Breaking And Entering
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Daniellekitten

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She should have gone to the beach with her mother instead of staying home.

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"Okay, what do you think, sweetheart?"

Cameron looked up from where she was studying, sitting on the side of her bed with her foot keeping beat with the rhythm with the soft music in the back ground. Her blue eyes grew wide as she stared at her mother who stood in her doorway.

"You can't be thinking of going out like that!"

"Honey, it's a nude beach, of course I'm going like this." Clarissa preened a little more, running her hand down the side of her very naked svelte figure.

Cameron rolled her eyes, sliding the heavy chemistry book off her lap before standing up. "I meant your hair and your earrings, mom. You can't wear that style to the beach." She walked over, pulling the heavy pins out of her mother's bright red hair that was just starting to show a touch of gray, watching as the fiery locks cascaded down around her shoulders. Pushing a few of the pins back in, she changed the style to make it softer around her mother's face.

"And wear these earrings," she said, going to her case on her dresser and pulling a pair out small silver hoops out and watching as her mother slipped the heavy pearl earrings out of her small, shell like ears. "Now you look beautiful."

"Oh, honey, thank you. Why don't you get undressed and come with us? It's going to be a huge celebration, lots of drinking and dancing and fireworks after dark. They're going to have the bonfire again like they did last year, and a pig roast," Clarissa said, trying to interest her daughter in attending.

"You know I have to study, mom. I've got that chemistry exam and another one in biology. Besides, if you're going with Dan that means HE will be there." She couldn't help the bitterness that colored the word, or the sharpness in her voice when she thought of him. Dan Tayler, her mom's boyfriend of many, many years had a son by his first marriage.

That son, Dan Jr. or DJ as most people called him, would be going with them tonight. He was huge on the whole freedom of expression thing and spent many days at the nude beach that had opened on the far side of Rifle Lake, surprising the staid community of Rose City. The beach had been a huge controversy and many had tried to have it closed down. But it was on private land, and all the proper permits and licenses had been taken out by the owners, so those who'd complained were pretty much out of luck.

The people who frequented the beach were well mannered and family oriented, and they also brought revenue into the tiny town, so much so that many who'd been against the beach were now putting up with the stigma.

DJ though, grated on Cameron's nerves. He wasn't a geek, as a matter of fact, he was the furthest thing from geek. He was tall and well built with dark hair and lickable abs that sent many of the girls in town to swooning. Tanned and gorgeous, his dark skin made his amber colored eyes all that much more noticeable. And he was never seen without a girl or two in tow, usually more.

But Dan, her mom's boyfriend was a prince, sweet and loving, he showered Clarissa with affection that had been so lacking in her relationship with Cameron's father. Her mother seemed to glow when he was near and had even opened up to going to the nude beach, something that would have scandalized her father.

"Oh, honey, you always use that excuse. You could take some time off, come out with us and sit and eat some barbeque, get some sun. You're so pale." She reached out and ran her hands over Cameron's long red hair, her contribution to the girl's beauty.

"Not if I want to pass those exams. Besides, being premed takes up too much of my time." She sighed as she saw that stubborn look come into her mother's brown eyes, a look that meant she would argue until she got her way if Cameron didn't say something quick.

"Look, mom, I promise that I will go down and sit by the pool for an hour or so, and get some fresh air, okay? But I really want to do well in these classes, they are important." She watched as her mother walked to the mirror over her dressing table, checking out what Cameron had done to her hair as she thought through what she would say. Cameron could see the tiny fairy tattoo that her mother had gotten, Dan's idea, right above her shoulder blade.

"Don't let Dan talk you into getting anymore of those, mom. Next thing you know and he'll have you getting your nipples pierced."

Clarissa snorted, laughing at her daughter. "Tattoos are one thing, I refuse to have needles stuck though these," she said, trailing her fingers over her nipples.

"That's a good thing, you could get the hoops caught in your toes. That could be very painful." She blinked innocently at her mother then ducked as she turned and threw Cameron's hairbrush at her.

"That wasn't funny, young lady," Clarissa said, laughing despite herself. "And my boobs don't hang down like that, you wretched child."

"Oh, well, they don't yet anyways, but you know, mom, you are getting up there in years." She laughed harder as Clarissa spluttered, speechless. "I'm just kidding, mom. You still got it," she said, wiping tears from her eyes and coming up to hug her mother hard. It had felt very strange the first time she'd hugged her mother when she was nude, but now, Clarissa was just her mother and she was proud of her for doing something that she enjoyed like being a nudist. There was nothing overtly sexual about nudity. It was a baring of the soul, a lack of pretense that had drawn Clarissa into the lifestyle. Not getting to watch all the naked male asses parading around the hot sand.

Downstairs, the doorbell rang. "Oh, honey, will you get that. Tell Dan I'll be right down. I just need to slip on my cover up." She hurried out of Cameron's room and into her own.

Cameron skipped down the stairs and hurried though the house to the front door just as the bell rang again. She opened it and without really looking to see who it was, she stepped into his arms and wrapped hers around his neck. "Hi Dan," she said.

Strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her against a well built chest that was definitely not Dan's squishier one. She gasped and tried to pull back, only to hear DJ's voice above her head.

"You should greet me like this more often Cami. I kind of like it," he said without letting go of the curvaceous little bundle that pressed intimately against him.

Cameron took careful aim and put her tennis shoe clad foot down with precision on his bare foot, covered only by the flip flop strap. "Let me go, DJ, or I swear, I'll break it," she said, telling herself the butterflies that were doing aerobatics in her stomach were only there because she was angry.

Instead of letting loose, he tightened his arms and lifted, holding her against him as he stepped into the house, carefully kicking the door closed with his foot. He ignored her struggles and the amazing things that feeling her soft body against his were doing to him. Grimacing as her foot caught his shin, he managed to cart her into the living room that was just off the front hall and dropped her into the overstuffed couch.

"What, no kiss? No hello to your favorite soon-to-be stepbrother."

"I'd rather gargle with glass."

"Ouch," DJ said, smiling down at her and stepping quickly back as she reached out to kick him again. "Where's the love in that?"

"That's my point exactly. Mom was expecting Dan, not you." She turned around until she could get out of the couch feeling at a distinct disadvantage with him standing over her like that.

"Dad had to do a few things down at the store he could close it up. He asked me to come and get the two of you. So why aren't you undressed?"

"I'm not going. I have too much studying to do." She moved a few steps away and warily put her hand out as he followed her.

"Oh, come on. You look like you could use some fun in the sun." He reached out and pulled a lock of her hair out of the tidy ponytail she'd fastened earlier. "Besides, your mom is worried about you; she says you spend too much time with your nose in a book."

"And you spend too much time with yours in my business," she snapped, yanking her hair out of his fingers. "I have to study if I ever want to make it into a decent medical school. I don't have time to lollygag out at a nude beach with a group of giggling admirers hanging on my every word."

"From what I've seen, you don't even have one admirer hanging on anything of yours, Cami. And who the hell uses a word like lollygag?"

Cameron felt the scream building in her chest, wanting to be let loose while she punched his lights out. "I do," she said between gritted teeth. "I'm too busy trying to make something of myself to be hanging out with people like you who so happily live off daddy's money."

"Cameron!" Clarissa's shocked voice rang out.

Oh, shit, Cami thought. This conversation just really took a turn for the worse.

"Apologize to DJ, my lord, girl. I don't know what's gotten into you that you two can't be nice to each other." Clarissa stepped forward, a huge tote bag in one hand and a hamper of food in the other.

"I'm sorry I said what I thought, DJ," Cameron said, staring at him in shock as he started laughing.

"Talk about a non apology," he said, shaking his head. "It's okay, Clarissa. That's one thing I really like about Cami. She says what she means."

Cameron blinked in surprise at the compliment.

"Yes, sometimes it a very good trait, but others," she sighed as she looked at her only child. "Some days I think she'll be the death of me."

Cameron walked over and gave her mother a kiss. "But you love me anyway," she said.

"Someone has to," Clarissa said, pulling on Cami's long ponytail. "Now, I'll have my cell phone with me in case you need anything and I left some potato salad in the fridge for you. Lock the doors after we go, there's been that rash of burglaries in the neighborhood. And try to do something other than study, you're going to turn into a book if you keep it up the way you have."

"Yes mother," Cameron said on a sigh. "You'd think I was twelve instead of twenty."

"I could stay and baby sit her for you, Clarissa, if you'd like," DJ offered.

"Okay, okay, I know, I'm an over protective mother." She handed DJ the hamper of food, pressing another kiss on Cami's soft cheek. "Just remember, you can always come and join us later if you want. We'd love to have you, wouldn't we, DJ?"

DJ's pulse jumped. If you only knew, Clarissa, he thought. "Of course, I can always use another giggling groupie."

"You keep wishing, DJ, and while you're at it, hold your breath too."

She watched, astonished, as he threw his head back and laughed before leaning over and kissing her cheek himself. The sensation of his lips against her skin was a shock, awareness shooting through her like lightning.

Clarissa shooed him out and they left, leaving Cameron standing in the front door watching them go.

Going back to her books, Cameron tried to study chemical compounds and theories, equations and findings, but none of it sunk in. She kept thinking about how DJ's lips had felt and the urge she'd had to turn her head and feel them against her own lips.

Finally slamming the thick book shut, she set it aside, going to her window to look out over their back yard. It was very private with tall fences surrounding the pool area and the patio. Her mother wanted it that way because they both enjoyed sunning naked and didn't want the prying eyes of their neighbors to watch them. A swim might be the best thing for her right now.

She stripped off her jeans and tank top, slipping off the silk and lace of her red thong, before grabbing a towel and heading down stairs. It was hot outside of the air conditioned house, the cement scorching her bare feet as she hurried out to the deck surrounding the in ground pool. Dropping the towel over one of the deck chairs, she took two steps and dove into the water, slicing through the sparkling surface in one clean move.

The water felt almost sinful against her skin, cool and clean, silky on her naked breasts and belly. She swam underwater until she got to the shallow end of the pool, flipping around underwater to swim back before surfacing. And then she started to do laps, allowing her mind to wander as the steady pace and monotonous rhythm of the stroke took no thought. It felt wonderful, reaching and kicking, pushing water with her cupped hand, slipping through the water with what looked like such little effort.

After about twenty laps, she climbed out of the pool, water glinting like diamonds on her pale skin. She didn't bother with the towel, instead lying down on the long loungers and letting the sun dry her body. The heat felt wonderful after the coolness of the water and she relaxed, closing her eyes and slowly sliding into sleep.

When she woke, the sun was going down. She stretched like a mink, thinking for a second about jumping back into the pool but then responsibility reared its ugly head and she knew she had to go back and do some more studying. With a sigh, she retrieved her towel, carrying it in front of her and going through the sliding glass door into the house.

It hit her immediately, like an eerie prediction. Someone else was in the house!

She quietly wrapped the towel around her curvy body, not wanting to face anyone while she was nude. Then sneaking through the house, she started towards the front door, determined to go out and get help. She wouldn't be one of those dumb slasher film starlets who headed up the stairs instead of going out the front door.

No one was in the kitchen and she slipped through the swinging door that led to the dining room, seeing on the table a pile of valuables that had been taken from other rooms, including her jewelry case and purse. Outrage struck, as well as an obscene feeling of being violated. The person or persons who'd been robbing houses in the neighborhood was in her house, and they were being robbed.

The only thing she could do was call the police, but to do that, she had to get out of the house. She sneaked through the dining room, forcing herself to not look at the pile of things on the table. Passing the overstuffed couch that DJ had thrown her on earlier in the day, she felt a surge of relief, she was almost out.

"Well, look at what we have here."

Cameron spun around, grabbing the towel that almost dropped. The man before her was dressed in dark charcoal gray down to the leather gloves he wore on his hands. Even the stocking cap he wore pulled down over his face was gray.

"Sleeping beauty finally woke up," said another voice from behind her.

Another man, taller than the first with a huge beer belly, dressed all in black, stepped forward, his glove covered hand coming down on her bare shoulder. "You didn't need to cover up on our account, missy. We kind of enjoyed the view."

"Don't touch me!" she snapped, trying to spin away from his hand.

"Oh, geez, she doesn't want to be friendly," the first man said, stepping closer and boxing her in between him and the other man. "That's too bad. The friendly ones always have an easier time of it."

"Yeah, but they are no where near as fun as the ones that fight," the other man said, his hand fisting in her towel.

Cameron desperately held onto the terrycloth fabric as the man yanked but she was no match for his strength. She was spun from the cloth, losing her balance and tripping on her own feet to fall against the couch. Her ankle was twisted and she could feel it swelling, pain hitting her like a freight train.

The man in gray was standing over her, his eyes roaming over her nakedness with avid lust. "Wow, she's better close up than she was out on that lounge," he said, staring at her lush curves.

Cameron tried to stand on her own, but couldn't put any weight on her foot; instead, she leaned against the couch, covering her breasts with her arms and the patch of red curls between her thighs with her hand. "Please," she said, more scared than she could remember being before in her life. "Please don't touch me. Just take the stuff and leave; you can tie me up if you want. I won't tell anyone. I promise."

Her pleas were met with laughter. "You promise, huh?"

Tears were streaming down her cheeks, partially pain, partially terror. Why hadn't she gone with her mom and DJ tonight? "I won't tell anyone," she said, trying to sound as sincere as she could.

"Move your arms and let us have a look, then maybe we'll leave you alone." The man in black stepped forward, putting his hand on his partner's arm.

"Yeah," said the man in gray. "Move your hands and spread your legs out and let us have a peek and then maybe we'll leave."

Anguish mixed with fear, and all of that was pierced with indecision. What they wanted of her was abhorrent, but what choice did she have? With a small whimper, she dropped her arms slowly to her sides, moving her hand away from the trimmed red hair of her bush. Cameron could feel the blush rise from her chest, covering her in red blotches of shame.

"Nice tits, there sister," the man in gray said, sidling even closer. "Now, part them legs and let's see what's between em."

Cameron sat down on the arm of the couch, moving slowly as if by hesitating, they might change their minds and just leave her alone. Instead, it seemed to make them mad, and the man in gray reached out and pushed her down, grabbing her knee in his hand and yanking it away from the other one.

"Oh," she cried out, his hand rough and hard against her skin. "Stop!"

"Then keep em open, girlie. We want a good look." The man in gray dropped to his knees, holding her legs apart with his hands. He also lifted them, keeping her balance precarious and forcing her to hold onto the arm of the couch with her hands so that she didn't fall backwards.

The man in gray brought his stocking capped covered face close to the soft pink flesh he could see between her legs, breathing deeply of her scent. His hands slid from her knees and up to her thighs, laughing as she struggled to close her legs against him. His fingers touched the lightly furred skin, brushing over her lower lips almost gently.

"No!" Cami screamed, holding on with one hand while she tried to hit him with the other. Her hand made contact with his face, slapping hard against his yarn covered skin with a noise that sounded like a thud.

He looked up at her, his eyes glittering behind the mask. "I was so hoping you'd do that. Grab her arms and move that table out of the way. It looks like we're going to get some pussy after all tonight."

Cameron screamed even as she struggled against the two big men. But she was no match for their strength. Their fingers dug into her skin, bruising and twisting her soft flesh. The coffee table was knocked out of the way and pushed against the wall. And between the two men, she was forced flat on her back, the man in gray still between her legs.

"Hold her arms, I go first," he said, leaning over her and rubbing his hand over her breast. He took the pale pink nipple between his fingers and squeezed until she squirmed and cried out in pain.

"Please, don't. Stop, oh God, stop it. You're hurting me." Her voice rose until she was screaming out the words but he wouldn't stop, finally bending down and taking her now reddened nipple into his mouth, his teeth biting down on the soft flesh of her breast.

With her hands held by the man above her, being rubbed against the hard length of his cock under his pants, she couldn't fight though she tried to kick and to bite, but they were to strong. His hand was down between her thighs and she felt his finger pushing into her dry flesh, stretching her soft opening until it burned and hurt her.

"Bitch is dry," the man said, removing his hand and spitting on it then rubbing his saliva into her crotch as if to moisten it. Then she felt him fumbling at his pants and she struggled harder, knowing he was going to rape her.

DJ walked along the beach, feeling the warm light of the sun touching his body as it began to set over the lake. It was a beautiful sight and he stopped for a moment to enjoy the colors, the bright reds and oranges, the subtle hints of purple that grew and changed to magenta, all reflected in the smooth surface of the water.

The party was behind him, loud music, and a beer tent, everyone getting ready for the firework display. But for some reason, DJ wasn't in the mood for a party. His mind was elsewhere. He stopped at the edge of the lake and took a drink out of the beer bottle he was carrying.

So lost in thought was he that when two hands slipped over his stomach and naked breasts pressed into his back, he jumped. A giggle told him who he would find when he turned around and he sighed. "Janie, I told you I wanted to be alone."

"Yeah, but you didn't mean it," she said, wiggling her slim form against him so that he could feel the heat of her against his back. "You just said that so I'd follow you."

DJ closed his eyes in frustration. "Okay, I said, Janie, I want to be alone and you took that to mean you should follow me?" He turned, pushing her gently away from him.

"Of course, you just wanted everyone to think you wanted to be alone. I saw the look you gave me. I know what it meant." She stepped back towards him and DJ sidestepped, trying to keep her from touching him.

"No, Janie, I wanted everyone to leave me alone, including you. I've told you I'm not interested in you that way. And I meant it." He turned to leave but heard her sob as she fell to the sand at his feet.

With a heartfelt sigh of annoyance and a roll of his eyes, he turned back to her, seeing her staring up at him with her blonde hair tangled around her. She was very pretty with a cute little body that he knew from experience went from zero to wet in about point two seconds. "Listen," he said, not wanting to hurt her. "We've had some fun and I've really enjoyed the stuff we've done together, but I'm in love with someone else," he said in a rush.

Shock stopped him as he heard his voice say those words. His mind flew and suddenly he realized why he'd tortured Cameron so badly for the years their parents had dated. He wanted her, not as his sister but as his--period.

He was so lost in thought, he didn't see Janie move. But he felt the small hand that wrapped around his cock. He tried to step back, but she had a hold of him. As he watched, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around him.

Hot, scorching wetness trapped him, making him groan. He felt his cock start to stiffen as her lips moved over him, her tongue tracing and tickling the underside. For an instant, he was lost in the sensation and then, like a bucket of cold water being thrown over him, he realized what he was doing.

He wrapped his hand in her blonde hair and pulled, feeling his cock pop out of her mouth like a cork from a bottle. Spittle drooled out around her lips, and he felt disgust. "I tell you I love someone and you try to give me a blow job? Grow up, Janie." He let her drop into the sand and drained the beer from the bottle in his hand before heading back towards the party and the beach house where he had a locker to store his stuff in. Janie's screams and recriminations followed him as she sat, pouting, in the sand where he'd pushed her.

DJ waved at his dad and Cami's mom and then went into the beach house, going to his locker and getting dressed. Then he rushed out to his car. He was going over to see Cameron now, before he chickened out and became just as pathetic as Janie. The idea of following Cameron around and begging for scraps of affection was just too bleak to imagine.

"Check out them tits. Think they're real?"

"Only one way to tell for sure, gotta give them the squeeze test." The man in gray said, watching as his partner took the girl's wrists both in one hand and clamped his other over her luscious boobs. He knew they were real; he'd had a taste of them babies already. But he liked the terror and loathing in the girl's eyes and knew she hated what they were doing to her. "Gotta squeeze em hard, partner."

Cameron screamed as his fingers bit into her tender skin, bruising her and leaving finger sized welts upon her breasts. She could feel the other man's penis pushing against her thigh, leaving a trail of stickiness against her skin that disgusted her and made her feel dirty.

"Don't you think you should get to the fucking? We don't want them coming home and finding us doing their daughter in the living room."

"We got lots of time. The parents are down at that nudey beach. They got a big party going on there. No one will be home for hours yet." The gray man reached once more between her thighs, stroking gently, finding the hidden bud of her clit. "I want to get her wet and make her like it," he said as he circled the small bud. "It makes em hate it all the more if they like it."

"You're a sick mother fucker, ain't you partner." But his hands gentled against her breast, his fingers finding and twiddling her nipple in little circles.

Cameron struggled and fought, tears slipping from her eyes into her hair. She couldn't move, couldn't bear thinking about what they were doing to her. She hated their touch on her body. And when she felt the man in gray sliding down her body, his mouth licking across her stomach, she struggled even harder.

"I don't think she wants you tasting her honey pot."

"That'll make it all the sweeter when I do," his partner said with a laugh. "I gotta get this bitch going so she'll give us both a good ride."

"Think she'll bite me if I try and get her to suck my cock?"

The man in gray held her legs apart with his body, his fingers opening her soft nether lips. He looked up at his partner. "You really ain't never done this before have you?"

"No, I told you that."

"Let me get her warmed up and then I bet she'll do whatever we want," he said before turning his attention back to the sweet little cunt that was under his fingers. He licked his lips before taking his first taste of her dry flesh.

Cameron fought and kicked even as she felt her body moisten. She didn't want this but her body was preparing the way for her to be raped. She bucked her hips, trying to knock him off of her, but he held on and fastened his lips around her clit, sucking it between his lips.

"NO!" she screamed, hating that despite her disgust and fear, what he did felt good. It had been ages since she'd slept with anyone, since she'd felt someone else's hands on her body but her own. But just because it felt good didn't mean she was going to give in to what he was doing. It just made her struggle more.

He kept at it, licking and nibbling, suckling and poking until he deemed her "good and wet". Then he slid up her body, grabbing her face in his hand and forcing her to look at him.

Cameron, forced to stare into the brown eyes of her rapist, tried to show all the loathing and hatred she felt for him in her eyes. He laughed, enjoying her fight and shifted his hips, his cock pushing against her now wet cunt. "Lay still and enjoy it, bitch," he hissed as he felt her opening around the invading head of his hard cock.

Suddenly his weight was off of her, his body gone. She blinked, not sure what had happened and felt two hands lifting her by her wrists and dragging her against a hard body. There was a loud flicking noise and suddenly a sharp, cold blade was at her throat. "Don't move," a voice hissed in her ear. "Stay still and I won't have to slice you."

"Let her go."

Cameron almost fainted at the sound of DJ's voice, only the pressure of the blade at her throat holding her upright. She searched the room and found him standing over the unconscious form of her other attacker. His body was rigid, his hands curved into fists as he stared at the welts and bruises that were quickly darkening on her naked body.

"Don't move," the guy in black shouted, staring down at his unconscious partner. "You take one step and I swear I'll slice her throat."

The blade shook against her skin, nicking her and causing a drop of blood to trail down her throat. Cameron held completely still, staring at DJ with desperation in her gaze.

"Take it easy, you don't want to hurt her," DJ said, holding his hands out in a placating motion though his words denied the gesture. "If you hurt her at all, I promise you, I'll hunt you down and kill you."

"I won't hurt her; I'm just going to take her and my partner there at your feet out of here. When I get somewhere safe, I'll let her loose."

"You're not leaving this room with her," DJ said, his voice hard as he stared the man down.

"And how are you going to stop me without getting her killed?"

"We'll make a deal," DJ said. "You leave her, you can leave and I'll give you a twenty minute head start before I call the cops. That's the best deal you're going to get. Otherwise I'll break your arm and take that knife away before you have the chance to even think of using it."

The man in black stood there, indecisive. He stared at DJ who was just as tall as he was but more muscular. Then suddenly, he moved his arm, throwing Cameron towards DJ and turning to run out the door.

And right into the arms of the police whose car had pulled up a second before the front door opened as the man in black ran out.

DJ grabbed Cameron in his arms, pulling her close to him as she clung to the polo shirt he was wearing, desperately grabbing fistfuls of the material. Sobs gathered in her chest and spilled from her, wracking her slender frame with shuddering jerks. She couldn't speak, she couldn't move, she could just lean against him and cry.

DJ pulled the small blanket that hung on the back of the couch off and wrapped it around her naked form, holding her to him gently even as the cops came in.

"Is she okay?" one asked him.

"She was almost raped; they had her pinned to the floor when I came into the house."

"We'll get an ambulance."

"No," Cameron said as her voice hitched. She wiped her eyes on one corner of the blanket pulling slightly away from DJ. "He didn't penetrate, I'm fine."


"No, ambulance," she said again, stubbornly.

"Okay, but we need to get a statement from you, Miss... ?"

"Cameron James, officer," Cameron said, wrapping the blanket more securely around her body and huddling back in DJ's arms.

"Miss James, and we'll need your statement also, DJ."

"Can it wait until tomorrow, Brad? Cami's been through the wringer and..."

"Now would be better, DJ, I'm sorry," Brad interrupted.

Cameron shrugged out of his arms and sat down on the couch. "Could I at least put on my robe?"

The officer sent someone to get the robe and started with his questions. After hearing Cameron's side and listening to what DJ had found when he'd come in, plus the fact that the two men had been caught red handed, their haul left in the dining room, there weren't many questions to be asked. They were still in the house thought when Clarissa and Dan showed up an hour later.

Cameron had gone to her room to put some clothes on, leaving DJ to answer any questions.

He quickly explained what had happened, finishing when Cameron was walking out of the bathroom, dressed in a loose fitting sundress that covered most of the bruises on her breasts, though left the ones on her arms and wrists bare.

"Oh, baby," her mother cried, coming up to wrap Cameron in her arms. "Are you sure you shouldn't go to the hospital and be checked out?"

Cameron sighed and leaned her head against her mother, breathing in the familiar scent of suntan oil and her mother's perfume. "I'm fine, mom. Really," she said, looking into her mother's worried brown eyes.

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