Aunt Amy
Chapter 1: The Wedding

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, InLaws,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Wedding - Mike meets an ex-aunt at a family wedding. She's long since been divorced from his blood uncle, does that mean she's still family?

Mike arrived at Gary's wedding reception with a sense of resignation. His younger cousin had never been a big part of his life and the invitation and acceptance had both carried a sense of family duty rather than joy at a marriage. Gary was fifteen years younger than Mike. He'd started out as an annoying younger cousin, then progressed to one of many distant relatives, and now there was no real connection except through their long since passed grandparents. When he'd gotten the invitation, Mike had run through a list of Garys he knew before rereading the message

Mike actually skipped the ceremony. It was at a church on the other side of town and he had no real interest in fighting the traffic on a Saturday afternoon just so he could sit through it. The rented hall was at least nice, catering almost exclusively to reunions and receptions. The hall knew how to look posh, from the columns and archways to the wall paneling and trim. At least you felt like you were getting your money's worth, even at their pricey rates. There was also a good sized hotel out back, owned by the same group. Guests from out of town didn't have far to stagger and the occasional uncle who partied too hard could pay a reasonably inflated last-minute rate to avoid a DUI on the way home.

Mike headed over to the entrance table and was issued a table card and a lapel pin. When he gave the well-dressed lady a confounded look with the lapel pin in hand she smiled and pointed to the large, well-stocked central bar.

"You're with the Keith-Harrison wedding, which is open-three. This lapel pin lets the bartender know whether to charge you or not."

Mike clipped the small yellow pin to his lapel and eyed the bar for a moment. "Open... uh, three?"

The lady nodded. "One is sodas and domestics, two is all beer and single shot mixed and three is mid shelf and doubles".

"And four?"

"Top shelf. We don't see too many fours."

Mike nodded and smiled. "Thanks". Good old uncle Herman, never one to shy away from spending cash. Or drinking. Gary was probably going to be like him, which wouldn't be a bad thing. Herman had finally gotten his dry cleaners off the ground, and now ran a couple different businesses in and around the suburbs. He'd never shied away from spending beyond his means, according to Mike's dad, but now he was supposed to be pretty well off.

The bartender smiled when he saw the pin and made Mike's whisky quickly withing skimping on the amber liquid. It was decent stock, a shelf down from what Mike would have gladly paid for, but free was free. The bartender shook his head when Mike dropped a tip, though

"Not required, sir" he said. "Your host paid the tip already".

Mike slid the pair of bills further. "Always tip your bartender, especially if you're drinking whisky" he intoned.

The bartender nodded curtly and smiled. "Anything else, sir?" "Lemme have on for... my date" he said, assuming there was some single drink rule for hard liquor.

The bartender had another up without hesitation and Mike nodded.

Mike made the rounds, quickly finishing his pair of drinks. He spent a good half hour greeting his endless array of cousins, uncles and aunts as they filed in. There were few kids, only a few infants made the rounds and Mike dutifully inspected each drain on the planet with praise and coos. He had never wanted kids, but it was political to fawn over new relatives, even ones as distantly related as these. Each cousin wanted updates on the end of his latest relationship, so he gave out the abbreviated and mostly a lie version of "growing apart" and "different goals". Sleeping around on him could be described as "different goals" he supposed. His goal had been to have a loyal and trustworthy girlfriend.

The only real surprise was Aunt Amy. She was older than him by perhaps ten years and had only been his Aunt for three years before her marriage to his Uncle Tom had imploded. Tom had the trifecta of alcoholism, mistresses and money problems in play and Amy finally had enough, leaving him in a fairly impressive scene during a big Christmas family gathering.

Mike leered at her for a second before snapping out of it. When he'd last seen her she'd been a touch overweight, very frumpy and styled for an eighties flashback. Now, however, she was tone, trim and had a hairdo that was one step short of punk rock. She had blond hair, trimmed and spiked in the back with white tips. Her weight had added a touch of size to her breasts, which were now well proportioned without being massive. Her thin yellow sundress clenched her sides and emphasized her curves, it was barely proper for a wedding, showing a bit too much leg and cleavage. It was shocking, and he barely managed to reach the bar before she did.

"Scotch", she said firmly. She glanced over at him and hesitated.

"Hi, Aunt Amy", Mike said in a friendly voice.

Amy gave him a blank look for a second, then a bell apparently rang somewhere in her head. The change was dramatic. She burst into a smile and hugged him, laughing. "Jesus Christ, Mike. You've grown!"

The bartender came back with a bottle that Amy frowned firmly at.

"Top shelf is not covered by..." the bartender started. Before he could finish Mike dropped a twenty on the bar.

"Ah, a man who knows how to treat a lady", Amy said with a smile. She wasn't carrying a purse, and the yellow flowered sun dress seemed absent of any pockets.

Mike smiled. "So, I haven't seen you... well, since you told Tom to fuck his mistress with... uh... what was it?"

"One of his hundred empty bourbon bottles", she said, turning a fair shade of pink.

Mike laughed and collected most of his change from the bar. Amy picked up the tumbler of scotch and sipped. She turned to look across the room and Mike eyed her over. It was an oddity, appreciating the charms of a woman who was, or had been his aunt, but it was hard not to appreciate the amount of hard work on display. Feeling a bit bold, Mike commented. "You look great! A lot of time in the gym?"

Amy managed to blush even further. "Every time I didn't want to go I pictured Tom... and I beat the crap out of a heavy bag or lifted for an hour".

Mike nodded and sipped his whisky. Family members drifted by, saying hello to each of them and collecting glasses of beer and wine. There were a few sideways glances at Amy, which soured her mood. Mike finally pulled her away, apologizing. "I guess they... haven't all gotten over it."

Amy shrugged halfheartedly. "It was an ugly scene"

"A well deserved... but ugly scene"

Amy smiled and touched his arm, pulling back quickly. "Well, I have to admit I was a little surprised to get invited. I think Herman... felt bad about the way Tom and I..."

Mike nodded. "I think he also felt bad that some family members were... inclined to take Tom's side."

Amy shrugged. "Family" she said simply.

Mike shook his head "Doesn't make it right."

There was a long moment of silence, broken by an announcement that the dining room was now open. They filed into a large ballroom which had white-linen tables along the edges. There was a huge DJ setup, racks of speakers and lights and the huge wedding party table at the far end. A table of hor d'oeuvres sat under metal lids on the left and a number of tuxedo wearing waiters milled around with water pitchers and trays.

"Swank" Mike whispered.

Amy nodded with a smile, then checked her table card. "Table 14" she said showing him the card.

Mike glanced down at his card with a moment of apprehension and was thrilled to see a fourteen on the bottom. "Guess we're the outcast table" he joked.

A momentary look crossed Amy's face that Mike couldn't recognize. It was almost panic, almost joy, and somewhere a bit o guilt.

The initial boring wedding components got underway quickly, something that Mike had to credit either to the skill of the DJ or the facility. They were clearly intent on getting everyone down to dancing and drinking, something that Mike appreciated. In a short amount of time the wedding party had obliterated a small lake of champaign, and Mike found himself dancing with cousins and aunts to guilty pleasure wedding music, line dances and oldie classics. Over and over he found himself or managed to be dancing with Amy, who had availed herself on the free fair whisky selection at Mike's urging. She was no lightweight, but after her sixth or eighth double, she had moved from relaxed straight past carefree to downright mellow.

During one particularly awful line dance, Mike took a break and watched her dance. The next song, a techno club classic started up and Mike stared in fascination as Amy swung into the song, swirling and shaking. She was clearly in her own world, spinning with her hands above her head or rocking her hips to the beat. Flashes of leg appeared below her knee-length skirt. Her top strained to hold her breasts still through her gyrations and she swayed through the beats fluidly. It was erotic and surprising and engrossing and the spell held fast until she opened her eyes and stopped, looking around self-consciously. When she looked over at Mike, she blushed again and carefully adjusted her dress and hair before moving unsteadily over to the table.

"I've... had a bit too much to drink" she said quietly, playing with a plate of food.

Mike laughed and took her drink, dodging her attempt to grab it and downed it. "It looked to me like you've had exactly the right amount to drink"

Amy laughed, then blushed. "You're sweet. Which is too bad"

"Too bad?"

She jumped and murmured something, then stood carefully. "Since someone stole my drink, I'll have to get another."

Watching her go, Mike considered his motives. Looking around, he wondered at a few expressions. Some of his more conservative relatives had given her occasional glances of disapproval, others, especially people his age, seemed to appreciate how much fun she was having, or at least appreciated a pretty lady dancing. For Mike, there was the desire of a beautiful woman who was having a good time combined with something else. The taboo of his aunt, true blood relative or not, was even more intoxicating than the booze.

After a few moments of contemplation, however, Mike stopped and really considered his afternoon. Amy was beautiful, sexy, free and apparently interested. She was also, and this was important, shy, timid, a relative of some sort and a bit drunk. If he pushed her into doing something, the regret and anger potential was devastating. With a sigh, Mike resigned himself to showing Amy a good time for the remainder of the evening, without pushing the boundaries.

When Amy returned she seemed to have relaxed a little. They spent a few minutes chatting about family rumors and his life after college. Mike's attempts to pry into Amy's life was less successful, she deferred questions by insisting there was little to talk about, or she simply laughed and waved him off. One new and interesting development was Amy's new fondness for touching. Jokes resulted in a hand on the arm or a lingering clap on the shoulder. He also noticed her legs under the table brushing against his. Mike wasn't a fool, even if it wasn't intentional she was displaying a clear interest in him physically. His resolve to play nice weakened a little, but he noted the half-full glass of whisky she'd brought back and shored up his resolve.

Mike decided at some point to stop dancing. Partly it was the alcohol and partly it was to avoid any signs of a relationship between he and Amy. He had to beg off several songs to avoid disappointing Amy, claiming everything from a light head to old football injuries. She joined a growing crowd of younger guests for the fast songs, coming back to the table out of breath and glowing. Eventually she'd worked her way through another few glasses, and Mike started to grow concerned about her getting home, finally meeting her out at the bar.

"How are you getting home, Aunt Amy?"

She bristled a little over the title, but took her glass and shrugged.

"Taxi. I didn't want to drive".

Mike nodded and got another soda. She was clearly drunk, and he felt bad that he might have pushed her a bit. Finally, Mike decided to escort her out, carefully. "Why don't I get you a cab. You're a little tipsy"

Amy nodded and leaned against the bar. "I had a good time, Mike".

Mike nodded and dropped another tip for the bartender. "Be right back"

Outside, he managed to hail a cab. "I need to make an exit, can you drive someone once around and come back for me?" The cabbie shrugged and started the fare, so Mike hurried inside and got Amy. "I've got a cab waiting, he's going to drive around the block while I say goodbye to everyone, OK?"

Amy blinked in confusion, then nodded. He helped her out to the cab and made sure everyone saw him come back inside. After telling everyone goodbye, he hurried back out and got into the cab, finding a sleepy aunt.

"She's not going to puke in my cab, eh?" the cabbie asked.

"She's fine" Mike lied. "Amy, where's your place?" When she didn't respond, Mike gave up and gave his own address.

Getting her up the steps to his apartment was a bit of a chore. She might have been lean, but she was still an adult and Mike had been drinking as well. With a bit of effort and the occasional wobbly step, he managed to get her up the two flights of steps to his front door. He leaned her back against the brick and fished for his keys, only to hear her giggle and slide. He grabbed her thanks to a daredevil lunge, managing to get a firm grip and pull her upright. With a start he realized that he had a large handful of breast in his left hand and no real grip with his right. He tried to turn her, but she slid and lost a shoe, nearly dropping to the concrete. Mike groaned, feeling her nipple harden in his palm.

"Amy, you have to stand up" he grumbled.

She slid her feet out, but had no real traction on the landing. She seemed to realize he was struggling to keep her up and finally slid free and wound up sitting on her butt.

Mike released her, a little reluctantly, and waited to see if she'd topple over. When it seemed like she was going to manage, he quickly opened his door and braced it, then headed out to get her upright. Standing seemed to be out of the question, so he lifted under her arms and dragged her backwards, finally depositing her on the big couch. A quick trip to the bathroom produced a towel and a plastic trashcan in case she got sick, but she was sleeping and snoring, sprawled sideways on the wraparound. Mike went into the spare bedroom and grabbed an old blanket and pillow, then headed back to try and at least make her comfortable. The blanket worked well, he just had to pull her legs up onto the couch. This produced some awkward moments. When you have a handful of shapely legs, parts of your mind simply kick on, and things start to happen. When he had to essentially lift her ass to get her situated, his penis sprung to life and he spent a solid minute breathing slowly to calm down.

The pillow had been an afterthought, but looking down on her head, it was probably a good one. The couch had very puffy cushions and of course she was laying with her head on the downslope and in the gap between them, meaning she was craning her neck. It did do nice things for her chest, forcing her breasts out against the fabric. Mike said a silent thanks to the gods of luck and breasts, then tried to lift her head so he could tuck the pillow under. When he finished, Amy was staring at him in surprise.

"Where am I?" she asked, trying to look around. The motion bothered her and Mike was worried she'd get nauseated.

"My couch." he said with as much reassurance as he could.

Her response was to try and get up, which worked just as well as it had on the landing. She turned slightly green and Mike grabbed the trash can.

"Uh, you were pretty passed out, and... I don't know your address, so I kind of brought you here."

"Bold of... you." she said, settling back down and draping her arm over her head.

"I... thought there might be a scene if you went back inside, so I tried to get you home."

Amy looked hurt, but nodded. "Good boy" she muttered. "What time is it?"

Mike glanced around. "Uh, about 6 or so..."

"Wake me in a few hours, I'll go home then".

Mike nodded, then went to stand up.

"Stay here... in case I need you" she muttered.

Mike made himself comfortable next to her head, trying not to move the sofa too much. The end unit of the wraparound opened into an easy chair, so he got a beer, sat down and grabbed the remote. Within ten minutes he was asleep.

Mike dreamt about sex, mostly involving his ex girlfriend or super models, but Amy kept creeping in to bother him. When he finally woke with a sore neck, he looked around in shock. "Shit. I need to..."

"Wake me up?" a voice asked.

Sitting in the opposite chair, Amy was wearing one of his shirts and holding a large glass of ice water. The TV was tuned to the news, and he saw the ticker read 11:00. "Ah, crap. Sorry. I totally fell asleep. I'll call you a cab..." he said lamely.

Amy shook her head. "I'm fine. A little drunk still, and probably due for a nice hangover..."

Mike started to stand up but Amy stood first and came over to sit next to him.

"You were a gentleman, and I appreciate that. Some guys..." she waved her hand a moment, then trailed off.

"Yeah, well... I think the nausea and... uh, unconscious thing kind of helped."

Amy smiled and sat down next to him. "Thanks, anyway. Look... Mike, I know you've been... interested in me tonight. And I appreciate it. You're a great guy... and all that... but I'm still your aunt".

"You got divorced" Mike offered.

Amy grinned and nodded. "Yeah, but still. Your family would... kill me. And I'm not really ready for some kind of wierd... " She trailed off again and leaned over against him. "You're a nice guy though."

Mike tried to counter, but there wasn't much to say after "nice guy". He just sat still with her head on his shoulder and waited for her to say something. The minutes ticked by and he realized she was breathing softly and slowly, asleep. There didn't seem to be any way to move her, and he couldn't reach the remote, so he simply opened the chair to its full extension, allowing her to slide down a bit, and he settled in to watch the news.

At some point in the dark he felt a hand on his chest, tracing circles across the few muscles he had. It wasn't aggressive or sexual, it just moved and paused, traced and touched. He blinked his eyes and tried to look around, but found himself essentially pinned by Amy's weight. She was laying on his chest with her arm draped over him. He finally shifted and she pulled her hand back suddenly.

Mike stood without comment and headed for the bathroom. When he returned, she was laying in the same spot, pretending to be asleep. "Hey, this is nice, but I'm used to laying down in my bed." he said simply. He started to say more, but kind of liked the unintentional and unspoken invitation. With a stretch he moved back to the bedroom and got comfortable.

When he couldn't keep his eyes open any longer, he drifted off a bit, only to feel Amy sliding into bed across from him. She was trying to be quiet. He lay still, breathing softly. She slowly inched her way across the bed and draped her arm over his chest, sighing. Mike grinned and faded into sleep.

In the morning he rolled over and found her sleeping there, the blankets pulled off her. She was wearing one of his shirts and a pair of purple satin panties. Mike grinned and rolled behind her, draping his hand over her and falling back asleep.

He woke later with her moving in front of him. She was sliding her hands down his leg, pulling it up behind hers. It was very slow, very careful and very erotic. When he was spooned behind her she slid backwards very slowly and nestled herself so her ass was in his lap. He waited until she was completely still to speak.

"If you keep that up, things are going to happen. Things you suggested would not be welcome" he whispered in warning.

She stiffened a little. "I'd... forgotten what it was like to have someone there with you in the dark" she said quietly.

Mike grunted something, trying to will his penis to stay still. It was a mistake, as concentrating on it just woke it more. He calmed himself by breathing slowly, but she moved again and the sensation of her firm buttocks sliding across his semi-erect penis was excruciating in its sexuality.

"Tom was a bastard when he drank, but he could be... loving too. I used to wake him up by... touching him, arousing him... I miss it"

Mike mumbled something in reply, but his erection was the focus of his mind. It was creeping upward, sliding up her crack and filling his shorts.

She didn't attempt to move, in fact she slid downwards slightly, so little that it seemed accidental, but it sent a shockwave through him. "I... haven't been with anyone in years. It gets lonely"

"Aunt Amy... we"

"Just Amy, Mike. I'm not your Aunt anymore"

"But... you..."

Amy moved slowly, sliding her ass up and down in long, slow strokes. She reached over and pulled his arm completely over her and turned her face into the pillow.

Mike's defenses were no match for this. Her ass was driving him insane and his arm was now draped very close to her breasts. He slid his hand across her stomach, causing her to shiver and increase the speed and pressure against his groin.

"Go slowly, Mike... please"

He traced his hand along her stomach, baring a bit of flesh and sending goose pimples up her back. He leaned down and kissed the nape of her neck, causing her to moan. He carefully slowed his breathing and paced himself, knowing he might not have another shot at this. He also knew he had some skills in this arena, thanks to him and his ex fucking like bunnies. Fucking like bunnies on speed. If there was one thing his ex girlfriend was not shy about, it was telling him how to make her come.

Amy was rocking gently, moaning into the pillow and running her hands along his arms. He realized she was getting a little frantic, so he decided to take some control. With a firm pull, he had her laying on her back as he slid over her and spread her knees. Her eyes went wide but he leaned down and whispered "slowly... " into her ear. He felt her relax and began.

Very gently he nibbled on her ear, moving down her neck, across her throat and back up to the other ear, kissing and sucking. He felt her hips rise up as he did and made a mental note. He moved across her forehead, sliding his penis across her covered mound as he did. She moaned, and he kissed down her nose to distract her. She willingly kissed his mouth, probing with her tongue. As she did, he slid a hand up along the shirt, cupping a breast and brushing across the nipple. Her tongue moved faster and she started to make insistent noises, reaching down and grabbing his back. He moved slowly downward with his hips, bringing himself just into contact, then sliding down and up so his shaft rubbed her clit.

She moaned deeply and tried to push up and increase the pressure, but he resisted. "Slowly!" he said, teasing her. She groaned and tried to pull up her shirt, but he refused. Instead he pinned her arms above her head with one hand and used the other to trace her breasts while he sucked on her ear. Pinned under him, she started to pant softly and move her hips to get better contact. Instead he released her hands and moved down, balling up over her stomach and cupping both breasts. She moaned, and he worked her shirt up and over one nipple, teasing it with his tongue.

"Dammit you're good... oh shit" Amy muttered.

"Slowly" he whispered in agreement. With agonizing lethargy he traced a path from one nipple to the other with his tongue, then worked his way up, gathering her shirt. She reached down to pull it off and he pounced, wrapping her hands up in the shirt above her head. Her eyes went wide when he refused to release, instead sliding off to her right and moving up. With one hand he held her fast, with the other he began to rub her stomach, working his way up to her breasts but refusing to touch them again. Mike slid in to lay in her armpit, giving him access to her mouth or neck if she moved slightly.

Amy moaned and tried to use her legs, but Mike refused, finally cupping a breast to distract her. As she lay there, he slid across the nipple and found the other breast while nuzzling her neck and licking her ear.

"Fuck... Mike... damn you... oh... shit" she started, trying to move or turn onto her side. "You are a bastard... stop teasing me"

"I'm not teasing. Teasing implies that I don't intend to eventually fuck you." he said simply.

Amy gasped, then gasped again as he grasped a nipple and gently squeezed. "Oh shit... oh... yes" she muttered.

Mike began to massage her breasts more quickly, spending more and more time on her nipples and quieting her outbursts to mews and moans. When he knew she was very ready, he moved his hand slowly down toward her stomach, then began drawing circles lower and lower until he reached her waistband. A mid moans and protests, he traced the outline of her panties on her legs and stomach, never touching her mound directly.

"Dammit... bastard... stop... oh... fuck... please..." she begged.

"Are you begging me?" he asked gently.

"Please, anything, do anything... I'll suck you... fuck me... I don't fucking care..." she begged, moving back and forth on the bed.

Mike considered his options, slowly tracing circles just above her mound and enjoying the moans. He slid his legs down under hers, drawing her knees up and moving down until he had a face full of breast. He had to release her arms, but she simply stretched to either side and enjoyed the sensation. As he continued, he reached down slid his hand down her mound, cupping her sex and tracing slowly up her slit. Her panties were already slightly damp and Mike's calm nearly cracked. After stroking her until she was shuddering, she reached down and grabbed him by the hair.

"Dammit... you fucking win... Shit... please!!!"

Mike grinned and slid down, pulling he legs apart and enjoying the view. Sitting between her knees, she was a vision. her long hair was tossed to either side, her breasts heaving and her purple panties soaked between his legs. With a grin, he slid down and licked her panties where her vagina was, earning a long, low moan.

"Yes... dammit yes... so... long..."

Mike pulled the panties aside roughly and dove in, sliding his tongue up and down her slit rapidly, but avoiding her clit. Amy started to buck wildly, shoving downward and trying to get him to reach the top of her slit. He resisted her, though, instead pausing to pull off her underwear. Without pause he was back licking her pussy, sliding up one labia and down the other, flicking his tongue at the entrance to her vagina and finally back up again. When he finally began to lick her clit, the reaction was amazing. She grabbed his head with both hands and held him there, grinding into his tongue and nearly shouting in pleasure. He licked faster and faster while she pulled and moved until she suddenly let go, pulled her knees tight and let out a yell of pleasure, rocking back and forth on the bed and slamming her hands down at her sides. When she finally jerked and stopped, she pulled her knees together and turned to the side, pushing him back.

"Give me a minute... oh god... give me..." she muttered.

Mike chuckled and headed to the kitchen for a bottle of water. When he returned she was wrapped in a blanket. He sat and waited for her reaction.

"You are... horrible" she muttered.

"What?" Mike mocked surprise. "I thought I was a god!"

"You were. Dammit. But its been too long. I... I haven't come like that in a long time."

Mike smiled and handed her the water. When she was done, there was a moment of doubt on her face. "Are you... OK?" he asked.

"No. This can't happen again" she said quickly. Mike started to pull back, but she moved across the bed. "It can't its not... right".

Mike was shocked. He fought a wave of frustration and confusion, finally frowning and standing. "So... fine. I'll call you a cab."

Amy jumped and started to protest, but he was already up and moving for the door. "Mike?!?"

Mike reached the living room, furious. He was angry she'd let him go this far only to stop him and drop this shit on him, he was angry he'd broken down and let her do it in the first place. It was bullshit all around and he vented and tried to find the phone book. As he flipped through for cabs, Amy walked out of the bedroom and stopped in the doorway. She was wrapped in a blanket, her eyes wide and wet.

"Don't you want... to finish first?" she pleaded.

"No. I'm not some fucking one night stand just so you can get your rocks off" he barked. "Go fuck someone else... "

Amy's eyes went wide and she turned and ran back to the bedroom.

Mike growled something, but it was tied up in hurt and anger. The phone book was suddenly airborne across the room, slamming into the couch.

A few minutes later Amy reappeared and found Mike sitting on the floor of the kitchenette. "I'm... just going to catch a cab." she whispered, her voice breaking.

Mike couldn't speak, he simply waved her off and stayed on the floor.

Amy dropped and tried to speak to him. "Don't you understand? It... we can't do this."

"We managed for a good while"

"I... know. I'm... "

"I decided yesterday at the wedding to just take you home. I resolved last night that you were right. I wasn't going to push you, I wasn't going to do... anything. I decided this morning that I'd made all the right choices... and then you pull this..." Mike growled, anger slowly building over pain.

"No... I... I just needed someone. And..."

"And I was the closest penis. I was... just someone. Well, now I know. I'm sure there are plenty of other 'just someones' out there."

Amy sat back in shock, wanting to argue but losing the words. Mike wanted to hear her say something, anything, but when she faltered he simply stood and walked past.

"Goodbye. Aunt Amy" he said simply, walking back to his room and closing the door. Mike crashed on the bed in a rage, flinging pillows off and stripping the sheets. He grabbed the last spare blanket from the bedroom closet and one of the pillows and went back to bed.

When Mike opened the door a few hours later she was sitting on his couch. He paused in the kitchenette, getting a beer out of the fridge, then sat on the opposite side and waited.

She made as if to speak several times, but stopped each time. Mike simply waited. He'd said his peace, he didn't know why she was still there and he really didn't know that he wanted her around. Something let her stay, although he remained hard and cool toward her.

Finally he decided to go get some lunch and made his way to the door.

"Wait... Michael... please."

Mike stopped, hung his head and turned.

"You... you're right. It wasn't fair to use you and... discard you. I'm so sorry."

Mike waited, watching her.

"Its just that... we can't. Don't you understand?"

"No. We can and we did. Just because we stopped doesn't change the fact that we. had. sex. You can rationalize it any way you want but we're two adults who had an enjoyable physical and emotional connection. You not being able to accept that doesn't change anything." Mike growled. "I'm going to go get lunch. Please... don't be here when I get back".

Mike opened the door and looked through the living room in a mix of hope and anger. It was empty, as was the kitchen and both bedrooms. Amy had even made the bed. With a huge sigh he went back to the living room and sat for a moment, collecting his thoughts. Just as he started to reach for the remote, though, the doorbell rang.

When he saw Amy on the other side he nearly slammed the door in her face.

"Please Mike... don't." she begged. "I wasn't here when you got back, like you asked. But I can't leave this between us."

"Why, we'll never see each other again."

Amy cringed, gathering herself up. Then she moved through the door, pushing him back gently against the wall. "Because you were right... and I was... scared." she whispered.

Mike started to protest and fight her, but she slid under his arms and hugged him tightly, nearly strangling him. "You can't just..." Mike started, but her sobs shook him and he stopped. Finally, with a sigh he hugged back, and she nearly collapsed into him. She looked up and he kissed her without thinking. A long, slow, deep kiss. She melted against his chest, clutching him tightly.

"Please" she begged. "I want to finish... and not just today... please"

Mike's frustration and anger had built all day and he bent down quickly and lifted her up. He walked to the bedroom while she worked her hands under his shirt. He set her down when they got there and she frantically pulled his shirt up, fighting his attempts to reach hers. When she drew down his pants and underwear he was rigid. He started to reach for her but she sat on the bed and pulled him to her, finding his cock with her mouth. Mike groaned and staggered, trying to thrust while she drew her mouth up and off, following it with her hand. He started to move again, but she refused, instead turning him and pulling him down then climbing on top of him and sucking him again. Her mouth and tongue were slow and languid, finding each ridge and vein in his shaft, moving along the lip of his cockhead, moving down to his balls. Her hands were everywhere, direct, refusing to let him do anything. When he started to groan in real protest she spun and straddled him, sliding him up into her warm vagina without any hesitation. The warm, wet sheath was a lightning bolt to his brain and he grabbed the blankets on all sides in surprise. He reached to play with her breasts but she slapped his hand and rose up and down, slamming down on top of him. Each rise and fall was an explosion of pleasure and she moved faster and faster, preventing him from responding, from reacting. He struggled to maintain focus but Amy refused every turn, every gesture, every request. She dropped down onto his chest, moving her ass up and down like a jackhammer, flooded with lubricant. She leaned close, whispering as she fucked him brutally.

"Come in me, Mike. Come in me. Its yours. Today. Tonight. tomorrow. All yours. Feel me fucking you. Feel my pussy riding you. Come in me Mike... Come inside me..."

The lewd words, the blazing sex and the feel of her bouncing on his chest unlocked a torrent of ecstasy and he moaned in bliss as he erupted inside her. Amy moaned in pleasure and continued her demands as he pumped again and again into her.

Mike woke, curled naked on the bed with a sheet barely covering him. He looked around, but she was gone. He felt a tiny spark of rage building, but waited, listening. When he didn't hear anyone, he grabbed some shorts and walked into the living room, which was also empty. He spotted the note on the counter and read it nervously.

"Going home for a shower. I will call you tonight. Amy."

Mike flipped the note over and glanced on the back, then tossed it back onto the counter. He'd take a shower and wait.

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