Jill's Story

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Preface - My encounter with a celebrity. In fact, she helped write the story. I could have put true as one of the story codes, but you would not have believed me. Jill finds a sexual outlet for her fantasies over the internet.

This is a story I never expected to write. I finally helped write it at the urging of the person known as Jill Lane in the story. It's true, but changes have been made. Of course, names have been changed. Also, certain locations, time frames, and details have been purposely obscured or changed to protect reality. There is no way I will ever confirm or deny guesses at her identity. Not publicly. Not privately. Don't even bother to ask or bribe me.

Here's why: If you have any touch with modern culture, you know her. She suffers the benefits and the trouble of enormous fame. She is a performer, a movie star, a sex symbol. She's been on the covers of magazines. Tabloids try to make her personal life known to you. She is one of those touched by fame, one of those who live in the hot focus of the eye of the public. It annoys her. It is the reason we got together. I will not contribute to the annoyance.

Jill helped write this story. I will point out where she writes and where I write. Interspersed in the story that follows will be comments or observations offered by Jill or me that are sort of outside the actual story. (Jill says: Like this.)

I met Jill a number of years ago and an unlikely friendship developed. That will be covered in the story. Most of our communication is by email and the comments from her in the story are those she emailed to me. She helped write it and she reviewed it obsessively to assure that her identity is sufficiently obscure. Surprisingly, she had me remove certain obfuscations I'd originally included.

In fact, here's a titillating detail that I wasn't going to mention, but I will at her suggestion. Jill logs on to storiesonline.net and to ASSTR.org. Just think, writers, your story may be one to which a famous movie star has masturbated. (Jill: Oh, God! I didn't say add that last part.) (Maq: I know you loved it.)

Anyway, in 2003, I received an email from Jill. (By the way, I use my maquido e-mail address in this story and don't put one in for her. We actually use another address and our real names. I've edited those out, but the text will be the original except as edited for privacy) That email from Jill was, as follows:

To: maquido@hotmail.com
From: Jill
Subject: Re: Things done and things to do


It sounds like you had fun on your trip. Again, it must be nice.

[More personal stuff deleted]

So, take a break. Write an erotic story. Write the story of you and me. I think it would be fun to read. Yes, it would be fun to think about other people reading it. I want you to write it. I trust you'll be careful if you decide to put it on the internet.

As always,


So, because she asked for this story, I've titled it Jill's Story. She ended up being a co-author. In fact, I'll let her start the story.

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