The Hitman
Chapter 1: The Lonely Loser

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Squirting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Lonely Loser - This is the story of a hitman and his encounter with Karen, the wife of a businessman. As Karen is led down some of the darker side streets of life, she finds her true vocation. A tale of violence and lust.

I'm a loser. Or at least that's what people say about me, whispering into eager ears, always fearful I might hear something. Had anybody really known me, they probably would have started shaking like leaves, cold sweat breaking out on their foreheads and running down from their armpits.

Because I'm a hitman. I kill for money and my services are available to anyone willing to put enough cash on the table

A hitman wil take out anybody if the price is right and if he's good there is never any shortage of work. A hitman plays by a self imposed code, a set of fixed rules dictated by his need to survive his assignments and which he will never break, lest he make himself the target.

The single most important rule is to stay anonymous, meaning a hitman, more than anything else, needs a cover and it has to be a good cover if he wants to stay in the trade. He does not socialize. He has no friends whatsoever and stays away from his family.

And most important of all, he does not engage in relationships with the other sex, no matter what. Those are the rules.

If you know your tradecraft, you stay out of trouble.

You play by the book and you play for keeps.

Those are the rules. No exceptions.

Until you yourself become a target. That is the moment when everything changes and rules are being overturned, when you have to run for your life, playing every dirty trick you know and then some. That is the moment every hitman fears and it was about to come down on me.

The target is right on time. A middle aged man, eager to get to his office in the Justice Center. He isn't going to break stride for anybody, spitting out the occasional "no comment", whenever some press guy throws a question at him. More journalists start to crowd around him, as he approaches the marble stairs leading to the entrance of the halls of law. He is slowed down momentarily and I make my move. Reaching into the pocket of my jacket, I pull out the small silenced .22 and push into the press crowd. Nobody hears the muffled reports of the gun, as I fire two rounds into Justice T. J. Warren.

Always shoot twice. Leave nothing to fate.

When the judge finally sinks to the ground and the panic-stricken crowd around him starts to disintegrate, I'm already on the other side of the street, headed north. I need to make a phone call.

Hank's Bar is my kind of place. None of the patrons will ever ask you stupid questions apart from the occasional "how 'ya doin' man" and if anybody asks them a question, they're likely to throw you out of the joint. After slitting your throat and bagging your wallet, that is.

I signal for Hank to dish out a club soda and a turkey sandwich and walk towards the back. The phone is in a corner, giving you a good view of the whole bar, while you place your call, which is the reason why I come to this place and no other.

I punch in the numbers and when the person on the other end lifts the receiver, I simply say "It's been delivered".

"You sure about the address?" whispers the voice of my present employer.

"No doubt about it."

"Then payment will be arranged as soon as we have official confirmation." The pompuous prick is acting as if I don't know the game, but I don't complain. He will pay good money so I will put up with his being a jerk.

"You know my accounts. divide it evenly. Unless you have more deliveries, this is our last conversation." With that I hang up before I have to listen to more high strung bullshit. My job is done and there's nothing more to it. If the Johnson wants to shoot the shit, he can do it with his wife for all I care. It's friday and that means I won't have to get up for my regular job tomorrow. I'm going to get me a bottle of Bourbon and sit in the window, enjoying the warm L.A. night.

"I didn't know you had some business on the side. How many accounts do you have?"

The voice of a woman rips me out of my thoughts. I spin around and find myself face to face with my boss' wife. The wife of the boss of my regular job, that is. In my "real" life I work in construction as a simple carpenter, leading a seemingly boring and uneventful life. The life of a lonely loser.

She has a mocking expression on her face as if saying "what could a loser like you possibly put in a bank account, let alone multiple accounts." I had always thought she was a bitch, but now I know for sure. She's her to bust my chops and if she starts spilling it to her husband, I'm likely to loose a good cover, a cover I have been building up for years. For a moment I think about killing her right here and now, but it's a bad setup and will expose me even further. I have to come up with something quickly, have to get here of my back, cover my tracks.

"I was talking about e-mail accounts, and yes, I do some business on the side. It's called e-commerce" I say and my voice sounds hollow and hoarse to me at the same time.

"E-commerce" she says with a grin "I sure wasn't aware that you had the necessary knowledge for this kind of business. Still, one account should be enough for you to handle your business mail, don't you think"?

"If you're so smart lady, you should know that if you're sending too much similar mail from the same account, you get accused of spamming."

I'm starting to get pissed off now, but also a little curious as to what she's actually doing in a place like this. Ninety percent off Hank's female customers are hookers, the other ten various kinds of lowly criminals, and she sure doesn't belong to the either group.

"What brings you to this place, Mrs. Delaney? It's not the nicest neighborhood to hang around."

"I saw you coming in here and thought I'd just say hello. It seems to be true, what they say though: you're a jerk." Her expression has changed, her eyes wary now, watching my every move " What are you doing in this joint?"

"As you have heard, I was making a phone call. Other than that, I wanted to enjoy a sandwich and a soda" I whisper, my face now close to hers "Are you following me around, Mrs. Delaney?"

All of a sudden she grabs my shirt and pulls me towards her. I'm so surprised by this move that I oppose no resistance, as she pulls me down to her and whispers in my ear:

"I know that you have some kind of secret. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to find out."

Her breath is hot in my ear now and her voice echoes in my head. "To tell you the truth, I get a kick out of secrets." With that she slips out of the corner and walks towards the door. Within seconds she is gone, leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth and a feeling of foreboding that I can't shake, however hard I try.

Finally sitting in my window, I try to enjoy the smoky taste of the Bourbon but the usual easyness of having completed a hit will not come. I'm thinking about Karen Delaney and her strange appearance at Hank's today. What is she up to? She doesn't seem to know anything definite, but her snooping around is enough to at least shake my cover. But I can't simply take her out without finding out what she knows. I will have to get some leverage on her, pry out her knowledge and maybe that way I can get to the bottom of this mess.

As I stare down towards the hustle and bustle of the street, I hear a knock on the door. Shoving the gun under the waistband in the back of my jeans, I slowly approach the door. I don't look through the spy hole, only idiots in movies do that. In real life, the guy standing outside is only waiting for the hole to go dark. Then he puts two rounds in your guts and is on his way.

Standing on one side of the doorframe, I slowly open the door. Karen Delaney is standing in the sickly light of the corridor and she looks slightly scared.

My boss' wife is about forty, a petite, slender woman with no apparent female curves. She wears a long black silk skirt, slit almost up to her hips, a matching grey silk blouse and a leather jacket, but almost no makeup. while she looked quite stylish, my take on her was always, that once you got her out of her fancy clothes, you'd find something skinny with a lot of angles. Although her nose is a bit too long she's quite pretty with her shoulder length red hair and a pair of green eyes, that usually are piercing.

But not tonight. Tonight she has the look of a deer caught in the headlights

"What do you want?" I ask flatly. This is starting to get frustrating and it's sure no pleasant way to spend a friday night.

"I wanted to talk to you" she retorts nervously "are you going to let me in, or do we have to do the talking in the corridor."

I look at her and I can tell that coming to this neighborhood has her freaked out quite a bit and the junkies in the stairwell are no nice sight either. I open the door all the way and motion for her to come in with a quick jerk of the head.

I point to an armchair. "Have a seat. You look like you could use a drink." She just nods and I fix her two fingers of bourbon and hand her the glass. Then I light a cigarette and draw the smoke deeply into my lungs. I need to remain balanced, calm. I need to control this situation and find a way out.

"What exactly is it, that you want from me Mrs. Delaney? If this is some kind of a game you're playing with me, you'll find that I'm not into games" I say as calmly as possible "And I don't like people nosing around"

The liqour seems to have brought some colour back to her cheeks, as well as some confidence. She looks right at me with those green eyes and I wonder once more what the hell she's up to.

"I told you, secrets make me curious" she says in a strange voice "and it's clear to me that you're not who you seem to be. You play dumb when you are on the job, but as soon as you stamp your time card you become somebody else. Who are you?"

"You don't want to know, lady." I reply, looking at her through the smoke "It's better if you don't go down that road."

"I think you are somekind of criminal, you know. Don't worry, I won't go to the police or something like that"

"Don't go down that road." I repeat. She is beginning to be a threat, I can feel it from the way my hair stands up on the back of my neck. But I still don't know what to do with her. I can't take her out in the apartment and in any case being my boss' wife puts her to close to me for any investigation to simply overlook me. Gotta play it safe here.

"You have quite a place here. Very exciting neighborhood as well." She says it as if she were on a camping trip

I watch her as she stands up and takes a few steps to look around the hole I call an apartment. Then she approaches me, trying to grab my shirt again, only this time I'm prepared. I grab her throat with one hand and push her against the wall. To my surprise she doesn't try to escape nor resist. I bring my face close to hers and stare hard into those green eyes.

"Back off, Lady." I rasp "I'm in no mood for games"

"Really" she barely manages to pronounce. Then, despit the long skirt she starts to lift up her feet and hooks them around my waist. Slowly she starts pulling me towards her, while never breaking eye contact. We remain like this for several long seconds, while I try to decide what to do with this woman.

"If you try to set me up, lady, I'll kill you" I finally say. She just closes her eyes and pulls harder with her feet, her nostrils flaring now. Then her hands start to tug at my jeans, frantically trying to open buttons, pulling out my shirt. Her hands finally make it into my briefs, eagerly grabbing my cock. I feel myself getting hard despite the situation, despite the danger this woman represents. Her hands slide up and down my cock now, while she's still suspended in mid air with my hand holding her throat and her feet behind my back. Slowly I let go of her and she starts to slide down the wall.

Kneeling on the dusty linoleum floor, she puts her mouth to work and when I come hard and fast, she grabs my ass and shoves my prick down her throat as far as she can. As I explode, my head spinning, I hear the gun fall to the floor with a loud thud.

As she stands up, I can see her eyes sparkling with excitement. Maybe this was what she wanted all along. Maybe this is all there is to it. And who knows what advantage I might be able to take from the whole situation? But I'm wrong.

"I knew you had a gun, I just knew it." she exclaims, excitment in her voice "maybe you are a professional killer"

Again I grab her, this time putting my hands on her hips, turning her to face away from me, pushing her roughly against the wall. She holds both hands to avoid crashing into the wall, suppressing a gasp. I slowly start to hike up her skirt, stroking her inner thighs, finding she came to my apartment without underwear. In response she pushes out her little butt, sighing softly.

When my fingers reach her ass, it is firm and round, not skinny as I expected. I massage her buttocks for a moment, then slide my hand slowly down the crack untill I find her asshole.

She stiffens and I know that I have just found her weak spot, wondering how best to exploit it. To reassure her, I move further towards her pussy. She is completely shaved and her juices are already flowing, her tight lips hot with anticipation.

I start rubbing her pussy slowly, my fingers moving up and down her slippery lips and her breathing becomes faster and louder. My fingers are exploring every part of here pussy lips, slowly at first, then faster and faster as she starts to moan in response to my moves. She throws her head backwards and moves her legs, trying to spread them wider.

When my fingers finally part her now swollen pussy lips to find her clit, she starts to buck and wriggle. Little cries are coming from deep down in her throat. She is now begging me to make her come but I have other plans. Ever so slowly I move my hand upwards, spreading her juices in her crack.

Then I move back towards her pussy to find more juices. I insert one finger into her, then two, making her twitch. I turn my fingers to find the bump that characterizes the g-spot and start massaging it gently. At this point she looses control and virtually starts riding my fingers, trying to make herself come. She is in extasy, almost ready to come when I slow down and then stop moving altogether.

"Do it now, you bastard, make me come." she hisses breathlessly but I don't care to reply.

Instead, I pull my moistened fingers out of her and place them between her buttocks, slowly moving inwards in search of her asshole. She breathes in sharply when I insert one finger into her asshole, cramping in fear.

"Don't do that!"

Again I don't say a word, but insert the second finger, making her cry in pain. She tries to get away from the intruding fingers, but I simply grab one of her slender hips with one hand and hook my two fingers upwards.

"Please, no... don't do this, you're hurting me." She is desperate now, begging me to let go of her. I slowly pull out of her and flip her around, grabbing her by the throat again, pressing her against the cold, bare concrete of the apartment wall.

"You shouldn't play outside your own league, lady. You're likely to loose."

"Please, anything you want but don't hurt me anymore" Her eyes are pleading with me, the same look on her face as when she was standing in the doorway earlier that evening. I don't understand what makes people takes risks like that, getting themselves into situations far beyond their control. But maybe there's hope for Karen. Maybe I can teach her after all.

When I put my hands on her hips and pull her towards me, she shudders but I can't tell if it's from renewed excitement or simply from fear. I walk her slowly over to the mattress lying in a corner and reach over to the makeshift nightstand to grab the switchblade.

I flick the blade and her eyes go wide in disbelief. She starts to shake her head, but I simply hold her by the jacket and three movements later her blouse is hanging in shreds from her shoulders, only held by the jacket she is still wearing and here skirt lies on the floor. I pull down the jacket and she stands naked in the middle of the room.

She is actually quite a sight, slender and petite as she is. Her breasts are small, but for a forty year old woman still quite toned. She looks at me, judging, trying to find out what I'm up to.

I undress completely while she watches me and I can tell she's still interested in what I have to offer. I approach her slowly and put my hands on her breasts, gently squeezing and massaging. She seems to relax and I let my hands slide down her stomach towards her pussy. Her lips are still moist and hot and welcome my exploring fingers. I rub them slowly, then faster until they part, giving me access to her clit.

I can hear her breathing fast now as I take her clit between two fingers and twirl slowly. After a few minutes she begins to move her hips, matching the rythm of my hand. With my free hand I lift up her knee to her chest to give me better access to the inside of her moist lips All of a sudden I insert two fingers into her pussy, making her gasp with surprise and lust. Then I put my other hand under her ass and start to lift her up slowly until my forearm is horizontal.

She throws her head backwards and cries out in delight. Then she starts to move back and forth on my hand so fast, that I have to place her with her back against the wall. My fingers find her g-spot and she moans louder and louder. She rocks back and forth in a frenzy while my fingers move faster and faster. Her moans become, shouts, then screams while her nails dig deep into my shoulders, drawing blood.

When I feel that she's about to come, I put her back on the floor and slowly pull out of her. She almost goes out of her mind.

"You bastard, why are you doing this?" she cries out in frustration. I grab her by the throat and choke her slightly.

"I told you, you're not calling the shots around here." I whisper "Don't you get it, lady? I will do with you whatever pleases me."

I push her down onto the bed and she looks at me confused and unsure, a lost expression on her face.

"You came to play, lady, but you came to my turf and that means you're playing by my rules. Do you understand that or should I draw you a map. You want to play by your rules, you better play at home." I give it to her straight. After a few seconds I ask "You playing?"

She looks at me in bewilderment but after a moment something like understanding shows in her eyes. Unable to speak, she just nods. I take one of the rags that once were part of here blouse and quickly blindfold her. Again she wants to protest but I give her no chance.

Once again I start to massage her legs, slowly working my way towards her narrow hips until I can see that she relaxes. Then I lower myself onto her and kiss her breasts, nibbling and sucking at her taut nipples. When I bite one of her nipples, she arches her back and breathes in sharply, her body stiffening in response to the pain. She will yet have to understand how closely related pain and pleasure are, how the orgasm resembles death itself. Who better than an agent of death to teach her?

Her breathing accelerates and when my mouth works its way down her slender body she begins to moan, slowly at first, then louder and louder. I take my time as I approach her pussy but when she starts to squirm under me in anticipation, I spread her legs as far as possible and lower my mouth onto her clit.

She cries out when I make contact, her hips bucking. I start to lick her clit, sometimes sucking it into my mouth, sometimes biting. She is making guttural sounds now, her head thrashing from side to side. Her pussy is moving up and down my face at a crazy rythm and her juices are everywhere, flowing abundantly. I let go of her legs and use both hands to pull her pussy lips apart and stick my tongue into her as far as possible. She starts to scream like a madwoman, twisting and bucking, all the while I tongue-fuck her.

When I feel she's about to come, I move my tongue to her clit again, licking fast now. Her hips match my rythm and between shouts and screams she begs me not to stop this time. My face seems to be completely covered by her slippery, shaven pussy, moving up and down at impossible speed.

Then she comes, trembling at first, then shaking, pulling my head into her pussy with all her strength. She erupts like a volcano, squirting liquid in my face, bucking and shuddering, screaming, begging me now to stop, telling me she can't handle it anymore. I slow down a little but keep going, and although she is begging for mercy, she comes two more times.

"Oh my god, what did you do to me? What was that?" She asks me, after tearing of the blindfold but I don't answer. This is not the time for talking.

Instead I position myself between her legs, holding my cock with one hand. I start to move my shaft up and down her pussy lips. She tries to stop me but after one look at my stony face, she lies back down. I keep my movements at a steady rythm until I see her close her eyes and relax. Then I pick up the pace, spreading her lips with my fingers, teasing her clit with the tip of my penis. All of a sudden she pushes my hands away and spreads her pussy lips herself, pulling hard, wanting them to open as wide as possible.

She looks at me, understanding now and I smile for the first time. Now she inserts three fingers of each hand into her pussy and pulls it wide open, arching her hips upwards so far, they almost meet my face. When I insert my tongue into her gaping hole, she screams at me like crazy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me now! Take me anyway you want!" Her face is a mask of lust and desperation, her eyes misty, staring at the ceiling.

I grab her hips and pull her down and towards me, while her fingers are still stretching her pussy. With one movement I ram my cock into her. She has the tight pussy of a little girl and although she is incredibly wet, she can take only a couple of inches of my shaft.

She grabs my hips and pulls me towards her, wanting me to invade her flesh completely. I pull out almost all the way, then plunge forward as hard as I can. With every thrust of my hips I enter her deeper until I can feel the tip of my cock bang against her uterus, but still she is pulling me to her. I grab her hips forcefully and pound her until I can feel her inside giving way, allowing my shaft to enter up to the hilt.

She arches her back and opens her mouth wide but no sound is coming from her throat. I pull back again, resting the tip of my cock against her entrance for a moment, then I push back into her with all my might and this time she screams with renewed pain and pleasure. Everytime I ram my cock into her, she screams and as I start to move faster her wailing becomes continuous. She starts rubbing her clit while i pull her pussy lips apart with my fingers.

She comes fast, abruptly, like a geyser, forcing me to withdraw from her as her liquids spurt from her pussy in hot bursts. This time I don't give her time to settle down. I flip her over onto her stomach and lift her hips up. But she doesn't protest when the tip of my cock touches her pussy lips again. Instead she thrusts backwards and impales herself on my rod. Now I start to fuck her in earnest, ramming into her like I was posessed and she meets each of my movments, pushing her small ass backwards with all her power.

After several minutes I start to slow my pace and in the end pull out completely. Her ass is quivering and her inner thighs are covered with liquids, her shaven, glistening pussy shining between her legs.

She is beautiful.

I insert two fingers into her wet pussy, then three. She starts to move again, moaning, begging for more. Slowly I push in all five fingers, then I push forward.

"Oh my god, yes! rip me apart!" She has lost all inhibition, asking me to do to her whatever I want.

I push my hand slowly into her pussy until I can go no further, then curl my fingers and ram my fist deep into her. She makes a gurgling noise as I pull back, but when I start to move forward, she is already rocking towards me, hard and fast. I fist her as fast as I can and she takes it willingly, screaming with lust and madness, her juices flowing down my forearm. She moves with lightning speed, desperately wanting to go over the edge, thrashing her head from side to side.

Then, as her pussy begins to tighten, clamping down on my hand, I slowly lift myself up and place the tip of my cock at the entrance of her already lubricated asshole.

She stiffens for a second but then she starts moving again, looking at me over her shoulder. Her eyes are glassy but she smiles.

"Yes, do it! Fuck my ass now." She writhes and starts to rub her clit. Putting her head on the mattress she is now using both hands to finger herself, while I slowly force my way into her glory hole. I can see the pain showing on her face but she is more than willing to take it.

Slowly her asshole stretches to welcome my shaft and she relaxes. The pain is gone from her face leaving only pure lust to destort her features. Her mouth is wide open but no sound is coming from it. Here eyes have the faraway look of a junkie after a fix.

Gradually, I increase the speed of my strokes until I move easily inside her cute little butt. She meets each thrust with equal force now, addicted to the power of pure lust. We grind each other like animals, fighting for the painful release of the climax.

There is no love in what we do, it is the nature of the beast breaking free finally, taking over rational thinking. Karen has learned her lesson.

As I ram my cock into her faster and faster, filling both her holes now, she reaches backwards with her hands and pulls her cheeks apart as far as she can. She wants me to pound her harder, wants to intensify the lust and pain.

I increase my efforts and my sweat is running down my stomach into her crack. In a blur we fuck each other furiously, without quarters. My cock is swelling now, beyond it's normal size, anticipating the explosion. She feels my pumping cock getting bigger still in her ass and yells at me to come into her asshole and to finish her off. I start pumping harder and harder, moving my fist in her pussy, pulling her hips towards me. Now I am shouting as well, telling her to come.

When I finally shoot my load into her it feels like molten lead. I thrust into her as deeply as possible, both of us wanting more. She screams for what seems like minutes, shuddering and twisting, her pussy squeezing my hand like a vice. As I pull my hand out of her burning pussy her liquids spill all over the bed and she collapses onto the soaked sheets with my cock still up her ass.

I sit in the window again, sipping my whisky. The gun is in the back of my jeans, where it's supposed to be. Outside the night is void of sounds, the predators resting now, gathering strength before they leave their hiding holes again in search for prey. I am calm now, confident that my cover is not threatened anymore. Karen knows now that she would never survive in the kind of jungle I move in.

I look at her. She is lying on the mattres, sprawled like a murder victim, stil unconscious

She has stepped over boundaries, broken her self-imposed rules.

She didn't play by the book.

She became a target instead of targeting somebody else.

When she finally comes around again, she has the lost eyes of a child. She is a mess, her dried juices and my semen all over her legs. I throw her a towel and tell her to shower. When she steps out of the tiny bathroom, the towel wrapped around her, I hand her a glass of whisky.

"What's it gonna be, lady?" I ask her without any preambles.

"What do you mean?"

"Are you stil interested in secrets?"

She looks into her drink for several seconds, the slowly shakes her head. When she finally looks up at me, there is something new in her eyes, something that hadn't been there before.

"I could still go to the police. Tell them you raped me." But this time her voice holds no challenge, she is only stating a fact.

"You could do that" I reply "but I wouldn't recommend it. Do you see the black box in that corner, near the ceiling?" Her gaze follows my outstretched arm and when it sinks in, her eyes widen in disbelief.

"The camera is still running, just so you know it. You have been a fool, coming here, trying to play me. You make one false move, lady, and I'll use the tape."

She sits very still now, weighing the facts in her mind. Then she stands up and walks toward me.

"Do you have some clothes that I could borrow? Some crazy pervert tore mine to pieces."

I start laughing for the first time today. This woman could actually be useful to me in many ways.

I will have to find a way to control her, make her my willing tool, to be used by me, and by me only.

I open my jeans and motion for her to come closer. When she is just inches away from me, I rip off the towel and grab a fistfull of her hair. She stands very still, her arms at her side, not daring to make a wrong move. Slowly I bring her head down towards my waiting cock.

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