A Modern Bard's Tale: Book 2
Chapter 1

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Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The further adventures of William Bard and his Heavenly Horde.

Things had been going fairly smoothly since the High King had saddled my wives and I with all of these Sidhe fosterlings.

There hadn't been any more attacks on any of us, and a few who had been our opponents before had come around to visit us and to see how we lived. Most of them went away at least neutral if not tentative allies.

But today I was more than a little excited. It was Astrid's birthday today and Maeve had spent the last week planning the festivities.

Of course with Astrid being Sidhe herself and quite capable of reading minds, the party wasn't going to be any surprise. Still, she was excited about having a party. She was about 6 months pregnant and wanted to show off to her family.

Currently I was alone in the kitchen of our apartment enjoying a quiet cup of coffee and contemplating on whether or not I had enough ambition to whip up something to tide me over until dinner.

I had just decided that my now shrinking waistline would be better off without a snack when I heard a noise behind me. I turned in my chair to see who was there, and then I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

I couldn't breathe as the pain spread down my left shoulder and arm.

I knew the symptoms of a heart attack, but without nitro pills I knew that I was in serious trouble.

I felt like someone had dropped a whale on my chest, and I started to fade out.

I heard a man's voice. "Prepare for immediate transport."

Then I fell into a deep soft darkness.

Maeve's Story

Maeve was sitting in the hot tub with Bethany and both of the Heathers. She felt a surge of pain along the link to her husband, but before she could do more than gasp, she felt the link snap.

She doubled over in agony for a long moment, and then she raised her head. Bethany and the Heathers were slumped down out cold. Looking around, Maeve saw other of her friends sprawled where they had fallen. She forced herself to move the girls in the hot tub so that they would not slip under the water and drown. Taking a few ragged breaths, Maeve climbed out of the Jacuzzi and staggered toward the stairs to the apartment that she shared with Bill as the primary couple of their group marriage.

She had to steady herself on the stair railing for a moment before she could gather enough strength to make her way up the steps and into the apartment.

When she reached the kitchen and saw Bill's body slumped forward on the table, her screams could be heard for blocks. Mercifully she fainted.

When Brian Kerry arrived a few moments later he found chaos. His daughter's fosterlings were crying and trying to rouse their foster mothers, and the staff was only just beginning to react to the realization that something was terribly wrong.

Snapping orders, Brian chivvied the staff into collecting the limp forms of he Heavenly Horde and carrying them to their respective bedrooms. He picked up Maeve and carried her into the apartment bedroom d laid her down carefully on the huge bed. After reassuring himself that his daughter was still breathing, Brian went out into the kitchen and checked on his son in law. He felt for a pulse and listened for a heartbeat.


Brian cursed and felt along his link to his wife. He relaxed slightly when he felt her acknowledgement and sensed that she was already on her way.

There was a soft pop behind him and he whirled to see Meiko starting to move forward with a leather satchel in her hand.

"Help me get him on the floor and onto his back," snapped Meiko, and Brian obeyed, easing the limp.form of his son in law out of the chain and stretched him out face up. Meiko knelt beside Bill and opened the satchel. She withdrew a stethoscope and listened briefly to his chest, then dropped the stethoscope and moved p beside Bill's head.

Brian watched as the Dragon bent over to begin artificial respiration. Without having to be told, Brian crossed the heels of his hands on the center of Bill's chest and began rhythmically pushing down as hard as he could. They switched places after a while, with Meiko doing the chest compressions while Brian tried to force air into Bill's lungs.

By the time Ariel arrived, Brian' and Meiko's efforts had paid off. It had taken Meiko sending a jolt of electricity through his chest, but Bill had a pulse again and he was breathing on his own, yet he remained unconscious.

Ariel went immediately to her daughter's side and checked her. Not finding anything much amiss except for a severe psychic shock, Ariel turned her attention to her unborn grandchild. To her immense relief, the baby was healthy and apparently none the worse for his mother's ordeal.

Leaving her daughter's side, she went into the kitchen and knelt beside Bill. She focused her healing energies on him, doing a quick scan to find what had caused his collapse. Much to Ariel's confusion, she found nothing. She sat back on her heels and contemplated the comatose body of her son in law. By all rights he should be awake and talking with them by now.

She laid a hand on his brow and sent a probe into his mind. Ariel cried out in shock and lurched as if to get to her feet before she stumbled and ended up sprawled on the floor beside Bill.

Brian moved to help his wife to her feet but she waved him off. "I am fine," she said. "But he's gone." Ariel pointed at Bill's still form. "His body lives, but his mind and spirit aren't in there."

Ariel wrapped her arms around her husband and clung to him tightly for a moment, then she reluctantly pushed away from him. "Meiko, will you come with me as I check on the rest of the girls?"

Meiko nodded wordlessly and gathered up her stethoscope and her satchel.

Brian watched them go and then sighed. He went to the telephone and dialed 911. Whatever help Bill needed now, it was beyond his or Ariel's capacity to give, and Bill's body had to be kept alive as long as possible if there was to be any hope at all of reuniting body and spirit.

After the ambulance had come and gone, with Ariel riding along with her son in law, Brian summoned his brother Donal and the head of House Du Main.

"Something happened here," he told them as he paced back and forth in the kitchen. "And I want to know what it was and who did it."

Donal looked up at him thoughtfully. "His wives are all still alive? Maeve is still sane?"

Brian stopped his pacing and dropped into a chair across from the other two men with a sigh. "Yes, they are all alive, if somewhat hysterical at the moment. All that we can get out of any of them right now is that they cannot feel him or contact him through their bond, although their bonds with each other are as strong or stronger than ever."

Donal frowned. "Pardon me for being blunt, but they should all be either dead or hopelessly insane by now."

Maurice Du Main shifted uneasily in his chair and spoke up, "There have been rumors that someone not of the Sidhe and with great power has taken a not altogether friendly interest in my liege lord, but my agents have thus far failed to gather any concrete information as to whom this might be." He grimaced, "My Lord William has forbidden certain actions which might have been able to uncover more of this plot, if one exists. He said that he found some of my family's methods, distasteful."

"Well evidently the plot and plotters do exist," Donal began with some asperity, but Brian waved him to silence.

"Maurice Du Main, " Brian said formally, "As head of House Kerry and liege lord of House Bard, I release you from all restrictions as related to your search to uncover who or what is behind this. From now until this is resolved, your family's only purpose is to ferret out this plot. All other operations are hereby suspended unless doing so would needlessly endanger your operatives. You may draw upon any resources from House Kerry and House Bard that you need to accomplish your task."

Maurice bowed his head in acceptance of his orders. "Then My Lord, I beg your leave to depart. I want to get my people moving as quickly as possible."

Brian nodded his assent and Du Main vanished.

Donal cleared his throat. "Forgive me brother, but cam we trust them?" He gestured to the chair where Du Main had been sitting.

Brian sighed. "Have we any choice?"

Donal levered himself to his feet. "Then I shall collect my assistants and begin our investigation here t once," he paused. "It would make our investigation easier if no one entered the apartment until we are done."

Brian nodded again. "Very well, Seal the apartment to all but you, your assistants, Ariel and myself."

Donal clasped his brother's shoulder. "Don't worry," he said gently, "We'll find out how this was done and maybe how to reverse it." He shoved his brother gently toward the door. "Go now, there are other who need you."

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