Kampar's Wand
Part 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Part 1 - Devan arrives in Destindale, but things aren't going as she planned. Taking a job with an herbalist named Lorelle to save her coin, she finds that the handsome merchants passing through the area are a welcome distraction as she tries to get into one of the two magic schools. When the exciteable Kampar, Darmok Tinkettle, and the scarred warrior Matusen enter the picture, Devan learns a lesson and finds a solution.

Devan rose up from her dirty, aching knees with a groan, picking up the wooden pail full of quickly wilting weeds as she stood.

Half a dozen horses could have stood end to end across the width of the herb patch she had just finished weeding, and it was just as wide in the other direction. If it were not for magic, tenacious, unwanted flora would have taken over the huge herb garden in days. There was no way she and Lorelle could have possibly kept up with it.

Looking around, Devan saw that all the plants were doing well. They grew tall, and flowered or bushed out, as they should, well beyond what was average for each plant.

Devan wiped the sweat away from her brown eyes, glad that it was Lorelle's turn to do the earlier weeding when the sun was near its zenith. A breeze blew a few errant strands of her long red hair into her eye, and she snorted in annoyance as she brushed them away, trying to tuck them back into the scarf she wore over her head.

Devan looked down at the bucket in her hand and sighed. She had studied magic, and left her family's farm for the purpose of avoiding exactly the sort of work she was doing now. As she walked toward the compost pile to dispose of the weeds in her pail, she thought about the last month, which had turned out far different than she had expected it to when she stepped down from her father's wagon into Destindale.

She had a talent for magic, and learned quickly. With plenty of coin in her purse, she had expected to be accepted into one of the two schools here or an apprenticeship quickly. That dream had been dashed on the rocks almost immediately.

She found it impossible to get past the door of the two schools, and it seemed that every wizard worth speaking of in the entire city already had as many apprentices as they could handle. Every time she walked up to one of the schools, they had some excuse why the Master could not see her. She was always told to return later, and it was really starting to irritate her. She had seen other people admitted, and as far as she could tell, they had no special appointments.

Her most recent visit to one of the schools had really set her teeth on edge, because she had overheard one of the senior apprentices speaking about how women had no place working the Art.

Dumping out the weeds, Devan went to the wooden basin near the back door of the herb shop where she lived and worked, to wash up. She thought the dirt ground into her knees was never going to come off, and it felt like washing the sweat from her body was a waste of effort when it coated her as fast as she could wipe it away.

Her blouse was so soaked with sweat that she might as well be wearing nothing at all. The pale, cream-colored cloth was nearly invisible, clinging to her breasts and showing every detail of the firm globes and the small blister-like nipples. She knew it was an unwise choice even as she had put it on, but the remainder of her laundry was still drying at the time, and she had no other option. Fortunately, the shop was far on the outskirts of town, and the fence around the garden would have obscured the view of anyone not looking through a crack or knothole.

Her skirt was likewise soaked, though it at least didn't display her to the world. The hem was filthy from kneeling down while weeding, and she knew without looking that her bottom was outlined in dirt as well, from where she had sat down on several occasions.

She gave up on washing, deciding that getting the worst of the filth off her knees would have to suffice. She planned to get in the bath immediately, anyway. She pulled down a freshly dried skirt, blouse, and panties from the clothes line nearby, careful to avoid letting them touch any part of her that would get them dirty before she even put them on. Opening the plain oaken door to the shop, Devan breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the effects of a Cooling Comfort spell. Lorelle must have cast it when she had gone inside after her shift of weeding.

Devan's nipples hardened in the cool air, pressing tightly against the damp cloth. She shivered and turned into the bath room that was only a step down the short hallway from the back door.

Devan could still feel the effects of the spell in this room, but it was lessened. Lorelle might not have much magic, but what magic she did possess, she had mastered. Laying the Cooling Comfort spell over the entire dwelling and varying the effect it had by location was not an easy task.

Devan lay her clean clothes on a small table near the door, and then stepped around the round tin tub to a narrow door opposite where she had entered. The stove inside was cold, as it was only used to heat water in cooler weather. The barrels inside were full of water, warmed by the heat of the day, and would be the perfect temperature for bathing.

She carried buckets of water to fill the tub, taking care not to step in the trench used to drain it. The tub wasn't large, but it was far too big to carry outside and dump, and thus had to be drained.

Once finished filling the tub, Devan stripped off her dirty clothing and put a fresh towel over the back of the chair that sat near the tub for exactly that purpose. She lay her clean clothing in the seat of the chair where it would likewise be within reach after she finished bathing.

A look of irritation crossed Devan's face when she saw how out of control the hair between her legs was. She usually kept it closely cropped, shaved down to a triangle above her nether lips, the hair surrounding her lips just long enough that it wasn't prickly. Now, she had long stubble everywhere and her triangle was a tangle.

She and Lorelle had been so busy in the shop that Devan simply had not wanted to bother with it for the last week or so. It had been even longer since she had trimmed her triangular patch. She picked up her razor and scissors, laying them on a box sitting next to the tub, which already supported a washcloth and soap.

Stepping into the tub, she reached for the scissors and trimmed the hair down to an acceptable length once again. She put down the scissors, picked up her razor, and then sat down in the tub.

The water was shockingly cold against her sun-warmed skin, and her nipples immediately stiffened. The initial shock only lasted a moment or two, as the water wasn't really that cold. As soon as the shivers died down, Devan stood back up again to shave.

She squatted down when necessary as she shaved her legs and mound, keeping her skin lubricated to avoid irritation from the razor. With practiced skill, she completed the task quickly. She dried the razor off on the washcloth so it would not rust, and then brought the cloth into the tub to wash.

When she stepped from the bath a short while later, she felt refreshed and invigorated. Walking over to a mirror, she parted her legs slightly and made sure she hadn't missed anything as she shaved. Manipulating her labia to make sure she hadn't missed long hairs in the crevices caused her body to tingle.

This was one of the reasons she was ready to make the effort to trim things below today. She hadn't lain with a man in days, and her body was rebelling. Her first night in town, she had stayed at one of the inns, not feeling like looking for a place to live right away. She had met a handsome merchant in the common room that night, drank far too much wine, and had let him bed her before the night was over.

Contrary to feeling ashamed, Devan had thought the arrangement was perfect. He gave her a wonderful orgasm, and the merchant had continued on his way the next day. No courting, no need for games — it was pure, simple pleasure for them both. The traveling merchants didn't stay around to spread rumors, so as long as she was discreet in her late night encounters, she wouldn't develop a reputation as a tramp in town.

Not that she really would have cared.

Having a clean reputation meant that she could possibly find a decent man or two amongst the locals that could take care of her when no merchants who struck her fancy were around. Thus, she did her best to avoid anyone seeing her going into or coming out of the men's rooms and wagons.

Two relationships ended by the man cheating on her, and the final cruel nail driven into her heart by Serhan bedding her on a bet had killed every romantic thought that had ever nestled in her mind. Men were pigs, and if she didn't needed more than her fingers between her legs on occasion, she wouldn't even have bothered with them.

She found it easy enough to track down a handsome man with a nice sized cock who could treat her right for one evening, though. She had bedded ten merchants since she had arrived in town, and had her eyes on two or three locals that might just come in handy as well.

Lorelle had no problem with her nocturnal activities. The older woman often came home quite late at night and looked worn out the next morning. The two often discussed their trysts, comparing cock sizes and lovemaking technique between work and customers in the shop.

Lorelle did have a reputation as a tramp, and she didn't care.

Devan walked out into the shop to take over watching the counter while Lorelle went into the back to prepare more herbs and spell components to replenish the stores in the front of the shop. Once the sun started to sink low in the horizon, Devan closed down the shop.

With the shop finally locked up tight, Devan walked back into the workroom. Lorelle sat in the chair behind the table, apparently finished and relaxing.

Lorelle was an attractive woman, and she had aged well. Anyone would judge her ten years younger than her forty-three years. The work in the shop and garden kept her body firm and toned. Her sandy blonde hair showed no signs of grey. Her breasts and bottom still stood up firm and proud, and she was free of the wrinkles and other blemishes usually arising with middle age.

Devan knew there was a bit of magic involved, but it was mostly lucky parentage. Lorelle had told her that all the women in her family had aged well. It gave Devan hope that she would be so lucky, because her mother was still a beautiful woman, only a few years younger than Lorelle.

"Did you notice anything odd while you were working?" Lorelle offered a bright smile as she asked the question. Her voice had just the right hints of sultry tenor to make everything she said sound almost suggestive.

"Not really," Devan replied with a shrug.

"Not surprising, really. I don't have to dig out that Wyvern Tongue very often, and I know it hasn't been touched since you started here."

Devan gasped out with surprise, "You sold some Wyvern Tongue?"

"Not just some — all of it. I had a wizard walk in and nearly wet himself when he requested it, obviously not expecting to hear a yes, and I pulled out that box."

"I never thought we would sell a sprig of that. How much did he pay?"

Lorelle lifted a heavy purse and jingled it. "Let's just say I'm going to do well this year even if everything in the garden dies tonight."

"I guess you can finally get that work done on the place, then. It will be nice not to have pots and pans catching the leaks from the roof when the summer storms kick up."

"We might just do better than that. Our benefactor was impressed with the quality of my wares, and the selection. He's going to be recommending me to colleagues. I told him to give me a few days, because I'm going out to replenish that Wyvern Tongue. I'd like you to come with me if you don't mind. You're a lot better with offensive magic than I am, and I'd feel a lot more comfortable knowing you could toss lightning bolts at anyone accosting us."

"Of course I'll come with you. It will be nice to get out of town for a while. Maybe I'll even stop thinking about how frustrated I am at not being able to get into either of the schools. I know I'm being blocked by some idiots with delusions of grandeur, but there's nothing I can do about it." Shrugging, Devan added, "It can never hurt to know how to find Wyvern Tongue in case I ever need it, too."

"True that. You'll probably be able to use spells strong enough to need it. I'll never have any use for it myself. You're never going to get into one of those schools the traditional way. I know you want to get into Markline's Academy, but I guarantee you that he is the reason you aren't getting in there. The whole sentiment against women working the Art around here comes form him."

Lorelle then stood up and declared, "Tonight, though, we celebrate! No slaving over the stove for either of us tonight. We're going to the Bright Blade!"

Devan smiled just as wide as Lorelle. The Bright Blade was the best inn in town, and had a reputation of serving the best food and wine in the entire Barony.

"Dress to impress. We're going to eat our fill, get nice and drunk, and then break hearts all night."

The pair did exactly what Lorelle had suggested, driving the men in the Bright Blade to distraction with flirting and the suggestive clothing they both wore. Two men didn't have their hearts completely broken, because Lorelle and Devan followed them up to their rooms to share their beds as the evening wore down.

The merchants they had chosen were traveling companions, and thus had adjoining rooms. Lorelle had gone upstairs a little earlier with the older of the two — still a decade or more her junior — and Devan could hear the sounds of their passion through the walls.

The man Devan had separated from the herd — Traxen something or another — was ten years her senior. She had quickly discovered that there were fewer games and problems with older men, now that she was out in the wider world. They also seemed to know a great deal more about how to please a woman.

He didn't immediately start tearing off her clothes, which made Devan happy. She may have told romance and love to go to the hells, but she could still appreciate a man who took his time warming her up before getting between her legs.

He kissed her with obvious hunger, but showed just enough restraint to make Devan want more. His hands roved over her back as he kissed her, every so often letting them slip down to caress her bottom.

Devan was actually moving faster than he was, her hands cupped firmly under his buttocks, pulling the bulge in his trousers against her body. She slowly ground her sex against him as their tongues continued to wrangle, growing more impassioned by the moment.

Devan slowly guided him around until she was standing with the bed behind her as they kissed. He now held her tight against him, in order to feel her firm breasts pressing against his chest. Devan gave a little tug, indicating she wanted to go to the bed, but let him finish guiding her toward it once he understood her subtle suggestion.

When they reached the bed, Devan broke from the kiss and spun him around, pushing him with light pressure down toward the bed. He sat down on the bed, his erection bulging between his legs and causing Devan's passions to flare even hotter.

With a sultry smile, she unbuttoned her blouse. She did it slowly, revealing her flesh in a torturous tease. He reached down between his legs to shift the bulge there, the throbbing obviously becoming uncomfortable as he watched the show.

At last, the final button popped open, and Devan shrugged the blouse down off her shoulders, fully revealing her breasts. He put his hands under him, preparing to rise, but Devan lay a hand on his head and shook hers, indicating he should wait. He relaxed again, his eyes locked on her breasts, which were flushed a light shade of red in her excitement, the tips pebble hard and pointing toward him.

She reached down and slid the skirt off her hips, again revealing her skin and her thin white panties in a slow, tantalizing tease. There was an obvious spot of dampness on her panties when she let the skirt fall to the floor, and the thin panties revealed a vague silhouette of her sex, especially her triangle of red hairs.

She turned and slowly pulled down on her panties, revealing her taut bottom. Devan watched him over her shoulder to see him breathing heavily and rubbing the bulge between his legs.

Devan heard Lorelle screaming in climax from the next room, and that pushed Devan over the edge. She was done teasing, and needed to be touched, now. She bent over and pulled down her panties, pushing her ass and her wet sex in close to Traxen's face.

She stood back up, kicked the panties off, and then spun around. Almost immediately, Traxen grabbed her buttocks and pulled her toward him. Devan parted her legs slightly and purred when he pushed his head between them to lap the already abundant juices from her nether lips.

Devan moaned and put her hands on the back of his head as he licked her. He had certainly done this before, and he quickly stoked her fires.

After a few more licks, she grasped his shirt and bunched it up to pull it free of his trousers. Once she had gathered it up in her fingers, she pulled it upward to remove it from him. He reluctantly removed his lips from her to let her jerk the shirt off him.

Devan sighed and stroked his bare back when he returned to licking her as soon as the shirt dropped to the floor. She ground her hips against his face, quickly building toward release on his darting tongue.

She gasped as she felt him concentrate on her clit, sending little jolts of pleasure shooting up her spine. She grasped the back of his head and pulled it hard against her, thrusting her hips forward at the same time.

Devan trembled, her gasps punctuated by a long moan as her orgasm built inside her. She hovered on the edge of release for a moment, and then screamed as her depths contracted when she came.

Her hands gripped his hair as she continued to scream, her juices flowing freely from her onto his lapping tongue. Her knees went weak, and the only things supporting her were his hands on her buttocks and her hands on his head.

Devan pushed him away when an especially strong spike of pleasure shot up her spine to cause her legs to wobble even more. She sank down to the floor, dripping, and softly rubbed her folds as her climax slowly played out.

He unbuttoned his trousers as Devan continued to quiver on the floor. He kicked off his shoes at the same time, and then raised his ass off the bed far enough to pull the trousers down, the underwear beneath going with them.

Devan was still shuddering in orgasm when he revealed his throbbing member to her, but the sight of it in front of her was irresistible. She rose up higher on her still weak knees, and then leaned over him to swirl her tongue over the purple helmet. He rewarded her with a clear drop of pre-cum, which she lapped up with a moan.

His tip now glistening with her saliva, she engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth. She sucked it and let her tongue continue to swirl over it, bobbing her head up and down.

Slowly, she took more of him into her mouth, looking up at him and moaning as she sucked him with increasing speed. He started to gasp, and she knew he was rapidly approaching orgasm.

Devan released him with a slow final suck, and then stood back up. She slid onto the bed, and lay down with her head on the pillow. She parted her legs and rubbed her wet lips. "Take me," she said in a low, sultry whisper.

Traxen moved to his knees in front of her even as she spoke, taking his cock in his hand and knee walking until he was in position. He rubbed the tip against her slick opening, and then pushed inside.

He and she both moaned as his hard manhood penetrated her. He soon buried his cock to the hilt, groaning in pleasure even as Devan's moan increased in volume and pitch.

He stroked her at a measured pace, looking down to watch his pussy-slick cock slide in and out of her saturated sex. Devan rubbed her bud, steadily increasing the tempo of her circling fingers. His big cock stretching her with delightful friction and her rubbing fingers quickly pushed her toward the edge.

Devan thought that it was a good thing she was so excited, because she could tell he wasn't going to last much longer. His thrusts increased in speed and power, and she yelped as this swelled the building pleasure bubble inside her. Her fingers rubbed at a furious pace on her clit as she neared her peak.

He watched her breasts bounce under the power of his thrusts, grunting and growling from both the physical exertion and the mental battle to keep his seed in his tight balls. Devan knew he was teetering on the edge, and wouldn't be able to resist much longer. She had cast her spell and determined she couldn't get pregnant right now, so she gasped out, "Come inside me!" She perched on the peak of her pleasure, and knew she would climax at any moment.

His eyes widened and he smiled, then growled, putting every ounce of strength he had into the thrusting of his hips. The tip of his hard rod pushed against Devan's cervix, and she loudly gasped with every thrust. She was right on the verge of orgasm, but had not yet crossed the line. She remained in the sweet moment of ecstasy just prior to climax until he slammed home with a loud growl to spurt his semen into her.

Devan's walls clenched tight around him as he spastically rocked his hips, emptying his balls into her. She screamed as the pressure bubble inside her ruptured with her orgasm. Her fingers gripped the bedclothes, bunching them up into her clawed hands. Devan screamed in release, and then gasped and moaned as her orgasm continued to rock her.

The couple twitched as their orgasms played through their bodies, his throbbing causing her to tightly clench around him, and her clenching walls causing him to throb. The chain reaction of pleasure lasted for long minutes until he had to pull from her and collapse to the bed.

Devan slipped a finger between her lips and swirled a dollop of his cream welling up from inside her onto it. She brought it to her lips with a moan, and then reached down to gather up more. He watched her, shuddering while she did it.

Once she had settled down from her heights enough to walk, Devan rose and let the rest of his seed drip from her into the chamber pot in the room. When she ceased dripping, Devan crawled back into the bed with him to kiss and caress him, telling him how good his hot cum had felt spurting inside her. Devan tried to coax his cock back to life, but had little success.

After a short while, she lay back and slid three fingers into her depths. He watched as she finger-fucked her pussy, rubbing her clit fast and moaning. Just before she climaxed, she looked over to see him stroking his nearly hard cock and watching her.

She came with her fingers buried deep inside her, screaming her pleasure to the ceiling. She had barely spiraled down from the initial peaks when he moved in front of her. Devan pulled her fingers from inside her, and Traxen quickly replaced them with his cock.

He was desensitized from his previous ejaculation, and thus could take her hard and fast. Devan screamed once, twice, and was on the verge of a third explosion when Traxen slammed into her a final time, once again filling her with his seed.

He was sound asleep when Devan recovered from her orgasm this time. She climbed out of the bed, cleaned up as best she could, and then pulled back on her clothes. Walking back down to the common room, she found it nearly empty and had no difficulty seeing Lorelle sitting at a table near the bar, sipping a drink.

Devan walked over and sat down heavily in a chair across from Lorelle with a long sigh.

"It sounded like you had fun," Lorelle said to her with a grin.

"You too," Devan replied and laughed. She signaled to one of the barmaids, who politely but firmly reminded her that the common room would close in less than a quarter hour.

The pair finished their drinks and returned home feeling very good.

They didn't open the shop the next morning, only letting in the old healer who was their best customer to replenish a few things that she needed early in the morning. Instead, they packed up what they would need for their journey, which Lorelle said would probably take about three days.

Once the two women finished packing, Lorelle said, "Now I just need to find some stout man with a bright sword to guide and protect us."

"Why do we need someone along? We can take care of ourselves."

"Of course we can, but having some man along will discourage quite a few people who would otherwise think we're an easy target. I'd rather not have to stop along the way to blast bandits and rapists a dozen times. We'll have to travel through a bit of woods that have a reputation for housing unsavory sorts."

Devan shrugged, understanding the logic and agreeing with it. "Who, then?"

"I don't know. Let's just go find someone. There are bound to be any number of unemployed caravan guards lounging about. Odds are we can find one who is new or past his prime and will take the job cheap. It's not like we need him for more than show anyhow."

The two women shouldered their packs and headed out the door into town, moving toward a wagon yard where sellswords commonly lounged looking for work with the caravans.

Lorelle almost immediately spotted the perfect man. He was a little past his prime, but obviously still competent. He simply had what could only be called a warrior's stance, even leaning up against the building he looked ready to spring into action. Scars showed wherever his flesh was exposed, and his face had the leathery look of one who has lived much outdoors. "He's the one."

Devan was eyeing a strapping young man telling a group of other young sellswords some tale of grand adventure — half of it probably lies. She gestured toward him and asked, "What about that one?"

"No, that scarred-up old warrior is perfect. The boy wouldn't be a bad choice, but he's too excitable. He would drive you crazy babbling along the way — when he wasn't buried inside you at night, that is." Lorelle had obviously guessed what Devan was thinking as she looked at him.

Devan considered it for a moment. "You're right. His voice is actually starting to get on my nerves already."

"So let's go gather up our stout warrior and hit the road then," Lorelle declared as she started toward him.

The mercenary looked them over as they approached. It was obvious that they were dressed and packed for the road, and that meant they were potential employers. With all the young men around today — and his other little problem — he was willing to take the job, which probably wouldn't pay much. Normally, he would have refused a walking escort, preferring to ride in a wagon on caravan, but he was low on coin and needed the work.

Lorelle walked up in front of him and said, "We need an escort through the woods. You look like a man of experience and valor — what would it cost us to commission your sword to protect us on our journey?"

Devan kept her face impassive, but she was thinking that Lorelle was laying on the charm just a little thick.

"Just the two of you, on foot I suppose? To the Southern wood?"


"Two crowns a day, plus enough in advance to fill my food kit for however many days we'll be out."

Devan thought the price sounded reasonable, but knew Lorelle was aiming to spend less coin. She was thus surprised when Lorelle accepted the bargain.

He looked pleasantly surprised as well, and they sealed the bargain with a handshake. "The name is Matusen," he said as they shook hands.

The two women followed him to a general store and paid for him to fill his kit with enough food for four days. When the group emerged from the shop, he looked around and breathed a sigh that Devan thought had a distinct sound of relief. "If you're ready, there's no time like the present. We can be a fair distance into the woods by nightfall if we move swiftly."

"Let's go then, stout warrior," Lorelle agreed, laying her hand on his scarred arm and smiling at him.

Only a short distance outside of town, Devan thought she heard something behind her. She turned to glance back and saw a small figure approaching, perhaps four and a half feet tall. The approaching creature was all waving arms and bouncing pouches as it ran toward them.

"Hey! Wait up Matusen!"

Matusen turned and groaned when he saw the figure approaching.

Devan echoed his groan as the figure drew nearer. It was a kampar, a member of a halfling clan that was a bane over the entire world. They were incredibly excitable, insatiably curious, and oblivious to the concept of personal property. The fountain of long hair springing from a leather thong tied at the top of the little man's head gave him away, as did the numerous pouches — likely filled with pilfered possessions — bouncing at his waist.

"I thought I'd lost him," Matusen lamented as the Kampar approached.

"You almost did, Matusen! I'm sorry I was gone longer than I said I would be, but some rude man accused me of being a thief! The city guard was chasing me all over the place, and it was a lot of fun, but they weren't very good. I lost them after only a few blocks."

Lorelle chuckled and Matusen sighed. The Kampar seemed to notice the two women then, and thrust out his small hand toward Devan, "Hi ho! Darmok Tinkettle here. Pleased to meet you."

Devan just raised her eyebrows and looked at the diminutive creature with barely masked disgust. Nonplussed, he turned to Lorelle with his proffered hand. She shook it with a little laugh.

"So, where are we going, Matusen?"

"Probably straight back to the wagon yard," he muttered under his breath.

"We're going to the south wood, Darmok. I'm pleased to meet you as well," Lorelle offered.

"I like her — she's nice. That sounds like fun. A nice spooky woods filled with bandits and trolls. Maybe there are even ghosts there! My dad met a ghost once, he was off..."

The kampar launched into a rambling tale about his father and a ghost, the other three more or less ignoring him.

"He started following me a few months ago, and I can't get rid of him," Matusen explained with a sigh.

"That's quite alright, Matusen — he's funny. I think he'll make the trip go faster. So shall we continue?" Lorelle offered the warrior one of her bright smiles.

Matusen looked surprised, but quickly recovered. "Yeah, sure, let's get going."

The group started walking again, the kampar continuing his tale, which he used as a springboard for another. His chatter proved a constant stream of annoyance for Devan throughout the entire day. Lorelle actually talked to him, making remarks about his stories and laughing on occasion. She spent a lot of time talking to Matusen as well, frequently touching him as they walked.

Devan tried to concentrate on the road ahead and ignore the incessant babbling of the kampar.

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