Chapter One

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Son,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter One - A 13 year old fantasy of loving his mom

"Oh, oh," I panted, "take it all Mommy, suck my cock, suck out my cum! Suck me dry! Take it all! Suck my cum into your mouth and swallow every drop!"

The cum spurted out of my cock and onto my pumping hand and stomach as I lay there on the bed and pounded my cock to a climax. I collapsed back on the bed in relief as the sensation of coming welled up in me, and I relaxed to a warm glow. God that was a great cum! I guess I would put it down as my "birthday cum." Today was my 13th birthday. I got hair on my balls about a year and a half ago and had been jacking off ever since. God, it was fun! My spurt in growth had started at the same time, and I am now 5'10" and growing like a weed. I don't know if pulling my pud had helped, but my cock had taken off too. It was about four inches long two years ago, and it had grown to seven inches as of this morning's measurement of my hard-on. According to what I read online, that was about an inch over "average" so I guess I am doing OK. I know it's longer than Dad's from seeing him in the bathroom. At least when it's soft.

Time to get up and go to school. I love to start out the morning by taking care of my early erection. I got up, pulled up my PJ's, licked off my hand, and headed for the shower. Mom was in the hallway with a bemused expression on her face. "About time you got up," she said. I grunted and went in the bathroom and got in the shower. Did she know what I did every morning? Probably. She changed my sheets, and I know some of the cum stuck to them.

As I got ready for school, I thought about my Mom. I had plenty of internet porn to jack off to, but she was my favorite fantasy. She married Dad at eighteen, and was 32 now. Having me and my eight-year-old brother hadn't hurt her figure; she was a good-looking woman. But her main feature that drove me crazy was her mouth. She had Spanish blood in her, and she had big plump lips like Angelina Jolie. God, they drove me nuts! When you saw her from the side, they looked like they were pursed to kiss your cock and then part and slid over your helmet and onto your shaft.

I couldn't get her out of my mind when I was jacking off. But I knew it was a waste of time to do anything but dream. She had a Catholic upbringing and was hung up on sex. I knew because I had overheard a whispered exchange between her and dad last year when they came home from a party a little high and made out on the sofa. He wanted her to go down on him and she refused. Said it was "dirty" and she wouldn't do it. I knew she loved fucking him, their bed was always squeaking. So I don't know why I frustrated myself dreaming about her sucking me off. I knew she would never do it.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed some dry cereal and fruit for breakfast. As I sat down and poured milk into the bowl, Mom said, "Congratulations, 'big thirteen!' ready for your birthday dinner tonight?"

"Yeah, Mom, have you got the steak and baked spuds ready to go?"

"Yes, they are honey. You still haven't told me what you really want for your birthday."

"I am all set if you just give me some money, Mom."

"OK, but I would like to give you something more personal."

Oh, boy, I can sure think of something personal you could do for me!

"By the way, honey, I have been meaning to ask you how your French class is going. Are you able to read French yet? "

"Well enough to know how to French kiss, Mom!"

Mom looked at me and frowned. "You know, this last year you have really become obsessed with sex. I hope you are planning to date yet, you just aren't responsible enough to get involved with girls."

"Hey Mom, I have passed puberty now and have my urges, you know. "

"Yes, I do know, I wash your sheets!"

That shut me up. I look down at my bowl and starting eating my breakfast. As I did, a thought occurred to me. Could I con my Mom into believing something that would get her to suck me off? Naah, that would be impossible. But what if?

Mom's one problem was her health. It was fine, but she didn't believe it. She constantly complained about having aches and pains, and called them rheumatism and arthritis. The Doctors had found nothing wrong with her, but that didn't stop her problem. Dad had told me he believed she really felt the pain, but that it was all in her head. If she ever believed she was cured, the pain would cease.

Mom always believed what I told her. She thought I was smarter than her, and I did get very good grades. When I told her about something I had learned, and she doubted it, I was always able to prove that I was right. It had got to the point now that she pretty well accepted anything I came up with. I had just teased her about French kissing. Could I get to her on "French love?" Could I combine that with my sheet problem and spin her a tale about French love that would cure her aches and pains? A light bulb went on! It was worth a try.

"Mom, you were on me about my sheets, my birthday, and what to get me. I read an article in a French magazine at the public library yesterday that covered those things and tied them together, but I am really shy about explaining it to you."

"Why, Jimmy, what does it say?" "

"Well it's real personal, and if I tell you Mom, you have to promise not to tell anyone else, especially Dad! He might get real mad at me for mentioning it. "

"Well, if it was an article in a magazine, it can't be that bad. So tell me about it and I won't mention it to anyone. "

"The Article is called, 'French Love, ' Mom, do you know what that is?"

"I certainly do! They are talking about oral sex. I am not surprised you didn't want me to mention it! That's sodomy, and it's a sin to do it."

"Are you are talking about the Church's rules for sex? Remember what the Italians tell the Pope. 'you no playa the game, you no maka the rules.' Anyway, let me explain what the article says. It claims that the French discovered centuries ago that young men's sperm contains an essence that prevent various illnesses in women when it is swallowed. Among them are the aches and pains you get from rheumatism and arthritis. It seems that the best results happen when the woman swallows sperm from a teenager. The older the male, the less results. I guess the essence isn't as potent later. It needs to be ingested as it comes out of the penis right into the mouth to be effective. Exposure to the air lowers the result. So the best way is for the woman to suck it out of the penis directly and swallow it immediately. This has led to French woman becoming very proficient at French love, and France has become famous for it. The proof of this is that medical surveys show Frenchwomen have half the problems with these kind of illnesses that women in other countries have."

"Jimmy, that is just outrageous! I have never heard of such a thing! If it were true, why haven't my doctors told me about it?"

"You know how puritanical this country is compared to France. I guess they don't want to suggest it and be condemned for doing so. Research is ongoing to find out the parts of the sperm that are therapeutic, but so far, they have not been isolated. Anyway, this has led to another cultural habit in French families that is kept very quiet. A different relationship between French mothers and their sons than the one you and I have."

"What is that?"

"The French women are aware of the facts I have just told you. So when their sons reach my age they set down with them and tell them they have something to explain to them. They then tell them what I have just told you, and that they need their sperm on a regular basis as a specific against various illnesses. They then ask their sons if they have started masturbating and how often they do it. They examine their penises and scrotums to check their condition. If everything seems in good shape, they explain to their son that he will no longer need to masturbate because they will perform oral sex on him in order to harvest the needed sperm. They then do this at least once a day for the first month, and once the essence has built up in their system, they back off to a couple of times a week, with additional times added if they get an pains.

This accomplishes several great things for the mother and son. First, she gets the treatment she needs for these possible illnesses. second, they become very close during his teen-age life, and don't have as many conflicts. Third, it gives him a great outlet for his sexual needs that keep him from bothering his sisters and girlfriends. Fourth, he becomes sexual experienced and is a better lover when he does get married."

My Mom set there stunned as she listened to my explanation. She was obviously upset by what I was telling her. I had no idea how she was going to respond, but I figured I better give her some time to digest the ideas.

So I said, "Anyway, Mom, I have to get to school, we can talk about this later." I grabbed by stuff and left.

After Jimmy left I sat at the table in shock. I couldn't believe what he had just told me. I know that boys want sex with their mothers when they hit his age but Jimmy had never been suggestive toward me. He had always been truthful with me and I couldn't believe he had just made this up. He was implying that I should suck him off every day!

What impressed me was how "matter of fact" he was about it. I didn't read French and had no way of checking the article. I certainly couldn't discuss it with anyone else. Bill had always wanted me to do this to him, but I considered it dirty, and a perversion. Was I wrong? Was this something I should have been doing? I would have to think about it.

That afternoon I took a nap. When I woke up, cock sucking was all that was on my mind. The big attraction was getting rid of my pain. From what Jimmy had told me, I would know within a month if it worked or not.

First off, could I stand to do it? Could I take Jimmy's cock in my mouth and suck on it until he came and then swallow his cum? I shuddered at the thought. It didn't sound like fun to me. I had been brought up by my mother to believe that was something only whores did. It was perversion and a sin. The "sin" part didn't bother me that much, I didn't attend church anymore, and I didn't believe the Priests were always right. Jimmy was right about "you don't maka the rules." But this was incest! There was no escaping it. Of course, it was what Clinton and Monica called "fooling around," and wasn't at the level of full sexual congress that would lead to a baby.

And what about Bill? I would be cheating on him with his son! I believed what Jimmy told me about the sperm having to come from a young man. Jimmy was obviously masturbating every day, and Bill, now 40, was lucky to get it up for me once a week. And sometimes he had trouble even when he did. My sex life was certainly on the decline. Jimmy left his door cracked open last week and as I went by, I spotted him lying on the bed jacking off. I noticed immediately that he was bigger down there now, than Bill was. It made me wet to see him masturbate. Would this lead to full sex with Jimmy? I wouldn't fuck him no matter what. I couldn't live with that. I would have to keep this totally secret from my husband Bill and my seven-year-old son. I would be ruined if anyone ever found out what I was doing.

Where and when would we do it? It would have to be in Jimmy's bedroom when no one else was around. I didn't dare to do it in the car with him, we could be caught. I knew from the sounds Jimmy made that he seemed to jack off first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Bill and Johnny were both gone before Jimmy in the morning, so I could do it then. And they both went to sleep before me at night. Bill didn't wake up in the evening. He slept like a log. As long as we were quiet, I could slip into Jimmy's bedroom before I went to bed.

God, what am I thinking! I can't do this! It's against everything I believe! But oh, if it relieved the pain I have in my shoulders it would be wonderful! I just can't live with these aches, and the Doctors are worthless. What am I going to do?

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