Rob's Family
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, DomSub, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rob Jackson moves his neice into the family and the problems begin very shortly afterwards. This family are taken over by a group of teenagers and Rob is turned into a cuckold

It all started a few months ago when Rob Jackson took his niece into his family home. His sister asked him to watch her daughter for a couple of months while she and her husband got by their marriage problems without her being there.

Rob's wife Maria didn't mind having the seventeen year old living in their house. She knew their seventeen years old daughter would love to have company.

Patty is having a hard time with their slow quiet life. Maria found cigarette butts on the ground. She told Rob to talk to his niece about them.

Rob talked to Patty about it. Patty pleaded. " I'm sorry, Uncle Rob. I won't do it again."

Rob was always a sucker to a crying girl.

A couple of weeks later, Rob stepped outside and looked over at the swimming pool. He noticed both girls lying in the lounges soaking up some sun. Patty is in a white bikini while Jessie's wearing a black one piece swimsuit. He hated to admit that they had cute figures.

Rob walked up to the girls. " What are you two doing?"

" Talking, Daddy." Jessie replied.

" About boys?" Rob asked.

Jessie giggled and Patty smiled to him.

" What about boys?" Rob asked. He knew he was getting into deep trouble with that question. " Do you have any questions?"

" Nope." Patty replied.

" A couple of the boys at school." Jessie replied.

" Do you have a boyfriend yet?" Rob asked his daughter.

Jessie shook her head.

" What about you?" Rob asked Patty.

" Well... I have a few guys that are interested in me." Patty closed her yes. " I can count four of them off my hand."

" No way!" Jessie laughed.

Rob couldn't believe his niece is acting like a slut in front of her cousin. He continued to eye both of them. Patty is looking real sexy and he had to admit that his daughter is growing also.

" Like what you see?" Patty asked.

" What?" Rob was caught off guard.

Both of the girls laughed out.

" Uncle Rob, can I ask for a huge favor from you and Aunt Maria?" Patty slipped off her sunglasses from her eyes.

" Oh course."

" Can I have a pool party with my friends from my home?" Patty asked her uncle.

" I don't know..."

" Please Daddy!" Jessie cried as she begged for her cousin's request.

Rob had to think it over. He would need to talk to his wife about it. He figured it would be ok. " I'll have to talk to Aunt Maria about it."

" Thank you, Uncle Rob." Patty smiled for the first time since she stayed at the house.

" Thank you, Daddy." Jessie jumped up and hugged him tightly. Rob could feel his daughter's breasts pressing against him. He shook his head in disgust.

That night, Rob called Patty and Jessie into the kitchen. He smiled to the two girls. " What's the menu for your party?"

" I can have the party?" Patty smiled again and eyeing both adults.

Maria nodded her head. " Yes. I want to meet your friends. Is next Saturday good for you?"

" They would love to meet you and next Saturday would be great." Patty pumped her fists together. " Thank so much. You are going to love them. They are so cool."

The party date finally came. Patty and Jessie were out by the pool getting some stuff done while Rob and Maria were inside getting the food and drinks ready for the ten friends of Patty to come over for the party.

The clock chimed one in the afternoon, when two cars pulled into the driveway of their home. Patty cried out from the backyard. " They're here!"

Patty ran out to the front of the house to the cars. Jessie followed at a distance. Rob and Maria took up the rear. They watched the young men and women leave their cars.

Rob watched the men. There is four black men and one Asian. He looked over at the three females. Two are black and the other is Asian.

Patty brought a tall black man up to them. She smiled. " This is my Uncle Rob and Aunt Maria. This is Devon."

" Nice to meet you." He shook Rob's hand and smiled at him. He turned to Maria. " It's really nice to finally meet you."

" Thanks." Maria blushed.

Rob noticed his wife's blushing. He didn't know why she is acting like this in front of the black youth.

About an hour into the party, Rob manned the grill as he cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs as everyone played around the pool.

Maria walked out to the pool with a small tray with soda. She walked along the edge of the pool to get around two of the boys. He noticed the boys watching her closely. He couldn't blame them because she is still hot looking for her age. She has large breasts that measure around forty-two with a c cup.

After the meal is done and cleaned up. Rob and Maria joined everyone by the pool. Devon yelled from the water. " Now."

Rob watched as Maria is picked up by two boys and thrown into the pool by Devon. Rob laughed for a second and watched Devon swim over to her. Rob stood there as Devon started to play with her.

As Rob started to move towards them to stop it, a sharp pain struck me in the backside causing blackness to overwhelm me.

Rob shook his head and slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't move his arms as he is tied to the flagpole. He looked straight at Devon as he is pushing himself against Maria's backside. His wife is still in the pool with the black youth.

Rob wanted to yell but his mouth is gagged with a soak. He looked to the right and watched Tyrone getting a blowjob from Patty. Patty is on her hands and knees as she is sucking away on the cock in her mouth. Rob wanted to scream.

His eyes moved to the left of him and bugged out as he watched his daughter lying on the picnic table with Chen feeding his cock in her mouth as one of the black girls is licking her pussy at the same time.

Rob screamed into the gag. " Stop!"

" Hey Devon!" The Asian girl near the poolside action yelled and pointed towards Rob. " The wimp is finally awake."

Devon looked over Maria's body as his hands are holding onto Maria's bare breasts. The blouse is floating with the bra a few yards away. He pulls on her nipples and Maria moaned. " Oh God!"

Rob tried to free himself.

" Don't stress over it, wimp." Devon spoke up. " I haven't fucked her yet. I wanted you to watch as I did fuck her for the first time."

Rob struggled.

Devon asked Maria. " So Maria, do you want my cock that I have been rubbing against your crotch inside of you?"

" Yes." Maria moaned. " Please help me."

" Little girl, here is great." Chen moaned from Jessie's blowjob.

" I can't wait, Devon replied. He turned back to Rob. " You can thank your niece for turning you into a cuckold."

Rob cringed at the words.

Maria gasped. " Oh God! He's taking off my shorts and underpants off."

" Oh God! I'm coming." Jessie cried out as she is having an orgasm and after drinking the seed of the Asian boy. She wiped her mouth. " I love sperm!"

" Here comes my cock, little housewife." Devon told Maria as he moved his cock against her backside as his fingers open her up for his cock. " Need it big and wide for me, sweetie."

Maria cried as his fingers stretched her pussy out a bit. " Oh."

Rob struggled as he watched his wife being fucked. He could tell be the look on Devon's face that he is sliding into his wife's pussy. He felt so powerless.

" Fuck! She's a tight one." Devon moaned.

" Runs in the family." Tyrone laughed.

Rob begged against the gag to God for this to end but it didn't. He heard his wife moan and the look on her face showed some desire. Rob watched Devon push in and pull out of his wife from the backside.

Jessie moaned again as the Asian girl is fingering her pussy to a climax. She also is showing a lot of desire as the long slim fingers are fully inserted into her pussy.

" Uncle Rob, relax and watch the show." Patty laughed from her spot as she watched Devon fucking her aunt.

Rob couldn't believe his own niece would do such a thing to them. Rob couldn't think why his sister's child acted like this to them. She brought the kids over so they can fuck Maria and Jessie while he watched.

" Come for me, baby!" Devon moaned.

" No, I can't."

" You can't or you won't?" Devon laughed. " I'm not going to stop until I feel you coming against my cock."

" No!" Maria groaned with eyes closed.

" Too late. You are coming." Devon laughed as his fingers worked on her nipples. His is pulling on her long nipples.

" I am!" Maria buried her head into the side of the pool as she is coming from Devon's fucking.

Rob watched as his wife is fucked by the teenagers. He wants to throw up but he couldn't with the gag in his mouth. He wanted to die.

" I'm coming inside of you baby." Devon pushed very deep into Maria.

Maria cried. " God! I felt it so far inside of me!"

Rob closed his eyes. " No more."

" Who's next to have her?" Devon swam away as Maria climbed out of the pool naked.

Rob watched Tyrone head over to Maria. Maria crawled onto one of the lounges. Rob could see her nipples looking red and sore. He noticed the gaping hole of her pussy.

Tyrone stopped over the lying Maria. He knelt down between her legs. He lowered his mouth. He had free rein on Maria. His tongue plunged deep into her pussy. " Good thing the pool water cleaned you."

Maria cried as an orgasm ripped through her. She could feel Tyrone's huge hands cup her breasts. Maria cried out. " I'm coming!"

Rob closed his eyes. He couldn't take it anymore. He listened to his daughter and wife as they are being fucked by the teenagers.

Patty finally caved in. loudly. " Fuck me Chen!"

The fucking continued for many hours. Rob finally fell asleep to the sounds of the fucking of his family. His family is leaving him.

The next morning, Rob awakened with a headache from hell. He tried to move his hand to his forehead to rub it but he couldn't. He was still chained to the outside wall of the house.

He looked over at Patty sleeping on her back with her cousin Jessie next to her. They are both completely naked. He searched the backyard for his wife. He didn't see her. He saw the black girl and the Asian girl lying on the pool lounges.

The rear sliding door opened and Chen stepped out. He noticed Rob awake. " Good morning, wimp. Come on inside with me."

Chen removed the cuffs from Rob's hands. " Don't do anything stupid or you get another beating from hell."

Rob nodded his head with defeat. He followed the tall boy. They entered the house and welcomed to the sounds of his wife moaning.

They entered the living room to find his wife tied to the coffee table with Tyrone licking Maria's pussy. She is moaning loudly from it while Devon is sliding his cock between her breasts.

" Look how Devon is titties fucking your wife, wimp." Chen laughed. " She's been up all night long being fucked silly."

Devon looked up as he is coming onto Maria's face. He smiled at Rob with his front gold tooth showing. " Good morning, wimp."

Devon dismounted the tied down wife as she is having another orgasm from the oral sex that Tyrone was giving.

Tyrone pulled his head out of her crotch with an huge smile on his lips. " That was so tasty.

Devon and Chen started to laugh out.

Devon walked the short distance over to Rob. He placed an arm around Rob's shoulders. " How was your night, wimp?"

" Like you care." Rob stared back at him.

" Well... I do." Devon laughed. " You see, if you are hurt emotional or physically then Maria won't like me anymore."

Rob turned his head away.

" I want you to cook breakfast for us and then later I want a great dinner made for all of us." Devon instructed him.

" Why should I?" Rob is gaining some bravery.

" That's ok, wimp." Devon turned to Chen. " Get Jessie and bring her to me."

" Don't. I'll do whatever you want." Rob quickly agreed to do dinner.

" Very good, wimp. I don't like hurting anyone." Devon told him. " Now cook some breakfast for us."

" Yes." Rob dropped his head in defeat.

The boys walked towards the outside to get everyone while Rob worked on the largest breakfast he ever made in a long time.

Everyone was getting breakfast as Rob cleaned the dishes and pans. His life is in so much trouble now. He watched his wife eating while Tyrone's fingers are inside of her pussy.

Devon stood up and looked over at Jessie and Maria. " Time to go out for some errands."

The two girls followed the other two girls out of the house without saying goodbye to him.

Devon informed him that they are going to impregnate the girls. After the girls give birth to the babies then they are freed unless they want to stay which was ok also.

Rob felt defeat. He is starting to lose his family to the teenagers. Rob returned to the dishes as the cars leave the driveway.

Devon sat in the back seat with Jessie and Patty. He has both hands on the two young girl's breasts. " Very nice. You will really will enjoy our errands."

Maria nodded her head.

The two cars drove into the worst part of city. Maria stared at the inner city area. Devon winked to her. " Welcome to my neighborhood."

" Oh" Maria never knew of this area.

The first stop was at a small strip mall. Everyone stepped out of the two cars. Devon led the group to a small store where Maria noticed the type of business. It was a tattoo and piercing shop.

" Don't worry. We know the owner very closely." Devon laughed followed by each of the teenagers. A joke that Maria and Jessie didn't know.

They entered the shop. Tyrone yelled out. " Pops!"

Maria and Jessie stared at the different tattoos on the wall. Maria couldn't believe they are getting a tattoo and a piercing together.

A small Asian man stepped out from behind a curtain. " My daughter and her friends return to my shop. I'm honored to have you."

Maria watched as the Asian gentleman kissed the Asian girl name Joy.

" Pops, I want you to meet Maria and Jessie. You already know Patty." Devon introduced the Asian man to the girls.

" What do you mean?He knows you." Maria looked over at Patty than over to Devon.

Maria and Jessie were brought into the back room of the shop. Li turned to Devon and asked. " Who's going first?"

Devon smiled. " Maria goes first."

Maria looked down at the floor. She walked towards the table. She is very scared. She stood and waited for the Asian gentleman.

" Please remove your clothes for me." Li smiled at her.

Maria started to remove her clothes starting with the blouse then skirt. She kicked off her shoes and pulled the stockings off her legs. The white bra is pulled off freeing her breasts. The white thong underpants were finally removed from her.

" Standard?" Li asked Devon.

" Oh course." Devon reached over and grabbed a hold of Patty's right breast. She sighed at the touch of the black man.

" Please lie on the table for me. This will take a few minutes." Li smiled again to her.

Maria laid down on the padded surface. She watched the Asian mean prepare some of his tools of the trade.

Li rubbed a cotton swab on her left nipple, which she felt the immediate effects of the numbness to the nipple.

" You are being tagged and you will wear it until you get pregnant." Devon spoke from his chair as Patty is on his lap doing a lap dance.

Before Maria could reply, she felt the sting of the needle piercing her nipple. The burning sensation made Maria cry.

Li continued his work. He started to spread her legs. He started an electric razor and mowed her pubic hair. The vibrating razor made her almost come.

Li sat down the razor and picked up the tattoo tool and began to tattoo her just above her clit. She could swear he is touching her clit making her slightly horny.

A few minutes later, Li smiled to Maria. " All done. Just remember to keep them well cleaned."

Li helped Maria up onto shaky legs. He walked her over to a full length mirror to show her his artwork on her body.

Maria first saw the gold ring in her left nipple and her eyes down lowered to the tattoo. It simply read. " Devon's."

Maria lost all feeling in herself. She is a slut now.

" Jessie, your turn." Devon told the teenager.

Maria walked over to Devon. " Do you like?"

Devon raised a finger up to the nipple ring and gave it a short tug causing Maria to moan out. It was a great feeling. " Very nice on you."

Maria sat next to Tyrone as he fondled her breasts and nipples as Jessie is lying naked on the table. She heard Li say it was nice to see a shaved pussy.

Maria couldn't believe that her daughter shaves her pubic hair. What else don't I know?

Maria watched and heard as Li pierced Jessie's nipple with the gold ring and tattooed the same way as she was.

A few minutes later, Jessie was done. Li turned to Devon. " Now payment."

" Your choice." Devon smiled to the Asian man.

" Daughter." Li replied.

Maria didn't understand what was happening. She watched as Li pulled his pants down to his shoes. A large cock uncoiled and ready.

Li lowered his head to between her legs. He started to lick the young girl's pussy. He worked on the clit and heard her sigh.

Li's tongue is going very deep into her pussy causing Jessie to cry out. " God! He's fucking me with his tongue!"

Maria couldn't believe she was watching this. The Asian man's cock was growing larger and larger. She couldn't believe that her daughter is being fucked by a tongue.

" Fuck me!" Jessie cried again.

Maria watched as her daughter being fucked with a tongue. She is having orgasm after orgasm. Maria felt a hand touching her clit. She is close to coming also.

Li stood up and looked down at Jessie and pumped his cock a couple more times then sprayed Jessie's body with his sperm.

Jessie giggled at the sperm leaking down her face.

Li stood up and looked over to Devon. " Thank you, sir."

" No Thank you." Devon laughed as he watched Tyrone's finger rubbing Maria's clit.

" Get dressed, girls." Devon ordered both mother and daughter. " We have more chores to do."

Jessie stood up with help from Chen and Tyrone. She was weak legged from the oral fucking. Maria dressed herself into her clothes and watched her daughter do the same.

The next stop on their day was two doors down from the shop. Maria stared at the sign saying 'Exotic Lingerie'. She never wore anything like that.

They entered the shop with Tyrone in the lead. Tyrone called out. " Baby, you here?"

" Ty?" A large black woman came out from the back room.

" Hi Liz." Tyrone hugged and kissed the woman on the lips. " We need your help again."

Liz placed her hands on her hips and looked over the mother and daughter. " Not bad but I will make them better."

Maria couldn't feel more nervous as the woman moved closer to her. She heard the woman say. " This one will look fine when I am done."

Liz took Maria by her hand over to the other side of the shop. Liz eyed her. " You a forty?"

Maria slowly nodded her head. She knew the woman was asking about her bust size.

Liz started to sort through the different outfits. She pulled out a black lacy teddy. " This one will do for her."

Maria stared at the outfit. It shows a lot of her body. She didn't know if she would feel comfortable wearing it. She took the black teddy from her.

" And these." Liz handed a pair of white stockings to Maria. " When you are changed come out and get your shoes from me."

Maria walked towards the back of the store. She entered the small room lined with mirrors. She never seen a dressing room filled with mirrors. She started to strip down to her nakedness.

Maria slowly slipped the teddy into her body. The teddy feels a little bit snug. It shows all her curves. She rolled the stockings up her legs. She hated to admit it but she enjoyed the feeling of the stockings on her skin. It was so smooth.

Maria finally stepped out of the dressing room. Devon nodded her head. " Looks really good."

Maria saw everyone agreeing with Devon. Maria almost blushed from the comment. Devon spoke to Maria. " Turn around."

Maria did what she was told and saw what they were watching. Her eyes bugged at the sight of Jessie starting to dress into the white corset. " My God! You watched me!"

" It was a great show." Tyrone laughed from his spot. " People pay good money for these shows."

She watched as Jessie slowly dressed herself inside of the mirror lined dressing room. Maria turned to Devon. " Does she know?"

" Nope. We took the curtains down just after Jessie went inside, which was two minutes after you." Devon replied. " Part of Tyrone's sister's services."

It finally dawned on Maria that Liz is Tyrone's sister. Maria returned her attention back to her daughter. She had to admit that her daughter is very attractive looking. It shocked her that she thought about her body.

Jessie finished her show and stepped out wearing the white corset and white stockings.

" Perfect." Liz nodded her head. She turned to Devon. " Am I right?"

" You are. They now need shoes and dresses." Devon smiled to Liz.

" Come with me, girls." Liz took the mother and daughter by their hands to the other side of the store.

The next hour and half was spent with Liz picking out what Devon wanted them to wear. The shoes were no shorter than four inches in black, red, and white. The dresses were short and showed a lot of their breasts.

" For the next few weeks, you are required to wear these outfits all day. The dresses and heels during the day." Devon told mother and daughter. " Nightie and heels at night."

The rest of the lingerie was picked out. Devon picked out a couple different teddies especially one that Maria's breasts poked through the holes.

They decided that Maria wear a black dress that is so thin that people can see her nipples under her dress and it was short and showed off her thighs and legs. She has a pair of white stockings on and black high heels.

Devon handed Liz a credit card for the clothes. Maria stared at the card. It was her husband's credit card.

Devon took Maria and Jessie to the cars for another errand. Maria sat next to Chen and Tyrone. Patty and Jessie are with the girls and Devon.

Chen's finger played with Maria's clit. Maria started to get heated up again. She moaned slightly. " Please no more."

" Why?" Chen laughed.

" Because I need more." Maria cried slightly.

" More what?" Chen asked with a smile.

"Cock." Maria whispered.

Chen laughed. " Why don't you pull out mine and suck it until it is ready for you."

" I can have it?" Maria stared at him.

" Oh course." Chen replied.

Maria quickly worked her hands on the belt buckle and the zipper of the pants of the Asian teenager.

Chen laughed as he watched Maria worked her hands on his pants. He was growing very hard quickly.

Maria pulled Chen's pants down and took the long skinny cock into her mouth and started to give him a blowjob. Her mouth quickly moved up and down.

" God! She's good." Chen moaned as he held onto her head as he is getting his cock blown. Tyrone laughed as he watched the top of her head.

Maria could feel someone's fingers sliding into her pussy from behind as she knelt on the car seat. Maria knew it was only one person doing that. It must be Tyrone.

Maria moaned again.

Chen pulled Maria off his cock. " Now sit on my lap."

Maria moved as quickly as she could in the back seat of the car. She turned around and lowered herself onto his cock.

Maria yelped as the cock slipped deeper into her pussy. She cried out in lust. " Oh God!"

Maria started to move herself up and down on the cock. She moved quicker on the cock.

Maria couldn't stop herself as she continued to move her hips up and down on the cock. She wanted every inch of it into her pussy.

Chen's hands are rubbing at her breasts from behind. She moans loudly from the nipple pinching and the cock gliding through her pussy. " Fuck!"

Chen pressed deep into her and moaned. " God!"

Maria felt the sperm enter the deep part of her pussy. She wondered to herself as she dropped off the wave of an orgasm. Could I be pregnant now?"

Maria stayed on Chen's lap as he continued to roll her nipples. She couldn't believe she had her first automobile fuck.

The car pulled into a parking lot behind a strip club. Devon looked over at Maria and laughed. " I see Chen had his treat."

Maria felt the heat in her cheeks.

Maria and Jessie followed Devon into the strip club. They passed the bouncer, who was checking them out from head to toe.

The loud music hit Maria's ears. She followed Devon and Patty to the corner booth.

After seating in the booth. Devon turned to the mother and daughter team. " As you are guessing, we went to see your talent."

" You want us to dance a striptease?" Maria was shocked.

Devon laughed. " Too easy. We want you two to dance together and slowly strip each other to music. Sounds like fun?"

Maria turned to her daughter and noticed a grin. She couldn't believe that she was beginning to enjoy her new life as one of Devon's sluts.

A large breasted woman walked up to him with long blonde hair. " Time to take them backstage to get ready."

Devon smiled. " Thanks Chrissie."

Maria and Jessie walked with Chrissie to the backstage. They entered the small room, where two women are topless. Chrissie pointed to two chairs by the makeup table and mirror.

Both mother and daughter sat down as Chrissie checked on something. Maria turned to Jessie. " Are you sure you want to do all this?"

" Oh yeah." Jessie replied with a huge smile. " I love being fucked by them. How about you about all this?"

Maria smiled. " Very nice. I don't want to miss a thing."

Both woman started to laugh together and talk about what has been happening to them. They both didn't want to hurt Rob but they are enjoying it too much. It was the first time in a long time that they did something together.

" Ok girls. I have your outfits to wear." Christy handed a small bag to each of them.

Jessie and Maria started to strip out of their clothes. Chrissie commented about their nipple rings looking cool. Jessie thanked her.

Maria slowly eased her body into the tight form fitting black dress. She slipped her bare feet into a pair of black pumps with a five inch thin heel.

Maria watched Chrissie help Jessie into her outfit. The outfit is a white teddy, white thigh high stockings and the same shoes as hers but white.

Chrissie turned to Maria. " Doesn't she look so hot?"

Maria nodded her head.

" You know what you have to do?" Chrissie asked the two of them.

Jessie nodded her head. Maria slowly nodded hers. " Could you clarify it for me?"

" Oh course. You are going to dance around the stage than Jessie is going to undress you down to your shoes." Chrissie smiled. " Then you will do the same for Jessie. Very easy."

Both mother and daughter climbed the stairs to the stage. Maria is very scared. The DJ spoke up. " It's time to watch mother and daughter strip each other!"

A power ballad started up. Jessie started to dance around her as Maria stood still in the middle of the stage with fear.

Jessie started to work on Maria's dress. Jessie danced around her again as she slowly unbuttoned the dress trying to look hot.

Jessie looked at her mother and whispered. " Ready?"

" I guess." Maria closed her eyes.

Jessie slowly pulls the dress down her mother's body until it is pooling around her feet. Maria is now wearing only her shoes. The men start to clap at the sight of Maria's body.

" Now it's Maria's turn on Jessie." The DJ announced to the crowd.

Jessie smiled to her mother as they switched positions on the stage. Maria started to unbutton the white teddy as she danced around the stage.

The crowd of men cheered.

She slowly peeled the teddy down her daughter's body. She moved her hands over her daughter's body. She couldn't help but it admire her.

The crowd of men cheered again at their act and they continued to dance around the stage in front of the men.

The song ended and Maria kissed Jessie gently on the lips. The men clapped and cheered for their performance.

Both mother and daughter blushed from their dancing. A large bouncer helped the girls off the stage to a waiting Chrissie.

" So how were we?" Jessie asked the dancer.

" Very hot." She handed the girls two thin robes.

" Thanks." Maria couldn't believe she actually do it. She slipped into the very thin white robe. Her nipples do point against the material.

Maria and Jessie walked back over to Devon and his friends.

Devon clapped into hands. " Very good, babes. Please have a drink."

A large white man slightly balding stepped up to them. He smiled to Devon. " How about me and my friends take one of your girls for awhile."

" Really?" Devon smiled at the man. " What's your name?"

" Cliff."

" Well Cliff. I'll give you one hour with Maria." Devon indicted towards her.

" How much?" Cliff pulled out a large wad of bills from his front pocket.

" Five hundred."

" What a bargain." Cliff peeled off five bills and handed it to Devon.

Maria swallowed and realized now at the at time went from loving wife to slut to stripper to hooker. She stood up.

Cliff took Maria by the hand towards the back room of the club. The large man was very gentle with her. He didn't push or drag her. Maria looked back at her daughter being fondled by Devon.

Maria entered the backroom with the men. She knew the word whore would be burnt onto his mind.

Cliff spoke to his friends. " We have her for one hour, so lets get busy."

One of the men walked up to Maria and removed the thin robe. He smiled as he scanned her body. " Very nice."

" Thank you." Maria smiled.

The man cupped her breasts and squeezed it. " Now sweetie. Mickey is getting married tomorrow so please do whatever he wants."

" Yes."

" Come here. I need to see your mouth filled with my cock." The largest man spoke to her.

" Yes Mickey." Maria walked over to the man with his pants down and around his feet.

Mickey watched Maria lower to her knees. He moved his fingers to her hair and slowly laced his fingers through her hair.

Maria's mouth opened and look the twenty-four year old's cock. She took it into her mouth. She gagged at the taste of his cock. As it entered her mouth it tasted like piss.

" She's good." The groom to be moaned loudly. " Better than Amy any day."

Maria moved her head up and down the shaft very slowly at times and then quickly. She closed her eyes and imagined how her husband's cock she is sucking on it.

Maria sucked on the cock and it exploded inside of her mouth and she drank the man's sperm down her throat.

" Damn! She swallows!" Another guy pointed to Maria.

After that statement, Maria sucked on each of the remaining guy's cock. The cocks were different sizes and tastes.

Maria couldn't believe she did what she did with all the men. She is a whore in her mind.

Ten minutes to go. Maria thought as she finished off the last cock.

" Ok Mickey. Have her before the time is up. " Cliff spoke up.

Mickey walked over to the kneeling Maria. " Please stand up."

Maria did what she was asked. Mickey brought her over t the sofa. He sat down with his pants around his ankles. His cock is pointing and looking very hard.

Mickey took a hold of her lips and lowered her down back facing him onto his hard cock.

The cock slipped deep into her pussy. Maria quickly moaned as she feels the cock slamming the deepest part of her. " Fuck!"

Maria couldn't stop herself from coming from being fucked by a complete stranger. He is pumping into her.

Maria cried as Cliff's cock is sliding so freely inside of her. She moans again louder. " Fuck me!"

The guys cheered him on as he is having sex with Maria. His hands cover her breasts as he moves his cock easily in and out of her.

Maria moans aloud. " I'm coming."

" Me too!" Mickey's cries out as he has his orgasm.

Maria felt the sperm entering her and she didn't care about it as she finished riding her orgasm.

Ten minutes later, Maria returned to Devon's booth to find Jessie not there. Maria looked over at Tyrone. " Where's my daughter?"

" She's be right back. Two women wanted to see how juicy her cunt really gets." Tyrone smiled.

Maria sat down next to Devon. Devon smiled to her. " Did you come for them, sweetie?"

Maria blushed and nodded her head. " Yes."

" Good. Sex without coming is wrong." Devon handed her a drink. "You deserved it."

" Thanks." Maria took the drink. She watched Jessie return with two large women. They were smiling and holding hands.

" How was she?" Devon asked the women as Jessie sat down next to her mother.

" Very tasty." One of them giggled.

" Good."

The women smiled to Jessie and thanked her for a great time. They walked off with giggles.

Maria and Jessie's place is officially made in Devon's group. They are now his women to do whatever they want. Maria cringed at the word whore but she and her daughter have become a whore for the teenagers.

Rob had dinner placed on the table by the time the teens and his family returned to the house. He couldn't believe he is doing this.

" Very good, wimpy." Devon spoke as he first entered the house.

" Thank you."

" Want to see your family?" Devon asked.

" Oh course." He didn't see his wife and daughter just Patty.

" Come in, darlings!" Devon called out.

The front porch door opened and he watched his family enter the house. Rob's jaw dropped open at the sight.

" He must like it." Tyrone laughed.

Rob stares at his wife and daughter. They are each wearing black high heels, white thigh high stockings, g-string underpants, and a half a demi bra. Rob stared at the pierced nipples on both girls.

" Aren't they looking good?" Tyrone asked Rob.

" Yes." Rob slowly nodded her head.

The teens walked to the dinner table. Devon had both Jessie and Maria next to him as he took the head of the table.

Rob played waiter for the gang. Devon told him that he is doing great. He informed him that there are rules to follow during the week. Rob listened to her tell him the rules including no sex with the girls unless he give permission. Rob nodded his head.

A few hours later, Rob was drying the dishes when Maria entered the kitchen wearing her regular clothes except for the extremely high heels. " They're gone."

" Thank God." Rob turned to hug his wife.

Maria hugged him back. " I'm so sorry, honey."

" Don't be." Rob continued to hug her. " They raped you and forced you for our safety."

" That's the thing." Maria broke the hug. " I wanted and loved it."

" What are you saying?" Rob's heart stopped as he stared at her.

" Jessie and I agreed to continue until we give Devon and them a child." Maria looked at her feet with some shame.

" No!" Rob cried out. " You can't."

" We are." Maria stepped out of the kitchen.

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