Training Of Nancy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of a womans decent into slavery and BDSM and the awakening of new feelings.

Nancy turned her computer on like she did every morning, but this morning was not like every other morning. The little tab lit up saying that you have new mail, but this too was normal. She scanned down the list of e-mails until one subject line caught her eye, it said "little Debbie is a Twinkie". Debbie was the name she called herself when she was away on a business trip. She met a rather handsome man on her last one in the bar of the hotel where she was staying, and when he asked her name she had told him that it was Debbie Marshall. After a few more drinks and she was used to they had ended up in his room for the night. In the morning while he was sleeping she had gathered her clothes and slipped out of the room going back to her own room. She tried to remember his name but it eluded her she had thrown his card in the trash at the airport on the way home. The sex had been good but a woman in the world of corporate America had plenty of sex. Men made their deals on the golf course, and women were expected to make theirs on their back.

She clicked on the e-mail, and nervously read what it said "Debbie or should I call you Nancy, well from now on a will call you slut, and you'll call me Master. It took me awhile track you down, but you see I did find you. I thought you might like to see some pictures that I have lying around on my desk simply click on the attachments and I await your reply slut. It was simply signed your Master." Nancy clicked on the tab marked attachments and seven pictures appeared on her screen. There was one of her kneeling on the bed between his legs with his cock buried in her mouth, and her long blond hair flowing down. The next one showed her licking his balls and sucking on the sack. Another picture had a clear view of her on top of him riding his cock, as he grabbed her perfect 38 C tits in his hands. The most damning thing was at her face was clearly visible in almost every picture. There must have been a hidden camera on the nightstand next to the bed taking the pictures while they made love.

If anybody ever saw these pictures she would ruined, her husband would divorce her taking the children and probably getting alimony from her, because she made more than he did. And then there was a problem with her company's morals clause if they found out about her activities or saw the pictures she would be fired without a severance package. She had too much to lose so the first thing crossed her face was anger, but soon anger tended to despair.

She clicked the switch turning the computer off and sat there at her desk trying to think of what to do, but she couldn't think of any way out of her situation. She turned the computer back on and went back to the e-mail again. Nancy clicked on the reply button in the body of the e-mail and she typed, "How much to you want for all the pictures?" then hit the send button and waited the reply.

The bastard must've been waiting for her reply because the answer came five minutes later the e-mail said "Now from now on you will address me as Master. I will call you slut and you will sign all your e-mails to me slut. I don't want your money, but you will from now on be my personal slave slut. As long as you obey me and do everything I tell you without question or backtalk your pictures will be safe. We will begin your training tonight I will send you an address be there at 7 PM not one minute early not one minute late." the e-mail ended with an address of an apartment in the more seedy area of town. Nancy wrote the address down and then turned the computer off sitting there thinking of what to do, but she knew that she had no choice.

Nancy had always taken good care of herself an couple of hours per week at the gym kept her 38-year-old body in great shape. Her 38 C. Breasts were complemented by her 36 inch white hips. How could she have been so stupid has to have an affair with someone she didn't even know.

A knock the door brought her back to the present. It was Dave Thomas and he wanted to discuss some cost overruns on one of the projects they were working on. The rest of the day passed without interruption and before she knew it was 3 o'clock and time to go home.

Nancy needed time to think as she drove home, and had supper on the table when her husband arrived home from work. By 6 the dinner dishes were finished put away in the kids were studying in their room. Nancy called the house phone from her cell phone and then answered the phone herself. When she hung up the phone she told her husband that she had to go into the office to finish some paperwork that had been overlooked that day. Twenty minutes later she was in her car heading for the stranger's apartment, and into the unknown. She arrived at the address 10 minutes till seven, and sat in her car wondering if she had the nerve to go to the door. In the boardroom she was at ease and she handled big meetings with ease, but now she was in uncharted territory.

Nancy parked her BMW under the only light in the parking lot, and wasn't really sure of her footing as she set the alarm. As she entered the building there was a black man standing just inside the door and he stepped back as she entered giving her the once over. Nancy regretted still having her high heels on as she ascended the stairs to the second floor. She found the right room number and knocked on the door. Her watch told her that she was two minutes late that it was 7:02 PM. As Nancy stood the hallway waiting she could smell different things someone was cooking supper, there was also a distinct smell of old urine and the smell of stale cigarette smoke lingered.

Someone on the inside unlatched the door letting it open only an inch then the voice said "Come on in slut and close a door behind you."

Nancy entered the apartment finding it only somewhat cleaner inside than out, and closed the door behind her. Nancy was about the turnaround in face a man who had ordered her here to this place when the he spoke again, "You are 3 minutes late. You will be punished from now on you will do everything I say when I say it. Do you understand?"

Nancy nodded her head that she understood, without warning a large beefy hand slapped her on the side of her head, and for a minute she thought she was going to pass out, but staggered against the wall and stayed conscious. No one had ever hit her before not even her parents when she was growing up had hit her so this is a new experience. Nancy again started to turn around to face the man who had hit her, but the edge in his voice stopped her, "You don't turn around unless I tell you to do you understand that slut?"

Nancy stopped turning around and answered him, "Yes master please don't hit me any more."

Nancy knew he was right behind her, he didn't say anything but she knew he was there. When he did speak his voice had ice in it, "Strip everything off right where you are standing just drop your clothes on the floor you have 30 seconds to be naked."

Nancy started enduring the buttons of her blouse and when she reached the last button she dropped the blouse to the floor. Her skirt followed the blouse to the floor, and she stepped out of it. Nancy reached down to take her shoes off, but the man stopped her "Leave your shoes and nylon's on they look good on you." Nancy's bra was the next item she lost, and lastly her bikini panties. She was left standing there in just her nylons, heels, and fancy garter belt.

Nancy waited for the man to give her the next command, she could feel his eyes on her back as she stood there. She couldn't help but feel somewhat ashamed standing there naked in front a man that she has slept with only once. She wasn't ready when all of a sudden her ass exploded in pain from the folded over leather belt he had in his hand. Nancy tried to put her hands back to protect her precious buns, but a growl from the man convinced her of the folly of doing so. The next explosion was on her thighs just below the cheeks of her ass, and that was followed by an explosion of pain across her lower back. The man yielded the belt with the skill that said he had yielded it many times before, and he managed to almost never hit the same place twice. As more and more blows fell they began to crossover each other and that added to the pain. Nancy's tears ran down her cheeks and she was afraid she was going to collapse, but still she did not move as the man continued to whip her.

Finally the blows stopped, and the man stepped back from her allowing her to lean against the wall and sob. When he spoke his voice had the same steel like tone to it, "Close your eyes slut, turnaround and get on your knees. Clasp you were hands behind your neck with your knees spread wide part. This is present position you will assume it whenever you are in my presence. Then don't move or open your eyes until I tell you when you speak to me you'll address me as Master. Do you understand slut?"

Nancy wasn't sure she could find her voice when she answered, "Yes Master."

Nancy could feel his eyes on her and she knelt there some of her blond hair had fallen over the front of her face, but she dared not use a hand to brush it back.

Finally after what seemed like ours but was only minutes Nancy felt his hand on her right breast. At first he just held the breast in his hand letting his fingers feel the firmness of the skin, and then he let his fingers trail down to the nipple. His thumb and forefinger squeezed the gentle bud and twisted it until it brought an involuntary gasp from her lips. His other hand did this same to the other breast causing her to once again gasp. With her hands behind her head her breasts were an easy targets for his hands. Nancy had no idea what was coming next and all of a sudden one of his hands struck the side of her right breast, and even before the breast had stopped moving his other hand hit the other side of her other breast. Suddenly Nancy knew a new meaning to the word pain, because suddenly both of her breasts were ablaze in pain. The man continued striking her breasts first one way and then the other for what seemed like ages to her tortured breasts. When the he finally stopped hitting her breasts tears were flowing down both her cheeks.

Nancy didn't know if the man had left or not all she knew was that he had stopped tormenting her breasts. Her tears were running down her face and dripping off her jaw to fall on her chest and running on down.

Finally the man broke the silence, "Stand up now right where you are don't move from that spot, don't open your eyes, I want your feet at least three feet apart and place your hands underneath your breasts offering them to me. This is present position No. 2 you always remember these positions."

Nancy was getting to her feet when the man helped her by grabbing each of her nipples and pulling her to feet. She gasped out in pain, but didn't say anything at all assuming the proper position as ordered. The man put his hand between her legs feeling the wetness of her cunt, and making her turn her head in shame because she was so wet down there from the mistreatment he was receiving.

The man was quick to notice it, and turned her face back to him. "You will never turn your head from me without my permission. Do you understand slut?"

Nancy started to nod her head, but said "Yes Master."

The man wasn't satisfied though, and suddenly he grabbed her clit and pinched the gentle bud in his fingers. Nancy bit her lip to keep from crying out, but it felt like he had ripped it from her body. With their eyes closed Nancy did not know where the man was, she knew that he was probably within striking distance at all times.

When the man spoke again he was further away then she expected, "You may open your eyes. Come kneel in front of me so you can give in the best blow job I've ever had, and remember I plenty of throat.

Nancy opened her eyes, the man was seated on the side of the bed. She knew that she had no choice, so she crossed the distance dropping her knees before him. Nancy was no stranger to giving head just about every boyfriend in college had expected her to blow them before their date, and even though she had a good position in the company she worked for there was always some executive that she had to go down on. This is different though this man owned her, she was his property and he let her know what he wanted her to do. His cock was only about eight inches long, but little thicker than her husband's cock. She opened her lips letting the velvet head of his cock slide into her mouth while swirling her tongue around the head. Nancy was moving her lips further down the shaft of the cock, but he became impatient grabbing her by the head forcing it past her tonsils and down her throat. Nancy began to gag and struggle for air as the head filled her throat. The man let her head raise until the head was inside her mouth and she could gulp a quick breath of air, before plunging it back down her throat again. Finally at last Nancy was able to get the pace set up, so she could breathe between stokes, and that made it a little better. Nancy could feel the cock in her mouth swelling, and she knew it soon it would cum, and this part of the ordeal would be over. She didn't have to wait for long as string after string of cum flowed down her throat.

The man let go of her head, and she fell backwards onto the floor laying there with cum leaking out of the corners of her mouth. The man couldn't say is anything, but she was awful sexy laying there with his cum on her lips. His voice had the same demanding tone to It when he spoke though, "I didn't tell you lay down slut, you have a punishment coming now, get back up on your feet in the second position now."

Nancy scrambled to her feet crying has she got up, "Please don't punish me Master I didn't mean to fall down, but when you let go of my head I lost my balance."

The man was beginning to feel the rising of his erection already, but he knew to show weakness now would set back his control of her so his words still had the same ice to them. "You have your choice on which punishment you want, you can either have me slap your breasts twice, or hit you in the stomach once. You make the choice."

Nancy was crying again when she answered, "Please Master don't hit me please I'll do anything you say without question. I just don't want to be hit anymore please."

The man could feel his cock getting hard again when he spoke, "You don't understand slut, I make the choices, and you must decide now what you want, or I will give you both. So now you decide."

Nancy knew that her breasts hurt so bad that she couldn't take having them hit again, "Please Master my breasts are so sore that I cannot take another hit to them please hit me in the stomach once Master." She closed her eyes and waited for the blow she knew was coming, but she was unprepared for the fist that doubled her over, and sent her back sprawling on the floor again. It was all she could do to keep from throwing up, and try to catch her breath, but she managed to scramble back to her feet at the same time.

This time when the man put his fingers in her cunt he found her dripping with cunt juice, and when he brought his fingers that was soaking wet to her lips Nancy almost turned her head away, but realized he wanted her to lick the juice off of his fingers. Nancy had never tasted herself before that didn't hesitate to lick the juice from his fingers.

The man pointed at the bed and said, "Get over there stand at the side and bend over placing your shoulders on the bed."

Nancy hurried to the bed and bent over as instructed waiting for his next command or action. Her cunt was no stranger to having a cock in it, and since she had sex with this man before she was no stranger to this cock. The man stepped up behind her and moving ahead up and down inside her soaking slit he had her pressing back against him trying to get it inside. He drove his cock all the away in one mighty lunge, and brought a gasp from her throat when he did. Soon he was driving his cock all the way against her cervix with a stroke, and she was pushing back against him at the same time. He knew that he wouldn't last long the way he the walls of her cunt squeezed on the sides of his cock when he pulled out on the out stroke. Before he realized it his hot cum was flooding the inside of her cunt, and making squishing sounds. His hands held her hips has he pounded the last of his strokes in her cunt. Finally at last he let go of her letting her fall onto the bed, and he fell next to her.

When they both had caught their breath and he could speak he gave her new instructions, "From now on you will call me Master when we are alone in public you will address me as Sir. Whenever I call you on your cell phone or your home phone you will be ready to service me or anyone I choose. As long as you obey and don't give me any more trouble you're secret is safe. If you have any questions you may ask three questions now but only three questions."

Nancy thought for a few minutes before asking the first question, "Why have you done this too me, what have I done to you? Question 2 How do I hide these marks you put on me from my husband? Question 3 how long do I have to do this obeying you?"

The man smiled when he answered, "First you were so cocky when we met the day after we had sex at the meeting that you really pissed me off. I thought that after that night the next day at least we could have had lunch, but to dismissed me like a minion, now you are my minion. Your marks you'll have to hide them from your husband anyway you can that's not my problem. And lastly you will be my slut until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand what I said now?"

Nancy nodded her head, but quickly answered, "Yes Master I understand."

Mary didn't say anything else as she simply dressed, went back to her car, and heading home. She didn't have any trouble hiding the mark's from her husband because he was already in bed sleeping when she got home. She fixed herself a stiff Bourbon and Coke before going to bed.

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