Taken Over My Sister
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Incest, Brother, Sister, FemaleDom, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Scatology, Flatulence, Spitting, Foot Fetish, Transformation,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My sister found this guy on myspace that could help her make me her sex slave

My sister is pure evil, well stepsister really. She has this thing where she like fully disrespects me. She does these things to me I just cannot believe she would do.

One day I was lying down on the couch watching some TV and she comes and sits on my chest. She always does this so I'm used to it by now. Well we where watching south park and it's the part where Kenny tries to light a fat and dies. And she get up and I thought she left the room but she is really above me. She had a long slimy string of spit dangling over my head. She grabbed it out of her mouth and held it over my head. I saw her doing it and I started to move and she said don't move or ill drop it.

That's how it all started I guess he met this guy online that would teach sisters how to take control of the brothers in any way. He's on my space he doesn't have a picture and hides his comments so no one can see them. So my sister I guess gave him a special task, she wanted me to be her sex slave and do any thing she wanted.

He gave her 3 tasks to do as my first part of training.

TASK 1. Get me to allow her to spit in my mouth

TASK 2. Sit on my face bare assed for 3 minutes

TASK 3. Fart in my face 5 times

Its summer vacation so she has all summer to work me into her submissive little bitch. I like to sleep in during summer so she decided to take full advantage of that. One day I woke to a pain on my chest, of corce my sister Lindsay was sitting on my chest. She isn't all that great looking she's about 5.1 dirty blond hair, a little on the cubby side, but she has a perfect ass. I asked her what she wanted she said she has to spit real bad but she can't in front of their mom. She said she would give me a dollar if she could hawk one in my mouth. I thought about it and I decided aww hell to it why not, I get a dollar. So she hawked one up and told me to open my mouth as wide as I could. She slowly let a yellowish spit/snot rope go into my mouth. It tasted almost sour or bitter. I didn't realize but I was slowly going into her trap.

I didn't know what to think of what had just happened but I for some reason had a slight hard on. I decided to just forget about it. It was working until later that day she poked her head in my room and said umm brother... Terry. I know what you did and I'm going to tell mom about it unless you let me do something. I had just jacked off and I thought she was talking about that, and I knew mom would beat me if she ever found out. I told her I would do what ever she wanted. So she told me to close my eyes and not move no mater what. I felt my arms and legs being tied to the bedposts. When she was done she told me to open my eyes. I did as I was told she then told me what she planned to do. She was going to sit on my face with her bare ass until she farts 5 times. Part of me couldn't wait and the other half of me made my stomach turn. She pulled down her pants revealing only her perfect ass. She spread her ass cheeks so I could see her rose bud as she planed her asshole directly on my nose. I felt her trying to push out a fart but nothing came out. I could not breath unless I breathed thru my nose because of her crotch on my mouth. So I had to take a big sniff just as I did she ripped out a huge smelly fart. It smelled like she was shitting on my nose. That was the first of four more farts to come. She sat there for a while trying to get some gas to fart again. My cock was rock solid, lucky for me I' wearing jeans so she cant tell I have a boner. Her next fart almost scared me, it was extremely loud, smelly, and wet, I got her fart juice all up my nose. This most likely means she has to shit and it's going to be a wet one. She then had 2 short not very smelly but very wet farts. Her fart juice started to leak down to my mouth as she let he final fart rip and I could swear she must have shit into my nose. She was sitting on my face for a good 15 minuets. I loved it even thou it smell awful, just the fact that she was doing that to me turned me on more than I have ever been turned on before.

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