Ebon Genesis
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Horror, Incest, Sister, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Love, loss, and torment transform the heir of Witharten. Be warned, this is a dark tale with taboo elements, although there is a theme of romance running alongside it as well. Details the origins of a major character in my world who will probably appear in later stories.

With a final grunt of effort, men, heavily bundled against the cold, biting wind, pulled a weathered old cart stacked with split logs onto the road. The trek across the stretch of uneven ground between the woods and the road, though short, had required a great deal of effort and concentration. The frozen ground was hard and unyielding, every stone-hard clump of earth hidden beneath the snow threatened to bring them to a halt or tip the cart over. They were both relieved to leave the rough terrain behind, knowing they could move twice as fast on the smooth, well-maintained road, and would soon be home.

This winter showed all the signs of being a long, bitter one, and the pair had wisely decided to prepare for that possibility before the first heavy snow fell. After days of hard labor, this final cartload of wood would provide enough fuel to keep their fires burning even through an unusually long season.

Not far away to the South, the people would be experiencing the first frost of the season. Here in the highlands, close to the towering peaks of the Sperrot range, winter arrived quicker, and lingered longer.

The sound of hoof beats, and a horse's snort, caused them to turn and look behind them — in the direction from which the sound had arisen. Cresting the hill on the frozen road was a familiar sight.

The carriage belonged to the Baron, and was fine enough to have commanded a price equal to their entire home. Crafted of the finest wood and Dwarf steel, a massive pair of black horses pulled the carriage along. The breath of the animals released great clouds of steam as the carriage moved toward them at a brisk pace.

The pair pulled their cart off the road reluctantly, granting the right of way to the approaching carriage. Although they were common folk, they were certainly wise enough to stay out of the way of the highborn.

As the carriage drew closer, they could make out the fine scrollwork in the wood, dominated by the Baronial Crest. The driver was as bundled against the cold as they were, though naturally his coats and cloaks were fine, as befitted one in the service of nobility. Shimmering frost coated the scarf wrapped around his face, which revealed only his eyes, filled with irritation, staring in their direction.

The wooden body of the carriage was free of ice and snow, and even steamed slightly in the frigid air. Once the carriage had passed — and the way was again clear — the two men pulled their cart back onto the road, and continued toward the welcome warmth of their home — muttering about rude nobles.

Inside the carriage, Tharsas, heir to the Barony of Witharten, sat looking out the window. His magic ensured the interior of the carriage was a comfortable temperature, so he required no heavy clothing to protect him from the cold, as did his driver or the two men with their cart.

Those who study magic often neglect their physique, but such was not the case with Tharsas. Having no need to spend all his time in toil, he could devote equal time to his body and his mind. Lean muscle lurked beneath his skin, providing him with a strength that was deceptive for his thin frame. His shoulder-length, dark brown hair flowed freely in waves, unbound as it always was. Blue eyes with flecks of gold stared back at him from his reflection in the window, though Tharsas noticed neither his reflection, nor the scenery outside.

He made this journey daily, an hour each way, to study with the Master. He had done so since his ninth birthday, when at last his father had found a suitable teacher for him. Tharsas had duplicated the minor magical feats of a magician during a festival at the age of six, and his father had determined immediately that it was his young heir's calling. Indeed, magic burned in Tharsas' blood, and he learned new Art with phenomenal speed.

Thoughts of his studies had vanished as soon as he had climbed aboard the carriage. His brief respite would soon end, and he would be within his prison once more. Bitter thoughts of the past — as well as trepidation about what lay in store for him once he reached the castle — filled his head. Tharsas' eyes narrowed, and a scowl darkened his face.

The Baron's heart had failed five years ago, and Tharsas should have become Baron in his place. Such was not how things had unfolded.

Tharsas' mother had died in childbirth. His father had remarried a young widow, to strengthen ties with a neighboring Barony, not long thereafter. When his father died, Tharsas' stepmother, Peronelle, had convinced the members of the Federation that the Chancellor should be made Regent, until Tharsas was prepared to assume his duties. The neighboring Barons who comprised the Federation agreed, and thus the Chancellor had been installed as Regent.

Of course, it was truly Peronelle who ruled the Barony. The Chancellor was little more than a figurehead to obscure her role, which would have been rejected by the people of the Barony, and the Barons in the Federation. The reins of control, and the purse strings, were firmly in the grip of Peronelle — regardless of who ruled the Barony in name.

Tharsas' majority had arrived, and passed — Peronelle continuing to assure the Federation that he was not ready to rule. The next rising of the sun would herald Tharsas' twenty-first birthday, and still he was denied his birthright.

Since the death of his father, Tharsas had been treated almost as if he were one of the servants in the castle. So long as he remained out of sight and out of mind, he was free. Such was unfortunately a rare occurrence.

Tharsas' eyes were drawn to the castle, as the carriage turned down the road toward it. The dark stone of the fortress contrasted sharply against the snow-covered mountainside behind it, a magnificent sight that never failed to impress visitors. Once a welcome sight to Tharsas, seeing the castle now filled him with foreboding. Once he had happily called it home, but it was a place of bitter memories and cruelty now.

He thought about leaving, never to return. It was not the first time such thoughts had entered his mind, and such musings had become more frequent of late.

As the carriage pulled into the stable, Tharsas spied a hopeful sight. He recognized two horses that were not usual residents of the stable, and that meant that at least two of the Federation's Barons were in the castle. Peronelle would be distracted while entertaining them.

Tharsas took a deep breath and jumped from the carriage as soon as it stopped. Holding his breath against the smell of the animals, he exited the stable, through the covered walkway, and proceeded hastily toward the West, once inside the castle, hoping not to be seen before he reached his room.

He closed the door to his room with a sigh of relief, and immediately fed the fire in the fireplace to bring light and heat to his small world. Now safely behind closed doors, he used his magic to learn the location of those in the castle.

Upon completing the spell, Tharsas discovered that the Barons were meeting with his stepmother, and it appeared she had ordered the attendance of his stepsister Colette, and half-sister Lavina.

Tharsas scowled at Lavina, his lip twitching, and teeth clenching tight.

Lavina had only reached her majority not so long ago, but she had ruled over her two older siblings for years, as if she were the eldest. Lavina was a younger twin to her mother, in both appearance and temperament, and treated Tharsas just as badly as his stepmother.

The young woman smiled now, attempting to charm the younger of the two Barons with whom they spoke, who was yet unmarried. The smile did little to hide the severe cast of her features, which were framed by raven-black hair. Wide cheekbones caused her dark eyes to look deep-set — almost scowling. Even a genuine smile on her face looked false, and it was no genuine smile she wore now.

Though she was three years his junior, she could have easily been mistaken for an older sibling. The cold confidence in her brown eyes bespoke experience, and anyone looking upon her could not help but notice it. Combined with the obvious deference shown to her by family and servants alike, it would be an easy mistake for a person to assume her older than her years.

Her gown displayed her thin frame and small breasts to good effect. The best dressmaker for miles in any direction having been paid handsomely to ensure it did so.

Tharsas looked away before the memories came back, the word coward popping into his head as he did so.

His eyes fell upon his stepmother. Only slight lines of age, and a few extra pounds, differentiated the woman from her daughter. She chatted with the elder Baron, her goal the same as that of her daughter charming the younger Lord.

The younger baron spoke with Lavina, but Tharsas saw his eyes roving to Colette frequently. Tharsas felt anger bubbling up inside him, and clenched his teeth — willing the feeling to subside. Colette was only a few months separated in age from Tharsas, and she was the only bright spot in his existence. She was kind, gentle, and treated him like a person. The Baron looking at her — with a combination of lust, and cold calculation — made Tharsas' blood boil.

There could be little doubt what drew the man's eyes, however. Where a smile looked unnatural on his stepmother, or Lavina, the lack of one looked so upon Colette's freckle-dappled face. Her big, liquid brown eyes provided a pathway to her kind soul, for any who looked into them. Her hair seemed to be incapable of deciding whether it was light brown or blonde, almost appearing to change from one to the other, according to her moods. It hung down in gentle waves, just covering — and spilling over — her shoulders. The gown she wore displayed just the slightest view of the cleft between her large breasts.

Where Lavina was thin, Colette was all soft skin and sensual curves. She was hardly overweight; she was simply shorter and thicker than her half-sister was.

He looked at her for a few moments, her smile bringing a little light to his mood. She was not subject to treatment equal to that which he received, but their half-sister ordered Colette around quite frequently. Colette took the orders in stride, always doing as she was asked without complaint. Tharsas knew from talking to her that it bothered his stepsister though, and that their stepmother was unconcerned with Colette's feelings regarding the matter.

Tharsas dismissed his magic, content that — at least for a little while — his time was his own. Walking over to the heavy oak door, and opening it, he found a servant waiting nearby. While he was given little more consideration than they were by his stepmother, he was still heir to the Barony, and thus the servants were expected to be at his disposal. The servant had been standing there since within moments of his arrival, though Tharsas gave such no thought.

"Bring food and wine, leave it outside the door, and knock once," he said to the awaiting woman.

"Yes Master Tharsas," she replied, curtsied, and then proceeded immediately to fulfill his request.

Tharsas took down the book that he had nearly finished reading the night before from the crude bookshelf he had cobbled together, and fell into his studies.

Tharsas awoke with a start, the tightness of his bladder almost painful. He hurried to the chamber pot to relieve the pressure, and then returned to his desk to put away his book. He had fallen asleep sitting up, exhaustion claiming him despite his best efforts to keep it at bay.

A look out the window told him it was late — well after dark. He had lost track of time as he studied, and the entire day had slipped away. A look out into the hall revealed no servant waiting there, confirming the lateness of the hour. He could of course ring the servant's bell, but such could remind Peronelle or Lavina of his presence, which was the last thing he wanted.

Hunger gnawed at his gut, so he crept out into the hall, walking as swiftly and silently as possible to the kitchen. His path took him past one of the common rooms, and sounds from within caused him to slow his pace — and increase his stealth. Reaching the doorway, the source of the sounds was obvious — as were their nature.

There was no other path to the kitchen, save exiting the castle and using the servant entrances to the kitchen and stable. Tharsas nearly abandoned his quest, rather than pass in front of the open doorway where he might be seen. He certainly had no desire to go outside into the bitter cold, and use the other option available to him. Another growl from his stomach overcame his fear, and he passed in front of the door quickly, glancing inside to see if he was noticed.

He was certainly not noticed.

His stepmother was bent over a divan couch, facing away from the doorway, the older of the two Barons mounted behind her. The muscles in the Baron's broad back rippled, as he grunted with exertion and pleasure. Peronelle was obviously in the throes of release, and Tharsas knew he would have to hurry, in order to get back to his room without being spotted.

Once in the kitchen, he picked up some meat, cheese, and a bottle of wine. After a brief consideration, he chose to brave the cold, rather than pass back in front of the open doorway again. His lip twitched as he thought about what was going on in the common room. He knew this was a big part of why his inheritance was being denied him. His stepmother regularly offered favors to the Barons, and had all of them wrapped around her little finger.

Growling and shaking his head to clear it, he wrapped his magic around him, and stepped out the servant entrance into the biting wind. Neither the wind nor the cold touched him, as he made the long walk around the castle to the stable entrance. He was pleased to note that the spell remained tight about him, despite the speed at which he moved. In the past, he had experienced difficulty with this, mostly due to moving on to more interesting studies without practicing the spell extensively. He had since wisely returned to the magic, and methodically imprinted in his mind — naturally mastering the spell, as he did any magic he chose to study.

His hunger sated a short while later, Tharsas fed the fire to keep it burning warmly throughout the night, not noticing that the woodbin was full, where it had been empty in the morning. He then removed his robes, and slipped beneath the thick coverings of his bed to sleep.

Tharsas awakened with a sense of someone being in the room with him. The feeling was confirmed moments later, when a nude form climbed onto the bed, and sat on his chest.

The food in his stomach suddenly turned to lead as the scent of womanly arousal assaulted him. Lavina moved forward, grabbed him by the hair — jerking his face into her sex — and growled, "Lick it."

He knew better than to disobey her. Time and time again, he had been taught the folly of resisting her demands. She turned even more violent when he refused to please her, immediately upon command.

The one time he had dared bring the subject up with his stepmother, shortly after the first few unwanted touches, it had resulted in a severe beating. Peronelle had accused him of lying, and beaten him nearly senseless for daring to accuse her favored daughter of such detestable acts. Lavina had been furious at him for telling Peronelle what she had done; although, their mother had not believed a word, and the next night she had dragged his bruised face into her pussy for the first time.

Tharsas had hoped he might be spared this for a while, seeing the young baron responding to Lavina's advances. As he forced his tongue out and between her lips, he could guess why his hopes were unfulfilled. He could taste the bitter, salty evidence of the man's seed inside her. The noble had obviously left her unsatisfied, and now that duty fell to him.

He concentrated on completing the task quickly, flushing with embarrassment as he felt his manhood begin to rise, despite his anger and revulsion. He knew that if he did not satisfy Lavina — and quickly — he would be left with her nail marks in his flesh, and likely would be punished by his stepmother for causing Lavina to make those marks. Lavina would naturally create some excuse for the attack, which would be accepted at face value by her mother.

Lavina held his hair in a tight grip, causing pain to shoot from the roots, as he lapped and sucked at her dripping pussy. The thick cream of the Baron oozed from her into his mouth as he licked her, causing his stomach to lurch. Lavina began to rock her hips, grinding her sex against his face, her closely cropped tangle of dark hairs scratching painfully with every movement.

Lavina growled to him, "Faster you little fuck!" She punctuated her words by pulling his hair harder.

Tharsas increased the speed of his lapping tongue, concentrating on the firm little bud at the apex of her labia, as she had painfully instructed him so long ago. He could feel — and hear — the telltale signs of her approaching a peak, and indeed her juices washed over his face moments later as she came. Lavina held his face tight against her quivering sex until the waves of passion dulled. When she pulled away from his face, he knew what was coming next.

The coverings were jerked away from his nude body, revealing his erect manhood. His eyes narrowed, as he considered the betrayal of his body responding to Lavina's violent advance, against his will. Half of him seethed with anger, while the other half pleaded to be inside her.

Lavina moved to kneel over his legs, which he knew better than to move. She grabbed his cock pointing it up, and slightly toward his feet, causing pain to shoot up his spine from the root. Moving over top of him, she impaled herself on him.

She wore a sadistic smile as she bounced on his cock, staring down into his eyes, and growling her pleasure. "This is the only thing you're good for Tharsas," she snarled, and then leaned down over him, to slap him across the face for good measure.

Her small breasts jiggled, as she slammed her hips down on him with ever-increasing pressure, her head lashing back and forth, her pleasure mounting. The sound of their flesh clashing, and the squishing sound of his manhood plunging into her saturated depths filled his ears, as the thick aroma of her arousal filled his lungs. Tharsas could feel his pleasure mounting as well, and fought hard against it for more than one reason.

At last, Lavina slammed down on him and let out a snarling scream, her juices flowing to leak out around him as she came. Her walls contracted tightly around him, threatening to trigger an explosion from him as well. Tharsas grit his teeth, bending his will toward keeping his seed trapped in his tight balls.

He gasped in relief when she moved off him, and he had resisted releasing inside her. While she obviously felt she was in a safe part of her monthly cycle, he knew all to well that she would punish him if he reached his peak — and that the punishment would be both painful and humiliating. Her taking of him was for her pleasure, and he was to be denied any release from her.

Lavina stood, and then picked up his robes from where he had discarded them before retiring. She used them to wipe the sticky wetness from between her legs, and then hurled the robes at him. "It's a pity I can't just take your cock and tongue with me, and leave the rest of you — because they're the only worthwhile part of you," she sneered, as she began putting back on the nightgown she had discarded.

The words of a spell burned brightly in Tharsas' mind — a powerful spell. One that could kill. It was always like this when she took him — anger warring with arousal. Just as he was beginning to notice girls, and experiment with the servants, his stepmother had taken steps to prevent him from having sexual liaisons. Thus, Lavina's humiliating advances were the only ones he had ever known.

His lips twitched, aching to speak the words of the spell and strike her down. His manhood throbbed, begging to be engulfed inside her again and given release. Tharsas closed his eyes, willing the thoughts away, because he knew neither was possible. Lavina would never give him pleasure, and the ring she wore would turn aside his magic. The ring was the twin of the one his stepmother wore, which she had been careful to point out prevented him from using his magic on her, or her favored child. The ring Lavina wore had once graced the finger of his father in life.

Tharsas heard the door to his room close, and wrapped his hand around his cock — slick with Lavina's juices. The need was too great to ignore, and after only a few strokes, thick ropes of semen spurted across his chest.

He used his robe — already soiled by Lavina, and smelling strongly of her — to wipe his body clean. He tossed the robe to the floor, and then pulled the coverings back over him. Tharsas curled up and waited for sleep to claim him once more.

Tharsas stayed late studying with the Master the next day, darkness fast approaching by the time he stepped into his carriage. He had a two-fold purpose for remaining late — the first being that he had no desire to return to his prison. The second reason was that the Master had left him alone, to prepare some food, when he expressed his intention to stay late. This had presented Tharsas with the opportunity to break the magical wards on the old man's private bookshelf, and quickly copy several forbidden spells with his Art.

Tharsas looked down at the magically scribed spells now, smiling smugly, as he considered the nimble workings of his mind, which had allowed him to obtain them. The Master had been away only a few minutes, but Tharsas had broken the wards, located three interesting spells, copied them, and resealed the wards before the graybeard had returned.

As his conveyance approached the castle, he saw a near identical, but larger, carriage coming up the road toward him. Quickly falling into his spell casting, his heart leapt when he discovered that both his stepmother and Lavina were in the carriage, with the two Barons.

Tharsas, for a short while, would be Lord of the Castle. It was only on these rare occasions — when they were both gone — that he felt he received the respect he deserved.

He knew his freedom had limits, however. Any attempt to tryst with one of the pretty serving girls would lead only to disaster. It would take only hints of conversation from one of them to invite severe punishment — and would likely cause his stepmother to leave with less frequency, or force him to come along when she did, to cater to her whims. There was also the bitch that was in charge of all the servants in the castle, who kissed Peronelle's ass as if she was a fawning lover. Martina would be watching him like a hawk in his stepmother's absence, to prevent him from touching one of the serving girls.

Going to town to look for female companionship was likewise out of the question, because that would be where the other carriage was going. Word of either carriage pulling into town spread quickly, which ensured any potential he had for enjoyment would be quickly dashed on the rocks.

Tharsas shook his head and snarled, trying to make the thoughts go away. They were only tormenting him, and the knowledge that it was Lavina's taking of him the night before that caused them to be so prominent in his mind was unmistakable.

He looked down at the spells in his hands again. They were his escape from the troubling thoughts, but that would require secreting himself in his cramped room, and missing the opportunity to wander the halls of the castle freely.

The carriage pulled into the stable, and Tharsas made his decision. He carefully hid the sheets of paper in his room, dressed in his finest, and went out into the castle. He nodded to the servants — who bowed respectfully to him as he passed — and was pleased to note that while the annoying thoughts were not gone, they were overcome by the rare feeling of power he experienced in Peronelle's absence.

On his way to the kitchen to have something prepared for his supper, he saw Colette lounging in the sitting room where he had seen his stepmother the night before. She was drinking tea, and sitting upon the same divan Peronelle had been bent over the night before.

He shook his head and pushed those thoughts away. The smile that spread across Colette's face when she saw him aided that effort in no small way.

"Hello, Tharsas, it is so good to see you. You hide away in your room with your books all the time."

Tharsas could not help but smile back at his beautiful stepsister, "You know why."

Colette put a finger to her lips, keeping her smile intact. "I know — but forget about that for now. Mother and Lavina are down in the town, and they will be there for hours. We have the castle to ourselves for a while."

Tharsas wondered if Colette actually was able to push aside the rude treatment they both received with such ease, or whether she put up a good front. He knew the memories of his dismal life were not so easily pushed aside. Her easy smile certainly indicated that she felt truly free at the moment, and he could see no evidence it was forced. Her smile was infectious, and he felt his own demeanor lighten as well.

"Would you like some tea? There is plenty of hot water in the kettle still, and it should be cool enough you won't have to wait to drink it. I know you think it's silly to heat something to the point you can't put it in your mouth immediately."

"That sounds fine, Colette. I was just going to see if I could get something prepared to eat, I'm starving."

"I'm a little hungry too. I could probably use a little bite before I bathe, and retire. I'll go get something for us. You just have some tea, and relax." Colette sat down her teacup, and rose from the divan — gesturing toward the kettle, which sat on a serving board, with all the necessities to make tea.

"I can send for one of the staff, Colette, there's no need for you to go."

Colette waved her hand in a dismissive gesture, "They have enough to do. This is such a small thing, and the kitchen is just around the corner. Have some tea. I'll be back in a minute or two."

She walked out of the sitting room, her lips still turned up in that smile that brightened the room. Tharsas turned to watch her leave, before picking up the kettle to make his tea. As she turned to walk down the hall upon exiting the room, Tharsas realized he had been staring at the way her bottom swayed as she walked. The effect was almost hypnotic, and he felt a tingle in his loins. His smile was, if anything, even wider now that it had been when he first greeted her.

Blinking his eyes and shaking his head, he turned to make the tea.

Colette returned a few minutes later as promised, and she asked him about his magic. She listened intently, and asked questions. It reminded Tharsas pointedly — and somewhat painfully — of his father, as it always did when they talked about his passion. Colette knew next to nothing about magic, but she was curious, and more than willing to listen, just as his father had been.

A servant arrived shortly thereafter to supplement their tea with bread, ham, and cheese. Colette began talking about her flower garden behind the castle, and while Tharsas initially listened politely, he soon began to pay close attention. Colette knew much about the care of plants, and her knowledge was proving to be a welcome supplement to the Master's teaching on the subject. Tharsas learned more that would aid him in finding and growing the various plants that he needed for his spell craft in that conversation than he had been taught in years by the graybeard.

Tharsas felt disappointment grip him when Colette yawned. "I should be away to the bath and bed. I'll have terrible circles under my eyes if I stay up much later. It's been nice to talk to you, Tharsas. We should talk more."

"I wish they were away more often," Tharsas replied — with dark memories of why he did not often leave his room and find this opportunity assailing him.

Colette stood and laid a hand on his cheek. "I know Tharsas. One day, you will be Baron, and then they'll have to stop treating you so badly. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Colette."

Again, Tharsas' eyes followed her as she left — blood surging into his loins, and his breath catching in his throat. His eyes sought to see beneath the concealing layer of her clothing — to see where the smooth line of her neck melted into her back, and the way her rounded bottom swayed in such a mesmerizing way...

Once more Tharsas had to force down the troubling thoughts of arousal. That part of him was screaming, She's not really your sister, but thoughts of Lavina intruded, and cast a shadow over his feelings. Growling quietly, he rose and went to his room — where forbidden spells awaited his perusal.

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