if she was thrown by the blast, landing on her butt in the grass.

For a moment they just looked at each other and the old car, which was heaved over on the flat left front like a tired, old horse with a wounded leg. The tire had a gaping, shredded hole in the side.

Pam giggled, looked at Donna, giggled again, then the two of them laughed uncontrollably.

"Let's go in," Donna said. She was laughing so hard she was out of breath. "Maybe someone will steal it."

"If they can start it they can have it."

As soon as they reached their dorm room and Donna shut the door, Pam set the shoebox full of miscellaneous tools on a chair and stripped off her bikini top.

"Are you going to take a shower?" Donna asked.

"Yeah. I'm dying for one." She looked at herself in the wall mirror. "Ugh. I don't think I'll ever get clean."

Her hands were almost totally black. Her face was covered with black streaks where she had wiped with her fingers, as were her shoulders, her neck, her arms and even her boobs, just above the tan lines where her bikini covered.

"Do you want to take one together?" Donna said in an offhand way as she pulled her t-shirt off. Donna rarely wore a bra, but then, much like Pam, she never really needed to.

Pam thought about it for a second. "That sounds kinky," she said.

"I thought you'd like it." Donna kicked off her tight shorts and was wearing just her dainty panties. She went over to Pam and helped her take off her shorts, which left her in just her bikini bottoms.

"Man, you're filthy," Donna said. "How'd you get grease under your shorts?"

Pam tried to twist her torso to see her behind.

"Scratching my butt," Pam said. Donna made a face. "What? Guys do it when they're working on their cars. I've seen my brother do it all the time. Why can't I do it?"

Donna shrugged. "At least your brother's car runs." They laughed and trudged off half naked to the bathroom.

Pam washed her hands in the sink to get most of the dirt and grease off while Donna got the water from the shower head to a comfortable temperature. The shower head was a detachable type with an adjustable spray. Pam had thought it an unnecessary investment, but Donna insisted. At the moment, Pam was rather glad she had given in. A massaging shower would feel terrific on her tired muscles.

Donna watched Pam as she stood at the sink, scrubbing her dirty hands. Pam's fine back came down to her trim waist, then flared out to her hips. Her butt cheeks were perfect, as were her legs, from her firm thighs down to her calves, her ankles and even her feet. Donna was envious. She always thought Pam had a much better body than she did. Her tits were bigger and her legs were longer. She had been given a perfect body. Donna always considered herself to be too thin, although Pam told her how beautiful she was and guys loved to see her naked.

The tub was an old-fashioned design with the feet that were bolted to the white tiled floor. It was set a few feet away from the wall and there was no curtain around it. The water just sprayed on the floor. For a long time, Pam had meant to have a curtain installed, but never got around to it. Besides, it felt free and unrestrained to take a shower without a curtain blocking the sunshine.

Donna was kneeling beside the tub with the massager in her hand, waiting for Pam. Pam turned and looked down at her. She had an oriental appearance to her, especially from the way her long bangs hung in front of her eyes. She looked like a young Japanese girl obediently waiting to serve the woman of her master. Smiling to herself, Pam slipped her bikini bottom off while Donna watched and stepped into the tub.

"I feel like a goddess," Pam said. The skin of her entire body was tanned lightly golden brown, almost as if it was stained like a fine piece of wooden furniture. Since she had arrived at this school she always sunbathed without a top and so the soft flesh around her nipples was as dark as the rest of her body, except for the area around her pussy where she was unable to remove her tiny bikini bottoms. Many of the girls in this dorm sunbathed on the roof without their tops and it got them quite a bit of attention.

"Don't kid yourself," Donna said and Pam laughed. She knelt in the center of the tub. Donna sprayed her down with gallons of soothing, warm water. It soaked through her thick, sun bleached hair and trickled down her back to her ass and down over her shoulders and boobs. Pam held the sides of the tub and straightened her back, luxuriating in the relaxing sensations of the warm water pouring over her sore body.

Pam picked up the bar of soap, lathered it in her hands and scrubbed it all over her skin. She scrubbed her face hardest. She didn't want that nasty, black grease to ruin a complexion she had worked hard to keep clear. Donna sprayed her face to wash away the soap and Pam went to work on her chest.

The situation was turning her on. Having Donna so close to her when they were both naked and she was touching herself in such a sensuous way was very exciting. Her nipples tingled as she scrubbed them in her slippery, soapy hands. She noticed she was beginning to breathe hard and her chest was expanding out like she was trying to show it off.

Donna raised the shower head and began to wash the soap from Pam's front. The pulsing sensation of the warm water on her sensitive nipples made her suck in her breath. She gripped the sides of the tub tightly in her hands. The water felt great. Pam arched her back to bring her tits up closer to the water. The spray landed on her cheeks. The rest of the water rushed down over her front, through the trough made by her cleavage, over her thighs, through her pussy hair and lightly tickled the lips of her pussy.

She opened her eyes and looked at Donna. Donna seemed to be totally focused on her job of rinsing Pam's breasts.

"Ok, you can stop now," Pam told her, giggling. "My tits aren't dirty."

Donna pulled the nozzle away abruptly and laughed when she realized what she had been doing.

"Hand me the soap. I'll wash your back," Donna said. Pam leaned forward, still holding the sides of the tub, while Donna rubbed the bar of soap over her tense back, shoulders and her ass. Pam smiled to herself. Her eyes were just slits. She was completely relaxed and entranced by the massaging of Donna's hands.

Donna sprayed the water all over her back, rinsing away the soapy lather. The intoxicating feelings made Pam want to relax and have an orgasm right there. She hardly noticed when Donna's hand drifted down her back and spread her ass cheeks. Pam imagined that her brother was behind her and about to insert his penis. She leaned forward as if to accept his first thrust, but what happened next was so sudden she had no time to react. Donna swiftly placed the nozzle of the massager against her tight asshole and let gushers of hot water shoot straight into her ass.

"Oh my God," Pam shouted. Her eyes shot wide open and she practically jumped out of the tub. At first she couldn't figure out what was happening to her. When that passed she couldn't believe Donna would do something devilish like that but she wasn't about to stop her. She also couldn't believe how good it felt. Donna wouldn't have stopped anyway, even if Pam insisted.

Pam gasped. This was one of the most exciting things she had ever experienced. It felt like a guy was shooting hot cum up her ass non stop. She squeezed the sides of the tub. Her knuckles were white and her grip was tight enough to bend the metal.

Immediately she started to cum. One of the most powerful orgasms of her life was quickly building inside her. Donna was holding the nozzle tightly in her asshole and stroking her back like she was petting a cat. Then Pam was coming like crazy while hot blasts of water shot through her whole body. She screamed and shook and writhed until finally she was laying limply across the edge of the tub, panting for breath. Donna pulled the nozzle away and adjusted the head so it was simply a light spray.

Pam opened her eyes and stared at Donna. Donna tried to keep from looking at her but when she did she couldn't help grinning with a deep blush.

"How was it?" Donna asked. There was a fire in her eyes Pam had never noticed before.

Pam turned and lay back against the sloped end of the tub. Her arms were laid across the top edge of the tub. Her nipples were hard, excited points at the tips of her plump breasts. She grinned back at Donna.

"That was unbelievable," Pam sighed, then she sat up. "Get in here. I want to do it to you now," Pam said. She grabbed the shower nozzle and moved back to make room for Donna in the tub.

Donna suddenly looked surprised and a little apprehensive about the idea of Pam doing something to her that might be an act to get even. Even so, she knew she had to do it. Hesitantly Donna stood up, shed her panties, climbed into the tub and knelt down facing Pam. The prospect of Pam doing something lascivious to her with the shower massager had her trembling with excitement.

"Spread them," Pam said in a strong, commanding tone. Her face was down and her eyes were turned up to Donna. She was holding one end of the shower head with the other end in her other palm. like she was a cop holding a billy club. A broad grin slowly grew across her face. Donna sat back against the wall of the tub and raised her knees. Slowly, with her eyes locked into Pam's eyes, she spread her knees and exposed her pussy.

Pam stared at Donna's pussy. Her body was very sensuous. Her flat, hard stomach led down to the graceful curve of her mound, which was lightly covered with wisps of black, shiny hair. Her pussy lips were moist and spread, as if waiting for Pam to do something to them.

Donna let her knees rest against the sides of the tub and held onto the edge with both hands. Her ass was squirming ever so slightly. She bit her lower lip in her teeth and then felt the giggles coming over her as Pam came nearer with the shower massager.

"What's so funny?" Pam said, trying to hold back her own giggles.

"Nothing," Donna said. She was trying to be serious but broke into giggles anyway.

Pam knew what she was laughing at. She knew how ridiculous this situation was and she was glad there was no one around to see them doing it. She giggled until she thought she had it under control then looked at Donna and started giggling all over again.

Pam teased Donna with the nozzles on the shower head. Warm water was dribbling out of them all over her pussy. She squirmed even more.

"Please do it," Donna begged. She was pushing her hips up to try to rub her clitoris harder against the rough edge of the nozzle. Pam acted with deliberate slowness to antagonize Donna and tease her further. Her hand closed around the outside rim of the shower head, which turned to select shower settings. Donna's body tensed. Her mouth hung open. She was watching Pam's hands very carefully. Pam twisted the selector. Donna squirmed and screamed out loud as jets of hot water pulsed directly into her cunt again and again like it was the penis of the most virile man in the world shooting his endless streams of cum into her.

"Oh God oh God," Donna was moaning. The water was gushing out of her hole as fast as it was gushing in. Her legs flexed and her body jerked and shook with every pulse of hot water.

Pam enjoyed making her friend cum. Donna was a beautiful woman and Pam secretly admired her body. It had been a long desire of hers to touch Donna and to feel Donna's hands touching her. She knew Donna was proud of her own trim, fit figure, but she had seen her catching a glimpse of Pam's body when she could.

Pam caressed the insides of Donna's trembling thighs. Donna's eyes flickered open slightly so she could see what Pam was doing. She was grunting and panting hard and moaning. Her lips were parted and her jaw worked like a piston. Pam's free hand came up and squeezed Donna's tit. A spasm from the jets of warm water massaging her clitoris made her back arch out with a deep, low moan. Pam vigorously rubbed Donna's nipple and was surprised to see how much she reacted. It must have been incredibly sensitive.

Donna screamed. Pam was excited to watch her coming. She was very exuberant when she orgasmed. She thrust her body up again and again and screamed loud enough to let the neighbors know she was getting something good, which she did frequently when she had a man in her room.

"Oh God... oh fuck... oh fuck," she shouted over and over, almost directly in Pam's ear. Her hips rose and fell and her bare ass slapped against the wet surface of the bottom of the tub.

Donna's body released two more long, hard thrusts followed by high pitched squeals and her orgasm was over. Pam twisted the selector on the shower head and returned the water to a slow trickle. She sat back against the other end of the tub and spread her knees.

"Oh man," Donna gasped. Her chest heaved with each heavy breath. Her hand glided over her slick, flat belly down to the wet hair of her bush and she began to finger her pussy. "I need a hard man," Donna said.

Pam rubbed the smooth, plastic handle of the hand held shower head against the slit of her pussy like it was a vibrator.

"Me too," Pam said with a sigh. Both of their pussies made soft squishing sounds.

"Let's go to my room," Donna said. Her expression was hopeful and eager at the same time.

Pam stopped and looked up at her. Her nipples stiffened at just the thought of getting into bed with Donna.

"Ok," Pam smiled.

They stepped out of the tub together. Pam bent forward to turn off the water.

"I'll get another towel," Donna said. She opened the cupboard above the toilet and took out another large, fluffy towel. She handed it to Pam and they dried themselves off. Pam rubbed the towel through her hair first then toweled down the front of her body, her back and her arms. She put her foot up on the edge of the tub and dried each long, supple leg. She looked over at Donna when she was bent forward, drying her legs. She had a luscious ass. Pam could see the lips of her pussy in the diamond-shaped area where her legs and her ass came together.

Pam wrapped her hair in the towel like a turban. The huge towel made for a long turban that hung down her back below her knees. She approached Donna from behind and laid her hands seductively on her waist. Donna straightened up and looked back at Pam over her shoulder.

"I've wanted to touch you for a long time," Pam whispered. She kissed the back of her neck. Her hands caressed the tight, white globes of Donna's ass.

"You're weird," Donna giggled. "I knew we were going to have a strange friendship when I met you." She turned around and faced Pam. She touched Pam's tits, lightly caressing the skin with her fingertips. "I never ate another girl's pussy before."

"Then we should get started," Pam said.

They rushed down the hall to Donna's room giggling like a pair of school girls who had peeked in on a group of naked boys. Pam yanked the towel off her head, shook our her wet hair and dove onto the bed. Donna tossed her towel on a chair and combed her hair back on her head. She could see Pam in the dresser mirror on her back on the bed with her legs spread and her hands over her pussy. Donna went to the bed and climbed on top of her. Her beautiful breasts swayed seductively side to side. Pam's breasts rested on her chest like a pair of swollen water balloons. Her nipples were erect points at their tips.

Donna let her body settle gently onto Pam's body. Pam's legs closed around her just as they would if they had closed around her brother. Donna's nipples touched Pam's nipples and her breasts flattened on Pam's. Donna lowered her head and kissed Pam on her lips in such a gentle way that only a woman could deliver. Their lips parted and their tongues discovered each other. The excitement shot through Pam's body like a jolt of electricity. She stroked her hands down Donna's narrow waist and around to her tight ass. Their tongues twirled madly around each other. Pam was so turned on she was squirming under Donna's light weight. It felt good to have her warm body on top of her, although she was nowhere near as heavy as a big guy like she was used to.

Pam rolled her over to the middle of the bed so that she was on top. Their tits shook and rubbed against each other sensuously. She propped herself up on her arms and gazed down at Donna. Her long hair hung over her face, nearly touching Donna's cheeks. In one quick move, Pam spun herself around, spread her legs over Donna's head and lowered her head between Donna's thighs. She stuck out her tongue, licked right between the wet lips and Donna gasped. She plunged her tongue deeper and Donna arched her back, raising Pam high off the bed.

Donna grabbed Pam's ass and tentatively licked her pussy. It was not a completely unfamiliar sensation. It tasted similar to her own pussy when she used to finger herself off and taste the juices. She got more daring and licked around the lips of Pam's pussy. This was nothing like licking a guy's cock. The pussy lips were so soft and wet and vulnerable. They felt different to her tongue than they did to her fingers. She wondered how they could stand up to the treatment some guys gave them with their cocks.

Pam reveled in the soft feel of Donna's tongue. She was starting slowly but was quickly exploring more. It took only a moment more before they were rolling on the bed and writhing on top of each other like wrestlers vying for the championship. They would moan and gasp and lick and rub various parts of their bodies together then kiss and moan again.

They froze like statues when they heard a man's voice say, "What the hell's going on here?" They looked up deliriously, almost in a drunken haze. Pam was under Donna, facing the head of the bed. Donna was facing the foot of the bed. Her legs were spread over Pam's head and she had been kissing Pam's ass. For a second they had both been terribly frightened that they had been caught, then they both felt their passion building to a frenzy when they knew they had the men with hard cocks they had wanted earlier.

"Hi George," Pam panted. She smiled and licked her lips with her tongue. She thought Donna might be too shocked at getting caught doing something like this with another woman to say anything at first, but she had a good feeling Donna would get over it when she enticed the guys into banging them.

George was standing in the doorway with a huge grin on his face and Al was coming in right behind him. He had gone to the kitchen first to get a Mountain Dew.

"Holy shit," he said when he saw the two naked girls locked together on the bed.

George stepped forward, unbuckling his belt. "It's a beautiful day for a gang bang," he said.

Pam squirmed anxiously. She was still breathing hard and she was warm all over like she was in heat. Her shoulders were between Donna's thighs and she was trapped under Donna's body. She could see the bulge of an erection in George's pants and that gave her another flash of warmth that made her toes curl. She had never done it with either one of these guys. They were both friends of Donna's and she was sure Donna had spent plenty of time getting naked with both of them and probably at the same time more than once.

He went to the foot of the bed to give his attention to Donna. Pam couldn't see what they were doing, although he could hear them kissing and mumbling about something. She had her eyes on Al, the big football player who was coming toward her.

"Want some?" he said, holding out the bottle of Mountain Dew.

"Yeah," Pam sighed. She held her mouth open slightly and her eyes turned up to his. Al touched the end of the plastic bottle against her lips. It was wet with his saliva. He tilted the bottle up, poured the sweet liquid into her mouth and she swallowed. He pulled it away and she licked her lips. She reached up for the button on the front of his jeans while he put the bottle on the edge of the dresser near the bed. She could see a long, thick bulge in the front of his pants, too, and she wanted to get her lips around it.

From the other end of the bed she heard Donna moan, "Put it in my mouth," and she knew Donna wanted the same thing. The next thing she heard was a deep moan from Donna and a noisy slurping and smacking lips and she knew Donna was getting that hard cock in her mouth.

Al turned back to her, surprised that she was already opening his pants. He chuckled at her and she smiled back at him. He stood still to let her open them all the way.

"You want it bad, don't you?" he said. He reached down and held her chin in his big, strong, calloused hand, gently caressing her cheek with his thumb.

Pam rubbed the lump of his cock with her fingers and he pushed his hips out closer to her. "Yes," she said in a deep, husky voice she never knew she had. "I need it really bad." She pulled down his zipper and peeled open the front of his pants like a banana. Her small hand reached in, feeling around for his pole, and when she found it she pulled it out like she was hauling a small animal out of its burrow. It hung right in front of her face and she paused for a moment to admire the shape and size of the stiff, erect piece of flesh. Al had a penis to be proud of. She could not judge a man solely by the size of his appendage but she could judge the appendage on its own.

It had a healthy length and thickness, comparable to the healthy size of the man to whom it was attached. The swollen head was a deep purple color and the taut skin was shiny even in the soft light. Her hand was around the shaft and stroked slowly. Thick, blue veins stuck out above the surface of the muscle and pulsed rapidly. The skin of the shaft itself was a darker color, which she had come to learn came from years of use either with his own hands or the various body parts of a number of women. This evidence that he was a very sexual person heightened the intensity of her desire to extend the wear of his tool with her own various body parts.

"Are you going to suck it or look at it?" Al said sarcastically.

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