The Bartered Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, BDSM, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Paul Blackie was an antique dealer with a keen eye for the beautiful and the exquisite. For Paul, nothing was more exquisitely beautiful than the very proper and genteel Sheila Bernstein. Mrs. Bernstein displayed refinement, taste, and manners. In public Mrs. Bernstein was a model of ladylike behavior. But what would she be like in the bedroom? Paul was about to find out.

To Paul Blackie, Sheila Bernstein was one the most attractive women he had ever met. She was, in every sense of the word, a "lady." She was sophisticated, genteel, and polished. Paul guessed her to be in her mid-fifties, but women with the grace and charm of Mrs. Bernstein are practically ageless.

He never saw the woman when she wasn't wearing a skirt, heels, and hose. Most often she wore a suit with matching skirt and jacket. Her hemline fell just above her knees. Her gray hair was beautifully coiffed and she wore very little makeup. Her figure was trim and neat; her breasts were full but firm. She moved with poise and agility. Her muscles appeared toned like those of a fine athlete.

Paul owned Blackie's Antiques. He specialized in fine English and French furniture. He not only bought and sold, but also repaired and restored valuable antiques. Actually, antique restoration was, for Paul, more interesting than buying and selling.

It was his skill as a conservator of antiques that first bought him into contact with Mrs. Bernstein. The Bernsteins owned many rare and expensive antiques. Over the years, Mrs. Bernstein had taken a number of fine antique pieces to Paul for repairs. Because of this, Mrs. Bernstein had been a frequent visitor at Paul's shop. She was always impressed by Paul's knowledge of antiques and by his quiet, confident manner.

One of the Bernstein's prize possessions was a lovely set of six matching Hepplewhite chairs with upholstered seats. The back of one of the chairs had grown weak and could no longer be trusted to support a person's weight. On such a fine piece of furniture, this would be a major repair. Paul was the only person capable of undertaking such a delicate operation. Sheila telephoned Paul at his shop and made an appointment for him to come to the house and look at the chair.

Paul parked his van on the wide circular driveway near the front door of the Bernstein's country estate. Mr. Bernstein answered the door and took Paul down a long hallway to a rear dining room where Mrs. Bernstein was examining a beautiful Hepplewhite chair. "Sheila, the man's here to look at the chair. I'll be in my den if you need me."

Mrs. Bernstein was wearing a thin yellow blouse with a short tweed skirt, dark hose, and three-inch heels. As she knelt near one of the chairs to inspect a chair leg, the hem of her skirt climbed her thighs to expose the dark tops of her hose and the bright yellow bands of her garter belt. "I think the legs are firm and solid," she said.

The only thing Paul could have added to that statement was "shapely." Mrs. Bernstein's legs were, indeed, firm, solid, and very, very shapely.

Every time Mrs. Bernstein visited Paul's shop, she left him with an erection. And now here he was in her dining room with his cock standing at attention. She was indeed the sexiest woman he had ever met.

Paul adjusted the bulge in his pants as he went about examining the chair. The back was quite weak. The glue had dried and cracked and most of the joints were loose. Paul insisted on examining all six chairs in the set. He explained that when one chair in a set becomes weak, the others frequently suffer the same fate. After examining the other five chairs he declared them to be quite sound and then asked if all six chairs were acquired from the same source. Sheila quickly explained that they had had the five chairs for almost ten years before they found a matching sixth chair. Paul stated that the sixth chair had most likely been exposed to a different set of climatic conditions and that would explain why the back of that chair had weaken while the others had not. Paul went on to explain that in order to properly repair the chair, he would have to take it completely apart, remove the old glue from the joints, and then glue everything back together. He quoted a price of $400 to complete the repairs.

Sheila excused herself and returned a few minutes later. "My husband agrees that your quote is fair, and he would like you to take the chair with you now. He would also like to know when the repairs might be completed."

"The chair should be ready in about three weeks; will that be satisfactory?"

"Yes, that'll be fine. Do you need any money in advance?"

"No, I'll collect when the chair is finished."

It was almost three weeks to the day when Paul arranged the return with the restored chair. Mrs. Bernstein met him at the door and escorted him with the chair to the dining room. As Paul followed the woman down the hall, he marveled at the gentle sway of Mrs. Bernstein's buttocks. As usual, the woman was impeccably dressed. She wore a lime-green, linen skirt with a matching jacket. Her skirt fell, without a single wrinkle, to just above her shapely knees. Her cream-colored blouse was of such thin silk that the embroidery on the well-filled cups of her bra was attractively visible.

By the time they reached the library, Paul's cock was tenting the front of his trousers. He placed the chair down near the dining room table and watched as Mrs. Bernstein tested the back of the chair. First she tested the chair by pulling it around by its back. Then she sat in the chair and gingerly leaned back. Finding the back to be quite solid, she leaned back again, only this time with more confidence. She relaxed, smiled, and crossed one leg over the other. Now it was Paul's turn to smile as he was treated to a fleeting, but exquisite view of Mrs. Bernstein's inner thighs all the way up to her orange knickers.

"The chair is perfect; I couldn't be more pleased."

"It is a beautiful piece; I enjoyed working on it." And then as a private thought, Paul said to himself, "And you, Mrs. Bernstein, are another beautiful piece and I would surely enjoy working on you."

Mrs. Bernstein rose from the chair and said, "I'll take you to my husband so you can get your money."

Again Paul was treated to the lovely view of Mrs. Bernstein's backside as she led him down the hall. She stopped at a door and knocked softly. "Come in, Sheila."

Once they had entered and the door was closed behind them, Mr. Bernstein looked up from behind his desk and said, "Come over here, my dear, and tell me all about the chair."

Sheila Bernstein moved around behind her husband's desk and stood beside his chair. She faced forward, standing almost at attention and looking, not at her husband, but directly at Paul. "The chair is perfect; Mr. Blackie did a marvelous job. He has certainly earned his money."

"Let me see. I believe you quoted us a price of $400, is that correct, Mr. Blackie?"

"Yes, but... "

"No buts, Mr. Blackie." Mr. Bernstein interrupted. " $400 is what you quoted us and that is all I'm prepared to pay. However, I am prepared to make you a special offer. Do you know what it means to barter?"

"It means to exchange one thing for another without using money."

"Exactly. What I would like to do is give you $300 in cash. No check. Real money. And I would like to barter for the last $100."

Thinking Mr. Bernstein must have an antique he no longer wanted to keep, Paul asked, "What would you be willing to trade for the $100?"

Mr. Bernstein smiled and stretched his right arm out and circled his wife's waist. With his hand resting on his wife's hip he said, "Do you think my wife is a sexy woman?"

Mrs. Bernstein turned pleading eyes toward her husband and said, "Oh, please, Charles, not again."

"Quiet woman, this is business, and you will not interrupt." Then turning his attention back to Paul he said, "Well, do you find my wife to be sexy?"

"Your wife is very attractive."

"Yes, but do you think she's sexy?"

"Yes, I believe I do."

At this point Mr. Bernstein moved his hand to the small of his wife's back. Then slowly, and very deliberately, he moved his hand down her backside to just behind her knees. Then his hand moved up her leg dragging her skirt as it moved. When he reached the junction of her legs, he turned toward her and in a commanding voice said, "Open."

Sheila Bernstein shifted her weight to her left foot and then moved her right foot two feet in the opposite direction. Paul watched as Mr.Bernstein's hand made rhythmic movements between his wife's outstretched legs.

"I am pleased that you find my wife to be sexy. Now the important question is, would you like to fuck my wife?"

Paul was speechless.

After a long silence, Mr. Bernstein smiled and said, "There is no reason for you to answer the question, Mr. Blackie. Your cock has already answered for you. You present a formidable bulge, particularly now that you're erect." Then turning toward his wife he said, "My dear, I do believe Mr. Blackie will fill this little cunt of yours very nicely." Then pulling his hand out from between his wife's legs and holding up a very shiny middle finger, he said to Paul, "She's already dripping wet."

Paul saw Sheila Bernstein blush a bright pink. He wasn't sure if it was embarrassment, anger, or possibly, excitement that caused her to blush. Whatever the cause, blushing made Sheila look even sexier, and yes, he did want to fuck her.

"Mr. Blackie, would you exchange $100 worth of your labor on a Hepplewhite chair for the opportunity to screw my wife?"

Paul would have been willing to trade a lot more than $100 for chance to have sex with Mrs. Bernstein, but long years of bargaining for antiques had taught him to never appear overly anxious to close a deal. "It might be a fair exchange, but there are some details which would have to be addressed before I could agree."

"I'm sure we can work out the details to your satisfaction." Then addressing his wife he said, "Go to your room. Leave the door open. Take off all your clothes, get into bed, and wait for Mr. Blackie to join you."

There was absolutely no show of emotion. There was no hesitation. With her head held high, Sheila Bernstein walked toward the door with her usual grace and poise.

As she reached for the door handle, Paul called out, "Stop!" As she turned to look at him, he commanded, "Go to your room. Leave the door open. But do not, I repeat, do not remove any of your clothing." Then Paul turned to face Sheila's husband, "The first time you have a woman, she's like a birthday present. Birthday presents should always be attractively wrapped. Your wife is very nicely dressed, but much of the joy one receives from a gift, is the joy one experiences as he unwraps the gift. I want to undress your wife before I enjoy her."

Mr. Bernstein smiled and then chuckled, "Sheila, go to your room and do as Mr. Blackie has requested. Leave the door open, but don't remove any clothing. And please try to refrain from masturbating while you are waiting. I'm sure Mr. Blackie's cock will prove far more satisfying than those naughty fingers of yours. If you wait patiently, I'm sure you will be properly attended to. Now go to your room."

Sheila slipped quietly through the door closing it carefully behind her.

The older man smiled at Paul, "Well young man, I like your style. I think my very proper wife is in for a good tumbling this afternoon. You have my permission use every bit of her - her mouth, her cunt, and her asshole. If you do fuck her up the ass, use lots of lubricant. She's only been fucked in the ass once before and the guy had a very small dick. She has a tight asshole, so if you don't use lots of lubricant, she'll take the skin right off your pecker."

Mr. Bernstein opened a desk drawer and took out a stack of $20 bills. He carefully counted out fifteen bills and handed them to Paul. "Here is the $300 I promised." He replaced the rest of the bills in the drawer and removed a key attached to a red ribbon. " In my wife's room you'll see a large seventeenth century oak cabinet with an antique padlock. I have two keys to that lock and I will give you this one. When you are finished with Sheila, hang this key inside the cabinet, close the door, and snap the lock closed. I can retrieve the key later by using the second key."

"What's in the cabinet?"

"Little things which should be helpful in entertaining my wife."

"Such as?"

"KY jelly, condoms if you wish to use them, dildos, butt plugs, nipple clamps, restraints of various kinds, gags, rope, canes, whips, and other fun toys. You will also find some decorative rings embedded in the ceiling, sidewalls, and floor of my wife's bedroom. While they look decorative, they are really quite functional. All of the rings are capable of supporting my wife's weight; so feel free to use these as you see fit.

"My wife is intimately acquainted all of these items. You see I believe in discipline. A good woman is an obedient woman. And the only way to insure obedience in a woman is to give her a good trouncing on a regular basis, particularly when you are using her sexually. My wife responses beautifully after being disciplined. After a good caning, she performs like a she-dog in heat.

"Unfortunately, the last three gentlemen who bartered with me for my wife didn't share my enthusiasm for discipline, and I'm afraid they didn't get their money's worth. Sheila has a tendency to be a bit stubborn and quite frigid before she's been properly touched up. A good caning will bring out her passionate nature. Ten strokes will usually bring her around. But if you want a really good fuck, give her fifteen or twenty. I strongly recommend a generous application of the cane and whip to my wife's frigid derriere.

"There is however one restriction on what you are allowed to do with Sheila. You may cut, mark, and bruise my wife in any way you like from three-inches above her knees too just one-inch above her nipples. When she is dressed, there should be no visible evidence of her ordeal. All her marks should be covered by her clothing. Her arms, shoulders, neck, and face are not to be marked in any way. Also, her lower legs are to be protected. The only exceptions to these conditions involve the palms of her hands and soles of her feet. You may cane those if you wish. Is there any question about this?"

"Do you object to my whipping your wife between her legs and on her breasts?"

"Not at all, I think a woman always fucks better after her cunt has been vigorously stimulated. I suggest you try it both ways. Fuck her before you whip her. And then fuck her again after she's been whipped between her legs."

"Are there spreader bars available?"

"Good question. I suspect you have flogged a few cunts before. You can use rope, cuffs, and floor rings to stabilize her target areas. You will find wrist, elbow, ankle, neck, and knee cuffs with spreader bars in the chest with my wife's other toys."


"Now the maid and the cook will not be returning until six o'clock tomorrow morning. If for some reason they should return early, they are very discreet and will not interrupt you. Like my wife, they are also subject to my discipline. It is now 2:30. I have some errands to attend to and will return around six o'clock... "

"I'm sorry but that is not satisfactory. Three and a half hours isn't sufficient to time to fully enjoy a woman. I believe our first session should last at least nine or ten hours"

"I see. Well, I could have supper at the country club and spend the evening playing billiards. That would get me back around midnight. If, when I return, I see your van is still parked in the driveway, I will go to my room and leave you and my wife undisturbed. I would hope that by tomorrow morning you would have gotten a $100 worth of pleasure out of my wife. Will that be sufficient time?"

Paul smiled at the man behind the desk. "From my perspective, I believe the terms of our barter are now quite satisfactory."

"Good, then we have a deal?"

"Yes, we have a deal."

Mr. Bernstein rose and shook Paul's hand. " I'll show you the way to my wife's room."

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