Miss Ebay
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, School,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A student needs money and uses todays technology to get more than he bargined for.

My name is, don't laugh, Moreton but I call myself Moe. My housemates are Laurence, only call me Larry, and Charles "Curley" Curtin. We are all 19 year old students at art college and like students everywhere we are always short of cash. I had squeezed my parents, hit my other friends, sold some CD's and DVD's and avoided going to places I owed money at. I was pathetically stuck at home, too broke to go out and too bored to stay in. I needed a plan.

I came up with a plan for someone else, another pathetic loser, to fund my next big weekend. Now ebay won't let you sell people but what I was going to do was offer up time with me as your new best friends for the weekend. You bid, you win a weekend with me. My housemates agreed they would hang around with the winner and talk movies, music or any bull you wanted to spread. They agree to listen and not complain even if your stories are dull and dumb.

Finally I convinced the guys that someone would bid and I would have money for our next big weekend. They were happy to be included as extra's but I also gave them the option that they could bail and leave me alone with the winning loser. I posted my prize on ebay and sat back to watch the bids flood in. Flood was not the correct word more like a dribble. Someone had bid a dollar and it was two days until a second bid came in for five. I was now beginning to have doubts about this idea. I was so hyped about someone else paying I completely forgot about the consequences of someone not bidding high enough because if I didn't get enough to cover my costs I would be even deeper in the hole. Then a bidder called Lemonboy posted fifty and at first I was happy but then Lemonboy started bombarding me with emails about how he wanted the weekend to go and I could see this being a nightmare. He was even geekier than we were.

The final hours of the bid were painful to wait out. Lemonboy was the last bidder and his fifty had stood up for three days. I was planning to dummy bid him out but none of the guys would extend me any more credit to cover that bid. Nearly down to the last minute and suddenly my prayers were answered as a bid flashed in for $200 from a Miss E-bay. Next the countdown finished and I was over the moon at the prospect of $200 in my hands. This would be enough to wipe out some long standing debts and still party on the weekend.

Not long after the sale finished I got confirmation of payment and an email from Miss E-bay wanting details of when and where we were to get together. Over the next hour we nutted out the arrangements. Miss E-bay, only wanted to be called Missy, told me she also went to a university and would arrive Friday night around 6:00 PM. Knowing we were all students living together she also asked would the place be clean and if she would have a separate room for sleeping. She left all the details of activities for the weekend to us and she would see us later...

We spent the week cleaning the place from top to bottom. We washed everything, all clothing was cleaned and put away, every surface was dusted at least twice. We put fresh sheets and stuff on my bed and made it up just like a motel bed. I was going to sleep on a folding bed in Larry's room. Surprisingly none of us even mentioned the idea of sex happening over the weekend so hyped up were we to be able to go out on the weekend.

Missy arrived right at 6:00 PM and what a knockout she was. The three of us are all go close to the 6 foot mark but Missy, even in her boots, as lucky to be 5-6. She had a bit of a Goth look going with dark eyeliner and black nail polish. She had jet black hair with blood red tips that covered the neck line of a cut off Ramones t-shirt which exposed a smooth, untanned midsection but highlighted the way her breasts stretched the shirt up and out. Her hip riding jeans were slung so low I was surprised you couldn't see the top of her pubic hair. The jeans were ripped and faded as only expensive designer jeans can be and they were tucked into black leather boots that came almost to her knees.

We invited her in and then sat around chatting for about an hour to get a feel for how she wanted to spend her weekend with me / us. She seemed to be a collection of contrasts with her look and clothes suggesting someone younger but her range and knowledge of current events, music and films making her appear older. The quality of her clothing and her carry-all bag looked expensive but she wore no jewellery. This was a girl with a mystery and I had all weekend to solve it.

Missy asked for her room so she could freshen up before we headed out to our local pub for some drinks. As soon as we were alone the guys began hi-fivin' me for my idea. As if we didn't think Missy was hot to start with she returned a few minutes later having ditched the jeans in favour of a black micro-mini skirt that showed off her short but shapely legs wrapped in the tight fabric of her black leather boots.

We certainly looked an odd group as we walked to the "Irishman" our local pub. Missy came up to about chin level to the three of us. Larry is a rugby player so is pretty well bulked at up at around 210 pounds while Curley and are lucky to push 165. Missy would have been about 100 wringing wet. She still strutted her stuff like the queen of the ball as surrounded by her entourage she entered the pub and immediately held every guy's attention.

While us mere males found a table for the four of us Missy made a bee line for the bar. She talked briefly to Pat the bartender and threw some bills on the bar and returned with a jug of beer and three empty glasses for us and some vodka drink for herself. Missy told she had worked in a bar and new the right things to say to get cheap drinks. Whenever any of us went to the bar we just ordered a Missy round and the bartender would know what to pour and it was already paid for by her. We protested but not too vigorously.

The night went great. Missy paid for the drinks, the food even the karaoke machine when we all got up and belted out some tunes. Man were we drunk or what? We left the pub around 1:00AM and made our way home. Larry and Curley promptly headed up the stairs for their rooms leaving Missy and I alone in the lounge room. She suggested coffee so I went to the kitchen to make some. When I returned she was lying on the sofa and I noticed her bra on the floor. We made small talk till the kettle boiled and I went back to make the coffee.

I came back from the kitchen with two cups of coffee balanced on a tray with milk and sugar and glancing over at Missy nearly dropped the lot as I did a quick double take. She was laid out on the sofa with an arm across her face and one leg on the floor and the other caught up on the top of the cushions at the back. Her position gave me an uninterrupted view of her panties. The street light through the window fell across the sofa illuminating her crotch.

Her panties were sheer gauze and I could clearly make out the patch of dark hair beneath. I tried not to stare but I was held in place by the sight before me. Missy broke the spell by asking if she could smell coffee, before swinging herself into a sitting position. She grabbed a mug and helped herself to milk and sugar. I sat opposite her trying to recapture the view I had before as she opened and closed her knees while drinking her coffee. I caught the occasional flash of panties but resigned myself to the idea that that was all I was going to get.

Finishing her coffee Missy flopped back on the sofa and then extended one boot clad leg towards me asking for my help to remove it. As it was the boot zipped down the back but I held her left calf firmly as I gently slid the zip down. I then lifted her leg a little higher forcing her back into the soft cushions of the sofa and this gave me a view down her leg till it met her panties. I dropped the boot to the floor and she raised her other leg for me to repeat.

We finished our coffee and Missy said it was time for bed so she picked up her boots and bra and headed for the stairs. I followed behind turning off lights as we went. As we went up the stairs the height difference was evident as my eyes were in line with her arse and with each step she flashed me her smooth, round butt cheeks. Missy then dropped her bra and bent from the waist to retrieve it giving me a clear view of her cloth covered pussy as well as her arse.

My cock was straining against my pants so I stepped up and bumped her arse with my cock to get her moving towards the bedroom. She quickly hopped away and I followed like a lamb to the slaughter. Missy fell on the bed and spread her legs to show me her panties again. This brought me closer to the bed and she swung back to a seated position and grabbed the front of my cargo pants and pulled them down in one swift motion releasing my 8" rigid piece of meat.

"Ooh... I'll love this" she said as she ran her tongue over her lips and then she put my hard meat in her mouth. She opened her mouth and slid the head of my cock deeply into her as she sucked and licked it. I nearly fell over onto her as she was pumping so much of my cock in and out of her mouth. Her hand motion made it feel like I was being jerked off as well as being sucked off at the same time. We were both moaning and I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth forcing as much cock in as I could. I really didn't need to encourage her because with what she was doing for me. I wanted Missy to suck all of me into her mouth. Missy took me deep while massaging my balls. I could feel my balls getting tight and my cock start to swell even larger. I thought I knew what was next but Missy put a move on the base of my cock and the urge to shoot my load faded.

Missy released my cock and seductively took off her t-shirt uncovering a firm pair of breasts. Neither small nor large they sat high on her chest, as a guess I'd say she'd had some work done on them, with puffy brown nipples that were already stiff and erect. The skirt was just a wrap, around her waist, held in place with velcro and quickly followed her top onto the floor. She lay back in all her glory as my eyes drank in this vision of pure sex. Her panties were already showing a wet spot so I wasted no further time and slid onto the bed and between those short, smooth, sexy legs.

"Whoa, your hot," I said, looking at the neatly trimmed hair of her pussy. I ran my hand over her mound, almost reverently. I couldn't believe the object of my previous attention, was lying before me, sweet, warm and inviting. I placed my fingers under the elastic and moved the material aside to allow me access to her delicate pussy lips. I was gently touching her enjoying the moment and mentally preparing for the next step. As my lips made contact with hers she responded with such a sudden shudder of muscles, in her legs and mid section, that I realized that she was not only more than ready, she was on fire. Then with a private grin I moved in and licked her pussy.

"Oh... my yes," she said, goose pimples springing up across her body. "Yes... yes... yes," she repeated. Gripping her legs near the knees she opened them even wider as she sunk back into the bed. Missy felt my tongue flicking through the folds of her heated pussy. Her body quivered and jerked as two fingers joined my tongue in the attack on her love hole. My tongue rolled her clit as my fingers worked inside stretching the hole to receive my cock. Her crack was slick with our mingled body fluids. Her thighs clamped my head in place as I furiously licked, sucked, nibbled and fingered her pussy. He arse was rising off the bed, bouncing from all the attention her pussy was receiving and then with a gasp she asked me to fuck her.

With a groan of pent up frustration I slid the length of her body and then in position I roughly punched my cock up into her steamy pussy. She yelped once but I could feel her pushing back driving my full length deep into her. Missy obviously wasn't new to this game but she was still tight. I don't know who she had fucked before but I felt I was filling her completely. It seemed like no time until my 8 inches of hard cock had slid inside of Missy.

Missy gasped and moaned as the I drove forward with a final lunge almost stretching her to her breaking point. Then just as quickly I drew back feeling her vaginal muscles grip at my cock as if not wanting to loose the feeling. As my cock head reached her opening I drove in again, my pelvis dropping hard against her pussy. She smiled, seemingly happy to be feeling my full pulsing cock filling her as possibly she had never before felt. Now that she felt accustomed to my cock I increased the rhythm of my penetrations, this was what she wanted, what her pussy craved for.

I raised myself up to adjust the angle of entry and then continued to pound her pussy. Her moans and groans, the thrashing of her head, the fingernails down my back all worked together to produce the most thunderous orgasm I had ever had as spurt after spurt of cum rocketed from my cock to splatter deep within her womb. I nearly blacked out from the sensation but Missy's screams of ectasy bought me around.

I collapsed my sweaty body onto hers and we embraced in a deep and passionate kiss. Ragged breathing was all that could be heard as we came down from our sexual driven high and drifted off to sleep dreaming of what was to come (or who) tomorrow.

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