Chapter 1: Max

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Fiction, Spanking, Rough, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Lactation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Max - Well, nothing like using what Mother Nature gave you to make a living.

"Hey Sandy. I'll be down in a minute. Let me put Luke down." Polly closed her blouse and buttoned it while she patted Luke, her 2 month old, on the back as he lay on his stomach. She massaged her breasts through the fabric of her dress then headed down the stairs. She grabbed the diaper pail that was at the top of the stairs and took it down to the first floor.

"Gawd, I'm starved. What's for lunch?" The smell of tuna casserole answered her before Sandy did. Sandy spooned several heaping serving spoons full of the hot noodles onto a plate and topped it off three large slices of buttered sour-dough bread. "I know you'll want more, but why don't you start with this? I don't see how you eat as much as you do and stay so tiny. I've never seen anyone get back into shape after having a baby the way you have. I wish you'd share your secret." "Oh, I'll never tell. I'm sure it's in the genes."

Sandy just sat back and watched while Polly downed the first serving and went back for two more same-size portions. She just shook her head with its long dreads and went back into the kitchen. She knew something was up, but had no idea what it was. But, if she had known she would have regretted knowing. After eating, Polly went into the living room and expressed three bottles of milk for Luke. She'd be gone until late tonight and wanted him to have only mother's milk.

"Hey Sandy, I gotta go. I'm gonna be late. The cab is out front and I put Luke's milk in the ref." Polly yelled just before the door slammed.

Her first stop was her favorite customer. Max. Max had special needs and only her size triple D bust line would satisfy him. Well, she was a size triple D when her breasts were fully gorged. The ride down town was about 45 min. and then the transfer to uptown would take her another hour. That would be plenty of time for her glands to fill to overflowing. She was gifted this way. She was an over lactator. He breasts were always full, even with a two-month old. The doctors had tried to convince her to become a wet nurse for infants born puny and in need of additional nutrition and comfort. She almost had until a chance encounter had turned her onto a more lucrative market. Max was one of those well paying customers creating that market. Polly sat back and allowed the gentle roll of the bus lull her into a semi slumber.

She waited with as much anticipatiion for her visits as Max appeared to have done each time he ushers her into the front room of his high-rise apartment. His flat overlooked the harbor from it's 13th floor balcony. On pleasant afternoons they would sit out there on the lounge to conduct business.

The bus pulled in to a stop at her destination and she stepped down onto the shaded sidewalk. She was definitelyl in a wealthier part of town. The lawns were well manicured, the garages accommodated two or more cars, and the lawn decorations weren't chained down to cement blocks.

The Fox Hunt Arms were just around the corner and over a few blocks. The tightness in her bra let her know she was ready for work. When she walked through the wrought iron entryway, Polly realized it wasn't only her breasts that were anticipating her meeting with this client, but she was moist between her legs. Her encounters with Max always brought on at least one orgasm in spite of her intentions to meet his needs entirely. His desire for her natural wares were so intense she couldn't contain the arousal she felt while in his company. The door man let her in with out a question.

She'd been visiting with Max for about 6 weeks now and was a familiar face. He even smiled and said a friendly hello as she walked by. The elevator was empty and didn't seem to move quickly enough. She paused briefly before pushing the door buzzer. The door opened almost immediately, as though she were anxiously awaited.

"Hi Polly. I've missed you. It seems like forever since you last visited." Max closed the door behind her and motioned her to the balcony. A tray with ice, juice, and glasses was on the table.

"Hi Max. Have you really missed me or are you just saying that?" The bulge in his pants was all the answer she needed. "Tell me Max, how have you spent your week so far?" She said after untying the dress she wore and allowing it to fall to the floor of the balcony. She sat on the lounge chair and excepted the glass of juice Max handed her. She sipped while she lay alluringly in the chair. Her breasts were bulging over their over tight prison. While he recounted his activities for the week, Max stared at her bosom. He fondled his dick through his pants and flushed a deep rosy colour. He knew he had to wait for Polly's cue that he could approach her throne. He rambled on ad then towards the end of his recounting Polly sat her glass down.

"Sounds like you've been a very good boy. Mommy has some sweet for you. Come see what Mommy has for you."

Her tone and her words were enough to transform him into a child. His expression changed so that his features reflected a childlike yearning. He got up and straddled her. She leaned back and put her arms behind her head.

"Yes, mummy, I've been a very good boy. Can Maxie have some goodies?" His eyes shown with desire. He nestled into the deep crevice of her cleavage. He reached around and unhooked her bra with little difficulty and pushed it up over her arms. He licked her pearly skin with fervor. And paused as he ran his tongue over each nipple. He savored the taste of the feast that awaited him. His hands moved slowly over her skin and stopped when they cupped one of her breasts. Then he began to suckle. As he sucked on her breast, draining it of it's life-giving elixir, he pressed his pelvis into her belly. He ground he rock-hard penis into her belly as though fucking her slowly. He squeezed each breast as he swallowed the liquid of her baby milk.

All the while Max was getting off, Polly was reaching the peak of arousal. He cunny burned with a yearning she knew she couldn't sate with Max. As the stimulation of her breasts increased she could feel her lubricating juices as the ran down her ass crack. She moved her thighs against each other and they in turn rubbed the head of her clit. Max's moans of pleasure soon gave way to grunts as he grew nearer to his own climax. He switched to her other teat after draining the first and continued. Polly brought her hand down to massage the bulge in his pants and reached in through the opening in the front and ran her thumb back and forth over its head. It was wet with his precum and his efforts at her breasts intensified. He continued to suckle even after draining this breast dry as well. He shuddered slightly and let out a long moan as he shot his wad into his shorts.

Not having reached her oragasm, Polly sighed in disappointment knowing her next client would be no more interested in her pleasure than was Max. But, at $500.00 an visit she could wait 'til she met up with Bryon tonight. He would be her last customer and she was glad he needed her to get off in order to get off himself. Well, she'd have to visit with Aaron first before she could relieve some of the tension she was now feeling.

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