A New Beginning
Chapter 1

Caution: This Slut-Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Interracial,

Desc: Slut-Wife Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A wealthy business man neglects his hot trophy wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett and Elizabeth Holcomb were very wealthy and powerful people. Mr. Holcomb had several diverse businesses that had done very well before he sold them for extreme amount of money. Now he was in the process of running for County commissioner of his area. He really was looking for a more powerful seat, but knew that he had to start somewhere and then move up. The Holcomb's lived in a gated community in a very large house. They never did have any children as Mr. Holcomb was too engrossed in his work and Mrs. Holcomb was not willing to sacrifice her beautiful body for a child.

The Holcomb's met at a fund raiser about 10 years ago and began dating quite frequently after that. He was 45 at the time and she was 26. While he was an above average looking man, tall with salt and pepper hair, she was absolutely stunning. Liz as people called her was a pure trophy. She was brunette, 5'7" tall, weighing 135lbs, with the nicest set 34DD breasts that any man has ever imagined. She was often the talk of the town by women wanting to know if they were real or not and by the men wanting to get a hold of them and slide their dick between them. Many of the women would not socialize with her because they felt she married Mr. Holcomb for his money.

Liz started each morning off around 8 a.m. with a nice run on the treadmill and then did a pretty intense workout in order to keep her figure slim and trim. By 10:00 a.m. she would take a quick shower and head to the club for a lesson in tennis by the pro. Many of the club regulars assumed that Liz was having an affair with the tennis pro, but she different. She knew that even though he couldn't keep his eyes off of her firm breasts that she would never risk her marriage to Garrett. She also was very much aware that with Garrett running for County commissioner that everyone would be prying into their business and she didn't want any skeleton's to come out despite the fact that she wanted and needed to be fucked so badly.

Liz and Garrett had a decent sex life for the first 5-6 years of their marriage, but then it began to go downhill pretty quickly as soon as Garrett began thinking about getting into politics. Seemed like he was always reading the paper or on the internet looking at different the issues. As a result their sex life suffered. They went from having sex a couple of times a week to about once a month and that really just consisted of him getting on top of her and fucking her for a few strokes before he would cum a few drops and then he would get off of her and go down into his study to read the paper while Liz sat in bed and played with herself until she had a orgasm...

Now ten years later, Liz is 36 and in her sexual prime and Garrett is 55. The more Liz thought about it, the more she realized that she hadn't been sexually fulfilled since she was in college. Garrett would have sex with her about once a month Liz really wanted to fuck someone, but she was pleased with her status in the community and felt that was more importation than having a lot of friends and an active sex life. She had created a routine and she really didn't change it much at all, not even to accommodate Garrett, unless it meant that they were going out to a political event. Liz had become so accustom to not having sex, that she really didn't even think about it much anymore.

Mr. Holcomb was a tough and shrewd business man and many of the local people felt he was a bit too stuck up for the community. They were not sure if he would listen to the residents of his County or not. A lot of the community didn't feel like they would have anything in common with the Holcomb's due to their wealth and power. So Mr. Holcomb sat out to work on his image and change people's opinion's of him. He would have town hall meetings and speak in front of the residents. Taking questions and answering them the best he could really began to win the community over on him and they began to see that he was just a regular man, just with a lot of money and power. At every one of these events, Liz would dress up nice and attend, standing by her husband and being the perfect trophy wife.

The night of the election, everyone had been at the Holcomb's campaign headquarters, waiting for the news of who had won. It had been a close race and it seemed like it was going to go down to the wire. It was getting close to 11 p.m. when the ballots had been totaled. Mr. Holcomb had won by 24% of the vote. The whole place went crazy with cheering and screaming. The champagne bottles began to open and the booze began to flow. Around 12:30 a.m., the party was in full swing and that is when two deputies from the Sheriff's office came in. They walked over to Mr. Holcomb and his campaign manager came to his side.

The Deputies said "Mr. Holcomb, the other party is protesting the fact that you still have your campaign signs posted along Highway 42 near your home. Based on this, you could be fined $10,000 per sign with the money going to the other party and up to 30 days in jail."

The money didn't really bother Mr. Holcomb, he had lots of it, but the 30 days in jail would mean that he would miss his swearing in and therefore forfeit his County commissioner seat. He began to frantically look around the room for someone that was sober enough to drive and pick up the signs. That's when Mr. Holcomb saw his lovely wife coming out of the restroom. She was dressed in a lovely form fitting red dress that had a scooped out back and a tight fitting top that wouldn't allow her to wear a bra and really showed off her huge boobs. The side of the dress had a rather high slit up the side that showed a lot of her sexy legs, but left the mystery of what type of hosiery she was wearing underneath her outfit. She was walking ever so sexy with her white 4" heels and hose completed her outfit. She looked elegant yet sexy. She looked like the perfect trophy wife.

Mrs. Holcomb walked over to her husband's side and asked what was going on. After Mr. Holcomb explained it to her and that they really weren't sure who would be sober enough to go and pick up the signs.

Mrs. Holcomb sighed and said "Honey, I will go and pick up the signs and just continue home. It is getting late and I really do not feel all that well."

At first Mr. Holcomb didn't want her to go, but the more he thought about it, the more he did not want to spend the next 30 days in jail.

"Well o.k. sweetie, if you are sure that you are o.k. to drive" Mr. Holcomb responded.

With that Mrs. Holcomb gave her husband a kiss on the cheek and proceeded to leave. As she walked out the front door and the valet went to get her car she didn't really seem all that tired, but knew that she had to go and pick up the signs for her husband. She got inside her Lexus sedan and pulled out along the road.

As she came to the first intersection, she pulled over and put her hazard flashers on and carefully got out of her car. Their was not much traffic on the road and she kind of liked the quietness that surrounded her after having been in campaign headquarters for so long with all that noise. She reached down and picked up the sign and walked around and put it inside her trunk. Then she quickly crossed the intersection and picked up the other sign. As she pulled onto the highway and drove down a bit, she saw the other signs. She pulled over again and popped her trunk. As she got out of her car, she looked down to hear her left front tire making a hissing sound. She had ran over a broken bottle and put a gash in the tire causing it to go flat.

Mrs. Holcomb was pissed now, here she was about 4 miles from her home with a flat tire. She reached into her purse and tired calling her husband, but it went straight through to voicemail. She knew with all of the noise that he would never be able to hear her. As she walked over to pick up the last two signs, she saw a van coming up and pulling over to help her. She felt relieved, yet a bit nervous as well. As she bent over to put the last two signs in her trunk, she her the door to the van close.

Up walked a very tall, clean cut young black man. He was dressed very nice and didn't seem too out of place in the area, except that she didn't think people drove full size panel vans anymore. At this point she really didn't care, she just wanted to go home.

Larry walked up to Mrs. Holcomb and reached out his arm "Hi ma'am. What seems to be the trouble?" he asked.

"I ran over a piece of glass and have a flat tire now?" She replied.

"Do you have a spare?" Larry asked.

"No, we used it and haven't had it replaced yet. I keep forgetting to do it." Liz replied.

"Why don't I give you a ride then" Larry suggested.

Thinking about her options and who else might pull up that could be a lot worse, she decided to get in the van with him and let him take her home. Her husband could send for the car in the morning.

"Ok, if you don't mind, could you take me to my home please?" Liz asked Larry.

"Yes Ma'am, right this way" Larry stated as he walked around and opened the door for her to get in the van.

Liz thought to herself that Larry was very much a nice young gentleman doing a good thing. She started to feel at ease and couldn't wait to be at home in her bed.

As they pulled away, Larry asked her which way it was to her home. Liz gave him directions as they drove, Liz learned that Larry was 20 years old and going to the local university studying Engineering. Just as Larry was turning to go down the road toward the main entrance, Liz felt a hand reach around the back of her and putting something over her mouth. All of a sudden she was screaming inside a piece of cloth that was muffling her screams for help. Then she saw a gun pointed at her and she knew that she was in trouble. There in the back of the van was two more young black college kids staring at her. She immediately began to get quiet and listen to what they had to say.

"Listen bitch, we aren't here to hurt you, just to help you" stated the biggest one of the group (Eric).

"We know who you are and we know what a prick your husband is — he fired our dad about 8 years ago and we have been waiting for this moment" yelled the other guy in the back Ricky.

For whatever reason, Liz all of a sudden felt sorry for the guys. They seemed very nice and very proper in their behavior; they were just still upset about their father losing his job on Garrett's behalf.

"What can I do for you gentlemen to make it up to you?" Liz asked not really knowing what she meant by that comment.

"Well for starter's you can climb back in the back of this van with us" replied Eric.

Liz got up out of her seat and walked to the back where a makeshift bed was located at the back of the van. She sat down and began looking around when she noticed that Ricky was pulling down his pants and had a massive cock. It had been such a long time since Liz had sex that she fell to her knees and pulled his cock to her face, wrapping both of her hands around the massive tool. Looking at it this close she realize that it must have been at least 10" long and as thick around as her wrist. She slowly began to kiss it and lick the sides of it as Ricky began to get harder and harder.

"Hell yeah bitch, SUCK MY BLACK COCK you Dirty Slut" Ricky was yellin'.

With that, Liz looked up at him and opened her mouth up and took his entire shaft down her mouth. Deepthroating him never felt so good and it had been since her last college boyfriend that she had sucked a guys cock down that deep, even though her last boyfriend wasn't nearly has large. By now, Larry had stopped the van behind a store and was climbing to the back to join Eric and Ricky, he was shedding clothes the entire way to the back.

While Liz continued to suck Ricky, Eric began pulling her dress off of her. Having not had much experience with women that dressed this nice, he really didn't even know where to begin, so he just pulled the straps down and freed her large breasts. When they came into view, he slowly began to tweak her nipples and he was getting very excited about how large they were becoming under his touch. Liz began to moan as Eric was playing with her tits. She loved her nipples to be sucked and bit.

By now, Larry had figured out how to remove her dress without ripping it off of her. She was shocked to see her wearing a black garterbelt with her white stockings. He left her kneeling wearing her stockings, garterbelt, and high heels and then he spread her legs and worked his head between her legs.

The feeling of Larry's bald head sliding between her legs was too much and she spread her legs more to allow him between her so that he would be able to get to her aching pussy. When Larry was through, he began licking her pussy like his life depended on it.

Liz stopped sucking Ricky and began to hump Larry's tongue while he licked her pussy.

"Lick my pussy you mother fucker" Liz begged.

"Don't stop licking me, please keep licking my pussy" She continued.

By now Liz was humping Larry's face and on the verge of having her first major orgasm since she had been married. Just as she was cumming on Larry's tongue, Liz felt Ricky's cock begin to twitch and let out a huge eruption of sperm all down her throat. When Liz couldn't swallow it all, Ricky pulled out and blasted another load on her face.

With that Liz laid there for a second while the boys picked her up and placed her on the bed. Eric put the head of his cock at the entrance to Liz's soaking wet pussy and when he did, Liz rose up and look at the size of his cock. He wasn't all that long, but what he didn't have in length, he more than made up for in thickness. He was probably as thick around as a coke can and around 7" long. Liz wasn't sure if she would be able to take such a thick cock into her pussy, but then he doubts were erased as Eric slowly started working his cock into her.

"That's it — FUCK my SLUT PUSSY" Liz begged.

"FUCK ME like the SLUT that I am" Liz yelled.

With that, Eric rammed his Cock all the way inside her.



Eric continued to fuck her with his hard cock ramming her with all his might until he could feel his cock begin to twitch and that is when Liz could feel another orgasm begin to hit her. About the time that Eric began shooting his load deep inside the County Commissioner's wife, Liz began to have a major orgasm.

"Don't stop, Please DON'T STOP FUCKING ME, Please Don't stop, Please keep fucking me" Liz begged.

Eric pulled his massive tool out of Liz's stretched pussy and it looked as if a baseball bat had been taken out of her pussy. She looked down and wondered if her pussy would ever be the same after Eric's thick cock.

Larry looked down and knew that his long cock wouldn't be enough for her even though he was the longest of the bunch at 12" long, he didn't have near enough thickness to compare to Eric. So Larry took the tip of his cock and began to press it against Liz's asshole which had cum dripping down onto it.

"NO — not my asshole" Liz pleaded.

But then Eric put his cock up to her open mouth and she knew that she wanted to suck it clean. As Liz sucked Eric's cock, she began to scoop cum out of her pussy and run it over her tight virgin asshole. After about 3 minutes of her running sperm over her ass and playing with her anal opening, she felt the head of Larry's cock slid into her virgin ass. Larry was very much a gentleman about this and slowly worked his cock in and out of her, allowing her to become accustomed to his long cock inside her ass. When Larry felt Liz push back to meet his cock, that is when he started to pick up the pace and really ram her pussy hard.

Liz had never felt anything that long inside her ever. It felt wonderful, yet it felt like his cock was going to come out of her throat with every thrust. Larry didn't last very long inside her tight ass and soon he was filling her asshole up with his hot load.

The boys ended up fucking Liz for another hour before they took her to her house. As they pulled into the guard gate Liz showed the guard her id and the boys dropped her off at her house. By now it was close to 3 a.m. and she was worn out. She had never been fucked this good in all of her life. The boys gave her a kiss on the mouth and then they pulled her back to the bed one more time.

"What do you want from me know?" asked Liz.

They each pulled their hardening cocks out of their pants and put them in her face. She immediately knew what to do. She sucked each of them like her life depended on it. As she was alternating between the 3 boys cocks she could feel them getting closer and closer to cumming. She would jack two of the boys while she sucked the other. When she felt them beginning to cum, she yanked the top of her dress down, ripping it in the process and the boys came all over her face and tits.

"That's it, cum all over my tits boys. Oh yessssssss that'ssssss ittttt" Liz moaned.

Larry helped her up and out of the van, walking her to the front door.

"Good night Liz, we had a wonderful time and we hope that we can get together with you again real soon". Larry stated.

"I would really enjoy that" Liz said.

Larry then took a card from his pants and slid it between her firm tits saying "Call us real soon Liz".

Liz reached down between her tits and pulled the card out which was covered in sperm and scooped up some more of the boys cum and slowly licked it off the card and her finger tips.

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