The New Vicar
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Sister,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young Vicar takes over an isolated parish in an area where he was raised. Now he discovers that things are not what he saw whilst growing up. The advice from an old vicar after an experience sets him on a path of helping his parishioners and filling the pews of the church to satisfy his bishop.

I never expected this; here was a well-groomed woman, with my cock well embedded in her mouth. I knew that she must have done this many times for she expertly worked her hands mouth and tongue to make me reach this point that I just wanted to explode into her throat. But somehow she had prolonged that feeling twice by pressing on the base of my prick and my balls sac, which she had also been kneading in her hand. The combination of all these was bringing me to a climax I never thought possible. All I could see when I looked down was the red circle of her painted lips pursing and retracting as her head moved backwards and forwards on my shaft.

I had my hand on the back of her well-groomed grey head, as she performed this act. Then it happened, this time there was no blocking of my ejaculation, it came with the rush of an express train and spurted into her mouth. She had drawn back just enough to allow my full load to be dammed in her mouth. I felt the movement of her mouth and tongue as she swallowed the lot. The circling of her tongue licking any remaining fluid left and sucking her mouth.

Drawing back her head I dropped out and she looked up at me.

"Well vicar, did you like that, I love making a man come in my mouth." Then she stood up in front of me and tucked my now limp cock back into my underpants and trousers, pulling up the zip.

This was my organist not only of my new church, but of my own organ it seems.

I was given this isolated and spread out parish deep in the countryside, which hadn't had a vicar for about fifteen years. I think the reason I was given it was because of the fact I had been left a farm supply business by my parents and wouldn't be a strain on the purses of the church. I had said I would willingly take over the parish, since I had complained so much about the appointment of a permanent vicar rather than one visiting in an unregulated roster.

It was unusual to give so young a vicar this appointment, for I was only 25 years old and not that long ordained. This wasn't a parish like the ones in the city; we had no drug problems or street children. This was mostly rural workers and elderly widows, I say widows for the life expectancy of men in this area was far fewer than the women. A lot had also bought property here to get away from the cities, which weekly were becoming more violent and unsafe.

The small congregation that attended the church was meagre to say the least and they were mainly older women, the church seemed to no longer appeal to the young. There were of course exceptions and over the few months I have been here the numbers have grown weekly, but not enough to half fill the small church.

The numbers of women's groups which are held in the church hall draws more than the Sunday services do. So at least I am getting the church back into the centre of the community. The small donations which I receive is also growing, so much so I have even had a pat on the back from my superiors.

We have a small mobile organ in the church hall, and Mrs Thomas was practising for the coming Sunday. I had lent over to turn the page of music when she just zipped my trousers down released my languid cock and sucked it into her mouth. It didn't stay that way for long. She was on her knees devouring my penis. How she managed my huge cock was indeed a thing I had never seen before.

I am well over the normal height standing at 76 inches tall and broad of shoulder, which was aided by me doing weight training, I am over 200 lbs in weight, so not a small man by any standards. Yet here was this small elderly woman devouring me.

As I previously said I just couldn't withdraw or should I say didn't want to, the sensation was too good to do that. What kind of a shepherd was I when I let this good woman commit such a thing with me?

I left the hall and went to the Manse and sat down, all my good intentions and celibacy had gone the minute I allowed Mrs Thomas to continue. How could I stand in the pulpit and preach goodness and virtue when I committed such an act. I was a sinner of the worst kind.

Mrs Thomas came in and sat opposite me. "This is only between you and me Ronald, no-one will know."

"I have committed a sin, I'm not worthy of this collar."

"Ronald I was only doing what the last vicar wanted. You are a man and a man needs a woman. More importantly a woman needs a man even more. Her sex life is almost to death, yet look how many are in this parish without the comfort of a man. You can do more good making these women happy. Your job is to help the people and give them faith. If the only way the church sees success is to have a big congregation on a Sunday you can do that. Help these women with what they want and you will fill the church."

"You don't actually believe that do you?"

"Yes I do, do as I told you and they will come. Then what will your bishops say when your congregation is so big. Chuck you out. No fear, they will leave you be. You are a well-built, virile young man, go and make these women happy. If you want I can tell you which ones to start with, the rest will follow."

"Oh go away Mrs Thomas, I don't wish to hear any more, I just don't believe it."

"You ring old Reverend Johnson and ask him, if he denies it, tell him Kate says it's all right."

"How could I ask such a question."

Mrs Thomas walked over to the writing desk picked up the phone and dialled a number which was in an address book. She waited a few minutes for I heard the wringing.

"Ted, Kate here, nice to hear your voice again, missing me? (Pause) I sure miss you, you randy old bastard. Look we have a new vicar (pause) Oh you heard. (Pause). He is a bit green, I told him of the arrangements you used to have, but he doesn't believe me.(pause) Yes, I'm hoping you will."

"Here Reverend Johnson wants to talk to you," she handed me the telephone.

"All the time I was vicar of that parish I never slept a night alone, I never wanted for company. I was invited to all the parties and regretted having to leave; it was the best five years of my life, better than my previous parish. Son you look after these women and they will look after you, you will have a large congregation, which makes the church happy. It's all about number of bums on the pews, do that and you will be left in peace. Forget all the things you learnt in College, this is the real life. Give the women what they want. Take it from someone who knows."

"I feel I couldn't do as you say, it's against everything which I stand for."

"You're there for a shoulder to cry on, someone to hear their troubles, marry them, baptise them, bury them and provide a place where they can meet. Fuck the single women. Do these things, that is what they want, nothing else. Listen to Kate she knows what the community wants. You ring me any time, I will help you."

Never did I ever imagine that the ministry was to be like that being described to me. How ignorant I was of life, maybe I believed what was read and not what was the real thing. I just couldn't accept it. I held nothing against Mrs Thomas.

I had a meeting this evening of the elders, so I went to make preparations. Cutting all what had happened out of my mind.

Among the group of five, consisting of two men and three elderly women was an elderly woman who stood out from the rest. She had a steady eye and she looked straight at me. She sat at the table with a silver handled walking stick by her left leg. Her lace gloved hand rested lightly on the handle with the other over the first. She was dressed in a black long-sleeved dress, which I knew, came down to her ankles and up to her neck. There was a lace white thin collar around the neck, her hair was neck length and coloured a light mousy brown. She wore dark stockings and shoes with a small heel. Around her neck was a thickish chain with a watch at the end of the chain lying between her ample bust. She reminded me of pictures of Queen Victoria, all prim and proper; when she spoke she had a sophisticated voice.

She wasn't one who had lived in the area long for I knew all the families in the area having been born and brought up here. She was an outsider as the older residents called the newcomers. Her name was Justin Jepson

After the meeting was over everyone left except the old woman.

"Can I help you; give you a tea or something?"

"It seems my daughter is a bit late picking me up. I would love a cup of tea."

"Come with me then into the Manse and anyway it's a lot more comfortable there."

So I helped her in, sat her down and made her a tea. The time seemed to drag as I saw her check her watch almost every few minutes.

"Look Mrs Jepson, let's give your daughter a ring and see what has happened."

"I'm not sure of the number but it's in the book, under Swanson."

That is the good thing with a local telephone book there is never many names the same, so I soon found the name and rang the number, no answer.

"Look you stay here, I'll drive back up the road, maybe she has broken down."

This she agreed to. I got into my car and drove out into the winding side road on the moor, towards the daughter's house. I saw the rear of a car sticking up in the air the front in a ditch. I saw a figure slumped over the wheel — a woman. I stopped, got out and opened the door of her car and she slumped out, held in by the seat belt. There was a large cut on the forehead, which was bleeding and dripping on to her dress, creating a pool where the dress was taut across her thighs.

There was a scarf and a handkerchief on the passenger's seat so I put the folded handkerchief over the cut and wrapped the towel around her head. On the dash was a box of tissues. To prevent the blood on the dress splashing over everything when I was to drag her out I decided to mop the blood up. I tried using the tissues on the blood and the dress just bent, so I put my hand up her dress and held the material as I mopped up the blood. I soon realised that she had nothing on underneath, not even a pair of panties. Then when I looked up she was watching me. I dropped the dress.

"You have been in an accident I've bandaged your head and wiped the blood that had pooled on your dress. I came looking for you, for your mother was worried. She is at my house waiting for you."

"You're the new vicar aren't you?" She said softly.

"Yes, I am getting an ambulance for you just sit there."

I telephoned the ambulance service, but I knew it would take some time to get here. I then telephoned my home and hoped that Mrs Jepson would pick up the telephone. I let it ring a few times before she lifted the receiver.

"Vicar here, I have found your daughter, she has run off the road. Stay there, I will come and bring you to her. Just a minute I will let her talk to you."

I handed the handset to Ms Swanson and walked away. When I saw her finish I walked back to her. She handed me the mobile "Thank you, for caring."

"That's what I'm here for, to look after you."

"No that's not what I meant. When I woke you had your hand up my dress. I knew I was naked underneath and I thought the wrong thoughts. But I see now why you were doing that. Sorry, I knew I could trust you."

"Because I'm the vicar?"

"No that has nothing to do with it, you are a man I can trust. I would like to know you better, you are too good to let slip through my fingers," she said trying to laugh.

In the distance I heard the ambulance and I saw the flashing lights as it negotiated the bends. They never wasted much time getting her out and into the ambulance. They asked if I were coming, but I told them I was following in the car. I locked her car up and put the key in my pocket then drove back to the Manse and picket up Mrs Jepson.

"Is Moyra all right?"

"She is on her way to the hospital; I've come to take you there."

She laid her head on my chest and wept and I consoled her by putting my arms around her and holding her to me. "Come on Justin, she will be all right. I'll look after you until she is discharged. If you want to go home I'll take you there. If you want to stay here which is closer to the hospital, then you can."

I led her out of the house and we drove to the hospital. She and I went and spoke to Moyra in the casualty. At least being a vicar I was allowed in, that is at least one of the perks of the job.

She was to be kept in for two days. So Moyra asked me, "Could you take care of my mother until I come out?"

"I said I would, I offered to take her home or she could stay at the Manse, I have two spare rooms. I can bring her to see you too."

"Don't take her home, she will be on her own and I don't want that. I would ask you a favour though. You know my predicament, could you get me some underwear, please."

"I will certainly do that for you."

"Just the panties."

"Do I get to choose the style and colour?"

"Just as long as they cover the vital parts and keep me warm, I don't care what colour or style."

"Moyra that's no way to talk to the vicar. He will be getting the wrong ideas."

"I think he has the right ones, mum."

"She's not normally like this. Must have been the knock on the head has effected her," Justine said trying to keep a straight face.

I took Justin home, and lent her a pair of my pyjamas and showed her the bedroom and bathroom; I even had a spare toothbrush to give her. I went and made my usual hot milk drink and I made one for Justin also. I was sitting in the lounge trying to put my Sunday sermon together when she walked into the room.

The pyjamas were far too big for her. "Justin these are far too large for you, I have a teeshirt which would be far better for you and would look like a cotton nightdress. I will get it for you to change into."

I gave her the teeshirt and she went and changed, and when she came back in again it was as I said looked like a nightdress on her.

"That looks a lot more comfortable."

"I must admit it is, I don't think I'll strangle myself in this."

She sat in the easy chair and sipped her milk drink with her cane beside her. I continued writing and I casually looked over at her. I was looking right up her thighs, her legs were slightly apart and I saw her pubic grey speckled hairs. I tried to look away but my eyes kept returning to gaze up her nightdress.

I moved my eyes back to my notes but they kept returning to her thighs, her legs never moved and when I raised my eyes I saw she was watching me.

"I feel that way too, wearing your clothes makes me feel that way."

"What way Justin,"

"I want you to make love to me. Forget about whom you are. You're not Catholic so there is nothing wrong in wanting a woman. I may be old, but I need a man just as much as any young woman. I would like to sleep with you tonight."

No woman has ever asked me to sleep with her. Sure I have slept with women but not for a few years. I don't know yet why I said it but is just came out, "OK Justin you can sleep with me. Come let's go to bed."

I dropped my notes and just lifted her up and carried her into my bedroom. I laid her on the bed and went into my bathroom, showered and went straight to bed where the old lady was lying. She was older than my grandmother, yet I didn't see her that way. I was also surprised how her body looked so young, her breasts weren't thin and hanging, but had some substance to them. Also she was nice to cuddle up to.

This woman was eager, for she had her hand on my penis and gently pulled me over until I was on top of her. I was soon resting on my arms and she had me between her thighs with one knee bent the other was stiff. Then she introduced my penis to her warm snatch. Oh the warm, I felt the heat from her as my knob rested between her thin labial lips. I just moved forward and I was sliding and stretching her to take my massive cock.

I was taken by surprise that an old woman like her was so warm and smooth. She had my complete cock enclosed in her warm sheath and I just left it there for a few minutes. I wouldn't say it was better or worse than I remembered from my college days where I slept around.

It wasn't until Mrs Thomas relieved me that I had even considered having sex with a much older woman. Now here was an elderly woman I had under me and pinioned by my cock who was even older than Mrs Thomas. It was what Justin said that made some sense to it all. There is nothing to stop me dating or marrying a woman in our church rules. But somehow my conduct at the present is breaching common trust. One doesn't expect their vicar to go around fucking old women in his parish. Yet my predecessor did and his congregation loved him for it.

This was no time to think of these things for Justin was now rolling her hips and making small up and down movements. I sat back on my heels and slipped my hands under her, bringing her pelvis up and I sank at least another inch into her. This brought a loud 'Oh' from Justin.

"Did I hurt you Justin?"

"No way that was wonderful, drive it deep Ronald, I want to feel you right up my body."

So I pumped into her, taking my timing from her. This was like nothing I've ever experienced; she was getting better all the time. It suddenly struck me that I would rather fuck a mature woman than one my age. There wasn't the tension or the acting that goes on, just pure enjoyment of the act. Here I had no limits, fears of pregnancy or any of the other restrictives one has with a younger woman. They too are less likely to make scenes, which inevitably happen with younger more active females feel cheated. Mrs Thomas was right these are the women for me.

Justin was now moving her head from side to side and her breasts were like balloons with water filled with water sloshing out of control. It was obvious that she was thoroughly enjoying this coupling as much or even more so than I was. When I climaxed I just let go into her body, without any fears at all. Raw fucking was far superior to having to use a rubber and more enjoyable.

After I lay down and brought her close to me with an arm under her.

When I woke the next morning she still had her head on my shoulder and an arm around me, her breast on my chest.

"Oh this is wonderful waking up in the arms of a man. I am a very happy woman today, thank you Ronald. I am sorry I seduced you, but I truly needed that. Now life is worth living.

I was treated to a cooked breakfast something I seldom done living alone. That morning I took her to the hospital to visit her daughter Moyra. I left her to speak with her privately after asking her how she felt this morning.

In reception a sister approached me. "One of our elderly women saw you come in and wondered if you were on a hospital visit, if you were, to come and see her."

"If you consent I will visit and speak to any who wish me to."

"That's good, for we have several patients that have no relatives, and feel abandoned. We are only a small two ward hospital so we don't have all that many patients, mostly the elderly."

"Yes I know I have lived all my life in this area and I'm sure I know most of the people."

Some just wanted to say hello, but a couple I sat and talked for five minutes or so. I knew that five minutes talking with a vicar was more than enough time, so I moved on. Then I came across my old maths teacher when I was at school, who retired before I started matriculation. Miss J Ferguson, I often wondered what the J was for. She is now in her seventies.

"I thought it was you Ronald that was why I asked the sister to ask you to come and see me."

"What are you in here for Miss Ferguson?"

"Call me June, just for minor surgery and a test, I'll be out tomorrow and back home. At least here I get to see and talk to people."

"Are you still living in your old house?"

"Yes, I will die in that house, but I have no family to pass it on to. You know that house has been in our family for two hundred years."

"Look eh June. It seems strange calling you that. I'll call round and see you if you want, any time that suits you."

"Can you come round for tea on Monday, I will bake something nice?"

"Sure, see you on Monday and hope everything turns out OK," I said as I left. She was a real bitch when she taught, everyone was afraid of her tongue-lashings, how times change people.

She was the only one who wanted to talk except one elderly woman who just lay there and looked at me for about a minute as I went to her bed. "Why don't you come up to see us at the village?"

The Village is a retirement type set-up what used to be referred to as old peoples home. There are five homes with four residents in each. Each has their own entrance into a single bedroom with bathroom and toilet. The four bedrooms share a common lounge and dining area in the middle, which has an external door at one end and large window at the other. The whole complex if viewed from the air looks like a five-petalled flower with central walkways connecting each house with the main building in the centre where the kitchens and offices are located as well as the attending nurses.

As the woman said why hadn't I visited The Village? I had forgotten all about it, which was the true answer. I will make a point of going there next week maybe even Monday as it was beyond June's house, then I can call in on the way back.

When I returned to Moyra's bedside Justin wasn't there.

"Where's your mother Moyra?"

"She's gone to visit two friends of hers who are in this ward. What has happened to my mother she is happier than I have seen her in years? I just can't believe it, seeing her as happy as she is."

"I stopped on the way here and bought you what you wanted. I got you three pair, just in case. I wasn't sure of your size so I had to guess." I handed over the small parcel, which she took and quickly put it in her drawer.

"It must have been embarrassing going in and buying ladies panties?"

"I don't mind, it was for a lovely lady and you will be surprised what a vicar can get away with."

"You are some man; mum never stopped talking about you all the time she sat here. You must have taken care of her real good."

"I certainly did. Now I had better continue my visit. When will you be coming out?"

"Ten tomorrow."

"I will come and pick you up and take you and your mother home. See you tomorrow then."

I spoke to everyone on the ward but only two women had a talk with me.

"Justin has just been here, she says she is staying at the Manse until her daughter comes out, I bet she wishes her daughter stays in for weeks." This woman said smiling, but I had a suspicion Justin had said more than that. I knew the woman, where she lived, but for the life of me couldn't remember her name.

"Yes, her daughter is going home tomorrow, and when are you going home?"

"I'm off tomorrow too. Just had my veins done. I'll be as right as rain in a week.

"When will I see you at church?"

"Will you come and visit me at home, no-one else calls and the old vicar used to always call. But I was younger then and my husband was alive too," she said softly as I could see she was thinking of the past.

"Yes, I will be round to see all my parishioners especially those who attend church."

Justin was sitting close to the bed of the second woman and when she saw me coming she moved back and smiled so did the woman all guilty looking. Justin had been passing on something that was meant to be a secret that was obvious.

"How are you Mrs Hall, and how is Frank?"

"Frank left me five years ago. Him and Billy, who was in your class at school, up and left together. Last I heard they were in Canada. At least he left me the house all paid for. I am better off without him. I hear your dad left you the business and old Tom is managing it for you?"

"Yes Mrs Hall, that was why they gave me this parish, I said I would take up the position for a reduced salary."

"Not Mrs Hall any more, Madeleine Munday again, single unattached and free, yes that's me and that is the way it is going to stay. I'll let you call me Madi, since we know each other so well."

"You know Madeleine, I take it?" Justin asked.

"Yes I almost lived in her house; Billy and I were always together until I left for College."

"Then Billy went off the rails, he became a tear-away and drunkard."

"I'll be seeing you Madi. I'll call around one day."

"Make it soon, I always liked you Ronald."

Not vicar just Ronald, I suppose it was difficult for her to accept me as a vicar after the time her and I had a groping session on her bed. It never went the whole way, but I am sure it would have if someone hadn't knocked on the outside door. She had her knickers off and everything. I was seventeen at the time. Would my life have changed if I had gone through with it, for I was in love with her then. She was my dream woman.

Justin went back to see Moyra and then we went back home.

I finished my sermon that evening and watched a bit of TV. Justin showered and kissed me goodnight and about an hour later I prepared and went to bed finding Justin lying awake again in my bed but this time naked.

"I want nothing in the way tonight, not all wrapped up around my neck."

Then it was a repeat performance of the previous night and I enjoyed her body even more. It was so relaxing sinking my cock into this old women body.

After we finished she just lay in my arms. "I'm not bad for a seventy five-year-old am I."

"No your not Justin, I was just thinking how relaxing it was fucking you, no worries or restrictions."

"Keep thinking that way son, and you will have a happy life. This has been such a lovely two nights, I'm going to miss you."

"I'll have to come and spend a night at your house then."

"I think Moyra would have something to say about that, she's such a prude at times."

I wonder if Justin knew Moyra runs around without any panties. I don't think that is the way a prude will act.

The next day I took Justin to the hospital, picked up Moyra and drove them home. I didn't stop but drove back stopping at an old friend's home but no-one was home, they lived next door to Madi. I wanted to be filled in about her and her husband before I visited her.

I drove past the gates into my grandmother on my father's side's home for her and I had fallen out years ago and she had said she never wanted to see me ever again. One day I may just visit her.

I arrived back to find a station wagon packed with personal effects and a woman asleep leaning over the steering wheel sitting in my driveway. I parked behind the car and opened the door of the station wagon and shook the woman's arm I couldn't see her face because her hair had fallen forward obscuring her face. When she sat up I found it was my elder sister, she was seven years my senior.

"Susan, what are you doing here?"

"I've left Frank, I'm fed up with the snides and the hitting. I'm not going back. I was wondering if you could put me up?"

"Have you driven all this way, I believe you were living down south. Of course you are welcome. Stay as long as you want. Come on in you look dog tired, have a lie down I will bring all your stuff in." I put my arm around her and led her into the spare bedroom, the one Justin didn't use. She flopped down on the bed and was sound asleep in seconds. It had been years since I saw her, I was only turned seventeen. We had talked on the telephone, but I hadn't seen her.

I brought all her things in and stacked them in the other bedroom making sure not to make any noise. I parked the two cars in the garage and started preparing a meal. By this time it was beginning to get dark. I was about to shake her to tell her I had a meal ready when she sleepily walked into the kitchen.

"Your cases and things are in the bedroom next to the one you were in. Go and have a shower to waken up and I will serve the meal."

"Thanks Ron, I'll only be ten minutes."

Ten minutes it was, but she never redressed she had a nightie and a terry towel dressing-gown on when she returned to the dining room table. "Excuse the dress, but I will be returning to bed soon. I feel a lot better now though."

At the table I started to find out why she had left her husband.

"Now why have you really split up?"

"I have a biological disorder that prevents me having children, Frank wanted us to adopt but I don't want to bring up someone else's child. If I can't have one of my own then that's it. He got wild and hit me. We have had this argument for the past two years when they found the reason I couldn't conceive. We stopped having sex or even sleeping in the same room and this constant sniping of adoption. We couldn't even save for the deposit of a house, how could we bring up a child. He spent all our spare money on his car. I think he thought more of that car than he did me. Whenever I received the payment from the profits you sent me, he spent them. No Ron that is the end."

"I didn't know you had any problems not conceiving Susan."

"You would think he would be happy, all the sex he wanted without any fears of pregnancy. But no, he wanted children. Oh Ron, I feel a mess and don't know what to do. You were the only one I could turn to, that's why I came here." By now the tears were streaming down her cheeks and her chest was heaving with her sobs.

I took her in my arms and held her close. "We can live here with me. I will never throw you out hell you are my sister. I love you and will look after you."

"Oh Ron, I knew you would understand." She said kissing me full on the mouth. The feeling I got there wasn't a sisterly love but a sexual need, so intense my penis hurt it was so engorged. I felt her warm body through the thin nightdress, for the dressing-gown had parted.

We stood there in a tight embrace. She was fully aware of my sexual arousal condition, because she was thrusting her lower abdomen hard against me.

"Susan, I think we should break this up. It isn't right that I should feel this way about my sister."

"Ron I feel the same way, I want you to love me. I want to live with you. Please love me. I have always felt this way about you and it has got worse as the years have gone by."

"I am the minister of this parish, what would people say."

"There are many brothers and sisters living together and no-one even worries. I will be your housekeeper if anyone asks. I know you want me; I can feel it right this minute."

"Hell I've committed enough sins in the last few days. Just as well go the whole hog. Yes you are right I want you as a sexual partner. The good thing is you won't get pregnant so who is to know what goes on behind these doors."

"Oh Ron I'll be good to you, I will care for you and support you any way I can."

"I'll notify my superiors that I have taken my sister in as housekeeper. I'll write them tomorrow to make it official. I will also announce it from the pulpit tomorrow so the whole parish will know. Anyway most of them know us."

"Come on I'll do the dishes, you have your shower and we will go to bed. I will be sharing your bed from now on, so you will always have someone to cuddle into."

When I got to bed the nightgown had been discarded and she lay waiting for me. To say I was apprehensive would be correct, but that soon passed as her body blended against mine. The only difference between her and Justin really was the texture of the breasts, all the same felt the same. I loved the feel of Justin and Susan felt as nice.

Instead of pulling me over her, Susan pushed me on my back and lowered herself on to my rod which as I said was so hard it hurts so it was super sensitive as it spread her to accept me.

"Ron, I never realised you were so big, wow I have never felt so full and your not all in yet." Not for long, for she suddenly dropped landing on my pelvis and fully contained in that warm moist container, specially created for the cock which had filled it to capacity. She sat there holding a breast in each hand and smiling down at me.

"Oh Ron, this is heaven. I hope that I never shame you and that this will never end. I mean it darling; I love you, now I know where my home is. Here with you and this wonderful cock up inside me. No you lie still let me, I want to do this."

She rose slowly and the feeling was so nice and then the slow descent, up again and then down. The feeling was fantastic. Two women their ages so far apart but they were so similar. So why is this revulsion that males have for young men who fucks an old woman? Now I have my sister who seems to love having my cock inside her, she is no different to Justin. I'll fuck any of them and love it. Now it made me think of all these other older women who was out there who would love to be getting what Susan has just now.

Her grasp on my penis and her movements soon brought me to a climax and I filled her cavity with my sticky ejaculation.

She fell forward and I rolled her on to her side and we lay cuddled until I just flopped out. We didn't move just went to sleep holding each other. It was the smell of bacon frying that woke me and I jumped up because I had an 8am Morning service to perform and I wanted to look fresh for that. I also had the 11 am main service and hoped that I would get more of a congregation."

Usually I got about six at the early morning service; today I had double that. I told them my sister would be my housekeeper and if I weren't available she would be helpful. The late morning service was also increased. Things were definitely looking up.

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