Master PC: Gaps In Time
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Body Modification, Transformation,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Maria goes through a set of changes after she disciplines and employee for looking at porn and downloading strange programs from the Internet.

Maria Delacruz sat behind the desk in her office, idly browsing through her email. She had an unpleasant task to complete for the afternoon, and she just wanted it over. One of her employees, a young man not too long out of university she recalled, had been spending his time browsing through erotic websites and other improper pursuits online when he should have been working. He'd been warned before by his supervisor, but he just tried to hide it after that, and was not successful. The straw that broke the camel's back was he had tied up a significant portion of the office's network bandwidth this week downloading some huge application. The report said it was called MasterPC or something like that, but she was just tired of the hassle. She would much rather concentrate on the business that she had worked to build that deal with some pervert.

Maria was an attractive, slim woman in her mid 30's. She had dedicated herself to her company, and building it and maintaining it took a lot of hard work. As a result, she was very successful, but she had never married. She was desired in her social circle, but she never really had the time to dedicate to dating, not to mention weeding out those men just interested in her money, or just sex for that matter. She much preferred to divide her time between work, the gym, personal relaxation and keeping touch with a couple of long standing friends.

Finally the young man arrived, announced by Maria's secretary over the intercom. Once he entered her large office, she invited him to sit, and got right down to the task.

"Mr. Foxx, as you know we've had to warn you about your use of the internet on company time. I was saddened recently to hear that this use hasn't stopped, and has indeed expanded from a couple websites to chatting online and downloading rather sizable files for personal use. I'm afraid we can't accept this, and as a result I'm going to have to let you go, effective immediately. You can head back to your desk to collect your things, but today will have to be your last day."

To Maria's surprise, he didn't even argue. He gave her a bit of a strange look during parts of her prepared speech, but at the end he just muttered out an "okay, sorry" and picked up his briefcase and left her office. She couldn't quite tell if he was angry, embarrassed or scared, but she didn't care all that much. She just shook her head, and was thankful there had been no loud scene or argument. And, with this task done, she could look forward to the weekend. She was in such a good mood that she poked her head out of her office door and gave her assistant the okay to clear out early.

She head back to her desk and started to clear up her own papers, filing everything in order for next week. She suddenly felt very tired. "Wow," she thought, "I'm beat — I guess the whole long week is just hitting me now." She decided a quick rest might be in order, and she kicked off her heels and stretched our for a 15 minute break on the leather sofa she had splurged on for a seating area in her office. "Ah, just what the doctor ordered," she mused as her eyes drifted shut.

She awoke with a stretch and a bit of a groggy feeling, but feeling much more relaxed. As she sat up she felt an odd soreness in the muscles of her lower back, which she attributed to the couch. What she is unable to account for, however, is a lower soreness — lower as in her vagina and even more in her ass. She decided just to wait for it to go away, which would prove it was nothing and she was just being a hypochondriac. As she gathered her bag and prepared to head home, she shot a glance out her office window and admire the late afternoon sun. Then she stopped in her tracks. Late afternoon sun? She looked at her watch and was shocked to find out that it was four o'clock in the afternoon. Saturday afternoon. That was one hell of a nap. She sighed and started to make her way home, frustrated that she had slept away half of her weekend, but relieved at least that she had a new explanation for a few more sore muscles. Nearly 24 hours on that couch would mess up anyone's body. She just shook her head.

Monday morning arrived far too fast, after her little overgrown nap had forced all of her errands and weekend activities into one day off. It was an average morning, a bit of email catch-up, reviewing status reports from the past week, and starting to put together an ad to fill the opening of staff after Friday's firing. She has decided on just quick bit of lunch and forces herself out of the office at 12:30 or so to grab a salad. Even though she's eating light, she heads to her favourite restaurant with, a couple of reports in hand to read while she eats. The host recognizes her with a smile and seats her in a quiet back booth. Knowing the menu by heart, she just gives him her order as she sits.

Polishing off the delicious chicken caesar salad, she sits her mineral water and turns to the paperwork she's brought. After such a rushed Sunday, she feels beat, and her head rests back against the booths soft plush fabric. She forces her eyes back open after just a moment, knowing the work she must finish is too great to allow for a break.

As she walks the few blocks back to her building, Maria again feels that strange soreness between her legs and in her ass. She's started to get a bit worried about it, and she ponders a call to her doctor this afternoon. She absently notices a bit of an ache and tingle at her breasts as well. When she looks down she realizes that at least part of that feeling may be due to the fact that her nipples have become fully erect. "Calm down, Maria," she tells herself as she looks around to see if her subconscious eye has noticed some fireman or construction worker.

Maria nods to her assistant on her way back into the office.

"Good to have you back, Ms. Delacruz, we missed you after lunch yesterday."

"Yesterday? What do you mean, Deb?"

"Oh, it's nothing at all, I just didn't know you weren't coming back after lunch."

Maria shakes her head in confusion and walks into her office. She drops down into her chair and looks at her watch. She sees 1:45pm, just as it should be — but then she sees those little letters. It's Tuesday. How the fuck is it Tuesday? She starts to feel her body heat up, her breathing increasing. She can't figure out what's going on. She left for lunch on Monday. She ate at Spinelli's. She closed her eyes for a second, but it's not like she could have fallen asleep for 24 hours undisturbed at a public restaurant, no matter how much she tipped them. And why the hell were her nipples so sore and hard? She went into her private washroom, locked the door behind her, removed her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. She nearly fainted when she pulled back the lace cups of her bra. Her nipples were pierced and dangling from each of them were thick gold rings. In a daze she reached down to touch them, to make sure they were real. They were, but she just couldn't figure out how. Her nipples were sore and reddened, which made sense as this had clearly been done in the last 24 hours. If fact, her breasts feel sore in general and a bit swollen — not unlike how they felt during PMS, but she was a couple weeks from her time of the month. She decided to remove the rings immediately but upon closer inspection she realized that there was no closure on them. They had been put on her in such a way that they'd had to be cut off. She turned and just slumped against the counter. She also realized with a shock that she couldn't just brush off the other soreness. Her fingers were shaking as she opened the zipper at the side of her skirt and pushed down her panties. No jewelry at least, but her labia were certainly a bit puffed and sore. She needed time to think all this over. She washed up and got re-dressed. She'd figure out what happened; she just needed time and a clear mind. She places a call to the restaurant, to try and confirm when she was there. Pretending she was her assistant, she asked to know when Ms. Delacruz had eaten at the restaurant this week. Both Monday and Tuesday was the reply. She asked to speak with the server on duty, but he was no help — he only recalled her entering and leaving on her own both days. For now her only lead was exhausted, so with a curse under her breath she forced herself to work, hoping more would become clear with time.

The week went quickly, but at least with no further incidents. She was getting frustrated with the constant teasing at her nipples that the rings provided, but she hadn't found the time to get them removed, never mind figure out whom to go to for it. But at least it was Friday, and if she could avoid any unplanned naps she would have the whole weekend to try and put this behind her.

She realized at around 4:30 that she was just watching the clock and keeping track of her own state of tiredness. "This is crazy," she admitted to herself. Since she owned the company, she decided to give herself the rest of the day off. If she wasn't going to work, she wasn't about to sit there in fear of her own sofa.

After her commute home, stepping into her own apartment, she felt a world better. She kicked off her heels, got into a comfortable pair of jeans and sweater, poured herself a glass of wine and slid into her favourite chair. Within minutes she was asleep.

She awoke with a start to the sound of the phone. She stumbled over to it and answered with a mumbled, "Hello."

"Sorry to disturb you, Ms. Delacruz, it's me, Deb. We hadn't seen you in the office yet this morning and I noticed an appointment in your book for first thing this afternoon so I wanted to remind you, in case you forgot."

"What? What time is it?"

"It's nearly 11:00, Ms. Delacruz."

"11:00? What day?" Maria's head was still a jumbled mess.

"Ma'am? It's Monday, of course."

She nearly started to cry. "OK, OK, I'll be in before one. What time is that appointment?"

"It's at 1:30 Ma'am. I'll see you soon." She rung off, leaving Maria with her dazed thoughts and the sensations of her body slowly making their way to her conscious mind. Once again the soreness was back. There was no denying it, her vagina was sore like she'd been having a lot of sex. She didn't even want to think about what had happen to make her anus feel the way it did. Her breasts were aching. She stumbled into her bathroom to strip and shower. Tears flow to her eyes as she looks over her body. Her breasts are not only sore, they're reddened and swollen. On top of that, they're covered all over with dried, flaky residue of something that certainly wasn't there when she sat down. It's over her neck and belly as well, and as she looks further down her body the shock deepens. Her pussy has been shaved bare and her labia and puffed and reddened — not only from some use she can't remember, but also because her sex is now adorned with a small silver ring piercing each of her lips. Above her bare slit she finds a fresh tattoo. At first she can't quite read the gothic script in the mirror, but she soon realizes that it is spelling out "SLUT."

In the shower, scrubbing her body clean of whatever has dried over her, tears flow down with the water from the shower head. Something insane was happening to her. Someone, or is it her, was getting her skin pierced and marked. Was she going out and having sex? She couldn't remember any of it, never mind who that sex might be with.

She decided to concentrate on work to get her through yet another day. The warm water and soap helped her flesh at least to feel better. She chose a comfortable skirt and jacket combo and one of her favourite bras for mental and physical comfort. Unfortunately, she couldn't get it to fit. Her breasts were too big. They seemed a full cup size bigger than before. They'd never swollen that bad before. She had to select one of her lower cut bras just to fit cups over them, and even then they nearly spill out over the top of her cups. Her jacket wouldn't close over them either, but she was now out of time for this. At least the open jacket would cover her nipples — she still hadn't gotten used to how the rings keep them stiff so much of the day. And now she had to deal with the touch of the rings between her legs as well.

She rushed into her office just in time for the 1:30 appointment. She didn't even remember making any appointments, but at least it would be a diversion.

The intercom sounded with Deb's voice, "Mr. Foxx is here for his appointment, Ma'am."

"OK, show him in," Maria replied absentmindedly. "Hmmm," she thought to herself, "that name seems really familiar."

As he stepped in, she realized why the name has rung a bell. It's was that pervert kid she fired. She didn't have time for this right now. Her life was going to hell, and she was not about to waste her time with some horny 20-something who didn't know well enough not to look at pornography at work. She went to get up and stop him in tracks, but for some reason her body wasn't responding to the impulses from her mind. Now what?! Her frustration was visible on her face, and she realized with increasing shock that she couldn't speak either.

Mr. Foxx just smiled at her. "Happy to see me again, Maria? Did you enjoy your weekend?" He laughed out loud. "No, no, don't get up." He took seat opposite her desk as his laughter at his own jokes continued. "Oh, by the way, tell your secretary not to disturb us."

She intended to tell him that she'd do no such thing, but instead she felt and heard herself dialing the intercom and telling Deb that she and Mr. Foxx were not to be disturbed under any circumstances. Once that task was complete, she felt her control over her body and voice again drifting from her.

"I suppose that you might have some questions about what's been happening to you over the last week or so, not to mention some of your lovely new jewelry," he said. "Well, it all started with a little program that you fired me for downloading, actually. And since you were such a bitch about a little web-surfing, I decided to try it out on you first. I won't go into too much detail, but it's enough to say that it's given me the power to exercise a rather remarkable level of control over you, body and mind. I can make you do whatever I'd like, or for that matter, make you look like whatever I want. Your missing days should convince you of my control of your mind, and I can tell from the way your tits are stuffed into your bra today that you may have noticed some other subtle modifications I've made. You may respond now, if you'd like, but you may only whisper."

Her mind filled with obscenities she wanted to scream out, but all that came out of her mouth were soft whispers, "Why? How? Why are you doing this to me? I don't believe it."

He just smiled. "I know you've got a lot of questions, and I've got to tell you I'm going to enjoy letting you know the answers. In fact, let's start with that, it will make the rest a lot clearer. Do you have a TV and VCR in here?"

She pointed them out to him, in a custom-made wood cabinet facing the casual seating area. Immediately after her arm fell helplessly into her lap once more.

He opened the cabinet door, powered up the equipment and slid in an unmarked video tape.

"Come, sweetie, have a seat here with me on the sofa."

She strained with every fibre to resist, to at least tell him to go to hell, but all that happened was that her body seemingly on its own walked over and sat down next to him, her eyes burning as they caught his self-satisfied grin. As the tape started to play, the screen filled with the images as sound of what was immediately clear as amateur pornography. The camera was roughly moving over the bodies of a man and a woman having rather enthusiastic sex. This girl was all over an attractive but average looking man. Her body showed a bit of the signs of being out of her 20's, but she was still fit and thin, with a nicely curved ass and her breasts were average sized but firm. She chastised herself mentally for admiring the lust that was so evident, seeing those breasts pushed hard against the man's chest.

As the camera pulled back, the controlled paralysis of her body was all that kept her from falling out of her chair. It was her! She was fucking (there was no other word to describe it) this man she didn't recognize with obvious lust and desire. She didn't remember any of this—the setting or the man she was first underneath, then on top of. The video jumped to a new situation, and she heard her own voice begging the man to use her ass. Who was this woman on the screen? She'd never wanted that in her life, but there she was, asking for it and getting it. Bending over rather hungrily for it, it seemed. With a rush she started to realize the exact causes of THAT soreness. On the screen she saw her own body quiver a bit as the man's stiff cock was guided into her tight rear opening, but any pain that version of her felt was quickly swallowed by her moans of pleasure. The man's hands gripped her waist and hips, fingers digging into her flesh as he rammed into her, over and over. She watched him tremble and pull out of her, just in time to shoot a generous load of his cum onto her back. Paralyzed on the sofa with her captor she felt the tingling fresh in side her pussy and ass. Could it be some kind of sense memory? Her body seemed to be reacting against her will again, but in a different way. Oh god, was that heat and moisture she felt between her legs?

The scene jumped again. This time she was in what looked like a dentist's chair, but she was topless. The camera zoomed it tight to show the latex gloves of a man piercing her nipples. She could watch in detail as the gold rings were fitted on and sealed on, a shield covering the flesh of her breasts from the heat of the jeweler's torch. Just when she though that scene was over, she was given the pleasure of watching herself thank this large, fully muscled and tattooed man with an eager blowjob. Her lips curled in a hungry smile around him and the camera caught all of it. Her fingers worked all over him, her lips kissed up and down the man's stiff shaft, she was sucking him deep and hard, deep-throating him one minute and sucking his balls into her mouth the next. And all with the eager noises of a slut who loved every second of it. The video switched scenes again. How much of this was there? She didn't even have the control over her own body to turn to watch her tormenter. All she could do was sit there, watch, feel the unwanted tingling throughout her body.

With a quick jump, the scene changed once more. She didn't see herself, only a group of about 4 or 5 men and a couple of women sitting around a large living room having drinks and chatting. The camera panned from face to face to see their smiles. With a silent sigh and shock she realized that this was her apartment. Suddenly the camera jerked to one side, and there she was — this strange alternate her — walking out into the room, "dressed" in very high heels, fishnet stockings held high by a garter belt, a tiny thong that revealed itself to be crotchless, and some kind of harness around her breasts. It looked to be made of leather straps, sort of the outline of a bra, but no fabric in the cups. Her breasts with those golden rings swayed with each step. Oh god, she was performing for them, an extra sway in her step, making her breasts shake and shimmy.

"Do you like what you see, Maria?" His voice startled her out of her trance of watching this unfold. "You may whisper again?" He muted the playback.

Enough control returned to allow her to turn to him. "Oh goddd, how could you do this to me?" Her voice barely scraping out. "You made me into such a slut, a whore — I don't want to dress like that, to act like that!"

He smiled back at her. "That's right, Maria, look at you there — you're a complete slut. You've begged to be fucked by strangers, to have them fuck you in the ass. You've had your nipples pierced like some kind of stripper and you paid for it with your slutty mouth. You've done things over the last little while that are quite shocking, my dear." He was laughing now, and with a soft touch he turned her face back to the screen, where she could see herself cutting off those tiny shorts and bending over double with legs spread, exposing her ass and her sex (clearly after the piercings down there) to once of the more eager men, who was groping her eagerly. "And you're going to keep doing those things, dear, and many more."

She could feel tears well in her eyes. "Why?" she whispered.

"Because I want you to. Because I can make you. Because I found you attractive even before you acted like a bitch and fired me. Because you're so snobby, that it makes it even sweeter to watch you humiliate yourself like a common whore. Oh wait," he stopped himself, "here comes my favourite part. Be quiet and watch."

And there she was, on her knees, circled by what appeared to be all of the men from before. Her "bra" was long gone. Once she figured out what was going on, she felt her face burn red. She had a cock in each hand, and she was stroking them for all she was worth. The other two men where being stroked by the other two women. All cocks, however, were pointed at her.

"Mmmmm, this is too good to waste, my slut, open up your blouse," he said to his mortified captive.

She tried with all that she could to resist, but the uselessness of resistance was wearing on her. Her hands obeyed him instead, and pulled apart the buttons, revealing the slopes of her breasts, pushed high and together by the undersized bra. He glanced around and then walked to her desk. He returned with a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut her bra off of her. She was double humiliated — not only was she now topless before him, her breasts falling free as the pulled the ruined lingerie away, but her nipples were rock hard. The gold rings stood out from her breasts. He stood before her, mimicking the posture of the men on the tape and he tugged out his cock which was full and stiff.

In the corner of her eye she could see his hand working on his trembling cock as the same was happening on the screen. However, while she was trapped in some strange paralysis in her office, the version of her on the tape was eagerly working with both hands and her mouth to urge these unknown men on. She blushed when she heard the words she had uttered, telling them how much she wanted their cum on her. Then it started. One by one the men reached their bursting points. Their cum would shoot all over her chin, her neck and her heaving breasts. The other girls, still pumping, would laugh and join in the urging for the man of the moment. Her eyes would shoot back and forth between the television and the real life throbbing member so close to her body. As the third man on the tape was shooting his load over her, she heard her captor issue a guttural moan and his cum exploded onto her. He kept cumming and cumming, and soon he had coated the tops of both of her breasts. She was mortified, feeling the hot, think juice land and stick to her. Oh god — that's what she was covered with this morning. It hadn't hit her until now. On the tape, the last man was finishing up, and of course, like a slut, she was licking each cockhead clean.

He stood up and stopped the tape, shutting off the television and returning the evidence to his briefcase. Tucking his cock back into his pants, he sat down across from her. He slid open his briefcase once more, removed a laptop computer, and opened up on the coffee table. She was left to face him with his cum drying on her exposed breasts.

"Now Miss Delacruz, let me make the rest of this situation clear," he started with a gleam in his eye. "Like I've said, through the unexpected gift of a certain little computer program, I've received some remarkable powers. Some of them, you've seen the effects of. I can play with your mind all I want. I can turn you into a sex-crazed whore who begs strangers for sex. I can also, clearly, erase any and all of this from your memory. And, you may have noticed from the tight fit of your bra this morning, that I can also affect some physical changes. How big are your tits normally?"

"A B cup," she whispered.

"Right. But today they are a bit fuller aren't they? That's because I've given them a bit of a nudge. And I want to show you something more now." He turned his attention to the computer for just a moment, then his eyes returned to her with the final keystroke. She no sooner saw his finger press the key than she felt a strange tingling in her breasts. She looked down to try to see what was happening. Oh god, they were growing, right in front of her, swelling up like balloons. She felt the weight build on her chest. Her nipples as well were growing stiffer and longer. Finally it stopped.

"Have a look, my dear," he smiled wickedly at her.

She was able to lift herself up. She could feel just the weight of them on her frame. She walked to the mirror in her washroom, and she was granted the full effect of what he had done to her. Her breasts had grown to the size of melons — she must be something like an EE cup. She looked like a trampy porn star. Oh god, how would she explain these?

"Come on back here, dear," she heard him call to her. "Do you like them?"

"God no, please, please change them back. I can't go out like this!"

Again his response was laughter. But with a keystroke he did grant this one wish, and she felt her breasts tingle once more, and start to shrink.

"I'm leaving you at a D for now, but I just wanted to give you that as a demonstration. Now that I've shown you what I'm capable of, I'm going to tell you about some changes.

"I can ruin you in an instant, Miss Delacruz. First, I can release copies of this tape, not to mention the photographs that go with it. Or, if I preferred, I could just turn you into a wanton whore on a street corner. So you're going to do what I want. I hope that is becoming clear. I'm going to give you back control of your body now, but I'd like you to keep in mind that I expect respect and obedience from you — and you've seen that I'm capable of handing out punishments." And with a couple of quick keystrokes, she felt the awareness of her control of her body. "I have left a few controls on you, by the way, so you won't be able to tell anyone of what's happening to you. So, do you have any questions?"

Maria sat and tried to sort out the jumble of emotions. Mixed in was a deep humiliation, anger, confusion and a great deal of disbelief. Her mind was still struggle to take it all in. "If you can do anything you want to me, why are you bothering to blackmail me with this video?"

"Ahh, good question," he smiled back, "Well, I wanted to test out my control of someone at first, and see what might be possible. And as fun as it was watching you try to figure out what was happening to you, I realized that I wanted you to know it was happening. My plan, Miss Delacruz, is to humiliate you for the way you treated me and probably other people who work for you, and the humiliation just wasn't the same until I knew you felt it. And believe me, the look on your face, watching you watch yourself fuck those strangers and beg for cock in your ass, or be on your knees covered in cum, was certainly worth it. As well, it gives me great pleasure to watch you behave and dress like a wanton whore willingly as you've been doing for me over the last week, but I've decided I also want to have you obey me with your own mind, knowing full well that you're doing things that humiliate you — but that you've got no choice."

Maria just sank in her chair. Clearly he had planned out in great detail how he was going to ruin her life, and turn her into some kind of sex toy. Living out the fantasies he used to just waste his work hours with.

"But Maria dear, don't you worry, we can discuss all this later. Right now I'm sure you've got work to finish. Why don't you close your blouse and get to it."

She couldn't believe she had still been sitting there with her cum-stained breasts out in the open for him to ogle.

"Oh, and you are to leave my cum on those lovely tits of yours. And yes, I'll be checking for it. You won't need a bra with your firm new pillows, of course."

While it had been tough to fit a bra over her breasts at first today, now they were even larger. She could barely button up her blouse, and the buttons were clearly straining. And of course her pierced and ringed nipples were even more visible without a bra to cover them. As she finished she raised her eyes back up to him, to find him smiling widely once more.

"You're enjoying this greatly, aren't you," she snapped at him. She rose to her feet to look him in the eye, frustrated that a part of her mind was distracted from her anger to notice the increased weight and bounce to her breasts, now fully two cup sizes larger than usual, and the feel of her stiffened nipples sliding against the fabric of her blouse.

"Of course I am, my dear. And I shall continue to, so you'd best just be good. In fact, to show me that you're going to be a good girl for me, I want you to give me the panties you're wearing."


"You heard me, pet, reach up under that skirt and give them to me right now."

Her face was burning with anger once more and humiliation that she had no choice but to obey. She just couldn't bear having her clients, friends or social circle get a hold of that tape. God, to think of them watching her be so depraved made her weak. Broken, for at least the moment, she lifted her skirt and reached up underneath it to hook at her panties. She pulled and wiggled out of them, until they fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them. She picked them up and handed them to him in a crumpled ball with a restrained look of pure hatred.

He took them from her and smiled widely. He held them up to her and stretched the fabric between two hands. Clearly visible at the crotch was a generous wet spot of her own juices. "It seems like I'm not the only one that liked the little movie, my slut. Or was it the feel of my juices on your titties?" He started to laugh out loud.

"Well we'll have so much more to talk about and do, Maria. I'll see you at home. I'll be all moved in by the time you're done. Oh, and don't worry, you gave me a key. Don't be late, I've got some wonderful plans.

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