Houston #3
Chapter 1: Argie & John Discuss Matters

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, DomSub, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Argie & John Discuss Matters - John and Argie discuss their apparent conflicts and decide that they love one another, but since John is incorrigible with regard to having sex with many women, Argie, too can have her own affairs. But they will tell one another about them. Argie becomes a sex surragate and John goes to see Felicia whom he met at Sex Addicts Annonymous. She has a friend waiting for him.

Argie got home around four, checked on the kids, who were already home from school and off with their friends. She decided on pizza for dinner, and made sure they had a six-pack and soda for drinks, then made a salad, wondering all the while just how she would broach the subject to her husband.

After dinner, the kids piled into the living room to watch that night's reality show, and Argie signaled John to join her in the bedroom.

John quickly stripped, and Argie, essentially still dressed, was pleased to see how ready he was for her. She quickly put any discussion of her afternoon's delight from her mind, thinking John might not be too happy to find out exactly what so was up too.

It got hot quickly. Both their mouths opened. Tongues touched, and he found her mouth tantalizingly warm as her tongue covered his.

And as they caressed each other, Argie found herself suppressing a giggle; for he needed a shave. His bristles tickled at the moment, but she knew if he went down on her they would prove irritating. The problem was that she herself needed a shave. She ran her fingers lightly over her loins and discovered what she referred to as 'beard rash.'

'He won't care, ' she told herself, 'and neither will I, ' she giggle again and burst out laughing when John asked what was so funny.

"You're my man," she said, then molded her body to his, allowing his leg to slide between hers, giving her what he liked to call 'the rug treatment.'

John lowered his hands to her buttocks and pulled Argie even closer. She still found him sexy as ever and wondered if she would find herself comparing his performance with that of Doctor Coughlin. Argie mirrored his movements, lowering her hands to his ass cheeks, and squeezed them.

"You know, Arg," he said pleasantly, "you've got a lovely ass. I know women in general are... well, overly concerned about their rears, but, baby, you've got nothing to worry about."

He smacked her rump soundly, and said, "This is the finest ass I've ever had the pleasure of fondling."

Argie's pleasure meter soared. He hadn't paid her a real compliment in ages, or so it seemed. She placed one hand around his neck and pulled him close for another torrid kiss. While the kiss continued, John maneuvered his hand between her legs and discovered his wife wore no underwear beneath her dress.

"Were you out like that?" He asked.

"No, dear, I took them off a few minutes ago. I was going to greet you with an erotic pose, flash my pussy at you, but you came in and shook those clothes off so fast I..."

She felt his fingertips tracing along her vulva and moaned, "OHHH!"

Argie closed her eyes, felt herself growing wet, tried to imagine just how his fingers felt as they grazed over her heat and moisture.

"UGHHH!" She grunted as his finger found its way inside her. Her legs quivered as if it were her first time. 'How can it be?' She wondered. Doctor Coughlin and Milo both fucked my brains out. Even that stranger in the skin flick movie-house hadn't made her feel this way, or had they? Was she a nymphomaniac?'

As his finger moved up and in, she moved to help it penetrate even deeper.

She put one hand on the back of her husband's head, the other on his cheek, so that she might touch his mouth as he fingered her. A moment later her hand was making circles over his chest, teasing a nipple here, tweaking a nipple there, and all the while his finger moved faster and faster.

Suddenly she gasped, for his fingers stopped moving.

"Oh, what?" She moaned at the lack of friction within her cunt.

"Have to taste you, can't wait. Gotta suck you out, baby, can't wait any longer."

He sat up and yanked the dress up to her hips, then steered her around so that they were in the sixty-nine position, and had her sit on his face. Her nimble fingers quickly found his hardened member and began to kiss and lick upon him, as his mouth located her pronounced clit.

'Heaven!' Argie thought, 'I'm in heaven, and what a mouth he has!'

For that matter, John was just as taken with the skilled dexterity Argie was using on his tool. Her soft mouth and tongue busied themselves caressing, licking and sucking on him.

He toyed with her clit, drawing between his lips and applying the light pressure he knew would drive her wild. After the fourth compression of his encircling lips upon her tiny dick, Argie moaned and kept moaning, she halted her cocksucking, raised her head, and gave herself up to what he was doing to her.

She shut her eyes as his tongue delved into her slit. Argie began pushing herself down on his mouth, pressing harder and harder, then howled, "Oh, I'm coming, God I'm coming!"

Her orgasm so delectable that she failed to hear his muffled protest that she shut the fuck up before the kids came running in to see what the matter was.

Still, he didn't release her, but held her fast and continued to suck and lick her sensitive spots until she was crying for him to end it. Finally, after twisting and turning, she managed to wrest her genitals from his avid mouth and moved to lie beside him, gasping for breath.

He made as if to resume his cunnilingus, but Argie held him back.

"Not yet, wait a little. My God, did the kids hear us?"

"Us?" John said and laughed. I was pretty quiet. I know that for a fact. You, on the other hand... you could hire out as the siren the volunteer fire department needs to call the volunteers out."

"John!" Argie cried out, pretending to be insulted, but loving his teasing.

"Well, let's get these clothes off you before we tear them to pieces."

Argie rolled off the bed and hurriedly pulled the dress over her head, balled it up and threw it at the hamper, missing by a yard. His hands moved quickly to her breasts, pushing her bra up and exposing them. Argie struggled to unclasp the bra, as his mouth closed down on her left nipple.

"Mmmm," she purred, loving it. "Give a girl a chance would ya?"

John allowed the breast to flop from between his lips, then promptly seized upon the other and bit the nipple sufficiently to send a pleasurable jolt of both pain and pleasure through her body.

"God, stop it! I can't stand it, John."

It took her a second to realize he was looking at the two of them in the mirror; and, still gazing into it, absent-mindedly allowed his finger to settle at the entrance of her ass.

"Don't go there, lover," She said, trying to ward him off. She was still tender from Doctor Coughlin's treatment.

"Are you looking at me in the mirror?"

"Yes, I like looking at you while we make love. It's very sexy. Do you mind?"

"I think I like having you look at me. I like feeling you respond to me; and touching me too."

Argie took a long look into the mirror, saw him behind her now, felt his hands moving along her sides, and shivered. A second later, he was touching the underside of her breasts as if he was weighing them, and she moaned. John leaned into her ear and tongued her.

"How..." she gasped, then managed to go on. "You know, you never told me. How was your visit to the sex club?"

"Mmmm," he purred into her ear, and then moved to lick and nip at the nape of her neck.

"You mean Sex Addicts Anonymous?"

"Yeah, whatever. Umm, don't stop that, I love it."

"It was interesting."


"Yeah... I did meet a woman though," he admitted as he took her swollen nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it back and forth.

"You bastard!" she moaned as he kissed her throat and applied more and more pressure, forcing Argie to twist away from him.

He laughed, and said, "You know hon, I could smell your cunt the moment I walked in the door."

Her eyes widened in surprise.

"You've gotten good and laid this afternoon, didn't you?"

"You knew?" she replied, taken aback.

"I told you, I could smell it on you. But you must have douched in the shower. Who was it? Was it someone new?"

"You go first. You tell me you're going to a clinic, but you fuck some bimbo instead."

"She wasn't a bimbo, and I did go there. I met her there."

Argie's jaw dropped. "I... I didn't think any women attended those kinds of things."

"Argie, come on... it takes two to tango, doesn't it? Of course there are women there."

He paused, and then resumed toying with the other nipple.

She pushed his hand away. "No, not now," she said with a pout.

"You really want to hear about it?"

"I want to see how easy it is for you to find and fuck another woman. I'm really curious."

"It's about as easy for me to find a woman as it is for you to pick up a guy."

Argie wondered if this was true, then decided he no reason to lie about it. He'd gone this far, it made no sense to fabricate any of his story.

"Okay, her name is Felicia. Anyway, like Alcoholic's Anonymous, they call on people to tell their stories. Anyway, Felicia got up and told hers. She's a fucking nymphomaniac. She got me so hot listening to her story that I followed her after the meeting. She stopped at a bar and after a while I went in. She spotted me, said, "You're from the meeting, right?" And we talked for a while.

"You talked for a while, huh?" Argie spat sarcastically.

"Yeah, we talked. Then we went into a park about two, three blocks away."

"Nature lover's huh?" Argie added, sounding full of scorn.

"We made out for a time; then I fucked her against a big tree."

"She pretty?"

"Thought you'd never ask," he said with a wry grin. "Yeah, kinda, but no where close to you."

"Bull shit!"

"But you know what? She wanted me to spank her."

"Did she?" Argie said, for the first time revealing an avid interest in his sordid tale.

"Yeah, I slapped her face; saw she wanted more, so I slammed her ass a few times and she got off on it."

"Interesting," Argie muttered under her breath, and filed it away for further discussion with Doctor Coughlin the next day.

"That's not all," John told her. "We went to her place and she wanted to be tied up."

"You kinky bastard," Argie said, but couldn't help smiling at the situation he'd found himself in. "So go on... what happened then?"

"What do you think happened? I tied her hands to the bedpost."

"You've never tied me up," Argie groused and moved away from him.

He pulled her closer and kissed her tenderly. "If you want, I'll get something, tie you up right now."

She grew nervous, thinking of how she might scream and quickly blurted, "No, not now, maybe another time."

He fed on that statement, thinking, 'She's not really mad at me. She wants to be tied up; wants to hear all about it. Good, I'll tell her; then she can tell me all about her day.'

"I tied her wrists to the bed posts, but left her legs alone. They're better if spread, but you know that, don't you," he said, then nipped at her left tit.

"Ohhh," she gasped, then held the other out to him to do the same to it.

"I teased her forever, and she was going crazy wanting it."

"Wanting what?"

"My cock, silly."

"Oh," Argie giggled, then groaned when he bit down on her nipple.

"I ate her, fingered her and finally, when she couldn't take another minute, I fucked her hard. Jesus, she was coming when I started on her and kept coming," John had a finger in Argie's cunt as he said this, and quickly added a second, frigging her hard as she came envisioning him doing what he had said to the other woman.

And as with Felicia, he refused to quit when asked, but continued frigging her. He added his mouth to the sexual equation, licking the insides of her thighs; then burrowing his face in her crotch where each thigh joined to meet her cunt. His tongue fluttered over her outer folds as she groaned in ecstasy. He sent a finger from his free hand into her asshole and she rewarded him with a series of sexy grunts and squirted her love juices out at his face.

John pulled his face away and she quickly grabbed his head and pulled him back. He nipped at her clit and when she groaned shoved his finger deeper into her ass and caused her to have a tumultuous climax.

Her legs ground against the bed, her back arched, she started to grunt, "Yeah, eat that pussy! Finger my ass! Suck my clit, yeah, yeah, oh yeah... like that! Yeah, just like that!"

He began rubbing his face side-to-side with his tongue propped against her clit, and Argie went off again, whimpering, trembling and humping into his face and all the while murmuring platitudes of endearments to him and his skillful love-making.

Finally, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulled his face from her cunt and rested it on her soft belly. He slipped his tongue into her belly button, then made a farting noise. Argie squirmed again, but this time it was because she was giggling at him and his silliness.

A minute later her hand found his rock-hard cock. Her eyes lit up, and a mischievous leer came across her face as she slithered down to put it within reach of her mouth.

Lying on her stomach, and propped up on her elbows, she took hold of him with one hand and gave it a sumptuous lick; and then began to suck. With his member firmly held between her lips, she moved herself between his legs to better position herself. She spent some time leisurely licking and kissing the underside of his dong before taking as much as she could into her mouth, and began bobbing up and down, sucking and slurping; getting noisier and noisier.

John lay passive, enjoying her adroit fellation. Marveling at the way she moved her head about; and how she seemed to flatten her lips as she applied them to the sides of his manhood. He also enjoyed the way she took special care to ply the ever so sensitive area under his cock-head; and how, just as that warning tingle sounded its alarm, she quit sucking, and brought his cock to her face and slapped it against his cheek. It felt wonderful and it caused the tingling to dissipate... for the moment.

Cupping his balls with one hand, Argie lowered her mouth to him once more, but instead of sucking him again; sent the tip of her tongue into the opening at the head of his cock, licking at the precum as it oozed forth.

"You're ready," she moaned, and deftly spun her body around, raised herself up and slowly impaled herself on him, sighing loudly as she hit bottom.

"Happy now?" he asked.

She smiled, but gave no answer. Instead, she leaned forward and rode him like a cowgirl at the rodeo; rode slowly at first, then picked up speed as she found her pace and a more comfortable position.

John found her stunning; and loved her more than ever. Bewitched by the sweat beaded on her forehead and breasts; and by the movement of her muscles flexing as she rode him, grinding her clit into his pubic bone; and by the manner her labia stretched as his member drove in, then out of her vulva.

Her hands remained flat on his chest and her movements rocked the two of them. He reached up and took her breasts in his hands; then released one and reached behind her back to slap her ass; while rubbing and pinching her nipple.

Argie now flushed a bright pink, grunted furiously as she plunged wilding upon his shaft, then whimpered and came hard, collapsing upon him and laying her head upon his chest as she sobbed through an extended orgasm.

John knew when to press her buttons and on hands and knees crawled between her legs, and with his arms wrapped around her thighs, opened her cunt to his view with his fingers. Her clit was fully exposed and he rolled his tongue over it and brought her to another rapid orgasm.

Argie lay there panting, then pushed him off to one side, saying, "God, that was good, I think I will keep you."

John poured them both a glass of white wine and bit into an apple, then offered it to Argie, who accepted it and took a small bite.

"So how was your day, baby?" he asked.

"Thought you'd never ask," she laughed, then coughed as she began choking on the piece of apple in her throat.

It took a moment, but she managed to cough it up and placed it on the dresser next to the bed.

"Well, to begin with, I have a job." She told her husband.

"A job!"

"A good one too," she added, gleefully. "Try to guess what it is," she said.

"Normally I'd guess secretary, but you really can't type all that well. So I'll try receptionist."

"Oh, you are the chauvinistic pig," she laughed.

"You landed a highly skilled job on a loading dock," he said, deciding to be funny.

"Wrong. You'll never guess in a million years, so I'll tell you."

"How much does it pay?"

"I'm not sure, but the money is very good. It's the benefits that make all the difference through."

"You've got me," he said. "I give up."

"Okay, then. I went to see Dr. Gladstone yesterday and she sent me to see another doctor, named Coughlin."

"This Dr. Coughlin hired you?"

"Oh, yes. He did indeed."

"In what capacity?"

"You won't believe me," Argie giggled.

"Try me," he said, beginning to lose patience with her.

"I'm a sex therapist."

"You're a what?"

"A sexual surrogate. A sex therapist. I work with people who have sexual problems and help them to overcome them."

"That's like being a whore," he said stunned at this piece of news.

"JOHN!" She cried out, hurt that he would think that of her. Especially after all the women he'd had since their marriage.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry," he said, meaning it. "It's just that I can't conceive of you... spreading your legs for just anyone. I mean I can understand you finding that other guy. That's like getting even..."

Like hell it is. Getting even would take years," she spat out, fuming with rage.

'This is not going the way I thought it would, ' Argie thought.

"How many guys did you take on," John asked, unable to control his jealousy.

"Sixteen!" she yelled. "No, make that twelve, the rest were women."

"What!" He barked, his face revealed how incredulous he found her statement to be.

"Actually," she said as she regained her composure, "there was only the one. Dr. Coughlin himself."

"The good doctor, eh?"

"He most certainly was good. I couldn't believe how many times I came with him, and he was only demonstrating some of the more effective ways to reach orgasm.

"He hung, this doctor?" John inquired, getting down to basics.

"I guess he's got good equipment," Argie said matter of factly. "I didn't use a tape measure on him, if that's what you mean."

"So what exactly transpired between the two of you?" he asked.

"I told him Dr. Gladstone had referred me. Well, of course, he already knew that. We sat down and he told me that his clinic deals with men who can't get an erection, or can't come. Some suffer from problems like premature ejaculation."

"I told him about your various activities. He said he hoped I wasn't volunteering as a form of revenge... or getting even with you."

"I told him that you'd just joined Sex Addicts Anonymous and I'm encouraging you in that area. And that Dr. Gladstone is your doctor, not mine."

He quizzed me on my sexual history. What I'd done, what I liked, even my fantasies."

"And the clients?" John prompted.

"Oh, yeah, um, well, they usually come from referrals from other therapists, although there is the occasional walk-in. They're screened for physiological, pharmacological and other treatable conditions in the area of sexual dysfunction before actually doing anything with them."

"Remember, my work is therapeutic, so I'm not prostituting myself. To be honest, if I were a prostitute, I'd be earning a hell of a lot more money than $150 an hour. Oh, that's how much my salary is," Argie said and beamed at him.

"A hundred fifty an hour, huh?" John murmured. Not bad for openers," he laughed and said, "I wasn't trying to be funny there."

"Huh?" Argie said not getting the unintended pun.

"For openers... you spread your legs for them, they pay you..."

"Oh... oh, yeah, I get it."

"Anyway, then we got into what he called erotic touching. After that all I really recall is coming and coming and coming."

"Did he use every hole in your body?"

"Um, no. I didn't let him in my heinie."

"But maybe tomorrow you will?" John asked.

Argie giggled. "Maybe."

"Do I get to meet this... Dr. Coughlin?"

Argie realized gleefully that her husband was actually jealous of her and the doctor.

"I suppose, but I don't know when," she answered honestly enough to satisfy him.

"Do I get to meet Felicia?"

"I don't know; if there is a next time, why not? But if yesterday was it, then I don't see any reason to meet her."

John, feeling a need to prove himself the better lover, swiftly place Argie's legs on his shoulders, and using both his fingers and mouth, attacked her pussy once more.

Argie, unprepared for this delicious assault on her person, grunted several times and held his head firmly against her mons.

His knowledgeable digits delved deeply enough to locate Argie's G-spot, and on noting her reaction, blew gently on her opening creating a vibration that stimulated her to the point of no return.

He was rewarded by provoking what for him appeared to be the greatest orgasm she had ever had... at least with him. Argie's climax roared in with a vengeance; she was screaming and thrashing; and finally squirted out a huge amount of juice on his hand and fingers. He felt her pulsing contractions all the way up his arm as Argie shuddered to a rousing finish; then collapsed on the sheets, now thoroughly soaked with their perspiration.

John counted to sixty before mounting her and inserting his member into her gaping cunt. Argie attempted to push him away, but he would not be denied, and she relented, pulled him further into her and groaning with satisfaction that his cock was back where it belonged.

With tears of joy streaming down her face, Argie came again, but John was not ready to discharge his semen into her just yet. Her body started to tremble and wouldn't stop. He felt a concern for her well being rise up and almost halted his actions, but when he tried to stop, Argie clung to his shoulders and moaned, "Fuck me, baby! Give it to me!"

He slowed his pace considerably and eventually her trembling grew still. But all the while he continued pumping her, never stopping. Her mouth bit at his shoulder and he cursed her, then laughed.

"Never bit me before, Arg, what happened?"

"Never cum like this before. You bastard, you've done too much fuckin' practicing!"

He laughed again. "It makes perfect, you know."

She joined him in the laughter, saying, "Right now, I wouldn't have it any other way."

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