My Gal Sal
Chapter 1

I was just a regular country boy. I graduated high school, worked on my parents' farm and lived pretty much a country life. All through school I dated Sally May Perkins. I just called her Sal most of the time. We were always a couple since we grew up together. Kind of best buds I guess. We always talked about getting married, having a family and a farm of our own. When we were older, we had sex, and she felt good. I still remember how we went down to the holler and swam in the pond naked. Then there were the times in the barn on top the hay bales. She was quite the filly. I really never pictured life without her.

I didn't go to college because I was going to help Dad and Mom with the family farm. My brother and sister went and furthered their education. It just wasn't for me. I liked farming. To work with Mother Nature, till that soil, and watch the crops grow out of nothing but seed has always amazed me.

We were a country family, not necessarily a poor one. Most of the money from our farm went back into buying equipment and animals. We raised cows, beef for slaughter. Of course it took a lot of hay to raise over a hundred head at a time.

Back to Sal, she was a cute gal. I watched her grow up right along side of me. If you saw one of us, you saw the other. Sal said she was going to college to study agriculture. Then when we got married, she would be able to help me more. Her parents were a little against it because they wanted her to become someone important and marry a doctor or something. They let her go to college since she got a full ride scholarship for four years. Looking back I guess they just wanted to separate us figuring once Sal tasted the big city she wouldn't care to return and marry a farmer. They got their wish.

I should mention that Sal's dad worked in the local factory and her mom was a cashier at the local grocery store. They had two other kids beside Sal. There was Hank, who was a couple of years older and became a truck driver. Then there was Millie, the youngest. I often remember how we would chase Millie away so we could be alone.

Sal was going away to college about two states away. Of course we gave our undying love like two young people do. We weren't engaged or anything like that. In fact I never even gave her a going steady ring. I was working the farm and she was off to college. The first year she wrote me all the time. She would come home about three times a year and we would spend a little time together. Her parents wanted her with them. I could understand that, because they loved her too. She seemed to have changed some to me. More big city instead of country girl.

We had sex again before she went back for the second year. It was different, like she knew new things. I asked her about it and she started crying. Right then and there I knew she had sex with someone else. She wanted to try and explain but to me there wasn't any explaining to do. She fucked another guy, that's all the explaining I needed. I asked her to leave. She left and that was the last I saw of her.

I hardly got any letters after that and then one day she wrote me a 'Dear John', letter. I guess it's a 'Dear John' letter even though we weren't going together. She had met a man and would be getting married. She told me how she would always remember our special times together. She did sign it "Love, Sal."

The letter didn't tell me anything. All I knew was that I had lost my lifetime sweetheart. I was devastated for a young man. My plans for the future were pretty much gone, at least with Sal. My parents and family stood beside me and I got over it. I had so many unanswered questions. My parents did explain when people are apart, their hearts grow fonder or they go the other way. I guess mine grew fonder and Sal's went the other way.

I decided to hell with women and worked the farm and in my spare time I enjoyed hunting and fishing. The country is a beautiful place. Why anyone would want to live anywhere else is beyond me.

I talked to Mrs. Perkins - that was Sal's mom - a few times at the grocery store. She was a nice lady and just told me we all have changes in our lives. "There will be someone else for you, Bobby; just give it time."

About three years had passed since I received that letter from Sal. One day I was out fishing and I saw someone across the cove fall into the water. I watched for a few seconds and the person seemed to be struggling. I quickly kicked of my shoes and dived into the water. When I got there, I found Millie caught around the fishing line and it got wrapped around a tree stump in the water. I told her to quit splashing and that I would get her loose. She held onto my neck as I was able to loosen the fishing line and set her free. I carried her up to the bank and set her down. She had a nasty cut on her leg so I ripped off my t-shirt, tore off a piece and wrapped it around her leg.

I couldn't help but notice her wet body. Her blouse clung to her breasts and her shorts were wet clear through, showing her blue panties. She wasn't a kid anymore; she was all woman.

About that time some guy showed up. "What the hell is going on here?" he asked.

Millie looked up at him and said, "I fell in and nearly drowned, while you went to get your beer, you big oaf. By the way, this is Bobby, my sis... a friend of the family."

"Hi, glad to meet you, Oaf. Can I have that beer you have in your hand?" I asked.

As he handed me the beer, he said his name wasn't Oaf. Millie just called him that when she got mad. He said his name was Elliot. We all kind of laughed as I took the beer and poured it over the scratch on Millie's leg.

"Millie, not to ruin your date, but you should let the doc take a look at that. I think it will be fine but you need to be on the safe side. Also you need to get out of the wet clothes. Do you have a change of clothes with you?"

"Just my bathing suit. If you will keep Oaf here, I'll go change."

She was back in a flash in a one piece suit, but she looked sexy. She told Elliot to take her over to the clinic to get her leg looked it.

"Thanks, Bobby. You always were like a big brother. Too bad..." She stopped and said she would head over to the doctor's. She kissed me on the cheek.

I told Elliot it was nice meeting him and I might see him again some time. As I walked away to swim back over to where my fishing equipment was, I began thinking of the things Millie had said. "My sis..." and then stopped. Then she said "Too bad..." and stopped again. I guess we all let our minds wander. Could have been about Sal or maybe even about her. Damn, she was a cutie, just like her sister.

I got a call from Millie the next day. She wanted to thank me for saving her life.

"The water was only four feet deep. I think you would have been alright but glad I was able to help. By the way, your boyfriend seems like a nice guy."

"Bullshit, Bobby. We both know he's an idiot and he's not my boyfriend. He's just a neighbor. He asked me if I wanted to go fishing and I like to fish, so I said yes."

"Okay then, do you want to go fishing with me?" I asked.

"Are you serious? Sure! You name the time and place and I'll be there," she replied.

"Why can't I pick you up at the house? You're over eighteen now, aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm nineteen. I don't know what Mom and Dad would say or even Sally."

"Wait a minute. You can go out with this big oaf, but not with me. What's everyone got against me? Geez, Millie, I'm sorry, it's just that your family just seems to be against me." It went quiet for a few seconds. I knew she wanted to say something but held back.

"It's okay, my parents know I don't have any feeling for Oaf, I mean Elliot. But, when Sally wrote you I was really pissed. You see, I always thought of you two together. I even had a light crush on you myself for awhile, but you only had eyes for Sally. I guess I had said too much about how stupid Sally was and, well... my parents might see it as me going after you."

"Look, Millie, I need a pal, not a girlfriend. I like to fish and hunt and it's nice to have a friend with me. You remind me too much of someone I know to get serious about you. She dropped me like a hot potato when she found her lover in the big city. It's been three years now and I'm not completely over her, damn her. She just sends me a fucking Dear John letter and that settles it all. Well, fuck her. Oh God, I'm sorry, Millie. I didn't mean to hurt you. I know it's not your fault."

Millie sounded a little teary eyed but she said to come pick her up after I did my chores tomorrow. She'd tell her mom and dad that we are just friends and that's all. Besides, she told me her big crush used to be on my younger brother Billy.

We did go fishing the next day. We even caught a couple of big ones. We did get along like two pals. In the coming weeks we went fishing and even hunted rabbits and ground hogs together. The only problem was she reminded me too much of her sister.

My younger brother was home from college and I know he hadn't seen Millie in a couple of years. The last time he saw her she had pigtails and braces. They hardly knew each other being a couple of years apart in school.

"Millie, I have a surprise for you. My little brother is home from college and asked if I knew any nice girls that he could ask out. Are you interested?"

"Which brother? Billy? Oh, my God, he would always pull my pigtails."

"Yes, it's Billy. He's the only brother I have." I knew she was flustered. "He's grown into a pretty decent guy. I think you two would get along fine. Besides, since he is now in college, your parents should be happy and approve of him." Millie knew that was a dig because of Sal and me.

"Bobby, I'd like to go out with Billy. Like most girls we have crushes on a lot of boys growing up. I know I had a crush on you and since you were taken I kind of watched Billy, but he never really noticed me."

"Believe me, Millie, he'll notice you now," I smiled.

She smiled and then slapped me. "I have something to tell you that I should have told you long ago. I promised Sally that I would never tell you, but since you still have strong feelings about her, you deserve to know."

"What, Millie? Is Sal all right? Tell me!"

"She loves you, Bobby..."

I Interrupted her. "Bullshit! She loves me and goes and marries another guy, and yeah, I know she had a kid. Sounds like real love to me."

"Bobby, please listen to me. Sally made a couple of big mistakes and now I'm worried about her. Tom, her husband won't let her come and visit us. She is only allowed to call us when Tom's around so she doesn't tell us the truth. Please listen to me, Bobby. I'm worried about my sister."

Now I was all confused. She'd been married for almost three years and has a kid. She tells Millie she loves me but I never heard from her. I wanted to know what was going on. No, I needed to know what was happening with Sal.

"Bobby, let me remind you first when Sally first went to college that you two were dating. You always said you two were going to get married but it wasn't in the works. In fact you never asked her to marry you."

"Oh, for crying out loud, Millie. I'm not an idiot. You're going to say she had sex with someone other than me. I'm not that stupid. Hell, she told me. I take it she got pregnant and had to get married. She has sex at college, comes home and has sex with me and then goes back and has sex with her boyfriend again. She gets pregnant. Wow, what a surprise."

"Yes, she went to a party with a few of the other girls in her dorm and got drunk and had sex. I'm not saying she was right. I'm saying she did what thousands of other girls did, only she got pregnant. The guy was in his senior year of law school. Sally thought he was nice but really didn't love him but was now pregnant by him. She told him about it and he said he would marry her. Only there were a lot of conditions to be met."

"Conditions? What kind of conditions?"

"First, you should know that she talked with Mom and Dad and told them she was pregnant and was confused on what to do. One: she could abort it and never tell you and hope you never found out. Two: she could tell you about it and hope you would accept the baby. Three: she could marry Tom and give the baby a life. Mom and Dad said you would never accept another man's baby and besides they wanted her to find a guy like Tom. You know, being a lawyer and all. She should be glad he would marry her. So, she married Tom."

"Okay, so she made her choice. I don't know if I would have accepted the baby or not. I guess I would have to be faced with the situation to know what I would do."

"Bobby, Tom is a slime bucket. He fucks other women. She's scared, Bobby. She bought a trac-phone that she calls me on. Tom doesn't know she has it. She calls me and tells me everything. She still loves you, Bobby, but doesn't know what to do. She asks me about you all the time and I kept telling her I never saw you, until last week. I told her we went fishing together and she started crying. She told me never to tell you but I can't help it. You love her and she loves you and you got to help her, Bobby, please."

"Help her what? She got pregnant. She married the guy. She had his baby. End of story. Where the hell do I come in whether I love her or hate her? If she doesn't love the guy, all she has to do is divorce him. Take her baby home. As I said, 'End of story'."

"Remember I told you 'The conditions?' She signed her life away in a pre-nuptial agreement. She doesn't love him, Bobby. She wants to leave him, but he won't let her go."

"This is the twenty-first century. You open the fucking door and walk your ass out of it."

"If she wants to leave, she will have to leave her baby. In fact Tom told her, 'He'd kill the kid if she ever left him. She would get nothing'. She told him she didn't want anything but her baby. Now he's going to use the baby to make her have sex with his friends. I'm scared for her. She's my sister," cried Millie.

I had to wonder what the hell Sal got herself into.

"Bobby, now he is going to go as far as share Sally but she told him she would blow his fucking head off when he was sleeping. She is scared for her life and her child's," said Millie.

"Wait a minute. This cock sucker is going to force her to have sex with other men and use her baby as blackmail? What the fuck did she marry?"

"His dad owns the law firm he works in. Sally doesn't have a life. She did get her agricultural degree like she said she would. Remember, it was to help you on the farm. Bobby, she can't fight this battle alone. Mom and Dad know about some of it and hurt for her too. There is nothing anyone can do. They hold all the cards. Listen, I know she made some big mistakes and was afraid to tell you. Believe me, she's paid the price. I want to help her get out of this mess."

"What do you expect me to do, Millie? Walk in, grab her and the baby and walk away? What's the matter with your parents? This is what they wanted, isn't it?"

"They have only seen the baby about six times. Every time Tom has to be present. They're worried too, Bobby. We all are."

"Millie, I'm going to try to help you. I will see what I can do to get Sally back home with her family. No promises beyond that. Tell your brother Hank I need to see him. Don't tell anyone else anything at all. If my plan goes south, I don't want anyone involved but me."

Millie gave me a hug and a kiss. She asked me if she should say anything to Sally.

"Just tell her that I promise to get her home with her baby, nothing more. Oh, find out everything you can about what's in the pre-nup."

Now I had to think up a plan. We were just regular people. Trying to fight a corporate law firm wasn't going to be the easiest thing. If Tom was that blatant with his sex life, it would be to our advantage.

I couldn't afford a private investigator and besides I didn't have the time. I decided to tell Billy part of the situation. Since I fixed him up with Millie he had to help Dad and me with the farming for the next couple of weeks. I told him I couldn't give him the specifics because the less everyone knew the better.

I talked to Millie and told her I needed to talk to Sally. I really didn't want to do it but it was necessary. I needed to know Tom's whereabouts and who his dates were and when. Hell, I didn't even know where they lived. I knew they went to school in Illinois but was surprised to find out they lived in Columbus, Ohio. It was only a hundred and twenty miles away. This was definitely better here near our own backyard.

A couple of years back there were sniper shootings at vehicles on the highways. I thought about using it to my advantage.

I got a call at home, "Bobby, it's Sally... I want to say..."

"Don't say anything. You made your bed and should have to sleep in it. I'm doing this for Millie. She's worried to death about you. She said you make very poor choices when choosing men. First a fucking farm boy and now a real prick attorney."

I could hear her start to cry.

"Bobby, I'm so..."

"Listen, I don't need your crying right now. I need information on your husband's lovers. What can you tell me? Names, future dates, where they go and things like that. According to Millie he has a lot of lovers besides you."

There were so many mean hateful things I wanted to say to her. I wanted her to know she hurt me bad. It was my way of getting back at her. She was supposed to be my girl but she cheated on me. Sal told me her husband has sex with other women but usually takes them to a little motel off Rt 40.

Most of the women had done something wrong in their life and he was using it to blackmail them. Some fucking lawyer; women go to him for help and then get blackmailed for sex with the evidence they told him. Son of a bitch should be disbarred.

I had a chance to look at some of the names on Tom's blackmail list. Most were women who had an affair and consulted Tom as an attorney. He also handled a number of drug possession charges and got the women cleared using the legal system. In my book he was a conniving, scheming, son-of-a-bitch.

I asked Sal if any of the women would come forward and testify in court against Tom. She told me she had talked to a couple of them and they were too afraid. They told her Tom was a madman when he gets angry. Once they had sex with him, he let them go and they wanted to stay as far away from him as possible. They never wanted to be near him again.

I hate to say it but Tom was smart in using the women only once. If anyone wanted to trap him, it would be hard since he never used them more than the one time. He didn't need these women. It was nothing but an ego trip. It's probably why he told Sal about them. He needed to brag about his conquests and Sal was his sounding board. No wonder he wouldn't divorce her. She knew too much and it could backfire on him.

Sal gave me the names of a few women that her husband, Tom, had written in his appointment book. I noticed one name was Patty Coldman. I asked Sal if she was related to the mayor of Columbus. Sal said she was the mayor's wife. She was caught in a DUI charge and Tom's dad got her off on a technicality. He had learned more about her past during the arrest and kept it secret. Tom was now going to use it to blackmail her into one sexual romp. The only reason he told Sal was he was so proud of himself. He needed the ego boost.

"How can you know so much and still can't get out of this marriage?" I asked Sal.

"Power! Bobby, the Brown family name wields a lot of power around here. All I want is out, and they won't let me go. I could leave but I'm afraid of what they might do to Roberta, my daughter. They said she wasn't going anywhere. The one time I tried to leave Tom slapped me and held my little Bobbie over the patio rail and said next time he would drop her. I screamed and promised I wouldn't leave. "

It's the first time I heard the little girl's name. I didn't say anything. Sal did tell me that Tom's father was going to run against the current mayor in the next election. It hadn't been announced yet. I was betting that Tom's dad didn't know that Tom was using the blackmail information about the mayor's wife for sex. I was thinking he was holding it back to help when he ran against the current mayor during the election.

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