Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Shabby Blue

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This 6-chapter erotic Star Wars story tells of Jacen Solo, who finds an old holo-disc of one of Jabba the Hutt's slave girls and becomes obsessed with her. He sets out to build a pleasure droid that looks just like her, unaware that the slave girl he's basing it on was actually his mother, Princess Leia! RATED NC-17

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Science Fiction   Robot   Incest   DomSub   First  


"Hey Jaina, wait for me!" shouted Jacen, running to catch up with his twin sister. She walked at a fast pace through the bustling crowds of people that filled Coruscant's largest commercial sectors.

The two siblings had spent the last year and a half with Uncle Luke at his Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, and now they were back on Coruscant again, staying home in the Imperial Palace with their parents Han and Leia for a few months, just like when they were younger.

It would be a nice break from their Jedi training for awhile; nothing but lazy days and having fun in the urban metropolis where the center of the New Republic now resided.

The first two days back on Coruscant had been spent at home with their parents, telling Han and Leia about all their exciting adventures at the Jedi Academy and marvelling them with how much the young teenage twins had grown in the last year.

Today, however, was Jacen and Jaina's first free day to roam the city and have fun on their own. Jacen wanted to go visit the Holographic Zoo of Extinct

Animals, but Jaina talked him into going with her to the commercial sector first. She wanted to do a little shopping and check out some of the wonderful new technological toys in the stores. Afterall, you can't find much of that in the dense jungles of Yavin IV.

Jacen looked all around the lively marketplace, bright lights flashing all over, advertising the wares of many different stores. Jaina grabbed his arm, urging him to keep up with her.

"Come on, Jacen. Let's go in here," she said, rushing to an older-looking electronics and droid repair shop.

The infrared sensor overhead triggered the entrance door to slide open as Jaina entered the establishment, followed closely by her unenthusiastic brother.

"Hi Botto!" she said with a big smile on her face and an excited wave of her hand.

"Eh? Wha... ? Jaina is that you? Jaina Solo!" exclaimed the old shopowner.

"Hi Botto..." Jaina repeated more calmy, still smiling at her old friend.

"Jaina, when did you get back?" Botto asked. "It seems like it's been years since you left Coruscant."

"Just a little over one year actually," she said. "This is my brother Jacen."

"Ah yes, you've told me so much of him in the past and finally we meet," Botto said, reaching out to shake

Jacen's hand.

"Nice to meet you," Jacen said politely.

Jacen looked at this Botto person... He was a slightly overweight man, probably in his sixties. His face was pudgy and wrinkled, a thin curl of gray hair on his head and two thick grayish-white sideburns on his face that extended down to his chin. A black magnifier-monacle covered his right eye, held in place by a thin elastic band over his forehead. Just some crazy old codger in a junk shop, Jacen thought.

"Anyway, mind if I look through your spare parts bin

Botto? I want to see if you've got anything new in there

I can use," said Jaina.

"Sure, go right ahead Jaina. I moved it to the back of the store," he said, pointing to the bin for Jaina.

"Okay thanks Botto!" she said, trotting off to the bin.

Jacen stayed up front, not particularly interested in following his sister back there to sift through a pile of junk.

"So... Yavin IV, was it?" Botto muttered.

"Hmm? What?" Jacen said, turning his attention back to the old man.

"You two were on Yavin IV, right?"

"Oh... yeah. My Uncle has a Jedi training academy there and he's teaching us," Jacen replied, not really feeling like talking to this guy. He was anxious for

Jaina to hurry up so they could get going to the Holographic


"Ah... Jedi," Botto said. "I met a Jedi once. His name was Qui-Gon something..."

"Hmm... that's nice," responded Jacen, not sounding too interested in a conversation with Botto. He turned away from the shopowner, quickly looking around the store for something of interest. Botto went unphased by Jacen's rudeness and continued with his duties at the front counter, humming a happy tune in his head.

Botto's store was small and cluttered with many shelves of electronic components used in the assembly of different household appliances, computers, holoprojectors, or any other common device. Two deactivated power droids sat against one wall and a rusty old battle droid head from the days of the Trade Federation hung from the ceiling on a string of wire, probably as some sort of weird decoration for Botto's store. Weird, Jacen thought.

On the next aisle of shelves, Jacen found a long horizontal row of old holodiscs, probably fifty or more, leaning against the edge of the shelf. He began scanning the titles with mild interest. Most of them were old

Imperial news recordings... propaganda about the Rebellion, no doubt, from what he had been taught in school. Other discs appeared to be educational, chronicling different alien worlds and their cultures. How boring, Jacen thought.

Suddenly, one disc title caught his eye and struck Jacen as being unusual compared to the others. He pulled the disc out from between the others and looked at the title closely:


"Hmmm..." Jacen mumbled. This didn't look like an

Imperial disc and certainly not something educational.

Below the title on the cover of the disc was printed a small photo of two half-naked exotic dancing girls. One was a pale white-skinned Twi'lek and the other a lavender-skinned beauty with bright frizzy red hair, both embracing each other intimately. Inside his pants,

Jacen's penis twitched.

"Find everything you need?" shouted Botto's voice.

Jacen fumbled with the disc, stuffing it back into the row with the other discs and looking up in surprise, only to find Botto looking off to the left as Jaina approached the counter.

"Yup!" she said to Botto, dumping a big armload of electronic gizmos and other junk onto the counter.

Jacen sighed in relief and glanced back at the holodisc.

He pulled it out again and looked at its cover, curious to play the disc and see its contents. Only recently had thoughts of sex crept into his head. Being a

16-yr old teenager, his hormones were going wild. Most of his life had been spent in Jedi training or playing with his pet animals, but now lately his mind often thought of girls.

It was obvious to him that this was some kind of dirty adult holodisc, not for young eyes, but that only made him more eager to see it. He could buy it of course, but what if Botto noticed what he was trying to buy and wouldn't let him have it? More importantly, what if Jaina noticed?

Jacen paused for a moment, contemplating his next move. He stared at the counter where Botto priced each of the items Jaina was planning to purchase.

Neither of them was paying any attention to Jacen, so he quickly stuffed the holodisc inside his jacket.

Normally he wouldn't resort to something so dishonest, but he just HAD to have this thing. Feeling a bit nervous, he approached the front counter to join his sister and hustle her into leaving the store. After paying for the items and saying goodbye to Botto, they were soon on their way.

Jacen surprised Jaina when he told her he wanted to head straight home and skip the Holographic Zoo that day.

"We can go see it tomorrow," he said as they rode the air taxi home to the Imperial Palace.

Jaina didn't mind one bit. Afterall, she was eager to get home and tinker with all these new electronic parts she bought at Botto's. Jacen, on the other hand, was eager to do something different when he got home.

Once they arrived back at the palace, Jacen and

Jaina went off there seperate ways. Jaina went to the small workshop in the basement level of the palace where she often used to build things, while Jacen ran up to the family's holoprojection room.

He closed the door and locked it, making sure nobody would come in and catch him. Jacen knelt down by the projection unit on the floor and slid the small holodisc into it. He then flopped onto the large half-circular sofa against the back wall and grabbed the small rectangular control device lying next to him on the sofa cushion.

Jacen pressed the button that immediately began the holo-recording.

The disc sputtered with some static and noise at first. Understandable, since it was obviously a very old holodisc. Then a semi-transparent three-dimensional holographic image emitted from the projection unit on the floor, filling the center of the room in front of Jacen with a life-sized representation of the main audience chamber of Jabba the Hutt, some old Tatooine crimelord that was around long before Jacen was born.

"Boscka!" boomed the fat slobbering Hutt from his stone dais-platform across from Jacen. The crowd of sinister looking aliens parted to allow two dancing girls to approach the center of the room.

They stood over a grilled opening in the floor, twirling around for the audience and smiling in very suggestive ways to the crowd. With another command from the Hutt, the musical band off in the corner began playing some slow sensual music. The blue

Ortolan with floppy ears tapped at his circular keyboard while a strange female creature with a long yellow snout and big full red lips sang a soothing

Huttese song that made the two dancers start to sway their hips and twist their bodies together.

The dancers were the same two that appeared on the cover of the holo-disc; the white Twi'lek and lavender girl with wild red hair. The lavender-skinned girl wore a dark purple bodysuit and the Twi'lek wore thin black straps of leather that partially covered her body.

Both dancers moved rythmically to the music, wiggling their bodies slowly and sensually in ways that began to arouse Jacen. He leaned back against the sofa cushions and relaxed a bit, watching the show progress.

The Twi'lek reached up and slid her right thumb under the black strap of leather that crossed her breast, pulling it off her shoulder seductively as she continued facing her fellow dance partner. The lavender-skinned girl also began undressing, reaching her arms behind her to pull down the zipper on the back of her tight bodysuit. Both dancers expertly removed their clothing while keeping in step with the music. The crowd of onlookers in the background of the holo-projection cheered and waved their arms in raucous excitement.

Soon the two dancers stood in the center of the room, completely naked, still swaying their bodies to the sound of the music. The lavender-skinned beauty had dark reddish-purple spots that went from the sides of her face and neck all the way down the sides of her body, tracing her long sexy legs down to her odd-looking hooved feet. Her breasts were small and perky compared to the fuller, rounder breasts of her Twi'lek dancing partner as they jiggled from the movements of their dance routine. The white-skinned Twi'lek was slightly shorter than her fellow dancer, and not as thin. She was a little more curvaceous, but just as beautiful and exotic to look at.

By now, Jacen had his pants unzipped and his cock out, stroking its full erectness slowly. This was something he had recently discovered how to do back on

Yavin IV, often fantasizing about Tenel Ka, the young girl he had met at the Academy.

Jacen's excitement and speed of stroking increased as the two dancers suddenly moved toward each other and embraced. They wrapped their arms around each other and began kissing passionately. The lavender-skinned girl took a more aggressive approach as the Twi'lek submitted to her, opening her mouth to allow the red-haired dancer's tongue inside. They both gently rubbed their hands all over each others' bodies during this long hot kiss.

Jacen gasped aloud as he ejaculated, spurting cum onto his leg. This was the hottest thing he had ever seen! He wanted to rewind the holo-recording and play it again at the point when the dancers start to remove their clothing, but something caught his attention and forced him to continue watching the recording as it played out.

In the background behind the two lip-locked dancers was another dancing girl in the shadows, lounging upon

Jabba the Hutt's throne and chained at the Hutt's side.

Unlike everyone else in the holo-projection, she didn't appear to be enjoying the show these two girls were putting on. In fact, she looked very out of place because of the expression on her face. She was frowning and looking over her shoulder at the massive blob that tugged on her chain. He could be faintly heard muttering something in Huttese to her and nudging at her shoulder.

Jacen figured out that the Hutt was urging her to join the other two girls on the floor, yet surprisingly she was putting up a fight and refusing to obey.

The Hutt soon stopped prodding her and went back to watching the kissing dancers, forgetting about the girl chained at his side.

Jacen was intrigued by this mysterious dancing girl and wanted a closer look. He grabbed his control device and pressed some buttons, causing the entire three-dimensional image before him to spin around several' degrees so that now Jacen was facing the side of Jabba's throne in the back of the audience chamber. Here he could get a better look at the stubborn dancing girl.

She was human, unlike the other two dancers, and dressed in a skimpy gold metal brazierre and dark purple teal-skirt. She sat on her side, propping herself up with one arm. Her long smooth bare legs stretched at her side on the throne, with gray

Jerba-fur boots covering her bare feet. Gold arm and wrist bracelets added that extra gaudy glamour to her appearance. Her long auburn hair was pulled back and braided into a ponytail, with the back of her head adorned in a gold head-dress. She was young and beautiful, almost like a princess, and had a strange familiarity about her that Jacen couldn't quite figure out.

Jacen looked down to discover that his cock was once again erect. He smiled devilishly and pressed the button on his control device to pause the recording. He leaned back on the sofa, stared longingly at this beautiful dancing girl, and began stroking himself again.

Jacen went to bed that night thinking about this alluring dancing girl he had seen in the holo-projection.

He awoke the next morning with wet sheets, having dreamt of doing nasty things with her. As he put his clothes on, he still couldn't get her out of his mind.

Perhaps a day at the Holographic Zoo would help him concentrate on things besides girls.

Leaving his bedroom, Jacen walked down the large polished-marble hallway to his sister's room. He knocked on the door a couple of times and after receiving no response, he opened it.

"Jaina? Get up sis!" he said, entering the room.

The room was empty, the bed covers pulled back in a rumpled disarray. Jaina was nowhere to be found.

She must be up already, Jacen thought. He looked around her room at the mess. She was such a slob, as opposed to his neat and tidy nature. A pile of tech magazines lay scattered on the floor by the bed. Jacen looked down and picked up the magazine on the top, entitled DROID WORKS.

For some reason, Jacen felt compelled to look through this issue even though he normally had no interest in droids and other techno-garbage Jaina loved. Flipping through the pages, he stopped on one that had an advertisement for replicoids -- realistic droid replicas of humans. It was the latest trend, from what Jacen had heard, to have simple-minded programmable human replica droids as servants instead of the old fashioned protocol droids like C-3PO. The technology had been around for years, but only recently had it become more common and cheaper for people to afford.

Jacen continued reading the details of the advertisement when suddenly an idea hit him. What if he could have a replicoid that looked just like the dancing girl in that holo-projection? A droid that looked just like the new girl of his dreams, made to serve him as its master? Jacen trembled at the thought. Quickly he tore out the advertisement, folded it up, and put it into the pocket of his jacket.

"Hey! What are you doing in here?" Jaina shouted, standing in the doorway and wearing only a towel wrapped around her body. She had just returned from taking a sonic shower.

Jacen turned around in surprise, startled by his sister. "Um... I was looking for you. We're going to the Holographic Zoo today, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah... I know. Let me get dressed first, okay?"

"Sure, no problem," Jacen replied.

He stepped out of the room as Jaina dropped the towel to the floor and grabbed some underwear from her dresser drawer. A few minutes later, Jaina came out of the room, dressed in a tight-fitting tan-colored jumpsuit.

"Okay, let's go," she said.

They went downstairs, saying goodbye to their father Han who sat in the kitchen with Chewbacca, eating breakfast.

Their mother Leia, as usual, was already gone for the day.

Her duties as the New Republic's Chief of State often kept her busy.

Soon the twins were out the door and on their way to the Zoo for the day.

That night, back home at the Imperial Palace, Jacen tinkered with a small handheld computer console he had plugged into the family holoprojector. Once it was completely connected to the projector, Jacen grabbed the projector's control unit and began playing the

"Girls of Jabba's Palace" holodisc again. This time he wasn't playing it for pleasure; this time he was on a mission.

Pausing the disc, he zoomed the projection in on the slave girl sitting next to Jabba. Jacen reached down and picked up the small computer console for the digital analyzer he had borrowed from his sister to use in his secret plan. Pressing a few buttons on the console, it immediately began scanning the image of the dancing girl from head to toe, analyzing her complete three-dimensional appearance until the computer had all the information it needed.

Once the green light on the console illuminated,

Jacen knew the computer had done it's job. He pressed another button causing a datadisc to eject from the side of the console. This disc wasn't as large as the erotic holodisc and didn't have any complex programming or holo-videos on it. All it contained was the complete physical specifications for the dancing girl and her slave costume.

Jacen smiled, staring at the small disc and then glancing up at the large semi-transparent image of the dancing girl that hovered in the center of the room.

"Soon..." he whispered to her. "Soon I will have you."

With the information on this disc, Jacen could have a life-like replicoid made to look just like the girl in the holovideo, designed to meet the physical specifications on the disc. It wouldn't have the girl's mind or her voice or anything like that, but it would LOOK like her and be programmed to serve his every desire. That was all that mattered to Jacen.

Now all that was left would be to fill out the order form he had torn from Jaina's Droid Works magazine and send it to the manufacturer along with this disc of information and a sufficient amount of credits to cover the cost of a custom-made replicoid. Fortunately,

Jacen had quite a bit of credits saved up from past birthdays... just enough to afford his own personal replicoid.

With a new surge of excitement and anticipation,

Jacen unplugged the computer console, shut off the projector, stuffed the erotic holodisc in his pocket, and ran back to his room to prepare the order form for transmission tomorrow.

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