An Unsinkable Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Romantic, Heterosexual, Historical, Humiliation, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Set in the early 1900s, this is a very active romantic roleplay with storms, pirates, bondage, etc. This was originally written, post by post, as a Sexual Role Play. I plan on posting two chapters a week, enjoy.


A new century, a time of new and fabulous inventions, a time of allies and foes, a time of coming war. Thrust into this are a pair of 19 year olds from opposite ends of society's scale. Our hero, Danny Dart is a common seaman, born of potato farmers in Ireland. Our first class girl, Elizabeth Hascombe is an English lady, born of statesmen and Earls. The pair are thrust together by the fates and a little help from Mother Nature. Read how they argue, become victims of a freak storm, persevere and finally accept each other and become one.

Now our story takes us to the South Pacific aboard the Steam powered freighter "Florence Wright", only a few days from her destination in Sidney, Australia. Elizabeth is on her way to join her father; British Ambassador to Australia while Danny is, more and more, just trying to stay out of Elizabeth's way and still perform his duties. It's been a long voyage and tempers are running high...

Danny Dart:

Danny languished over the most recent 'punishment' he had been given by the First Officer. He was swabbing the deck during his off time, when he was usually asleep. It's all because of that royal pain Elizabeth. She had been 'knocked down on purpose' by me, according to her. Actually I had been carrying several boxes, and couldn't see when she had walked into my path. The result was some broken stuff and less time for Danny to sleep.

He looked up as he saw Elizabeth walking arm-in-arm with Ensign Foreward. He was not looking where he was going, his eyes staring straight into her deep, blue eyes.

"Beg your Pardon Sir, wet deck", Danny called out. The Ensign kept on walking, chatting with the young girl who was throwing herself and her charms at him. I've seen Bombay whores acting more subtle. Danny called out again in a louder voice, "Ensign Sir, the deck is wet and could be dangerous."

Perhaps the officer couldn't hear him or, was more likely, ignoring him. Danny tried one last time. This time addressing the 'lady'.

"Excuse me mum, but the deck has been recently swabbed and is still wet. A person might slip."

Danny's addressing Elizabeth finally registered with the young Ensign, but it was too late. He had already hit the offending wet deck and was losing his footing. Elizabeth instantly let go of the officer's arm, so she wouldn't be dragged down with him. Did I see her give him a little push?

The Ensign hit the deck with force. His white uniform stained and ruined. As he yelled from the deck in front of Danny, Danny looked at Elizabeth. Her innocent eyes were looking away from him and her scarlet lips were addressing the not-so-nimble Ensign with a less than impressed tone.

Danny just shook his unkept brown mane; he knew that he was 'for it' again.

Elizabeth Hascombe:

It had been a pretty rough trip thus far to get to Sidney. Elizabeth hadn't really wanted to go in the first place but father dearest said she had to. Since her mother had been taken ill, he needed to have someone from the family there with him. Elizabeth was the only other one, so she did her civic duty. The trip would have been fine had it not been for Daniel Dart. She felt as if he was out to make her life a living hell! Everywhere she was, there he was. Was he stalking me? I sure as hell hoped not! He was not of my standard.

Elizabeth decided to take a walk on the upper deck when she ran into Ensign Foreward. He seemed very nice so they struck up a conversation. The bell for tea was rung and so the two started making their way to the dining hall. As they did, Elizabeth could see that Daniel was there again. She leaned over to the Ensign's ear and whispered for him to ignore the young man. He did just that and she could hear Daniel calling after they had passed. Then Elizabeth heard him calling to her. Elizabeth turned her head to look over the Ensign's shoulder only to glare at him as she listened to what the Ensign was saying.

Before long I knew what Daniel was trying to do. He was trying to be civil, but I was being a stubborn bitch. I could feel the Ensign falling so I let his arm go and pushed him forward slightly. Just so he wouldn't pull me with him or get my dress tangled in his feet.

He started to yell back to Daniel and once on his feet he went to him. He stood before him and gave him the third degree for everything. Elizabeth did feel bad, but just shrugged it off and awaited the Ensign. When he returned to her side, she just slipped her arm back in his. Elizabeth looked over her shoulder to Daniel with a slight look of empathy.


Potatoes, potatoes, I hated peeling potatoes. That stuck-up wench had me busted for sure. I not only had punishment duty, I was now relieved of my duties as Seaman and put to work in the galley. I was sure that she had fixed me up good. I almost wish I could be alone on deck with her to throw her overboard!

Danny took the pan of peeled potatoes and dumped it in the big pot. This crew ate an amazing amount of potatoes! Danny was only half done with the potatoes for lunch. The cook kidded him about cookin' for his girlfriend. Danny told him to take a long walk on a short pier. The nerve of some guys, his girlfriend indeed!

Someone said somethin' about a coming storm and battenin' down. That used to be my job!


Elizabeth sat at tea with the other ladies as they waited for dinner. I could see the men wandering the ship and it made me feel a little nervous. I shifted in my seat as I sipped my tea.

"So Ms. Hascombe, what brings you on this trip?" Elizabeth heard someone ask. At least it brought her back to reality.

"Oh ... my father is in Sidney..." Her voice trailed off as she saw Ensign Foreward start running. "Excuse me ladies." Elizabeth said as she excused herself from the table. She walked to where Ensign Foreward was. Elizabeth could see him giving orders and looking a little flustered. "Why Mr. Foreward, if I may ask, what is going on here?"

"Well ... ma'am", he started and looked around before continuing, "not to worry anyone, but we have a storm coming. It is worse than we have ever expected. They have already had some ships lost at sea. We pondered the thought of turning around, but the storm would catch up with us no matter what. I suggest you go to your room and get your lifejacket on. I am not saying that something is going to happen, but I wouldn't want something to happen to someone as pretty as you. Now if you would please excuse me." He finished as he took off to help the other men.

Elizabeth made her way to her room and put the life vest on as Mr. Foreward instructed. It was sort of bulky, but what was I to do? I didn't wish to die or something. Elizabeth decided to stay in her cabin and was getting extremely hungry. She noticed a slip of paper on the table & upon reading it found it to be room service. After reviewing the list and making her choice, she pushed the button for the kitchen. She was surprised to open the door and find Daniel there. I didn't know what he was doing there. The last I had heard, he was to be peeling potatoes for his little acts.

"What are you doing here Mr. Dart? You are supposed to be down below never to see daylight. At least that is what I was told." Elizabeth said as she stared at him with a hard face.


Danny looked wide-eyed at Elizabeth. He was also wearing his life jacket, but it looked better on him. A critical look came into his eyes. "What are ya doin' calling for room service in a storm? The cook only sent me up 'cause he thought something was wrong with you." Little does the cook know hahaha.

Danny started to storm out then he turned in the doorway, "Stay in here and don't ring the bell again. Understand? This is a highly trained crew member talkin'."

Danny went out and slammed the door. Crazy broad, likely to get herself killed and take the Ensign with her.


Elizabeth thought about what that deck ape had said.

"What are ya doin' calling for room service in a storm? The cook only sent me up 'cause he thought something was wrong with you."

"Nothing is wrong with me except for now. I am starting to feel sick from seeing your ugly face! From what I was told, it was nothing to worry about and I was hungry. I wanted some food, but if you would be the one delivering it I would rather go hungry than eat something from you Daniel Dart!" Elizabeth spoke sternly as she stood before him with her hands on her hips.

"Stay in here and don't ring the bell again. Understand? This is a highly trained crew member talkin'." Daniel finished as he went out the door and slammed it. As Elizabeth turned and started to walk away, she came to a standstill. Elizabeth couldn't move anyplace. She turned thinking that it was Daniel doing something on the other side of the door, but she found her dress shut in the door. Elizabeth opened it to see Daniel still standing there. He had this smirk on his face as she pulled the dress into the room with her. All Elizabeth could say was, "Humph!" as she started to shut the door. Before she could get the door shut, the ship was pitched to the side and she fell out the door and into Daniels arms. Elizabeth quickly rearranged herself and stood before him.

"What was that Daniel?" she asked with no emotion in her voice although the way he caught her gave Liz a warm chill thru her body.


Silly girl, but she was nice and soft. "That was a freak wave, lil miss. We are running into the storm, but those kinds of waves sink ships. Back into your cabin now, and don't you worry, Captain Strummn will get us into port, by golly."

Danny started to help her back into her cabin, when another freak wave hit. Danny managed to grab the rail, but Elizabeth went right over. Good thing she has her vest on. Well, here goes nothing.

Danny jumped over the rail and landed next to Elizabeth. He grabbed her and tied their vests to each other; they would have more of a chance together. Great, after all she has done to make my life a living hell, look who I wind up overboard with, and she'll blame me too!


Daniel started to help Elizabeth back into her cabin when another wave hit. It was so hard that Daniel was pushed back to the rail. Elizabeth managed to fall out of the door and pass Daniel and flip over the rail.

I saw my life flash before me as I hit the crashing water below. I was glad I had decided to put on the life jacket, but how was I to get back on the ship? The way I treated Daniel, he wouldn't be giving up his life to save mine anytime soon! I was sure of that.

Elizabeth heard people screaming as the waves crashed against the ship. She could see people scrambling so she tried calling for help. I seemed to be drifting away from the ship. Tears started to flood my eyes and I thought for sure I was going to die.

Elizabeth closed her eyes ready for the foreseeable end to her life, but soon felt a splash right next to her. She opened her eyes to find Daniel swimming to her side. Elizabeth had just drifted to the rear of the ship. He reached out and pulled her closer to him and tied her to him. Elizabeth looked at him stunned!

"I do not need the help of you Mr. Dart! I am sure that Ensign Foreward will be along to rescue me. You have already caused me enough annoyance on this trip to make it not very enjoyable!"

"Listen Mum! I am the only one that knows that you went overboard here! Everyone up there is concentrating on the others that have gone over. I would like nothing more than to let you go off on your own and see how you manage, but then I would have that on my conscience. The way the storm is going, I would be surprised if the ship stays afloat!" He said sternly to her. Elizabeth looked at the ship as it got tossed around and they continued to drift away. I guess what he said was true. It didn't really look all that promising seeing the ship was almost out of sight. If it were true, what was to become of us?

Elizabeth treaded the cool waters with Daniel as they watched everything happen from a distance. Strangely enough I was pretty happy Daniel was with me.


I can't believe it. This girl is treating being washed overboard like a lark, like she fell into the pool. We are still in the storm being driven away from the ship. My only hope is that her unclosing mouth causes her to take in enough water to lose consciousness.

Danny tried to steer their floating bodies as best he could. "I think there is a group of islands near where the storm is taking us. Try to keep your mouth closed and your head above water, girl."


Elizabeth looked at Daniel surprised by his tone. She did as he said though which was to shut her mouth and to keep her head above water. I was getting so tired. I just stopped moving as I felt the storm just drift us away. I didn't know if I would wake up after all of this though. What a way to go!

The two castaways were battered by the wind and waves all night long. One by one they were battered into unconsciousness, drifting with the storm until it blew itself out.

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