Gloria - Naked For The Winter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, BDSM, Spanking, Sadistic,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gloria is given a chilly assignment by her boss and warned not to fail her.

"How was Samantha, Gloria?"

"Cheerful enough, Mrs. F, but she won't be rejoining us for at least three weeks. That's when the hospital say she can be discharged, but they are keen for her to take it easy for a while after that. She lost a lot of blood before I found her. Lucky still to be alive, they said. So you have to rely on me for a while. I'll try to do the work of two."

Gloria and Edwina were sitting in the lounge at Edwina's large country house. But Gloria would sooner have been in her own cottage. Since going there to get away from her vengeful gangster ex boy friend she had come to love it. She worked at the Hall, some thirty miles away, several days a week except when doing something dangerous for Edwina. But her free time was spent there these days. Occasionally the weekends were spent with Samantha, with whom Gloria was still great friends. But Sammy had a boy now and Gloria had been much taken with the son of a millionaire whom the Agency had been protecting recently.

Allen Westerby had insisted that he was more than able to look after himself and he certainly looked it! Six feet three, slim hipped, broad chested and extremely muscular, he had quite taken Gloria's breath away when she had been introduced to her unlikely protégé. Allen had looked furious to be treated like a child and Gloria had felt deeply for him. In any just world he would be protecting Gloria from harm and she would be sheltering timorously behind his manly protective frame as he fought off dastardly foes. But this is not always a just world, as Allen discovered on the second night staying with Gloria.

Two would-be kidnappers had burst into the cottage and Allen had pushed Gloria behind him, facing the pair himself. When he had recovered he found two trussed kidnappers lying on the carpet while Gloria was phoning for the police. He'd felt such a fool and Gloria had felt terribly sorry for him. She'd taught him a few tricks in the days that followed and by way of showing his gratitude he had taught her just how much a man can do to satisfy a woman. It had never been like that with Sammy, darling girl though she was!

"You aren't so close these days, are you, Gloria? You and Samantha, I mean?" asked Edwina, seeing Gloria deep in thought.

"We still mean a lot to each other, but we've discovered Men recently! And there was something missing this last year in our relationship. I guess we're just growing up fast!"

Gloria knew what was missing between her and Sammy. They had kept their promise to each other and to their employer and had kept their hands to themselves, apart from making love - that is. Not once had Gloria thumped Samantha in the mouth and not once had Samantha blasted Gloria with a sizzling right cross, spreading her nose across her face. And tender loving kisses, sweet though they might be, were no substitute. They were getting bored with each other.
Mrs FitzWalter nodded. She knew as well as Gloria what was missing between the pair. In a couple of years both would be married off and raising families. The wild mad times would be over for good. She was pleased in a way and bitterly sad in another. The couple had been eighteen when the adventure with Alfredo and Jack had begun. They were nearly twenty now and it was only natural that they should be looking ahead. But Edwina had hoped for a few more years before they settled down.

"Anyway, I need to get back to the cottage. Allen is waiting for me. He's going to work on a bit of heavy digging. Silly boy thinks it's too much for a weak woman like me!"

And Gloria was off, leaving Edwina to contemplate the sloping lawns and the distant lake, now fenced off after the strange accident that had killed Alfredo eighteen months ago.

Gloria reached her home and, sure enough, there was Allen, shirtless in the late September sun, and incredibly thrilling to look at, digging up the waste ground at the end of the garden. She took a fork from out of the garden shed and took off her own top. Soon two bare chested sweating people, one male and one female, but both strong and muscular, were reclaiming the neglected ground for cultivation. Finally Gloria indicated that enough was enough. She needed a drink!

As they sat on the lawn, sipping at two long cold drinks, she leant across and put her hand on his biceps.

"MMM!! It's not often I meet a man with better muscles than mine! I fancy you something rotten, Allen. Do you mind my saying that. Or am I being Forward?"
"I fancy you, Gloria. It was a bit humiliating having to be protected by a woman. But you're no ordinary woman, darling!"

"The last man I had used to beat me up, Allen. I'd quite forgotten that men could be gentle and kind by the time I met you. In my job I get to meet a lot of rough types and you were a timely reminder of just how good life can be!"

By this time Gloria was sitting on Allen's knee and planting a rapid succession of hot, wet kisses on his face. He pushed her very gently away and looked again at that lovely face. he ran a finger sofly along the white line running down her delicate, feminine nose. That had been where Samantha had cut her open during their last ever fight. He had been told the story of that contest several times. The white scar over her eye was a reminder of the time a group of thugs had raided the cottage and been hospitalised by the formidable pair. He touched her right breast and heard her breathe in sharply and felt her whole body tense with an agony of pleasure. That sweet protuberance had its perfection marred by a scar - this time as a result of Alfredo's frenzied violence. There were plenty of other signs that this young woman had led a rather unusual kind of life for a twenty year old girl!

He led her inside and upstairs. Gloria followed willingly. After he had made love to her she smiled happily. If only this could go on for ever! But she had a job to do and this glorious day was to be the last with Allen for some time.

"Did you know that I often share this bed with Samantha, Allen? And that I will again - I hope! Do you feel awful about sharing my body with a woman?"

"It it's what you want, darling Gloria, then it's OK with me! But I can't say I ever thought before that I'd end up part of this particular kind of ménage a trois! But she's away for a while - sadly. One happy result of her misfortunes is that I have you to myself!"

Gloria giggled happily. Then she recalled just how much Sammy meant to her and how close she had been to losing her and she became silent, relaxing in Allen's embrace as the pair slid imperceptibly into sleep.

She remembered again for the millionth time those first ghastly days in the reformatory, as she and Samantha, back to back, had fought off an assault by a dozen other girls. She could see again the hard faces and hear the coarse laughter as two new girls were "initiated". The pair had certainly gone down to bloody defeat on that first night but they had fought every inch of the way. On that occasion and many nights afterwards they had ended up bruised and brutalised. But they had always fought back. Fought until they dropped. And finally the other women had left them alone. In time she and Samantha had become the top dogs and dealt out their own justice, fairly, if very roughly. She'd never have survived without Samantha. She doubted that Allen or any other person, male or female, could ever mean as much to her as her precious Sammy!

In her hospital bed, Samantha with her boy friend at her side was thinking the same. She smiled at Fred but ached for Gloria to come and see her again!

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