Amy: Lusty Wife And Mother II
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Slut Wife, Humiliation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Amy, a former wife and mother of two, is giving in more and more to her innate lusty sexual desires with men other than her first husband.

Amy found that once she'd strayed over that clear line of marital infidelity, it was much much easier to consider going across it again and again. In fact, after the first time she'd actually engaged in sex with her co-worker, Amy found it very easy to invite him to her home that night and seduce him into fucking her again. It almost scared Amy to realize how easy it had been to get herself in bed with a man other than her husband and how much she'd enjoyed having him undress her, kiss her, fondle her and then slam his cock inside her pussy and fuck her. And, after having done that twice, Amy knew there wasn't any way she would be going back into her former strait jacket role as only a wife and the mother of her two little boys. The boys might not understand now that their mother was actually fucking someone other than Daddy, but someday she hoped they realize how desperate she'd been for a man who would show her that she was still desirable, sexy, and a beautiful young woman and wife. Apparently their father hadn't realized the intensity and strength of the physical and sexual needs of a young mother in her 20's and now she was finding satisfaction and sexual fulfillment with someone other than her husband. She didn't see how she could ever turn the clock back now to that time before she'd been unfaithful.

Amy hadn't quite figured out how her life was going to go from that time forward but she was giving it a lot of consideration. should she leave her husband and just be honest that she really didn't want to be only a wife and mommy. Should she stay in the marriage and continue to have affairs on the side or should she be honest with her husband and tell him that she was fucking other men, and there was nothing he could do to make her stop?

When Amy finished washing her face, putting her makeup on, and brushing her hair to get ready for work, she found herself spending much more time than usual in her lingerie drawer deciding if she was going to pick out a bra and panties for just normal everyday wear or if she was dressing for another seductive day in the workplace. With her pussy wet and horny as she even contemplated the question, Amy already knew the answer. Instead of taking a nice pretty bra and bikini panty from her normal lingerie drawer, Amy pulled out one drawer below that one and started flipping through the sexy demi-bras and thong panties she'd always kept for when she wanted to feel and look sexy underneath her clothes. She almost felt sad now as she realized how such sexy and hot little intimate items had always seemed to escape her husband's attention. She believed she could have paraded in front of him in a bra that showcased her breasts and a hot sexy lacy thong that covered almost none of her lower body and he wouldn't have blinked an eye. She knew she was probably wrong but it was easier now to rationalize his total disinterest in her sexually in order to further justify her fucking other men. And fucking other men besides her husband was exactly what Amy had in mind.

All the way to work that morning, Amy fought the erotic fantasies and thoughts about some of her male friends, co-workers, and acquaintances that she'd kept out of her mind most of the time in her early years of marriage. Now that she'd crossed the line of infidelity, all of those hot sexy men she'd often found herself being tempted to want sexually started flooding into her mind and her thoughts. At one point as she drove along, Amy even felt her hand slide down between her legs, and she began rubbing her pussy through the tightness of her pants as they covered her hot horny pussy underneath. She could hardly believe how she was thinking about and wanting sex almost all the time anymore. What had come over her??

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh," Amy moaned as she felt her hand rubbing more firmly over her pussy mound and she could feel herself rapidly moving towards an orgasm. She couldn't belive she was actually masturbating while she was driving and about to explode in a self-generated climax. "Ohhhhhhhh, fuck me, Ted, give me your big hard cock, baby," Amy moaned under her breath and then she had to pull her car over to the side of the road and she leaned back, closing her eyes as she lost herself in the sexual fantasy of a former co-worker sliding his cock inside her and fucking her until she orgasmed.

Amy knew what she had on underneath her work clothes would probably give any normal horny guy a huge hardon the moment he saw what she'd picked out. Amy found herself wishing instead of going into her office, she was heading to an early morning rendezvous with some well-hung horny guy. She realized that at that very moment she actually wished she had some horny man's hard cock in her mouth and in her hands, sucking him and making him so hot to fuck her that he wouldn't be able to resist her seductive moves.

Amy began to feel so depraved and so sexually wanton as she not only realized what kinds of sexual fantasies and desires she was feeling but that she was more than interested in finding a willing man to help her realize her desires then and there. When she did finally get to work, Amy quickly went to her office work area, got her coat off and stored her purse, and then she headed for the coffee break area to see who was there with her. Amy felt herself almost on the verge of losing control as she began to feel like if she didn't soon get a big cock inside her she would scream. How could she deal with how she was feeling?

Amy finally noticed Hank, one of her co-workers who was also about her age standing at the doorway of his work cubicle. Amy walked by, looking at Hank out of the corner of her eye and then she turned around and walked back by where he was standing again. Hank noticed her this time, and said, "Morning, Amy," as he eyed her up and down, taking in her pretty face, nice body and how sexy she looked in the clothes she was wearing.

Amy stopped, turned back towards Hank and stood there, letting him check her out while she fought the urge to take him straight into his cubicle and ride his dick right there. "Hi, Hank," Amy responded. "How are you this morning?" she asked, fighting to act halfway normal while her mind was reeling at seeing him. Amy considered how horny she was feeling, and she decided she was going to really take a chance and see if she could talk Hank into taking her to the main conference room and doing her right now.

"Hank, have you got a few minutes before everyone gets here and the day gets started?" Amy asked as she tried to figure out how to get him to fuck her. "I've got something I'd like to show you in the conference room," Amy said. She looked into his eyes, seeing more than a question of uncertainty as to what she was referring, and then she turned and walked down the hallway towards the conference room in the back of their main office area. She walked as quickly as she could, wanting to consummate her sexual fantasy before she chickened out and got cold feet on the whole idea.

Amy pushed the door to the conference room open and walked in, letting it shut behind her. If it opened again, she'd know Hank had taken her bait and was at least secluded there in the room with her. Sure enough, only a second or two after she walked in, the door opened and Hank entered too. Amy stood there for a moment and then she said, "Hank, lock the door please. I need to talk to you about something very personal and I don't want us to be interrupted."

Hank turned, locked the door and when he turned back to face Amy, she looked casually at his crotch and saw a large bulge growing there, clearning showing her he suspected something and was getting aroused. Amy felt her heart flutter, knowing that simply being there in the room with her was turning Hank on.

"What was it you wanted to talk to me about?" Hank asked.

"I need your help desperately, Hank," Amy said as she stood there in front of him, and then she moved towards him, reaching down and taking his left hand in her hands. Amy looked into Hank's eyes, "I know you're probably going to think I'm awful, Hank, but I need a healthy, sexy man like you to make love to me -- now."

"You're saying you want me to have sex with you, here in the conference room?" Hank asked, trying not to read anything into Amy's words that weren't there, but hardly believing that this attractive young woman and wife that he'd been working around for quite some time was actually making an offer to him that he couldn't pass up.

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, Hank," Amy replied. She looked into Hanks' eyes, wanting to see his agreement there that he was willing to give her the hard cock she badly needed. "We don't have much time right now, so take your pants off, Hank, and come over here on the conference room table and shove your big cock up inside me," Amy said as she pulled her sweater up, unfastened her front-closure bra and then slid her pants and her sexy thong down and off of her body. She got undressed ahead of Hank and she bent down in front of him, wrapping her hand around his hardon and took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked him before she stood up, turned around and bent over, inviting him to mount her from behind doggy style and hurriedly fuck her there before someone came in on them.

Hank could hardly believe this was really happening. He'd often noticed Amy there at work, and he knew she was a mother and a wife. He'd always figured she was strictly off-limits as far as anything intimate. He wasn't going to argue; how often did he have a pretty young wife practically beg him to fuck her in the early morning after he'd arrived at work?

Hank's cockhead was wet and the air of the room cool on his moist dick from Amy's mouth having sucked him. He put his hand up on Amy's naked ass, spread her thighs gently and then he held the hard thickness of his erection and rubbed the head of his cock in her very moist pussy. He could hardly believe how wet Amy's pussy was. He quickly got the head of his cock lubed and then he aimed it straight into her and pushed forward. Hank looked down, watching his cockhead spreading Amy's pussy lips and then he heard her moan hotly as he speared his cock up inside her and then he pushed his cock forward until his body smacked against her naked rounded ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, Hank, fuck my pussy and play with my titties, please?" Amy begged as she began moving in unison with Hank's penetrating thrusts inside her. Hank quickly began driving his cock in and out of Amy's tight wet pussy and she was moaning hotly. He clasped her medium sized tits in his hands, playing with her nipples and feeling how hard both of them were and his rubbing her nipples resulted in Amy moaning louder. She fought moaning too loudly, not wanting anyone to come looking to see where the sounds were coming from.

Hank flicked her nipples a couple more times and then he moved his hands to Amy's waist, holding her firmly while he decided to give this hot lusty young woman exactly what she'd asked him for -- a hot lusty quickie fuck in the workplace. He held her tightly, and then he began whamming his thick hard cock in and out of her pussy, pulling it out until only the head of his dick remained inside her and then slamming it back deep within her until his body smacked against hers.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, yesssssssssssssssss," Amy said. She loved this. This was so totally wanton and nasty. She almost wished someone would catch them so her husband could know for sure what a hot lusty woman he was neglecting. As Amy thought about how naughty she was giving herself to Hank here in the conference room, she suddenly felt her pussy exploding in orgasm. Hank kept slamming in and out and when he felt his own climax arrive, he kept his cock buried inside Amy's pussy, moaning that he was cumming and his balls spurted several thick hot globs of his cum deep up inside the cheating wife who was fucking with him.

"Fuck me again, quickly," Amy begged, knowing she'd just cum and Hank had pumped a big load of cum inside her. She was burning with the need to cum again. Hank quickly pulled his cock out, wrapped his hand around his cock and quickly jacked himself to full hardness again and then he re-mounted Amy, spearing her cum-filled pussy with his cock and this time he fucked her even harder and more vigorgously than the first time. She started cumming almost the moment he slid inside her and she was still cumming when he shot a second load of his jism deep up into her belly.

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