Advanced Swimming Lessons
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, White Couple, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young mother gets special lessons from her swimming instructor. Little does she know that he has a secret assistant. Her husband!

Unintended Results

Darren saw his wife's car parked in front of his office as he pulled in. He glanced at his watch and was surprised to see that she had arrived an hour early for their weekly lunch date. Although he was happy to see Rachel anxious to start what had lately become an exciting but routine event he still had a few things to do before he could dedicate himself to her.

His startup business was starting to prosper but his small office space was still in an old strip shopping center. He was able to park in the back and enter from a rear service door that lead to the back door of his office. Hopefully Rachel would still be out in the reception area talking to his assistant and he could sneak in his calls without either of them knowing.

Such was not the case. The back door to his office had a small glass window and as he stood in the darkened hallway he could see into his office where Rachel was sitting behind his desk with the door closed. She was casually sitting in his big office chair, idly thumbing through the items on top of his desk as if there were something of interest to her.

As she swung herself back and forth on the swivel chair he caught glimpses of sheer white panties under her short skirt. In an odd way he was surprised she was wearing any at all, especially knowing that she was there for a "suck and fuck" lunch at a shabby motel just down the road.

He allowed himself to watch her a while before he would exit the back door and go around to the front so as not to give himself away. He found it interesting to watch her as she thumbed through his desk and drawers while mindlessly and gently massaging her nipples or reaching down between her legs to stroke herself softly for a while. She was definitely in the right frame of mind for the moment.

Just as he thought he had seen enough, Emily appeared in the filing area just outside his office. Although Emily surely knew Rachel was in his office he knew she wouldn't be able to see her through the heavily tinted glass that separated them. Yet Rachel could easily see her. She had an armload of stuff to be filed and sat it on the floor to begin her task.

"Uh, oh!" Darren thought and cringed. This isn't good. It wasn't going to take Rachel long to figure out that all the time and money that went into relocating the files and tinting the windows wasn't quite so innocent.

Emily was his only employee and had first came to him two years ago as a fresh bride just turning twenty-one. He loved her work ethics, as she was a super busy beaver that totally submerged herself in her job. But what he found out by accident was that when she got absorbed into what she was doing she forgot about all else.

That included how she was positioned while either leaning over, sitting on the floor, or in an awkward squatting position. The bottom line was that she offered a full view of everything under her skirt. Most of the time that was a thong, but there were many delightful times that she ignored underwear for the day.

After a few months of this Darren had decided to quit sneaking around the corner to catch peeks of her, choosing instead to just move the files in front of his window then tint them with a mirror finish to mask his purpose. It worked like magic. At times she would either forget he was in his office only a few feet away or just ignore him. At other times he would quietly slip in the back door without her even knowing he was in.

Those were the best times. She thought he was out of the office and would totally abandon any modesty, often pulling her skirt up above her waist as she sat on the floor and filing for long periods of time. He couldn't recall the number of times he had blown his mind and his wad watching her.

But this was different. All of a sudden it was Rachel, not himself, getting the show. He silently prayed that Emily would remember where she was and not put on an exhibition. Hopefully, Rachel would go outside and talk to her.

Instead, Emily dropped to one knee to put her files on the floor and there was an immediate flash of an uncovered pussy. Darren cringed and froze in place, awaiting Rachel's reaction. She stopped the fidgeting she was doing and gave Emily her undivided attention.

Emily wasn't exposed all the time, instead just giving flashes of bush at times as she went about her task. Still, she started showing more and more, both the naked crotch and ample amounts of leg and ass. It didn't surprise him that Rachel would show interest. It did surprise him when she stood up and moved silently over near the glass, carefully pulling up a chair and sitting down to watch Emily.

Although he didn't time it, when Darren later recalled the scene he knew it must have taken less than five minutes of this before the unbelievable started to unfold in front of him. As he watched Rachel observing Emily, he was astounded when her left hand came up and gently started massaging her nipple. Within minutes, her right hand started making slow teasing circles on the inside of her leg just above her knee.

As Emily filed and flashed awkwardly, Rachel's hand kept sliding up her leg. When it went high enough the short hem just slid up her leg gently, not hindering her upward movement. Finally, her fingers reached their goal and as Darren stood there with sweat starting to pour out, they eased themselves under the thin elastic leg band and disappeared.

He watched as she stared openly at Emily and moved her fingers slowly but steadily under her panties. When Emily turned around in a twisted position and fully exposed her crotch for an extended period, Rachel's reaction was immediate and totally unexpected. She stopped everything long enough to remove her hand and shove her panties down and off as if they were a nuisance, kicking them over to one side.

For Darren, it was one of those moments. Just to relieve the pain he had no choice but to unzip his pants and unleash it. It sprung out like a huge tree limb that had been in a bind and his hand folded around it more as a natural reaction than a planned purpose.

It seemed Rachel drove his actions. As she gained momentum so did he. His quick glances at Emily in her flashing position became less and less frequent, his attention instead focused on his wife. Her legs had widened and grown stiff, sometimes lifting off the floor.

This was new ground for Darren. She often rubbed herself gently and idly just before or after they had sex, but he had never witnessed this. And witness he did. Her fingers became a machine, her entire body stiffened, and without ever taking her eyes off Emily she convulsed and exploded silently. Her legs opened and closed several times before they became locked in place, wide open and stiff. Finally, her head turned to one side while in the throes and he could see the almost anguished look on her face.

That was it for Darren. He spent himself all over the wall, thinking to himself at that odd time that he would have to clean it up later. Gently he slowed down, never taking his eyes off Rachel. He fully expected her to take his clue and cease her manipulation, too. As expected, she gradually slowed her pace and her body relaxed a bit. The stiffness of her body gave way to a slow, rolling motion from her hips in reaction to the fingers that continued to slowly massage her clit.

Neither had noticed when Emily had stood up and left. Rachel was still stroking the last of the pleasure from swollen nerves, chest heaving from the experience and breath still hard.

Darren put himself back together but continued to watch her. Slowly, finally, through the lifting haze it all hit him. The high was over. The excitement dulled.

Rachel had just masturbated to a massive orgasm from watching another woman!

As he watched her continue to slowly ease herself out of her little coma and put her panties back on, he stood dry mouthed and stunned as he let it sink in. From where in the world had this come? He knew that there had been some changes in their lives recently but whatever had happened to that shy girl he had married?

He shouldn't have been so surprised. He had become a sculptor and she had become his masterpiece.


When Darren first met Rachel they lived two hundred miles apart. They had met through a mutual friend and even though she was super attractive and he was very interested in her, there just seemed to be a missing spark. That all disappeared in one fell swoop one night when he showed up unexpectedly for an unbelievably romantic dinner. It all led to her apartment and eventually a gentle undressing for the first time.

When she was so reluctant to remove her clothes he was concerned that she had some disfigurement. Instead, she was embarrassed about him seeing her crotch. The silky thatch of dark red hair between her legs would have captured anybody's attention. It had been a joke at school among the other girls who had seen it. Even though she shaved and trimmed it regularly during those days, it was still the nature of good-hearted jokes.

Comments like "Jeez, Rachel. Is there a pussy hidden in there somewhere?" and references to the "red jungle" were common. But the few boys who had seen it were fascinated and Darren became hypnotized with it. She tried to control it by such things as wearing extremely short shorts instead of swimming attire but the few times she was in public in a swimming suit it was a losing battle to keep it contained.

It was like somebody had lit a stick of dynamite in the relationship. He was so enthralled with it that he never allowed her to shave any portion of it again. Later, during a quiet moment, she told him that his seeing it in its totally abandoned state was all a fluke. If she had actually expected him to show up she would have trimmed it. It's the little things that make life so good!

Sex was great and a wonderful marriage followed, but like all things a little tarnish started to build. Over a period of time, not only was his attention easily detracted to other women but also he started watching with great interest the amount of attention that Rachel received from other men. He was surprised that it excited him so instead of making him jealous. It took a little bit of persuasion but eventually he was able to talk her into not wearing panties under her loose shorts and short skirts.

It became a game in which she reluctantly participated but in which he looked forward to with much anticipation. He would sit from a distance and watch as the men watched her, often blatantly changing their positions to get a better look under her skirt. Rachel quickly learned that any attempt to adjust her skirt to deny the admiring eyes their target not so much drew criticism but rather quiet disappointment from Darren.

And, as much as she hated to admit it, once the actual "show" was over and the embarrassment subsided, without fail she would have an unwanted but very definite tingle between her legs from the attention she had received. It was, in fact, very erotic and she responded to it when he would later slip inside her, breathing heavily and whispering what was essentially sweet "thanks for the show" thoughts until he spilled inside her.

He didn't know it but she enjoyed it even more so once she was alone, her fingers providing herself a slow pleasure fueled by the thoughts of the prying eyes.

The best moment of the practice happened one Saturday night at Darren's tenth high school reunion. The dress he selected and purchased for her to wear to the event caused her to blush even before she tried it on. It wasn't so much the low cut top but the shortness of the skirt that caused the most concern. She expressed her doubts about just being able to sit down but her complaints couldn't quell his enthusiasm about it. At least he had chosen a color that worked well with the paleness of her skin.

Darren hated panty hose and the dress was so short that wearing thigh highs or a garter belt was out of the question. The best Rachel could do was select a pretty pair of panties in a futile attempt to cover her crotch. She knew that there was no way she would survive the night without some accidental flashes.

Their room was in the hotel where the reunion was being held. When they were fully dressed and ready to leave, he leaned her against the door and his hand started an excruciatingly slow ascent up her leg and under the short dress, intimately finding his way under her panties to her clit.

After building her to near orgasm, he shoved his thumb deep into her and started twisting it slowly. It was a failsafe tactic that always made her explode. It didn't fail this time, either. When she came he made no attempt to quiet her moans even though she could easily be heard down the hall.

But the worse for Rachel was to come. Just as they were nearing the main floor in the otherwise empty elevator he quickly dropped down and, much to her disappointment and very vocal protest, almost ripped her panties off and stuck them in his breast pocket. The door opened and she walked out among the crowd, without underwear and with what she knew was a gaping wet crotch.

Even though she couldn't afford to totally let it off her mind, the thoughts about the dress went by the wayside as they both started to circulate and meet his old friends. As embarrassed as she was, it actually thrilled her to know that Darren was showing her off so proudly. But as is always the case at one of these events, later in the evening she was abandoned by Darren and she drifted by herself, sitting one place then another to watch the activities and carry on small talk with happy strangers.

Darren was in heaven. He was not only doing well financially but was also sporting a beautiful wife. However, it was impossible to introduce her to everybody and later he found himself walking into a small group of guys that he knew from school but not well.

They were obviously talking about some "knockout slut" that was circulating in a nothing dress. It was when they mentioned the red bush she was flashing when she sat that he knew for sure they were talking about Rachel. He stood by and said nothing, listening to them speak in lowered tones about her beauty. Instead of being upset or jealous it was all he could do not shout out that it was his wife.

Instead, it only ended with a horrendous night of licking and fucking when they got back into their room. Even though Rachel enjoyed every bit of it, she couldn't help but know it was not so much from his desire for her but instead fueled by her exhibition that night.

If he had bothered to ask, he would have found that she was a little bit hurt over it.



Over a period of time even the excitement of her flashing began to wear thin. Little did Rachel know it but there had reached a point where her own "after the flashing" sensations that buzzed between her legs and drew her fingers to her clit when she was in private exceeded Darren's interest in watching.

Thoughts of other women started to creep more and more into his mind but he wisely avoided any situations that would put him at peril. He constantly watched Emily at work but knew there had to be strict hands off policies concerning her. He was his office assistant and besides, she was a newlywed and totally happy with her situation at home.

What he wasn't prepared for was Alicia.

Alicia was Doc's young wife and the exact opposite of Rachel. She was five years younger, had dark hair, and was an absolute harlot that had somehow managed to ease her way into Doc's life as soon as she had graduated from college. She was very open, extremely aggressive and just oozed sex. Doc had hinted several times about their games outside their marriage.

Darren didn't believe it at first but over a period of time she began to come on to him in a manner much more than subtle. He was caught between been totally enthralled with her and having a deep dislike for her. Either way, she was married to Doc and that was that.

The problem was Doc. He just couldn't seem to quit dropping little hints and stories about Alicia's little outings, often in graphic detail that left little to the imagination. And it never failed that after he teased Darren's mind with these lurid and detailed visions he would start to drop little questions about Rachel.

That Doc was infatuated with Rachel was obvious. Many men were. What bothered Darren were the little innuendoes about "what if". What if she might have a little tendency to stray? What if she found another man attractive? Would Darren object? Would he be open enough to stand aside and let her reach? He adamantly denied any such possibility existed but it never failed that he always walked away carrying that little gnawing thought way in the back of his mind.

And a hard on. After all, Doc had no idea of all the men that had looked up Rachel's skirt and how totally turned on she was by it.

And so it happened.

In retrospect, Darren wasn't too sure about the night when he stumbled and fell. Was it coincidence or had he been targeted, just part of a grander scheme.

Actually, he had been hunted.

And for Alicia, hunting was fun... that is, hunting for men. Alicia loved the pre-hunting ritual; she would get dressed in her sexy lingerie, mostly black or deep red silky colors, always a thong and push up bras for cleavage, not that she needed it. Her favorite perfume around her, spray after spray. Deep red lipstick melted onto her lips, her eyes black and smoky... This woman was naughty; dangerous lips, mysterious eyes and a hypnotic body, she was ready for her hunt.

There was a special place that Doc let her roam free. There was never such a thing as "totally safe" but this was as close as they could get. It being a Saturday she had a place she always went. There the light was not too dark for people to hide in and not too bright for them to seem too real.

The music was always creamy, erotic and simply delicious. At the moment they were playing an old song and it overwhelmed her body and mind. Her body moved slightly to the music, while her eyes were scanning the room.

And tonight the hunt was not just for anyone. She was looking for a special prey. Rachel was out of town for the week at her Mothers and Doc had very slowly and carefully primed Darren with the idea of coming to the club. After filling his thoughts with the fantasies of all the women to be seen there it was apparent that he had taken the bait. Of course, there was no mention of Alicia being there.

However, as the night went on, she was getting a little restless, constantly finding someone to dance with but still looking for her elusive target. Maybe they had been too cocky... too sure of his willingness and way too sure of her prowess. Suddenly, somebody touched her shoulder and she turned around.

There he was, standing there looking sheepish like he had been caught doing something wrong.

"Darren!!" she tried to look surprised. "What are you doing here?"

He had a childish look on his face and even in the subdued lighting she could see he had turned red in embarrassment.

"Oh, I don't know. Rachel is out of town and I just happened to drive past here. I'd heard of it so I stopped in."

"What a liar," she thought. "You look totally out of place."

Instead she beamed him a sexy smile and said, "Protect me from these predators," as she laughed.

He asked her to dance; she smiled and followed him without a word. He led her to the dance floor; she licked her lips and smiled. This was going to be s-o-o-o easy.

She was moving her body in a seductive way as the smoothness of the song seemed to caress her skin. She closed her eyes and moved closer to him, feeling his hands fasten around her waist. She could swear they were sending warmth into her body and after a while of sensual dancing, she forgot all about this being sort of an "assignment."

All at once there was an air, an assurance about him she had never detected.

As they meshed their bodies together and her legs opened slightly to invite him, he responded and slid his knee between hers slowly and confidently as she rode him softly.

"I've got him," she thought. The surprise to her was that all of a sudden she wanted him very badly.

"What the hell am I doing?' he thought. The warning flag was up but he was hooked and just couldn't stop.

All at once all the little stories, all the mental tidbits Doc had fed him came together in a very real, very life vision. He was holding her in his arms and she was responding.

Suddenly, just like that and with very little to think back on, they were in his car and on the way to his house. She led him upstairs... fully concentrated on her prey.

He followed her very willingly, expectations now filling his head. No thoughts of Rachel were around.

Alicia knew men... the ones she had tried, the ones she wanted to try in the future. And especially the one she had now.

He had teased her imagination for some time now, always wondering if this good little boy could go bad. She obviously had her answer. She would give him what he wanted, but not more than she wanted to. It's best to leave a little for the imagination in case there needed to be a repeat performance.

He had taken a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator. She poured him a drink and turned on the music. She took the drink from his hand and drank the rest, putting the glass on the small table next to them. She placed herself into his arms, her back pressing against his chest.

Her curvy body began to move, seducing him, while her mind was smiling and getting lost in the music. She was truly burning and he responded. She felt his pants, the big bulge, as his hands pressed her body harder to him.

Darren couldn't speak. It was if he was driven by her subtle, unspoken suggestions.

He moved his hands up her short dress and caressed her thighs. His big warm palms moved up, higher, craving her secret place... They found it, hot and wet... and totally shaved!

He moaned quietly at the contact with the bald, heavily oiled lips. It was such a contrast from the massive bush of Rachel.

His fingers played with her lips for a long time, Alicia moving slowly at his touch and breathing heavily. Finally, he moved away the thong, and whispered in her ear to spread her legs.

While she did, letting him uncover his special playground, she pressed her butt backwards, caressing his erection while he was playing with her. Soon he heard her moan, moans that made him go wild.

Alicia knew a guy loved her moaning, loved it when he knew he was giving pleasure to her.

His breathing became deeper, he was hard, very hard indeed, and she felt it. He unreleased his cock and placed it between her thighs, his head caressing the slippery entrance.

He whispered into her ear; she was so god damn wet, her panties soaked, her juices running down her thighs... She smiled; she wasn't known to be naughty for nothing.

Finally, she asked him.

"Are you going to stand there all day or fuck me?"

The boldness, the brashness of it. It almost made him come.

So he did, without hesitation; he entered her with one quick thrust. He had no problem moving in and out of her, fucking her as she wished him to, as she wanted. One of his hands found its way to her clit and his finger started rubbing it, while he was thrusting himself into her. His other hand held her close to him, powerfully and possessively.

When he went faster she couldn't hold her screams away, and she came, floods of stars passing before her eyes, taking her up and down in a flying roller coaster. He came with her, his seed filling her center, and he bit into her white shoulder.

And then she was gone.

It was that quick.

Not allowing him to take her home, she called a taxi instead and waited patiently for it to arrive. All at once it was if she was over for a congenial visit and they were waiting for the meat to come off the grill.

As soon as the headlights flashed in the driveway (and he suddenly cringed concerning their neighbors), she gave him a soft kiss and a sweet farewell.

"You were wonderful," she whispered in his ear. "No wonder Rachel seems so content."

Then she simply walked out the door.

Darren was left with enough free time on his hands to think about it. It dawned on him that there was a huge difference in having sex and having a marriage.

He had no clue at the moment how soon that situation would be challenged.



The romp with Alicia weighed heavy on Darren's mind. How could he have done it? There was little probability of Rachel finding out but what about Doc? He was his best friend and maybe there could have been little "tell-tell" signs coming from Alicia.

The questions didn't go long before being answered.

And of all places, it came out at a most inopportune time. Right in the middle of a little get together among the four of them. The girls were inside finishing up after dinner and the two of them were out in the back yard finishing their drinks. The conversation was pleasant and idle, ranging from sports to politics.

After a while it grew silent for a few minutes, then Doc lowered his voice and glanced towards the back door. But when he spoke Darren thought he might have well just shouted it out.

"So, how did you enjoy Alicia the other night?" He had a very strange smile on his face. It was obvious he had caught Darren's hand in the cookie jar and wanted to know how they tasted.

Darren hesitated a long time before he stuttered out a response. It certainly wasn't the time to be caught lying.

"You know about that?" He stared straight ahead, unable to look his friend in the eye. Instinctively, he turned his head to look for Rachel as if to see if she knew, too.

Doc picked up on it.

"She doesn't know," he said quietly. "This will always remain among the three of us and is our treat."

"Our treat!!"

Doc laughed and looked away before giving Darren a condescending smile.

"Surely you don't think it happened that fast, that smoothly by accident."

Darren didn't answer, just looked perplexed and raised his palms in the air slightly. What was he talking about?

"It's okay, my friend. You know it's all a game with us. Maybe you didn't believe me?"

"I believe you."

"Well, you didn't answer my question. How was it?"

Darren searched for his answer. The truth or an embarrassing lie.

"It was nice. Very nice."

He was surprised at the sigh of relief coming out of Doc. It was almost as if it were Doc, not he, who was on the hot plate here.

"So, you screwed another woman and there was no lightning bolt come down and strike you dead?"

Darren laughed a nervous little laugh. "No bolts yet," he said.

"And, you're still happily married to that gorgeous woman in there. That hasn't exploded?"

"No." He had a feeling this wasn't idle chat.

"Have you fucked her since then?"

"Oh yeah, lots of times." He felt like he was defending himself.

"Was it good?"

"Well, yeah, really great."

Doc looked at him and turned his palms up as if to say, "I told you so."

"See, there's pleasures out there for the two of you. And it won't tear your world apart."

Darren could see what he was getting at and knew Doc was way out of line.

"She would never go for a thing like that." He said it with confidence because he truly meant it. There could be no way she would wander from their marriage.

"Even if she were tempted, maybe with a little help?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, look how easily it happened to you. And you certainly had no intentions to cheat on her."

Finally, the lightening bolt came down. Not for cheating, but for being naïve. He had been carefully set up!

Doc didn't have a degree in psychology for nothing. He read Darren like a book.

"That's right, little brother. My little stories about us, the teasing about Rachel. All of it was just to get you in the right frame of mind. And of course, timing. We needed you in the right place at the right time."

"So you and Alicia planned it." He didn't ask. He stated the obvious.

"That's right."


"At first it was to prove a point."

"About what?"

"That anybody can be swayed under the right circumstances."

"To do what?"

"Cheat. And Rachel. Especially Rachel."

"What about her?"

"That maybe she's not such a goody-goody girl as you think. That maybe she has fantasies, too. And maybe you're not in all of them. Alicia is tired of hearing about Mrs. Fidelity."

"And that is what it was all about?"

"Somewhat. I think you know how attracted I am to her. Or don't you?"

"Yeah, it's pretty obvious. But I didn't think much about it."

"Do you realize how many times she's flashed that beautiful red bush at me?"

"No." And hundreds of others, too, but Darren wasn't about to expose that!

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds. Finally, it was Darren that broke the silence.

"So, where is this all going?"

Doc slid back in his seat and looked at him for a while, almost if sizing him up.

"I think Rachel can be had. I think that, under some special circumstances, she will let go."

Darren was flabbergasted.

"Oh, my God, no way! No way!"

Doc sat quietly a few minutes and let him stew about it. Then he approached it gently.

"Why not, Darren? We're best of friends here. You gave in to temptation and if you don't mind me saying it, you went down pretty easy. So, what makes you think that Rachel is so straight that she couldn't be coaxed into some stray cock?"

Darren cringed, not just at the choice of words but the mental thoughts it brought.

"She just wouldn't, that's all. I know her."

"Does she know you?"

"That's different." Darren knew exactly what he was talking about.

Doc paused for a long time, getting ready for his strike out pitch. It was time to move forward.

"Is she so different from us?"

"Yes." He was defiant in his answer.

"Enough to make a little bet?"

"What bet?" Darren was edgy about all of this.

"Let's talk about the prize first. Then I'll place the bet. Okay?"

"Okay." Darren shrugged. Why the mystery, he thought.

"If you win, I'll give you a night out at the Plaza and dinner for two at Rudy's."

Darren perked his ears up. What we were talking about here was worth probably five hundred dollars.

"And if you win?" What was Doc's prize?

Doc approached it very carefully. Now was not the time to make a mistake.

"If I win, you'll give me a shot at Rachel. And, maybe a little timely assistance at my request."

Darren was floored! He was out of his mind! But instead of saying that, instead he somehow almost coughed out the question.

"What's the bet?"

Doc began to talk. The more he spoke the further Darren's jaw dropped. The man was out of his head. He must have money to just throw away!

"Well?" Doc was through with his proposal.

Darren could not believe he was sitting there listening to the most preposterous thing he had ever heard.

"Two weeks." He said it slowly as if to make sure he understood. "Two weeks."

Doc nodded slowly. "Two weeks."


Doc nodded his head.

"Begging," he said with assurance.

At first Darren was shaken, then amused, and then laughed out loud.

"You're on!" He almost gloated.

Doc offered his hand for a shake.

"We're on."

Just then the door opened and the two girls came outside. There must have been obvious looks on the men's faces.

Alicia looked at them suspiciously and asked, "What are you two up to?"

They looked at each other before Doc spoke.

"Oh, nothing." The look he had on his face may have escaped Rachel but Alicia picked up on it right away. Maybe it would lead to nothing, but the bait had been taken.

As they all went back into the house, the two men had thoughts filling their heads.

"I can taste that steak now," Darren gloated. There was no way he could lose.

Doc thought otherwise. As he walked behind the girls and watched Rachel's short dress flip carelessly around her thighs definite visions went through his mind.

" I can't wait to feel that beautiful red brush on my face while I taste your pussy, little girl."



Precisely four days and fourteen hours later Darren pulled into his regular parking space behind his office and slipped quietly into the back hallway door. As he moved over to his office door he tried being as quiet as possible.

He thought he had seen Doc's car parked out front and as difficult as it might be he really needed to sneak in and out of his office without being detected. He had a really important appointment that just couldn't wait.

On the other hand, the hairs stood up a little on the back of his neck. Why was Doc there at that time of the day with no phone call? As much as he wanted to believe in himself and his judgment, after his bet with Doc he had couldn't help but have a queasy feeling in his stomach. Even with a sure thing the price was so high, the stakes so great.

Slowly he moved up to his door and peeked in the window.

That old expression, "You could have knocked me over with a feather," couldn't come close to matching the sensations that blasted through Darren. He thought for sure he was going to faint and was looking for a place to throw up.

And if "Seeing is believing" wasn't enough, "Hearing is even more believing" came into play.

There, in living color and with every light in the office on to perfectly illuminate her, was his dear, sweet, newlywed Emily. The one he was sure was so dedicated to her husband and a perfectly sweet child.

Spread across his desk, stomach down, totally nude.

And behind her was Doc. Not just standing, not just admiring the view. Oh, no!!

He was standing almost straight up, one hand on to Emily's hip. With the other, he held a small hand held camcorder. That's why all the lights were on.

And what was being recorded, both visually and with sound, was Doc slowly and with great purpose pounding Emily with that oversize weapon he called a cock.

Straight in the ass.

And the moans coming from Emily definitely weren't groans of protest. He knew the sound much too well. Rachel did it all the time just as she started her crescendo into an orgasm.

Nope! What he was listening to was his sweet Emily responding to Doc's cock up her ass. And Doc was making sure he had every bit of it on tape, sometimes with a lurid grin on his face.

Darren barely had time for the final hope to pass through his mind before it too was shattered.

"Do you want more?" he heard Doc ask her softly. He wasn't gloating over his situation now but was almost approaching it businesslike.

"Y-e-e-s-s," she moaned back at him.

He leaned over and whispered something very softly then stood back up.

"Yes, yes, please, please, fuck me in my ass." Emily was almost crying as she begged.

Darren was floored. It was all he could do to keep from shouting, "NO, Emily, Not that!"

But he didn't, and it had happened.

But not Doc. Those were the exact words he was looking for. As a reward, he started pumping her with much less caution, much more speed. Although Darren was unaware of it, Emily had already been the recipient of Doc's tongue and cock in her pussy for almost an hour before Doc carefully led into the anal attack.

In short, she was primed already and when he increased the speed and pressure in her it was too much.

"A-a-a-h-h-h, o-o-o-h-h-h-h, now! Now! Now!" rolled out of her as her hips thrashed back to absorb Doc's blows.

Doc never quit filming as he reared back and slammed into her, spending himself inside her just as she was completing her orgasm.

To Darren, it seemed they stayed frozen in place for an eternity. In actuality, it was more like two minutes before clothes started to go back on. Quickly, Darren slipped out the door again. He certainly didn't want to be discovered.

He drove just far away enough to pull over to one side and catch his breath and hope his heart would quit pounding so hard.

He could only shake his head. That was it. That was the bet.

Doc had bet him that within two weeks he would have Emily begging him to fuck her in the ass. Darren had thought there was not even the most remote possibility.

He was stunned.

Not Doc, though. After giving Emily another of the many long kisses he had shared with her that day and many days before that, he was off with his prize video. There was no disputing his actions.

He almost felt sorry for Darren. Poor guy. First he was set up with Alicia and then with Emily. He just never caught on to anything going on around him.

But Doc did. The first time he had a conversation with Emily and watched her body language around Darren it was obvious she was on the hunt. It took very little of his professional counseling tactics to bring her out. She had married a great friend who provided very little sexual excitement in her life. Within months of marriage she was looking and fell upon Darren.

Problem was Darren didn't respond. When Doc got hold of her she was sexual putty in his hands. A small "You'll be okay" kiss one day quickly turned into weekly orgies. As far as fucking her in the ass... she had shown interest in it right away and was a slave to it within a month.

There had never been a doubt that he would win the bet. It was a given.

Now, as he chortled over his prize and was mentally preparing himself for a new conquest, he just had to approach Darren the right way to smooth things over. It wasn't just that he wanted to keep his friend; it was that having his way with his best friend's wife was really the cherry on the sundae.

As he drove on, he got a massive hard on.

Darren drove to his appointment. As his predicament started to slowly settle in, he got a massive hard on.



"Remember, hold your arms out straight and make an 'ear sandwich' before you push off."

Rachel sat back on the pool chair and watched as Jason launched himself into the pool. It still amazed her that a three year old could swim, let alone dive albeit a clumsy attempt. As well as she tried to conceal it from others, her own family was well aware that she had never learned to do so. An unfortunate mishap in the water during early childhood had caused a fear that she just couldn't seem to override.

For many years her family and friends had gently chided her about it but when they realized how deep it went they backed off. She certainly didn't want Jason to know about it, especially at his age and at this point of his development.

"Now, let's see you swim the length of the pool and back for me." Doc Williams said it as if he had all the confidence in the world, but Rachel could see that he was poised to move at any indication of trouble. He had been teaching lessons during the summer in his home pool for over five years and had learned to never let his guard down.

As Doc watched Jason she watched Doc, quietly admiring his almost perfect physique as he waded waist deep through the pool. Doc and Darren had been acquaintances long before she knew either of them and Doc had been in their wedding.

It was just so hard to vision anybody looking like him a have a doctorate in psychology. But she guessed he'd rather be called "Doc" than Harold, his real name. Summer swimming lessons served as filler between the months at his job at college, supplying a small source of income but mostly just keeping him bronze and fit.

He caught her staring when he suddenly turned and spoke quietly to her.

"Rachel, he's got a really good kick but needs to use his arms better. Come down here on the steps and give me a hand. I want to try something."

Rachel didn't mind for getting in the water didn't bother her. It was just when it got over her waist that the panic started. She moved over and at his directions sat on the very top step that was dry. Both her feet were on the next step down and submerged in water.

"I want you to put his feet between your legs and hold them still."

It was very awkward position but she responded to his directions. Not only did she need to spread her legs considerably in order to place Jason's feet where Doc wanted them but also had to lean over to hold them. Doc placed a small flotation under the boy in order to relieve the stress so that he could coach him for an extended period.

But in a very short time it was all working. Jason was being held afloat by the device and she held him in place as he slowly worked his arms under Doc's guidance.

It was about two minutes into the drill when she realized that Jason was actually getting nothing more than a passing notice from Doc. Instead, all of his attention was on her. Without looking at herself, her face went red as she developed a picture of what was drawing his attention.

She was bent well over, presenting him with an unobstructed view of two milky white breast barely contained in a lacy demi bra that did little for support and allowed her nipples to peek out over the transparent lace. The fact that it was black made the paleness of her globes stand out even more.

Her pale skin was due one part to her phobia of pools and the beach. The other was her natural appearance. As a natural redhead her paleness was only punctuated with a few obvious freckles and a few more in places seen only by her husband.

On the few times that she had been coaxed into getting some sun, not only had she burned but the freckles had become very pronounced and was much more obvious than normal.

But that wasn't the most prominent feature about her. What always caught anybody's attention for good, including Doc's, was the massive but silky thatch of dark red hair between her legs.

And, at the moment, that was exactly where Doc's attention was focused. With her knees up high and being bent over, she was spread wide open. Although he was giving quick glances to her breast spilling out, he was openly staring straight up the gaping right leg of her shorts. His attention was focused so much on it he didn't even bother to see if she was watching him. She couldn't help but notice, even though she tried to keep her head slightly turned away.

She really didn't want to come face to face with him as he intensely ogled her, especially since she could easily envision what he was seeing and couldn't change her position at all without making a fuss or admitting her knowledge of the situation. She quickly thought of the events of the still young day that had put her in such a fix.

It had been a little bit of a strange morning at home. As she was getting dressed, Darren had walked past a basket of clean laundry and flipped a pair of shorts to her, indicating without speaking that she should wear them. Unlike most husbands, he quite often suggested certain outfits for her to wear.

And there was certainly nothing unusual about these. Brown, very thin cloth with extremely loose legs, she had worn them to the point that they were starting to be rather bare. They were very comfortable but she normally wore them only around the house because they were so short that they often exposed the cheeks of her ass when she moved about.

What did catch her a little by surprise happened in the kitchen. As they were trying to get out of the house, him to work and her to swimming lessons, Darren glanced into Jason's room to make sure he was fully engrossed with cartoons before approaching her behind the kitchen counter. While constantly glancing in the direction of the child he deftly removed her shorts and, ignoring her quiet protest, slipped her panties off.

The whole thing only took five minutes but that was enough. His hand went between her legs and the knowing fingers quickly found their target. Maybe she would have been okay if he hadn't started with the thumb. That knowing, experienced, magnificent thumb!

She didn't know what it was about it. She loved their sex when he was inside her and exploded at the touch of his tongue. But what could get her off in an instant was that thumb plunging deep and hooking around inside her.

Within seconds she was moving up and down on weakened legs as he controlled her body, then started whispering to her to take over her mind.

"No panties today." It wasn't a suggestion. It was a command. She had been there many times before and knew it was just one of those times. Besides, she was weak from his thumb and had no strength to disagree.

With one last glance checking for any interference, he rammed his chosen thumb deep and fast into her and found her mouth with his. As he expected, she came fast and hard, burying her moans in his mouth. Giving her little time to complete it, he reached down and picked up both her panties and shorts and led her quickly into the laundry room and closed the door.

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