How About Another Drink
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Smart or dumb, cheating is never the smart thing to do.

This is a story about two people who love each other but neither is very smart. But do you have to be smart to be unfaithful? What if it just a plan?

This story was edited by Angel Love but I messed with it afterwards so don't blame her for any mistakes.

How About Another Drink.

I played the tape one more time, just to be sure I hadn't made a mistake. To be sure it was really Sally on the tape. To be sure she was doing what I knew she was doing. In a way, I was just punishing myself but there was a tiny part of me that insisted that I had made a mistake. So, I listened again.

I heard the sounds of them coming upstairs and into our bedroom. Sally cautioned him to be quiet since her mother was asleep down the hall. They had been in the living room for the first ten minutes or so but now they had come upstairs to our bedroom. She actually let him fuck her in our bed. I listened as they talked to each other.

"You're so beautiful Sally. I can't wait to have you and to make love to you again. It's been too long since I felt your legs around me and I want your beautiful tits pressed into my chest. I want to put my dick into you so deep that you feel it in your gut."

"Come on big man. Just get your clothes off and take me to bed. Push that beautiful cock into me and make me scream. Cum inside me. I need it so bad."

This was one of the things about the tape that I just couldn't figure out. Sally's voice was the voice she used when she was concentrating on something very complex. And the words were not those she ever used with me. I guess maybe it had something to do with the guy she was with. It sure as hell wasn't me.

There was the sound of clothes being unzipped and belts unbuckled and shoes hitting the floor and then the sound of the bed springs as they fell on the bed together.

"God, your cock feels so good and so hot. I want to put my mouth around it and suck you and make you hard. I want to taste you and feel you in my mouth. I need it now. So bad! Yes! Yes! Ummmmm."

Nothing more for a few minutes except for the slurping sounds and him panting. Then the part I remembered.

"Get your ass up here and fuck my cock. Put your hot cunt over my cock and ride me baby. Ride me Sally, ride me. Give it to me. That's the way. Oh, God!"

Then the sounds of the bed squeaking as she bounced up and down on his cock. She always loved to ride me and now she was riding some other guy's cock. This kept up for a few more minutes before he began to grunt again. When Sally heard him she yelled at him to move.

"I want you on top of me before you cum. Move, now! Get on top!"

"That's it baby, squeeze those legs around me! I'm ready to cum. I'm gonna cum. Here it cums. Oh God, that feels great. Ahhhhhhhhh!" Sally wasn't done yet apparently because she was still humping him and she was grunting as well. She was moaning and moaning and she was probably fingering her clit like she did sometimes with me. I knew that she was having trouble getting off from this guy and that was too fucking bad. She never had a problem with me.

"Oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Play with my tits! Twist the nipples. That's it, that's it. Oh, oooooooooo!"

Same thing with the words. Sally never called them her tits. They were her boobs. Strange. Then the tape was silent for a few more minutes while they caught their breath. Then the part that tore my heart out.

"God, that was great. You are a great piece of ass Sally. I'm glad you let me come back here with you."

"Well, this is your reward for taking me to the theater tonight. I wanted to go for so long and that clod of a husband of mine wouldn't take me and even if he did you know he's too stupid to understand it. I don't even know why I married him."

"Well, anytime you want to go to the theater or to a museum or anything else like that, just give me a call. Even if you just want to fuck, call me. Just don't make it so long in between."

"I'll let you know when the next time will be. You'll have to wait till I can be sure it's safe. OK?"

Then there was the sound of laughter and then I heard the shower running. They both went in the bathroom and they were gone so long, I assumed he was going to fuck her again in there, but I heard Sally come back into the room alone. After that, the tape was just sounds of them getting dressed and him getting ready to leave. It was just about two hours before I was due home from my shift.

There was more but I didn't bother to listen to it. I had all I needed now. I pushed the rewind and ejected the tape from the little recorder that I had set up. I had microphones in all of the rooms in the house, courtesy of Radio Shack. 'Simple to use and easy to install. Guaranteed to work or your money back!'

I had set them up over a month ago but this was the first time they had picked up anything. I was sorry that they did this time. But, better the devil you know than the one you don't. I knew the guy. His name was Phil Sutton. He was Sally's boss and a big wheel in the company.

This tape was made last night. I was working and I got home on time. As usual, Sally was already in bed and pretended to be sound asleep. Since I hadn't heard the tape yet, and since nothing had happened before this, I didn't think much about it. But I was off this morning and had the time to play the tape, as I did every morning after Sally went off to work. My shift work was rotating so this week I was working 4-12 in the evening so I was here all morning and into the afternoon. I usually slept when I came home so I was up by 9:00 the next morning.

I sat there thinking about what I heard. I wasn't as disturbed about the sex as I was what she had said about me. What she said hurt, very badly. I knew myself and I had no pretensions about my smarts, but Sally knew that when she married me. We had talked about it and she said that was one of the reasons she loved me. That I accepted her even though she was not as smart as me. She loved me and that was that. I believed her. Now, it appeared that she had lied to me then and was continuing to lie to me now. That was the part that I didn't understand. She had never asked me to take her to any theater even though I had volunteered many times. She never expressed any interest in them and never wanted to go to a museum or to a play or the like. And she had never commented about my supposed lack of smarts. She often said that she thought I was smarter than I let on. Not true but nice to hear.

I made a decision right then and there. I picked up the phone and called Personnel. I talked to Terry there and told her that I quit, effective now. I had five weeks of vacation coming and 15 days sick leave accumulated and I asked her to have the check sent to a PO box that I had taken out three weeks ago. Terry wanted to know a lot of stuff but I told her that I couldn't give her the reasons. Just to put down personal and leave it at that. One last thing. I told her to keep this confidential until tomorrow. Not to tell anyone, including my wife. I told her that it was a matter of life and death and she finally agreed. One more day. She tried to make an appointment for me to come in for a termination interview but I refused. She finally gave up after I agreed to call in one day next week.

I decided to make my move now and not tell Meg anything. She would try to talk me out of it and she would have to know why and I didn't want to tell her just then. I packed all of my clothes, using a whole box of plastic garbage bags. They worked and they were cheaper than luggage and a lot easier to carry. It only took me about an hour and a half since I wasn't being too careful. I cleaned out my bath stuff and carried the whole lot down to my Ford F-250. I loaded it up and went back in to collect some of my electronic crap. While I was at it, I collected all of the microphones I had installed. I used to be in Intelligence for the Army so I had kept my hand in. Good thing too. Once that was loaded, I looked around and saw nothing that I wanted anymore. I was done here.

I walked into the kitchen and got a notebook from the pantry shelf. I took off my wedding ring and set it on the kitchen table. I sat down and wrote a quick note to Sally. In effect it said,


I know about you and that bastard Phil Sutton. I also know you think I'm too stupid to take you to the theater and to places like that. I also know you're sorry you married me. I will not cause you any grief. As soon as I can, I'll call you and let you know where to send the divorce papers. I'll try really hard to understand them.

You and your mom can stay in the house for now until we are divorced, cause I'll never live in it again as long as you are still there. You made it dirty.

I have all of my crap with me so everything else is yours.

Your clod husband,


I put the note on the table with the ring on top. I stood up for the last time in this kitchen and looked at the letter and my ring on the table. It seemed so little to cause such a huge pain in my heart. The image blurred a little as I felt the tears begin to flow. I may be stupid but I know the end of my life when I see it.

"How about another round?" Hank the bartender asked.

"Another's fine. Make it a double," I answered.

What the hell. I was going to be here for awhile. It beat sleeping in my truck but then again, almost anything would. I took the drink that the barkeep sat in front of me and tried to nurse it slowly instead of downing it as I wanted to. If nothing else, my late daddy had taught me that a double shot of good booze would make the pain more bearable, even though it wouldn't take it away. As a matter of fact, two or three shots would be even better. I was well on my way to feeling great.

As I sat there thinking of what my life had become, I noticed a cute redhead sitting next to me and watching me out of her heavy lidded eyes. I think they were green, or maybe blue or even gray. How the hell would I know, since I was already working toward drunk. She smiled at me and sort of leaned over toward me even though she was sitting on a barstool. Well, either that or she got somehow bigger. Since it was too much to worry about, I just smiled back and turned back to my drink.

Well, that wasn't going to suit her so she laid a hand on my shoulder and asked me if I wouldn't like to move to a booth where we could be more comfortable. I finally stirred myself enough to suggest to her that I was close to broke and couldn't afford her or anyone else. She simply laughed, told me she wasn't a pro and said that she would buy if I would just keep her company. That was a bargain I couldn't pass up so I just told the barkeep to keep them coming and stop when I was unable to say otherwise.

We moved to a nice booth sort of off to the side and it was certainly much quieter there. I slumped into one side while she moved across from me. I tried to concentrate on her but just got the impression of a nice looking redhead, a good deal younger than me and very nicely dressed. Even through my booze soaked consciousness I wondered why she was with someone like me. I finally got up the energy to ask her.

"Can I ask what the hell someone like you wants with someone like me?"

She just smiled at me and reached out a hand to lay over mine. Her touch was soft and warm and I had to admit, very nice. It was enough to make me remember what I was doing there. I pulled my had back quickly because that was the last thing I wanted. But she answered.

"I was sitting at the bar when you came in. I could tell you were hurting about something but I just watched for awhile. I saw you knocking back those doubles and you seemed to be a man on a mission. A mission to get drunk and forget. Am I right?"

"Well, when you're right, you're right!"

That's what I told her, but I didn't go into any detail. I just told her that I was trying to forget some bad things that happened to me and this seemed the easiest way to do it. She nodded like she actually knew what the hell I was talking about. Like someone that looked like her would have any idea. Hah!

"Would you like to tell me your story? I'm just in town for tonight and then tomorrow it's back to business and then home. I've nothing I need to be doing and nowhere to go tonight anyway. I'd love to hear about you and I think maybe it might help if you told someone what's going on with you. I'll just listen and not judge. And, I'll pay for the privilege."

"What do you mean, you'll pay? Pay for what? Are you trying to buy my services or something?"

"I meant that I'll buy the drinks if you tell the tale. And, no I don't want to buy your services, even though you look like you would be quite good in the sack. That would just confuse my already confused life."

Well that got me. Good in the sack? Well, that was a crock since that was one of the reasons I was sitting here trying to get drunk. At least, I thought it was since I apparently couldn't satisfy my wife. And anyway, I did want to talk about it and I didn't have a whole lot of money so if she was buying, I could talk. I finally agreed and told her to order me a double and to also have Hank, the barkeep, bring a pot of coffee. I was about to sober up, but not until I had one more for the tale.

I introduced myself to the nice lady and told her my name was Jimmy Overton. Not Jim or James, just Jimmy. That's what everyone called me. She told me her name was Tiffany Eeams. Not Miss or Mrs., just Tiffany. And yes, I tried to see if she had on a ring but I didn't see one. Good enough. I took the double and downed it in one shot. I grimaced, took the pot of coffee and poured a cup. A sip was enough to get the pucker out of my mouth and let me begin. This is the story I told her.

My Story

As I said, my name is Jimmy Overton. I was born and raised in the Ohio Valley around a small town called Richmond. My dad was a coal miner and worked in the strip mines around the area. That's what they had then, open strip mines. They weren't pretty, but they also didn't cave in and trap people. But that's another story.

When I was just about, twelve my mom got really sick and I stayed home from school and tried to help her when dad was working. In order to help with the medicines and the treatments she needed, dad was working fifty and sixty hours a week with overtime, as much to earn the extra money but more so to avoid having to watch mom sicken further. It brought in a lot of money but none of the medicines the docs prescribed seemed to help much. Mom stayed very sick for the next two years and she finally died when I was fourteen.

I was broken up about it but my dad was almost destroyed by it. He went back to work after the funeral but he didn't slow down much. He worked a lot of double and triple shifts and he was driving himself into an early grave. I tried to talk to him but he just told me to mind my own business. I did for a while but then it got to me. I had to get away from there and from him. When I turned sixteen, I left. I just left pop a note telling him I was leaving, packed a bag with whatever I had at the time and I put it in the pickup that dad kept around just for hauling stuff. I drove off and never looked back.

One thing I should say about that time. I dropped out of school when I left. I was only in the ninth grade then anyway. I was held back a couple of times but not because of any problems with mom's sickness or dad's working. I was just not very smart. As a matter of fact, my IQ was just barely hanging onto the bottom half of average. I wasn't stupid, but I was ignorant about a lot of things. English and math and chemistry and history were a few of them. School wasn't going to do it for me and if I stayed, I would just get further behind. I chucked it and never went back.

I drove for the next two days and finally ended up in Kentucky. Just outside Louisville. I decided that this was as good a place as any and found the local park where I could leave my truck and began to look for a job. I was going to tell people that I was eighteen and that I wanted a full time job. That wasn't hard since I was already 6'4" and weighed a good 255 pounds. I played some football in high school but I couldn't keep my grades up enough to stay on the team. Anyway, I found a job at a local dairy farm and worked as a farm hand. It was good, hard work and I actually enjoyed it. I was strong even then and did my job well and I was rewarded by a raise and I was given more responsible things to do. I stayed there at that farm for the next three years. I found a small apartment to live in and I saved a good deal of money. I was able to replace that pickup with a better one and I settled down as a respectable citizen.

It had to be the fall of the third year when I got the bug to make a move. I was almost twenty and I was full grown and able. I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew that I didn't really know shit so I decided that I would join the army. I could probably get me a GED and maybe learn a trade that I could use to make a decent living when I got out. My mind made up, I enlisted and ten weeks later, I was an army corporal and on my way to Germany. I was finally going to see some of the world outside. I couldn't wait. Little did I know.

Well, you probably don't know much about the army but it's true what they say. If you don't know what you're doing, they'll probably make you an officer. Well, believe it or not, the army decided to give me a trade. They assigned me to Intelligence school. No shit! Intelligence! Me, who didn't even graduate from high school and who thought army intelligence was something that got good honest soldiers in trouble and often dead. Well, to make a long story short, they did, and I did it like everything else I did, I did it as well as I could. Damned if it wasn't more than enough! It was mostly electronics and computers and other shit like that but it seems I had an aptitude for it. At least that's what they told me my testing showed. Who am I to question testing? By the time my enlistment was up, I decided I really liked this Intelligence stuff and I re enlisted as a sergeant. I know that doesn't sound like Intelligence to a lot of people but it was what I wanted to do.

Eight years later, I mustered out of the Army Intelligence Corp as a Master Supply Sergeant. I had moved into the supply area and I had learned about all types of electronic stuff used by the spooks and spies. It didn't require a lot of thinking but I did know my shit when it came to the tools of the trade. Anyway, I was a free man and I had a trade. Damned if mom wouldn't be proud of me if she had lived. She was the only person ever told me I was worth something. I always said I would prove her right.

I moved back to Kentucky and settled in. I needed a job but not one in an office. That may surprise you but it's true. Even with my experience, all I wanted was a grunt job. I found one in a local paper mill as a laborer and I took it because I wanted a job that would let me go to work but not have to think too hard. I needed that right then and that was all I wanted. I signed up to work the night shift, leaving my days free. I felt good and I was in top physical shape so I began to save my money so that I could do what I wanted. I didn't yet know what that was.

Time passed and I was settling in pretty well. It was about that time that I got a call from some lawyer telling me that pop had died and I was his only living relative. Seems he left me a nice piece of change after all the bills were paid. More than I ever would have thought he could have. Well, it went into the bank.

I was now an old man of thirty-five and I had a nice nest egg for myself. I owned a small house just inside the city limits free and clear, I had a nice car and I had all the food I wanted to eat. Life was good. Since I was single, I went out some evenings to a local bar and grill that I liked. It was noisy on the weekends and a lot of the guys I worked with came there so it was like a local hangout. I was sitting with a couple of my shift guys when three women walked in. I immediately locked on to this one girl in the middle. She was about my age; very tall for a woman; very pretty with long black hair and even longer legs and she was a knockout. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I asked one of my buds who she was and he just snickered.

"Do yourself a big favor Jimmy boy and forget her. That's Sally McDonald. She works in the mail room and she's called the Ice Princess. She comes in every so often and just watches the other girls dance and look for guys. She never dances with anyone and she just stays until about midnight and then she leaves, always alone. Most of the guys have hit on her but she won't give them the time of day so leave it be."

Well, that would be the smart thing to do, but remember that I wasn't very smart. I watched as her two friends went off to dance and I decided that now was the time. Amid some hoots and hollers from my buds, I walked over to the bar where she was sitting and sat down beside her.

"Can I buy you a drink?" I asked.

She ignored me for a few seconds and then turned my way. I saw her eyes widen just a little and she sort of flushed. At least I think that's what you call it when someone's face gets a little red and such.

She looked right at me and said, "I would like that very much. Thank you."

With that she signaled the barkeep for another beer. I had one too and tapped the open top to hers in a salute. She smiled at me and took a sip. I decided to see if she would talk to me.

"My name's Jimmy. Jimmy Overton. It's nice to meet you."

"Sally McDonald, and I know who you are. I've seen you when you come up to the Plant Manager's office sometimes. The mailroom is right across from his office door. It's nice to finally meet you too."

"I guess I've never looked over your way cause I would have remembered seeing you. That's a shame since you are certainly nice to look at. Would you like to dance? I'm not very good but I'm willing to give it a whirl if you are."

"That would be nice. I'm sure you're fine."

With that, we walked to the dance floor and we danced together for the next three songs. She felt so good in my arms and she was easy to talk to and to dance with. She didn't seem to be put off by my lack of smarts or my language skills. We got along like we had known each other for years. We walked back to my table and she sat with me and the guys for a while. It was clear that she was very shy but she was nice to my friends. The guys were really impressed and they were very nice to her and she seemed to enjoy their company. Of course, she sat beside me all the time so I was the one impressed. Someone like her with someone like me. Well, it seemed too good to be true but for this one night it was great.

Right about midnight, Sally let me know that she had to get going for home. I asked if I could drive her, but she said she had her own car. The other girls would always find their own way home so she could leave anytime. I hated to see her go and told her so. She took a little card out of her purse and gave it to me. On the back, she had written her home phone number.

"You can call me at work anytime but please don't call my home phone after 7:00. I live with my mother and she's not well. She usually goes to bed about that time. This is my only night free so I always come here until midnight. That's when her nurse leaves."

I walked with her out to her car and waited until she opened the door. She turned to say goodnight and I took a shot and leaned in to kiss her. She tensed for a second but relaxed and seemed to enjoy it. She kissed me back before quickly getting in her car. She shut the door, smiled widely at me and then left. I stood there staring at her until she was out of sight.

I went back into the bar and the guys were waiting for me. I was the subject of several rounds of drinks and a lot of pats on the back for cracking the Ice Princess. On of my friends said something about it being right that both of us were a little slow but that I had moved really fast. Hell, I was just happy that she noticed me. I had no illusions about any more than that. I finished up the evening almost too drunk to drive home but I made it without mishap. God watches out for drunks and little kids, my daddy always said.

Well, two days later, I called Sally at work and asked her out on a date. She accepted! How about that? I picked her up that Friday night and we went to a nice place for dinner and then we went to one of the bars where they had been dancing. We spent the evening dancing and talking and it was great. I really had a nice time and I wanted more. When I walked her to her door, I asked her if I could see her again and she said yes. We made plans for another date and that was the beginning. I quickly found that Sally was fun to be with and she seemed to be happy to let me make all the decisions. She seemed smart enough to me but she didn't feel that secure. Well, she made me feel really smart. We dated for more than six months before I made my move.

I had taken Sally to dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in our little town and then we went to one of the hotels for after dinner drinks and dancing. Sally loved to dance and I had gotten much better at it over the past few months. I actually took lessons to get better and she seemed to be very pleased with me. We danced as often as we could. That evening was especially nice since we were both dressed up and we looked really good together. We had danced a fast number and we were both just a little winded so we sat down to catch our breath. I decided this was the time.

"Sally, I have a room reserved here in the hotel. I'm not trying to force you into anything but I really like you and I hope we can become more than just boyfriend and girlfriend but that will take some time. But for now, would you come up to the room with me?"

Sally looked at me in surprise before answering.

"Jimmy! This is so surprising. You've never asked me before. I had hoped you would and now you have. Yes! Yes!"

Well, as far as I was concerned, dancing was done for the night. I got the check, paid the waitress and took Sally by the hand. We walked as fast as we could without looking like fugitives and found the elevators. On the way up, I took Sally in my arms and kissed her breathless. I had a hard on and she could feel it pressing into her stomach. She didn't back away so I knew it was OK. The doors opened and we walked down the hall hand in hand to room 515. I got the swipe card out and fortunately it worked the first time. They always seemed to give me trouble. We tumbled into the room, pulling at each other's clothes trying to get the other naked. We fell onto the bed and finally all clothes were off and we were naked in each other's arms.

I began to kiss my way down Sally's beautiful body. I kissed her face, her neck, that hollow in her throat, down between her nicely rounded tits and then to her belly. Once I had gone that far, Sally was breathing heavily and she was shivering. I proceeded down one of her thighs and across to the other and back up to that the valley between her beautiful legs. When I reached that valley, she gave a huge sigh and moved her legs apart, giving me access and permission. I kissed those lower lips and used my tongue to give her pleasure. She was moving almost constantly now and I could hear her breath coming in gasps.

I took one of my fingers and pushed into her wet cavern and began to move it around inside her. She was now moving her hips up forcing her pussy against my hand and she was moaning almost continuously. I put two more fingers inside her and used my tongue on her protruding clit. I began to pump my fingers in and out as I nibbled on her button. She was close, so very close. I picked up the pace and my fingers were moving at a blur as I felt her vaginal muscles squeeze my fingers as her legs came together to clamp my head. She came with an explosion that almost crushed my skull. She was humping my hand with a vengeance until she suddenly bowed up off the bed and stayed that way for ten to fifteen seconds. I waited, hardly able to breathe until she collapsed down onto the bed.

I gave her a while to come to her senses, spooning against her while I continued to caress her tits and her legs. She really had a beautiful body. I could just lay there and watch her for hours. She finally opened her eyes and gave me a huge smile.

"God, that was wonderful. I have never cum that hard before. Where did you learn that little trick?"

"Saving it for you. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Oh, I did. But now you have to come here and let me give you the same pleasure. I want to feel you and see you."

As she said that, she moved down the bed until her face was even with my cock. I waited, holding my breath, until she could see it clearly. I was concerned about her reaction. I was pleasantly surprised.

"Oh, my God. You're huge! I can't wait to put that in my mouth. Come here you beautiful thing."

Now I have to tell you what I was concerned about. As you can see, I'm a very big man. Tall, heavy and well built. I'm also very big down there. That's a gift from my daddy. He was big too and he always bragged about pleasing the women. I didn't know about that but I saw him and he was just as big as me. As a matter of fact, I know of a few women I was with that couldn't take me in. A couple said that it was just too big and it hurt. So I was always careful before having sex with girls. But apparently it didn't bother Sally. But like I said, she was a big woman too.

Sally proceeded to take me in almost to the base and I was mightily impressed. I had never met a woman who could do that. She moved down on my shaft until her nose was pressed into my lower belly. I felt her throat muscles relax and I was probably down in her throat a few inches. She held me there for a second or two and then pulled back. God, it was really great and I just groaned to let her know. She reached up for my hands and put them on the back of her head, wanting me to show her what to do. Well, I was just not strong enough to be calm and cool so I just did what she asked and began to fuck her face. Not smooth, not controlled, just pure lust. I moved in and out until I could feel her relax and then I just let it go.

I pumped in and out while holding her head steady until I felt the sperm start to move up my shaft. I let her know what was coming and she just put her hands on mine and held them there. I took the hint and started to piston in and out until the cum boiled out. Directly into her throat. It was the most wonderful blowjob I had ever experienced. I must have shot into her for 30 to 40 seconds before the stuff stopped flowing. Unbelievable! I let my hands drop and she let me go, now limp and satisfied.

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