In The Swimming Pool
Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I agree to go to the swimming pool with my. I'm in for a surprise when she gets friendly with the couple next to us.

It was the hottest day in recent history and I was melting away. Why did I agree to my wife's plan to go to the swimming pool? Right now, I could be sitting in my well air-conditioned home and watch some DVD or work on the computer. Instead I was out in the sun on my towel and watched the crowd fill in. We came quite early in the morning and found a nice, shadowy place, but the sun had moved and now we were out in the open and all the shade had been taken by now. And the other spots started to fill up as well.

My lovely wife was enjoying the cloudless blue sky and the merciless sunshine. She was on her back, sound asleep, with her sunglasses on. South Korean in origin, she had a rather dark skin and was used to the heat. Her perfect skin didn't even show the slightest sign of sweat, whereas I was dripping.

I was distracted from my suffering when a young couple settled down next to us. She was a cute young fox with a slim and tender body and her - I assumed - boyfriend was a lean and muscular guy, well tanned and with a clean, shaved, bald head. When they peeled out of their jeans I could see that she was only wearing a tiny string-bikini, Speedo's for him. The girl pulled the string into her shapely ass and as soon as they laid down they started to cuddle.

It was quite a sight to see her snuggling close to his body and letting her hands explore his body while his hands roamed her back and gently massaged her ass cheeks. I couldn't help but to stare and noticed a familiar movement in my own trunks. I quickly turned onto my belly to hide my rising erection and pretended to doze off, but watching the two through my sunglasses.

The guy had his fingers now working along the string and he was definitely massaging her crack, if not her slit, while her hand caressed his flat stomach and touched the bulge in his pants more then once. I could see the outline of his cock clearly through the thin material and even though not yet hard it was huge.

"Like what you're seeing", I heard a voice whispering into my ear. I froze. My wife had woken up and caught me ogling.

"Oh, nothing, I was dozing", I tried to explain myself.

But my wife was not to be fooled so easily.

"He is quite handsome", she continued, "and she should be your type, no? Small tits and a nice firm ass."

She gave me a playful slap on my behind. I turned to her and put a hurt expression on.

"You know that I only have eyes for you", I said with my most sincere voice.

"Oh, yeah, right", she replied. "Care to pass me that water?"

I handed her the water and started complaining about the intense heat.

"Why don't you head off to the water to cool off? Looks like you need it in more then one way", my wife grinned at me.

I had nothing to reply and headed off for the pool, trying to hide my boner. The cold water was a god-sent refreshment and, to my relief, my dick went down again. I lazily drifted in the pool, enjoying the cool liquid on my skin. The pool had a shallow area with underwater jet streams and I let my body soak there, being massaged by the jets.

I must have been in the water for more than half an hour because by the time I returned to our spot my wife was gone. So was the guy next to us. Just his sweet girlfriend was baking in the sun, on her belly with her perfect ass nicely sticking out. I toweled off and set down on my towel, looking out for my wife.

"Um, excuse me?"

I turned around. The dream-teen had spoken to me.


"My boyfriend's gone and I need some more sun lotion on my back. Do you think you could help me?"

Who was I to refuse. I knelt down beside that perfect body and grabbed the bottle with sun lotion. The girl had untied her bikini top and I could admire her well tanned back. I poured some lotion into my hand and started to massage the milky liquid into her copper toned body. Her skin was hot and unbelievably smooth. She had to be doing a lot of sports because her back was quite muscular and wonderful to touch. She purred under my hands and relaxed even more.

"Are you sure your boyfriend doesn't mind me creaming your back", I inquired while getting some more lotion.

"Of course not. Why should he?" she replied. "After all, he is creaming your wife right now. From the inside!"

I almost dropped the bottle. What did she say?

She must have sensed my shock.

"After you left for the pool we started chatting and it looks like she had a crush on my boyfriend and so they set off for the changing rooms", she explained.

I still couldn't believe it and started to get up.

"Hey, wait for me", she said. "I want some fun too!"

She left her bikini top on her towel and grabbed my hand. Topless, she led the way to the changing rooms. I followed her dumbstruck.

As to be expected, the aisle with the changing cubicles was quite empty. Most people came in their swim wear and went home in it. So, no need to change. One of the cabins nevertheless was occupied. The girl dragged me closer and we put our ears to the door. From inside I could hear the low moan of a male voice and the slurping sound of some oral action.

The teen on my side pulled me into the adjourning cubicle and locked the door. Then she climbed onto the bench and looked over the wall. I followed suit. What I saw took my breath away.

There was my lovely wife, kneeling in front of that muscular stud with his dick in her mouth. His cock gave me another shock as it was long, thick and perfectly shaped. My wife Su was massaging the base with her hand because she could get only the tip in her mouth, but was sucking that with a vengeance.

I was mesmerized. How could she do that?

"Nice sight, huh?", whispered the girl beside me. "And you seem to like it too", she added with a knowing look at the tent in my trunks. Damn, she was right. The picture of my wife licking a strangers dick gave me a tremendous hard-on. My companion got down from the bench and pulled down my swim trunks.

"Here, let me help you", she said hoarsely and, while I watched my wife fellating her tanned muscular stud, I felt soft and velvety lips engulf the tip of my cock. The sensation of the hot, warm mouth on my crown made me close my eyes in sheer pleasure and I enjoyed the sucking motion caused by her tongue on the underside of my dick. I looked down at the little cock-sucker and saw my meat sliding deeper and deeper into her eager mouth.

In the cubicle next to ours my wife really got into the mood. She was moaning now and tried to swallow as much of his hard pole as possible. I couldn't keep my eyes of that marvelous sight as I saw her soft mouth working on the big cock, but no matter how hard she tried she could not get more than half of the long snake down her throat. With a disappointed sigh she let him glide out of her mouth and looked into his eyes while she massaged his hard member.

"I need your cock! Now! Deep in me", she said with unveiled lust in her voice.

The guy didn't need a second invitation and pulled her up.

"Is he going to fuck her?" his girlfriend asked and let go of my dick to peek over the wall again. "Oh my god, I have to see this when he puts his big prick into your tiny wife's cunt", she added and assured me: "She will love it!!"

I got the feeling as well. Her boyfriend turned my wife around and had her bending over the bench. Her cute ass was sticking out and I could see her pussy lips glistering with moisture. My sweet Su was spreading her legs some more and pushed her hips back to give him better access. The guy stepped behind her, his erection was bobbing in front of his body. The long cock looked incredibly big in comparison to my small wife.

He grabbed the base of his pole and ran the plump head through her wet slit. Su moaned in pleasure and anticipation. The dark cock head parted her lips slightly and was coated with juice.

"He likes to tease" whispered the girl beside me and bit her lower lip. I looked at her. She squeezed her legs together, one hand was busy on her left tit as she was focused on the scene in the next stall. I let the fingers of my left hand gently touch her neck and then trail down her back. As expected I was rewarded by a slight shudder and when I reached her lower back I could feel her spreading her legs a little and push her rump out like my wife had done for her boyfriend. My fingers traced the outline of her perfect ass and reached the knotted string keeping her bikini bottom in place.

Her eyes still glued to her boyfriends dick preparing Su's pussy for the assault; she did not stop me when I undid her string - one side first and then the other. The tiny piece of fabric fell to the floor and her legs spread even wider. I took that as an invitation and returned my fingers to the cleft between her firm buttocks. Pressing my middle finger down her crack I let my hand slide deeper until my fingertips just reached the folds of her pussy lips. She was soaking wet!

At this moment her boyfriend decided that he had teased her enough and started pushing his meat into my wife. The sensation of the fat, fuck-pole drilling its way into her slippery slit and the satisfaction of finally having a cock in her hungry pussy made her moan with pleasure. The moaning turned into a low howl as more and more of the dark ramrod forced its way into her belly and stretched her Asian pussy. The guy kept pushing and did not stop until his prick was buried up to the hilt in my wife's velvety cunt.

As her boyfriend was penetrating my wife, I let my fingers slide through my companions moist slit and found her waiting hole. I pushed two fingers into her dripping channel and she started panting. My fingers had found her magic spot dead on and I massaged her hot walls. Her breathing became more heavy and as my other hand searched and found her clit I new that I had her right on the street to heaven. She closed her eyes and let out a moan that got higher pitched as my fingers worked furiously on her button and deep in her cunt.

I am quite sure the others two must have heard us and when I looked down I saw the guy looking at his girlfriends contorted face as he was pounding away into my wife. The fact that his girlfriend got fingerfucked a few feet behind him shagging a married pussy must have given him an additional kick because he was holding onto Su's hips, ramming his hard meat home as far as possible. Su was in heaven, completely overwhelmed by the hard fucking. She babbled incomprehensibly and tried to keep her balance.

Just as I pushed the sweet body next to me over the edge and sent her into an intense orgasm her boyfriend reached the point of no return as well. He grunted and with a low haul he shoved his dick deep into my wife's womb. I could see him spasm as he pumped his white cum deep into Su's sucking belly and her hand went to her clit to give herself an orgasm as well.

All three panted heavily as they slowly calmed down. I watched the scene, still fascinated.

"Let us in", the girl next to me said to her boyfriend. "I want some of that pussy!"

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