Goodbye Gloria
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Lesbian,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gloria is sent to investigate an illegal prize-fighting ring. She becomes a brutally effective topless boxer.

Gloria had two reasons to be happy today! She was winning and she was being seriously hurt! Her opponent was getting hurt too. But that lady was losing! The woman had done pretty well in the early rounds in view of the fact that she was an overweight and over the hill battleaxe! Quite a few of her punches had drawn some Gloria blood and made even the experienced veteran of many hard fist fights, to say nothing of bruising encounters with desperate criminals, gasp in pain. But that had been a while ago in Rounds One, Two and Three and Gloria was getting nicely on top, even if a lot of the other girl's punches were still getting through! The bell went for the end of Round Six and she had a minute to get ready for the next.

Tough Gloria didn't bother to sit on the stool. But her victim was sitting and breathing heavily as her second wiped the blood off her face and sponged her down. Gloria's second gave her a bottle of water and she swilled out her mouth and spat over the top rope onto the grass. All very primitive here! Gloria did not wipe the blood off her face. She guessed, correctly, that it made her look just that bit more fearsome. And the audience had come to see blood! She looked around at the crowd. Not a bad turnout for the first bout - and a women's bout at that. But this was Gloria's third appearance in as many weeks. The word was getting around that she was hot! Gloria had not put on an ounce of fat in the last year but she had added a lot more muscle! And she still looked gorgeous with her long golden hair and awesome legs!

They had thought, before her first bout, that she might be too muscle-bound to fight properly. But the way she had moved about the ring, pulverising her experienced opponent and making her look leaden footed and useless had soon settled any doubts the promoter might have had. She had been hired for as many fights as she wanted. And she wanted plenty! Gloria's bare fists itched to do more damage!

Edwina had been hired to look into an illegal prize fighting ring, with a view to gathering enough evidence for a prosecution, and Gloria had been sent to go undercover. Samantha was not with the firm these days. Instead of Gloria being the first to leave for the homely life of matrimony, it had been Sammy! Hard nosed and dyed in the wool dyke Sammy! And she was six months pregnant already! Gloria had been asked to be Godmother and had happily agreed. It's a strange old world, reflected Gloria as she stepped out to face her opponent, who might not know it, but was shortly going down for the count. Gloria knew it! She had a bus to catch and was getting bored.

Her boss had been shocked to think that bare-fist prize fighting still went on. That poor woman was terribly naive at times, thought Gloria as she took a glancing blow on the side of her face and positioned herself for the coup de grace, deliberately leaving her stomach wide open and taking a real beauty of a punch to the gut which didn't even make her grunt. Gloria still had abs like concrete! One great straight right, full on the other woman's jaw and that was another easy hundred pounds she had earned! Plus a share of the takings. Maybe fifty more! At this supremely satisfying moment, with another victim lying bloody and unconscious at her feet, the pumped up and triumphant Gloria was strongly tempted to make a career of this! Just joking! It was a mug's game - she knew that.

She picked up her unconscious opponent, put her over her brawny shoulder and carried her out of the ring to the cheers of a very appreciative crowd. After dumping Sleeping Beauty and wiping her own bleeding nose with the back of her hand she went to get dressed. She stripped off the tiny red thong in which she had just fought and put on her own black and very sexy underwear. Gloria's knickers got sexier by the day! Edwina loathed her taste in lingerie. There was less and less about the increasingly immoral Gloria that the pure Edwina did like these days!

When the newly disgraced Gloria had stripped off to get her last beating, Edwina had been so appalled that an extra fifty strokes of the tawse had been added on the strength of that disgusting underwear alone! Gloria vowed that she would certainly wear something even more obscenely sluttish before her next thrashing! She sometimes wondered when and if that stupid cow Edwina would cotton to the fact that the masochist Gloria loved her beatings and went out of her way to qualify for ever bigger and better ones! And it was Gloria who was reputed to be the idiot around here!

"Well done, Gloria!" said Monty the organiser. "The crowd love you. Here's two hundred pounds. I can promise you more next time. A week from now? I'll pick you up and drive you to the venue. It won't be here! Heaven knows where it will be! We have to keep on the move, these days. If the police get me it's prison. Not for you, though. The fighters only get fined. They are regarded as innocent victims of capitalist exploitation!"

"That shit bag Karl Marx has a lot to answer for! Along with the bleeding hearts! I think it's nobody's concern but ours, Monty! If I am willing to get myself bashed up, then surely that's my business. Why should the law interfere? Call this a free country! I'll be twenty-one in a week! An adult, and entitled to commit adultery, which I have been since I was sixteen anyway! I've seen more of life than half those arseholes who write our fucking silly laws! I should be able to earn my living as I please! I like being punched - just as long as I can punch them back - and harder! See you next week!"

And she walked from the rented field where the fights were being held to the bus stop. If she hurried she'd get the three thirty. The next was not for three hours. Undercover agent/prize-fighter Gloria had seen enough for today. She knew who all the other fighters were and she had plenty of photos, all taken with the nifty little camera that Edwina had provided her with.

"Don't lose it Gloria! It cost me a mint. Lose it and it's the tawse again!"

The tawse again! That was so tempting! Gloria had to fight really hard not to drop it down the first drain she passed! That would make it five times that she had been thrashed since getting back from the Naturist Island a year ago. Gloria was extremely good at her job by now but, in Edwina's eyes, a dirty slut! In most other people's eyes, come to that! No good looking woman - or man - was safe from her! And she was not getting any better! It was her immoral lifestyle that caused her to be punished with such regularity! Samantha had given her leathering numbers two and three before leaving to get married. They had been administered to her bare buttocks and had also been a wonderful goodbye present!

Mrs Powers had given her the latest hiding, three months ago, and it had hurt a lot, being an all over job like the first. One hundred and fifty again! It had approached being too painful! Mrs Powers knew her stuff and was strong. Even tough Gloria had been moved to turn over a new leaf after that! But her good and virtuous resolution did not survive her meeting with the red haired and adorable seventeen year old waitress whom she met and seduced on her next assignment.

Luckily (or unluckily) for Gloria, Edwina hadn't found out about that one or she'd really have been for it! In fact she was still meeting Rachel pretty often. The little girl had a terrible crush on the mature, muscular and weather beaten Gloria and Gloria was getting more and more infatuated with her. She would be in her arms - and bed - tonight after reporting back to Edwina. Rachel had the sweetest tasting cunt! Gloria was quite a connoisseur these days now that Sammy had gone and left her free to spread her wings! If Allen didn't come back soon she might even marry Rachel! She'd certainly keep her on as her female lover-in-chief whatever happened!

"Really, Gloria! I despair of you at times! When I sent you to infiltrate the prize fighting ring I didn't mean for you to become one of the fighters! Are you really that stupid, Gloria! Of course you are! And they actually have WOMEN fighters? This makes it even more despicable in my view. Not in yours, it would seem!"

"Only a few, Mrs F! But since I came forward a few weeks ago there've been about a dozen that have become interested. The lesbian community are quite in to it these days! "

"You should know, Gloria!"

"I don't know anything Mrs F. I'm too fucking stupid to know things! Or so you always tell me!"

Edwina had reluctantly accepted Gloria's affair with Samantha. She could see how it was that those two companions in adversity had developed such a very special bond. But Sammy was married now and Gloria was still energetically chasing every likely prospect she met - and they were nearly all pretty and very young girls! And she had a shrewd idea that her increasingly valuable assistant had a sweet little bit of fluff hidden away in that ever more private cottage of hers! Disgusting! At this rate Gloria was in for the beating to end all beatings!

"Don't be rude to me Gloria! When is the next meeting of this nasty little ring?"

"In a week. I'm being collected. And I like old Monty. He's pretty straight with the fighters. I hope he doesn't get put away for long."

"Watch they don't put you away! It could happen if you carry on with this new and violent hobby, which I suspect you will! Did you knock her out, Gloria?"

Edwina recalled the fight she had seen with Samantha. Gloria had been great! But prize fighting was wrong and dangerous. It had to be stamped out. It would have been good to see her tough young operative in action, though!

"Out cold, Mrs F! In round seven after about thirty seconds. The cow never saw it coming! And she was pretty good, too. Not good enough for me, though. Not many are!"

"Pride comes before a fall Gloria my dear! Remember that!"

"I'd like to get home now, Mrs F. It's not been a long day but it has been a bruising one!"

"Home to some young lady? I do wish Allen would come back! It's getting harder and harder to keep you on the strait and narrow!"

"I need to have space, Mrs F! My own private space. I'll come and put in a day on the garden the day after tomorrow. Lots and lots of digging! Keep up my muscle and all that!"

Edwina put her hand on Gloria's bare arm and bid her goodbye for the present. She felt the muscle referred to and something stirred, as it always did when she touched that girl. It did not surprise her that so many impressionable young things had a crush on her - including that little redhead that she had seen looking so adoringly at her at the end of her last case! Despite the hard and bruising times she had had in the last few years her face was still lovely, if a little marked, and her body turned heads wherever she went.

If only she would settle down and stop being such a tart! Dressing the way she did was as good as inviting people to come to bed with her. The way she was clothed today was appalling! Tiny little shorts, open toed sandals and a top that would not be out of place at the beach, leaving that hard stomach very much open to inspection. She did look wonderful, though. No doubt about that!

An hour later that hard stomach was being playfully punched by a giggling Rachel. Gloria doubled up and pretended to be winded. Then she undressed and let her young lover inspect her bruises. There were quite a few!

"Golly, Gloria. She hit you a bit low a few times, didn't she? Is that allowed?"

"In theory, no! But the rules aren't too scrupulously obeyed in this rather illegal backwater of the Noble Art, my sweet little Rachel. But your Gloria can take a few low blows and survive! Pity you can't come along and watch, but you're too young! I wouldn't want you getting near some of the clientele in any case. They are a decidedly rough bunch, darling!

"I'd love to see you fight. I suppose I did once, though. When you tangled with Willis, just after we first met. He took you a bit by surprise and gave you a black eye, but you showed him in the end! Poor old Willis! I bet he's still showing the signs of the beating you gave him in that prison they sent him to! But seeing you fight in the ring against a woman - I'd love that! Are you going to go in for it full time or is it just as long as this investigation goes on for?"

Gloria frowned. She had been wondering about this herself.

"I don't really know, Rachel. I could get into trouble. I might even go to jail! It's against the law, you see. But I do love it! I used to have really great fights with Samantha, my previous girl friend. But they were private and that's OK. Since I don't need the money, Rachel, I daresay I'll give it up as soon as we've put in our report to the prosecutors. I miss my fights with Sammy. But that's all in the past. And I don't think you'd be up to taking me on, darling little Rachel! Now get those clothes off and we'll go into the garden and get the last few rays of the sun!"

As the pair lay side by side until it became too chilly, Gloria told Rachel about her adventure on the Naturist Island.

"Fancy them making you stay out all day and all night, darling! And for days at a time! I bet even you found that hard to go through!"

"For the first couple of weeks it was terrible, darling. But my body adjusted to the sleep pattern after that. But my most exciting adventure has been meeting you and exploring every inch of that sweet body. I adore you, Rachel!"

"I like exploring your body, Gloria. It's so fabulous! Let's go in! I'll put something on your face, shall I? That cut's still weeping. I know something that will close it up. It'll sting, though. But you won't mind that! You're too brave!"

Gloria loved to bask in the warmth of Rachel's admiration! But she still missed Samantha. Her departed companion still had a very sizeable corner of Gloria's heart all to herself - and always would!

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