Music City Tour
Chapter 1 | Afternoon

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Incest, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Male, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 | Afternoon - Kris' husband Paul sends her to Nashville for 24 hours with a dom they met on the Internet. Ethan is already familiar with Kris' sexual fantasies and proclivities, and he uses that knowledge to propel her to extreme sexual heights. This is a story about an affectionate dom-sub relationship, not a story about abuse. "Your orgasm is your tribute to me," Ethan tells her.

Ethan was pleased to see Kris emerge from the jetway dressed as she was instructed... a white cotton blouse buttoned only enough to hide her nipples, a skirt barely long enough to save her from arrest, stockings (they'd better not be pantyhose) and suitable shoes.

For her sake, Ethan hoped that was all she was wearing.

It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Ethan hoped people Kris encountered during her trip tried to peek down her blouse to see her B-cup tits.

The guy sitting next to her on the plane probably got an eyeful. Knowing Kris, it made her wet. In that vein, he would determine later whether she was wearing panties. Her instructions were to be bare beneath her skirt.

Ethan met Kris as a result of erotic stories she posted on the Internet, and a genuine friendship blossomed. Eventually her husband, Paul, contacted Ethan because Paul wanted to further her sexual education -- and maybe to indulge his wife's fantasies.

Ethan's burgeoning friendship with him resulted in Paul's decision to send Kris for a day under Ethan's tutelage. Partially as a reward for being a good little girl at home and partially to broaden her horizons, Paul sent Kris to Ethan for 24 hours of submission. She arrived shortly after noon.

She stepped off the plane with the clear understanding that she would submit fully for the entire time she was with him. Her safe word would be her only out. She was to be his living sex toy, and he intended to send her home wrung out, limp, wet -- and satisfied.

Kris looked beautiful. Ethan was delighted to finally see her lovely face in person instead of in a photograph. It was an exciting moment for her, too, and they enthusiastically kissed and embraced. The mutual affection was palpable when they touched each other for the first time.

Their conversation walking to the car didn't belie his plans. A casual observer might think they were brother and sister or a reunited husband and wife. Down the escalator, across the skywalk and into the parking garage they went. They reached his rental car in a back corner of the garage and placed her overnight bag in the backseat while he subtly grabbed something he'd stashed earlier.

He summoned her to the front of the car and told her to bend over the hood. She complied, and he lifted her skirt to assess whether she'd dressed according to instructions.

Pleased to see that she was, indeed, without underwear, he caressed her bottom and admired its fine shape. His fingers slid lower and encountered the swollen lips of her pussy, which were warm and wet with her arousal.

"When did your husband last take you?"

"Last night, Sir."

"Not this morning?"

"No, Sir, I sucked him off in the car before we went into the airport."

Ethan was pleased by her answer. He was glad to know Paul was enthusiastic about her adventure. It was exciting to Ethan to know that part of her wetness was Paul's sperm, signifying that she'd been a good girl before departing.

Ethan stroked the lips slightly and withdrew his hand. His own arousal stirred in his pants now that he'd finally touched her prize. He sniffed his fingers and smiled at the bouquet.

He pulled her bottom open and exposed her anal ring. He eyed it and speculated in his mind about its history. She felt a cold, hard object nudging at her taboo orifice, and Ethan slid a small buttplug inside. Once it was firmly seated, Ethan playfully spanked her bottom and lowered her skirt.

"Get in. We're going for a tour of Nashville."

Inside the car, he told Kris to pull the hem of her skirt to her waist before she buckled up. It was his first frontal view of her pussy, and she was gorgeous. It was freshly groomed, and the triangular tuft was sexy.

She told Ethan later that her husband watched her trim it, aroused at the knowledge he was watching his wife prepare herself for another man.

"Keep your legs open," Ethan commanded. Kris complied, and he slid his fingers between her lips to feel her wetness and play with her clit. The buttplug was helping to stimulate her body and her mind.

Ethan reached over and unbuttoned her blouse so that it gaped open enough to see her boobies. Her nipples were hard, and Ethan was pleased. He reached across with his left hand to fondle her right tit. "You are a good little girl," he whispered as he kissed her on the ear.

He backed out of the parking space and headed for the exit. When the parking booth loomed ahead, Kris realized her predicament. "Keep your legs open," he reminded her.

Ethan nonchalantly handed the attendant his ticket and a $10 bill. The attendant cleared his throat when he looked into the car and saw her condition. Ethan was pleased that Kris was unflinching as she displayed her charms to the stranger. He hoped that the attendant would think of Kris and would enjoy passion with his wife later that night.

Leaving the airport, they headed for the interstate and downtown. Ethan slipped his fingers into her pussy to play with her clit and found her as wet as the Cumberland River. He gently manipulated her sex as they talked about her flight and the sights of the city.

Their conversation was innocent and didn't reveal the sexual tension or Ethan's plans for her. They made no reference to her wicked display of the moment, though Ethan stole safe glances regularly. His cock was rock hard and leaking, but Kris hadn't seen it yet.

They left the interstate on Second Avenue and headed into downtown. Ethan's historical trivia and the architectural sites probably bored Kris, but she acted interested. They pulled into Riverfront Park and passed a police cruiser. Ethan looked down to make sure her legs were still open, and he was pleased to see her obeying as they drove past the police officer.

They cruised up Capitol Hill and circled the Capitol building, passing in front of the windows of the governor's office. It was an ironic contrast... the dignity of the state against her state of indignity.

Exiting downtown, they headed south on Fifth Avenue and through a light industrial area before parking in front of a gaudy establishment next to the Interstate that billed itself as "The World's Largest Adult Bookstore".

"Come on," he said. "We're going in."

Kris walked delicately as the buttplug stimulated her down there. The neighborhood was slightly seedy, but Ethan knew it was perfectly safe in the broad light of day. The mood inside the store was raw sexuality. Endless rows of movies were for sale or rent on virtually any legal topic. Books and magazines filled numerous shelves. They browsed, and Kris looked at a few movies.

Ethan guided her to the rows of toys and novelties, browsing them with her.

"Pick something for yourself," he instructed.

Ethan step away as she studied the offerings, leaving her alone and slightly vulnerable but staying close enough to step in if anyone hassled her. He was sure the other customers in the store -- nearly all of them men -- were eyeing Kris and wondering about her.

She returned to him with two choices... a buttplug larger than the one that already impaled her and a jelly dildo of a very realistic and above-average cock. Ethan was impressed. "Good little girl," he said. "Those are nice choices."

Ethan handed her $40 and told her to pay for the toys herself. Kris walked to the counter and handed the oily clerk her selections. She felt very self-conscious, as if she should just say "I plan to take these home and fuck myself with them."

The clerk contemplated her sexuality as he completed the purchase and thanked her. Kris and Ethan headed for the door.

Driving to their hotel, they discussed her experience and how Kris felt in the bookstore. She told Ethan it turned her on to feel so exposed and vulnerable, especially since her pussy was bare beneath her skirt.

He parked in front of the hotel and gave the keys to a valet while reaching into the backseat for her overnight bag. Skipping the front desk, they headed to their room.

Alone in the elevator, Ethan slipped his hand beneath her skirt and fingered her pussy while they kissed passionately, their tongues dancing in the wetness. He pressed his body against her, and she felt his stiffness against her thigh. Ethan felt Kris shudder slightly, and he withdrew his fingers. It was too soon for her to cum.

Their room on the 22nd floor beheld a breathtaking view of downtown and the Capitol, which they admired from the window. Standing behind her, Ethan cupped her boobies to fondle them.

He unbuttoned her blouse completely and exposed her tits to the world. He held them again and rolled the nipples between his thumb and index finger. He nuzzled and kissed her neck. "You'll remember this trip for the rest of her life," he promised.

Ethan unzipped her skirt and lowered it, kissing her bottom lightly as he did. He removed the buttplug.

"Come on. Let's go take a shower."

Kris finished undressing as Ethan skinned out of his clothes. He watched her staring at his hard cock when it bobbed into view. Liquid leaked from the tip. Ethan stroked it a few times to tantalize her with his brazen behavior.

They hugged their naked bodies together and kissed until the shower warmed up and steam began to roll out. He grabbed her butt and pulled Kris to him, and they tried to communicate their passion speechlessly with their mouths. Ethan was excited that she was such a good kisser.

Stepping into the shower, he instructed Kris to wash him from head to toe. She soaped her hands and began with his face, working lower until she reached his turgid staff, which she washed very thoroughly. Ethan eventually suggested she desist, for he wasn't ready to reward this sub with his sperm yet. She would have to do more to earn that.

Similarly, Ethan washed Kris extensively. With her back to him, his soapy hands glided over her boobies. Ethan squeezed and fondled them for several minutes as he kissed her ears. Washing her slit removed the copious juices -- both hers and her husband's -- that had accumulated there, but Ethan know they'd be replenished promptly.

His hands glided around her hips and began to spread soap up and down the crack of her ass. His fingers probed into her private region, and one finger began to massage her rosebud.

The fingertip slid inside and then his digit fully penetrated her bottom. Kris moaned as Ethan's right hand fucked her bottom and his left hand massaged her boobie. He whispered into her ear about what a good little girl she was and how he was going to fully possess her body and her mind before he sent her home.

Fearful that a touch to her clit might set her off, he continued massaging her mind with his suggestive words, his invading finger and his fondling hand. This was but preparation for the trials to follow. "You're going to have behave for me, Kris. I expect you to obey me. Your safe word is 'cease'. Otherwise, you will do everything I tell you to do. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Tell me the word."


"Are you eager?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Are you a naughty slut?"

"Yes, Sir"

"We'll see about that."

Ethan's finger slid from her rectum, and they rinsed off. Exiting the shower, he handed Kris a towel and made her dry him first even as water dripped from her body. Once she was finished, Ethan grabbed a fresh towel and began to pat and rub her dry with a special touch for the special places.

"Kneel and bend over the edge of the tub."

Kris complied. "Like this?"


Ethan opened her bottom and gazed at her charms. Kneeling behind her, he leaned forward and kissed her rosebud as it winked at him. Ethan licked it and caressed it with his tongue. His tongue slid lower and barely entered her pussy, teasing the opening of her cunt. It was his first direct taste of her after months of wondering, and it tantalized him. She tasted delicious.

Rising, they repaired to the bedroom. They donned the luxurious terry cloth robes from the closet. Kris sat in the easy chair near the window, and Ethan pulled a bottle of white wine from the ice bucket, filling two glasses. Ethan sat in the adjacent chair.

"To a good little girl," Ethan toasted.

"Thank you, Sir," Kris bashfully replied.

Ethan lifted a pipe from the table and lit a bowlful of Tennessee's No. 1 cash crop before passing it to Kris. She didn't feign innocence. Kris handled the pipe skillfully, inhaling a long toke and holding it in her lungs as she flashed him a wicked smile.

"When did you first indulge in evil weed?" Ethan chuckled.

"College," Kris said. "A boyfriend and I used to like to get high."

"Did you have good sex when you were stoned."

A broad smile enveloped her face. "Yes. We did."

"Did he have a nice cock?"

"Yes, it was beautiful."

"How big?"

"About 8 inches."


"Yes, Sir."

"Did you swallow his cum?"

"Yes, Sir." A blush crept across her face.

"Who was the first guy you sucked?"

"A boyfriend in high school."

"How old?"

"Me or him?"


"I was a sophomore. He was a senior."

"Did you swallow his cum, too?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Do you like the taste of cum?"

"Yes, Sir."

The wine and the smoke were having the desired effect on both of them. Their conversation aroused Ethan, and his cock emerged from the front of his robe. They both looked at its purplish head. It twitched because of his excitement. Her robe gaped open and exposed her boobies.

"Take your robe off. Then lie in the middle of the bed on your back."

"Yes, Sir."

As she obeyed, Ethan dropped his robe, walked to the top corner of the bed and lifted a soft nylon rope that he'd secured earlier to the bed frame. He lifted her arm and tied the rope around her wrist before walking around the bed to secure the other.

The same occurred to her legs, and Kris was naked and spread-eagle before Ethan. He pulled a chair to the foot of the bed and sat, gazing upon her naked, exposed form. She looked lovely.

Her B-cup boobies were twin peaks upon her chest. Her pussy was barely open but fully swollen. The clitoral hood was visible between her labia, as it always was. Ethan thought about the good fortune of her husband who could enjoy her body and her mind regularly.

Rising, he went to the bathroom for some supplies. He returned with scissors, shaving gel, a razor and towels. Sitting on the bed between her legs, his gaze returned to her open pussy. He reached out and played with it, flipping her clit with his fingers. Kris lifted her hips as the sensations shot through her body. She was so wound up that Ethan expected her to go off with each contact.

He lifted the scissors with his right hand and pulled at her pussy hair with his left, quickly snipping the hair that remained. He squeezed some shaving gel onto his hand and massaged it into the stubble.

"When did you get your first pubes?"

"I was 12, Sir."

"Is that when you began to play with your pussy?"

"No, Sir."

"Was it before or after?"

"I was playing with my pussy when I was 11, but I didn't have an orgasm until I was 12, a few months after my hair started to grow there. Getting hair made me think about it more and play with it more until one day... boom... it happened."

The razor was smoothly doing its job as they talked.

"That's lovely. How did you like to masturbate back then?"

"On my back with my legs open."

As he finished shaving her pussy, she told Ethan in detail about her early masturbation. He cherished the image of preteen Kris on her back, her chest flat and her fingers in her virgin pussy.

And he silently joined Kris in wishing that the cock that created her could have penetrated her innocent pussy. Kris would have looked so lovely beneath her father as he spurted lust inside of her.

Ethan finished and wiped her vulva with a warm, wet towel. It was as smooth as when she was 11, and it looked very sexy. Her lips parted slightly to show her clitoral hood. Ethan applied a little bit of baby oil to soothe the newly bare skin. With everything that was about to happen down there, she would need protection from friction.

Sitting beside Kris on the King-size bed, he fondled her tit. He flipped his finger lightly across the tip of her left nipple, admiring its size as it swelled with arousal. His hand massaged the breast as the finger continued to tickle the tip.

Ethan lowered his head and began to suck on the turgid flesh of his sub. Kris groaned as the sensations shot through her body to her pussy and to her brain. He rolled the nipple against his lips with his tongue, massaging it firmly. He pulled it with his lips, stretching her boobie as she writhed with pleasure and pulled against her restraints.

His right hand slowly reached for the drawer of the bedside table and pulled it open. He opened a small purple velvet sack. Reaching into the sack, he removed a stainless steel nipple clamp with smooth jaws and a thumbscrew to control its pressure.

Ethan adjusted the clamp and opened it, slowly releasing the jaws to grasp her swollen flesh. Kris exhaled sharply as the device grasped her nipple but then give Ethan a brave smile.

He walked to the other side of the bed and repeated the procedure, stimulating her boobie until he deemed it ready and then applying the clamp to intensify her pleasure.

It was time for an event that Ethan had looked forward to for weeks. He knelt on the foot of the bed, his cock bouncing before him. Slowly he lowered himself and began to kiss up the inside of her left thigh... slow, wet kisses in a steady trail toward her source.

He reached the crease between her thigh and vulva and licked it. Kris moaned and writhed slightly as she wished Ethan's tongue would move toward the center.

Instead, Ethan moved back down and began kissing up the inside of her right thigh... moist, languorous licks on a steady course toward her treasure. The licking at the crease of her thigh motivated her again, and she lifted her hips slightly.

Ethan lifted his head and looked into her eyes. "Your orgasm is your tribute to me. I hope you will be very expressive."

He pulled his head back and finally gave Kris the touch -- and himself the taste -- that they wanted. Ethan's tongue licked at her pussy, slightly parting the lips for the first pass. Another lick probed a little deeper. And then another. Finally, his tongue lapped eagerly at the copious juices Kris was spilling from her cunt. He savored her flavor. She was moaning, and her hips pumped rhythmically.

His tongue alternated between probing deeply into her opening and massaging her clit. Her pussy tasted delicious, and Ethan enthusiastically ate her as if she was his last meal. Her arousal was building, and it was time to let Kris have her first reward for being so beautifully submissive.

He enjoyed the sounds as she gasped and moaned. Despite ropes on all four of her limbs, her hips were moving and her pussy was pumping as if to receive a cock.

Ethan continued his relentless assault on her clit, reveling in the flavor and the knowledge that an explosion was building in her groin.

Finally, her release arrived. She cried out and strained against her bonds. She briefly looked Ethan in the eye and then stars shot through her brain. Her body lurched, she pushed her pussy against his mouth and the passion overwhelmed her.

Kris threw her head back and let go with one long, guttural moan as the spasms wracked her body. Her mind soared into space. Ethan licked her until he thought her peak had past and then let her relax.

Her trials had only begun.

"Thank you, Sir," Kris whispered as she panted.

"You're a good little girl, Kris."

Sitting beside her, Ethan soothed her brow and looked at the nipple clamps. She had such gorgeous boobies. He held a glass of water to her lips and followed with a few sips of wine. His fingers lightly teased her smooth pussy lips. He loved the way she looked down there.

Reaching beneath the edge of the bed, Ethan grabbed a leather riding crop. This was horse country. Some of the best sex toys for girls like Kris came from the Farmer's Co-op.

Her face was a mixture of anticipation and anxiety as Kris saw what he was holding. He slapped his hand with it a few times to emphasize its qualities... the supple leather and the sharp sound when it contacted skin.

This part wasn't easy for Ethan. He was doing it because he knew from their months of email and instant messaging that it was something Kris wanted. He'd vetted it with Paul and was going to be as gentle as possible while still making it real for his sub. But it wasn't his idea.

"You're a good little girl, Kris, so don't think of this as punishment. Think of it as a reward for coming to Nashville."

The first smack struck the side of her breast, stinging and causing the boobie to jiggle. Ethan applied a companion stroke to the other tit. The leather slapped her tits repeatedly, and they become pink as her skin warmed. Her pussy, recovering from her first orgasm, was becoming aroused again.

The blows ceased, and Ethan began to tease the riding crop over her chest and stomach, letting it tantalize her nerve endings as it roamed from her throat to below her belly button. Ethan playfully tapped her stomach and then resumed the feather-touch wanderings. The path grew closer to her open pussy, slipping across her thighs and circling her slick mound.

"I believe you're neglecting something, Kris."

She was silent, and Ethan could see she was puzzled. "Don't you appreciate what I'm doing for you?"

"Oh, yes. Thank you, Sir."

"That's better."

Then Ethan lifted the riding crop and smacked her sex lips. They both heard it make contact, and her hips lurched forward.


"Thank you for slapping my pussy with the riding crop, Sir."

Another strike. "Thank you, Sir."

The flat tip of the riding crop spanked her smooth lips. Ethan carefully aimed to be sure that none of her exposed naughty bits were neglected. He was pleased that she thanked him with each blow. Her pussy was noticeably wetter than before, and he could tell he was having the intended effect as the swollen lips become enflamed.

"Are you a good little girl?"

"Yes, Sir."

Slap. "Do you like having your naughty pussy slapped?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Would you like for your family to see you right now?"

Kris groaned. "Yes, Sir."

"That might be arranged."

"Would you like for your father, your brother, your husband and your son to jerk off onto your body as I spank your pussy?"

"Oh, God" were the only words Kris could muster, and she turned her head in a brief moment of shame for her wicked desires.

Ethan thought of Kris' daughter sitting on her face while the guys spurted onto her body. Fear and lust knotted her stomach. He stopped the blows and admired her condition. She was breathing heavily.

"I think it's time for hubby to get a status report," Ethan said with a leer.

He stroked the handle of the riding crop as if it was a penis... the slender sort of penis common to teenage boys... the type she would have known if her brother had screwed Kris as a teenager, the way she wanted.

Standing at the foot of the bed, he pushed the handle of the riding crop against her pussy. Finding the entrance, he slid it inside. The handle disappeared into her slippery channel.

He pushed it as far as he thought it would comfortably go and released it. Most of the length extended down between her legs with the tip resting on the bed between her knees. Her heavy breathing caused her boobies to rise and fall, lifting the nipple clamps each time.

Ethan opened the dresser drawer and removed a digital camera. "Smile for Paul," he said as he composed the picture to emphasize her debauched condition. Nearly everything he'd done so far was evident... the clamps, her bald pussy and the riding crop sticking out of her sex. Ethan took a close-up of her prize so that her wetness was obvious.

He moved to the laptop Macintosh on the desk and connected the camera. He selected three of the best photos and emailed them to her husband. Ethan's only comment in the email was "Kris arrived safely in Nashville."

He would let Paul's imagination provide the details. Kris wouldn't know until she got home whether her husband showed the pictures to the kids. Ethan hoped Paul would at least forward them to her father.

He reached for the riding crop and pulled it out of her pussy. Ethan held it up and licked the handle while Kris watched. Then he knelt between her legs again to lick her to another orgasm. His tongue traveled straight into her channel and nearly drowned in her juices. What a way to go.

He lapped and licked eagerly as the flavor of her arousal excited him further. His cock twitched and wept in its desperation to take Kris, but he was waiting because he was having so much fun playing with her sexuality. He rubbed his cock against the sheets as her pussy quivered for his tongue.

She was climbing the slope to another orgasm, dipping and weaving like her hips as the tension mounted inside her groin.

"Oh, yes," Kris muttered.

A long groan and then a sigh. Her body clenched. She strained against the ropes again. She lifted her head and looked Ethan in the eye. Her hips lurched. The loud groan of satisfaction rolled through the room as Kris climaxed again.

Her stomach knotted and released. More liquid flowed from her core, and Ethan lapped it eagerly. To the sound of her heavy breathing, he felt her relax into post-orgasmic bliss.

As she recovered, Ethan slowly released the clamps from her nipples and returned them to the velvet pouch. She would take them home as a souvenir of her visit. Too bad they didn't have tiny guitars on them.

Ethan lay beside Kris and slid a soothing hand across her abdomen. He stroked her stomach and down the fronts of her thighs. His hand lightly brushed her mound and then up to her chest. He gently held her boobies and lightly massaged them. His cock pressed against her thigh.

Once she glided back to earth, Ethan began to fondle her breasts more insistently. He cupped them and squeezed one and then the other. Ethan nibbled on her ear and told Kris that more was ahead of her.

"OK, Kris, now we're going to have a little interview."

"OK, Sir," Kris dutifully replied with a hint of question in her voice.

"I want to know more about your sexual history. You've done a great job of telling me about your fantasies as you grew up," he said in reference to stories she'd posted on the Internet before they met.

"But I want to know about the real Kris. While she was having these wicked sexual fantasies, what was she doing to please her pussy?"

"Uh-oh," she replied.

Ethan chuckled.

"Who was the first to put a hand between your legs after you reached puberty?"

"A girlfriend."

"How old were you?"

"We were both 15."

"A sleepover?"


"Tell me about it."

As Kris begin to describe the night she and Melanie shared intimacies, Ethan's hand trailed down to her pussy and slid between the lips effortlessly. She was still a sopping mess down there, literally flowing with hot sex juice. He began to finger her clit, rubbing around it and squeezing it the way that she liked. She spread her legs further to improve his access.

She continued to answer Ethan's questions and reveal her experiences as his finger focused more and more on rubbing her to orgasm. He compelled her to tell intimate secrets she'd never shared since they occurred. Ethan learned about her first explorations with a boy, the first cock Kris sucked and the first person to kiss her between her legs.

Their conversation continued as her arousal built with the telling of her sexual past. Tension mounted in her voice as her sexual secrets spilled out on the tip of Ethan's finger. Manipulating her clit was a rather effective interrogation tool with her, he discovered. She told him everything.

Her entire body was responding now. Her hips lifted against Ethan's fingers. Her eyes were wide open, and the lust was beaming like a searchlight. Kris was on heat again. Her lust was building. Her brain was flooded with images and memories of cocks and pussies and furtive gropes. The sensation in her groin was so intense.

And then, like a dam bursting, the orgasm exploded through her body. Her muscles became as stiff as Ethan's cock, and her mouth gasped for air. A loud moan. Her head fell back to the pillow, and she came on Ethan's fingers. She was lost to the world as images of spurting boy cocks saturated her mind.

Kris gasped for air as spasms shuddered through her. She was remembering the first guy she sucked off... how good his semen tasted... how wicked she felt sucking him... as the orgasm shot through her mind. Brilliant flashes of light exploded in her brain and natural narcotics through her body.

Again, she returned to earth. But Ethan wasn't very soothing or patient this time. He was too excited. His restrained horniness had reached its limit, and he was ready to enter her. He gave her a moment to catch her breath and then delivered the news.

"I'm ready to fuck you now, Kris."

Her smile was a nice answer.

"But I'm not going to fuck your pussy... yet. I'm going to fuck your mouth, Kris. I'm going to use it like a pussy. I'm going to put my dick between your lips and then fuck your mouth until I spurt in it. That will be your first fuck of the day.

"And, by the way, be sure to swallow every drop."

Ethan released her arms from their bindings so that he could straddle her shoulders. He put a pillow behind her head to help her support herself, and he stroked his turgid rod as he approached her face. Kris stared at the flared, circumcised tip that was leaking pre-cum like her pussy was leaking girl juice.

He guided his cock to her lips, and she obediently opened them. Ethan inserted the tip and watched Kris close her mouth to grip it with her lips.

Bracing himself against the headboard, he slid his hips forward until he had gone as deep as she could stand. Ethan looked down and admired Kris as she grasped the dick with her mouth. She was gorgeous... and, oh, so slutty.

Then he pulled his hips back and withdrew until only the tip was in her mouth. Another thrust forward. Then back. Ethan began to sense her limits, pushing in as far as she could take and then withdrawing until her lips grasped the crown.

Back and forth he went, increasing the tempo, mentally disconnecting from her mouth and entering the fantasy realm that would transport him to bliss. He thrust in and out now, enjoying the feeling of her pussy -- rather, mouth -- wrapped around his shaft.

It turned him on to fuck her mouth, to use it as a receptacle for his cum. She gripped his cock so skillfully. Ethan could tell she'd sucked a lot.

In and out. In and out. Ethan thrust his hips in search of satisfaction. And then his balls tightened. His groin felt congested, and his cock seemed to swell. "You've been a hot little pussy, Kris, and I'm going to reward you with my spend."

Ethan reached down to hold her head while he fucked his dick into her mouth. She looked up helplessly, and they gazed into each other's eyes as his orgasm began. Ethan felt the first spurt shoot into her throat, and then he closed his eyes while he cradled her head and ejaculated into her mouth.

Male juice, just like Kris craved, was shooting into her. Ethan felt her tongue move as she swallowed.

He looked down and smiled as Kris continued to grip his dick with her mouth. He stroked her cheek as he withdrew. A final spurt surged forth and landed on her chin. "You are beautiful. Very good, Kris," he rasped. "You're a good fuck." Her smile bespoke her pride and pleasure.

He lay beside her and rejoined the regular world. She knew she had pleased him, and she felt satisfaction. He regained his composure and admired her body as he recovered.

It was late afternoon, and the sun was beginning to drop in the sky. Lights in the office towers out their window were beginning to flicker on, and the streets were filled with rush-hour traffic. Yet Ethan was hardly finished with Kris.

She remained aroused after he fucked her mouth, and he knew her temperament. He wasn't surprised. He returned to the chair at the foot of the bed and stared at her beauty.

"Well, you've been playing with yourself since you were 11, so you should have plenty of practice. Masturbate for me," he commanded.

She was thrilled by the challenge. Someone with a decent amount of modesty would have been shy, but not Kris. She flushed at the idea of stroking her clit while he watched, but she was eager to demonstrate her masturbation.

She moved her hand between her legs and immediately began to slide it through the wet valley. The generous lubrication in her virtual rain forest meant her fingers were achieving success in short order.

Ethan watched her determined pleasing of her pussy. Her fingers danced nimbly and skillfully across the sex button she'd been teasing alone and with others since before she was a teen. The tingles of erotic pleasure zoomed through her groin.

"That's it. Show me how you get yourself off. Do you like to be watched?"

"Yes, Sir," she gasped.

"That's good because it's very fun to watch you. You're beautiful when you're rubbing your clit."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Show me what a hot little slut you are, Kris. Make yourself cum for me."

"Yes, Sir."

She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side as her mind soared into the fantasy world she'd been developing since she was prepubescent. She was thinkin' about her father, whose cock she rarely saw, she was thinkin' about the spurting as she rubbed and rubbed her maw.

(Recognize Dylan in that?)

Soon the fantasies, the wickedness and the naughtiness of masturbating for an audience consumed her. It wasn't as intense as her previous orgasms, but she came nonetheless. A sharp intake of breath and a little cry before her hips lurched.

Her fingers continued dancing in the wetness for several seconds, coaxing the last bit of pleasure from her pussy. Satisfaction and weariness rolled through her body.

Ethan released the ropes from her ankles and lay beside her, holding her and kissing her face as she regained her breath. "You're very sexy, Kris. You've been a good little girl."

The sun was setting, and they both needed time to recover. Besides, even the best subs need nutrition occasionally. They discussed their options for dinner, and Ethan decided they'd go a few blocks away to The Palm.

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