Slave Auction
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of elizabeth, a female slave that is auctioned off at a slave auction.

At the last moment she was having second thoughts. She had agreed to be auctioned off as a slave to the highest bidder, at the time it had sounded exciting and just a little scary. But now that the day was here she wasn't so sure. Who would win her? What would she have to do? What would be done to her? She was only 19, barely old enough to even participate. What about her limits? Would she be allowed limits? Would whoever won her respect them? All these thoughts were running through her head as she lay in bed, knowing she needed to get up and get ready. Pushing the thoughts aside she rose from the bed, stretching her lean tan body she looked in the mirror beside her bed. Seeing her firm breasts, her large pink nipples sticking out and her flat stomach. Looking down she noticed her smooth shaven pussy and felt a slight embarrassment at how visible it was shaven clean as it was. She reached down and touched it, surprised at how smooth it felt. She had never shaved her pussy before and had only done it for the first time for the auction. Standing up she looked at herself fully in the mirror, at her long brown hair, hazel eyes and full mouth. She turned and looked at her ass liking what she saw in the mirror. Pulling herself away she walked to the bathroom for a nice hot refreshing shower, hoping to wash away some of her fears.

Once out of the shower she went over to her wardrobe and pulled out the clothes she had been told to wear. A short skirt with no panties, garter belt and black stockings and a black corset that cinched in her already small waist and pushed her breasts up and out, high heels and lastly a black collar around her neck.

Pulling on the skirt she discovered it barely covered her ass and a hint of her shaved pussy peeked out. Her heart beat a little faster at that, knowing that whoever looked at her would see her naked pussy and ass. Then pulling on the garter belt and smoothing the black stockings over her legs she couldn't help but feel sexy and reaching up to just brush a finger across her pussy lips she felt just a hint of wetness and barely resisted the urge to touch herself more. Straightening up she pulled on the corset and cinched it tight, loving the way it cinched in her small waist. Slipping on her high heels and lastly her collar she looked in the mirror and smiled nervously anticipating, yet still fearing what was to come.

She had been a slave once before to a very demanding Dom. Though she had only been with Him for just a few months she had learned a lot and knew what it meant to be a slave. She loved to serve and please a Dom, to feel His power over her. She yearned to find the one that would put His collar on her and call her His. The thought of such is what drew her to the auction tonight, yet it was also what she feared. Though the need to submit and be owned was strong, she also feared it. Feared completely belonging to someone, feared being made to do things she didn't know if she could do.

Shaking her head she set those thoughts aside and looking at the clock she noticed with a start what time it was and hurriedly went into her living room and kneeled by the door, back to the door with arms behind her back as instructed. To await the one that was going to collect her for the auction. No more then a minute after she had gotten into position she heard her door open and heard someone entering, she resisted the urge to turn around knowing if she did she would be punished. She felt a hand on her arm pulling her up then felt the blindfold being slipped over her head and covering her eyes. Once her eyes were covered she heard a male voice ordering her to turn and to keep her arms behind her. Once turned she was ordered to spread her legs, then she could feel eyes on her, looking her over. After a minute of silence that had her heart racing she felt his breath on her ear as he whispered:

"You will go for a nice price slut"

She shivered as a tingle went down her spine as she thought about what he said.

"What is your name slut?" He asked

"Elizabeth Sir"

"For now on you will be referred to as slave, slut, or any other name we choose, is that clear?" He asked

"Yes Sir" she replied in a shaky voice

She felt a leash being hooked onto her collar and felt it being pulled. She blindly followed hoping he didn't lead her into anything or that she didn't trip. She was lead to a waiting car and helped inside. Her heart started racing faster knowing that she was on her way to be auctioned off as a slave. She also felt her nipples harden and felt her getting wet at the thought of being a slave again. To be used by a Dom again for His pleasure. She felt the wetness coating her pussy lips and running down her thighs and hoped that whoever bought her let her cum tonight, as excited as she already was.

After being in the car for awhile she started to relax. Maybe whoever won her would be the one who would eventually collar her. Maybe it would be the one that she would serve, the one that would own her, and the one that she would answer too. She so yearned to be owned. But she tried not to get her hopes up, the auction was only temporary. But if she really tried and was a really good slave then maybe just maybe whoever she was to serve after the auction would keep her. As she was thinking of this entire she felt the car slowing down and coming to a stop.

Her heart started racing and her palms started to get sweaty as she realized that they were there. This was it; she was going to be auctioned off as a slave to the highest bidder. She heard footsteps coming up to the car and pulling open the door. Then she felt someone grabbing hold of her leash and pulling her outside. She was lead to a nondescript building at the end of a long driveway. Once inside the blindfold was taken off and she was led into a room where there were approximately 10 or 15 other slaves all awaiting the same fate. Most of them were around Elizabeth's age maybe a couple were a few years older. She smiled at a few of them but knew better then to try and speak. She was fitted with ankle and wrist cuffs and told to sit and await further instructions. She nervously sits down and waits, her heart racing the entire time. She looks around at the other slaves to see if they look as nervous as she is. As she is looking around she hears a loudspeaker crackle to life.

"10 minutes till start of auction, slaves proceed to stage"

Elizabeth rises and follows the other slaves out a side door and onto the stage. She takes a quick peek out into the audience and loses her breath for a moment at the number of people there. Women, men, couples, some with toys and some with nothing but a fierce demanding look about them. One man in particular catches her eye and she hurriedly lowers her eyes, hoping that He isn't the one that bids for her. As she sneaks another peak at Him she thinks He is the meanest looking one there. Yet she can't look away from Him. He notices her looking and she sees a small knowing smile appear on His face. Transfixed by that smile she forgets where she is and comes to a stop in the middle of the stage. The sudden look of disapproval on His face doesn't register until she hears a voice ordering her to join the other slaves. She hurriedly joins the others, not looking toward the audience again, silently cursing herself for being so foolish.

The auction starts and each slave is brought to center stage and told to present herself. Feet apart and hands folded behind the head, eyes lowered. Then back to the audience, bending to show off the ass and pussy. When it is Elizabeth's turn to take center stage she notices the same man paying very close attention to her. He had barely glanced at the other girls but He was eyeing her very closely. As the last slave leaves center stage after presenting herself the bidding starts. The slaves before Elizabeth are auctioned off at high prices and all too soon it is Elizabeth's turn. She nervously walks onstage, butterflies in her stomach and gets into the same position as earlier. Legs spread and hands folded behind the head, eyes lowered. As the bidding starts she resists the urge to look up to see who is bidding on her. She is told to turn slowly and bend with her back to the audience and the bidding continues. After what seems like an eternity she is finally sold. A leash is hooked onto her collar and she is led to her new Master. She stands before whoever it is, heart racing, palms sweaty and mind whirling wondering just what was going to happen now. She feels a hand lifting her chin up but she keeps her eyes lowered.

"You may look up girl" a male voice says

She takes a huge breath and slowly looks up. Her heart skips a beat as she sees who it is. It is the same man that had caught her eye earlier. Up close he still looked fierce but not so much. With brown hair, blue eyes, a nice muscular build and just the hint of a small though menacing smile, he was actually quite handsome. Though she couldn't be sure of his age he looked to be in his early 40's. He takes hold of her leash and gives it a slight yank downwards. She kneels at his feet and places her hands behind her back. He sits down and watches the rest of the auction, absently stroking her hair. After awhile He rises and tells her to stand. He hooks her wrist cuffs together behind her back, blindfolds her and gags her then leads her outside and into his car. Once inside the car He hooks her ankle cuffs to hooks screwed into the floor of the car so that her legs are kept apart and then runs his hands up and down her thighs barely brushing up against her pussy. She moans into the gag and squirms against trying to get him to touch her pussy. He just keeps rubbing her thighs and just barely touching her pussy. She hears him rustling around in a bag and then feels an egg shaped vibrator slipped inside her pussy. As He slips it inside her he brushes his thumb against her clit and she almost cums from that touch alone. He runs His thumb across her clit again harder this time and whispers into her ear;

"Aren't we a little slut, already all wet and ready to cum" He brushes his thumb against her clit again and again

"You don't cum until I say, you understand slut" He orders as He switches on the vibrator.

She cries out against the gag as she fights off the orgasm that threatens to overtake her body. She feels His touch against her pussy again; stroking and flicking her clit, running up and down her swollen lips. She bites down on the gag determined not to cum. He turns the vibrator up to a higher setting and she cries out as she feels the sensations from the vibrator throughout her entire body.

"You want to cum slut?" He asks as he pulls the vibrator out of her pussy and replaces it with His finger.

He starts to finger fuck her as she eagerly shakes her head yes and pleads with her eyes for permission to cum.

He starts to do it harder and uses His thumb to brush against her clit.

"You are a little slut aren't you, look how wet you are. I bet you want to cum don't you?" He pulls His fingers away. "Too bad, you have to earn it with me slut"

She cries out at the lost of contact and whimpers, she was so close! She feels her wetness against her swollen pussy and running down her thighs. She hopes she is allowed to cum tonight, if not it was going to be one torturous night.

She hears Him climb into the car and start to drive off. And she wonders where they are going and what lay ahead of her. What exactly was going to happen to her? What was she going to have to do? Exactly who was this person that she was now serving? She wonders all this as He drives to what she is guessing is His house.

After what seems like forever He finally stops. He climbs out of the car and comes around to her side. He unhooks her ankle cuffs and takes hold of her leash. He then helps her to climb from the car. She shivers from the cold night air once outside. He reaches up to take off the blindfold.

"Welcome to my home slave, there are rules here you must follow or be punished"

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