Demon Gate Saga: My Brother's Keeper
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Magic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Horror, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Harem, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Body Modification, Violent, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Our worldly delights are theirs for the taking

A cool breeze blew through the house as Melanie Nile re-read her favorite book "The Women of Egypt". The CD player shuffled between discs covering modern music from the Egyptian region and re-creations of Egyptian music of the past. The gray cotton sweat pants and the soft white t-shirt served to keep any chill away. This was also her favorite thing to wear when she was home alone. It helped set the mood for her reading.

She was in a world of her own as she again read the story of Hatsheput. A part of her longed to experience the majesty of a land and time that had captured her heart. Well, re-experience. she mused to herself. Melanie believed she had once been a ruler of some sort in those days long past. A Pharaoh or Queen, she could not be sure.

Melanie also believed she was a slave to a very powerful ruler in another distant lifetime; his concubine in fact. She imagined herself much as she is now, thickly thighed and heavily breasted; a firmly muscled woman, with a bit of a fighter in her, yet soft and curvaceous in all the right places. She saw her past self as honey skinned, dark haired and dark eyed; which was a stark contrast to her snow white skin, red hair and blue eyes. Yet Melanie was this woman, she was sure of it.

As usual, when these thoughts took her, she went with them. She imagined herself being summoned by her master. She wore only a sheer silk gown and thin slippers. Her name was Mekhare and Melanie saw herself as Mekhare hurrying from her bed chamber and walking as briskly as was allowed in her master's grand palace. She quickly exited the slave's quarters, ignoring the looks she received from women who were not blessed enough to earn rooms of their own.

Her hurried footsteps echoed in the enormous halls, but the guards paid her no mind. They would all know she was summoned and would not risk their master's rage in delaying her. Mekhare finally reached Amunemhat's apartments. She quickly prayed to the gods that she had made good time. Amunemhat had risen to power by precision and efficiency in his actions; he expected the same of those around him.

The palace guards opened every set of doors for Mekhare which led to her master's bed chamber. Upon entering Amunemhat's room, Mekhare realized he was still asleep. And she knew he must wish to be wakened from his afternoon rest by her kiss.

Mekhare strolled to the side of the large bed in the center of the room. She pulled back the light blanket to reveal her master in all of his natural glory. This was why the other women envied her. They knew she was allowed to see Amunemhat as a woman would see a husband or lover. They were never allowed to look upon his well muscled form in a state of rest. They could never see his earthen colored chest gently rise and fall from shallow sleeping breaths. And they would never see his manhood as it was now, hanging beautifully limp, waiting to be brought to life by a skilled woman. No, they would only see him when his animal desires overcame his natural gentleness; when his need to be satisfied overcame his impulse to satisfy others; when his large, thick manhood stood firmly at attention ready to be served. And they hated her for it.

But Mekhare put such thoughts out of her mind as she climbed onto the bed. She straddled her masters' legs and took his limp member in her hands. She licked burgundy painted lips and lowered her head, taking him into her mouth. As always, Amunemhat's manhood quickly grew from her attentions. As her master grew, so did Mekhare's level of excitement. She doubled her efforts at manipulating his expanding organ, and was satisfied at its quick response.

As the first moan escaped Amunemhat's lips, Mekhare increased the intensity of her sucking and licking. She decided today would be the day she won a game Amunemhat had started. He promised Mekhare any prize she chose if she could make him cum before he was fully awake.

Amunemhat's member was now fully hardened. At its full length Mekhare had never been able to swallow it all. But today she was determined and forced her head down past the point where sense told her to stop. Mekhare felt the large head of her master's manhood slide into her tight throat. She kept it there for a moment and was surprised when her gagging stopped. Mekhare worked her tongue along his member and slid her mouth up and down his massive shaft. His thick head only left her throat when she needed air, and was quickly back inside.

After only a minute of this, Mekhare could tell he was coming close to his climax. But she could also see he was near to waking. Remembering something she had once heard the older women talking about, Mekhare reached down between her thighs, coating one finger in her own juices. Then reaching up, she slid that same finger between her master's tight butt cheeks, and slowly into his tighter hole.

She was immediately rewarded by an explosion from her master's immense manhood. His warm, thick fluid flooded her mouth, and she drank it greedily. As Amunemhat continued to cum, Mekhare swallowed every drop he offered. When his eruption finally ceased, Mekhare licked him clean. She rested her head by his softening manhood, waiting for his congratulations and words of praise. But no words came. Instead there arose a feeling she was being watched.

When Mekhare looked up to her master to ask if he felt anything, she found herself looking at a stranger. He was thickly muscled, like one of the palace guards, with his hair closely shaven. No hair touched his face. He was a very handsome man, but looking into his eyes, Mekhare could tell he was purely evil. That's why it came as no surprise when he swung his hand back, and let it fly, crashing along the side of her face.

"Ahhh!" Melanie awoke from the highly realistic dream with a start. Her heart beat hard and fast in her chest, sweat covered her body, and her inner thighs were sticky with the wetness her cunt produced.

There was nothing unusual about that. However, the feeling of being watched was still present. Melanie figured it was a left over from the dream, and decided to take a shower to wash the feeling and the stickiness away. She pushed herself up from the couch, and stared in horror, at the man from her dreams!

Melanie moved quickly, she had never been the deer in the headlights type. She threw the book at the stranger, then grabbed and hurled the small table by the couch at the man. She leaped from the couch and ran toward the distracted stranger, crashing her body into his hip, and knocking him off of his feet. Melanie was not a large woman by any means, but raising two children had taught her how to use her body effectively.

She ran to the front door, not daring or caring to look back to see how her attacker was faring. Melanie quickly opened the locks and flung the door open. Instead of a flight to freedom, she back peddled in fear and confusion. Standing at her front door, with a smug grin on his face and a cut above his left eye, was the man she had left behind her.

For once, Melanie Nile, mother of two and Egyptologist at heart, didn't know what to do. She stood there staring in shock, hesitating for just a second, and that hesitation, that lost second cost her dearly.

The dark stranger lunged for her, catching her wrists as she raised her hands defensively. He maneuvered her relatively small form until she was painfully bent backward over the stair's railing. With her in this helpless position Melanie's attacker placed both of her tiny wrists in one of his massive hands. His free hand began to roam, to search all along Melanie's still aroused body.

Shame washed through Melanie as her body began to respond to the touch of the stranger. She felt her breasts swelling, her nipples harden and that slick wetness between her legs growing under her assailant's masterful manipulation.

She gasped when the man's powerful hand grasped her t-shirt and fiercely ripped it from her body. A large part of her wanted to cry out, to demand that this man stop taking what she had not freely given. But a smaller part of her, the part that hungered for the darker side of life, wanted to scream, to voice its pleasure at being taken by one so powerful. And Melanie kept quiet, out of a fear that the smaller voice would speak first if she opened her mouth.

Her attacker didn't seem to notice any of this. Instead his focus was on the large firm breasts that jutted out at him. Their hard, red nipples called to his mouth to suck them, called to his free hand to pinch them, to pull them, to play with them. And he happily obliged. Melanie felt her body's heat rise again as the large black man's warm wet mouth closed over one nipple, alternating between sucking, flicking, and nibbling on the red nub of flesh.

Those same fires were stoked even higher as her attacker's free hand began to massage her other massive breast. He cruelly pinched her sensitive nipple between his thumb and forefinger causing such a pleasurable pain that Melanie couldn't stop herself from gasping aloud. But that small bit of pain broke Melanie from his spell, and allowed her to focus on other pain she was feeling. Like the pain in her back and legs from being bent into such an unnatural position. Following this pain and discomfort, she found her strength and voice and decided now was the time to end this, now was the time to scream with all her might to attract her neighbors.

Her attacker stopped suddenly, looking at her. From the look in his eyes she could see he knew she had found her strength again, but from his confident gaze Melanie also knew she had waited too long. After a series of lightening quick moves from her assailant, Melanie found herself on her knees facing the largest cock she had ever seen. She tried to scream "NO" and gave her attacker the very opening he was waiting for. He pulled her head forward burying his entire shaft in her throat.

Melanie felt her jaws being stretched obscenely. The large ebony attacker let his enormous rigid shaft rest in her throat for what seemed an eternity. The smaller woman began to panic as she felt the slight burning in her chest as her oxygen was used up. She struggled as best she could, but the larger man handled her as though she was a child. Finally, seeing no other course of action Melanie decided to satisfy her assailant's desires in the hope that he would be kinder and gentler in his ways.

The voluptuous red haired woman relaxed her neck, her throat, and her jaw. She made no moves to resist her assailant to let him know he could do as he pleased. Of course, they both knew he would have his way with her whether she fought or not, but Melanie believed the man would be more pleased if she did not. As she looked up into the eyes of the man towering above her, Melanie knew she had guessed right.

His cruel gaze met her own as the ebony man began to glide Melanie's head along his long, thick shaft. She tried her best to use her talented tongue, licking the under side of his cock, twirling it around his massive cock head. But found her mouth was too full of the immense organ. Minutes passed as she was forced to perform the simplest of blowjobs, sliding back and forth along an impossibly large shaft. Melanie felt his cock growing harder and thicker as her wet warm mouth and tight throat did their work. She knew he was close to exploding and hoped it would end her ordeal.

Melanie suddenly felt an irresistible urge to gaze up at her attacker again. As she did so, his hands tightly grasped her head, and a smile spread across his cruelly twisted face. Melanie's eyes widened as his already evil eyes began to fill with blood.

"Mmmmm. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were the right one." He said. "I knew you were intelligent, I knew you would know when the fight was lost."

The man's grip became like a vice on her head. He began to quickly and fiercely thrust his hips forward, bloodying her lower lip, jarring her neck, and fucking her throat raw.

"That's why you will be the first!" he roared still continuing his assault. As the pain from his thrusts grew in her head, Melanie noticed another sensation she was feeling; one of increasing ecstasy. And she realized, to her horror, that she had been fingering her dripping cunt for some time, trying to make herself come along with her attacker.

Even after realizing this, Melanie was unable to stop herself. The ebony tower began moaning in a way that spelled the end of his endurance, and Melanie knew her own orgasm would follow soon after. Sensing that she must, the red haired beauty looked up into those frightful red eyes. As his powerful dark hands continued to hold Melanie's head, a triumphant smile spread across the black man's face and an otherworldly voice poured through his lips.

"I declare you the vessel for the mind!" he announced at the moment his cock twitched and his seed spilled from it. As her attacker flooded her mouth with his cum, Melanie's mind flooded with pain. She felt herself choking on the massive amount of thick fluid that slid down her throat, as she slid into blackness.

Black what a wonderful color. Gail looked at herself in the full length mirror noting how the black dress played off of her body. She pulled her long dark blond hair back and twisted it, creating a makeshift bun. Deciding against such an extreme look, she let her thick locks tumble back down past her shoulders.

For the first time in years Gail felt unsure about herself. This was an auspicious occasion. It wasn't the first time this would be done, but it was the first time she would be doing it. She wanted to make a good impression. She wanted to do this right. She couldn't believe she was getting this worked up over someone who was her inferior.

Gail turned to the only other occupant in the room; a male servant. She thought back to the times when a man of his barrel build and surly demeanor would intimidate her. Now his physical strength was of no concern to her. And as long as his will stayed broken, he would be safe. "You servant," She called, the sharpness in her tone making the man jump, "How do I look?"

"You are perfection Mistress." The man answered. And he spoke the truth. Gail was the most flawless beauty to grace the world in ages. No blemish would ever mar her pristine skin. Her slim form was toned to accentuate every possible curve of her body. She was the kind of beauty men would wage wars over.

All this, and power too. She thought, turning away from the mirror. She was the one in command here. It was time to get this over with...

SPLOOSH!! The water felt incredibly cool after the day's heat. But Krista wasn't here to escape the summer temperatures, she was here to train. The young college student began slowly pulling her slim athletic body through the water with powerful strokes. This day was assigned to working on endurance, and she would have to pace herself to get a complete workout.

As Krista glided through the cool waters she focused and re-focused on her goals. Endurance and form. Always form. She had to be sure that every stroke in practice was performed with the utmost efficiency so that her body would automatically execute perfect strokes in the heat of competition. Krista focused her mind on how her arms left the water. How her hands broke the clear surface. She focused on the turn of her head, moving it just enough to catch that necessary breath.

It was during one of these turns that Krista's mind started playing tricks on her. She briefly saw the outline of another swimmer in the lane beside her. Surprised, she quickly stopped and searched the pool. Wading there, in the middle of the Olympic sized construct, Krista saw nothing but water. The young woman continued on, her strange vision resting uncomfortably in the back of her mind.

After only a few laps, her worry began to fade. Krista began swimming with a bit more vigor, now that she was confidant that she would be able to complete the day's endurance training. She slid through the water with ease. Those swimmer's instincts she had been working on for years began taking over. Krista felt herself beginning to enter that area, that zone where nothing could bother her, where there is only the goal. Quite suddenly she also felt hands passing along her body.

Krista again searched the pool and became worried. She didn't feel exhausted, but her mind was obviously playing tricks on her. No one else was even in the room. She decided to take this as a sign she needed a break and climbed from the pool.

As always, the petite woman was embarrassed by the effect the cool water and the vigorous activity had on her. Her tiny nipples pushed against the thin fabric of her swimsuit. On more than one occasion Krista's boyfriend had taken her aside after a competition. Watching so many young fit women in skimpy swim suits always turned him on. But when he saw her, climbing out of the pool, her closely cut hair plastered to her face; her firm, supple body soaking; and her small, hard nipples standing firmly underneath her swim suit; he couldn't wait. Krista sat in the small heated pool and thought about what he'd do to her if he saw her now.

Paul had often talked of making love to her in this pool. And every time he did, Krista would dare him to, hoping that he took the bait. It was a secret fantasy of hers to have sex in this pool, as well as the Olympic sized one twenty feet away. She imagined Paul at the end of the pool slowly stripping away his clothes. She imagined the motions of his tight muscles as he let his clothes fall to the floor. She imagined his beautiful cock springing from his pants long and hard, eagerly anticipating the events to come. She... she... Krista realized that she couldn't be exhausted if her mind could be so focused. Ever the responsible one, the young swimmer pulled herself from the comforts of the heated pool to continue her training. Her fantasy would have to wait.

SPLOOSH Krista's slim form sped through the water. She focused her mind on keeping her arms in proper form as she pulled herself through the water; she focused on keeping her kicks tight and controlled; she focused on catching a good breath on her head turn and slowly releasing that breath as she swam on. Her focus was broken as she felt fingers pass along her chest, stomach and thighs!

Krista quickly scanned the pool. She searched the deck, the heated pool, even the diving boards for a hint of who was there with her. Nothing! Again Krista chalked it up to her imagination. To her desire to have Paul's hands running across her lithe figure.

The young swimmer began her laps again. She tried to regain her focus, but couldn't get her mind off of the wonderful feeling of those fingers on her body. As though brought on by her thoughts, the fingers ran along her body again. This time Krista ignored them. If her imagination was this strong she would enjoy its strength.

She reached one end of the pool and performed an underwater flip. As she was tucked beneath the surface she felt the fingers again. Roaming, caressing, and exploring her firm figure. As she straightened from the tuck she felt the long fingers wrap around her longingly. As she pushed from the wall, she felt the fingers fall away behind her. Though she enjoyed the caress, she ignored it all.

Krista glided through the water, keeping her thoughts on body placement, keeping her mind on form. With every lap she found she was able to ignore the sensation of the water fingers on her body. After seven laps the feeling of those fingers was pushed back to the recesses of her mind. As she executed another perfect flip, and pushed off of the wall, Krista congratulated herself on her ability to focus.

In the second it took her to form the thought, the young swimmer felt those watery fingers close around her ankle. In the time it took to question the reality of her situation those same fingers solidified into an invisible hand, firming its grip. In less time than it took for her to panic, to kick, to scream, that hand pulled her beneath the water's surface.

Krista held her breath as she was dragged to the bottom of the pool, but she never stopped kicking. She bent herself double to wrench the hand from her foot and was shocked when she saw no one beneath her. But she had no time for gaping, her fear and fighting were quickly using up the oxygen in her lungs. Tugging on the fingers had no effect. Whatever this was, it was far stronger than the petite swimmer. Krista tried fierce downward kicks to the invisible hand but only managed to injure her free foot in the process.

Krista's lungs began burning as the reached the pool bottom. Why? She asked herself over and over. Why does this thing want to kill me?

No answer came from her unseen assailant, but as Krista's foot touched the concrete bottom of the pool new parts responded to her presence. She first felt another hand on the back of her neck. The incredibly strong invisible appendage easily pushed Krista down to her hands and knees.

Her lungs ached, desperate for oxygen, and her body kept trying to rise to the surface. But these invisible hands wouldn't let her go, and so she could not breathe. Suddenly the hand holding her foot let go. Krista immediately began kicking again hoping beyond hope that she would be carried to the surface. But it was no use. The single hand on her neck held fast. Krista found herself nearly upside down at the bottom of her school pool. Her feet floating above her head which was being held down by an unseen menace.

Krista's eyes grew wide as the missing hand suddenly grabbed her breast. It began firmly and not too gently massaging the well toned mound and Krista began to wonder if this thing truly wanted her dead. She felt a vicious set of claws suddenly grow on the hand and she was sure now was her time to die. An instant later, an unseen flurry of motion stirred the water around her. Krista closed her eyes fearful of seeing her own life's blood filling the watery depths around her.

This had the unfortunate effect of making Krista more conscious of her own body. Her lungs now felt as if they would explode if she didn't breathe soon. Her mind was becoming fuzzy and she felt as though consciousness was slipping away. Krista knew she would have soon died even if this thing hadn't cut her to pieces.

It was only then that she realized she was feeling no pain, other than from lack of air. The young swimmer opened her eyes and saw no blood in the water, only tattered pieces of her swimsuit. If this thing didn't want her dead, what exactly did it want? In answer Krista felt an unseen tongue slip deep into her warm cunt.

Krista was so shocked by the suddenness of the assault she gasped and breathed in a lungful of the pools cold water. Krista cursed herself for her reaction but resigned herself to the fact that she wouldn't be violated by this unseen creature. She waited for unconsciousness to take her... but it never did.

Instead clarity of mind returned to Krista as the burning in her lungs faded away. She felt her body grow heavy from the water in her lungs. Krista exhaled as her water weighted body sank to the pool bottom. She again held her breath, fearful that whatever allowed her to breathe underwater would not repeat itself.

The young swimmer suddenly felt the hands holding her shift. Each clawed hand now had a firm hold on her ass cheeks. Krista was pushed to her hands as her cheeks were pulled apart. She felt something warm and hard pressing against her tight ass and immediately registered what it was. The young swimmer felt the weight of a large man rest heavily on her calves and found she was unable to escape or retaliate. She felt the warm hardness press against her backside again, and braced herself for what she knew was coming.

"Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!" Krista tried to scream, but found she had no breath. Again, she instinctively inhaled, filling her lungs with the pools cold waters. Again, she was somehow able to breathe. But her attention was elsewhere. Her mind screamed out at the invasion occurring. She had never offered her ass to a man, and here some... thing was taking its pleasure with her.

Krista's eyes shut tightly as the unseen thing thrust forward burying its invisible cock deeper inside of the swimmer. Krista's watery breaths came regularly now, as did her liquid screams of protest. Slowly, but fiercely the creature slid its massive cock forward, as Krista's body tried to push the invader out. With every inch he crept inside of her, the pain in her body increased. Soon the young swimmer could feel her assailant's warm body pressed against her own and every cell in her body seemed to scream in agony.

Krista prayed to every holy figure she knew that this ordeal would soon be over. She thought her prayers were answered when the invisible beast began to slowly pull its enormous cock from her ravaged asshole. But just as his enormous cock head reached her obscenely stretched sphincter, the unseen assailant slammed his hips forward burying his unknown length, unimaginable girth deep inside of the small swimmer.

Again and again this invisible creature forced his rigid staff into Krista's protesting hole. Again and again the swimmer screamed with all her might. But even if her watery screams could have been heard, there was no one around to hear them. Krista resigned herself to the pain and humiliation of being taken by this, this what ever is was.

The young swimmer had become so used to the pain, that she was surprised, even relieved when she suddenly felt pleasure. When she felt the creature reach a clawed hand around her body; when she felt the clawed hand reach between her muscled thighs; when a long thin finger pressed between her wet pussy lips.

Almost, she moaned with pleasure. It was then she realized the betrayal which was taking place. Some unknown thing was taking her by force and her body was enjoying it. The young swimmer began to cry uncontrollably when she realized on some level some part of her enjoyed what was happening to her. And her crying only became worse as the clawed finger rubber against her clit and her arousal increased; as the enormous cock slid in and out of her and she felt pleasure in that as well; as she slowly began to climb toward an orgasm. Guilt washed over her as the truth of her situation hit her. This thing was raping her, but she must love it. Why else would she be about to cum?

As the thought occurred to her, a voice entered her head, "Of course you love it. Why do you think I chose you?"

Something made Krista turn her head. As she did, she saw water cascading off of the thing behind her. The thing turned out to be a man. Even this deep in the pool Krista could tell he was black. His body was toned to the point he looked unreal, like he was carved from stone. His long dreads were fanned around his head and jerked with every thrust of his hips. Krista couldn't take her eyes from him.

"I knew you were more in touch with your body's desires than any other woman on this earth. And I knew you could survive the punishment your body would take better than any other as well."

Krista almost protested as the man pulled his clawed finger from her swollen clit. But her protest stuck in her throat as the man's eyes began to fill with blood. Both clawed hands grasped Krista ass as the deep red orbs stared into her own.

"I declare you the vessel for the body!" her assailant roared in her mind as he buried himself deep inside her and exploded. Krista's body shook as this mysterious man released his seed inside of her. One last watery scream escaped her as her world darkened and she sank into unconsciousness.

Standing at the base of the large mansion's twin curved staircases, Gail watched water arc through the air; somewhat amazed that such simple delights still held her interest. The seven hundred stream fountain was a work of art. Water shot high and low; in long streams or short spurts; criss-crossing paths, but never colliding. Gail appreciated the work that went into creating the fountain, but it was the simple act of water tumbling through the air that kept her attention. Somewhere in her subconscious was a memory that made the fountain a wonder.

She unconsciously straightened the pants suit she wore. Having succeeded the first time, Gail was no longer nervous, but she was still excited. It was all happening so fast. Soon it would be over, and this would just be a distant memory. Gail intended to take as much enjoyment from the experience as she possible could. She took her eyes away from her beloved fountain, knowing an even greater treat awaited her.

A heavy rain pelted the cool night's asphalt as the tiny woman stepped out of the club. The sweat of dancing had plastered her shoulder length dark blond hair against her youthful delicate face. Large gray-green eyes searched the area outside of the club. None of her friends were out there, but no weirdoes or creeps were present either. Rosario Malenkabar raised her small red umbrella above her head and strolled out among the cars. She was comforted by the sound of the rain crashing against the ground, the smell that came along with a heavy downpour, and the absence of the strange man she had met inside the club.

She had first "felt" his gaze on her when she was on the dance floor, then again as she went to the ladies room, and again as she ordered a drink. The little woman lost count of the times she felt him looking at her. He was a very large black man, over a foot taller than she was and well over 100 pounds heavier. Even through his clothes Rosario could see he had a very muscular build. Long, thick cornrows framed a strong clean shaven face.

The man seemed to be playing some sort of game with her. Whenever she caught him watching her, the man would look her up and down, then smile and nod as if approving her for some contest she didn't know she had entered. Each time Rosario glared at him to accuse him with her eyes. Each time the man stared back at her refusing to admit he'd done anything wrong. Finally, after Rosario had had many dances, and almost as many drinks, the man approached her.

She was at the bar ordering what would be her last drink of the night, when she felt his eyes on her again. Furious that he would keep playing with her, Rosario spun around to spot the man, only to find him inches away from her.

Looking up into his deep brown eyes, Rosario felt incredibly small, incredibly vulnerable. However, the large black man simply smiled, paid for her drink, ordered one of his own, and invited the tiny Portuguese lady to join him at his table.

Rosario found herself following him, despite what common sense told her. Soon they were at his table sipping their drinks. He asked her questions from meaningless to the personal, to the strange and bizarre. What was worse, she answered each and every one. Rosario told him she was currently going to night school and where she worked during the day. She told him about her hopes and dreams for the future and about disappointments and failures in the past. She was captivated by this man, though she didn't know why. She would tell him anything he asked, give him anything he desired.

When she suddenly felt his large hand between her legs, Rosario's eyes grew wide. She knew what he wanted. Most men she had known wanted the same thing from her. But none had been so brazen. A part of her mind screamed that this was wrong, but Rosario ignored it, reveling in the feeling of this man's rough hand sliding further up the soft, sensitive skin of her thigh.

The large stranger stared at Rosario, and she stared back. But his gaze seemed to penetrate her mind. Just as his fingers slid under her panties and pushed apart her pussy lips, the man's mind slid into her own, pushing past every barrier and wall she had erected. Just when his large middle finger slipped inside of her cunt, his mind plunged to her core. Rosario could feel his thick finger surging in and out of her as his mind probed her own.

The large, strange, captivating man leaned over to her and asked "You do want this, don't you?"

Rosario came back to herself with a start. "No!" she answered a little too loudly,

"I don't do this kind of thing." she added pushing his hand from underneath her dress, "I'm not that kind of girl!" she said with finality.

The man just smiled and stirred his drink with the finger that had previously been inside of Rosario. "I didn't think so." he replied, then sucked the same middle finger.

Rosario was appalled, afraid, and confused. The man tipped his drink to her and downed it in one gulp. Not knowing what else to do, Rosario rushed from the club. She felt his eyes on her the entire time.

Now, outside in the cool night, Rosario was calmed. She still didn't know what caused her to act in such a fashion, but she was away from it. Thinking of better things she walked out to her car. Rosario knew she was too drunk to drive, but she wanted to rest a bit. She locked the car door, rolling the window down a bit to keep it from getting stuffy. Leaning her seat back, Rosario closed her eyes, and settled down into blackness.

She awoke hours later in an almost vacant parking lot. It was just her car and a black and gold van to her left. Rosario was recovered from the alcohol, and thought to take a few moments to clear her head and drive home. It was then that she "felt" him watching her, and there was only one place he could be doing it from!

With her senses suddenly alert, Rosario grabbed her purse, snatching her keys from it. She quickly placed the keys in the ignition, and turned...


Shock, fear, and confusion washed over Rosario in a matter of seconds. She turned the key again to receive the same heart wrenching sound. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the van begin moving. Again and again she tried to start her car, every time she received the same sound.

How can this be happening?! her mind reeled, I just had this car serviced!

Rosario banged the steering wheel in frustration. She popped the door locks and pulled on the handle, if she couldn't drive away, she'd run. At least that was her plan. The door didn't budge. As the van slowly pulled closer she tried the handle again to no success. She popped the locks again to no effect. Rosario banged, kicked, screamed, pleaded for the door to open and got nowhere. All this time the van drew nearer.

Finally, the van pulled along side her own vehicle. Rosario pushed, punched, kicked and yelled at the passenger side door, but was still trapped. Then a thought occurred to her. If she couldn't get out, this strange man couldn't get in. She would just wait until someone showed up to free her.

Rosario's breath caught as the black man exited his vehicle. He was even more impressive now than he was inside the club. A sudden fear welled up inside of her petite body as Rosario realized she made a mistake. A man his size could easily smash her car window and drag her out. But none of this happened. Instead, the large man walked up to Rosario's driver side door, smiled, and the doors unlocked.

Rosario was quick to take advantage of the opportunity, diving for the passenger side door. At the instant she opened her door; she heard the driver's side door being opened. She prayed she was fast enough, but didn't look back. Instead she leaped from the vehicle, eager to be free, and was instantly overcome with dread and sorrow as she felt her ankle grabbed from behind.

The man's grip was like an steel vice. Rosario clawed and pushed and screamed; trying anything to get away from him. But it was all useless. She wasn't nearly strong enough to escape this man, and no one was around to hear her screams.

But she didn't stop fighting, even when she felt herself being pulled back inside of her car. She never ceased struggling even as the man turned her over and pinned her small arms over her head. She never stopped screaming, even when the man's free hand viciously ripped away her dress and roughly mauled her bared breasts.

Rosario tried in vain to keep him from lowering his head to her small pink nipple; from sucking the tiny nub of flesh into his warm wet mouth; from flicking it to hardness with his thick tongue. She tried to move her body away from his free hand which squeezed her beautifully rounded breasts; which cruelly pinched and twisted her other nipple until it formed a dark pink mound. She tried to keep her body from responding, from enjoying the unwanted attention of this beast of a man. But as she felt the slickness growing between her thighs, Rosario knew she had failed at that as well.

As she felt her body heat rising, her breath quickening, and a desire that was not truly her own growing inside of her she cried, knowing this man was about to take something she had thought would always be freely given. The scene inside of the club flashed in her mind as she felt his large hand push between her thighs and a single finger enter her.

"I've been looking for a girl like you for some time." he said, pulling his finger from her. The large brute sucked on his digit relishing her taste, then added, "Sweet and innocent. Very hard to find in these times."

Rosario wanted to take her eyes away from the man, but something kept her from doing so. His hand slid down his own body as he forced his massive thighs between her own. Rosario did gaze down as he opened his pants and pulled out his enormous erect cock. Fear flooded through her again as she realized the abuse her small body would suffer being impaled by that thing. As Rosario renewed her screams and struggles her eyes were pulled back to his own. She watched in silent horror as the man's eye filled with what seemed to be blood.

Crimson slits stared down into wide gray-green eyes. The large black man had the satisfied look of a predator that had captured its prey. Rosario braced herself for what she knew was coming. Even then, she was not prepared.

The massive brute placed the head of his cock against her slit and held it there. The tiny Portuguese woman tried to pull herself away from the offending member at the same time her body yearned to wrap itself round it. The man returned his attention to Rosario's erect nipples. She cried in shame as her pussy flooded the man's cock head with her body's desire.

A lecherous smile crossed the man's face as he said; "Now you are ready."

Before she could protest, before she could plead, before she could scream, he thrust himself inside of her. Two opposite sensations shot through her. First, was the pleasure of her wanton pussy being filled. Soon after came pain from the man's brutish entry. Both sensations rushed through her with each of her assailant's fierce thrusts, and Rosario could do nothing to stop either.

Again and again, he rammed his engorged cock inside of her. Again and again she felt the pleasure and pain, the agony and ecstasy, the desire to have him fill her and the need to push him out. And with each thrust the sensations grew. The pain in her wrists from his deathly grip on them; the pain in her tiny cunt and thighs from the unnatural spread they were both suffering; the pain in her back, her shoulders, and her neck, from the body jarring blows being delivered by this man's powerful hips and thighs. All grew to the point that they burned; yet she felt pleasure.

Pleasure at the twist of her nipple in the large man's gigantic hand; pleasure as his massive cock slid in and out of her dripping cunt; pleasure as his body banged again and again into her sensitive clit. And that was when she felt it; felt herself reaching that peak, that cliff that she had so joyously tumbled over in the past. She was this close to cumming, and from the look in her rapist's eyes, he knew it.

Rosario decided this he could not have. He may take his pleasure with her, but he would not have the satisfaction of knowing her body was pleased as well. The tiny Portuguese woman focused on not feeling; on not cumming, only to have her body's sensation wash over her more intensely. Every attempt she made to subdue her orgasm brought it on that much faster. She looked into her attacker's confident gaze, wondering what he had done to make her lose control of her body, and surrendered. She decided to let him do as he will.

Seeing this, the large black man increased his thrusts. The hand holding her wrists came down to her other breast, firmly squeezing it and again twisting and pinching her nipple. Rosario lay there panting and helpless as her assailant placed his mighty hands over her firm belly. A feral smile reached his lips as words poured forth in an inhuman voice, "I declare you the vessel for the soul!"

His animalistic thrusts continued bringing her closer and closer to climax. Rosario lay there waiting for this unwanted pleasure. But when his massive cock erupted filling her tiny womb with his seed, Rosario's world was only filled with pain.

Rosario awoke to the feeling of something soft, wet, and warm being passed along her body. She reveled in its touch as the object moved down her breasts and stomach. Her eyes shot open when the object slid between her thighs, and the pain and fear of her last memories came flooding back to her mind.

The first thing the small Portuguese woman saw was the scantily clad and impressively built woman seated on the bed beside her. Long blond hair fell well past her somewhat broad shoulders. Her muscled arm angled down to a strong yet feminine hand which held a yellow sponge between Rosario's slight thighs. When the woman began turning to face the head of the bed, Rosario took a second to glance at her powerful back before her eyes were drawn to the other woman's massive chest.

These were not muscle though, but young firm, rounded breasts. Rosario couldn't help but glance down at her own body which seemed somewhat lacking next to the grandeur of the woman cleaning her. But such thoughts were short lived as she realized her continued peril. Her wrists and ankles were bound, allowing only limited movement. She began to shudder at the thought that the man from the club was not done with her.

As if just realizing her charge was awake, the blond woman turned deep blue eyes to Rosario. The well-built woman placed the sponge in a small bucket by the bed. "My name is Jesse," she said smiling, "I'm to care for you until the ceremony."

Rosario tried to respond but found her voice didn't work. Jesse placed a finger over Rosario's lips. "Shhh." She said, "You won't be able to speak until the healing. We must wait for Mistress Long to return before that can happen. She can heal the injuries inflicted by Master Pritchard, just as she did for the others."

The muscular blond gestured to her left, and for the first time Rosario noticed there were other women in the room. Who are these women? Her mind screamed. And why am I here with them?

As if she read the question in Rosario's eyes, Jesse answered, "The one in the bed next to us is named Krista. The master had great fun capturing her. The shock was so intense she didn't wake for over a week. We thought you would wake first." Missing Rosario's questioning gaze of how long she had been here, Jesse continued, "Her attendant is Janelle."

Rosario looked over at the other woman. Her long blond hair fell past her shoulders in curls. She was dressed similarly to Jesse; the two could have passed as sisters. However Janelle was a small woman. Smaller even than Rosario. But her figure showed she possessed a very developed musculature. Tight, cut muscles showed in even the simplest of movements. Her well sized breasts rose and fell heavily as she fed a reluctant Krista fruit from a small bowl. Her large nipples pushed at the thin fabric of her barely concealing garment.

Noting where Rosario's eyes had fallen, Jesse smiled, "Janelle truly does enjoy her work."

Rosario's eyes snapped back to her "caretaker" who gestured toward the far bed. "The woman down there is named Melanie. She was the first to be brought in. The master was very excited when he captured her. He was surprised by her level of spirit and intelligence. More than he could have hoped for."

Rosario stifled a moan as Jesse began absently stroking the smaller woman's body. The Portuguese woman focused her thoughts on the women at the far end of the room as Jesse continued her story. "Of course, that spirit and intelligence is exactly why Starla was assigned to her."

Rosario shifted her gaze from the woman tied to the bed to the one seated on it. Another blond. She thought to herself, more to distract her mind from the sensations running through her body as her attendant rolled a finger over her now erect nipple, than for any practical reason. This woman was also generously endowed. However, Rosario quickly noted that Starla was somewhat older than the other two blond attendants. Her stunning figure had thickened and curved in the full bloom of womanhood.

The tiny Portuguese woman felt Jesse's eyes on her again. Rosario brought her gaze back to the muscular blond, whose eyes sparkled. One hand still diligently played along Rosario's breasts. Jesse's smile widened and her breaths began to come deeper and heavier.

She licked red painted lips as she said, "But Master Pritchard had many wonderful things to say about you as well. Such an innocent, Rosario! One like we've never seen! So many people will..." Jesse's last words were lost, as Rosario passed back into unconsciousness.

As dawn touched the morning sky, the woman of the same name rose from her bed. It was time for her daily routine, her daily jog, and Dawn Shepard eagerly looked forward to it. The twenty seven year old woman simply donned a t-shirt, jogging pants, socks and her running shoes. She never wore a sports bra, her slim figure and small breasts made such apparel unnecessary. Besides, she always jogged through the park for fifteen minutes, then back to her car. No one ever saw the result of her love of exercise.

The drive out to the park was uneventful. Once there, Dawn took a few minutes to warm up and a few more to stretch the muscles of her supple body. As always she received stares from men going about their business. Most probably thinking she was far younger than she was and some thinking to take advantage of that. She never understood just what men saw in her. Yes, she thought she was pretty, but she also felt her breasts were too small, and she could use a little more weight in other areas. She was also always self conscious of her very light brown skin. For whatever reason men didn't agree.

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