What The Future May Bring
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The continuing adventures of Alex and his family from I Fell Through. Alex returns from rescuing his wives. Who is seeking his death and why? Will Sun Lee marry Josh? What will the future bring to our clueless hero?

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Historical   Harem   Interracial  


December 24, 1849

We finally got back to Oregon City today with our 7 prisoners from The Dalles. When I turned them over to the sheriff, he looked at me and told me to go to bed and see him in three days at the Governor's office. He told me that while we had been gone, the sailors of the Huntly had gone on trial for piracy, found guilty, sentenced to death and hanged the same day. We were tired enough to sleep for a week, but there were reports that had to be written, I needed to get Elizabeth and Claire home and Louise needed to be reassured about the safety of the other family members. Josh told me that he still needed to pick up his land claim and I decided to go with him while Claire and Elizabeth got us a hotel room. Willy decided that he would continue on toward Cincinnati as he was in a hurry to get back to Ola. He told me that he would tell Louise that we were all safe.

When we got to the Land Claims office it was too late. The office had closed for the Christmas holidays. There was a note on the door saying that the office would open again on the 27th. Josh and I gave up and headed back toward the hotel. While we walked I noticed that we were getting looks directed at us. I thought that we would be marked because of using napalm against the Thompson gang, but I hadn't thought the rumor would have spread so fast. We had made a quick passage back to Oregon City from The Dalles and I wouldn't have thought that the story could have gotten here so fast. When Josh and I got to the hotel I found Claire letting the desk clerk have it for insisting that Sun Lee leave.

I was feeling beat and in no mood to argue with some stupid clerk. I just pulled out my badge and gun and placed them on the desk, "I want two rooms for me and my party." He turned toward me as if to brush me off when he stopped and became pale. I don't know what I looked like but he shut up and gave me two keys. Turning to Claire, I gave her a key and told her to take Sun Lee and herself up to the room and I would join her shortly. I turned back to the desk clerk, "Sorry I forgot I need one more room for my son as well." He silently handed me another key and I turned and gave it to Josh. "Josh, I'll see you in about two hours for dinner with your mothers and Sun Lee." I gave him eight gold eagles and told him to buy some new clothes for all of us if he could find a store still open. Turning back to the desk clerk I told him I wanted three baths delivered to my rooms as soon as possible. I picked up my gun and badge and stumbled toward the stairs and my rooms.

When I managed to stagger up to the room I felt two pairs of arms helping me to bed and removing my clothes. That was the last thing I remembered until I was awakened by Elizabeth shaking me and showing me a set of new clothes. I looked out the window and saw that it was almost dark. I had slept for several hours and was almost feeling human again. In the corner there was a galvanized tub with steam coming out of it. Elizabeth followed my eyes, "The other bath was cold a long time ago and we decided that you needed a warm bath before you got dressed." I was more than happy to follow her suggestion and got up from bed and sat in the too small bathtub while Elizabeth washed my back and front. I wished, not for the first time, that I could manage to build a hot tub. I was still young, but even so, riding for 10 days in a row with 7 prisoners was rough. I could really use something to relax my muscles after that.

After I got clean I put on my new clothes that Josh had bought and was surprised at how well everything fit. I would have thought that the suit had been tailored to my size not bought off the rack. I was starved but really didn't mind that my family had let me sleep. I had been exhausted from the stress of guarding the prisoners and my self recrimination for what had happened when I fought the Thompson gang. I hoped that no one would ever learn about how I created either the napalm or the claymore. I had nightmares that the Civil War would be fought by men armed with the weapons of the modern age. That would create devastation even greater than had actually occurred.

When we got out of the room I found Claire, Sun Lee and Josh waiting for us. We headed downstairs where the desk clerk called to get my attention, "Sir! Sir! I have a message for you!" I looked around expecting to see someone else in the lobby. There wasn't anyone else around so I guessed he meant me. I went to the desk and was handed a note with some beautiful calligraphy addressed to me. When I opened the note I was defeated for a while by the ornate decorative writing. Finally I thought I recognized what it was trying to say and handed it to Elizabeth. She gasped and handed it to Claire.

Claire took a quick look and looked at me as if she had been hit. By this time Josh was about to explode with curiosity and Sun Lee wasn't much better. Taking it from the suddenly lax grasp of Claire, I handed the note to Josh. "Governor Joseph Lane and his family requests the pleasure of your company and that of your wives for Christmas dinner for the purpose of discussing the future of Oregon", he read aloud. He looked at me with speculation, "Are you going to take both Mom Claire and Mom Elizabeth?

"Of course! After all it does say wives doesn't it?"

Josh looked doubtful, "Dad, I think that he meant all his guests should bring their wives, not that you should bring all of yours."

"I won't be able to bring all of them, there's no way I could get Louise here in time." I didn't like Lane or his views and looked forward to the opportunity to harass him a bit. Lane was pro-slavery and would vote for secession as well when it came around. Elizabeth and Claire gave me horrified looks but gradually began to get the humor of the situation. He had just invited perhaps the most anti -slavery family in Oregon to discuss the future of Oregon. I thought it was a hoot!

I think the desk clerk thought we had gone mad when we began to laugh standing in the lobby. Still chuckling, I headed out the door to go to a restaurant in Portland we eaten at the last time I was here. I figured that we would find restaurants more likely to serve Sun Lee there than in Oregon City. I wasn't expecting trouble but I wore my gun and had made sure Josh had his before we left the hotel. I had purchased Elizabeth and Claire new guns in The Dalles before we left to replace the ones they lost when they were kidnapped by the crew of the Huntly. They carried them in their bags, which like most modern women they carried everywhere. I had offered Sun Lee a gun as well but she told me that she would rather depend on her own weapons. I discovered that she had a pair of throwing knives and several shurikens that the wagon had held.

I had tried to throw shurikens when I was taking marital arts but had never managed to be very good with them. Sun Lee was good! She had demonstrated for me and she could throw them hard enough to sink in two inches into hard wood. She hit every target I set for her within twenty feet with no decrease in the strength of the throw.

We were well armed for a party of our size and it ended up being a good thing too. We had just passed one of the storage sheds next to the waterfront when we were attacked. I hadn't known that Josh had received training in Krav Magen, but I guess that living in our household there was no way he could have avoided it. In less time than it takes to tell of it we had the great majority of the attackers on the ground and unconscious. There were two others still standing but I think that was because they had two knives at their throats and were pinned to the wall with shurikens in their shoulders. As they were the only ones still standing I talked to them, "Who are you and what were you planning to do with us?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. We thought you were someone else."

I took out my knife and cut the sailor, for that's what I thought he was, on the wrist. "I'll ask again and then I'm going to walk away for a while. I guarantee that you'd rather have me be here then these women. I'll just kill you, they will make you beg for it."

I looked at Sun Lee from the corner of my eye and she did look like she could make a man suffer until he begged for death. Remembering that she was the only survivor out of four prisoners, I would guess that she might enjoy it. Claire and Elizabeth seemed eager to repay them for their captors' actions as well.

The sailor followed my eyes and began to shake, "Perhaps you've heard of me, I'm Deputy Alex xxxxx." His eyes whipped back to me and he got even paler if that was possible.

"We were told to make sure you didn't leave the waterfront."

"By whom?"

"I don't know, some guy in a pea coat came around Joseph Kelly's place and offered twenty dollars gold to anyone who made sure you didn't leave the waterfront."

"Describe him", I demanded.

"How about taking out this blade from my shoulder first?" Sun Lee drew her knife across his throat cutting it lightly and had it back against his windpipe almost immediately.

I looked at him with a mild expression on my face, "I figure two more times and no matter how careful she is you'll have a cut throat. Describe him."

"A heavy set man with dark hair and brown or black eyes. I don't remember any more, I was looking at the gold!" I nodded at Sun Lee and she pulled the knife away and then suddenly pulled out the shuriken out of his shoulder. As he slumped down she hit him behind the ear with the heel of her hand and he fell to the ground.

I questioned the second man and he was able to give me the additional detail that the man spoke English with a slight accent and appeared to be in his mid-thirties. Sun Lee did her thing again and I noticed that she held her hand in a tiger claw position when she hit. I began to notice other things about her when I realized that she had trained extensively in the martial arts. She was always balanced and was uncommonly strong for a woman her size. I considered and finally asked, "Samurai?"

She gave me a startled look and then made a slight bow, "No longer. I lost my status when I was sold to the Portuguese by my father's enemies after they destroyed my family. Now I am Sun Lee."

I bowed back, "I understand, Sun Lee."

I went though the pockets of the sailors and found the gold they had been given in several pockets. Apparently many of them had used their new wealth to get drunk before they began hunting us. The ones I did find were brand new, looking like they had just come from the US mint. I didn't know how many of these had been passed out during the night and knew we would have to be careful getting back to the hotel. I wished I had Willy here right now. He was a lot better at sneaking about than I was. I decided that we would change our clothes to blend in better. We dragged the men whose clothes we thought would best fit us into the storage shed and began to change. Nothing we could find would fit either Elizabeth or Sun Lee at all so I decided that they would be ladies of the evening. Taking off their hats and making sure that we spilt whiskey over the already stinking clothes we were wearing we began our journey back to the hotel.

We kept to the shadows keeping quiet when we saw larger groups of sailors wandering around the wharves and storage sheds. I grabbed Elizabeth and gave her a kiss when we were unable to keep hidden, while Josh got the same treatment from Sun Lee. Claire showed her gun and muttered, "Bugger off! This is a private party!" if anyone came too close. We gradually came into the more respectable area of town and I relaxed slightly. Redonning their bonnets and making the best repairs they could Elizabeth and Sun Lee went into the livery stable to pick up our buggy.

Suddenly I heard the sound of a pistol shot from the livery stable and ran in followed by Claire and Josh, who kept an eye on the door. I found three men down and Elizabeth searching the area for anyone else. Sun lee was looking the other way with her shurikens in her hands. The knives, I saw, were already in use in the chests of two men in front of Elizabeth.

I looked in the livery office and found the stable man tied up with ropes. Untying the ropes, the livery man spit out his gag, "Who the hell are you and why are these guys after you?"

"I'm Deputy Alex xxxxxx, and this is my family."

"I know about you, you're the man who killed all those people", he said.

"They kidnapped my wives." was all I answered.

"Well I reckon you can take care of yourself. I don't think the ladies should be involved in this though." He stood still for a moment and thought, then headed toward a rope that hung near the front of the stable. 'They're going to bitch about this", he muttered, not really talking to me at all.

He began hauling on the rope and I heard a bell begin to ring. The fire bell! I would never have thought about that. Anyone hearing that would come running over here ready to fight the fire it reported. None of the sailors would dare come around here with that many people around! Elizabeth put away her gun and gave him a kiss. He blushed and kept on pulling the rope. When I looked at the bodies I noticed that the knives had been removed and were nowhere to be seen. When I looked around I saw Sun Lee being held in the arms of Josh and Claire giving them speculative looks.

I relaxed and waited for the cavalry to arrive. There were soon a large number of very pissed-off people arriving at the livery stable. I waited until I saw a deputy I recognized and then grabbed him. I explained our situation and he nodded and then took out his whistle and blew. When the people grew quiet he told them to go home, "This is police business, everyone else needs to go home." He called the other deputies who had shown up and explained the situation to them. I spoke up then, "I'm Deputy Alex xxxxxx and this is my family. I need some people to escort them to the hotel and make sure they are kept safe. After that I need someone to help me find Joseph Kelly's place."

When I got back to the hotel the first thing I did was take a bath again and get rid of the sailor's outfit I had been wearing. I don't think the guy had taken a bath in months and he had fleas in his clothes. I was shortly followed by Claire and Josh who had the same problem. Elizabeth and Sun Lee took one look at the tub and demanded fresh water. Elizabeth took a flea comb and began to look for fleas in our hair, "You are all getting a wormwood shampoo before you come into our house", she muttered as she combed.

I debated going to Jack Kelly's place tonight but remembered the words of the deputy who had been assigned to show it to me, "Jack Kelly's place. It's the best place to be shanghaied in town. If you think I'm going there at night with just one officer you're crazy!"

December 25, 1849

When I woke up the next morning the sheriff was waiting for me in the lobby. He shook his head, "I said you were trouble when I first saw you and you still are."

"Look Sheriff, I didn't hire people to chase after me most of the night trying to kill me!"

He grumbled but had to admit to himself if not to me that this time I didn't have anything to do with it except being the victim. Someone wanted me dead and was paying people to kill me. I could believe that someone wanted me dead. I had stepped on someone's toes when I busted up the white slavery ring in The Dalles and I expected to have several other arrests made shortly by various officers when they received my packets with the names of the men the slave ring had dealt with. I didn't know if the Thompson gang or the Huntly caused enough problems for someone to want me dead for that.

I had just gotten up and I was already getting a headache. I had the Governor's dinner tonight, I still had to write the reports on the case, I had someone out to kill me, I was going into a place where a lot of the sailors who were hunting for me last night probably were hanging out and I still had to get home. Merry Christmas!

The sheriff had gathered a posse for the trip to Jack Kelly's place. When I looked at it I was surprised to see that many of them were the people I had worked with during the attack on the Huntly. The sheriff grinned when he saw my surprise, "We may not like being around you but you're still a peace officer and we protect our own." When we rode into the dockside area it seemed almost a ghost town. I could see curtains pulled shut when we went by and by the time we got to Jack Kelly's place we all felt the eyes watching what we would do. When we arrived I began to get off my horse when the sheriff held up his hand, "Kelly, you've got three minutes to come out or we burn the place down around your ears."

Within a minute I saw a large stout man coming out of the doors of the saloon. In a voice that grated on my nerves he began speaking, "Sheriff none of us knew it was a deputy he wanted killed. He said that he wanted a man he described not to ever leave the waterfront. If we had known it was a deputy we would have thrown him out ourselves, you know that!"

The sheriff pointed to me, "This is Deputy Alex xxxxxx. If anything happens to him, any of his family or the people he's traveling with you know what will happen."

Jack Kelly gave me a look over, "This is the killer?" I just snapped, that's the only way I can explain it, because the next thing I knew I had him on the ground with my knife at his throat and his arm locked behind him.

"What did you call me?", I managed to get out past my grinding teeth. I dug the tip of the knife in he throat a bit to emphasize my question.

"Deputy!" he squealed. I released his arm and backed away.

"Next time, I'll really be upset. I won't be as nice as the sheriff, if any of my party happens to get hurt." I drew my gun and shot between his legs about an inch away from his balls. "Do we understand each other?"

He held his arm against his chest and glared at me. I glared back and he dropped his eyes. In a sour voice he agreed, "We understand each other."

I got back on my horse and the sheriff continued talking as if nothing had happened, "I want to hear if you or any of the other sailors has contact with the man. Remember, you can mess with each other but you mess with the uptown area or a peace officer and we'll tear this place apart and you along with it." He turned his horse around and we rode out of the area.

As we rode, the sheriff looked at me, "For a second I thought you were going to kill him."

"I'm sorry. It's just that everything happening right now just got to me and then when he called me a killer I just snapped."

"I could tell you were getting pretty high strung, that's why I told you to see me in three days."

"Now if the rest of the world would just do the same thing." We got back to the hotel where I found Elizabeth, Claire, and Sun Lee talking in a group with several other ladies while Josh sat at a table drinking coffee and looking at Sun Lee when he thought she wouldn't catch him doing it. I thanked the posse members and joined Josh with the sheriff and we sat around drinking coffee. When the sheriff asked about our plans for the next few days I told him about our invitation to the Governor's Christmas dinner. He told me that he would have a couple of deputies escort my wives and I to it and back to the hotel. I thanked him and sat there enjoying the quiet.

With a groan I remembered that I had to write my reports for the slavery ring and my report on the Huntly for my sheriff as well as accounting for the funds I spent while on both cases. Reluctantly I got up from the chair and returned to our rooms. I had been writing for about an hour when I heard the door close. I continued to write, trying to remember who I gave money to and for what reason, so I could satisfy the judge when he went over the expenses.

Two arms began messaging my back and neck and with a sigh I stopped writing. Closing my eyes I began to relax as my muscles were massaged. I heard Elizabeth tell me, "Relax and keep your eyes closed." She led me to the bed and I lay down and relaxed. Another pair of hands joined Elizabeth and began to message my legs as Elizabeth worked on my neck and back. After about 20 minutes of that I was limp and Elizabeth told me, "Roll over". Languidly I rolled over and the messaging continued. I felt the person at my legs rubbing my thighs and every so often could feel them brush against my erection. Elizabeth kept rubbing my chest and shoulders, and began removing my shirt. I started to help when Elizabeth told me, "Stay still, let us do everything".

It wasn't very long before the only weapon I had was standing up, all seven inches of it. I felt two tongues begin to lap at my erection, one to either side, like two children licking an ice cream cone on a hot day. I groaned and one tongue stopped. I groaned again in protest and felt a body lowering itself over my face. I began to lick the fragrant opening in front of me and recognized Claire's taste. I felt another tight opening surround my pole. With a grind every time it completely engulfed me I felt the body begin to move steadily back and forth.

I opened my eyes. The only thing I could see was Claire's body as she played with her clit. I used my tongue to separate her folds and lathered the inside. I felt Claire begin to stiffen in her arousal. Taking my finger, I ran it through the fluids running down my face and placed it on top of her rosebud. As she began to get more aroused, I pushed in my finger and felt Claire stiffen then relax. I felt the other body begin to stiffen as well. Reaching out with my other hand I tweaked her breasts until with a low cry she began to come. When Elizabeth began her orgasm I pushed the finger in Claire's ass as far in as I could and she began to come as well. I couldn't hold back anymore and let loose gob after gob of semen into Elizabeth's womb. I pulled out my finger from Claire and felt Elizabeth trot over to the wash basin and bring back a wash cloth. I lay there while Elizabeth used the cool washcloth to gently clean our bodies.

Clean and totally sated, I relaxed for the first time since I left Oregon City to follow my wives kidnappers. I closed my eyes and felt Claire's and Elizabeth's bodies snuggling up to me in the bed. I lay there with a beautiful woman in each arm. Soon afterwards I fell asleep with Elizabeth's soft purr of a snore in one ear and Claire's rather louder one in the other. I would worry about the dinner with the governor after we woke up.

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